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28 Muharram 1443 AH - September 5 2021 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1931


 Peace Benefits of Victory in Afghanistan

Peace Benefits of Victory in Afghanistan

Military occupation does not work. Peace is possible if USA seeks advice instead of imposing the western system.
Sumaira Khan, Pakistani woman, has brought in a report which refutes propaganda.

US and NATO had built up military formations of 300,000 mercenaries in Afghanistan supported by air forces, heavy artillery and tanks. Taliban had 75,000 fighters with no heavy weapons. Heavy fighting in Kandahar, Herat, Ghazni, Lashkargah and Kunduz decimated the US backed forces with 66,000 killed and more than 100,000 wounded.

At the conclusion US used B-52 bombers. Trump had dropped a MOAB on Nangarhar killing 85 people. The bombing could not defeat the fighters.

At the Kabul airport Biden brought in 6000 elite US troops and the British brought in 1,000. They dared not enter Kabul. Instead Taliban brought in thousands of Americans and their supporters for helpful evacuation.

Thus military occupation does not work if the Islamic people are willing to fight at the grassroots levels.

NATO forces had no right to be in Afghanistan. North Atlantic is thousands of miles away. NATO saw no harm in entering a country which it considered helpless. Perhaps next time the Europeans and Canada/Australia will think twice before invading.

Trillions of dollars spent on a corrupt regime in Kabul created the impression on westernized Afghans that America is a land of "milk and honey." They were desperately trying to get to America on the evacuation flights. The Taliban helped them to leave but the desire to move to 'western "paradise" drew more people than the evacuation flights could handle in a disciplined way.

Sumaira Khan, Pakistani journalist, went into areas outside Kabul and noted that the people were peaceful and going about their daily routine. Sumaira is secular and does not wear a head covering. No one tried to make her cover her head. The only people who tried to harass her were secularists in Jalalabad.

Sumaira noticed that western journalists were reporting from upscale hotels while their media outlets gave the impression that they were reporting the real situation at the airport.

CULTURAL IMPERIALISM. I would advise western governments to stop attempts to create westernized enclaves in Muslim countries. Sects which create imbalance in Muslim countries should not be encouraged. Last year the Canadian parliament unanimously hailed and honored Agha Khan, the leader of the Ismaili cult. This group pretends that its beliefs are Islamic though they contradict and dishonor central Islamic beliefs like the authenticity of the Qur'an.

In USA, the "ahmediyya" [Qadiani cult] is flourishing and behaves as if it is part of the Islamic faith although it contradicts the central teaching of Islam which is the finality of prophethood.

Cultural genocide is comparable to military occupation. The regime in Kabul, comforted by endless American dollars, behaved as if "America in Kabul" would last for ever.

InshaAllah as the Taliban stabilize their rule, they should set up research centers to advise western powers on what is Islamic and what is not. The Quran and hadith are available in western languages and easily indexed.

InshaAllah Taliban can also advise America to release Islamic political prisoners.

Notice that the Taliban saved the lives of thousands of westerners and their allies and helped them to leave Afghanistan. US has admitted that the Taliban brought groups of Americans to the airport so that they could leave. There has not been even one massacre.[

[Thanks to Dr. T for interview with Sumaira khan from Indus News.]



Miracle in the Thar Desert Thru Volunteer work and Donations.

Pravalli welfare Trust (21st years of service to humanity
Newsletter August 2021

  1. Agriculture with Solar Pumps in Thar.
    70 Agriculture Schemes were completed this year. Total schemes completed so far are 189. Out of these 117 were donated by Lady Fatima charitable Trust and 10 by Sumar Lakhani Foundation. At times Thar Desert does not get rains for 2 to 3 years at a stretch. This cycle continues after every 2/3 years. People have to pass through great difficulties due to draught that causes wide spread famine both for human and animals. Solar pumps can fetch underground water and irrigate two or more Acres of land to produce 40 Maunds grain per acre, vegetables and fodder for animals. During last season one man grew 200 Maunds of onion and others 100, 80 and 50 Maunds in addition to wheat. This not only elevates the standard of living of the poor folk and neglected population of the society but also directly contributes to the GDP of the country. Pravalli Welfare Trust is giving this facility to poor folks only. This will encourage locals and other NGOs to do likewise and change the life of poor

