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7 Rajab 1443 AH - December 4 2022 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1996

News Within Russia

[Is Russia trying to gain worldwide Muslim Support? Russia considers it western powers' war against religious values.]
25 Nov 2022 [al-Jazeera excerpted]

Russia's lower house of parliament has approved unanimously a bill that effectively outlaws any expression of LGBTQ life.

The new law widens a ban on "LGBT propaganda" and restricts the "demonstration" of LGBTQ behaviour, making any action or information that is deemed to promote homosexuality - whether in public, online or in films, books or advertising - subject to a hefty fine.

As the Ukraine war rages, Russia doubles down on anti-LGBT laws Russia proposes extending 'gay propaganda' law to all adults LGBTQ Ukrainians and Russians find solidarity in Berlin Thousands of Serbia's Orthodox Christians rally against EuroPrid

The legislation still needs the approval of the upper house of parliament and President Vladimir Putin, but those steps are seen as a formality.

"Any propaganda of non-traditional relationships will have consequences," the speaker of the lower house, or State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said on social media.

The bill "will protect our children and the future of our country from the darkness spread by the US and European states", he added.

Activists say the new legislation ramps up the crackdown on "non-traditional" sexual relationships in Russia, with legal experts warning its vague language leaves room for law enforcement officers to interpret it as broadly as they wish, increasing the risk and uncertainty for the country's LGBTQ community.

Authorities have already used the existing law to stop gay pride marches and detain gay rights activists. Rights groups say the new law is intended to drive those leading "non-traditional" lives, including lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, out of public life altogether.

"LGBT today is an element of hybrid warfare and in this hybrid warfare we must protect our values, our society and our children," Alexander Khinshtein, one of the bill's architects, said last month.

India [2 items]

By Indian Express News Service

Attempts to Crush Protests by Christians

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The police have charged several church leaders in connection with the clashes on Saturday between the Latin Catholic church-led Vizhinjam agitation committee, who are against the construction of Vizhinjam port by Adani group, and the People Collective of Mulloor, who are in favour of the port project.

While Archbishop of the Latin Catholic Diocese, Thomas J Netto has been named as the first accused, Auxiliary bishop Christudas and Vicar General Eugene Pereria have also been named in the FIR related to the violence. The Vizhinjam police have registered 10 cases in total on the violence that had rocked Vizhinjam on Saturday. Of these nine cases were related to the street violence between the two groups, while the other case was related to flouting of the High Court ruling and creating trouble in the high-security area.

The archbishop and the auxiliary bishop were named accused in three cases. They have been charged for conspiracy, inciting people for violence and rioting. As many as 50 priests of the Latin church have also been named as accused. The police also have identified about 30 vehicles that ferried protestors to the spot. The Vicar General, who was present at the protest site, was charged for attempt to murder.

The church understandably was miffed with the police action and said instead of registering cases against the ones who had conspired to create violence, the police were targetting the Latin Catholic clergy to weaken the protests.

The clash erupted on Saturday after Adani Group attempted to resume construction work by bringing construction materials, including granite, to the port site in trucks. The group had written to the state government on resuming the construction work on Saturday.

The vehicles were brought to the site after the Vizhinjam agitation committee promised the High Court on Tuesday that they would not stop them. The court had also recorded the promise of the agitation committee.

However, a large group of people assembled at the port site and blocked 27 trucks from 10am. A few protesters also lay down in front of the trucks. Soon, Mulloor residents reached the site and they had a heated argument with the protesters. It later snowballed into a scuffle, with the agitators pelting stones at local residents even after the police and a few priests tried to calm them down. The protesters also chased away local people and pelted stones at a truck, and its windowpane got damaged.

14 Year old Raped and Killed.

By PTI [December 5]
MATHURA: A 14-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly strangled to death after gang rape in a village under Mahavan Police Station area of Mathura district.

According to Police, the girl had gone to a forest area near her house to relieve herself at around 8.30 pm Friday night. She had taken her nine-year-old sister with her.

Three men of the village caught the girl there and allegedly gang-raped her, and strangled her to death later, they said. Her younger sister somehow managed to escape from there and told her family about the incident.

When they heard about it, the family along with other villagers began a search for the girl and ended up apprehending two men.

Superintendent of Police Rural Trigun Bisen who visited the spot pacified the agitated villagers and took Deshraj and Yogendra, the two men caught by the villagers, into custody.

Police are now conducting raids in search of the third accused, Sachin, who is on the run.Deputy Superintendent of Police Alok Singh said prima facie it appears that the girl was killed after rape.

An FIR has been lodged and police are investigating the matter.

