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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'dah 22, 1431/ October 31, 2010 # 43

Verse of the Week

"Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of (your) religion, and have not driven you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly; surely Allah loves the doers of justice. Allah only forbids you respecting those who made war upon you on account of (your) religion, and drove you forth from your homes and backed up (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends with them, and whoever makes friends with them, these are the unjust."

--Holy Qur'an 60:8-9

Submitted by Sis. Abigail

Personal note from Kaukab Siddique: On October 29, my daughter and I visited Masjid al-Haqq off Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore for Juma'. This is the "inner city." There were several hundred worshippers, almost all African American converts to Islam. After the prayers, TEN non-Muslim young men visiting from Virginia embraced Islam, Alhamdulillah. The crowd chanted "Allahu Akbar." So, however much the Zionists might try, Islam is spreading. I gave offhand gifts to some of the new Muslims. At the vendors' section outside, my daughter met a Nicaraguan Misquito Indian woman who has embraced Islam, as well as a young man on crutches who goes all over town giving the message of hope in spite of his disability. A Pakistani has a shop nearby. I helped him years back. He greeted me warmly and told me that a young man and a young woman who work at his shop embraced Islam. Ever since W.D.'s people left this mosque, it has flourished and attracts the grassroots.

Offer of Da'wa Books by Br. Shamim Siddiqui, Long Island, New York.

At the Jamaat al-Muslimeen shoora on November 6, inshallah, books written by Br. Shamim Siddiqui, veteran of Da'wa teaching in America, will be distributed to Shoora members.

Br. Shamim provides guidelines and methodology for teachers of Islam to be able to prepare themselves spiritually and mentally to give the message to America's people. Based entirely on Qur'an and Hadith. No sectarian stuff.

[Readers can also get a da'wa book by writing to New Trend.]

From Imam Badi Ali (National Shoora Leader) Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina

Spotlight #1: The story of bomb packages on planes sounds like a bad movie into which even President Obama has been dragged. Both Yemen and UAE have millions of dollars worth of highly sophisticated security devices. It is almost impossible that a bomb package was not detected. Why is it necessary to make it national news? These are crude attempts to spread fear and diversion. The real issues are lack of jobs and a steadily deteriorating economy. These old scare tactics will only make people skeptical of all governmental statements.

Spotlight # 2: Juan Williams made a crude remark about Muslims in Islamic garb on planes. He was fired by NPR and instead given a $2 million job by Fox. After that NPR came under attack by the establishment for firing him. Compared to Fox and other right wing media, NPR is a voice of sanity. Looks like the people in power now only want Fox and its copies.

Spotlight #3: Why the countrywide attacks on Br. Kaukab Siddique by Zionists and right wing extremists? One obvious reason is that there is no other Muslim left who is standing up for Islamic truth in America on a national scale. Leaders of ICNA [Zahid Bukhari] and ISNA [Magid] have been working hand in hand with the US State Department, MANA's Bagby has been inducted into ISNA. Griggs and others are in line. Without Br. Kaukab, there would be complete silence from Muslims. So, attack him!

Our message in a few words of the Qur'an: "[Real] Authority belongs to Allah alone."(Holy Qur'an, 12:40). For photo showing Br. Yusuf Irelandi giving this message peacefully in Knoxville, Tennessee, see his facebook. (Jamaat al-Muslimeen.)

Here is the link for the now world famous message Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave against Israel on September 3, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Unlike other truncated, versions being circulated by the zionists, this is complete and uncut.)

Israeli Admission

Israeli Hand Behind Attacks on Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Complaint about Siddique on Rush Limbaugh's "dronetek."

"We shouldn't need to read Israeli news to learn about such things." [10.21]

(The following excerpt is from Ynet-Israel News of Oct.24. Emphasis added by New Trend staff.)

"Siddique's statements followed several articles in which he questions the validity of the Holocaust and calling it "a hoax." Originally from Pakistan, Siddique, 67, is a vocal critic of what he calls "Israel's record of human-rights abuses in the Palestinian territories.

