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3 Rajab 1443 AH - January 29 2023 Issue # 5, Newsletter #2004


Symbolic Rejection of Domestic Violemce.
by Hedaya Majeed [Atlanta, Georgia]

International Hijab and Kufi day is February 14, 2023. We are asking people to wear something purple, take a selfie and post a phrase about how Islam Does not Condone or Teach Abuse.

International Purple Hijab and Kufi Day is not a celebration. It is a commemoration. It is not a holiday. The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. is a 26-year-old organization that was founded by survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Our mission is to assist the survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault rebuild their lives after the attack and bring more awareness to our Islamic community about domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Two Questions
Images of the Prophet, pbuh, and the Oldest University

by Br. Salahuddin [Denver, Colorado]

At Hamline University in Minnesota, an adjunct professor was fired after he showed images of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and Muslim students protested. What should be our response from Jamaat al-Muslimeen?

The university should state that it does not support the display of such images because it violates the basic beliefs of Muslims.

This imaging should not be done.

However, our study shows that the professor was acting out of ignorance, not out of Islamophobia.
The professor must not be fired.

A professor should be invited to highlight positive influences of Islam in the West, particularly our love and feelings for Jesus, pbuh.

See the report by Prof. Darke about the amazing influences of Syrian Islamic history visible in cathedrals and stained glass windows of churches. [See previous issue, January 15, of New Trend.]

Second question.

Which is the oldest Islamic university?

There are competing claims: Zaitouna in Tunis and al-Qarawiyyn in Morocco.

Police Brutality in Memphis. Countrywide Protests.

People held signs at a protest in Times Square after footage showing Tyre Nichols's fatal beating at the hands of Memphis, Tenn., police officers was released on Friday night. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

Protests unfolded across the U.S. on Friday night after body camera footage and surveillance video showing Memphis, Tenn., police officers brutally beating Tyre Nichols were released.

Nichols's family, the Memphis police chief and President Biden called on protesters to remain peaceful in response to the videos, which Biden said that after viewing left him "outraged and deeply pained."

In Memphis, where Nichols - a 29-year-old Black man who died on Jan. 10, three days after five officers tazed, pepper-sprayed and assaulted him - around 100 protesters blocked the Interstate 55 bridge in both directions, bringing semitrucks and other vehicles to a halt.

Demonstrators filled New York City's Times Square, demanding justice for Nichols, a FedEx driver and father of a 4-year-old son.

Correct Understanding of History frees us from Zionism.
The Holocaust Story.
Muslims Must Study Auschwitz to Counter Israel.
by Kaukab Siddique

Most Americans don't know that Auschwitz is in Poland, not in Germany.

On January 27, 1945, the advancing legions of the Soviet army captured Auschwitz without any resistance from the Germans who had left as the Russians advanced.

The Soviets did not say anything dramatic about anything horrible they had found in Auschwitz. David Irving says from German documents that when Hitler was told that the Russians had captured Auschwitz, he did not show any worry that anything secret was now in enemy hands. He simply said: yes.

Almost 3 and half months later, when both Hitler and his notorious propaganda minister Goebbels were dead, the Soviets announced that they had found unimaginable horrors in Auschwitz and that 4,000,000 people, mostly Jews, had been murdered there, many of them in gas chambers.

Later the Russians, knowing that they had overshot the mark, brought the statistic down to 1,000, 000 murdered Jews. How this magic figure was arrived at is not clear.

From expert Communist propagandists, the horrors of Auschwitz went global and Israel has used them to win victim status for itself.

For years this propaganda went unchallenged but during the last 30 years, researchers and scholars have challenged the Auschwitz horrors story. One would have to be totally accepting of the Israeli propaganda if we refuse to study the revisionist scholars. Solid and irrefutable research has been done against the Auschwitz horror story.

We invite readers to study these scholars to get the other side of the alleged holocaust:

For Muslims, this should be required reading. Israel's whole stance is that Jews are victims and if America does not support Israel, there may be another holocaust.

