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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 22, 1432/April 26, 2011 # 17

Our America: by Nadrat Siddique
41 Years in Prison: The Tragic Suffering of Eddie Conway.
April 23: Congratulations on a very successful rally today everyone! To me personally, there is no better feeling than standing up for an innocent prisoner. The prison industry rarely concedes defeat, and the fight to liberate Eddie will be a long fight. Many more events are being planned, so please continue to check the Eddie Conway webpage to keep up on events:

Our America by Joia Jefferson Nuri [Please pray for his recovery]
Activists Gather to Support Br. Hodari Ali, famous peacemaker.
April 24: I want to also thank everyone who turned out to celebrate Hodari Abdul-Ali in Washington on Sunday. The Langston Room at Busboys and Poets restaurant was packed. 100 people could not get in but were still a part of the celebration in Spirit. Thank you for your generous donations. Hodari and his family send their heartfelt gratitude to everyone.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P P. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen : April 23, 2011, Greensboro, NC
Theme: Muslim World is Rising Up!
Host : Imam Badi Ali
Secretary General: Sis. Ashira Na'im
Ameer: Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Delegates came from:
New York
North Carolina

Youths from Hispanic, Black & "White" races came to see how a peaceful Islamic movement work.
The 8-hour long meeting was chaired by Br. Kaukab Siddique.

Resolutions passed by the National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen: We....
  1. Hail the peaceful uprisings of the Muslims of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Syria as well as the growing protests in Jordan, Algeria and Morocco. The blood of the Muslim ummah is on the hands of the tyrants of these countries. They have suppressed Islam, violated human rights and looted the wealth of their nations.
  2. Condemn US and European military intervention in Libya. The US began with a salvo of 100 missiles which were bound to cause uncounted civilian casualties. The western powers' intervention is opportunistic, aimed at Africa's wealth and the re-colonization of Africa. It could also be aimed at breaking Libya into two. Attempts are underway to create a rift between other Africans and Libyans.
  3. Urge the Muslim masses to beware of elite secularist groups which are aligned to the West, want to take over the leadership in each country and would not hesitate to betray the Islamic ideals of the people.
  4. Call on the Egyptian people to play their historic role to lead the Muslim world, especially in the efforts to break the Israeli cordon on Gaza and Israeli aggression in general.
  5. Call for Shi'a-Sunni dialogue. If Muslims and non-Muslims can talk, why is there no internal Muslim dialogue with respect and dignity. The enemy wins if we are divided along Shi'a Sunni lines.
  6. Warn the American people of the consequences of a steadily declining US economy. The ongoing wars and the support for Israel are among the causes of this decline.
  7. Note the continuing decimation of political and civil rights in America, with the erosion of constitutional rights.
  8. Call for an end to the influx of weapons into Mexico. It should be stopped as it adds to the warfare going on there.
  9. Note the great suffering of the people of Haiti. The return of Aristide is a positive sign but much needs to be done to reduce and end the daily suffering of the people.
  10. Notice that the conditions of immigrants and refugees in the US need to be studied and improved.
  11. Urge that the Irish people be given their rights and the conflict resolved in a just manner with the removal of British dominance.
  12. Sorrow over the continuing suffering of Eddie Conway and of political prisoners in general in America. The seemingly non-political prisoners too undergo dehumanizing conditions and are often the victims of socio-economic and political repression.
  13. Remind President Obama that he pledged to close Guantanamo Bay concentration camp. It is still open and its record of water boarding and other breaches of international law have smeared America's image worldwide. Close it down now!
  14. Japan should assume its responsibility in the aftermath of the earthquake-Tsunami. Japan should release the information on the nuclear leak

Greensboro, NC: April 22, 2010
Dr. Siddique's Khutba on Women in Islam to 800 Muslims +150 Muslims
Dictatorship are linked to Oppression of women