Why Pakistan's Army cannot Liberate Kashmir, free Uighur Muslims? why it Surrendered and tries to Crush Mujahideen suporting Sharia?

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The costly white elephant

The Pakistan Army is the remnant of the British colonial army built only to protect the British imperial interest in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. India could successfully  indianise these British-made mercenaries, but Pakistan failed badly to  pakistanise them. Pakistan Army's cantonments still work as the bastions of secularism -the most powerful antidote to Islamisation. People used to be demoted or expelled from the Pakistan Army even for keeping beards -the known marker of the best Muslim generals of Islam's golden days. Pakistan cantonments are the protected islands of western culture. The culture of common rural Pakistanis is alien to them. Supplying wine to the officers on public money was stopped only by General Ziaul Haque in the late seventies. Even now, the Army is ever-ready to protect the criminal autocrats of the Middle East. They are their ideological and cultural cousins. They even feel trigger-happy to bomb madrasas and mosques -as seen in General Musharraf's era.

The Pakistan Army is one of the most costly Army in the world. Giving a good salary, good accommodation and other costly incentives are not the only burden on the public. An Indian general retired only with an apartment in his possession. But a retiring Pakistani general must be made a billionaire by public money at the end of his service. Even an Army major deserves a good size residential plot in the most lucrative area of the federal or the provincial capital of Pakistan. This is why India can easily deploy 7 hundred thousand soldiers in Kashmir -a land of only 10 million. Whereas Pakistan Army found it very costly and impossible to deploy even 35 thousand soldiers in East Pakistan in 1971 - a land of 75 million against 250 thousand Indian soldiers.

The incompatibles

Pakistan Army's best known old icons like General Ayub Khan, General Yahiya Khan, General A. A. Niazi and General Tikka Khan didn't join the Army to serve Islam and Muslim. They joined the British Army only as mercenaries. They didn't have any love for Islam and Muslim. They have love only for their own career. As a result, they failed to show any love for Pakistan and its pan-Islamic backbone. Many of these Generals like Yahiya showed tremendous love for wine and women.

The diehard secularists of the Pakistan Army -as trained and mentored by the British are known for their in-built incompatibility with the ideology of pan-Islamism - the reason for creation and sustenance of Pakistan. In later days, they proved to be the worst enemies within. They failed badly to defend Pakistan's border and integrity. They could excel only in occupying their own countries again and again. They could also excel in building costly residential estates for their professional mates in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and other big cities.

General Ayub Khan -the original architect of Pakistan's dismemberment proved to be a rabid racist and Bengali-hater. He had severe Bengali-phobia. He thought that if democracy sustains, the Bengali Muslims will have a dominant role in Pakistan's politics. To put a bar against that, he killed democracy. And, when he made his own constitution in 1961, he abolished participatory parliamentary form of government. He ruled as an autocratic President of Pakistan for 11 years. His one-man rule successfully killed the sense of ownership of Pakistan in the mind of the Bengali Muslims -the majority Pakistanis.

President Ayub Khan built the most costly capital city on the earth in Islamabad from scratch -while most Pakistanis were not even able to bear the cost of making a liveable house in a village. It was a monumental crime against the poor majority in one of the poorest countries of the world. It generated a strong sense of exploitation in the mind of the East Pakistanis. It is worth mentioning that in those early days, Pakistan used to earn its major share of foreign currency from jute export. This is why jute got the name "golden fibre". A costly capital was built at the expense of the country's integrity. It added nothing to Pakistan's fame, defence or economy. It could only expedite its debacle in 1971. It appeased only its bureaucratic elites.

It was the criminal failure of the Pakistani intellectuals, politicians and academics that they couldn't understand the lethal impact of such crime against Pakistan's own existence. Instead, many of them find it a source of pride and euphoria. A state can only become a failed state when such fatal policies get executed. It was a grotesque betrayal with the objective of Pakistan's creation. Such a betrayal can only bring Divine punishment. Pakistan is already in the midst of that and finding no way-out. Worldwide begging has been its rulers' permanent preoccupation.

The road to dismemberment

Out of his Bengali phobia, Ayub Khan even thought of dismembering Pakistan. Justice Muneer -Ayub Khan's law minister and ex-Supreme Court chief justice writes in his book "Jinnah to Zia" about his such intention. Justice Muneer reveals that Ayub Khan asked him to ask Bengali politicians to demand separation from West Pakistan. Justice Muneer discussed that subject with one of the East Pakistani politicians.  In response, he was told, "We -the Bengalis are the majority in Pakistan, why should we separate? You are the minority, you like separation from us, you can do that".