The professor's remarks sparked outrage among pro-Israeli groups and as Lincoln University is a Pennsylvania State-sponsored school, State Senator Daylin Leach - and numerous other members of the State Assembly - have urged Lincoln president Ivory Nelson to ensure the professor's "anti-Semitic diatribes" had not made their way into the university's classrooms."

Our America: Freedom! Pennsylvania Power in Action.

Don't Like what a Professor Says Against Israel? Go to his Job and Try to Undermine it.

(From the Philadephia Daily News, October 28, 2010, by Julia Shaw)

On Thursday, Leach, Williams, and other lawmakers met with [Lincoln President] Nelson and the university's executive vice president, Michael B. Hill, at Lincoln in Chester County.

The senators said they still want university officials to show them the documents they looked at when they offered Siddique his job and awarded him tenure.

They said a symposium will be planned to discuss academic freedom and hate speech. Barry Morrison, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, Thursday wrote Nelson a letter saying he has learned that Siddique's "problematic views" have been expressed on campus.

Our America

Disappointment for Zionists

From in the Los Angeles Times, October 30, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The president of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania says he cannot fire a tenured professor who has questioned the Holocaust and expressed virulent anti-Israel views because the teacher has kept his opinions out of the classroom.

A Thursday statement from Ivory Nelson, president of the state-supported university, says professor Kaukab Siddique's beliefs may be "insidious" but he can express them "as long as he does not present such opinions as the views of the university."

Siddique has questioned the Holocaust and called for the destruction of Israel in forums including a September rally in Washington, D.C., and an online magazine he edits called New Trend. Siddique is a tenured professor in English and mass communications. He did not respond to messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Dr. Siddique Stands Firm Against Israel & Zionism: Islam does not Bow before Oppressors
Important message which got through the controlled media

Professor stands by anti-Israel statements
By Jeremy Roebuck - The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA -- [Oct. 21] A Lincoln University professor who drew criticism this week for anti-Israel statements he made at a recent rally said Thursday that he stood by those words and would not back down from detractors he said are out to "threaten academic freedom."

A Note from Famous British historian David Irving

Sorry to hear that you are coming under mean attack from ignorant enemies, Kaukab. Remember that you have many friends out there, including

David Irving
(now writing in the United States)

Inside Higher Education Tried to Gloss over Holocaust of German Cities and attacked David Irving

In its October 26 issue, Inside Higher Education attacked Dr. Kaukab Siddique in a thinly veiled attempt to help Israel-firsters within American universities. It accused Dr. Siddique of

"invoking the firebombing of German cities during World War II and the U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as examples of the moral ambiguity of the war."

Was this not a holocaust? IHE refused to go there. Instead it tried to condemn David Irving

whom Siddique referred to and who has documented some of the bombing of German cities, particularly Dresden.

Irving lost the case against Prof. Lipstadt of Atlanta in a British court where he spoke for

himself while Lipstadt was represented by highly paid advocates, the state of israel and

the money of Spielberg, the Zionist film maker. Does that mean that Mr. Irving is not a heavy weight in World War II scholarship? Here is what some real scholars have to say:

What the Real Experts Wrote about David Irving

On Churchill's War, volume II: "Enor­mous mastery of the sources and ability to maintain a sweep of nar­rative and command of detail that carry the reader along.

— Prof. Donald Cameron Watt

On Hitler's War: "It was thoroughly researched and employed a vari­ety of themes . . . It also confirmed Irving's reputation as one of the world's most thorough researchers and an exciting and readable 'his­torian'."

— Board of Deputies of British Jews (secret report)

On Hitler's War: "No praise can be too high for Irving's indefatigable scholarly industry. He has sought and found scores of new sources, including many private diaries. Mr Irving's craftsmanship as a writer has improved immensely, and I have enjoyed reading his long work from beginning to end."

— Prof. Hugh Trevor Roper

On Hitler's War: "This ground is traversed with a sense of immediacy and grasp of detail lacking in many of the recent Führer biographies . . . Mr Irving's mastery of the German sources is superb."

