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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 1,1432/March 6, 2011 # 10

Spotlights from Jamaat al-Muslimeen Islamic Shoora leader in North Carolina
Imam Badi Ali Warns: Hands off Libya! No Western Intervention will be tolerated by the Muslim World.

Spotlight #1: People of Libya should reject outside interference, whatever justifications are being made for it. Libyan history itself is a learning experience The Italian occupation came owing to internal divisions.

Spotlight #2: Revolutions by the people are underway but forward looking and honest leadership is needed. Without leadership, the enemies of the people will do serious harm. Plans seem to be underway to divide Libya into two and Egypt into three "countries." Sudan has already been divided. Remember how Iraq was divided?

Spotlight #3: Religious fatwas against demonstrations are absurd. Some religious scholars are saying "no" because protests can lead to blood shed! Have'nt the people voted against the oppressors, LIVE and ON CAMERA, in their totality, be it in Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya or Tunisia? There can be no greater DIRECT VOTING. Those who give fawas have forgotten the blood flow which went on for 30 years under tyranny? Such fatwas are backing taghoot.

Spotlight #4: Pharoah's "scholars" justified his tyranny but God destroyed him. His name was Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, but Allah got him known only as Hosni Mubarak. No one called him Muhammad, the beloved name of the Prophet, pbuh.

Spotlight #5: The Muslims' desire to confront oppressors is a right given by Allah. Oppressors should always be seen as defiled and dirty. Don't be fooled by their propaganda to think they are superior people.

Spotlight #6: The Sign of the Oppressors is that they do not rule by Allah's law.

Personal note on the 5 prayers: Every now and then I find myself in a situation where I can't pray on time if I wait till I find a place where I can do ruku' and sujood. We live a hectic life in America. Meetings can span prayer times or travelling precludes finding a mosque or a place for prayer. I have heard that other Muslims have the same question: How to pray in such circumstances. Some Muslims, the unwell or the elderly, face the same problem: How to perform formal prayers five times a day when it's physically not possible. The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, guided us on this a long time back in answer to a question from a sahabi, r.a., who had an illness: "You can pray standing up; if you can't then pray sitting down; if you can't even do thar, then pray lying down." {Sahih Bukhari, kitab al-taqseer as-salat, Sunan of Abu Dawood, kitab-us-salat, Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, 4-426} The main point is that the daily worship of Allah, 5 times a day, is the source of our strength and must not be neglected under any circumstance. [Kaukab Siddique, Editor New Trend.]

Outreach: Chanting at Islamic Center, Washington, DC
Cutting Edge Info Latest News + Hadith study to 126 Muslims

Palestine : American gave his life: saved Children [to 30 people]

March 4, 2011: Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature taken from New Trend was given to 126 people at the Islamic Center on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington. The articles included Jamaat al-Muslimeen's rejection of US intervention in Libya and Imam Badi's spotlights on dictators in Arab countries and his critique of Yusuf al-Qaradawi's opportunistic fatwas.

Dr. Siddique's article on women and Hadith was included. Also in the package were three items about German city Dresden's fire bombing in 1945 by the supporters of Jewish Zionists.

This chant was repeated during the distribution:

"Muslim world is rising up, Muslim world is rising up."

"Rulers are going down, going down."

Owing to the chant, some people from the embassies of tyrant rulers like those of Algeria, Syria, Egypt [leftovers], refused to take the literature.

Separate from the NT articles, an Information card about Tom Hurndall was given to 30 people. It outlined the Israeli atrocity when the Zionists shot dead an unarmed American in Gaza who was helping Palestinian children to reach safety. A sticker placed on the card says: " The war in Israel is not between Muslims and Jews: It is a war between Good and Evil." A young Muslim read the entire card and told the distributor on the spot: "Thank you and may God bless you."

A note from Kaukab Siddique CAIR & ICNA Teaching Muslims to be Slaves.
Prophet, pbuh, abused in California: ICNA remained Silent
What Should Muslims have Done?

CAIR has been distributing an abusive video full of pornographic insults against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. It looks like CAIR was looking for pity from the American public and did indeed get a few [very few] sympathetic comments.

It was a fundraiser by ICNA [not by CAIR] in the town of Yorba Linda in California. As usual ICNA was raising money: more than a quarter million dollars, to help America's people who are so much in need of Muslim money!

These extreme right wing racists turned up in good numbers and started screaming insults at Islam, the Prophet, pbuh, and his beloved wife Ayesha, r.a .

Republican officials and the "tea party" group were co-organizers of the abuse fest. ICNA had no response to the abuse. See the video: Muslims passing by the racists, heads bowed, like slaves or lambs going to the slaughter.