None of the revisionist scholars say that the Jews did not suffer but so did others. Every German city was burned down, literally incinerated. Poles suffered horribly as did the Russians.

The war ended 70 years back. Germany has paid BILLIONS in reparations to Israel but International Jewry continues to squeeze the holocaust milk cow for its continuing funding of Israel.

 War News

War News [We report the war news without taking sides.]

Deraa province
In January, 15 Assad troops and supporters have been killed versus 4 ISIS killed.

January 29. Two SDF [pro-US] killed in northern Deir ez Zor by ISIS raiders
17 SDF have been killed this month.

Southeastern Homs province, ISIS raiders on motor bikes shot 6 Lebanese hizbullah soldiers.

A Turkish drone mistakenly killed a supporter of Turkey.

Reports of chaos, crimes, smuggling, drugs are reported from areas occupied by Assad.

Internal Squabbling.

by Kabir Oyemomi

Mr Festus Keyamo has instituted a criminal matter against the presidential candidate of People's Democratic Party (PDP), the main opposition party to APC , Alh Atiku Abubakar for criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of public fund, among others.

Mr Festus Keyamo who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a serving Minister for Labour and Employment is the spokesman of the ruling All Progressive Congress ( APC)'s campaign council for Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

Premium Times News has it that Mr Keyamo had on 16th of January issued a 72 hours ultimatum to the Code of Conduct Bureau(CCB), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other related Offences(ICPC) and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest and prosecute the opposition leader over the offences of money laundering, breach of code of conduct for public officers, conspiracy, and criminal breach of trust and misappropriation.

With the expiration of the ultimatum and without any action taken by the anti- corruption agencies by 19 of January, Mr Keyamo headed straight to Federal High Court in Abuja on 20th, seeking an order compelling Atiku to surrender himself.

Mr Keyamo said Atiku has particularly not made information available to the agencies in respect of a certain bank account belonging to a company name Marine Float and other accounts of two undisclosed companies. The accounts were allegedly used a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPVs) to secretly divert and misappropriate public funds between 1999 and 2007 when Atiku served as the vice president of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Keyamo is relying heavily on the claim of a whistle blower by the name of Mr Achimugu who went public and gave graphic accounts of certain events that transpired between him and Atiku Abubakar capturing how the SPVs were used to commit financial fraud

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin
Salaam `Alaikum'

'Over 1.5 billion Muslims hurt': Reaction to Quran desecration in Sweden.

Türkiye, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia lead Muslim world's outrage after Sweden allows notorious habitual offender Rasmus Paludan to burn copy of Holy Quran under "freedom of expression" guise.

Muslim world has erupted in anger and alarm after Sweden allowed a far-right racist politician Rasmus Paludan to burn a copy of the Muslim Holy book Quran in front of the Turkish embassy building in Stockholm.

Here are some of the first reactions:

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms the vile attack on our holy book, the Quran, in Sweden today (21 January), despite our repeated warnings earlier," a Turkish Foreign Ministry statement said.

Calling the act "an outright hate crime," the ministry said: "Permitting this anti-Islam act, which targets Muslims and insults our sacred values, under the guise of freedom of expression is completely unacceptable."
"This despicable act is yet another example of the alarming level that Islamophobia and, racist and discriminatory movements have reached in Europe."

"This senseless and provocative Islamophobic act hurts the religious sensitivities of over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world," said a statement from the Pakistani Foreign Ministry.

Such actions are "not covered under any legitimate expression of the right to freedom of expression or opinion, which carries responsibilities under international human rights law, such as the obligation not to carry out hate speech and incite people to violence."

"Pakistan's concerns are being conveyed to the authorities in Sweden.

We urge them to be mindful of the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and the Muslims worldwide and take steps to prevent Islamophobic acts," the statement added.

The incident "hurts Muslims' sentiments across the world and marks serious provocation," Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah said in statements cited by the state news agency KUNA.

