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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 27, 1432/May 1, 2011 # 18

Think about it: From Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Spotlight #1: Look at the Muslim scholars and imams today. They claim to be imitating the scholars of yesterday but they want the world's comforts and pleasures [dunya] more than anything else. They take sides with the powerful, have wives who are not needy, fine home, luxuries of all kinds. They choose titles for themselves.They tell the Americans what they want to hear.

Spotlight #1a: For decades, these scholars used to meet with the Syrian Egyptian and Libyan leaders. They did not say a word of opposition or criticism. Now, seeing the opportunity to get western approval, they are attacking Mubarak, Qaddafi and Assad. Still, they refrain from criticising those who have power even now.

Spotlight #2: You sit down for breakfast and what do you see? Your fork, your plate, your cup, your glass are all made in China. Look around: Your DVD is made in Korea.... When will Americans realize that they are in economic decline? The wars and Israel are undermining the economy.

From Br. Shamim Siddiqui, in New York, we have more books on Da'wah and peaceful organization to spread the message of Islam. If you are striving for the deen, we'll send them to you. Spread the word of Allah and the Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh.

From Br. Solano, in Texas, we have the Qur'an translated in Spanish. Do you need a copy?

From Sis. Aamira, we have an effort to counsel Muslims in the Philadelphia area [with help from Sis. Ashira]. Join the effort of JAM in Philly.

Hodari Abdul-Ali Returns to Allah: A Beautiful Person
by Nadrat Siddique

He was a beautiful person, possessing a great love for the People, inclusiveness, and an incredible generosity of spirit. He was a master at bringing people together, an educator, a statesman, and an internationalist. As a daughter of the Indo-Pak subcontinent, I was particularly proud of him for traveling to India to work with oppressed populations there, creating strong bonds between Afrikans in the U.S. and Dalits ("Black Indians") under the crushing heel of Brahmin racism and oppression. His passing is a great loss for all of us, and yet we revel in the thought that this true Mumin has been reunited with his Creator. Inna lilla hae wa inna alayhai rajeon

Islamic Activist and Africanist Br. Hodari Ali Passes Away: Dear Friend of Kaukab Siddique. We come from Allah and Unto Him we return.

Here is an obituary issued by Br. Hodari's family.

A janaza (funeral prayer service) is planned for Monday, May 2 at 1:30pm following salat Zuhr (noon prayer) at Masjid Muhammad. The Mosque is located at 1519 Islamic Way (4th Street, NW near the intersection of New Jersey Avenue and P Street, NW) in Washington, D.C.Hodari was celebrated by his friends and family less than a week before he left us. The outpouring of love was so valuable to him and appreciated beyond words. He delighted in the songs and the words of praise and honor. .
Please continue our support of Hodari by making a financial contribution to help his family to defray costs. You can make a secure donation on this page via PayPal. Go to Click on "send money." Enter in the following email for the payee account: The funds will be sent safely and securely and will be used for his burial and to assist his widow and their family needs.

Hodari Abdul-Ali was an international peacemaker who has combined a career of business, journalism and community activism and who has helped create understanding about Muslims around the world.

A prominent, respected and well-known figure throughout the National Capital area, the United States and globally, Brother Hodari has campaigned tirelessly for the rights of the oppressed over the years. His tireless intervention has made a difference in the lives of many. He has been a frequent traveler to Africa, and he has led numerous fact-finding missions to The Continent.

Brother Hodari came to Washington from his native San Diego, California to attend Howard University. At Howard he served as Editor-In-Chief of the campus newspaper, The Hilltop, then the only daily newspaper on an HBCU campus. He went on to establish legendary political book stores, Pyramid Books and Dar Esalaam Health Center.

Over the years he has worked with a number of publications and currently is host of "The Struggle Continues," a weekly public affairs program on Pacifica Radio station WPFW-FM in Washington, D.C. For several years he hosted "Freedom Sounds," a Jazz and community outreach program which was the top fund raiser in the morning drive-time slot, on non-commercial WPFW.

Hodari is survived by his wife Ayana, his four children, sons Haziq, Sadiq, Muhahid and daughter Qadira. His also leaves six siblings K. Rashid Nuri, Kikanza Nuri, Julianna Scales, Shirin Nuri, Michelle Streeter and James Woodard.

New blog only for Hadith studies by Dr. Kaukab Siddique
It has the first item posted on it and will be an ongoing challenge to deniers of Hadith.

Dr. Fauzia Offers Bangles to Pakistani Military and Government Leaders . {On April 24, Led by Imran Khan, Pakistan's Tehrike Insaf blocked the NATO supply route to Afghanistan for a second day. At the rally in Peshawar, Dr. Fauzia called for the release of Dr. Aafia [now in a Texas prison] and shamed Pakistani leaders by offering them her bangles.}

April AWAQT TV, Peshawar, April 24, 2011

Speaking at the PTI Rally to protest Drone Attacks and the detention of Aafia Siddiqui, Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of Dr. Aafia offered her bangles to the Pakistani military and government leadership in a gesture that drew thunderous applause from the crowd.

Latest News: Libya
April 30: One of Gaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren were reported killed in a NATO air strike in Tripoli. [Ed. Comment: NATO has no right to commit an atrocity like this. Gaddafi is not opposing the US or NATO. He is against the Islamic groups. This attack is a crime against international law and does not help the people's uprising. NATO said it was protecting civilians! ]
April 27: The Muslim fighters in Misurata have blunted Gaddafi's offensive and forced his military to retreat. Gaddafi's forces also pursued the mujahidin in a mountain area into Tunisia but were pushed back by Tunisian troops. There are US reports of al-Qaida forces in Libya but their numbers are small.
The children of a doctor helping the injured in Misurata were killed in an attack by Gaddafi's troops.

