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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ziqaad 16, 1432/October 25, 2010 # 42

Verse of the Week

"Follow (O men!) the revelation given unto you from your Lord, and follow not, as friends or protectors, other than Him. Little it is ye remember of admonition. How many towns have We destroyed (for their sins)? Our punishment took them on a sudden by night or while they slept for their afternoon rest. When (thus) Our punishment took them, no cry did they utter but this: "Indeed we did wrong." Then shall we question those to whom Our message was sent and those by whom We sent it. And verily, We shall recount their whole story with knowledge, for We were never absent (at any time or place)."

-Holy Qur'an 7:3-7

Submitted by Sis. Abigail

Unite Against Zionism: Calling All Muslims

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News

Peaceful but Uncompromising

P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

From Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora leader, North Carolina:

Spotlight # 1: Opposing Israel is not a crime. Israel has committed crimes against humanity. Palestinians under PLO have bowed to Israel and amended their anti-Israel charter. However, Israel did not relent and has not changed its founding documents.

Spotlight #2: Muslims have always supported the rights of other religions. Jews will be able to live peacefully in an Islamic Palestine along with Muslims and Christians.

Spotlight #3: Zionists are now busy trying to create a split between African American Muslims and immigrant Muslims. We must all unite against Zionism and defeat its plans to create strife.

Spotlight #4: Israel can be dismantled by peaceful means. Muslim unity is the key.

Waves of Zionist Attacks Defame Dr. Siddique & Lincoln University Across America.

Media in Israel Join the Propaganda Campaign.

  1. It all began on September 3, when Dr. Kaukab Siddique made an impromptu speech against Israel at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. Someone videotaped it and it appeared on the "anti-terrorism" web site of notorious Islam hater Steve Emerson.
  2. From there, a woman, Debra Burlingame, claiming to represent 9.11 victims picked it up and sent it with her bigoted comments to a number of professors at Lincoln University.
  3. Dr. Siddique responded to Ms. Burligame's email and copied it to all 94 faculty at Lincoln University.
  4. Mr. Stackelbeck , a CBN reporter, urged Dr. Siddique to answer questions about anti-semitism and Lincoln University.
  5. On September 19, Dr. Siddique sent Stackelbeck a detailed reply which was then sent to all Lincoln University professors. A good number of professors congratulated Dr. Siddique on his response.
  6. Stackelbeck ignored almost all of Dr. Siddique's reply and published a defamatory report on Siddique which was posted on the Christian Broadcasting Network [CBN].
  7. Stakelbeck's CBN report led to an explosion of abuse and invective against Dr, Siddique on right wing media programs across the country.
  8. The Philadelphia Daily News [10.21, the Philadelphia Inquirer [10.22] and the Lincolnian Online [10.22] published balanced reports which indicated that Dr. Siddique is strongly against Israel but is not anti-semitic.
  9. A Jewish paper on October 21 tried to change the topic by claiming Dr. Siddique is not only against Israel but also denies the holocaust. The paper indicates that a whole list of Pennsylvania law makers and representatives have lined up against Lincoln University and Dr. Siddique and are pressuring the president of Lincoln to ensure that Siddique's views are not "seeping" into the classes he teaches,
  10. On it's main page, the "Tea Party," an extreme right wing coalition, condemned Dr. Siddique and claimed that he wants Jews to be killed. [10.21]
  11. Israeli media, Israel News, Ynet, etc have joined the attacks on Dr. Siddique. [10.22]
  12. Israel's main "moderate" paper Ha'aretz carried the attack. [10.25]

Annapolis, MD

Muslim Activists Meet for Open Discussion on Crisis facing US Muslims.
Dr. Siddique Calls for Peaceful but Firm Response to Defeat Zionist Monster.
Africa, The Richest Continent in the World, will Join Resurgence of Islam, inshallah

On October 23, Dr. Kaukab Siddique was the keynote speaker at a dinner gathering of activists and organizers for social justice, held near Annapolis, MD. Twenty-five Muslims from various mosques as well as autonomous peace activists, mostly young men and women (plus a popular baby), and 2 non-Muslims turned up for a delicious dinner.

Most of the guests commented on the issues and there was a brief Q&A session as well. Here are the main points made by Dr. Siddique:

America is undergoing a "dumbing down" process. Communication in the language of politics or ideology is being replaced by F words. The forces of good are losing all over America while the forces of evil are ascendant.

Perhaps America is going the way of other empires based on slavery and war. We should try to save those who want to come out of this morass.