— Prof. Donald Cameron Watt

On Hitler's War: "David Irving has ransacked the world's archives; he has discovered eye-witness ac­counts; he has unearthed diaries and correspondence which were thought to have been destroyed. . . a narrative which is, for all its in­evitable complexities, remarkably comprehensible and, surprisingly readable."

— Prof. J.E. Molpurgo

"British historian, David Irving, per­haps the greatest living authority on the Nazi era"

— Prof. Stephen Spender, The New York Times Review of Books

On Goebbels: "Irving does not deny that Jews were horribly butchered or just kept in such conditions as to

die in their millions. Nevertheless, the book has received execration in some American pre-publication reviews for its alleged denials of the Holocaust and exculpations of Hit­ler. . . . There is no truth in these accusations."

— Prof. Norman Stone, The Sunday Times

On Goebbels: "David Irving knows more than anyone alive about the German side of the Second World War. He discovers archives un­known to official historians ... His greatest achievement is Hitler's War ... indispensable to anyone seeking to understand the war in the round. Irving as usual, knows more than anyone of the details [of the death of the Goebbels family in 1945]. He does not spare us."

— Prof. Sir John Keegan, The Daily Telegraph

On Goebbels: "Some critics, including Deborah Lipstadt of Emory Univer­sity, have accused Irving of 'trying to destroy the memory of those who . . . perished at the hands of tyrants.' Even a cursory inspection of this new, 700-page plus account [Goebbels] does not support that assertion."

— Prof. Francis L. Loewenheim

On Goebbels: "Silencing Mr Irv­ing would be a high price to pay for freedom from the annoyance that he causes us. The fact is that he knows more about National Socialism than most professional scholars in his field, and students of the years 1933 1945 owe more than they are always willing to admit to his energy as a researcher and to the scope and vigor of his publications

— Prof. Gordon A Craig, The New York Times Review of Books

On Göring: "Irving's research effort is awesome."

— Prof. Larry Thompson, The Chicago Tribune

"David Irving ... He has mastered his material and written a very read­able biography."

— Prof. Hugh Trevor-Roper, The Sunday Telegraph

On Göring: "At the Nuremberg trials he defended himself with vigour and rebutted some of the charges that had wrongfully been made against him. It also came out in matters of art, on which David Irv­ing is rather good."

— Prof. Norman Stone in The New Statesman

On Göring: "A very readable book, for Irving has always written with verve and energy.... It tells us a great deal that we did not know.... Highly interesting.... Marvelous stuff.... An absorbing account.... Most intriguing."

— Prof. Gordon A Craig

Jews Against Zionism Support Dr. Siddique

With the help of the Almighty

Dear Prof. Siddique

I attach my name to the letter below that was sent you another anti-Zionist Jew. I congratulate you for your clear language, and I hope you will be an example of courage to follow for the Jews who call themselves anti-Zionists.

May we soon see the end of Zionism, as its ideology as the Zionist state that's a 62-year old blasphemy made in de name of the Jews!


Hadassah Borreman

Yechouroun - Judaisme Contre Sionisme

From: Davic1
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 4:04 AM
To: ksiddique
Subject: Jews against Zionism

Dear Prof. Siddique:

As an Orthodox Jew opposed to Zionism of any kind, I saw the video on line of your on target criticism of Zionism, and am pleased that you have spoken out to well and unambiguously about that hydra headed monster called the State of "Israel." Everything you said about it is correct. It is a rogue terrorist regime whose leaders have always sought to destroy the Jewish religion, and have done so by BRIBING AND BRAINWASHING Jews with the most sophisticated propaganda machine in modern history, including their Holocaust Industry which has only one purpose: to create sympathy for the State of Israel at the expense of the Palestinian People with the approval of many western governments.

May God enable all of us to see the end of that repulsive regime and the restoration of a beautiful Holy Land throughout Palestine cleansed of Zionist impurity.

Yours truly,
David Goldman

Zionists & the Occupiers of Iraq: Infant Deaths from Crimes against Humanity

By Sis. Aisha (New York City)

As-salaamu-'alaikum Bro. Siddique:

I see that the Zionists are spreading lies about you, as usual. Their attempt will fail. I will, definitely, do my part to make that it does!

