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5 sha'ban 1443 AH - February 26 2023 Issue # 9, ewsletter #2008

CBC News
Shocking News for India In Canada
Khalistan Movement?

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown joined faith leaders on Wednesday to condemn recent acts of vandalism against Hindu temples in the Greater Toronto Area.

Vandals recently struck the Hindu temples of Ram Mandir in Mississauga on Feb. 14 and Shri Gauri Shankar Mandir in Brampton on Jan. 30. Anti-Hindu and anti-India graffiti was spayed painted in black on the outside walls of the temples in both cases.

Peel Regional Police consider the graffiti to be motivated by hate and they say the incidents are connected.

In Mississauga, the graffiti on the temple called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a terrorist. In Brampton, the graffiti said "down with India."

"Any act of intimidation, vandalism, or hate in a place of worship is despicable," Brown told reporters at a news conference in Brampton.

Strongly Recommended by Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Ramadan Gift Program for Prisoners

DONATE to provide a Ramadan gift to these men and 250 others who have been unjustly incarcerated!
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Dear friends,
I have been with the Coalition for Civil Freedoms (CCF) in a variety of capacities since it's founding in 2010. It is a very unique organization doing work that no one else is doing. CCF helps people who have been unjustly imprisoned in the so-called "war on terror". Most of the people we advocate for are Muslim, and none have committed any violence. They have been preemptively prosecuted before a crime occurs and put in prison with very long "enhanced" sentences. Some will spend their lives in prison.

What I personally view as our most important campaign of the year is now underway - our 13th Annual Ramadan Gift Program. Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims, and it is particularly hard to be imprisoned away from friends and family during that month. To help brighten their lives, CCF sends each prisoner $100 to use for special items from the commissary, phone calls home and more. There are many things in federal prisons that the prisoner has to pay for, and this gift is very important to them. Many prisoners have told us that they appreciate the money, but even more important is to know that they are not forgotten.

We will be sending these gifts to 250 prisoners this year. Six of them are pictured here. We also send emergency funds to prisoners. We need to raise $30,000 to cover these costs by March 12.

Please consider helping us, and brightening the lives of 250 prisoners.

Send a check marked Ramadan Gift Program to
CCF, PO Box 55713, Washington, DC
or click

Distinguished Attorney Responds to Nadrat Siddique's Report on the Suffering of the saintly Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman [The Blind Sheik].

Thomas Ruffin
Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman showed so much courage, so much political and moral courage, against the fascist-racist regime of the United States that we should never forget his example.

Under no circumstances should the devil, that is, the United States, be permitted to destroy saintly teachings toward liberation and moral uplift. Under no circumstance should the conscientious defiance of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman be forgotten.

On behalf of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and all other freedom fighters selflessly in love with oppressed people, I quote the Last Poets to say: "Blessed are those who struggle. Oppression is worse than the grave. It is better to die for a noble cause than to live and die a slave".

Muslim Activist on Death Row

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Dear Friend
Keith LaMar's execution date has been set: November 16, 2023.

Keith went on hunger strike on Monday.

Keith LaMar is both innocent and a victim of prosecutorial misconduct and the willful suppression of key evidence. Keith directly challenges the system of state power and state violence: the same system that framed him for murder.
Keith LaMar and I were plaintiffs in "Hanrahan v. Mohr". We proved the 1st Amendment is worth fighting for. We challenged the Ohio Department of Corrections. We defended the right of Keith and others in the Lucasville 7 plus to be able to tell their story.

Together the prisoner plaintiffs and the journalist plaintiffs in Hanrahan v. Mohr sought to make the promise of the constitution real. The case was initiated and litigated by Alice and Staughton Lynd, who understood that speech is a the foundation of dignity, self determination and ultimately justice.

Today, we stand again with Keith LaMar. We seek justice.

Keith is strong, articulate, and innocent.

We will fight to prevent his death and his execution. We will demand his release.

We will amplify his quest for freedom.

There is absolutely no physical evidence that Keith LaMar murdered anyone, much was the ring leader of the murders of no less than four people inside. The state presented testimony of other prisoners who actually participated in the murders at Lucasville Correctional Facility, who named Keith as the ringleader, and who were given deals and in one case never prosecuted. The state supressed evidence of Keith's innocence, evidence they had in their possession and purposefully suppressed at Keith's trial.

The key suppressed evidence (Brady violations), were actually entered into evidence and used by prosecutors in subsequent Lucasville trials. When this grave injustice was brought to the attention of the courts, the courts denied Keith and his attorneys a retrial.

The Sixth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme court upheld the prosecution's claim that these critical documents did not have to be turned over because they would not be "material". These rulings suggest that the judges believe that not one juror would have been swayed by impeachment or evidence of innocence, that somehow that the weight of the other (non-existent) physical evidence would have convicted him.
Keith's defense was denied the basic right to all the statements of those who testified against him including statements that could have exonerated him. (See Lucasville Uprising by Staughton Lynd and other materials by Staughton and Alice Lynd)

Keith now has run out of direct appeals. The only thing standing in the way of his execution in November is Catholic Republican Governor Mike DeWine.