Islam does not use force to attack the followers of any religion. There is no Islamic radical anywhere who teaches that Jews, Christians or any other religion's followers should be killed or fought because of their religion or their race,

Muslims are fighting back because of the occupation of their lands by foreign forces in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kashmir, Chechnya and now parts of Pakistan.

US Muslims must work strictly within the limits of the law. We must use peaceful means but use of peaceful means does not mean compromise with exploiters or cooperation with oppressors, even in the slightest.

The example of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Makka, is the key to our existence in America. He did not build multi-million dollar mosques or seek the support of oppressors and wrongdoers. He did not seek to build his dunya and become rich.

A major blunder of CAIR and other regime supporters has been their efforts to woo the people in power. The oppressors simply put their petitions in the trash. These are the enemies of the people, both the American people and those overseas.

Allah Almighty rebuked even the Prophet, pbuh, for talking to the chiefs and for frowning when a blind man who really wanted Islam stumbled into the gathering. [See Sura 80: "He frowned and turned away."]

Why do we frown at the poor and the exploited and the oppressed? Why do we love the rich, the exploiters, the entertainers, those who are part of the power structure?
Israel must be dismantled. Language like "rise up," "down with," death to," "dismantle," "destroy," used in rallies and demonstrations is not aimed at creating violence against individuals. It is the language of mobilization and ideology.

Those who rally and chant slogans are appealing to the better side of America and the Zionist Jews, urging them to see what the world feels about them.

Those who want to kill you don't hold rallies. Have you ever heard of the Taliban holding rallies against America?

Africa is strategically most important in the upsurge of Islam. It is the richest continent in the world. Niger has uranium. South Africa has gold. Congo has diamonds. Africa belongs to Islam.

The European influences in Africa have left millions suffering and dying of AIDS in non-Muslim parts of the continent. British influences brought teenage pregnancy to entire girl populations of villages in Kenya.

By contrast Islamic countries which accepted Shar'ia, such as northern Nigeria have negligible impact of AIDS. European influences are changing this in Lagos and other big cities.

[In reference to Zionist attacks on Dr. Siddique, he advised firm but clear expressions against attempts to create censorship and to abridge academic freedom.]

Finally he cautioned against accepting conspiracy theories about the 9.11 attacks. We must face the fact that a war is going on and unless we study it, we can't explain ways to end it.

Pakistan: Islamic leader criticizes silent Muslim armies.
Peaceful Islamic Movements are Defying Western Moves

By Shamsuddin (Lahore, Pakistan)

LAHORE, Oct. 24: The Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has stressed upon the parties in the ruling alliance to review their priorities and serve Pakistan instead of Asif Ali Zardari. Talking to media at Mansoora at a wedding ceremony, he said that corruption and commission were being protected and the parties posing to be democratic, were negating democratic norms and justice.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that although the Muslim Ummah was passing through a crisis yet the Ummah had successfully faced the enemy on the military, science and technology fronts. At the same time, the Muslims masses had been struggling against their rulers who were slaves. He said to be a true Muslim was seen as a major crime by the West. The Muslims were being branded as terrorists and their blood was being shed while over 57 Muslim governments and their armies were not only silent but were supporting the enemy. The resources of the Muslims were being used by the non-Muslims.
He said, under these circumstances, the unarmed Muslim masses in Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan had faced the colonial powers. In Afghanistan, the enemy was begging for dialogue, and withdrawal of the NATO and US troops from July, 2011 was under consideration. He said a military operation in North Waziristan under US pressure would be a victory for US and India as the situation in the country would get out of control.

The JI chief slated Islamabad's silence on Kashmir issue. The Kashmiris, he said, were fighting Pakistan's war and but the Pakistan government had stopped even their moral and diplomatic support and had thus surrendered its life line. Opposing US mediation on the Kashmir issue, he said, Washington had always been pro-India and it had already signed a nuclear pact with New Delhi but was objecting to Pak-China civil nuclear agreement. Thus, the US had its double standards which should be rejected. Former JI chief, Qazi Husain Ahmed and other senior party leaders were also present at the wedding.

UN double standards have disappointed Muslim masses.
Liaqat Baluch Challenges UN to look at Role of India, Israel

LAHORE, Oct. 24: The Jamaat e Islami Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch, has said that the United Nations Organization, during its 65 years of existence, had failed to resolve international issues in the light of its Charter and its partial role especially on Palestine and Kashmir issues had disappointed the Muslim masses.