  2. Rozgar scheme for widows & needy with Goats.
    This year we distributed 376 goats among widows. Out of these Lady Fatima charitable trust gave 200 goats with 200 child goats among 50 widows in in Feb and again in Aug this year. Each widow getting 8 goats (4 goats+4 child goats). LFCT is our main donor in this program since last many years who has always shown great understanding and generosity of spirit. In total 1874 goats were given so far under various schemes. It gave us great pleasure when a man told us that a goat given to a widow about 6 years back has 14 goats from that one goat and the widow is financially very sound now. Thanks to donors. Jazak Allah.

  3. Water Supply Schemes.
    In year 2021 we completed 302 more water supply schemes. A total of 2229 schemes have been completed in the last 20 years. Most of these are Sind, mainly in Tharparkar desert areas. Now we have moved to Balochistan where 136 schemes were completed. Out of all these schemes 948 were given by Relief and Rehab Inc. and 478 were donated by LFCT. Many friends have donated schemes for Esal-e-Sawab of their parents and loved ones. Jazak Allah. Donors are sent photos of the schemes they sponsored on completion with their name plate on the scheme.

  4. You can Help widows by sending money directly to widows bank account.
    Our adoption of a widow and her children for the education program, الحمد للہ has got a very good response. Till today 123 adoptions are confirmed. Donors have started sending money directly to the accounts of widows. Proposed Monthly help can be Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month. Our role is only indicating the deserving family and then we will be out of it. You can directly talk to them and meet them when you find time. Any friend desirous of this arrangement should let us know. We will send all needed particulars and we will be responsible for indicating the really deserving families.

  5. Roshan Thar.
    In total 705 Huts of poor people were electrified in Thar Desert areas with the help of LFT, S L F, RRAI and other friends. There are wide stretches where there is no electricity and no roads in Thar. We launched ''Roshan Thar" scheme to provide each house with three solar light bulbs. It will have capacity to run a fan as well but the fan will be purchased by the people themselves. We started this program by providing this facility to widows and very poor households.

  6. Help to orphan girls for marriage.
    Total no of girls helped so far has reached 680. We pay Rs. 30,000 to these orphan girls in North and Rs 15,000 in Thar/ Sind areas. Even this meager amount is sought by these poor widows with lot of prayers for donors.

  7. Distribution of Sewing Machines & wheel chairs.
    Sewing Machines are given to widows and destitute to stich clothes and earn for their families. Total no of sewing machines distributed till now are 259

  8. Tricycles and Wheel chairs.
    214 Wheel chairs/ tricycles were also given to invalids till to-date. These help invalid to go from one place to other respectably instead of dragging themselves on ground.

  9. Technical training for jobless young men.
    Our two computer center are working in Hyderabad and Khipro Sind. 20 young boys/ girls are getting training there in course no 25 and 26. In all of our 24 courses completed so far, 97 boys have been trained in AC/fridge repairs, 53 as Electricians, 11 as Motor cycle mechanic, 51 in computer, 62 as plumbers and 40 as Auto Electricians. A total of 314 young boys and girls were given trade training to earn for themselves and their families.

  10. Education in desert areas of Sind.
    There are many areas in Thar Desert and rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 5/10 Km radius. At places Govt. school buildings are available but teachers have not been posted. Generation after generation are illiterate in these areas. Total no of schools run by trust are 21, in which 993 children are now studying. Now we have started one school in Baluchistan as well. These are in five Tehsils of Thar namely Islamkot, Nangar Parkar, Kaloi, Deplo, Chhachhro and Khipro. Each school has 45 to 110 children. Cost of school is Rs. 10,000 per month but donors should contribute on yearly basis for ease of account keeping. We pay Rs.10,000 to teacher. Photos of the all schools with banners having names of Donors have been sent to them.