I was watching a documentary program on a New York City Public Access cable channel called "Truth for a Change." The topic of this program was the Western Powers, including the U.S.A's and N.A.T.O.'s illegal use of nuclear weapons in wars and invasions.

I saw very disturbing video of Iraqi infants being born with birth defects in a Fallujah, Iraq hospital. Many of the infants were born with severely cleft lips, no eyelids, and other facial deformities. Many of the Iraqi sisters stated that they wanted to have more children but, they were afraid to because some had already given birth to two children with severe birth defects. Many of these infants die within 5 to 6 months!

A man took the reporter to a children's grave yard. It is rare that there would be that many childhood deaths anywhere, except under these genocidal circumstances. There has been a surge in the number of cases of childhood leukemia, as well.

America has lost its grip on Afghanistan and Iraq but, its lasting effects are so damaging it is as if the U.S. is still there. Interestingly, many American soldiers are oblivious to the fact that they too are being exposed to this uranium. Alhumdulillah, the Iraqis have been successful in removing some of this uranium but, there is a lot of work to be done.

Sadly, the head of the Fallujah hospital, shown in the broadcast, had been gunned down after this report.

Many of these videos can be seen on YouTube using keyword phrases, such as depleted uranium in Iraq, or NATO war crimes in Kosovo, Israel used nuclear weapons in Gaza, etc.

There is no honor among the kuffar. They fight dirty. This is why the Qur'an forbids Muslims to have ANY kind of relationship with the kuffar. This is what happens when we become politicians, join the police force, or the military. Unfortunately, many Muslims are of the mindset that they must run with the wolves to avoid being eaten by them. Unfortunately, the wolf is better at recognizing a sheep in wolf's clothing than the sheep are at recognizing a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Jews Burn Historic Church in Jerusalem

(Courtesy Uruknet, by Saed Bammoura)

Saturday October 30, 2010 - A hundred year old church was burned Friday by right-wing Israeli settlers, who broke a number of windows of the church and hurled Molotov cocktails inside.
The damage to the church was substantial, with burn damage throughout the first floor of the building.

The church was built in Jerusalem in 1897, and housed the Palestinian Bible College until 1947, when parishioners were pushed out by Jewish armed gangs during the violence accompanying the creation of the state of Israel.


NT Media Monitor

NATO Casualties Mount: Kandahar Operation Fizzles.
There are no Taliban in sight!

October 30: The huge NATO operation in the Kandahar area has fizzled. The crusading forces from the US and Europe could not find any Taliban. Now the NATO general in command says, the situation will not be clear till June 2011. [Source NPR].

Meanwhile Mujahideen known as Taliban continued guerrilla warfare in pin prick attacks across the country. NATO has admitted 62 of its troops killed in October so far [Source: icasualties.]. No details were given. Looks like the Taliban had no losses at all. Conditions of NATO troops are not good.

However on the Pakistan frontier of North Waziristan, NATO called in air strikes and claimed 30 Taliban killed who were attacking heavily armed NATO troops. The number is probably fake as the counting of the dead is done by Karzai's men who like to please the Americans.


(With thanks to Husayn al-Kurdi, Chicago, IL)

Tariq Aziz: Christian Foreign Minister of Iraq Sentenced to Death by US-installed Sectarian Regime in Baghdad.

Statement by the Iraq-Palestine Committee [From Ibrahim Ebeid]

We all are stunned and saddened by the abrupt announcement that Tariq Aziz has been condemned to hang. He was found guilty on bogus charges by the illegitimate court in Baghdad that tried various Ba'ath Party officials, including President Saddam Hussein. At that time, he received a sentence of 22 years in prison, assuring he would die before he again saw daylight. Now, he is sentenced to hang.

Tariq Aziz was a man of many skills. He was eloquent and represented the Ba'ath government internationally with great aplomb. Once imprisoned by the US, he was badgered into testifying against Saddam Hussein at the president's equally phony trial. All he had to do was take the stand and make a few discrediting remarks about Saddam Hussein and he probably would have been freed soon after. On the stand, Tariq Aziz did not denigrate Saddam. In fact, he praised him and said he was privileged to be a part of the Ba'ath administration. He refused to capitulate when he could have saved his own skin.

