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9 Mohurram 1444 AH -August 7 2022 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1979

Latest Editorial

 Latest Editorial

The case of Ayman al-Zawahiri.
How the Taliban defused Biden's Celebration.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The Biden administration dramatically announced that on July 31 the leader of al-Qaida Islamic movement Ayman al-Zawahiri had been killed in a US drone strike.

The American media provided massive information to back up the Biden claim. According to this publicity the Islamic leader used to appear for prayer and meditation on the balcony of his home at a specific time in the early morning and the US drone wiped him out like a fly swatter smashes a fly. The US claimed that there were no civilian casualties, not even his family.
[His first family was killed by the US 10 years back.[

To add to the gruesome story, the US added that two hellfire missiles were used in the drone strike. How comfortable were the Americans, we were told that the targeting could be done from an office in America and the hellfire missile CHOPS UP the target without an explosion. So chopping up is no problem when the western media has cried out against 4 beheadings by ISIS.

Now notice the Taliban response.

  1. The Taliban denounced the drone strike as a violation of the Doha peace agreement.

  2. For a week the Taliban did not mention the name of the Islamic leader.

  3. Then they said, they did not know he was in Kabul.

  4. Then they said their committees were investigating the American claim.

  5. Then they told the Americans, if such a violation happens again, there will be consequences.

  6. The latest, August 6, is that people in 7 Afghan provinces are protesting the American attack and claiming that Biden is a liar.

New Trend's response:

  1. Its quite possible that the Americans have killed Ayman al-Zawahiri.

  2. However, the Americans cannot celebrate because :
    1. They don't have a body.
    2. They don't have dna.
    3. They don' have witnesses.

  3. ISIS, Islamic State group, has growing support in Afghanistan and are rivals of Taliban. They have not mentioned that the leader of al-Qaida linked to Taliban has been killed.

  4. Remember last year when the US tried to strike ISIS , it killed 10 civilians and was apologetic.

  5. It's possible that the US did kill some people and the bodies have been taken away.

  6. Saif al-Fadl [Sword of Justice in Arabic] is next in line to be the leader of al-Qaida, according to US researchers. Perhaps after time passes and Biden cannot gain votes from his drone strike, the next al-Qaida leader will be announced.

  7. If the leader has been killed, ground sighting was needed and Pakistan's military might have played a role. The US had put a $25 million bounty on his head and Pakistani generals need the money.

  8. Remember in the case of Osama bin Laden, Pakistan did not oppose US use of its air space.
    The treachery of the generals has infected this military.


"Anti-US protesters held rallies across Afghanistan on August 5 to denounce the recent US drone strike that Washington says was aimed at killing al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The largest gatherings were reported in major cities, such as Jalalabad, Kabul, and Mazar-i-Sharif.

Protest venues included mosques, government buildings, and major roadways, in which hundreds of people attended.

Demonstrators also chanted slogans against Pakistan's inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and urged the country not to provide its airspace to carry out attacks against Afghanistan."

Hot off the Presses.
Latest book by Kaukab Siddique

Return to Pakistan: Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.
200 pages. $30.

The writer looks at the thought of outstanding Islamic thinkers who provided the historic development of Islam in modern times. Also included are interviews with the leaders of the Red Mosque and the Women's Seminary in Islamabad.
Interview with Syed Munawar Hasan.
Specific reports on US bombing of Afghanistan.

Recent book

Hadith and Women by Kaukab Siddique
Hadith is the greatest supporter of women's rights, second only to the Qur'an.

Order both books from:

New Trend
P.O. Box 84, Oxford, Pa 19363, USA



Bold Statement on US Drone strike.

August 2. Amir Sirjul Haq condemned the US drone attack on Afghan soil and called it foreign interference intoa sovereign nation. He hoped Pakistani soil was not used to carry out drone attack in Afghanistan.

He said Pakistan had clearly announced its policy for not allowing use of its land and air against Afghanistan, believing the government will stick to its stance.

Honest Statement on Condition of Masses.

August 5. In a country where 80 percent population lacked access to even clean drinking water and where millions of children were out of school due to poverty, there was no limit in protocol culture and extravagances by ministers and bureaucrats on state resources. Why the public was forced to pay the cost of the free electricity and fuel facilities available to ruling class, he questioned.

Sirajul Haq said the PTI, the PDM and the PPP destroyed the country and damaged every institution. The ruling parties, he said, stood badly exposed now, having nothing on their credit except loot and plunder. He said the JI would continue struggle for the rights of the people

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Two Pakistanis and an Afghan murdered in New Mexico

By Andrew Hay
(Reuters) - The murders of three Muslim men in New Mexico's largest city in the past nine months were likely linked and they appear to have been targeted for their religion and race, police said.