ICNA has turned its supporters into spineless and shameless admirers of American power. They love their DUNYA so much that even if the Prophet, pbuh, is abused, they will not respond. This paradise of theirs is so dear to them that they dare not say a word.

Even more shameful is the attitude of CAIR. It tried to earn brownie points by posting the video but did not write a word of advice to its readers. Do Americans pity Muslims if they behave like slaves? Americans do not pity slaves, as 400 years of slavery has shown. [There are always a few exceptions: Abolitionists as they were called.] What should the Muslims have done?

Like all Americans, including those racists at the ICNA event, Muslims have the right to organize and express themselves. Here are a few slogans the Muslims could have shouted back:

"Your ancestors were slave holders: Go back to Europe."

"Genocide of Native Americans and Republicans: Two sides of a coin."

"Imperialists and warmongers."

How many children have you killed in Afghanistan?

"Christian wife beaters: Countless American women are battered every year.

"Down with Christian Zionism: Enemies of Jesus

"Jesus wanted Peace: You want war.

"Go to hell

"Stop Funding Terrorist Israel

"Supporters of Dictators and Mass Murderers"

My advice: We should remain peaceful but firm and bold. Beard and hijab are worthless if you fear the kuffar.

South California's Muslims
Hathout & Muzammil Siddiqui Misinforming Americans on anti-Blasphemy Law in Pakistan

March 2: Two of California's Muslim "leaders" known for their support of the US government have condemned the killing of Pakistan's Minority Affairs minister Shabazz Bhatti. Seemingly this is a moral statement but it is extremely misleading and dangerous.

1. It gives the impression that Bhatti was killed because he was a Christian. This is not true. Earlier Governor Taseer was killed for the same cause and he was, at least nominally, a Muslim.

2. The California statement gives the impression that Americans should intervene in Pakistan's affairs and support the moves against the anti-blasphemy laws.

Pakistan's Christians are quite safe and prosperous. The Pakistanis are asking that the honor of Muhammad, pbuh,should not be attacked. No Muslim is attacking Jesus, pbuh, or Christianity. Why do Christians have to attack Muhammad, pbuh? Does Jesus, pbuh, teach them to attack other religions? Of course not!

Should America join the battle against Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws? That would be a serious mistake. No Pakistani, even the weakest Muslim, will support the "freedom" to abuse the Prophet, pbuh.

Pakistan is saying that anti-blasphemy laws are necessary to deter the enemies of Islam from undermining the faith on which Pakistan is based. If laws are in place, Pakistanis will not need to take the law in their own hands. Pakistan wants to be a nation of LAWS [Islamic Laws].

The flyer left by the attackers with the body of Bhatti indicate that he was targeted owing to his crusade against the anti-Blasphemy law, not because he was a Christian.

Hathout and Muzammil are by implication suggesting all out war against Islam.

Out of their love for the American power structure, they are ignoring the context of the conflict in Pakistan.

These are opportunists. Hathout's family has been friends of Hosni Mubarak's buddy Amr Moussa. Muzammil has a track record of support via ISNA for the Zionist power structure.

Hathout and Muzammil have not condemned the murders committed by NATO. See the next item.

Nine Afghan Children Murdered by US Air Force

March 1: In the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, the US Air Force killed 9 Afghan children gathering fire wood.

NATO top command claimed that it was a "mistake." However eyewitness reports say that the helicopters came way down and shot the children ONE by ONE. [Confirmed by US media.]

Algeria and Qaddafi
Who Else is Helping the Libyan Leader? Is Algeria Qadaffi's Ace in the Hole?

By Rob Prince

At this moment when it appears that Muammar Qadaffi's days in power are numbered, the Libyan leader has made it clear repeatedly that he will stay and fight. So far he has. His domestic support is evaporating around him, leaders of the country's 140 tribes siding with the rebels, military units siding with the rebellion in larger and larger numbers, air force pilots and naval vessels defecting to Malta. Much of his government, other than his sons, has abandoned him as well. What is left? Those heavily armed private militias controlled by his sons? The army of mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa? Some Mirage jet fighter planes with, until now, pilots less than willing to bomb rebel strongholds? All that is true. Yet while the U.S. and Europe work to isolate Qadaffi, he is not completely alone and without allies. Given his ever shrinking domestic base, one has to wonder how it is that Qadaffi can appear so defiant? It might come from the fact that he is not entirely isolated and alone. Indeed, the support that Qadaffi is garnering has stiffened the colonel's backbone. Qadaffi has the support of at least one important regional ally, the Algerian government, which has both militarily and diplomatically thrown its full (and substantial) weight behind his effort to retain power. In so doing, it would appear that Algeria, which has long cooperated with the US and NATO on its North and Sub-Saharan Africa anti-terrorism policies, is breaking ranks to protect its regime's very survival. Since its independence, Algeria has been controlled by its military which lives high off the country's oil profits at the expense of its own people. Algeria's leaders fear that if Qadaffi falls, their hold on power will be that much more fragile. Their support of Qadaffi is very much designed to save their own skins. If Mubarak saw the writing on the wall as Ben Ali's little castle in Tunisia crumbled, so the Algerian military leadership understands that if Qadaffi falls, it very likely is next in line, or if not, not very far down the list.