Keith has fought for his innocence during the full thirty years that he has also endured solitary confinement. His passionate Prison Radio commentaries and his power book Condemned detail this ordeal. (You can buy his book here)

It's urgent that we take action to support Keith's legal fight and bring attention to his unjust treatment. Visit to learn more about his case and how you can help.

We must keep in mind, as Keith embarks on this hunger strike, that the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) Hunger Strike Directives insists that "necessary force" will be taken for those that do not comply with directives.

It is more than ironic that that tradition of protest to death by hunger strike- by someone with a date an execution date- is being met with force, to keep him alive.

This exposes the fact that the system does not just want Keith's death, they want his silence while they kill him. They fear what he represents, his cause, his case and his voice.

Keith has been told that escalating to a hunger strike will result in him being placed in TPU with the loss of his earned privileges (including communication and full-contact visits, etc.).

We will require the ODRC to attend to Keith's medical needs thoroughly during his hunger strike and to discontinue the threat of punitive measures for acting well within his right to peacefully protest the abuses he is suffering. He must not be cut off from communication with his loved ones.

When We Fight, We Win,

Noelle Hanrahan, Esq.
Legal Director

Note. ODRC Policy 68-MED-17, Hunger Strike, EFFECTIVE March 1, 2021


JI vs PPP Corruption.

February 24-26

Jamaate Islami has won a huge victory all across Karachi in local elections. However PPP has come out with some moves which prevent JI from appointing a mayor for Karachi. JI follows non-violent processes, so it is investigating peaceful methods to uncover pro-PPP corrupt election activity. Hafiz Naeemur Rahman, JI leader in Karachi, is striving to bring about peaceful conclusion. He is bringing original documents to expose the fake activity. JI has received the most votes and won the most numerous seats,

In Punjab, JI ameer Sirajul Haq addressed large gatherings in 6 cities against the regime's deals with American and other overseas funding organizations which are creating inflation and high prices which are undermining the way of life of the masses. He is comparing the masses' life style with the life style of the ruling elites. He supports university education for women. [Numerous women are supporting JI.]

[A female speaker in Parliament. Her name, we think, is Aftab, exposed PPP leaders whom she claimed went overseas to support Ukraine, received millions of dollars, but no one knows where the money went.
PPP corruption is going unchecked.]

In Gwadur the JI leader, Maulana Hidayatullah, who has mass support was arrested a week back and remains in prison. The army corp commander is threatening that if there are any more protests, he will "break their legs." The protestors are unarmed and simply chant slogans for justice.

USA [New Trend report]

President Biden went to Ukraine and pledged open ended unlimited support to the Jewish leader of Ukraine.

That is not the way to end conflict. Peace negotiation is the way.

Reports indicate that USA has already given $60 billion to Ukraine and there are no signs that the war will end.

In response to Biden, Putin gave a two hour long speech. No signs that Russia will retreat at all.

Observers say that Biden has made a major blunder by writing a blank check.

Historians remember that Germany advanced right up to Moscow during the Second World War and then was trapped and defeated at Stalingrad.

Please stop funding and arming Zelenski, At least give some accounts of how the money is neing used.

 War News

War News [We report the war news without taking sides.]


Troops killed 7 fighters of TTP in the Lakki Marwat area.

Clashes are reported from Khuzdar [Baluchistan].

In Barakhan, Baluchistan, a bomb explosion has killed 5 civilians and injured 13. Jamaate Islami protestors, particularly women, are marching in the streets, calling for arrest of the perpetrators..

Source SOHR

Fighting Flares up Again Across Syria.

US drones killed two fighters who had come for jihad in southern Idlib province. They were on a motor bike.

Also Hyyat Tahrir has arrested 7 jihad fighters, reportedly to prove to America that Hayyat is not extremist.

Islamic groups advanced against Assad forces in nothwestern Hama, northern Lattakia and western Aleppo provinces.

In southern Idlib countryside two Assad troops were killed in a clash with Fath al mubeen Islamic group.

Feb 25. In al-Quneitra countryside gunmen shot and killed an Assad soldier and escaped.

UAE's 14 planes and one Russian plane brought supplies to three airports under Assad control to help areas damaged by earthquake.

In Deir ez province, ISIS attacked an oil investor's house who was not paying zakat. Such attacks have spread out in three provinces killing several rich investors.

A local tribe attacked regime troops and burned their offices in Dei ez zor west after troops killed 2 members of the tribe. The troops have retreated from the area,

In scattered attacks by ISIS in the three eastern deserts, 14 Iran-backed militia were killed.

UIghur Muslims Getting Organized in Exile.