Two members of the same mosque were shot dead in Albuquerque in the last ten days and there is a "strong possibility" their deaths are connected to the November killing of an Afghan immigrant, according to a city police official.

In all three cases victims were ambushed and shot without warning, city police said.

"There's one strong commonality in all of our victims — their race and religion," Albuquerque police Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock told a Thursday press briefing, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper.

Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, 27, a planning director for the city of Española who came to the United States from Pakistan, was shot dead on Monday outside his Albuquerque apartment complex, police said.

That followed the murder of Aftab Hussein, 41, from Albuquerque's large Afghan community, who was found dead of gunshot wounds on July 26 near the city's international district, police said.

The deaths are likely linked to the shooting of 62-year-old Mohammad Ahmadi in a parking lot by a halal supermarket and cafe on Nov.7, Hartstock said.

"We have never felt this much fear in [our] community," Tahir Gauba, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of New Mexico, told the newspaper.

[Now a 4th murder has been uncovered.



Person to Person

Catonsville, eastern Maryland

This is a Pakistani American mosque. Most of the proceedings are in Urdu though they know English.

After prayers, a 6-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document taken from New Trend was given to 59 Pakistani Americans.

Main items in the 6-page document:

  1. Fatwa against marriage with non-Muslims [by Dr. Kaukab Siddique.]

  2. Hadith on blessings of Sadaqa. [Sis. Yasmin]

  3. Syria: Russian air strikes, ISIS raids, Turkish artillery.SOHR]

  4. JI wants rule of law in Pakistan. [Faisal Shasrif]

  5. Negative effects of vaccines. [clg]

  6. Rebuttal of holocaust myth [by Jurgen Graf]

War News

 War News



Here are latest samples of the conflict

An HTS member was killed in an attack with a guided missile fired by Assad regime forces on Basoufan frontline in north-west Aleppo countryside.

Four Assad regime soldiers were killed in an attack by ISIS on their military post near Al-Syriatel tower at Al-Muhr site, near Jahar area in the Syrian desert.

Assad artillery hi4 villages in Irbid province.

Turkish artillery hit SDF [pro-US[ position in north east Syria.

In Latakia Islamic group Fath e Mubin hit Assad regime troops and positions. Also in Hama countryside.

Several attacks in Deraa province on Assad regime Baathist officials.


Islamic fighters who were oppressed in Crimea by Russia have joined the fighting against the Russian invasion,
[Extensive article published by al-jazeera.]

Mali [West Africa]

Al-Qaida fighters attacked three regime army bases near Bomako.

Heavy regime losses.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

UK Enabling Modi's India
by Bhavani Kanjulakhsmi {August 1]
[Via Dr. Firoz Kamal]

On 9 May 2022, the community of Shaheen Bhagh, one of Delhi's Muslim neighbourhoods, woke up to 200 policemen and a battalion of armed militants lined up outside their doors. The women began to come out of their homes, assembling in Dharnā (a peaceful sit-in demonstration). They knew what was about to come. At 11.30am, a bulldozer arrived. Slogans grew louder into a mass uproar as protesters surrounded it. The demolition drive paused when several women, including Congress leader Arfa Khanum, despite having a fractured leg, leaped past the police and onto the bulldozer.

For years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been trying to transform India into a Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) regime. Hindutva extremists are openly calling for the genocide of India's 200 million Muslims to form a new Hindu state. The BJP has doggedly pursued a regime to deprive Muslims of their rights, from criminalising Hindu-Muslim marriages and erasing the chapters on democracy and secularism from school textbooks, to endorsing a propaganda film that depicts Muslims as bloodthirsty traitors - not far from Nazi films like Jew Süss.

This persecution of Muslims that started with lynchings and incarcerations has expanded to include what has become the 'bulldozer politics' - the rumble of state-sponsored bulldozers in Muslim-majority areas razing mosques, homes and shops. Groups in saffron show up to cheer the demolitions and wave Hindutva flags as hundreds of Muslim families watch from behind the barricades as their livelihoods disappear into clouds of dust and debris.
Given this context, it was especially grim to see Boris Johnson sit in a JCB bulldozer during an April visit to India, as he attended the inauguration of a new factory in Gujarat, posing for cameras with the British company whose same machines have been flattening Muslim homes.

That trip to India, where both leaders discussed a major free trade agreement, and the subsequent reunion at the G7 summit last month (where Johnson accepted a hand-painted tea set from Modi), have been seen by many exasperated Indian Muslims as a provocative disregard for their experience.

Yet this betrayal is not new. Imperial Britain has always been in the driving seat of the bulldozer, revealing the UK's role in both setting and enabling violence against Muslims in the country.

