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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Dhu'l Qada 23, 1432/October 21, 2011 # 44

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Notice: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora will now meet on November 12.
Host: Imam Badi Ali
Secretary General: Sis. Ashira Na'im
Philosopher: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz
Ameer: Kaukab Siddique
Adviser: Br. Shamim Siddiqui

Islamic Slogans Against Capitalism
by Dr. Javed Jamil [In India]
Slogan 1
Globalization: Comprehensive Plan for Monopoly of 1% over the Globe
Slogan 2
Economic Fundamentalism: Biggest Weapon of Mass Destruction
Slogan 3
Banks: Speedy Vehicles of Transfer of Poor's Money to the Rich

* Dr Javed Jamil is Director of PEACE. He is also author of more than a dozen books including "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism".

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release: Contact Dr. Siddique at:
The Savage Lynching of Muammar Qaddafi demeans Humanity and Insults all notions of the laws of war.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns the extra-judicial murder of the Libyan leader Qaddafi. Humanity has been violated and savagery has been perpetrated in this slaughter of the leader of a nation.
  1. Islam does not permit Muslims to treat a captured enemy leader in this shameless manner. Even an animal cannot be slaughtered under Islamic law the way this was done.
  2. International law too does not permit such treatment of an enemy leader. Even the photographing and publicity of a prisoner of war is not allowed. Qaddafi was first captured and then humiliated and killed. There is no scope for this kind of behavior in the most savage war. Hitler did not do it. He treated the leader of the Warsaw uprising much better than this.
  3. As Cynthia McCkinney has shown, NATO bombed civilians and killed numerous Libyan women and children. This final atrocity was a natural consequence of the atrocities by NATO.
  4. The re-colonization of Africa has begun. If a prominent leader can be lynched and his lynching is celebrated by America and its Libyan allies, then surely the floodgates have been opened to all kinds of brutalities against African leaders iin particular and the African people in general.
  5. The looting of Libya can only be averted if the Anglo-American powers are unable to establish themselves in Libya and an Islamic government emerges.
  6. As in the case of Mustafa Kemal in Turkey, the Muslims did all the fighting and dying in Libya, but the fruits have been stolen by westernized forces supported by NATO.
  7. We condemn also the relish with which CNN and other Zionist media have presented this atrocity to the public, the slaughter of a half naked president drenched in blood, being humiliated by savages. Why does CNN consider featherheads like Fuad Ajami of Johns Hopkins University [Baltimore] as experts on Islam and Arabs? He lacks the basic tools of analysis, Why are former CIA agents brought on screen as experts? This is the final dumbing down of the Zionist media.

Spotlights on the Murder of Muammar Qaddafi
from Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimee, NC

Spotlight #1:
Those who killed Qaddafi are as bad or worse than him. We should not act like our opponents.
Spotlight #2:
Violence is the reflex action of the ignorant.
Spotlight #3:
A smoking hand gun used to humiliate and slaughter Qaddafi is certainly not a tool of justice.
Spotlight #4:
The way Qaddafi was slaughtered shows the reality of the change for the worse in the uprising in Libya.
Spotlight #5:
Violence is not power but the abuse of power.
Spotlight #6:
The evil act of murder was presented to the American public to taint all Muslim resistance as savage and evil.
Spotlight #7:
We should not allow savages to claim that they are revolutionaries.
Spotlight #8:
Who gave the green light for this murder? The bombing of innocent Libyans preceded this act.
Spotlight #9:
If we are silent, Libya will spawn new dictators.

Libya After Qaddafi
by Shamim Siddiqui [Long Island, New York]

The greater tragedy of Libya will start now when NATO countries of Europe and America will try to capitalize on the monopolistic share of Libya's oil production - one of the finest quality in the world at the cheapest price for decades to come.
Simultaneously, they will try their utmost to thwart the implementation of any Islamic law in the land, The people of Libya who were aspiring to share the " Arab Spring" for Islamic Renaissance along with Tunisia and Egypt that are at the threshold of the emergence of the Islamic System of life will be deprived for decades under the patronage of America -lead NATO forces of the new Libyan Government in the so-called "Free and liberated" Libya after the fall of Qadaffi.

The mockery of humanity by Western diplomacy knows no bound. "Liberty and Freedom" will get new meaning under the garb of modern "subjugation" under the tutelage of "democratic" rule.

