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17 Zul hjjah 1443 AH - July 17 2022 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1976



"Do not Imitate the Unbelievers." [Hadith] Many Muslims take it literally.

Many, or most, Muslims don't know that Eid al-Adha also requires Local Sighting.
By Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Converts to Islam sometimes think that they should dress like Arabs or Pakistanis or Afghans.

In the time of the Prophet, pbuh, generally people dressed alike. The Muslims were humble and simple in their clothing. There was no complex difference.

American Muslims don't have to dress like Arabs.

Ibn Taymiyyah [1263-1328] explained it best. Do not imitate the thinking of the unbelievers and their mental/cultural constructs.

For instance, the thinking of the unbelievers is reflected in imperialism,

Zionism and racism. Do not think that brutality and love of wealth and considerations of color are Important.

Gender is not the standard of superiority. If a woman knows the Qur'an better than I do, then I must listen, respect and accept.

Listening to what is good is essential. In America listening is scarce even at the university level.

Loving and caring for your own nation is fine as long as one does not go into forbidden activities like drinkimg and gambling.

A novel which cleverly Supported War in Afghanistan

The Kite Runner
{From New Trend research.]

 News within the US

According to CNN, July 14, Khalid Husseini, who lives in California is celebrating the emergence of his daughter, aged 21, as a trans person.

"The Messenger of Allah, pbuh, cursed the women who imitate men and the men who imitate women." [Hadith at-Tirmidhi, from Ibn Abbas, #2784]

From his name, it would appear that Husseini is a Shia Muslim. In Islam be it Shia or Sunni, there is no acceptance of trans. People are born male or female.

CNN praised Husseini because he is famous for his book The Kite Runner. Why did he become famous?

His book was used to justify America's war against the Taliban which went on for twenty years and ended last year with the victory of the Taliban.

The central villain in the Kite runner is a psychopath who supports the Taliban. The depictions attributed to this villain are so graphic that conservative American groups wanted the book to be banned.

However the Zionist media acclaimed the Kite Runner from coast-to-coast so that it became world famous.

Not only were the Taliban painted as homosexuals and rapists but as mentally deranged. They were even shown as supporters of Hitler!

Most Americans would not know that the Taliban consider homosexuals and rapists as disgusting and abhorrent.. They would not know about Hitler. [It is amazing that Husseini made that claim.]

War News

 War News

July 16

A second commander of a group supporting Turkey has also been Killed.

Earlier on July 12 a top leader of ISIS was killed in a US drone strike. Observers say this was meant to show the power of the US before the arrival of the US president in the Middle East.

In western Hama province, near Halfaya city, 4 Assad soldiers were killed in mine explosions.
In western Daraa province, north al-Muzayrib town, several Assad soldiers were wounded in an IED explosion.
Assad reinforcements arrived in Tel Tamr highway facing Syrians supporting Turkey in Hasakeh province..

July 15
Assad forces and Islamic group Fath al-Mubeen exchanged rocket fire in eastern Idlib province and on the Aleppo-Latakia highway. In a separate incident al-Mubeen Islamic group hit an Assad heat seeking missile launch pad causing heavy damage. [Western Aleppo province]

Dara al-Balad residents protested against Iranian and Hizbullah expansion.

A Deir ez Zor medical student died under Assad regime torture. He had been in prison for 8 years.

A commander of Syrian fighters supporting Turkey was killed by unknown gunmen in the Afrin area

Are Arab Muslims Accepting "Israel?"
Illusion or Reaity?

.'The western powers are under the impression that Muslim countries have accepted Israel as a legitimate entity.
Legitimacy in Islam comes by mutual consultation and consent.

None of the rulers of Muslim countriee have asked the people they rule if they want to accept Israel as a legitimate entity.

  1. Egypt, the most important Muslim Arab country, has brutally crushed all dissent and all criticism. The tyrant who rules Egypt has killed several thousand unarmed Egyptians and has arrested several thousands of defenseless people.

    The duly elected leader of Egypt, Dr
    Muhammad Morsi, was imprisoned by the tyrant and left to die in prison. General Sisi, the tyrant, has accepted Israel and works in tandem with Israel to crush the people of Gaza. He is supported by America with weapons, funds and intelligence agencies.

    {In the Sinai Islamic fighting forces are challenging the regime. So, reality is just beginning.]