The following is an interview conducted by Malcom Lagauche with Ibrahim Ebeid, advisor to the Iraq Palestinian Committee, on May 9, 2008. Ebeid worked side-by-side with Tariq Aziz on many occasions and was a true comrade and friend to him. The interview begins with Lagauche speaking of the upcoming trial of Tariq Aziz in 2008.

Reminiscing Tariq Aziz

Tariq Aziz is about to go on trial for the murder of 42 people in Iraq in 1992. The verdict, as with all the socalled trials of the Ba'ath regime members, is a foregone conclusion. Aziz will be found guilty.

If you remember, the judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to hang, Abdel-Rahman, quickly left Iraq shortly after the murder of the president and claimed asylum in Great Britain. Since then, little or nothing has been heard about him. But, mysteriously he returned to Iraq and will be the judge in Tariq Aziz' case

The first time I saw Tariq Aziz on U.S. television was in the aftermath of Desert Storm. His voice was the only one that made sense of the political scene at the time. For once, I heard the truth about many items that had been twisted beyond recognition by the U.S. administration and media.

Aziz' eloquence in the English language intrigued me. Most U.S. government spokespeople could have used an elementary school refresher course in English, yet there was an Iraqi who, like Baghdad Bob, spoke better English than the president of the United States.

The last time I saw Tariq Aziz on U.S. television was a few months before the illegal March 2003 invasion. At the time, the U.S. was calling the Iraqi government a supporter of global terrorism and also began to mention the Iraq/Al-Qaida link. The accusations were believed by the U.S. public. To this day, many Americans believe Saddam was in cahoots with Bin-Laden in bringing down the U.S. trade center.

Tariq Aziz gave an extraordinary explanation of the difference between terrorism and revolution. He added that terrorism was the enemy of revolutionary movements. The TV program appeared at 3:00 a.m., so few people watched it. And, if more viewed the presentation, most would not have understood Aziz' eloquent offering.

Shortly before the 2003 invasion, many U.S. pundits said that the Iraqi people would welcome the U.S.soldiers with flowers and candy. Aziz took another view. He stated, "We will welcome the Americans in Baghdad.Unfortunately, we've run out of candy and will have to substitute bullets." His assessment was far more accurate than those of the myriad retired generals who painted a rosy picture of the impending military action.

There is much information about his savage treatment in prison after he turned himself in to U.S. authorities,so I will not delve into the issue here. I would like to publish an interview with a former comrade and friend of Tariq Aziz. He is Ibrahim Ebeid, a Palestinian-American activist.

ML: When did you first meet Tariq Aziz?

IE: I first met him in Baghdad in 1973. That was my first trip to Baghdad from the United States. I was a guest. I knew him before, but not in person.

ML: What was your first impression?

IE: He was a young man. Very intelligent. He was my age so we related together

When I joined the Party in the early 1950s, most of my generation also joined the movement. I was living in Palestine at the time. What I heard from people is that Tariq Aziz joined the movement in the 1950s, even before the Iraqi portion was formally started in Baghdad, when it was underground.

After that, I went almost every year and I saw him frequently. We became friends. When I met Tariq Aziz, he was not in a high leadership position. Later on, he became a member of the leadership of the Iraqi branch of the Party. He was very committed.

ML: Tell us about the well-known assassination attempt against Tariq Aziz in 1980. You have good knowledge of this because you were at the scene on the day of the incident.

IE: I went from the United States to attend a conference on April 1, 1980 at Al-Mustansiriyah University.Thousands of students from the Arab world had assembled to attend various conferences. They were awaitingTariq Aziz to listen to his speech. Tariq had been scheduled to inaugurate the International Economic Conference,organized by the National Union of Iraqi students, in collaboration with the Asiatic Students Committee.

There was a young Iranian man in the crowd. When Tariq Aziz made his entrance, amid cheers, the Iranian hurled a bomb in his direction.

The president of the Student Union, Mohammed Dabdab, hollered, "Comrade Aziz, a bomb, a bomb!" Everyone threw themselves on the ground. Dabdab and Tariq Aziz were wounded, but two people, a male and a female, were killed.