  11. Establishment of Medical camps in hilly areas.
    Due to epidemic camps are not held presently. Med Camp no 107 was held in village Dubran, District Abbottabad in Feb in which 108 patients were given medical help. In total 9,925 patients were given free medical treatment since 2012. These camps are arranged by one brother & his sister for the Esal-e-Sawab of their parents. Jazak Allah

  12. Child Care Center
    Through the efforts of Mr S. Nazim Ali from USA, Two child care centers have started working in Deplo, Thar and Second in village Sain Dinu Malah, Jamshoro, Sind. 7th camp was held there in May in which 99 patients were treated. Due epidemic camps are not being held presently.

  13. Trees Plantation
    During June/ August this year 4200 trees were planted in Thar desert areas. During Feb/ March we distributed 2750 trees among farmers in in KPK and Thar Desert areas. This program will continue in August. In total 20,694 fruit/ other trees were distributed in last many years.

  14. Training women in stitching of clothes.
    In Five centers that we are running 50 girls are learning stitching of clothes. In Thar/ Sind 166 girls completed training in stitching clothes. Thanks to LFCT 4rth course has started in these centers with 30 girls under training. These centers are located in Mirpur khas, Tando Allah Yar and Chhachhro. Two more centers are working in Rawalpindi. 21 women/ girls are under training there. Till now 380 have completed training successfully.

  15. Shoes/ jackets for bare footed children in Desert areas.

    285 pairs of chappal were distributed this year in Thar schools. Total no given is 1276. In addition this year we distributed 660 jacket were also distributed among children.

  16. Ramzan Package for widows and poor.
    During Ramzan 2080 widows and some very poor disable people were given Rs. 5000 each in Districts Skurdu in Galgit. Khuzdar, Awaran and Jaffar abad in Balochistan. Abbottabad, Haripur, Malakand & Takht Bhai in KPK. Rawalpindi, Rajan pur and DG Khan of Punjab and 13 Tehsils of Sindh / Thar ( Islamkot, Mithi, Nangar Parkar, Kaloi, Deplo, Chhachro, Mirpur Khas, Tando Allah Yar Khan, Tando Muhammad Khan, Jhudo, Thatha, Badin, Khipro) were helped. 200 more were helped with stores. Credit goes to all our donors who helped us in this cause. Donors are sent photos of receiving widows with their name written on a display card for their satisfaction.

Stay blessed and we pray to Allah to shower His blessings on all the donors and their families. Ameen!
Col Mushtaq Ahmad (R)

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

(''Pravalli'' is pothohari language word, spoken around Islamabad, meaning ''brotherhood'')

These works are being done through donation. My contribution is almost nil. I am only a facilitator. Allah's blessings be on donors. We do not have trust office/ transport or employees to ensure that max of donations reach the needy.

War News

 War News


Taliban have captured 3 of the 5 districts in Panjsher but fighting continues.

September 5: Ekurd reports that 13 regime security forces were killed in Kirkuk in an audacious ISIS attack

Pakistan: September 5. A TTP human bomber attack in Quetta killed 4 Pakistani troops and injured 18. [Express Triibune]

Attacks by the Islamic group Tehreeke Taliban e Pakistan are surging'

Russian bombing and IS advances continue

Sept 5. An Assad regime officer and an Assad collaborator wre killed near al-Quneitra countryside.

Earlier 2 Assad workers were killed in the same area.
September 3- 4.

Numerous Russian air strikes [about 90] hit ISIS positions in the Raqqa-Homs deserts killing 9 IS after 2 Assad troops were killed by IS land mines.

ISIS advances continue in eastrern deserts and are targeted by Russia.

In western Aleppo province Assad forces and Islamic groups exchanged heavy fire all day.

30 trucks from USA entered eastern Syria Hasakeh province with military supplies.

September 1. Russian air strikes targeted Islamic groups in Latakia and Hama provinces.

Fath alMubeen Islamic group shelled Assad regime positions near southern Idlib province.

In western Hama province Tahrir Islamic group shelled Assad army positions in response to Russian air strikes.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Incest and Pedophilia in the Jewish Community.