He called on the international community "to shoulder responsibility by stopping such unacceptable acts and denouncing all forms of hatred and extremism and bringing the perpetrators to accountability."

Saudi Arabia
"Saudi Arabia calls for spreading the values of dialogue, tolerance, and coexistence, and rejects hatred and extremism," the Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The United Arab Emirates said it was against "all practices aimed at destabilising security and stability in contravention of human and moral values and principles".

Qatar condemned the Swedish authorities' permission to burn the Holy Quran and call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to reject hatred and violence.

Calling it an attempt to stoke hatred and violence against Muslims, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said some European countries under the false pretext of advocating freedom of speech "allow extremist and radical elements to spread hatred against Islamic sanctities and values".

Kanaani said despite the strong emphasis on human rights in Islam, Europeans continue to "institutionalise anti-Islamism and Islamophobia" in their societies.

He added that the desecration of the Quran is a "clear example of spreading hatred and fuelling violence against Muslims", which has "nothing to do with freedom of speech and thought".

Jordan "condemned the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran in the Swedish capital Stockholm, stressing the Kingdom's rejection of this act that fuels hatred."

It emphasised the necessity to spread the culture of peace and acceptance of the other and "condemning extremism is a collective responsibility."

Egypt expressed its strong condemnation of the disgraceful act that provokes the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world.

Egypt warned of the dangers of the spread of such acts that offend religions and fuel hate speech and violence, calling for upholding the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence and preventing offense to all religions and their sanctities through such extremist practices that contradict the values of respect for religion.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation bloc said the "provocative action... targets Muslims, insults their sacred values, and serves as further example of the alarming level reached by Islamophobia" and asked Sweden to punish those behind a "hate crime".

~My 'Salaams' to all ~
~ Y a s m i n ~
~Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice,
my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'~
{'Qur`an'~Surat Al-`An`am -# 6-162.}

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Learning from Memphis & Somalia

Muslims in USA have gradually fallen into America's racial pattern. Like Christian groupings, we have mosques mostly immigrant, mostly Black, mostly Pakistani, mostly controlled by Indians, Nigerians, Ethiopians, Arab, Senegalese, etc.

So it came as a shock that the horrific murder of a Black man in Memphis was carried out by five Black police officers.

Naive Americans don't know that the power structure uses Black, white, Native American and Mexican to carry out its horrendous activities.

Few, if any, know that America's wars in Africa are carried out by a Black man named Loyd Austin. He retired after becoming a 4 star general. He is now Secretary of Defense. He led military campaigns for decades before he was given the position to crush the Muslims of Africa.

His latest is that two days back he sent special forces to kill an Islamic commander and 10 Somalians with hlm who had taken refuge in some caves.

The commander's name is Bilal [named after a famous Companion of the Prophet, pbuh.]
His last name is Sudani, which means he is proud of being Black.

Why kill Somalis? What right do we have to go into Somalia to kill?

We Muslims should not become blind followers of oppressors. We should not oppose anyone's race but oppose the evil they do, be they Black or White.

[Thank you Sis. Amira.]

Palestine Counters Israeli Attack on Jenin with one in Occupied Jerusalem.

On Thursday, January 26, Israeli forces invaded Jenin refugee camp and killed nine Palestinians in what became called by residents of the camp 'a massacre.' Later that day, 22-year-old Yousef Abedalkarim Muhsein became the 10th Palestinian killed when he was shot by Israeli forces in Al-Ram, near Ramallah.

On Friday, Palestinians responded.
Throughout Friday, Palestinians across historic Palestine rose in protests. These confrontations were driven by the massacre in Jenin specifically, and the routine provocations from Israeli settlers, intelligence, and armed forces engaged in the illegal annexation of the little which remains of the West Bank.

The day culminated with five armed shooting operations carried out across the West Bank Friday night, including one in the Israeli settlement of Neve Yaakov in occupied East Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of at least seven Israeli settlers.

