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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Dhu'l Qada 30, 1432/October 28, 2011 # 45

The Muslim ummah is in serious decline. Major forms of worship like Hajj and salat have become routinized and ritualized. Scholar Shamim Siddiqui gives a resounding wake up call. Scroll to end.

Imam Badi Ali uncovers the role of Qatar and Jordan behind the NATO takeover of Libya. Muslims were deceived.
Please scroll down to "12 Challenges" and Spotlights.

What should be and what is..... See Dr. Omar Afzal's research on
The Qur'an (2:189: ... Al-Ahillah. Qul hia Mawaqeet-u li! n-Naas wal Hajj...
The Qur'an says Hajj should be according to crescent . Instead we follow Saudi orders!

What Islam says about modern Capitalism in ONE sentence:
'The recent history of "economic growth" can as well be described as the history of exploitation of mankind, which has now reached its zenith.'
[Written by Dr. Javed Jamil, a famous scholar in India, who has published extensive critiques of capitalism.

During Hajj, Remember our Political Prisoners in US Gulag

Dr. Aafia, Lynne Stewart, Marshall Conway, Mumia Abu Jamal, Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ] , Imam Jamil al-Amin, Jose Padilla, Masoud Khan [ ] , Dr. Kifah Jayyousi, Tarek Mehanna and many others.

Famous Poet Ron Williams to speak at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

November 16, 2011. 3 PM in the Ware Center Theatre.
Host: Dr. Kaukab Siddique. [Facilitated by Prof. Hunter Hayes.]
Ron Williams writes poetry about the struggle of the people of African descent. He also remembers the suffering of the Muslims in Guantanamo Bay.

National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen. November 12, inshallah. Final Reminder.
Host: Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]
Secretary General: Sis. Ashira Na'im [Maryland]
Philosopher: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [Louisiana] [ ]
Ameer: Kaukab Siddique [Pennsylvania]
Adviser: Br. Shamim Siddiqui [Long Island, New York]

In Support of "Disappeared" Persons: "sit-down [Dhurna] Rally in Islamabad.

You are cordially invited to a grand Sit-in protest "Dhurna" for the release of Missing Persons of Pakistan, who are helplessly pulling their lives in utter devastation and torture in some underground safe house somewhere on behest of the U.S. Kindly play your role to restore Justice and Rule of Law and to stop illegal abductions still going on in the name of the "war on Terror."
Venue: D chowk Parade ground, Islamabad . Date: Ist of November 2011, Tuesday . Time: 11.00 am
Looking forward: Amina Masood Janjua, chairperson DHRPK . Members of DHRPK and Aggrieved Families of Missing Persons. For details: K.Asif , Media Coordinator DHRPK 0331-5135242 .Almas Raja, sms coordinator DHRPK 0344-5523414 .Ijaz Qureshi , Office Coordinator DHRPK 051-5511683/4

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release: from Kaukab Siddique. Write to:

"When the hypocrites come to you, they say: We bear witness that you are most surely Allah's Messenger; and Allah knows that you are most surely His Messenger, and Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are surely liars."
[The Qur'an 63:1.]

Lynching and Murder of Qaddafi aimed at Defaming Islam: NATO's Hand is Visible.
Here is why western media were so active in giving details of the murder.

Reports and videos coming out of Libya indicate that the hand of NATO is visible in the shameful murder of Muammar Qaddafi. Mercenaries pounced on him, humiliated him, beat him up and finally a secular Libyan shot him. One video indicates that after being captured, he was sodomized with a steel rod. The killers went beyond all the limits of decency and humanity.
Islam does not permit any humiliation of prisoners of war and certainly not of a leader. The crime was committed to defame Islam and to convince the world that Muslims are savage beasts who assault defenseless prisoners. The disgusting procedures carried out against Qaddafi were right out of the Guantanamo Bay, Bagram and Abu Ghraib mindset, not that of Islam.
The Prophet's, pbuh, victory at Makkah, Salahuddin's victory in Jerusalem, Taliban treatment of prisoners are absolutely devoid of any torture and humiliation.
The attack on Sirte was clearly coordinated between the French air force and Libyan mercenaries, not any Islamic forces. Tribal Libyans who hated Qaddafi for tribal reasons were involved.
The slogan of Allahu Akbar is being cleverly and brutally misused by the allies of the West. In Pakistan, the army shouts "Allahu Akbar" when it slaughters Islamic opponents. Karzai of Kabul and Maliki of Bagdad also liberally use Islamic terminology. Now we see it so blatantly shouted in Libya.
In the US itself, Muslim supporters of the White House and the Pentagon, have beards and hijab and take breaks for prayers. CAIR and ISNA jumped to hail the downfall of Qaddafi after it was clear to them that the White House and intelligence services are on their side.
The central issue in Islam is not whether you pray or have a beard or wear hijab. The central issues is, are you supporting kuffar, imperialists, zionists, or are you following the Qur'an and hadith in your policies.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges an impartial Islamic inquiry into the murder of Qaddafi. This is not the task of the UN which is party to the takeover of Libya.