Syrian protests spread to Damascus but Aleppo is silent.
On April 29, Assad's troops attacked the Omari mosque in Deraa and occupied it. The attack was preceded by tank and artillery fire. Paratroopers were then dropped directly into the mosque. There was no one in the mosque except the imam's son who was killed. A woman and her two daughters nearby were also killed.
By Friday, April 29, Syrian Uprising cost 535 their lives
The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul-Rahman, said 65 people were killed Friday. with 36 deaths in the Daraa province, 27 in the central Homs region, one in Latakia and another in the Damascus countryside. Total civilian deaths since the uprising began has reached 535, he said. [Associated Press.]
Damascus and Aleppo are the biggest cities. Damascus is starting to join the rallies bu Aleppo is silent. Reports say the majority in Aleppo were "bought" by Assad and are stil nwatching in silence.

Smile! [Ya gotta be kiddin!]
Does President Obama Think Islam is a Joke?
His "Special Representative to Muslim Communities" is Farah Pandith, a woman in a mini skirt with a big necklace on her bare upper chest, and an expensive hairdo without any covering. [As seen on C-Span, 4.29. With her was a Jewish woman, Hannah Rosenthal, who "monitors" and "combats" "anti-semitism," a polite way of saying, criticism of Israel should be censored.]

She is worried about the suffering caused by the 9.11 attacks and claims that al-Qaida is the enemy of the whole world. [Did America bomb Iraq? When? Does America bomb Afghanistan? C'mon! Does America send drones to destroy Pakistani villages? Ya gotta be kiddin!]

What about Obama's love of the terrorist entity which calls itself Israel? Get out of here!

AFGHANISTAN: Very recent important news.[From our media monitor.]

1. Nearly 500 Islamic prisoners escaped from a Karzai prison in Kandahar. The tunnel was constructed under the security wall over three years. The Taliban had engineers helping them.

2. In Kabul, a Taliban fighter who had infiltrated US air force, opened fire on US troops killing 9, including a translator.

Pakistan:[From our media monitor]
The regime has been presenting a child in hospital on TV, badly injured, claiming that he a "suicide bomber." Showing a prisoner on TV for whatever purpose is a violation of international law and a crime. It's worse when the prisoner is a child. Such propaganda can fool viewers. An injured child can be brought and made to speak as if he was a "suicider" [in return for money for his family. ]

Khutba on Wealth and Power
Islam does not Respect the Rich & the Powerful: Dictators have fooled Muslims

On April 29, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma khutba in central Baltimore, Maryland. These khutbas are read by many Islamic activists across America. Here are the main points:

Text: "Does he think that none has power over him? He says boastfully, I have spent wealth wastefully in abundance. Does he think that none beholds him?" [The Qur'an 90:5-7]

Part 2 of Khutba:
Du'a: Ya Allah! Help the Muslims of America to unite on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. Ya Allah! Forgive our Ummah for having accepted tyrants for decades. Ya Allah! Give victory to the rising Muslim masses and bring down the tyrants as You brought down the Pharoah!

California: Jewish-zionist groups imposing censorship physically.
Hate Groups Target the IHR : A New Level of Attacks
Progress Despite Intimidation, Harassment and Smears
To Tackle This New Emergency, We Need Your Help

Dear Friends,

We're under attack. In recent weeks hate groups have been subjecting the Institute for Historical Review to a new wave of vicious intimidation, harassment and smears. This is the most intense targeting of the IHR in years.

The Jewish Defense Organization, a militant Zionist outfit founded by a convicted criminal named Mordechai Levy, is claiming credit for forcing us to move. In recent months the JDO and the "Anti-Racist Action," another thuggish group with a long record of intimidation and violence, have been targeting our landlord, who refuses to renew our lease -- which means that we have to move out of our offices by the end of June.

And local bigots have announced a demonstration later this month outside our offices.

I regard such attacks as a badge of honor. In fact, smears and attacks by such groups affirm our impact and effectiveness. For example, the Jabotinsky International Center, a militant Zionist group based in Israel, calls the IHR "particularly dangerous" because our website has "a professional layout and well-written material."

One of the most often-repeated lies made about the IHR is the smear that we're a "hate group." In fact, the IHR for years has been a victim of authentic hate groups. In 1984 our offices in southern California were destroyed in a devastating fire-bombing. This arson attack, we later established, was carried out by the Jewish Defense League, a criminal outfit that even the FBI characterized as a terrorist group.

In spite of smears and harassment, we've held our post on the front line in the struggle for freedom and historical truth.

During the past 18 months we've held many more meetings than ever before. Our recent March 12 meeting, for example, was one of the most spirited and successful IHR events in months. At this upbeat gathering, Canadian activist educator and activist Paul Fromm and I delivered informed, well-received talks about America's social-political decline, and the factors behind this trend. (A full report is posted on our website.)

Our recently launched weekly broadcast series is reaching new people and generating positive feedback. Podcasts of "The Mark Weber Report" can be heard or downloaded on the "Voice of Reason" website.

Also during the past year we've built an unprecedented level of local support. I'm pleased, for example, that local friends of the IHR have already volunteered to help with our forthcoming move, including the strenuous and time-consuming work of moving furniture, books and equipment, and setting everything up again in a new location.

To keep fighting we need your help -- especially now -- to counter new attacks, meet the emergency of moving, and reach more people.


Mark Weber
Director, Institute for Historical Review

Contact Information
phone: 714-593-9725

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