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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 8,1432/March 13, 2011 # 11

New Trend's brief analysis of the Libyan situation:

Col. Gaddafi's forces are advancing and have re-taken most of Zawiya and Ras Lanouf. The Islamic popular resistance is not a professional force and finds it difficult to face Gaddafi's tanks and jet fighters. Even then, Gaddafi is unable to make rapid advances. The people of Libya are against Gaddafi and his rule is over though he may kill many more people. He has built up a mercenary force which is heavily funded by him and it will probably continue to commit crimes against Libya till it is defeated.

Qaddafi continues to claim that the opposition is al-Qaida, which is the Zionist code word for mujahedin. He is banking on western support by raising the al-Qaida bogey. His hatred of Islam and mujahedin has come out openly and borders on expressions of kufr. Notice that he is NOT speaking against the western powers.

America is watching and waiting. It looks like Bosnia and Kosova all over again. When the Qadaffi forces complete the blood bath of civilians and poorly armed militia, America will apparently intervene as the "savior of the Libyan people."

It is basically a conflict between a tyrant [taghia] and popular Islamic uprising.

Libyan women make it clear that the struggle is Islamic. Here is a "must watch" youtube from Iqra.

Scroll down for the increasing tempo of the struggle in Yemen, Saudi and Jordan. Also war news from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Personal: March 5, 2011
Meeting David Irving: Researcher & Historian Extraordinary, Hated by Zionists.

Very few Muslims know the details of World War II. They either harbor conspiracy theories or they simply accept the stories published by the victors. Without in depth understanding of the war we can't understand modern Europe and its support for Israel. Few Muslims, if any, know that Germany today is a greater supporter of Israel than even the United States.

It was a dark and stormy night when my wife and I drove out to meet David Irving in a small town in Virginia, an expensive southwestern suburb of Washington, DC. It was a trip worth taking. Mr. Irving's knowledge of the Second World War is phenomenal. His research abilities, augmented by his fluency in the German language, makes him one of the few people from whom I can learn something original and fact based.

He has been busy with his work on the life of Heinrich Himmler, who rose to the top of Germany's war time leadership, second only to Hitler. The hour long talk Mr. Irving gave on his research of Himmler was astounding in its detail orientation as he spoke without notes.

His books were on display, devoted to accuracy based on original documents and human sources close to Hitler and Himmler. He has to get his books published himself because his Zionist Jewish opponents have closed him out of the world of mainstream publishing. In design and printing quality his books are second to none. They are expensive because he has to publish them himself and then sell them himself. Fortunately he has a global support system which makes him so effective that the Zionist Jews consider him a huge threat. They hound him from city to city and he has to hold meetings at short notice to avoid physical attack by Jews and hard core Communists.

Mr. Irving gained fame with his Hitler's War but then his opponents noticed that he had not included the "Holocaust" in his narrative. He had not included it because verifiable evidence was not available. After that it was only a matter of time before the Zionist Jews made him into a non-person and even a Nazi! [He is British and very anti-Nazi.]

A wry sense of humor and endless research energy permits Mr, Irving to survive. He states very clearly that Jews suffered tremendously under Hitler and many of them were killed indiscriminately, especially on the Eastern Front. That's not enough for the "Israel Firsters." They want him to fall in line with the history written by the victors. He refuses and finds that there is no order from Hitler for the extermination of the Jews. He has had to pay heavily, including imprisonment for 400 days by the Austrian government which wants to prove that it is more Jewish than the Jews.

When the Zionists got after me following my speech against Israel on al-Quds Day, Mr. Irving was one of the very few non-Muslims who had the moral courage to come out and give me open support. Even the Iranians who had asked me to speak, shut up when the Zionists launched their offensive.

There are very few people like Mr. Irving. I wonder what keeps him going. As if in answer to such a question, for the first time he has written a book about himself. It is called Banged Up: Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century Europe. I am getting ready to read it.

Kings are Saying: I am your Lord! Pharoah is not Easily Overthrown

Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali [National Shoora Leader] Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina

Spotlight #1: Muslims want to be free. Freedom comes naturally to them. Why did they not rebel for so many years? Why did they accept such humiliation?

Spotlight #2: Are you not sick of oppression? The shoe does not fit but you keep wearing it. Take it off! Change it! Why do you keep wearing it.

Spotlight #3: It's not true that the strongest survive. Those survive who are able to change. Allah is examining us. How do you react? Do you want to change or are you stuck in your rut?