Prayer as protest
At dawn hours on Friday, the holiest day of the week for Muslim worshippers, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem and hundreds in Hebron performed dawn prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque and the Ibrahimi mosque, respectively.

"There is a danger," Jalal Abu-Khater, a writer from Jerusalem tells Mondoweiss. "We feel Al-Aqsa is being taken over and this isn't in our head," he emphasized. "This is very real, where we're losing our last place of sovereignty in Jerusalem."

The act of collective prayer in these specific areas has become a defiant act of resistance amid the continued settler invasions and police violence witnessed in the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem's Old City and settler-military attacks in Hebron's Old City where more than 800 settlers live protected by Israeli forces.

In Jerusalem, Palestinians rose in chants in support of Jenin and the resistance from Gaza in light of the continued repression and targeting of Palestinians.
"Being frequently present there in this place allows us to remain attached to it," Abu Khater explained. "It's a common place for many people in the world, but it's a personal space for us in Jerusalem."

Indeed, on January 3 of this year, the extremist right-wing Minister of Interior, Itamar Ben-Gvir, entered Al-Aqsa compound in a provocation attempt that mirrored the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's entry to the compound in September of 2000. Sharon's entry sparked the second Palestinian uprising.

Today, Nafeesa Khuwais, a Palestinian elder known in the Old City as a guardian of Al-Aqsa, was arrested and escorted out by a group of armed border police. In Arabic, the civilians which remain in the Aqsa compound in order to protect it and maintain Palestinian presence in the holy place of worship are known as Murabiteen, which means the guardians who station against aggression.

In a similar effort, Palestinians in Hebron are often denied entry to the Ibrahimi mosque. This became policy after the 1994 massacre by the Israeli-American settler, Baruch Goldstein who- with the support of the Israeli military- entered the mosque at dawn prayers and opened fire on worshippers, killing 29 Palestinians. Goldstein is still celebrated by settlers in Hebron in an annual ceremony.
Last year was a record year for settler violence and Palestinian displacement. At dawn on Friday, however, the streets of Hebron's Old city were full of Palestinians who shared food and bread, bringing life to the streets which- once vibrant- have become a ghost town.

"Going to pray there is a political act in and of itself, and that's why it's important," Abu Khater elaborated.

Demonstrations across Palestine
Friday morning and afternoon were full of protests and confrontations against Israeli violence and persistent settler expansion.

In the West Bank, Yousef Abedalkarim Muhsein's funeral procession moved from Ramallah hospital compound on Friday morning, headed towards his town of Al-Ram where he was buried. Videos of the final farewell to Muhsein show his friends and community members throwing themselves over his body as they prepare to lay him to rest.

Confrontations ensued in Al-Ram following the funeral, with youth hurling stones at Israeli forces who threw teargas, live ammunition, and stun grenades at demonstrators. Israeli soldiers also prevented journalists from covering the demonstrations and Muhsein's funeral procession.

More protests occurred near military stations, settlements, and checkpoints in villages and towns around Jericho, Nablus, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Hebron, and Jerusalem, where Israeli armed forces responded with force.

"From Kufr Nima to Jenin, we are a united people which does not die," the chants echoed in the small village of Kufr Nima, 13 km northwest of Ramallah. Across the demonstrations, various factional flags were carried, signaling the continued growth of unification across the country.

On Friday evening, Palestinian citizens of Israel in Umm el-Fahem and Haifa also organized protests against the massacre in Jenin. "Raise your voice," protestors chanted in Haifa, "raise, raise again, the sound of the chants," they continued as Israeli police attempted to break apart the group.

Two Palestinians were arrested in Umm el-Fahem and at least three in Haifa, according to local news sources.
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip also denounced the massacre in Jenin and joined in protests which broke out late Thursday evening. Dozens of Palestinians protested near the imposed Israeli border near Khan Younis city, south of the strip, while hundreds of Palestinians in Al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, also joined protests and burned tires.

Mariam Barghouti

Mariam Barghouti is the Senior Palestine Correspondent for Mondoweiss.

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