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28 Jamada al-Awwal 1443 AH - December 25 2022 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1999


Sura Ikhlas
  1. Say, :The truth is that Allah is One.
  2. Allah is Besought of all, needing none.
  3. He neither begot anyone, nor was he begotten.
  4. And there is none like him;

Night Patrol of Umar ibn-al-Khattab
by Hyder Shaikh, Canada

  1. Once on his duty to solve the needs of the people he came across old man begging.

    He asked who he was? He replied I old and Jew I cannot pay Jizya due to my old age. He took him home and took care and next morning after salat took him to Baitul Mall and instructed that old people should be helped by the state and not allowed to beg.

  2. Once at night patrol he found a woman not breast feeding her crying baby. Umar asked why she is not feeding woman and went, then he came back when the baby was crying louder. Umar came again and said what a bad mum you are she replied Umar is giving money to the child who is taking food and not to the breast-feeding children. The changed the policy and instructed Baitul -mal to give baby allowance from the day the child is born.

 War News

War News [We report the war news without taking sides.]


December 25, ISIS raiders captured and executed two Assad regime soldiers. [western al-Raqqa]

Turkish artillery is hitting SDF targets in the Tel Abyed area'

Half million Syrian refugees have returned home from Turkey.

Large areas are under Islamic control.

Pakistan facing TTP Islamics

TTP attacks are spreading. In the latest 6 Pakistan troops have been killed.


12 Iraqi regime troops have been killedb in the latest fighting with ISIS near Kirkuk.
British jets are bombing ISIS.

GUIDANCE by Sis. Yasmin

A car ahead was moving like a turtle and not giving me way in spite of my continuous honking!
I was on brink of losing my cool when
I noticed the small sticker on the car's rear!

"Physically challenged~ Please be patient."

And that changed everything!!
I immediately went calm & slowed down!!
In fact I got a little protective of the car & the driver!!!
I reached work a few minutes late, but it was ok!

And then it struck me. Would I have been patient if there was no sticker!???!
Why do we need stickers to be patient with people!??

Would we be more patient & kind with others if people had labels pasted on their foreheads??
Labels like ——
" Lost my job" , "Fighting cancer", "Going through a bad divorce" , " Suffering Emotional abuse " , "Lost a loved one", "Feeling worthless" , " Financially messed up"..... and more like these!!!!

Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

The least we can do is be patient & kind!!!

Let us respect the invisible labels!!!!

'In Shaa Allah' إن شاء الله‎ (God willing)

~My 'Salaams' to all ~
~ Y a s m i n ~

"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} the Face of thy LORD, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honor"
{'Qur`an'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

 Dr Kaukab Siddique


by Kaukab Siddique

Soft Targets

One of the most demeaning forms of human behavior is the bombing of civilian populations. Russia is doing that right now.

Ukraine is successfully answering the bombing.

Worse than that is the bombing of civilisations which cannot shoot back and have no anti-aircraft weapons. They cannot even respond to long range artillery and tanks.

America has been doing that to Islamic groups such as Al-Qaida , ISIS and al-Shabab. The bombing of their families has been documented. NATO as a whole has participated. There has been no voice raised against these atrocities. In fact the bomber pilots are hailed as heroes.

More than 40000 Muslim civilians were killed in the bombing of Mosul by NATO and Iranian artillery.

Russians did that to eastern Aleppo where thousands were killed. There was no protest from the western powers.

So there is a double standard. If Ukrainian civilians are killed, even one or two, the media are full of it.


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