Challenges Facing Libya after Qaddafi may be Insurmountable: Specific Examples
By Imam Badi Ali [National Islamic Shoora leader, North Carolina]
Challenge #1:
How much will be the future debt. Under Qaddafi, Libya was debt free..Large contracts are going to NATO. Qatar was active on contract during the takeover. Future deals with NATO wil include payment for security forces, for advanced weaponry, for bombs of various sizes, for mercenary soldiers and even the hotel bills and coffee for covert action teams from NATO. It will be like Iraq: a scramble for easy money.
Challenge #2:
Libya is a tribal society There are three main area: Benghazi, which belongs to the resistance, Tripoli for business and traders, and the south [Sirte etc] a desert area. Qaddafi made deals with them. He had control systems and a structure in place. Now the situation is delicate and the unity of Libya can easily fracture.
Challenge #3:
The majority of Libyans are Maliki Sunnis. The Sunnah was brought here by Salahuddin Ayyubi. Also there are minority berbers who are Ibadis connected to Oman. [Hence Oman was unhappy during the takeover.] Qaddafi kept them united. There are berbers in Algeria and Morocco as well; hence the chance of sectarian conflict.
Challenge #4:
Libya consists of shaky coalitions, groups, individuals [many in exile]. They had nothing in common. With him gone, the structure has no common foundation.
Challenge #5:
During this takeover, armed groups of a great variety came into play, from extremely religious to the entirely secular. [The man who killed Qaddafi had NY, for New York, on his hat.] NATO, Qatar and Jordan brought heavy weapons into Libya. Now they are all over the place. Huge arsenals abound. Who will collect them and put them out of circulation? [Remember, people in Egypt and Tunisia had no weapons.]
Challenge #6:
Qaddafi had his own ideas and institutions which held Libya together. Now there is no eastern book or western book or even an Islamic book. The result will be a western style Constitution which people won't understand. People are simply not used to western ideas.
Challenge #7:
New alliances were established during the takeover. NATO provided constant air cover and military back up. Libyans wil now have to pay for this in the form of oil and finances. French, Qatari and Jordanian flags were seen during the takeover. Now they will exact a heavy price.
Challenge #8:
During the takeover, there were strong Islamic appearances. Were these genuinely Islamic? It remains to be seen. The Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan], al-Qaidah and the Sufis were visible. The Sufis were first with Qaddafi and later went against him. The Islamic people were easily manipulated by the Qataris and other foreign elements. The Islamic groups are critical of each other. Armed groups, Islamic and tribal, are in control of various areas.
Challenge #9:
Under Qaddafi, Libya was an independent country. There was no need for outside. Qaddafi kept Libya highly socialized with health care, jobs and education for all. Now Libyans are confused. Like the regimes in Bagdad and Kabul, they will play no role in the world.
Challenge #10:
The big losers during the takeover were:
  1. Turkey. 25000 Turks were part of the labor force and had to leave.
  2. Russia.
  3. China.
  4. Japan.
  5. Iran.
The winners are: The US and the West. The Libyan people lost big time.
Challenge #11:
On the central issue of Palestine, Libyans now have no consistent policy. Some are saying "from Tripoli to Jerusalem," others even go to the extent of "normal" relations with Israel. Qaddafi was not confused like that.
Challenge #12:
Qaddafi did not have a real army. It was a peoples or tribal army, more like a movement. What will replace it is not clear US, French, Qatati and Jordanian troops are there under various guises as 'special forces.'
Conclusion: Hillary Clinton was there when Qaddafi was killed. A great game of deception has been played with the Libyan people. They often had no idea what was going on.

Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali [National Shoora] on Libya and Jordan
Spotlight #1:
Why the secret burial of Qaddafi? What are you afraid of? This is not allowed in Islam.
Spotlight #2:
Are we following Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh, or are we following stooges of foreigh powers?
Spotlight #3:
The mufti of Libya says: Don't pray for Qaddafi! Where was he for 42 years Now he is the mufti of NATO! Many of these "revolutionaries" were supporters of Qaddafi.
Spotlight #4:
Look at the media coverage of "Occupy Wall Street." It is twisted and fragmented while they try to do "extensive reports" on bits and pieces from overseas [such as Iran]..
Spotlight #5:
Look at the playboy style of King Abdullah of Jordan, spending $60,000 here, $100,000 there. No accounting, no shame!
Spotlight #6:
The new trick of western powers is come to "rescue" a country, destroy the country and then get contracts and big business to rebuild it!
Spotlight #7:
"Freedom" according to America's friend King Abdullah is to build hotels and casinos in Jordan meant for the elites. A Jordanian "commoner" cannot spend even one night in these hotels.
Spotlight #8:
New York police department crushed "occupy wall street," beating them and imposing stiff fines. Overseas, the US says police should not beat protestors.
Spotlight #9:
The recolonization of Africa is underway. Western democracy brings the rule of the "well-connected." Puppet regimes are being used against Africans. Kenya's army has been sent into Somalia. Jordan played a nefarious role in Libya. Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan is working behind the scenes, paving the way for western intervention.
Spotlight # 10:
The US has military bases in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Thus the heart of the Arab world is occupied. Only Hizbullah, Iran and Turkey are still standing independent.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 65 Muslims in Newark, Delaware
On October 21, after juma' prayers at the Islamic Center in Newark, 65 people received JAM literature. Heavy rain storms were moving through the area but just after prayers, when people were leaving, the rain stopped completely. It seemed as if a little angel held the clouds back while the Islamic message was distributed.
The literature included Imam Badi's critical Spotlights on the falsity of capitalism. A second item was about Sis. Nadrat's marathon run in the Black Hills in support of Native American prisoner Peltier. There were also items about 10 years of Taliban vs NATO war in Afghanistan, the uprising in Yemen, Jamaate Islami Pakistan's rallies in support of Mumtaz Qadri [who killed the blasphemer], an item against the execution of Troy Davis and an item about General Kayani's moves to fool Pakistanis while he works for Uncle Sam.
Most of the people here are Pakistanis and Arabs. The literature was well received.

Live Radio Interview with Dr. Siddique: Oct.22
Ms. Clinton's Pakistani Dream + USA is Bombing Kunar with all it has right now.
Qaddafi's Lynching is Preface to re-Colonization of Africa. It's a form of terrorism.