  2. Saudi Arabia.
    Islam does not permit tribal power to control a country and claim that it is the power in charge of the holy cities of Islam.
    There is nothing in the Qur'an or the hadith which would legitimize Makka and Madina as entities ruled by a family. Other than brutal power and murderous tyranny, there is nothing Islamic in the Saudi ruling family. Tremendous oil wealth has made it possible for the Saudi family to do what it wants.

    What the Saudis did to journalist Khashoggi is only a sample of what the tyrants in control of Arabia can do to critics.
    Islam coming out of Arabia is nothing more than the power surge of the Saudi family.

    "Do not ask for a position of authority. If it is given to you as a result of your asking for it, you will be left to deal with it on your own without divine support; if it is given to you without your asking for it, you will be helped by Allah." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh] [Bukhari and Muslim.]

  3. UAE is onl;y a mini version of the Saudi kingdom.

  4. Bahrain has no legitimacy other than as a base for the US navy.

Togo [West Africa\]

Children returning from Eid killed by air force.

By Kamailoudini Tagba
Published On 15 Jul 2022

The Togolese army has admitted to killing seven children on July 10 in a blast in the village of Margba, in Tone Prefecture, in its northernmost region Savanna region near the border with Burkina Faso.

In a statement issued Thursday, the military revealed that the youngsters aged 14-18 were hit by air raids at dawn after they were mistaken for what they say was a group of " jihadists" who entered the country on the basis of intelligence gathered.

[Togo is a tiny country next to Ghana]

July 14

The Pakistani army ,killed 5 people in North Waziristan and in return fire, a Pakistani soldier was killed.

Years back Pakistani military forced the entire population of Waziristan to leave. Till today Waziristan Is under Pakistani military occupation and journalists are not allowed. Clashes with the mujahideen are reported only through military censors.

Near Ziarat [Quetta], a senior Pakistani officer, a Lt. Colonel, was abducted and killed and his cousin
Was taken away by the killers. Two of the raiders were killed by Pakistani troops


Jamaate Islami Wants Peaceful Transformation.
by Qaiser Sharif

Dir Upper: July 16: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has said those who remained in power for years should narrate their performance instead of making new hollow claims.
The PML-N, the PPP and the PTI could not deliver despite being in power, he added while addressing local government representatives of the JI in Dir Upper on Saturday.

He said the dictators and so-called democratic parties destroyed the 75 years of Pakistan, putting the country on reverse gear.

It was because of the rulers that country lost its half part, he said, adding Pakistan was inching towards crises with every day passing. Today, he said, the national economy was on the verge of collapse, hours long load shedding hitting hard the poor masses who were even deprived of basic facilities.

"Masses must think who is responsible for their plight."

The rulers should tell the people why millions of children were out of schools and why even basic health facilities were unavailable to the majority, he said.

Sirajul Haq said the mafias and feudal lords had made the people hostages for years. They invest on major political parties and reclaim their capital with heavy interest after every election, he said, adding the dirty game continued for decades.

He said the JI fought for long years against interest-based economy and when the Federal Shariah Court decided in favor, the government challenged the decision through the State Bank before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The government, he said, was now seeking 20 years to introduce ribe free banking and financial system. He said the riba was war against Allah Almighty but the Muslims rulers of Islamic Democratic Pakistan wanted to continue the war for two decades.

The JI chief said the country needed capable and honest leadership. Without getting rid of the tested faces and warders, no change could come, he added.

"I appealed to the people to choose JI over the tested parties. If voted to power, the JI would transform Pakistan into welfare Islamic state."

State of Religious Minorities in India

The Hindu right-wing orchestrated brutal violence against Muslims during the Hindu festival of Ramanavami and the subsequent police crackdown on Muslim victims, and use of bulldozers to destroy Muslim homes and livelihoods in states ruled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi'ss Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) that peaked in April continued throughout May.

Observers and human rights advocates assert that since the PM Modi-led federal government came to power, its approach toward its minorities especially Muslims have exacerbated hatred and communal polarization. Many scholars and activists have expressed concerns over the massive surge in hate crimes and peaking of genocidal sentiment against the Muslims.

This report examines and analyses the continued rise in hate crimes, genocidal speeches, vandalism, destruction, and assaults on the bodies and property of Muslims and Christians during the month of May. This report also chronicles the frequent assertion of Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) groups over the historical architecture preserved by the country's Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), mainly mosques, which they falsely claim were temples and purportedly destroyed by Muslim rulers in the past.