Fatima Jinnah made a sincere attempt to save democracy and the integrity of Pakistan. Ayub Khan labelled her as an Indian agent and spread filth about her. He engineered an electoral victory in 1964. It is also strongly believed by many East Pakistanis that Shaikh Mujibur Rahman's 6 point secessionist formula was framed by Ayub's favourite bureaucrat Altaf Ghauher and handed over to Mujib by one of Mr. Ghauher's Bengali colleagues.

Whereas, the real builders of Pakistan were the Bengali Muslims. It started from giving birth to Muslim League in 1906. Bengal -the most dominant province of Indian politics, culture and education was the bastion of Muslim League politics. Bengal had three Prime Ministers of undivided Bengal from 1937 to 1947-as per the British Parliament's India Rule Act of 1935. All three Prime Ministers were from the Muslim League. Since the Bengali Hindus were educationally, politically and economically much advanced, such a political victory of Bengali Muslims made a huge boost on Muslim League's Pakistan movement. Even the final and the decisive battle of Pakistan movement called " Larke lenge Pakistan" was fought in Kolkata on 16 August in 1946. More than 5 thousand Bengali Muslims gave their lives in that Congress and Hindutva-led massacre.

Muslim League couldn't make such an impact in other Muslim majority provinces. The majority of the Punjabi and Pathan Muslims didn't support the idea of Pakistan. Even in the last days of British rule, the Punjab province was under the rule Sikander Hyat Khan led-Unionist Party - the combined political front of the Sikh, Hindu and Muslims -strongly against the creation of Pakistan. The Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) was ruled by the Indian Congress led by Abdul Ghaffar Khan -the so-called frontier Gandhi. The real existential threat started to build up with the occupation of Pakistan by its power grabbing notorious Army. The Army-occupied state badly failed to deliver justice to its majority people. As a result, it met a disgraceful fate in 1971 by the hand of India.

The highest  ibadah became the devilish tool

Defending a Muslim state is the highest ibadah in Islam. In the golden days of Islam, serving in the Army was never an elitist profession. It was indeed the humblest way of engaging in a holy jihad. In those days, people used to join the war with their own money, own weapons and their own horse. In those days, they could face the biggest superpower in the world by giving huge sacrifices. Serving in the Muslim Army used to be considered the best way of paying the price of paradise. Allah SWT asks for such investments in money and blood repeatedly in the Holy Qur'an. But in Pakistan it is a different practice and culture. The people join the army to access incredible pomp, power, pleasures and wealth that are not easily available in other professions.

Joining the Army gives entitlement to exercise huge political, economic and administrative power. The Army can even influence the judiciary and government policy. Since the creation of Pakistan, the country was ruled most of the time by the Army -directly or by the proxies. So the Army created a new class of ruling elites and made a huge number of new feudals/ zamindars.  Such a medieval practice of land endowment was started by General Ayub Khan to create a constituency of pet cronies and collaborators. They were his foot soldiers in his political and military rule. General Ayub Khan fought his war against Pakistani people, democracy and Islam with the help of these mercenary foot soldiers.

Such unethical practices do not exist in any civilised country. It is unknown even in neighbouring countries like India and Iran. Still, the Indian and Iranian soldiers are not less motivated and committed in war than those of the Pakistan Army. As long as such a system survives in the Army, Pakistan does not need any foreign enemies to destroy its integrity and existence. The Pakistan Army can do it alone.

In 1971, the Pakistan Army made unprecedented history by surrendering to idolaters in bulk. In fact, in the 14 hundred years of Muslim history, such an act of surrender to the infidels has been the work of only Pakistan Army. They blame politicians for the failure in 1971. Whereas, Pakistan's politics has been run by the Army since 1958.

In fact, the most honest rulers of Pakistan like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Khawaja Nazeemuddin, Mohammad Ali Bogra, Chowdhury Muhammad Ali and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy were the product of civilian politics. None can blame them as corrupt. They used politics as the tool of serving people. Unlike the Army Generals, they were the fighters against British rule. In those 11 years of civilian rule, Pakistan didn't have any war on the border, neither had any threat to her integrity. In those days of democratic politics, the people of East Pakistan had a strong sense of ownership of Pakistan. In the 1965 war, they strongly stood against India.

Evil breeds evils. Now Pakistan suffers from a political crisis. This is mostly the work of the Pakistan Army. Political garbage like the dynasties of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif are the products of the military regimes. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif didn't come to politics on their own merit. Bhutto was the protégés of General Ayub and Nawaz Sharif was brought into politics by General Zia. They used politics as a tool to corrupt people and the whole statecraft.