Dr. Wilmer Leon, director of the "On With Leon" Show on XM Radio, interviewed Dr. Kaukab Siddique on October 22. The half hour interview was played live on XM. Dr. Leon is one of the very few independent radio programmers who feel strong enough to let Dr. Siddique come on live and uncensored. on his show.
Here is a summary of the main points Dr. Siddique made in response to Dr. Leon's questions:
  1. USA and Pakistan have been playing a disinformation game to fool the Pakistani public about their close military and intelligence collaboration.
  2. Ms. Clinton threatened to take military action against the "Haqqani network" in Pakistani Waziristan if Pakistan does not. General Kayani, Pakistan's "made-in-America" general, whined loudly about the threat to Pakistan from the US and said that it was not acceptable. Clinton then took back the "threat" and said the two countries would work together to eliminate the "network."
  3. The absurdity of this situation is that there is no Haqqani network. The mujahideen led by Haqqani are under the overall command of Mullah Umar and are part of the Taliban. The US, while urging the Pakistanis to attack Haqqani, have admitted that they talked to Haqqani's people to bring them into the US ambit! The ploy seems to have failed miserably.
  4. As we speak, the US air force is bombing Kunar, the extremely rugged Afghan province bordering Pakistan, where the Haqqani mujahideen live. Long range missiles are being used as well as long distance bombers coming all the way from Qatar. [AFP & other western news sources.]
  5. The US claims large Taliban losses in this new "Tora Bora" but on the ground sources indicate that the losses are 4 Afghan children killed and their parents [who gave the interview] injured.
  6. Pakistan's generals cannot help USA any further owing to two reasons:
    1. Pakistan's military assaults against the Islamic forces, the notorious Pak Taliban, in Swat, Dir, Adam Khel, Khyber, Bajaur and South Waziristan, have over-extended Kayani's troops. The Pak Taliban remain undefeated.
    2. Jamaate Islami has mobilized millions of Pakistanis in opposition to US intervention. This is a peaceful movement but has become strong enough to isolate Kayani's moves and has exposed America's extreme unpopularity.
  7. The assassination of Shaykh Osama led the middle ranks of the Paki military to question Kayani and the top generals. They could not believe that the US had been given the right to use Pak air space in its operation against Shaykh Osama who is more popular in Pakistan than any other religious leader.
  8. America is facing defeat in Afghanistan. The Taliban are in control of almost 70% of the country. The US wants Paki help to inflict serious damage on the Taliban so that it can claim victory as it withdraws [while retaining fortresses and airports in major cities].
  9. On LIBYA: The murder of Qaddafi is disgusting and sickening for me although I consistently opposed his regime as I do all dictatorships.
  10. Qaddafi was lynched and then murdered. There is no scope for such behavior in Islam or in international law.
  11. Why was he captured and then killed? NATO seems to be behind this act. The French have been working with Libyan mercenaries to damage Libya beyond repair.
  12. The killing was carried out in Sirte, which is a Qaddafi stronghold. This murder in this location may well lead to tribal warfare at a future date and hatred between the Qaddafi tribe and the tribes of the attackers.
  13. There is also news of US troops being sent to support Uganda against an internal insurrection. There is open US interference in Somalia and now a US-backed invasion of Somalia by the heavily armed Kenya army.
  14. Africa has tremendous wealth [all the way from gold to diamonds to uranium and now oil] and American-European moves are underway to re-colonize Africa.
  15. The brutal murder of Qaddafi, slaughtered like an animal, is an act of TERRORISM. It is meant to say to the African people: See what we can do to you? If Europe can do this to Qaddafi, who are you to feel safe from our power?

US-Backed Burundi Troops Fall into al-Shabab Ambush
On October 21, just outside Mogadishu, troops from Burundi, supported by the US, were ambushed by al-Shabab Islamic forces. The entire force of 60 troops was wiped out. Al-Shabab called in al-Jazeerah and BBC to check on the authenticity of their victory.
The Kenyan army advanced two miles into Somalia but is now stalled and is awaiting reinforcements.

General Kayani Expels 18,000 People from Khyber area of Pakistan.
Shoot to kill order. Entire area Under Curfew.

On October 21, General Kayani ordered the ENTIRE Khyber Agency to be evacuated by 12 Mid Day. Curfew has been imposed and the army has shoot-to-kill orders against ANYONE living in Khyber. The army wants a free fire zone to kill Islamic militants who have been sabotaging the supply line to NATO forces in Afghanistan. The army warned that damage to homes of people who stayed behind would be the responsibility of the owners.
According to the pro-government Daily Dawn, the army moved in after a series of attacks by Islamic fighters. At last reports [October 23] 18,000 people had left their homes in Khyber Agency.
[Ed. note: Mass evacuation of the population to create a free fire zone is a form of genocide which is clearly condemned under international law. Stalin and Israel have indulged in this kind of mass terror. As Kayani is America's man, this crime against humanity is not mentioned by the US media.]

Pakistanis hold rally to slam US drone attacks | Mediawatch.Pk
Several anti-US protests broke out in metropolis Peshawar wherein tens of thousands of people participated with high anti-American sentiments. Zahid Hussain reports from Peshawar.