Spotlight #4: Change begins in in the home and with parents. Is your home, your family, receptive to oppresssion? Sre your children brought up to be brave and to be agents of change? Or are you and they slaves of fashion, habit and mass culture. Unless you have faith in Allah and REALLY BELIEVE that Allah is the GREATEST, you will not be able to change.

Spotlight #5: Note the story of the Pharoah in the Qur'an and the Hadith. He said hev was the Lord and his people believed him. Even when Moses, pbuh, at great personal risk, challenged Pharoah, the people still supported the Pharoah. Even at the end, they were with the tyrant, till Moses, pbuh, showed them his miracles. So change is not easy for those who "worship" the power of the tyrant.

Danish Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, Failed. Thousands accepted Islam in Denmark

With thanks to Br. Laiq Ahmed who sent it with this comment from the Qur'an

"They plot and plan, and Allah Plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners."

Our America: " Extent of Radicalization Among American Muslims."
My Muslims are better than your Muslims!
Attempt to Replace CAIR with Zuhdi Jasser!

March 10, 2011. Peter King, Homeland Security Committee, Republican from New York, began with a direct attack on CAIR which seemed to have been written in the mind of Islam hater Steve Emerson, a notorious Zionist Jew. However, during the hearings, Democratic party congresspersons vigorously defended CAIR.

Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota, broke down and cried as he described the death of a Muslim first responder, Salman Hamdani, who died in the 9.11 attacks. According to Ellison, Hamdani was such a good Muslim that he sang Handel's "Messiah" [a famous Christian song]. [Ellison himself is a "good" Muslim and began his election campaign from a synagogue and spent his holidays in Israel.]

Republican Frank Wolf of Virginia also vigorously attacked CAIR, and the government's favorite "Muslim" organization seemed to be in for a bad time. While mentioning "convicted terrorists," Wolf took away from CAIR its achievement of getting five American Muslims arrested in Pakistan. [The 5 were convicted by a kangaroo court in Pakistan which met INSIDE the prison!] Wolf included al-Amoudi among convicted terrorists although al-Amoudi admitted that he worked for US intelligence and got much cash from them. Abu Ali was mentioned from whom the Saudis had extracted a confession under torture. In the Republican imagination, all the Muslims who have been convicted were terrorists!

The key Muslim on the Republican side was a character named Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. He seemed to have been groomed to take over from CAIR. If the Democrats have CAIR, why shouldn't the Republicans have Jasser? He looks like a playboy and wants an Islam which will be reformed with the help of American values. He thinks the great danger to America is that "extremist" Muslims want Shar'ia.

Jasser insisted that the FBI is the friend of Muslims and attorneys should not be called for when the FBI visits. Hispanic Democrat Loretta Sanchez [California] caught Jasser on that one when she pointed out that it is the right of every American to have an attorney.

Peter King had brought two persons to highlight the dangers of "radicalization." One was a Somali named Bihi whose nephew left for Jihad in Somalia and gave his life there. At least 80 Somalis have gone back to fight the Jihad. Bihi was very disturbed because he wanted to send his nephew to Harvard University. The Somali mosques in America, Bihi said, refused to condemn Jihad and called Bihi "a tool of the infidels" and reminded him of the Hereafter. Bihi wants America to stop the Jihad movement.

Also brought by King was Bledsoe, an African American [from Tennessee] whose son embraced Islam and changed his name from Carlos to Abdul Hakim. Bledsoe was shocked that his son gave up the entire non-Muslim way of life and removed his dog from his home. He later opened fire in a US military camp and is now in prison.

CAIR: The Government's First [and only?] love.

Democrat after democrat supported CAIR and debunked the Republican claims that CAIR was not cooperating with the FBI. Democrat Clarke from Michigan pointed out that in recent months CAIR met the FBI 13 times only in his state. The cooperation is very close.

Sheriff Baca from Los Angeles was the most sophisticated and professional person in the entire proceedings. He gave strong support to CAIR and indicated that the so-called Shura Council of southern California was worked out between CAIR and FBI. [Some details we couldn't catch.]

The sheriff strongly objected to Republican attacks on CAIR. He ended by saying, if there is any evidence against CAIR, prosecute them. [Steve Emerson, eat your heart out!]

Letter: Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is abused but ICNA & CAIR are Silent. Why?