Our report from Cosmopolitan magazine on Incest & Pedophillia brought us this shockng firsr person report about the Jewish community.

Identities have been concealed to protect the informant..

The same thing that happens with the Amish happens with the Orthodox Jews.

When I worked at [deleted] Hospital I, occasionally, had to work in the Pediatric Emergency room registering children.

It was often strange for me to get calls alerting me that an Hatzolah ambulance was bringing in a child all the way from Brooklyn! They have hospitals in Brooklyn, why Bellevue.?

Dr. [deleted\ was the reason. Apparently, he would write-off suspicious injuries as clumsiness or accidents.

I remember a Hasidic woman bringing her daughter in on a very quiet Sunday afternoon with injuries to her fingers. The woman claimed that she accidentally slammed the car door on her daughter's hand. That's strange because of the Sabbath. I've heard of non-Jews (blacks & Hispanics) having to park their cars many blocks away in observance of the Sabbath. Hmmm. But, I wasn't completely sure because I think the Sabbath ends on Sunday morning, right? It's just one day.

But, if I had witnessed the following incidents, I probably would have complained to patient care services.

Then there were my colleagues at the time with their stories:

"How the hell is a twelve-year-old going to get two black eyes from falling out of bed?"

Then my other colleague told me about an incident where a three-year-old girl was brought in by her father with vaginal bleeding. He claimed that she fell on a sharp toy.

What really angered me was when Dr. [delteed] called social services on a Black mother who brought her son in with back pain. The reason for this call? This concerned mother refused to allow doctors to do a spinal tap on her son. One twitch during these procedures can lead to paralysis.

I feel bad for these children. The Jews have their own courts, too. They don't seem to believe in a serious punishment system.



Person to Person
Catonsville, Maryland
On September 3, after juma' salat, a seven page New Trend document was given to 64 Muslims mostly Pakistani Americans.

The khutba in Urdu was powerful and condemned racism in all its forms. A central point was that Abu Lahab, uncle of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, opposed in Islam and is condemned by name in the Qur'an. By contrast Bilal, Salman and Rumi, who were not related to the Prophet, pbuh, were among his most trustworthy supporters of the prophet, pbuh. Racially too they were very different. Family on based on faith and struggle against oppression, not on physical blood relationship.

The imam was passionate in his speech and was in Arab style dress. Many I'm the congregation wore Pakistani style shalwar kameez.

The New Trend document given to 64 Muslims contained these items:

  1. Most imams ignore Muslim world issues and thus violate Sunnah. (Dr. Siddique)

  2. Israeli equipment was used by NATO against Taliban.(Jerusalem Post)

  3. Mistreatment of prisoners in Iran.

  4. Horrible of treatment of prisoners by US after 9.11. (Mullah Zaeef)

  5. TTP fighters preparing to break China's oppression of Uighur Muslims.( UNSC)

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

The looming global war
Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The USA investment in war

The US President Joe Biden told in his White House speech on 31/08/2021 that the USA has spent 2 trillion US dollars in 20 years' war in Afghanistan. He also told that the USA has spent 300 million per day over a span of 20 years. But Afghanistan is not the only war front of the USA. After 9/11, the USA launched the war in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and also Pakistan. Recently the Brown University -a leading American research university published a report on the USA's war cost. It gave an estimate that the USA has spent $8 trillion in the war since 9/11 and has killed directly at least 897,000 to 929,000 people. The researchers mentioned that it is a conservative estimate of deaths. The deaths may be more than a million.

Brown University gave the following breakdown of $8 trillion war investment:
  1. $2.3 trillion spent in Afghanistan and Pakistan sector.
  2. $2.1 trillion in Iraq and Syria.
  3. $ 355 billion in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and other war zones.
  4. $1.1 trillion on the USA Homeland Security
  5. $2.2 trillion is estimated as the cost for taking future care of war veterans.