Imam Badi's spotlights on Issues Other than Libya:

Spotlight #1:
Whoever says there is democracy in America is lying. Can you vote for the person you think can run the country? No!
Spotlight #2:
In decades past, before the digital revolution, we did not have as many issues as we have now.
Now we have too many, because the use of cell phones and lap tops is widespread.
Spotlight #3:
Arab dictators created an unhappy population which finally turned against them and now we can see what the dictators have created.
Spotlight #4:
No one has the right to take a life except in a just cause. We are taught how to slaughter sheep in a seemly manner.
Spotlight #5:
Before we can be politically liberated. let us free our minds and hearts of different types of slavery such as that of material desires, money and mass culture.
Spotlight #6:
Look at the map of Jordan. It is shaped like a hand gun. Was this the joke of the creators of this country where the people live in misery and where nothing benefits the Muslims?
Spotlight #7:
Jordan today is the tool of intelligence agencies which treat the people of Jordan as enemies and mistreat and ignore the suffering of all the nations around Jordan, be they Iraqis, Syrians or Palestinians.

Our America
Justice in America: Without Comment

Islamic Pakistan Rising Up!
Massive Upsurge of Islamic college & University Students
Maulana Maudoodi Must be Smiling. Two Million Students have joined IJT.

by Kaukab Siddique

October 17: Hundreds of thousands of students gathered from all over Pakistan in Lahore and were addressed by Jamaate Islami and other Islamic leaders. These young men are supporters of Islami Jamiate Talaba [IJT]. Caravans of students rolled to Lahore from major Pakistani cities, gathering support as they went and giving new hope and determination to the Pakistani masses.
At this time of deep gloom and economic depression, Pakistanis needed this message of Islamic and Pakistani victory through peaceful means.
Pakistani educational institurions have endured rough times in the last 35 years. There was a time when anti-Islamic blatantly leftist, Maoist and even Stalinist groups, had taken over the universities.
Then came the era of government supported thuggery by student groups who readily used violence against Islamic students. Islami Jamiate Talaba suffered much but grew steadily and peacefully in all these years and finally became a major grouping.
But then came the era of temptation and westernization. Upper class Pakistanis wanted to be Americans and Europeans. Secularized enclaves appeared in every major city.
Islami Jamiate Talaba too was affected by westernization. The West started picking up its best people. The devil was at work offering comfort, luxury and big money. Even leaders of IJT were affected. People like Abdul Malik Mujahid in Chicago went to the extent of joining Obama's Democratic National Committee. Haqqani became the best friend of Zionists and Israelis. ICNA was a complete flop and became a picnic and fund raising group which joined the White House mourning of 9.11 but said never a word of Afghan, Iraqi or Somali victims of US bombers. ICNA refused to mention General Musharraf's assault on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa. ICNA president Zahid Bukhari proudly revealed that he has been working for the US State Department. He was duly re-elected by his clique who see nothing wrong in cooperating with taghoot.

It has been a tremendous task rebuilding this entire student movement after 9.11.

In that context, the new leadership of Jamaate Islami and Islami Jamiate Talaba has transformed both organizations.
Under the guidance of Syed Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami has focussed on putting an end to American intervention in Pakistan. Under the slogan of "America, GO!" the movement has mobilized and organized the widespread anti-American sentiment in peaceful but effective pressure groups.
IJT rallies are now impressive [second in size only to the rallies of Jamaate Islami] and one can see that Pakistan will not only survive but will prosper as an Islamic nation with justice and participation for all. It's a beginning but within 10 years after 9.11 core leadership of uncompromising but rational/peaceful men [and some women] has emerged.
Both JI and IJT are now working among women and the poorest masses. Much more work is needed here. Also, the JI has successfully evaded government efforts to bring about conflict between JI on the one hand and Pakistani Taliban, Afghan Taliban and Jamat ud-da'wa on the other. These fighting groups are the subjects of labelling as terrorists by the US. JI had to have the wisdom not to become part of them and to remain peaceful, and on the other hand not to oppose them or fight them. The governrment would have won if that had happened.

Student Leader Says, Paki Rulers are Agents of Foreign Powers
The Islami Jamiate Talaba Leadere, Syed Abdur Rashid, said that the Pakistani rulers were agents of foreign powers and had deprived the masses of the last morsel of food and books. The wards of the rulers were studying in the universities of London and New York while the Pakistani youth were deprived of basic facilities. He demanded Urdu as medium of instruction , a uniform education system and syllabus for the entire country and restoration of students unions as promised by the Prime Minister.
[Abdur Rashid was among those who addressed the historic gathering of students in Lahore.]