I read your analysis about the demonstration in Yorba Linda with interest. As you stated, the brainless demonstrators insulted Islam. If you notice, they used the US flag as their symbol. I am familiar with this kind of moron because they also are of the same mentality of those who denigrate atheists. So, to me, they insulted every intelligent and fair-minded American during the demonstration. Sadly, I don't see too many Americans today who can be classified as fair-minded and intelligent, but that's another subject.

You mention that CAIR is being silent over this. I also noticed a lack of meaningful actions to discredit not only the demonstrators, but the illogical and hateful thought process used by these people. As you know, I am an atheist. I have spread that video around all over the place and it is prominent on my Facebook page. Other atheist comrades have also sent this video out to myriad groups and people. I do find it sad that US Muslims haven't taken this video to task and demanded action by US government officials. Not only was there a city council member addressing the crowd, but also a couple of US Congresspeople. I can assure you that if this was a Christian function and a crowd of atheists or Muslims conducted the same actions, a lot of us would be in jail now and a lot would have been injured when the Christians would have called in the storm troopers. Every US media outlet would decry the actions.

The silence on the part of US Muslims reminds me of an incident that occurred in 1991. I was the editor of a weekly newspaper and I received a call from a Muslim woman in San Diego who alleged that her daughter was forced to play the Virgin Mary in a school Christmas play. The school denied this, yet the woman had the event videotaped. I met with the woman several times and interviewed her daughter, who was traumatized by what the school made her do. I got a lawyer friend involved who went to the City of San Diego and demanded changes. The outcome was good. The San Diego School Committee apologized to the woman and the daughter. Plus, they changed 30 articles in the school guidelines concerning how Christianity should be approached in public schools. I wrote a series of articles about the incident. To this day, I am proud of being part of the change in how the San Diego School Committee approaches the subject of Christianity being illegally put into school lessons by zealous teachers.

There is one sad aspect, however. The woman held a meeting one evening with a few other Muslim mothers whose kids had gone through incidents in school that demeaned Muslims. I took many notes. At the end of the meeting, not one mother, other than the original one who contacted me, would let me use her name for the story. The woman had told me that she went to the local Islamic center for help before she called me. No one wanted to get involved. When the series was published, the woman called me to thank me for putting in the many hours that I did on the case. But, her next statement floored me. She said, "I tried to get the Muslim community invloved and failed. Yet I called an atheist and you really helped me out."

I am not a Muslim, so I don't have room to criticize the actions of the Muslim community. But, I do find it sad that when it's time to stand up for themselves, many US Muslims stick there heads in the sand.


Jeff Archer [San Diego, California]

Letter: ICNA did not have Backbone to Answer Abuses against Prophet, pbuh

As Salaamu Alaikum,
I did not like the video. However being of African decent and a product of slavery I know how to deal with the crowd at the ICNA event. I am glad they did not respond due to they did not have the backbone to do it. However for CAIR not to have a plan or any of the national leaders not to have a plan is proof they really do not like themselves or they have their agenda and they know their immediate circle will be okay.

It is clear to me that each of us needs to stand firm on Islam and do what we can do in our community to be safe. The African American Muslims know what to do and I pray any of our immigrant brothers and sisters who see us as Muslims take our lead.

ma salaam
Hadayai Majeed [Atlanta, Georgia]
Individual Comment

Our America #2
What the American People were not Supposed to Know: Tragedy Behind Wikileaks

Bradley Manning Faces Death Penalty

Jim Miklaszewski and Courtney Kube, MSNBC
Jim Miklaszewski and Courtney Kube report: "Following an intensive seven-month investigation, the Army on Wednesday filed 22 additional charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of illegally downloading tens of thousands of classified US military and State Department documents that were then publicly released by WikiLeaks, military officials tell NBC News. The most serious of the new charges is 'aiding the enemy,' a capital offense which carries a potential death sentence."

Muslim World is Rising Up!
Saudi Police Open Fire on Protestors

Sarah El Deeb . Courtesy AP

CAIRO - Saudi police have opened fire at a rally in the kingdom's east in an apparent escalation of efforts to stop planned protests.

Government officials have warned they will take strong action if activists take to the streets after increasing calls for large protests around the oil-rich kingdom to press for democratic reforms.