In a message on Sunday, marking the completion of the world body's 65 years of existence, Liaquat Baloch said the Kashmiri and Palestinian Muslims were facing state terrorism of India and Israel under the umbrella of the US. The UN and the world body violated human rights and justice by protecting the interests of the non-Muslim world against that of the Muslims. The US, British and their Western allied forces had killed millions of the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan by committing aggression in blatant violation of international laws but the UN stood as a silent spectator, and thus was it equally shared the blame.

He said the US, India and Israel were persistently violating international laws and world forums but a resolution adopted against these were never implemented. On the other hand, any resolution adopted against any Muslim state or individual was immediately put into action. This double standard of the UN was quite obvious and it was in the interest of the UN and the world peace that sincere efforts were made to resolve the Kashmir and Palestine issues.

Pakistan: War News
General Kayani Gets $2 billion to Crush Islamic Resistance.
Earlier, $7.5 billion was granted for Civilian "projects"

CNN October 22: "The Obama administration announced a $2 billion, multiyear security assistance package Friday to help Pakistan fight extremists taking refuge in safe havens along its border with Afghanistan.

The five-year package would pay for military hardware and equipment Pakistan needs for the counterinsurgency fight, Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton said. It is subject to congressional approval, and complements the $7.5 billion in civilian projects approved by Congress last year.

"The United States has no stronger partner when it comes to counterterrorism efforts against the extremists who threaten us both than Pakistan," Clinton said.

Pak Taliban Attack Paki troops in Orakzai

October 22: Pak Taliban attacked a military convoy of the Paki army in upper Orakzai area. A senior Pakistan officer, a colonel, was killed, along with 5 of his troops. Another 3 were wounded. [The army had claimed months back that it has "cleared" Orakzai of the Pak Taliban who support the Afghan Taliban and are located right on the border.]

For Educational Purposes

Is it true that the Taliban are talking to Karzai's people.
"Peace talks in conditions of the presence of foreign forces are meaningless and futile."

Interview with Maulavi Abdul Kabir, member of the Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Coordinating Chief of the Eastern Provinces: Peace talks in conditions of the presence of foreign forces are meaningless and futile.

Q: Recently, the Head of the Kabul Administration, Karzai, announced establishment of a set-up under the name of peace high council, consisting of 69 persons including chiefs of former factions, other famous figures and former officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. What is your view about the establishment of the peace council, its importance and the effectiveness of its members and the council's role in bringing about peace in the country?

A: Foundation of Jirgas and mutual deliberation is an accepted norm among the Afghans. It is an institution traditionally utilized for the resolution of internal disputes and issues. But the said peace council is a one-sided entity, having been established to protect their unilateral goals and interests. The council consists of people who practically support the Americans, though they claim being Jihadic figures and leaders. But by siding with the American invaders, they have forfeited their credibility in the eyes of the Afghans which they once enjoyed during the era of the former Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. Similarly, some persons who were once officials of the Islamic Emirate, have been given membership in the peace council but they are not in the capacity to represent the Islamic Emirate. They themselves are living under the eyes and surveillance of the Americans.

Q: Your reaction to every initiative of peace is usually negative and, instead you emphasize on the use of force. Do you not think that this posturing portrays your weakness in the diplomatic filed?

A: In Afghanistan, in the current condition, only those efforts of peace and reconciliation are pragmatic which surely leads to withdrawal of the foreign invading forces from Afghanistan and pave the way for establishment of an Islamic system in the country. This objective can't be achieved in conditions of presence of foreign forces in the country.

Q: During the reign of the Islamic Emirate, severe fighting took place in areas, north of Kabul and other northern provinces of the country. Thousands of armed men lost their lives as a result. Many of them were detained and tortured. Thus, it would have created mistrust between you and the hostility would have still been existing. What steps have you taken to resolve these problems and usher in an atmosphere of confidence instead? Do you intend to take certain measures to achieve that goal.

A: This fact is clear as the broad day light that the Islamic Emirate has never fought on tribal, ethnical and geographical basis. During the government of the Islamic Emirate, people of all ethnicities had participation in the government and movement including in northern parts of the country. Currently, the Islamic Emirate has presence both in the north, south and other parts of the country with formal organizational set-ups being in place in every province. You pointed to Islamic Emirate's antagonism during its reign in the north of the country; I would like to explain that the Islamic Emirate has never fought against the people in the north nor it harbors any kind of enmity on the basis of ethnicity and geographical location. Rather it has fought against that elements who were hurling hurdles in the way of noble objectives of the Islamic Emirate like establishment of country-wide peace and formation of an Islamic system in the country. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate has fought against self-same elements in the south that were considered as stumbling blocks in the way of peace and establishment of an Islamic government. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regards all Afghans as being equal with no discrimination.
We call on all pious people in the north of the country and on all other countrymen to strengthen the strongholds of Jihad against the invaders further more and foil the overt and covert conspiracies and plans of the enemy.