In addition, the role of the police over the years, particularly in 2022, demonstrates the institutionalisation of violence against Muslims. This report focuses further on the police's role in not just downplaying violent attacks on minorities but also actively participating in the acts of violence. Discriminatory laws against Muslims have become increasingly prevalent in states where the BJP is in power. Minorities are being pushed to the side even more by the aggressive use of laws that go clearly against the spirit of the Indian constitution.

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin

PROPHET (SallAllahu 'Alaihi Wasallam) said...
"It is better to sit Alone than in company
with the Bad.
and it is better still to sit with the good than alone,
It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge
than to remain silent,
but Silence is better than Idle words !
~My 'Salaams' to all~
~Y a s m i n~
Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice,
my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'.
{'Qur'an'~Surat Al-'An'am -# 6-162.}
{Source: S. 'Al Bukhari}

Victim of Zionism Released
by Mauri Saalakhan

A Good News Alert!!!

An unjustly prosecuted Palestinian Political Prisoner was quietly released (and deported from the US) earlier this month. Mohammad el Mezain was part of the "Holy Land Five" - a group of Palestinian humanitarian relief workers who were opportunistically targeted by the US government (post 9/11); both in the name of a so-called "war on terrorism," and as a favor to the Apartheid-Zionist State of Israel.

We were present and helped to mobilize community support for the brothers during their trials (the first ended in a hung jury). We also wrote about the case in "The Palestinians' Holocaust: American Perspectives" (published 1429 AH/2008 CE).

dAt the time of the Israeli-instigated, US-orchestrated prosecutorial witch-hunt, the Holy Land Foundation was the largest Muslim-led humanitarian relief organization in America; engaged in exemplary work around the world (not just in Muslim majority lands)!

Welcome back to freedom Mohammad el Mezain. Amerikkka's loss is Turkiye's gain:)! ✊��✊��✊��

El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan
The Aafia Foundation

We Stand with Uighur Chinese Muslims.

[Excerpted from the Observer]

Islamic scholars and intellectuals gathered in Istanbul last month for an international conference to highlight the Uyghur genocide and to support their struggle with the Chinese Communist Party.

"This weekend, Islamic scholars and intellectuals of the Muslim world gathered in Istanbul for an international conference that aims to introduce the #UyghurGenocide to the Muslim World and to mobilize public opinion to support the #Uyghurs in their struggle with #CCP. #ChinasWaronIslam," tweeted Center for Uyghur Studies (CUS).

The Center for Uyghur Studies provides strategic policy recommendations and presents research reports to interfaith entities, related international organizations and governments on the people of East Turkistan/Xinjiang.

The Uyghurs are a predominantly Muslim minority Turkic ethnic group, whose origins can be traced to Central and East Asia. Their native region is considered to be the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the People's Republic of China.

Xinjiang is technically an autonomous region within China. The Uyghurs are Muslim, they don't speak Mandarin as their native language, and have ethnicity and culture that is different from that of mainland China.

Over the past few decades, as economic prosperity has come to Xinjiang, it has brought with it in large numbers the majority of Han Chinese, who have cornered the better jobs, and left the Uyghurs feeling their livelihoods and identity were under threat.

Several countries, including the US, Canada and the Netherlands, have accused China of committing genocide - defined by international convention as the "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group".

China has been forcibly mass sterilising Uyghur women to suppress the population, separating children from their families, and attempting to break the cultural traditions of the group.

China denies all allegations of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, claiming its system of "re-education" camps is there to combat separatism and Islamist militancy in the region.

Tigray are planning to separate from Ethiopia

Dr. T has sent an important video about Ethiopia and the region around it.
Here are its main points.

Southern Sudan: USA has decided to suspend its aid because there is seemingly no chance of unity between the warlords of the south. Both are Christians but both are
locked in constant hostility and conflict.

In Eritrea there is no tolerance of criticism. The US representative is leaving though the Eritreans were tolerant of his criticism.

Most of the video is about Tigray region of Ethiopia. The Tigray diaspora, that is Tigray people living in America are holding a week long festival in Maryland and they plan to launch a movement to secede from Ethiopia.

It appears that so many Tigrayans are in America that they are working on launching a movement to separate their region from Ethiopia. If they succeed, there would be major changes in Ethiopia.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

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