A witness in the eastern city of Qatif says gunfire and stun grenades were fired at several hundred protesters marching in the city streets Thursday. The witness, speaking on condition of anonymity because he feared government reprisal, said police in the area opened fire. The witness saw at least one protester injured

Spanish Version of Holy Qur'an unveiled in Tehran
Tehran Times Culture Desk

TEHRAN - A Spanish translation of the Holy Quran by Spanish Shia scholar Jafar Gonzales was unveiled during a ceremony held at the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) here on Tuesday.

Translated directly from Arabic, the 778-page book is a fluent and faithful translation of the Quran into modern Spanish. It took Gonzales over two years to accomplish the task.

The ceremony took place at the venue of the ICRO where ICRO director Mohammad-Baqer Khorramshad, director of the Center for Organizing Translation and Publication Hojjatolesalm Asghar Saberi, and director of Oriental Thought Cultural Institute in Qom Hoj. Mohsen Rabbani took part.

The ceremony began with a short speech delivered by Hoj. Saberi who emphasized the importance of the translation of the Holy Quran into other languages, adding, "We need to seriously pursue programs centering on the translation of the Quran."
Hoj. Rabbani next continued, "This Spanish version of the Quran is the second translation conducted by a Shia scholar. Jafar Gonzales converted to Islam in 1980's and lived in Iran for several years where he mastered both Persian and Arabic and began to work on the translation of Holy Quran into Spanish.
"We expect to publish additional copies of the Spanish version next year for display at several international fairs in Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, and Colombia.

"There are also plans to distribute the Spanish version to the Iranian embassies and cultural offices in Latin America," he said. Hoj. Rabbani added, "During the years I worked in Iran's cultural office in Argentina, we were able to translate and publish over 250 books into Spanish. Currently, there are 150 more books due to be released soon." ICRO director Khorramshad then stressed transferring the message of the Iranian revolution to the world and said, "The revolution arose through the instructions of the Holy Quran; and the translation of these instructions into other languages is the best way to convey the culture of the revolution to the rest of the world." He also added that the major messages of the Islamic revolution are peace, friendship, global management and responsibility, and Islamic justice.

Yemen: March 8
Tide Turning: Women Rally, Prisoners break out: Military?

AP Report

SANAA - Yemen's armed forces took to the streets of Sanaa on Tuesday for the first time since anti-regime protests began earlier this year.

The military surrounded the Presidential Palace and Sanaa University, where protesters have been camping out, DPA reported.

This came as tens of thousands of protesters gathered in the southern governorate of Shabwa and the eastern governorate of Dhamar to demand an end to the 33-year rule of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Police used live ammunition to disperse thousands of peaceful protesters, but no deaths or causalities were reported.

Observers said it was too early to tell whether the armed forces were moving in to suppress the protests or if they would align themselves with the protesters, as was the case in Tunisia and Egypt.

And for the first time since the protests started in Yemen, graffiti against President Saleh surfaced in his birthplace, the farming village of Sanhan just outside Sanaa, AP reported.

Yemeni prisoners riot, call for Saleh’s ouster

In another development, about 2,000 inmates staged a riot at a prison in the Yemeni capital after taking a dozen guards hostage and joined calls by the protesters for Saleh to step down, a security official said on Tuesday. The riot in the central prison in the capital began late on Monday when prisoners set their blankets and mattresses ablaze and occupied the facility's main courtyard, the official said.
The guards fired tear gas and gunshots into the air but failed to subdue the prisoners, the official added, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media. He said troops beefed up security outside the prison on Tuesday and that a number of inmates were hurt in the unrest. According to the official, the prison revolt was still going on Tuesday. Yemen has been rocked by weeks of protests against Saleh, inspired by recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia that ousted those nations' leaders.

A crowd of women joined a demonstration Tuesday in the southern port city of Aden after a young protester was critically wounded by a bullet to the head during a rally there the previous day. Local officials said 25 protesters were arrested during Monday's demonstration.

Also, tens of thousands took to the streets in the cities of the southern province of Ibb on Tuesday, calling on the government to bring to justice those responsible for a deadly attack there Sunday by what opposition activists said were "government thugs" who descended on protesters camped out on a main square. One person was killed in that violence and 53 people were hurt.

In the southeastern province of Dhamar, which witnessed small demonstrations in the past two weeks, thousands took to the streets on Tuesday calling for Saleh's ouster.