East Turkistan urges UK police to arrest "Xinjiang Governor" Erkin Tuniyaz
Read more At:

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin

Peace and Ease everlasting in the Hereafter.
Striving and Struggle in this world.

'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu'.

'We should know that Allah has created us
to live an Eternal life with no Death...!

a life of Pride and Ease with no Humiliation...
a life of Security with no Fear...!
a life of Richness with no Poverty...!
a life of Joy with no Pain...!
a life of Perfection with no Flaws !
ALLAH is testing us in this world with
a Life that will end in DEATH...!

a life of Pride that is accompanied by
Humiliation and Degradation...!
a life that is Tainted by Fear...!
where Joy and Ease are Mixed with
Sorrow and Pain... !
{'Subhan Allah'}
{ Source~ Shaykh Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah ~(R)
 Guidance from Sis Yasmin
My 'Salaams' to all..
Y a s m i n.

"Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"
' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days,
whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone.
[Al-Hasan Al-Basree(r)]

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Bombing Civilians is Barbaric.

Russia is doing it but what about Saddam Hussain's Baghdad, Kandahar, Aleppo, Raqqa. Mosul, ISIS? What about the bombing of German cities?

American TV is replete with detailed reports of Russian bombing of Ukraine.

We often forget that the term "Shock and Awe" began with the bombing of Saddam Husain's centers in Baghdad. As Wikileaks has shown, in addition to the bombing, American helicopters machine gunned civilians on the ground.

There was a flood of bombs dropped on Kandahar although none of the 911 attackers were Afghans.

For years America has been bombing ISIS. Their main cities Raqqa and Mosul were reduced to rubble.
These are soft targets. ISIS does not have the weaponry to shoot down any of the N ATO jets which have been routinely bombing them.

When the NATO attack on Raqqa began, ISIS families were sent by the fighters to the city of Mayadeen in Dar ez Zor province, quite far from Raqqa. The Americans bombed the defenseless families, wiping out hundreds of women and children.

Russia and Iran did to eastern Aleppo what Russia is doing today to Ukraine. There was complete silence in the West.

In the Second World War, Germany defended its cities. The Luftwaffe fought back with all it had. However once the German air force had been overwhelmed, Britain, USA and later the Soviet Union went after German civilians and inflicted countless deaths and injuries Even the open city of Dresden was not spared and hundreds of children who had come for Valentine's Day were stacked up as piles of dead innocents.

Why is the American air force so full of self praise?
Killing civilians should not be praiseworthy.

Latest Israeli Atrocity Back Fired.

Nablus (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) -

Palestinians posed for photos Friday at a new landmark -- the rubble of a house that was the site of Israel's deadliest raid in the occupied West Bank.

Eleven Palestinians were killed and more than 80 wounded by gunfire as Israeli soldiers raided Nablus in the broad daylight of Wednesday morning, in what the army said was an operation based on intelligence of an imminent threat from Palestinian militants.

Only 48 hours later, a Palestinian family gathered to take snaps in the ruins of the house that has become a memorial among the ancient Ottoman mosques and cobbled streets of Nablus' Old City.

A sabre of light cut through a gaping chasm in the ceiling -- an artificial porthole left by an Israeli rocket fired during the operation.

"How is it possible that... hundreds of soldiers armed with rifles and missiles enter an area inhabited by 200,000 unarmed civilians in order to arrest or kill a person?" asked Nasser Mahamadeh.

"The people here are all with the resistance, and these incidents make the resistance more powerful and make people turn more towards the resistance," the 57-year-old said as he surveyed the destruction.

"If there were 10 resistors before, now they will become 1,000 resistors, and so on."

A spokesperson for the Israeli military said that "about 150 personnel" were involved in Wednesday's raid.

Nablus' Old City has become a focal point of increased tension in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the emergence of a new militant group known as the Lions' Den last year.

Israel has accused the group of carrying out attacks on Israeli targets, including the killing in October of a soldier in the West Bank.

Wednesday's raid was just the latest in a string of deadly military operations in the West Bank which have seen scores of Palestinians killed.


TO Pakistani Americans

Person to Person

Catonsville, Maryland

After Juma Salat at Masjid Fatima, a 4-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 68 Pakistani Americans. This is an Urdu speaking community. Also we conversed with Afghan and Pathan brothers.

The document was basically as follows:

  1. Love and appeals for the survivors of the recent earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria.

  2. Rejection of race based thinking as indicated by the tragedy of Tyre Nichols and the US Defense Minister. One embraced Islam and was murdered and the other also a Black man is rampaging through Africa attacking Islamic fighting groups.

  3. List of groups helping the survivors of the Quake.

  4. Mass rally of Jamate Islami Pakistan against new taxes and inflation and support for Kashmir.

Outreach by face book

2472 Muslims were reached by facebook with New Trend February 19 issue:


Greatest miracle: Prophet Muhammad's, pbuh, mairaj and hadith about I am what the believer thinks of me, and other items.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

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