Our America

Jews and Wall Street
Mark Weber - Podcast

Alleged anti-Jewish sentiment in the "Occupy Wall Street" movement has raised the issue of the Jewish role in finance and business life. In fact, Jews wield vastly disproportionate power and influence in American business and finance, far more than any other single ethnic-religious group. It's no exaggeration to say that Jews "control" Wall Street. A recent "debate" by leading Republican presidential candidates underscores the lack of principle and seriousness in the US political process, and an entrenched childishness in American society. The policies of Ronald Reagan, like those of Barack Obama, do not match the leaders' eloquent rhetoric.

Our America #2
Demand parole for Marshall Eddie Conway
Your help is needed to support political prisoner Marshall Eddie Conway for his upcoming parole hearing on Nov. 1. Conway is a former Baltimore Black Panther and one of the longest incarcerated political prisoners in the United States.
-Nadrat Siddique

Letter: From a scholar of World War II: Re: Qaddafi: Heinous Lynching, hideous murder
Dear Dr. Siddique,

Thank you for making this good point. When I first learned of the circumstances of Qaddafi's death, I was disgusted. For any normal person, his treatment was a shame. Sadly, though, so much that's being done these days is shameful.
Best wishes,

Mark Weber [Los Angeles, California]

Letter: Islam Prohibits Mistreatment of Prisoners :Re: Libya
Thank you for the article on the treatment of POWs.
All Muslims know that The Prophet would never allow his fighters to even think of such things.
Professional Fighters are not allowed to do such things.
I said from the beginning their peoblem was not being professional.
Now we see the result when fighters do not know what they are doing.
Even when they "win" it does not look good.
Let us hope this does not turn into Afghanistan after the Soviets were forced out.
If inter-tribal fighting starts hopefully there will be a Libyan "Taliban" !
Rich [Nebraska]

Letter: Re: Libya. Why didn't you speak when Qaddafi killed Prisoners?
Why didn't you people say similar things about Gaddafi when he shot and killed 1200 prisoners in '96 who were peopel who wanted Islam for Libya. Why now the people who killed are worse than him .... these were victims who killed just one soul who was at war and had killed and lynched thousands while that tyrant massacred 1200 while imprisoned in a tiny cell and robbed the wealth of the nation. How can you compare the two ...

May Allah give him the due punishment Himself moer appropriatre to his crimes .... lynching is no equivalent to his enormous crimes committed with the friendship and subservience to the western zionist kuffar.

May Allah forgive the sins of those victims who fought so hard to bring an end to this tyranny and liberated this Islamic nation. May Allah grant them truely ISlamic leaders and establish the religion of Allah on this blessed land.

You peopel please stop dividing the Ummah with false fataawa ... go and cry about he mass murder of Muslims by their drone attacks and occupation. Let the tyrants be subjected to the same treatment he gives to his subjest.

Niyas Abbas

Ed note: New Trend was the only Islamic publication which did condemn Qaddafi's atrocities. Looks like you have taken the info from New Trend and are trying to turn it against us. He was not following Islam. We know that Islam respects the rights even of enemies. What was done to him is in direct violation of Qur'an and Hadith..

Health OF Ummah - Is it a terminal Patient

[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York ]

About 50 years back, I invited my brother-in law, Late Shafiq Ahmad of Karachi who was very fond of Muslim League to join the Islamic Movement of Pakistan. I was in Dhaka . He was very reluctant to embrace JIP. I wrote a letter to him giving a vivid description of ML like a patient lying on bed, counting its last days. It was so sick that its hands fell on the ground, body parts were falling apart, legs were paralyzed. No movement was visible. However, it was breathing, the last sign of life appearing from its heaving chest.

I asked Shafiq : do you like to be the companion of such a terminal patient who is dying or is likely to die any moment? He felt so much disgusted with this scenario that he joined the IM forthwith. May Allah forgive his sins, if any and place his soul in Jannatul Firdaus.

Unfortunately, the Ummah has practically lost all its charm and character to attract others but Muslims are extremely unconscious of its precarious condition, and taking its health as normal are busy in their day to day "routines" as usual, not thinking for the least that they are accountable to their Lord one Day ultimately. I wonder: how they will face Him?