Financing the luxuries of the elites and the debt-burden on the poor

Pakistan is indebted to foreign countries only to finance the luxuries of the military and civil elites. The common people pay the huge debt. These are highly immoral and criminal practices that are incompatible with the teachings of Islam. Afghanistan is poor but a debt free country. Their leaders are not on tours for begging all over the world like the Pakistani leaders. Because, the Afghan government doesn't need to finance the luxuries of the white elephants in the Army, judiciary and the civil administration. In Afghanistan, a Supreme Court judge attends his court peddling a bi-cycle. But the Pakistani judge needs huge protocols whenever he is on his way to the court.

If the Pakistan government has enough money, that money should be spent to build houses for the homeless people and never to build residential estates for the retired army officers. If the common people like teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, builders, businessmen, peasants, factory workers and government employees can build their own houses, why can't the Army officers build their own houses? Every person is serving the state. Therefore, why should the Army get any exceptional privileges from the taxpayers' money? Is it for their guns that they carry? Should the gun decide the state policy?

If the common people can go to the offices by their own means, why do Army people need cars and jeeps? The possession of arms and ammunition doesn't make any one superior to others. Neither does it give any ruling rights to the people. It needs ethics and morality to be superior to others. But such moral basics are ignored in the Pakistan Army. They still believe that politics and policies only come out of guns. It is a pity that since 1958, the people in the Pakistan Army have been practising such an awful belief. It has already damaged Pakistan's moral, political and economic health.

War News  [We report the war news without taking sides.]

 War News


Turkish offensive has stalled after US troops took out joint patrols with SDF.

December 4. Protestors in Al-Suwaydaa city stormed Assad regime offices, burned cars, tore up Assad's pictures and demanded overthrow of the regime. The protests began after Assad troops opened fire on smaller group, killing one person and injuring several others.

The highway to Damascus is blocked by protestors with burning tires. Assad regime corruption is opposed.

In Hasakeh province a Turkish drone fired on an SDF vehicle killing an SDF [pro US] commander and his driver.

Turkish artillery is firing at SDF positions in three villages.

Russian jets bombed Islamic positions in Lattakia province as Fath al -Mubeen fighters clashed with Assad troops killing an Assad officer.

Russian bombing is also reported from northern areas of Aleppo province.

In clashes with ISIS east of Homs, three Assad officers were killed. Assad reinforcements have been sent to the area.
Iranian reinforcements are arriving at al-Mayadeen city in Deir ez Zor province.

In Deraa, clashes with local factions killed 4 ISIS men including a commander. ISIS has infiltrated Deraa.

Guidance by Sr. Yasmine

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam `ala Rasulillah.
As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu.
'And if ALLAH touch you with affliction, there is none to take it off but HE and if HE visit you with good, then HE has power over all things'.

{Source~Qur`an~ سورة الأنعام~ Surat Al An`am6~ A #17}

My 'Salaams' to all.
~ Y a s m i n ~

~*Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah*~ 
~Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice, my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'~
{'Qur`an'~Surat Al-`An`am -# 6-162.}

 Dr Kaukab Siddique


In an Islamic Regime, a woman should be able to travel alone.
by Br. Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Egyptian scholar Muhammad Abu Zahra wrote a comprehensive book about Imam Shafai. It has been translated into the Urdu language and i have learned some important aspects of Islamic way of life from it.

Imam Shafai was born in Yemen. The local community was going through some difficult times and Imam Shafai's father died when he was very young, hardly two years old.

Shafai was born in the year 150 hijri.
His mother, Fatima, who was from the Azd tribe, took him to Makka, from there to Gaza (Palestine), then Asqalan and then back to Makka when he was 10.

She travelled so much and all alone. No one is reported to have gone with her.
Her travels are of great interest to me.

She was never bothered by anyone in her travels. The Muslim countries were secure and so peaceful that a woman could travel alone without being bothered by anyone or being in any danger. 

She was looking for a situation in which her young son could do his Islamic studying and finally she found it.
He memorized the entire Qur'an and then went on to memorize numerous hadith.
Owing to Fatima's solid support and numerous travels through the desert and then to Gaza where Yemeni tribes had settled, Imam Shafai had an academic and spiritual foundation. He became one of the greatest scholars of Islam and an entire Islamic School of Thought is named after him.

Imam Shafai r.a., A comprehensive Study of his era, teachings, personality and qualities by Muhammad Abu Zahra, translated into Urdu by Syed Raees Ahmed Jaafari.

Qatar World Cup

Morocco shocked the Western World by Defeating First Belgium, then Canada

Arab immigrants, treated so long as inferiors, went out of control.
Big banners supporting Palestine were unfolded after each victory.