Desperate to cling to power, the Algerian government is - while offering a few political and economic concessions - essentially reorganizing the state's substantial repressive apparatus to weather the protest storm. But in addition, it is pulling out all stops to support Qadaffi's increasingly feeble hold on power. Maybe it is the support of its North African oil producing ally Algeria, that has given Qadaffi that confident appearance that he can indeed - with a little help from his friends - hold out longer. An alliance of two of Africa's most important oil producing countries is nothing to sneeze at, and could have all kinds of consequences.

Should the alliance between the two tighten, and they engage in a common front oil embargo, which some news outlets speculate could happen, oil prices could jump to as high as $220 a barrel. Less than a week ago, an Algerian human rights group based in Germany, Algeria Watch,published a statement alleging that the Algerian government is providing material aid - in the form of armed military units - to Muammar Qadaffi to help prop up his shrinking (and sinking) regime. The statement opens thus:

"It is with both sadness and anger that we have learned that the Algerian government has sent armed detachments to Libya to commit crimes against our Libyan brothers and sisters who have risen up against the bloody and corrupt regime of Muammar Kadhafi. These armed detachments were first identified in western Libya in the city of Zaouia where some among them have been arrested. This has been reported in the media and confirmed by eye witnesses."

Zaouia is the site of fierce fire fights between the residents of Zaouia, now a zone liberated from Tripoli's control and under the authority of rebel forces on the one hand, and the military elements still faithful to Qadaffi on the others. There were recent reports of a 6-8 hour battle in which Qadaffi's forces, led by one of his sons tried to recapture the city but were repulsed by the city's defenders and pushed back after fierce fighting.

Algeria Watch goes on to accuse the Algerian government of having provided the air transport planes that have carried sub-Saharan African mercenaries from Niger, Chad and the Darfur province of Sudan to Libya to strengthen Qadaffi's position militarily. It goes on to add that Algeria had played a similar role in transporting troops to Somalia to support the U.S. directed government military offensive against rebellious Somali tribes. The statement goes on to allege that on the diplomatic front the Algerian government has been lobbying different European powers (which are presumably France, Italy, German, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain) pressing them to continue to support Qadaffi. These diplomatic efforts are being led by Abdelkader Messahel, Algerian Minister of Maghrebian and African Affairs.

On the all-European level, Amar Bendjama, Algerian ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as Algeria's representative to the European Union and NATO and Belkacem Belgaid, another Algerian diplomat whose responsibilities include NATO and the EU, have together opened up an active lobbying campaign in support of Qadaffi. The political approach that Bendjama and Belgaid are pursuing echoes Qadaffi's own statements - that if his government were to fall, Libya would fall into the hands of radical Islamic fundamentalists - all this nonsense about Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Ladin being behind the national uprising. Qadaffi's argument is identical to what Ben Ali and Mubarak have been arguing for decades: that they are the alternative to an Islamic take over. The West might not like them, but better Qadaffi than Osama.

This kind of fear mongering - the threat of Islamic radicalism - has lost its appeal in the current protest wave in which the Islamic fundamentalist element has been marginalized or irrelevant. The lobbying is similar to what has happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, where the first offer of concessions consists of ceding as little as possible. Bendjama and Belgaid appear to be pressing (unsuccessfully) for a solution that would see Qadaffi's son, Saif, replace his father. It is not clear if they are asking for some kind of arrangement that would protect Qadaffi from prosecution in exchange for stepping down, but such an approach is more than likely. But as one of the first demands in the Tunisian, Egyptian and Yemeni protests was precisely that no family member (sons or family member) succeed these elder and now disgraced men to power, it is not likely that such arguments or suggestions will carry much if any weight. There is more.

Under the direction of Colonel Djamel Bouzghaia, an advisor to Algerian President Bouteflika on security matters, Algeria has, according to the statement, `embraced' a large number of elements of disposed Tunisian president Zine Ben Ali's private security force and republican guard. These are the same units that were used as snipers to assassinate demonstrators in Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid and Thala in Tunisia. Now in the employ of Algeria, they too have been sent to Libya to shore up Qadaffi's regime. Bouzghaia works directly under Major General Rachid Laalali (alias Attafi), head of Algeria's external relations bureau. Who else is helping Qadaffi? It will be interesting to see what shakes out.

Rob Prince lectures in International Studies at the University of Denver.

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