Imam Badi Ali has been leading a peaceful movement for the transformation of Muslim communities in America. Through a decade of loving care, compassion and committment, Br. Badi, as his friends call him, has helped the large Muslim community in North Carolina to focus on human rights, civil rights, good manners and a good understanding of the suffering of the Palestinian people.
On April 22, Imam Badi Ali opened up the entire community to the preaching of Dr. Kaukab Siddique about the rights of women in Islam. As the mosque in Greensboro is too small to hold the entire community, Dr. Siddique had to give two khutbas. More than 400 people attended each khutba, for a total of 800. The early comers were there at 12.30 and the second group at 1.30.
Most of the people are from Sudan, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Somalia, Libya and Egypt. Smaller numbers were Pakistanis and African Americans.
Another 150 people turned up after sunset prayers to participate in an intense question answer session about women with Dr. Siddique.
Here are some segments of the two khutbas:

[Pakistan does not allow journalists into "operational" areas.] 2 items by Shamsuddin
Jamaate Islami's Frontier Leader Says 24,000 Muslims Killed in Army Operations. Our daughters are being burned alive. 1,000 Mosques Destroyed in US-Kayani-Drone Attacks

April 17, 2011, Speaking to a large crowd in the eastern Punjab city of Gujrat, the second top leader of Jamaate Islami, Sirajul Haq, denounced the military operations being carried out by General Kayani's army divisions in the frontier areas of Pakistan. In a sweeping overview of the US-Pakistan operations against the Islamic populations, he presented a reality check on the horrendous suffering of defenseless populations. Referring to the joint operations by Pakistan's US-backed-funded-armed military, he at one moment emotionally referred to the crimes being committed against the people. "My Dir, my Khyber, my Mohmand, my Bajaur are in flames," he said. "The dopattas of our daughters, sisters, mothers are burning." This was a major effort by a top Islamic leader to bring to the Pakistani people the horrors of the secret operations being carried out by General Kayani and the US Air Force in the Islamic populations of frontier villages. The stark statistics, he said, are that the army has martyred 24,000 people. The US drone attacks and the Pakistani assault, has destroyed more than 1000 mosques, he pointed out.
Pakistan is being undermined by the made-in-America army. In Sirajul Haq's words, these are the people who turned East Pakistan into Bangladesh. They are the ones who undermined the jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir.
He also referred to Aimal Kansi and Ramzi Yusuf, handed over to the US by the Nawaz Sharif regime. [Ed.note: Kansi had attacked CIA headquarters and was executed in a US prison. Ramzi Yusuf was tortured into confessing to a plan to bring down scores of air liners. He is in a supermax prison in USA which is sound proof.]
Sirajul Haq, who is known for his piety, deep Islamic awareness and courage, said that the Zardaris, Gilanis, Asfandyaris and Sharifs of Pakistan are the slaves of America. Even their dogs and horses are feeding their fill while the children of the poor are dying in the explosions of the army's long artillery.
He vowed that the Islamic rule will come and the country will be ruled from its network of mosques, not from minister's offices. In our rule, he said, the Chief Justice will have the Qur'an in his hands, not a book of English rules.

Pakistani Politicians are Involved in US Drone Attacks: Islamic movement

LAHORE, Apr. 24: The Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that the PML(N) was equally responsible for the PPP government's failure and all its crimes.

Addressing a public gathering at Rawalpindi Sadiaabad Chowk, on Sunday in connection with the JI's membership drive, he said the parties in the ruling alliance and the friendly opposition were equally to be blamed for the drone attacks, price spiral, load shedding, unemployment and lawlessness in the country.

He advised the masses to reject US puppets and bring forth an honest and competent leadership in the next elections.

Syed Munawar Hasan said, it was the JI that had first of all created public awakening against the US and the drone attacks, and other parties were joining this drive now which was welcome. He said the JI had all along been stressing the need for a common strategy by all political parties to break the US stranglehold.

The JI chief pointed out that the secular armies of the world had been proved failure and helpless against the Afghans. The NATO forces were facing a clear defeat as the unarmed Afghans had inflicted a humiliating defeat on the sole super power of the world. However, Pakistan was burning in the fire lighted by the US.

He stressed upon the nation not to wait for the total destruction of its future generations and rise against the US subjugation in accordance with the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, adding that the US would be turned out from Afghanistan as also from Pakistan.
. He said the membership drive of the JI was aimed at convicting the general public that the parties and leaders they had been voting for in the past had placed the country in US slavery and they should not to vote for US puppets, plunderers and exploiters next time.

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