Upheaval in Pakistan
Raymonds, CIA trying to create anarchy in Pakistan

LAHORE, Mar. 8: The Jamaat e Islami' chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that Raymond Davis's issue was not that of an individual as hundreds of his type were working for the CIA in Pakistan.The US wanted to create anarchy in this country for placing its nuclear assets under international control, he said, while addressing the Shabab e Milli high ups at Faran Club, Karachi on Tuesday. The JI Karachi chief, Muhammad Husain Mehnati and Shabab e Millli city chief, Saifud Din, also addressed the gathering.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the US President Obama was personally trying for Raymond's release and there was pressure for diplomatic immunity to a double-murderer. However, he said, President Obama was telling a lie just like George Bush had been telling lies about Iraq. He however added that the entire Pakistani nation stood united on Raymond's issue.

Referring to the Karachi situation, he said that the allegations of the PPP and the MQM against each other were correct and if the MQM had not been included in the coalition government, Zulfiqar Mirza would have been taking practical steps against it, ( MQM).

He said that in spite of a strong intelligence net work in the port city, the people involved in target killing were not been held. This was because the killers were in power. Karachi, once the city of peace, had been turned into the city of terrorists.

Syed Munawar Hasan stressed upon the proper upbringing of the youth from the ideological viewpoint and advised the Shabab e Millli to play its role in ensuring a secure future for the youth as well besides. At the same time, it should also work for resolving the problems facing the nation and the country, he said. .

Afghanistan: Classic Guerrilla Warfare

Western sources have reported that 38 elite NATO troops were killed by the Taliban during February. Another 12 NATO troops have been killed in the first 10 days of March.

There were ZERO Taliban losses!

The situation is bad for NATO and US media are no longer reporting any details of the fighting.

Pakistani Taliban have Gen. Kayani on the Defensive. Extensive Videos Give Details.

Pakistani Taliban have released a number of videos now posted on Pakistani lists. One goes on for several hours and reports on Pak Taliban attacks on General Kayani's heavily fortified outposts in the depths of the mountains in Mohmand, South Waziristan, etc.

Pakistani General Athar Abbas is no longer claiming victories. The Pak Taliban video shows photos of killed and captured Pakistani troops along with their official military identities.

The Pak Taliban, as seen in the videos, are highly motivated by Islamic values of jihad and learn their guidance directly from the Qur'an and the Hadith. There is no sign of any foreign ideology. Looks like Gen. Kayani has been misleading Pakistani city dwellers by saying that these Pak Taliban do not love Islam or Pakistan.

[The longest video is in Arabic, Pushtu and Urdu.]

Torture in Faisalabad followed by Horrific Bomb Attack

March 8. Pakistani Taliban have taken credit for a massive bomb attack aimed at the hub of the Pakistani intelligence branch [ISI] in Faisalabad [Punjab] The area has layers of Pakistani military and police structures. The death toll was high although the ISI did not get a direct hit.

The Pak Taliban have told the Pak media that one of the Islamic activists, unarmed, was TORTURED to DEATH by the ISI in these offices. Torture is a crime against international law but Pakistani military is so closely linked to the USA that no outcry against torture and/or arbitrary killing of Islamic actvists ever receives notice outside Pakistan.

Tribal Militia Supporting General Kayani Devastated.

March 9.On the outskirts of Peshawar city, according to Pak media, a young man reportedly blew up a gathering of a tribal militia supporting General Kayani's operations against the Islamic resistance. According to intial reports, 43 militia men were killed and more than 100 wounded.

The militia leader is one of the biggest landowners in the area while the Pak Taliban are subsistence farmers. General Kayani is paying the most corrupt elements of Pakistani society to fight the Islamic people, thus feeding off two naturally opposed forces.

2122 Civilians Killed in 243 US Drone Attacks

Received by New Trend from Conflict Monitoring Center in Islamabad

{The report does not see "militants" as civiians. This is a serious error. A militant can be any supporter of Taliban or al-Qaida. That does not make him a combatant-Editor]

Monthly Fact Sheet (Feb. 2011)

Drone Attacks Revived After a Long Pause: 21 Killed in February.