Lahore: October 17, History in the making.
Hundreds of Thousands of Students Addressed by Munawar Hasan, Ameer Jamaate Islami

In his address to hundreds of thousands of students from all over Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, ameer of Jamaate Islam spoke eloquently against US intervention in Pakistan. He said, the war on terror is not our war. We consider the US government as terrorists, though we are not against the American people.
He condemned India's occupation of Kashmir and Israeli occupation of Palestine. He said, India has 12 breakaway movements in it. While trying to destroy Pakistan, it will fall apart.
He condemned Capitalism and supported the "occupy wall street" movement. The world, he said, is realizing that Islamic concepts of economics are much nearer to justice than those of capitalism.
He lauded the masses of students gathered there for their acceptance of Islam as the solution to humanity's problems. In contrast, he ridiculed Zardari, Gilani and Kayani for their failure to defend Pakistani villages against US drone strikes. He said NATO has been defeated by the Taliban;hence America now wants to blame Pakistan for this defeat.
His speech was supported by the hundreds of thousands of students with chants hailing Islam as the solution. Countless Pakistani and Islamic banners fluttered in the air.

From a Pakistani activist
General Kayani is a terrorist Trying to Fool Pakistan

Strong words between General Kayani and United States is only for public consumption. US bases still exist in Pakistan - protected by General Kayani's army. Drone attacks still continue with the assistance of Pakistan Army. US aid to the military still continues. Pakistan Army is a mercenary Army.

Only way to bring about change is for the people to come on the streets. Greece and now USA [Occupy wall street demonstrations ] and protests around the globe show that the days of USA's superemacy are over. General Kayani and his stooges should make a quick exit.

People in Pakistan and India should unite and rise against their governments who are agents of USA and multi-national companies. They should look at Syria, Yemen, etc and say enough is enough and bring a change in the societies they live.

Shaikh Mohommad

Jamaat-e-Islami Leaders Answer Criticism from Pakistanis: October 18.
Why was your Response weak after Shaykh Osama's Murder? and other Issues

Fareed Piracha, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami, Siraj ul-Haqq, Jamaate Islami's Deputy Ameer from Frontier Province, and Rasheed Naseem, JI Sec. Gen from Sindh province answered questions from Waqt News TV's Awami express. It's in Urdu and will delight Urdu readers. It shows that JI is willing to answer sensitive questions in public in front of a huge crowd.
A few points in English:
About Mumtaz Qadri: A similar case was defended by the founder of Pakistan, Qaide Azam when Ilm Din killed a Hindu who insulted the Prophet, pbuh. The court which sentenced Qadri was not based on Islam but on British law. [Siraj ul Haq]
The attacks on civilians in Pakistan, including attacks on mosques, are carried out by Indian, US and Israeli agents, never by Jihad fighters. [Rasheed Naseem].
Love of the Prophet, pbuh, is not extremism. People come out on the streets when law is not implemented. Raymond Davis killed three Pakistanis but was allowed to leave Pakistan unharmed. [Fareed Piracha.]
We go to the courts and we are using peaceful means to change the laws. We support the Taliban's struggle but our methodology is that of peaceful mobilization and change through elections. [Siraj ul Haq]
[Ed.note: Some questions showed that Pakistanis are very hurt by the assassination of Shaykh Osama and feel that Islamic groups did not realize that Osama was the nearest thing to Sahaba in our time. They did not come out openly for him when he was alive, perhaps owing to conspiracy theories, and did not respond according to the wishes of the masses when he was killed. JI response was that demonstrations in support of Osama were held but media ignored them.]

Hundreds of Kenyan Troops, Backed by Tanks, Helicopters, Invade Somalia
[With thanks to Ron Williams in Baltimore.] October 17.
In a major development from Africa, hundreds of Kenyan troops, backed by tanks and helicopter gunships, have invaded southern Somalia in Kenya's largest military operation in years. The move comes as Kenya declared war on the Somali militant group al-Shabab. There are reports warplanes have already carried out air strikes on Shabab strongholds in southern Somalia. Kenya has blamed Shabab for a recent string of kidnappings of Europeans in Kenya.

[From Habib Yousafzai]
The occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir shares 5% of its border with India which has a majority Muslim population. There are no similarities between Muslims and Hindus. As a result, there will always be conflict between them if they live together. For example, Hindus consider the cow as a sacred animal, whereas Muslims eat beef. Hindus consume alcohol for enjoyment and pastime whereas Muslims are prohibited from the consumption of alcohol. Being a Muslim majority state, the deployment of Indian forces even on the pretext of accession certificate on 27th of October 1947, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir was illegal. Instead of nurturing it is keeping the inhabitants of Kashmir under subjugation and has been committing severe crimes against humanity such as genocide, maiming, and dishonoring women. Consequently, in over six decades, Indian government has failed to win the hearts and minds of the people of the occupied territory.

In order to stop further bloodshed, India the so called largest democracy in the world, must respect the aspiration of the Kashmiri people and fulfill its promise made before the United Nations by conducting the plebiscite in the illegally occupied territory

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