Reuters reports:
No sooner had the Qatar World Cup game between Belgium and Morocco finished than disturbances in downtown Brussels and in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam began. Less than an hour had passed since Morocco triumphed 2-0 in the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha - a result that left Belgium in third place in Group F and the Atlas Lions second - when groups of young men waving Morocco flags overturned at least one car, damaged others, set fires in the street and burned rental scooters. When the Belgian police responded at the scene, they did so with water cannon and charges by riot officers. Two hours later, authorities in Brussels said there had been a dozen arrests, according to local police reports.

In Rotterdam, a group of around 500 young Morocco fans threw bottles and fireworks at police, reports Isabel Ferrer.

In Amsterdam, several buses and trams were forced to alter their routes in the east of the city after fires were lit in the road.

Fireworks were also thrown and at least one car was set ablaze. In The Hague, other Morocco fans opened the doors of cars driving in the streets. When the situation started to escalate, the police intervened to separate the people, according to spokespeople.

In the Netherlands there is a Moroccan community numbering around 420,000, of which 60% were born in the country.
{Report on Qatar ends here.]

Within the USA


According to US media, hate against lgbtq has become open along with antisemitism, hatred of Jews.

There has been a serious shooting in Colorado at an lgbtq club.
The governor of Colorado is homo plus a Jew.

The government should investigate and try to stop this double edged hate from spreading.


Blatant Crime
3 Dec 2022

The killing of a Palestinian man by an Israeli soldier in broad daylight in the occupied West Bank has sparked widespread anger among Palestinians, amid calls on social media to escalate resistance acts against the Israeli occupation.

The last moments of Ammar Mufleh, 23, were captured on video on Friday by an unknown Palestinian. Footage showed Mufleh being held in a headlock by an Israeli soldier, as two other men try to wrestle him away. Mufleh then appears to strike the soldier and attempt to take hold of his rifle before the soldier pulls out a handgun and shoots him several times as he falls to the ground.

Israeli police accused of 'executing' Palestinian in West Bank

Can rising violence between Israelis, Palestinians be contained?

Israel to deport Palestinian lawyer to France

In the immediate aftermath, Israeli forces took away Mufleh's body, denying him a funeral - a well-versed humiliation and control tactic against Palestinians who are shot dead by Israeli forces. Confrontations broke out in the town and several Palestinians were subsequently injured, local media reported.

The incident took place in the occupied West Bank town of Huwara, south of Nablus, which went on a commercial strike the following day in protest at Mufleh's killing.


Good News from Iran

Iran has reportedly disbanded its morality police after months of protests triggered by the death of Jina Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for allegedly not wearing her hijab correctly


Armed Forces are Ready to Fight Back.

3 Dec 2022
Pakistan's newly appointed army chief has said the military is ready to defend the country if attacked as he visited the Line of Control (LoC), which divides the disputed Kashmir region.

"Let me make it categorically clear, Pakistan's armed forces are ever ready, not only to defend every inch of our motherland, but to take the fight back to the enemy if ever war is imposed on us,"

Lieutenant General Asim Munir said on Saturday, according to a statement released by the military's media wing.

TTP [Pakistani Taliban] have ended their cease fire with Pakistani forces.

December 4. Three police officers were killed in Nowshere

November 30. In the outskirts of Quetta, a human bomber from TTP or ISIS hit a police wagon, killing 4. wounding 24.

Jamaate Islami Demands Interest free economy and fair/early elections

Photo of JI leader Sirajul Haq below.
 Qaiser Sharif

Jamaat Al-Muslimeen news.
Person to Person

On December 2, a Jamaat al-Muslimeen 6-page document taken from New Trend was given to 51 Muslims after Juma salat.

There was a young new khateeb who spoke well and seemed to have read New Trend [against fancy mosques and sky scrapers in the Saudi desert.]

Here are the main points from the 6-pager.

  1. Sikh retaliates against Hindu blasphemy.

  2. Entire population of Bomako [Mali, West Africa] came out to condemn blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh].

  3. New fighting rages across Syria.

  4. Huge Shabab blast in Somalia.

  5. The Rope of Allah. Quran calls.

  6. Imran Khan most popular in Pakistan.

Outreach Through Facebook

PBS documentary first time admitted why Iranian students took hostages at US embassy.

Role of Shah of Iran and President Carter was explained in detail.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
publicized the documentary and reached 638 people.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


WHYY radio, Philadelphia, is doing serious propaganda against Turkey, accusing Turkey of genocide of Armenian Christians.

WHYY is staunch supporter of Israel. It does not tell listeners that as people became Muslims, their old churches became relics only of interest to tourists.

Same is happening in Africa.

2022-12-05 Mon 15:29:43 ct