The Iraqi authorities apprehended the perpetrator right away. According to later statements by pro-Iranians, they intended to kill the "unbeliever" Tariq Aziz

Because of the circumstances, Tariq Aziz was unable to give his speech. He supervised the taking of the injured in the ambulance then he went along with the ambulance and delegated someone else to deliver his speech. They decided to keep the conference going on.

On the day of the assassination attempt, I was there at the university. I talked briefly to Mohammed Dabdab and he asked me to stick around to see Tariq Aziz, but I had to leave to go to a Baghdad hotel to meet with some members of the Arab-American delegation. Minutes after I left, the attack took place.

ML: Did the incident bother Tariq Aziz immensely?

IE: It gave him more strength to continue practicing his principles.

ML: How many times did you meet Tariq Aziz?

IE: Many times. Every time I was in Iraq with a delegation, we went to dinner.

ML: What kind of human being was he?

IE: A very sensitive man. Very friendly. He cared for the people. He never behaved like a high-ranking man.He never looked down at people.

One time, he was speaking to an African-American delegation from the United States and he asked me to sit by him because I knew the people who were invited. He forgot the English word "avoid." He asked me in Arabic and I told him. Then, he told the crowd, "You know, sometimes you forget the simplest words. Thanks to my colleague Ibrahim, I remembered it." That's the way he was, a very humble man. He remained that way even after he took high command in the Party in the Foreign Relations Bureau and later as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

ML: Many naysayers say that Tariq Aziz should be tried because he was part of Saddam's "inner circle." What's your take on that?

IE: What I would say is that Saddam never had an "inner circle." He had a leadership. The members of the regional leadership of Iraq were also the members of the Revolutionary Council. Every time they had a meeting, the whole Party met to decide the policies for Iraq. Saddam never took action on his own. They used to discuss things and the majority ruled. We read and hear that Saddam was a dictator. He was a leader, not a dictator and he was very intelligent in his leadership.

When he used to visit people in their homes, he used to ask them what they think, what they need and what the government should do for them. He used to take the notes himself. If he was hungry, he used to ask what they had to eat and sit down with them.

ML: What do you think about the U.S. treatment of Tariq Aziz and what's the reason for the Americans to treat him in such a way?

IE: The reason is very obvious. A major reason for the war was to eradicate the leadership of Iraq and the Ba'ath Party. They went after the leadership because they think that by executing them, they killed the spirit of the Party and the Party would become weak and the hope for Arab unity and the radical changes the people called for would be diminished. That's why they came up with a new name for the area: the New Middle East. We don't even call the area the Middle East. We hate that term. We call it the Arab Homeland

ML: Has this backfired on the U.S.?

IE: Of course. And you can see how the Party in the Arab world after Saddam's execution has spread like fire.

ML: Not one person in the Ba'ath leadership turned on Saddam after the 2003 invasion. Some have been executed and some are awaiting the gallows. Each could have won his freedom and a handsome payday for testifying against Saddam, yet they chose death. Tariq Aziz, when he testified at Saddam's trial, told the world he was proud to have served in his regime. This upset many observers because some in the U.S. administration wanted him to denigrate the president. In your opinion, why did the regime members, including Tariq Aziz, show this incredible loyalty?

IE: They were committed to their principles. The leadership in the Party were elected according to their merit in the struggle. Don't forget, it was not only the U.S. that wanted to destroy the leadership of Iraq. Iran became a partner in the occupation of Iraq. Maybe they are getting more benefits than the United States.

ML: What will Tariq Aziz' legacy be in the Arab world?

IE: He will go down as a well-respected person, whether they execute him or indirectly kill him by keeping him in jail until he dies. They don't give him proper medicine and they don't treat him well. They want him dead.

