2019-01-20 Sun
Asalaamu Alaikum, my name is Amirah. I’m 35 years old, I was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. I was raised in a Muslim family and have been blessed to have a good example of middle course deen, by way of my mother and father; may Allah be pleased with them both.
I currently work a 9-5 as a business systems analyst in IT at a healthcare company. My part time job is teaching gymnastics to young children.
I am intrigued by different cultures and love all kinds of food so I like to travel and see the world. I have been to about 12 countries, including making Ummrah a few times and performing Hajj.
In my spare time I volunteer in the community, take Islamic and arabic classes, I like to and do craft projects and of course hang out with my family and friends.
I’m pretty laid back but serious when it’s needed. I don’t have a long “tick list” of expectations, I am really just looking for a good Muslim brother however, I am not looking to settle down for the sake of being married but rather to share my life with a companion.
So here’s what I’m looking for: my age preference is 30-42 years old, a practicing muslim (that prays 5+ times a day, fasts, Jummah, etc.) he must be kind, patient and is willing to continue learning more about Islam together as a family because there is always room for improvement and an opportunity to get closer to Allah.
He has to be able to provide for his family in all aspects (i.e. financially, mentally) and would like to have children (or more children, although my preference is a brother with no more than 2 children). He has to put Allah first, is understanding, lives a balanced life (in multiple aspects), a communicator, has short and long term goals and of course enjoys having fun. He should be supportive of my goals as I will support his goals. I have come to value new experiences rather than things so I’m ready to experience them together.
Overall, I just want someone to enjoy life with and have a mutual bond that will allow us to increase our faith and love because life is tough, and I heard marriage is hard but with faith, ambition and respect we should be good, InshaAllah!
Amin (my father) 215 908-9701

2010-08-04 Wed
I am a revert, very serious about following the deen, and I am humbly aware that I am still learning. I desire to have a progressive and forward thinking, honest, kind, communicative and generous mate who has no problem sharing- who would seek to live in harmony Islamically. I am a bright intelligent, educated and well spoken muslimah. I am looking for a mate who is very confident about himself, not into defining his manhood with relationship games of power and control and would enjoy having an intellectual at his side, who is willing to share in domestic duties, writing, teaching and community activism. A bit about me, I would try to describe myself as Adventurous. I have a Great sense of humor. I tend to be Altruistic. I Love Life and Enjoy life, I am known to be Very Caring and Loving, a Faithful friend, A Confident personality. Quite sensitive. Warm and considerate towards people.
I am a mixed race female (Ethiopian, Indian), Not interested in bearing children, but I would be open to a mate that had their own.
I believe that in areas of matrimony honest discourse is of importance, and many areas can be considered for negotiation between
sincere God Fearing adults.

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