The US secret Central Intlligence Agency (CIA) has revived its drone attack campaign in Federaly Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan after an unprecented long pause of about 4 weeks following the arrest of Raymond Davis, an alleged CIA operative, in Lahore on January 27, 2011. The US pilotless airplanes carried out only 4 strikes on 3 different days, killing as many as 21 people and inflicting injuries to 10 others. All those killed in these attacks were suspected militants, including 7 foreigners. Reportedly, an Al-Qaeda operative, Abu Zaid al-Iraqi was also killed in a drone attack in South Waziristan Agenyc. The rest of three strikes were made in North Waziristan Agency. No civilian casualty was reported in drone attacks during the month.
The last month witnessed "the longest lull since June 2009" in drone attacks following the arrest of Raymond Davis, an alleged CIA operative on blatent murder of two Pakistani citizens in Lahore on January 27, 2011.[1] The CIA had carried out last drone attack on 23rd of January, i.e. 4 days before the Lahore incident and halted its target killings campaign until 20th of February. About a month's pause in drone attacks also suggests a link between drone campaign and the arrest of Raymond Davis. The drone attacks restarted as the hidden identity of Raymond Davis as CIA contractor was made known to the world. The first drone attack in the month was reported on 20th of February, the day The Gaurdian had disclosed Raymond Davis identity as CIA operative. Meanwhile, some reports had claimed that a chip was recoved from Raymond Davis during the investigation. The chip was supposedly used to identify targets for drone attacks in FATA. The probe revealed that Davis had visitied different parts of FATA upto 12 times without bringing it into the knowledge of Pakistani officials and was still hesitant to give any explanation about these visits.[2]

The last month's statistics show a massive decrease in number of US drone attacks and resultant killings after intensification of the campaign in 2009. It was further intensified to an unprecedented level in the year 2010 particularly during its last four months. In average, each month witnessed 19 drone attacks and killings of 115 people during this period (Septemter - December 2010). In January 2011, 49 people were killed in 11 drone attacks. But February 2011, witnessed only 4 strikes and 21 resultant fatalities which is the lowest death toll in a single month in drone attacks since January 2010.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) driven drones stroke on three different days of the month. The first strike, made on 20th of February, killed 7 people including 5 foreign militants in South Waziristan. Reportedly, an Al-Qaeda operative Abu Zaid al-Iraqi was also killed in the attack. The next day drone hit a house in North Waziristan killing 8 alleged militants and leaving 10 others injured. The pilotless planes hit twice on 24th of February taking lives of 6 people in North Waziristan. Among the dead also included 2 Turkmen militants.

Mounting Public Reaction against Drone Attacks:

The public reaction against the US drone attacks in Pakistan has intensified. In the backdrop of Lahore incident and unveiling information in news stories regarding CIA's hidden activities inside Pakistan, there is widespread outrage among the masses against US intervention in the country incduding drone attacks within its tarritory.

Reliance on Western Media:

The local media organizations continued to rely on western media reports on drone attacks in February 2011. As in the past, none of the Pakistani TV channels or newspapers gave any story regarding drone attacks quoting its local reporters or any other sources. The Western media gave reports while quoting anonymous Pakistani or US intelligence officials regarding drone attacks, their targets and consequent killings. The claims of the western media could not be verified or counterchecked as neither Pakistani government officials nor Taliban or any other militant group officially confirmed or denied any of these attacks.

Drone Attacks in Pakistan: A Brief History

The first US drone attack inside Pakistan was carried out against the Taliban commander Moulvi Naik Muhammad on June 18, 2004. It was the only attack during the year. There were only nine attacks reported from 2004 to 2007. Out of them, six were carried out in North Waziristan. President Bush had intensified the Drone Campaign inside Pakistan during the last year of his tenure. Consequently, 34 such attacks and killing of 296 people were reported during the year 2008. It was expected that newly elected President Obama would review US drone policy. But he not only continued it but also intensified to the unprecedented level. Therefore, CIA killed 709 people in 53 drone attacks in the year 2009.[3] Due to weak public and government reaction to these attacks in Pakistan, the US government was encouraged to increase the intensity of drone attacks to unprecedented level in 2010 killing 938 people in 132 attacks. So far - from 2004 to February 28, 2011 - US drone campaign has killed at least 2122 persons in 243 attacks in Pakistan.
No. of Attacks
Detail of fatalities
South Waziristan
An Al-Qaeda operative Abu Zaid al-Iraqi is reportedly killed. Another report suggested that 5 foreigners were dead.
North Waziristan
Drone targeted a house supposedly a training/planning station for militants.
North Waziristan
Two Turkmen are reportedly killed in these strikes.
Gross Total

*** The media reports either did not mention or the official sources did not confirm the civilian casualties.
[1] For details see, "American who sparked diplomatic crisis over Lahore shooting was CIA spy,"

[2] The Dawn, "Probe finds connection between Davis, drone attacks"

[3] Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann, New America Foundation

Jordan: Latest.
Islamic Protestors in Jordan Urge Release of Prisoners, Reject Secularism

[The following appeared on MEMRI. It uses Zionist language, such as "Islamist" and "jihadist. - Editor.]