Ibrahim Ebeid's Response to the Announcement of Tariq Aziz Receiving the Death Penalty

(October 30, 2010) The news of death sentences against Mr. Tariq Aziz and his comrades, Saadoun Shaker, Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor, Dr.Sabawi Ibrahim al Hassan and Abed Hammoud did not surprise us. These sentences took place to fortify the criminal policies of the occupying powers to rid Iraq of its capable and experienced

leaders to rule and rebuild Iraq after the illegal invasion of 2003.The judge who passed the assassination sentence was very rude; the expression on his face indicated hate and grudge. Three other judges refused to agree to authorize the sentence but they were forced to sign. We do not know even if there was kangaroo trial or not, but for sure his lawyers only found out about the sentence through the news media. This is American democracy exported through conquest and under the barrels of guns

The members of the legitimate leadership of Iraq experienced severe torture and inhumane treatment. The martyred president of Iraq was mistreated and tortured and the martyred vice president, Mr. Taha Yassin Ramadan, had to treat his wounds with water and salt. No one was spared the abuse of the malpractice of US democracy.

Some of the detainees died from torture, or deprivation of medical care or adequate nourishment. Some became very frail and died in their cells that were not fit for animals, let alone human beings.

Mr. Tariq Aziz, the legitimate deputy prime minister of the legal government of Iraq is no exception. His health is deteriorating very fast and he is rapidly approaching his death in a small decrepit cell. The health of Mr. Aziz is very grave. He suffered strokes. He has no teeth. He cannot speak clearly as a result of the strokes, diabetes and lack of teeth. He was sentenced to death by a court established by the United States to eliminate the leaders of Iraq and all the brains that were behind Iraq political and economic progress. Thousands of scientists, doctors, and educators were killed or forced to leave Iraq and Iraq was left for imported criminals to master the art of killing and daylight robberies. Schools, hospitals and all he institutions of Iraq are destroyed. Ignorance and illiteracy is spreading widely under the new generations of US "democracy and liberation"

Tariq Aziz never held any administrative post; he was a diplomat representing Iraq abroad. He was brilliant and respected locally and internationally, and he was a victim who was marked for assassination by the sectarian Dawa Party of Maliki. He was wounded at Al Mustansiriyah University in Baghdad while other students were killed by members of Maliki's party.

I had the honor to know Mr. Aziz and Mr. Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor. They are intelligent, well-educated, and humble, and so are the others. They lived among the people and for the people and they are sacrificing their lives for the liberation of Iraq.

Tareq Aziz did not surrender to the Americans, as the news media say, but his sister informed the Americans where he was about with the intention of saving his life from a heart attack he suffered.

The butchers in Baghdad not only killed and tortured Sunni Muslims. Muhammad Hamza al-Zubaydi, a prime minister under Saddam was tortured to death at a U.S. jail in Iraq on December 2, 2005 at age 67. By the way he was a Shiite. Al Arabia TV broadcast a photo showing a US soldier stepping over his body.

The only reason Tariq Aziz will be hanged is revenge. He is not a criminal. His accusers and the cowardly hangman are the real criminals. He will die with dignity, like Iraq's president did in 2006. In a reversal of places, the hangmen in 2006 wore masks, while the president refused to don a piece of cloth over his head as he took his last breath. Tariq Aziz and President Saddam Hussein have set a remarkable standard of integrity that all freedom fighters in the world admire. Their legacies will long outlive those of the quislings in Baghdad and the US imperialist actions.

Shaykh Osama bin Laden Urges France to Withdraw from Afghanistan and to lift Ban on Islamic Women's Covering

October 27: The French Foreign Ministry has said the tape of a man claiming to be Osama Bin Laden and threatening the country seems authentic.

The French authorities are treating the message from the tape "very, very seriously". The audio tape was broadcast on Al-Jazeera network Wednesday and made very direct threats to France. The voice warned the country to remove their troops from Afghanistan and stop oppressing Muslims at home.

The voice on the recording told the French that if they wanted to continue to "tyrannize" and believe it was their right to ban women from wearing a burqa then it was also their right to expect French forces from their land by "striking them in the neck". The message was in reference to a recently passed legislation that bans women from facial coverings in public in France, which includes the burqa.

The voice being credited to Bin Laden also said that as the French people kill, imprison or threaten security, they could expect the same in return.

2010-11-04 Thu 17:10:35 cdt