Q: Some interesting points had been included in the message of Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid on the eve of the Eid, including details about characteristics of government system in the country. Among them, devolvement of responsibilities and posts on the basis of professionalism and expertise is worth mentioning. Other points spoke of creating a consultative system. Would you please highlight a little further by touching on the requirements needed to qualify a person to hold a post in the framework of the Islamic Emirate, namely would that include other people with modern education and professions rather than the students of Madrassa's and religious scholars?

A: Even during the reign of the Islamic Emirate, the professional people were not disregarded but had had participation in the government. Only Taliban and religious scholars were appointed to some higher slots. The rest were professional officials who were serving the country. The Islamic Emirate will endeavor more than ever if it gained power with the help of the Almighty Allah, to appoint more professional cadres in the government. As to your mentioning that would the advantage for appointment in a post be limited only to a Talib or a religious scholar, I would like to say. No. Never. The prerequisite for that is piety and capacity. Any one can have these qualitificiations to become proper candidate for work in the framework of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Q: Any government that may be established in Afghanistan, should have a comprehensive policy to maintain good relations with the neighboring countries and that the neighbors may not sense danger from them. This is necessary for stability of any government in Afghanistan. Does the Islamic Emirate has any practical plan in this regard and would it assure the neighboring countries that it would not resort to any action against them but rather would follow a policy of the principle of mutual respect?

A: We are Muslims. A Muslim knows the rights of a neighbor in the light of Islam. During its reign, the Islamic Emirate had tried to establish good relations with neighboring countries. No one can ever produce any evidence to show that we had created problems for the neighbors. Even in these critical conditions that we are passing through, no neighbor including Pakistan and Iran has evidence to prove that we have intervened in their internal affairs. The esteemed Amir-ul-Mominnee has touched on this topic in details in his messages. It is our official policy.

Q: Some times, we hear rumors claiming that the leadership of Taliban is engaged in peace talks with the Americans and the Kabul administration. They say, the talks were held first in a certain country, then in another given country. Moreover, media reports refer to your role that you have willingness to engage in peace negotiation. Who circulate these amours and what is their objective?

A: No doubt, the Americans have faced defeat at the military field. All their stratagems have gone awry. Now the Americans and their allies are making efforts to have some gains in the diplomatic field. Therefore, they launch spurious efforts under the name of reconciliation and peace time and again. They are trying to produce some fabricated indications in order to give cosmetic leverage to their claims. They mention names of a few members of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, saying, they have had contacts with them or at least, shown willingness to initiate negotiation. In fact, all these are futile propaganda of the invaders aimed at creating mistrust between the Muslims and the Mujahideen. You know the enemy have not produced any evidence despite many claims to indicate that the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were engaged in talks with them. Nor they are able to produce one. This explains that the talks have not taken place nor the officials of the Islamic Emirate are intending to engage in the talks.

--From Pakistan Affairs

For educational purposes
Not for endorsement

Somali Islamic Movement Makes an Unusual Move Against the West

Indeed, all praise is due to Allah, and peace and blessings upon the commander of the Mujahideen, Muhammad, and upon his family and companions. As for what follows:

In the era that we live in, financial transactions have greatly been expanded, communities and states have opened up to each other, faith and religious commitments have deteriorated, fraud surfaced and economic issues have re-emerged; stock markets, banking transactions, economic principles, such as capitalism, materialized and usury became widespread.

In contrast to all this, the Muslims have turned away from the application of the Shari'ah of Allah, including the Islamic economic system and began to emulate the West in their financial transactions. The Islamic law, however, is there to safeguard the interests of the people and regulate their transactions for the preservation of their rights and the removal of injustice. Therefore, the Prophet prohibited dishonesty in dealing with transactions, inflation of prices, ambiguous deals and monopoly - just as the Prophet has also forbidden consuming people's wealth unlawfully and the exploitation of their needs.

The control that the Jews have over the financial system in the West and the spread of the so-called economic globalization is not hidden to anyone. It is well known that this system was set up in order to serve the Jewish state and Western interests in all parts of the world; to enrich western nations at the expense of vulnerable, oppressed and the poor people; to implement the policy of having a hand in the global economy and controlling it for their own benefit; and to execute plans and projects to get out of the successive crises witnessed by their economy. Falling under the category of the projects that were spread under economic globalization is the launching of the Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) service in hopes of finding an outlet from the current economic crisis experienced by the infidel West.