This similarity, in fact, raises some very important questions about Ummah as to where it stands to day. How much it is paralyzed and dysfunctional in its socio, economic, and political fields, national and International affairs, limping in moral and ethical standards, lagging far behind in fulfilling its obligation to call humanity to the fold of its Creator and Sustainer, experiencing a total failure in delivering justice [Al-Adl wa Al-Qist] to mankind and neglecting its very objective for which it was raised as "Ummatun Wasatan".[the best of nations] as emphasized by Allah in Verses # 104 and 110 of Surah # 3, Al-Imran.

Is it carrying out in any form its top most obligation to stand in the witness box of human history? Is it playing its dominant part towards maintaining equilibrium in nations and communities at all the fronts or just keeping "mum" and behaving like a silent spectator everywhere? Has it forgotten its prominent job to stand towards removing injustices from the socio-economic-political spheres of human life in order to make his abode as the cradle of peace, justice and security for all and malice to none? How it will face the Mighty Court of Allah and "accept" its failure in fulfilling the mission of Rasulullah (S) in the last and the current millennium to serve as the "Mizan" [Scale] of Justice and fair play?

THE AILMENTS: Ummah is not fulfilling any of its aforesaid obligations and by virtue of that it has rendered Islam - the Deen of Allah, into a "religion" of some rituals and Ebadah as Jews and Christians have rendered their original "Islam" into Judaism and Christianity. Muslims are practicing Islam as a religion restricted to some beliefs, customs, dogmas, traditions and follow them like rituals - as some lifeless formalities just to maintain their link with Islam for the name sake.

Their prayers are just like routines - a formality that they are standing before their Lord hand folded but totally absent from what they are reciting, what they are praying and begging from their Lord, what they are committing to act, live and behave on this earth. They are standing in Salah but mostly wandering like a "vagabond" in the wilderness of their worldly life and its day to day engagements, giving the least or no consideration at all to whom they are facing and what they are begging from Him.
The results of such Salah are disastrous. With a few exceptions here and there, a good number of Muslims are habituated to offer prayers both in congregation or individually day and night but the matter of remembrance of their Lord is missing altogether. As such, they get nothing or very little from their Salah in return from their Lord. This makes their Salah an "exercise" in futility. They hardly get closeness to Allah as Salah is the ascension [Mairaj] of each Muslim towards Allah. So is the case of all the Ebadah of the Muslim Ummah. They are fasting with all formalities but the spirit of devotion to inculcate Taqwah through the fasting is found missing. In consequence, they are unable to make their life "Allah-conscious" or getting any taste of it. Thus, the essence of fasting is mostly absent.
The condition of Hajj is rather, more lamentable. They perform it as a ritual devoid of the spirit of self sacrifice and devotion which every "directive" of Hajj symbolizes.

They go for Hajj and came back as they go, mostly empty handed as on return no apparent change is visible in their life pattern except one title of "Haji" is added to their name. Those who are the men of means go every year for non-obligatory Hajj but what they get only they know and their Allah. They go for non-obligatory Hajj every year and leave behind a lot of Obligations unattended. It reminds me of the story of Abdullah Ibne Masood (RA).

Once he was proceeding to Makkah on a non-obligatory Hajj with his Khadim [attendant]. On the way he saw a girl on a wayside garbage dump. She was searching something in it and something she was hiding in her hand. He was surprised and went to her asking: "Daughter, what are you searching here?" She replied, "My mother told me that if you are hungry for three days, you can take any thing that you could find on the dump" He asked and what you are hiding behind you? She showed it to him. It was a dead bird in her hand. Seeing this pathetic situation, he (RA) asked his Khadim, "how much money he has for the journey?' The Khadim replied, "Four hundred Dirham" Ibne Masood (RA) asked him to go with this girl to her mother, keep 20 Dirham for the return journey and give the balance 380 Dirham to her mother. Our Hajj is completed. Alhamdulillah, these are the most eye opening words of the Faqih of this Ummah. Will the people who rush for Hajj every year take any lesson from it?

So is the case with Zakah. It is in the most disorganized shape. There are very small numbers of Muslims who pay Zakah. The rest abstain or ignore and do not pay at all as an obligatory Ebadah for the rehabilitation of the economy of the poor and the needy.

Zakah is the Self-sustained Welfare System of Islam but it is in the most disorganized form throughout the Muslim Ummah. Allah gave us the means to remove poverty from our midst but no where in any Muslim country it is implemented as an organized Institution at any stage of our community life though there are 57 Muslim countries in the world. What a great tragedy it is!