The scapegoating and punishment of Indian Muslims were tactics first employed in the 19th century by the British colonisers to ease conquest. After fabricating a monolithic fantasy called 'the Indian culture', the British homogenised 'India' as 'Hindu'. "They [the Empire] appeased the majority Hindus by promising to 'save' them from Muslims," explains Nabiya Khan, an activist and poet from Delhi.

Lord Minto, the mastermind behind 'divide and rule' policy, carefully orchestrated divisions within the Indian army on the basis of religion to avoid a united uprising against the British. He saw Hindu-Muslim unity in India as a danger to the empire, so he branded Indian Muslims as 'invaders'. We see this echoed centuries later as the BJP regime labels Indian Muslims as "anti-national terrorists". Meanwhile, the BJP regime uses colonial-era sedition laws to incarcerate writers, journalists and activists to repress political dissidence.

This legacy seeped even further into Indian society. "The 'masculine' British coloniser considered Hindu men 'too feminine'," says Laila Kadiwal, a sociologist based in London. "Today's Hindutva uses violence against Muslims as a revenge to overcome this 'emasculation'." Hindutva extremists regularly circulate fake news of Hindu women being abducted and converted to Islam by Muslim men, known as "Love Jihad". "[Hindutva] men's obsession with saving Muslim women is also a direct replica of how the British Empire wanted to 'save' the brown women," adds Sara Ather, an Indian writer and activist.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'Muharram' is the first month of the Hijri calendar and is one of the Four sacred months concerning which...

ALLAH {Azza wa Jall } says in the 'Qur'an'...
'Surely the number of months with Allah is
Twelve months in Allah's ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; that is the right reckoning; therefore be not unjust to yourselves regarding them'.
[Source: 'Qur'an' ~Surat At-Taubah ~ 9~ Verse # 36]

'Muharram' is one of the four sacred Months out of twelve.
The others being...
and Rajab.
These four months have been sacred since the creation of universe.
ALLAH {Azza wa Jall } says in the 'Qur'an'...
'Muharram' is a sacred month because Allah made it sacred along with three other months and told us about it in the 'Qur'an'.
informed us about the Four sacred months in the following narration...

'The year is of Twelve months, out of which
Four {4} months are sacred.
Three {3} are in succession---
  1. / ~Dhul - Qa'dah.
  2. /~ Dhul-Hijjah.
  3. /~Muharram.
  4. /~Rajab.
[Source: Bukhari Vol~ 004, Book # 054, Hadith # 419]

'Ashura'~ [meaning tenth in Arabic]
The 10th of Muharram.
Fasting on the 10th Muharram 'Ashura' was obligatory on the Muslims before the fasts of 'Ramadan' were made obligatory.
Narrated by the Mother of the Believers Aisha
(Allah be pleased with her) ---
The people used to fast on 'Ashura'
{the tenth (10th)day of the month of 'Muharram'} before the fasting of 'Ramadan' was made obligatory. and on that day the 'Kaaba' used to be covered with a cover. When Allah made the fasting of the month of 'Ramadan' compulsory.
*PROPHET* {may peace be upon him} said...
'Whoever wishes to fast (on the day of 'Ashura')
may do so and whoever wishes to leave it can do so'.
[ Source: 'Bukhari' Vol 02, Book 026, Hadith # 662. ]
Abu Qatada al-Ansari (Allah be pleased with him) reported that...
The Messenger of Allah {peace be upon him} was asked about fasting on the day of 'Ashura' {10th of Muharram} whereupon he said...
It expiates the sins of the preceding year...{!}
{Source~ Muslim: Book 06: Hadith # 2603}


Six Children and 4 Women among 31 Palestinians killed in Israeli Air Strikes

Türkiye on Sunday condemned attempts by hundreds of Israeli settlers to force their way into the flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in occupied East Jerusalem, as well as ongoing Israeli attacks that have caused the deaths of Palestinian civilians.

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said recent Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, which began on Friday, had resulted in the deaths of many civilians, including children.

It added that on Sunday, "fanatical Jewish groups," including Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir, stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque under police protection.

The ministry "strongly condemned" the Israeli attacks on civilians, as well as the attempts to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, calling them "provocative actions" that openly violate the status quo of the flashpoint area in occupied East Jerusalem.

It underlined that such actions would further fuel tensions in the region, calling on Tel Aviv not to allow such actions aimed at status and spirituality of the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex.

Israeli warplanes continued airstrikes in the Gaza Strip for the third day on Sunday, for what the army said was to prevent an "imminent threat of attacks" by the Islamic Jihad group.

At least 31 Palestinians have been killed, including six children and four women, and over 275 others injured in the Israeli offensive, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Two top comanders were killed.