The recent days have seen an increase in the activity of the Salafi-jihadist movement in Jordan, which has begun to hold large protests in central locations in the capital. Two protest rallies were held in Amman over the past week, and another is planned for Sunday (March 13, 2011). The Salafi-jihadist activists are demanding the release of their prisoners from Jordanian jails and the implementation of shari'a law in the country. The protests featured blatant jihadist symbols, such as the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq organization (aka Al-Qaeda in Iraq), which has not been seen before in Jordanian demonstrations (see images below).
The first Salafi-jihadist protest, which took place on March 1 outside Amman's largest mosque, was attended by some 500 people who demanded a pardon for Salafi-jihadi prisoners. They called out slogans against democracy and secularism and in favor of shari'a law and jihad, such as "The Is No Alternative to Allah's Law" and "Jihad Is Our Path." According to reports, the demonstrators clashed with police and accused them of being funded by the EU and U.S.
A prominent figure at the demonstration was Abu Muhammad Al-Tahawi, one of the leaders of the Salafi-jihadist movement in Jordan. He is known for his close ties with the movement's spiritual leader, Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, who was arrested several months ago by the Jordan authorities.
The second demonstration took place only five days later, on March 6, outside the King's offices and the government headquarters. It was attended by 300 people, who waved Al-Qaeda flags, reiterated the demand for the release of prisoners, and also attacked the U.S. and Israel and called on "the jihad fighters in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen to implement the [laws of] the shari'a and the Koran." They shouted slogans in support of Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi and other slogans, such as "The People Want Koranic Law," and "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return." Among the demonstrators were released prisoners who protested against the tortures and humiliations which, they said, are suffered by Islamists in Jordanian jails, including whippings and the shaving of their head and beard.
Abu Muhammad Al-Tahawi, who attended this demonstration as well, called for the release of Jordanian prisoners held in Iraq and Syria, and denounced the ongoing detention of Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, saying that it "served [the interests of] the U.S., its proxies, and the Jewish state." In a an interview on Al-Jazeera, he said that officers from the Jordanian intelligence apparatus had told him to cancel the demonstration, and had even threatened to break his arms and legs, and to do the same to other Salafi-jihadist leaders, if the demonstration took place. Al-Tahawi promised that the movement would continue to demonstrate until its prisoners were released, and announced that the next protest would take place on March 13 outside the government headquarters.
Another speaker at the demonstration lambasted the Jordanian king, without explicitly mentioning his name, saying: "We will [denounce] the tyrants for what they are... They are the ones who have corrupted the [Muslim] nation." He added that Salafi-jihadists were rotting in prisons for no reason, while "those who stole the lands of the [Jordanian] tribes and gave them to their Christian wives... those who plundered the land and are loyal to the Christians and Jews... live in palaces."The demonstration lasted an hour, and the Jordanian security apparatuses observed from the side and refrained from intervening.

Hadith Studies by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

[Ed. note: r.a. = radi Allah unh =Allah be pleased with him.]
[pbuh = peace be on him. ]

There can be no doubt that Muhammad Mustafa, the final messenger of Allah, pbuh, loved Abu Huraira, r.a. and in turn Abu Huraira, r.a., loved Muhammad, pbuh, more than anyone or anything in the world.
"O valiant believers! The hoories of Paradise are awaiting you. Prepare yourself to meet them. Prepare to gain the approach to Allah and to be accepted by Allah. At this time, no place is dearer to Allah than the one where you are standing."

The ferocious Roman onslaught was beaten back. At that point, another 20,000 Romans attacked the small group led by Abu Huraira, r.a. Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a., the overall commander of the Islamic army noted the severe pressure on the right wing of his forces. He launched an all out attack on the Romans and routed them. Yarmouk changed the history of the Middle East for ever.

Other historians, Ibn Athir and Ibn Kathir, have noted the participation of Abu Huraira in Jihad as far away as Jilan and Jurjan during the Caliphate of 'Usman, r.a.

This beloved companion of the Prophet, pbuh, is under attack by the sectarians and the Pervezis.



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