The MMT service entered Somalia under the trademark "Zaad/Sahal" on the basis of enabling the Muslim Somali people to transfer money through mobile phones for purchasing, payment of bills, purchase of calltime, and other financial transactions in a fast, cheap and easy manner. This service was launched by three companies; Hormud in Mogadishu, Golis in Bossaaso, and Telesom in Hargeisa.
The MMT service has spread at an enormous pace due to the efforts of the Western nations which are being led by the United States of America. It has worked to support this service in various ways and to spread it outside its territory and amongst the Somaliexpatriates in order for them to rely on it in sending money back to their home countries. Private financial transfers sent by expatriates to their countries of origin is the second largest source of external financing for so-called developing countries after direct foreign investment. Based on that, their target in spreading the MMT service should be considered as a very calculated and plannedway to control the wealth of the Muslims and their economy. Thus, this service is significantly prominent in developing countries while it is virtually non-existent in the United States of America.

After studying, analyzing and investigating the effects of this service upon the Muslim Somali community since its inception, the seriousness and level of impact of this service upon the wealth of the Muslims became very clear. The hidden ambitions and

bjectives of this service serve the interests of the Zionist Crusader movement throughout the world against the Muslims and the poor nations. The research noted the following evils:

Control over the economy of poor peoples and its depletion and exploitation: The companies that sponsor this service concentrate their efforts on developing countries in Africa and Asia, whereupon they introduce their easy and express services to the people in those countries in order to enable them to facilitate money transfers. This, in turn, makes them hostages to this service in all their financial activity and it exploits the needs of the middle class and the poor.

Enforcing economic dependency and monopolization: The MMT service was the result of an agreement between telecom companies and international banks with the mediation of MasterCard's financial transactions. They all worked together in the spirit of monopoliziation to make sure that the market, with all of its various transactions, is controlled by their regulations. This diminishes the liquidity of funds and spreads subordination and the entire society becomes a prisoner of the infidel West.

Threatening the economic security of the Muslims: This service stands against the security of Muslims, especially the Mujahideen in that it takes part in the so-called fight against financing terrorism which is taken as a pretext to infringe upon the rights of Muslims and their freedoms; to interfere in all their financial movements; to closely monitor these movements and thereby tighten their grip on them; and to threaten them whenever those behind this service choose and however they choose.

Presenting the risk of the collapse, or suspension, of the corporate sponsors for this service: This service could be stopped by order of the Western politicians based upon one argument or another, as occurred previously with the bank, "Barakat." They could also face bankruptcy because of the global financial crisis, which would cost the Muslim people enormous losses.

Presenting the risk . The vulnerability of mobile phones for breaches by the so-called "hacker" has dire consequences, and makes people easy prey.

Withdrawing liquid funds from the market: The risk of removing liquid funds from the market is one of the most serious implications for the use of service (MMT). It is designed primarily to provide liquidity and absorb the funds to invest in projects which will turn the Western wheel of economy, which now lies in ruins because of erroneous and oppressive Western policies.

Destroying the hawala system in the target countries: The spread of this service disrupts the hawala system which people commonly use in their dealings. This service will gradually eliminate the hawala system in its entirety, making it easy to limit financial transfers to the MMT service alone.

Linking the people completely with the corporate sponsor of the service: As the scope of the spread of the MMT service expands, the fate of the funds of thousands of people will become integrally linked to the company sponsors. The fate of this money will become affected by any changes made by these sponsors and it will become subservient to their offers and policies.
After affirming the existence of the clear risks of dealing with the MMT service, the Department of Politics & Wilaayaat of Harakat Al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen has decided the following:

The use of the MMT service will be discontinued in all parts of Somalia - and the companies that offer these services, specifically Hormuud, Telesom and Golis, must stop dealing with this service. And we expect that all companies, agents and customers who are using the service (ZAAD/SAHAL) in all parts of Somalia will comply with the decision.

The companies that deal with this service have an opportunity until 24-02-1432 Hijri corresponding to 31.01.2011 in order to discharge what they have of obligations relating to this service, whether the obligations are for them or against them.
We warn all companies that intend to introduce similar services to Somalia to refrain from such actions.

This decision is valid from the date of the announcement of this statement.
In conclusion, we emphasize upon the Muslims in Somalia to liberate themselves from the dependency and subjugation to the West and to search for other legal and safer alternatives, such as factories, exporting local produce, etc. or any other such projects that benefit the Muslim economy. We also reassure them that we will not relent in protecting them and their wealth from any danger that surrounds them by the help and grace of Allah.

--From Pakistan Affairs

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