The attacks came amid rising tensions across Palestinian territories following the detention of Bassam al-Saadi, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad, in an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin early this week.

The Israeli army said the Gaza offensive may last for a week. But the head of Israel's domestic intelligence service Shin Bet on Sunday recommended ending the Gaza offensive, saying the onslaught achieved its goals by dealing a heavy blow to the Islamic Jihad group.

['About a hundred Israeli properties were damaged by IsIamic Jihad rocket fire but the Israelis got enough time to hide undergrounfd and were not hurt.]

 Karbala and Husayn

Karbala and Husayn, r.a.

In the year 61 of the hijri calendar, on the 10the of Muharram, [680 CE] Husayn, r.a, the grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, was martyred near the Euphrates river at a place known as Karbala.

He and his family were surrounded by a big force sent by a warlord known as Ibn Ziyad.

Husayn refused to surrender to the overwhelming force which wanted to terrorize him to accept the despotisam of Ibn Ziyad.

Husayn, r.a., went down fighting to the end. All male members of his family were also killed.

He is a symbol of resistance to tyranny and corruption.

The Muslim world went into mental trauma that a beloved grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, could be killed despite his decency and piety.. .


Male to Male Emergency

Cases of the virus have topped 6,600 in the US, according to health officials

The US government has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency following a spike in cases.

The decision will speed up the distribution of vaccines, treatments and federal resources to curb the spread of the virus.

It comes less than a fortnight after the World Health Organization (WHO) issued its highest emergency alert following a worldwide surge in cases.

Cases have topped 6,600 in the US, according to health officials.

A quarter of these cases have appeared in the state of New York, which declared its own state of emergency over the disease last week.

The two states with the next highest caseloads - California and Illinois - declared states of emergency earlier this week

More than 26,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide this year, data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows.

Some public health experts have expressed concern the emergency declaration could further stigmatise the disease. Although anyone can catch monkeypox, the outbreak has been largely concentrated among men who have sex with men.

But it is not purely a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and can also be passed on by close contact with an infected person.


Amazing Outreach through Facebook..

The July 31 issue of New Trend reached 290,244 Muslims
including 2900 women.

Main articles:

Islamic new year & role of sahaba, r.a [khutba by Dr. K. Siddique]

The wrath of Allah.[Hadith Sis. Yasmin]

Debunking the holocaust [Germar Rudolf]

JI critique of Imran Khan

Intro to Aafia Siddiqui by Mauri Salaakhan.

Chinese Muslims and Communists

Israeli atrocity against Palestinian youth.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Remember Prisoners

Why is the case of Imam Jamil so Important?
by Mauri Saalakhan
[Intro to the book]

The Imprisonment of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin: Is It a Government Conspiracy?

Mauri' Saalakhan
Independently Published, May 24, 2020 - African American political activists - 168 pages

In the opening days of the trial of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (the former H. Rap Brown), the late Coretta Scott King, founder of the Atlanta-based Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, released a statement that read in part: "For justice to be faithfully served there must be no rush to judgment and the defense must be allowed to present all of its evidence, just as the prosecution must uphold the highest standards in meeting the burden of proof."

Unfortunately, there was a rush to judgment, with exculpatory evidence favoring the accused deliberately left out of the judicial process. As a result, someone who many believe to be an innocent man has now marked 20 years of unjust imprisonment. Among those who question the legitimacy of Al-Amin's conviction and life sentence is another "civil rights icon" who testified as a character witness on behalf of the accused during the sentencing phase of his trial. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations (and mayor of Atlanta, GA), Andrew Young, recently spoke of "a case that weighs heavy on my heart because I really think he was wrongfully convicted. I'm talking about Jamil Al-Amin, H. Rap Brown."

The Imprisonment of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin examines the history of this controversial figure - from his days as a young firebrand during the 1960s, to the transformative work on himself and the communities he served in later years as a Muslim cleric. Through such voices as Karima Al-Amin, Esq.; Dr. Harry Edwards (principle founder of the 1968 Olympic Project for Human Rights); well-known and accomplished academic, Dr. Cornel West; respected Muslim cleric, Imam Khalid Griggs, and others, we get a glimpse into the man who came to symbolize one of the most turbulent decades in American history, and the power of faith-based revolutionary transformation.

Through the pages of this book we also get a glimpse into the years of unwarranted surveillance of Imam Al-Amin's lawful activities, leading up to the tragedy of March 16, 2002 - a still controversial tragedy that resulted in the death of one sheriff's deputy and the serious injury of another - as we seek to explore the provocative question: Is the imprisonment of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin the result of a never-ending government conspiracy?

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