This explains the condition of Ummah about the very Ebadah that it is performing while taking Islam as a "religion". So we are the "so-called" Muslims as the Jews and Christian have become. Now please tell us why Allah should respond to our prayers and what for? With Allah everything is conditional. "You fulfill your commitment, only then He will fulfill His promise" [Ref" Verse # 40 of Al-Baqarah] That is why I compared its condition with a terminal patient - a lifeless body that may succumb any time to the multiple adverse situations that the Ummah is confronted with.

THE CAUSES: It can be enumerated briefly as under:

  1. The aforesaid discussion confirms the tragedy that the Ummah is taking Islam as a religion and not as "Al-Deen" whereas Allah proclaims: "Inna Al-Deena Indallahe Al-Islam" - With Allah Islam is the only Deen" [Ref: verse # 19 of Surah Al-Imran] that covers the entire spectrum of human life from birth to death and from cradle to grave. Ebadah is only a segment of it. As such, Muslims are neglecting all other essential segments of Deen and lost the leadership of mankind.

  2. Equally, Islam is a Movement. A Muslim cannot sit idle till Allah's Deen becomes dominant and Allah's authority is established every where in the world. Verse # 111 and 112 of Surah Al-Tawbah, Verse # 125 to 128 of Surah Al-Nahal and Verse # 33 & 34 of Surah Al-Fussalat demand of every Muslim and Muslimah to undertake it as the mission of his/her life and call humanity to the fold of its Creator and Sustainer till the last breath of life. This factor is mostly missing from our life. The Dawah activities of the Islamic Movements around the world are limited within the national boarders. They couldn't think to extend its blessings globally. All are bogged down with the community affairs of their respective homelands and Dawah efforts could not be extended to its logical culminating point which is the entire human abode.

  3. Interference of foreign powers within the internal affairs of Muslim world who are supporting and maintaining the usurper heads of the Muslim countries for their nefarious ends to perpetuate their secular rules. They all are overwhelmed by the cultural domination of the West and are "lost" in its web.

  4. Ummah has lost the sense of direction that it is raised as the leader of mankind to guide its destiny and deliver justice to the human abode and be its models in every walk of life both at individual and collective spheres. This goal is missing altogether from our collective life. It would have inspired them to fulfill that role again.

  5. As such, it has forgotten that it is to stand as the "Witness to Mankind" in this world and in Akhirah.

  6. Dearth of Dependable and Trustworthy leadership and the Committed Team of Da'ees in thousands and thousands in each Muslim land to guide the Islamic Movements to their glorious end and run the affairs of the country positively on the lines directed in the Qur'an and demonstrated by Rasulullah (S) in his (S) life pattern. When the requisite numbers are available to Ummah, its condition will start changing forthwith, faster than our expectation, Insha Allah.

THE CURE: If the causes as spelled out above are removed from the body politics of Ummah and it is actively involved in fulfilling the requisite obligations, the Ummah will resurrect its fate within a decade or so Insha Allah. It will give Barakah in our efforts manifold. The terminal patient will then rise afresh to change its destiny as well as the destiny of mankind to new frontiers of peace, progress and security with justice for all and malice to none.

Let every Muslim fulfill consciously what he or she commits at least 17 times in our daily prayers by reciting: "IYYAKA NABUDU WA IYYAKA NASTA'EEN" [We worship Thee only and seek help only from Thee - the symbol of total surrender to Allah.

It is my conviction that if Muslims just follow the meanings and the concept of Surah Al-Fateha meticulously in their day to day life and change their life pattern accordingly, they can change their destiny altogether in no time. It is what that I have humbly presented in my book: "Al-Fateha & Its Significance". It is available on my Website: I would request the readers to go through it thoroughly and get out of the list of "Terminal Patient" within twinkling of an eye. It will bring them closer to Allah, make their respective Salah meaningful and will help immensely in changing their life as models for others, Insha Allah.

I pray to Allah to give us Tawfeeq, especially to our Sisters and Dawah oriented workers to pilot the fate of Muslim Ummah in this country and be its model for the rest of mankind.

2011-10-28 Fri 18:55:51 cdt