Of those killed, 387,000 are civilians, 207,000 are the Army and police personnel and 301,000 are opposition fighters killed by the troops of the USA and the allies. About 15, 000 US servicemen and contractors are also killed along with a similar number of deaths of the western allies. Prime Minister Imran Khan claims that 70,000 Pakistanis died because of Pakistan's participation as an ally of the USA's war on the Taliban. But there is a difficulty in calculating the actual number of deaths because the USA Army - the main agent in killings didn't keep any account of the deaths.
The looming new USA war

The USA had declared the end of its war in Afghanistan. It has evacuated all of its forces from Afghanistan. But the consequences of war still remain and a new US war against an old enemy is looming. Taliban is still struggling to get full control over the whole of Afghanistan. The economy is rapidly collapsing. The World Bank, IMF, and the US government have blocked their funds. The banks in Afghanistan suffer from an acute cash crisis. Still, the Taliban couldn't form a government. Hence a lot of things are yet to be seen. If all these are not quickly fixed the country is going to be a failed state.

The current situation gives a golden opportunity to ISIS-Khorasan to get more fighters and more territories -as ISIS could quickly establish in failed states of Syria and Iraq. In Syria and Iraq, ISIS didn't enjoy conducive terrain for guerrilla warfare against a massive US and its allies' bombardment. But such a convenient geographic terrain perfectly exists in Afghanistan. So the USA and its allies get highly worried about ISIS-Khorasan. ISIS-Khorasan recently killed 13 US soldiers. That has amplified the west's worries. To take revenge, the USA killed 10 innocent civilians by a drone attack. Of them, 6 are children. The drone was aimed at killing ISIS-Khorasan fighters, but it is made known how many of the ISIS has been killed.
The USA war now turns global

The USA has totally failed in its war on the Taliban. The USA couldn't eliminate the Taliban, rather has strengthened the organization remarkably. Now the USA finds ISIS-Khorasan its new enemy. The USA can't fight against ISIS-Khorasan alone. It has terribly lost its confidence; and also suffers from economic ill-health. The US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin indicated in his Pentagon speech on 01/09/201 that the USA will build collaboration with the Taliban in its war on ISIS-Khorasan. President Biden in a speech on 31/08/2021 also recently appreciated the Taliban for their cooperation in the evacuation of the US forces from Afghanistan. It is true that the Taliban didn't fire even a single bullet against any US soldier. Such appreciation tells a lot about the USA's intended strategy to work with the Taliban.

The Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan -although both the brands claim to be Islamists, are mutually fierce competitors. The Taliban have their own Achilles' heel. They are based on more tribal and Afghan nationalist orientations. Whereas in Islam, causing division among the Muslims based on tribal, ethnic, or national identities is a forbidden and punishable crime as per sharia law. The Taliban believe in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Hence their focus is only within Afghanistan. So, they have no concern outside Afghanistan. Many Islamic Muslims don't like such a nationalist mindset. Moreover, if the Taliban makes a coalition with the USA, it will drastically diminish its credibility. The USA is deeply hated in Afghanistan for its acts of killing and torturing millions of people there.

Whereas ISIS is pan-Islamic jihad. It doesn't recognize national and tribal identities. This is why while ISIS established the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, they first removed the border between Iraq and Syria. They invited Muslims all over the world to emigrate there. Even the richest Muslim country in the world will not give such an invitation. Thousands of people from Europe, Asia, and Africa responded to that ISIS call. ISIS aspires to raise Muslims as an Islamic global superpower. So it appears more identical to the original Islam of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the early rightly guided caliphs -while the Arabs, the Iranians, the Africans, the Turks, and the Kurds lived and worked together. There was no tribal or national state in those golden days of Islam. This is why ISIS could become easily and rapidly a global Islamic brand with strong outposts in many countries in Asia and Africa. This is why the countries and the people that are based on radical secularism, nationalism, and tribalism like all Arab states, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh don't like ISIS. They hate ISIS more than non-Muslims. This is why the USA gets these states as ever-ready partners in its war on ISIS.

Therefore, the USA's war on Islam shows no sign of ending. Rather the war on ISIS turns to be global. This is why President Biden told about a war "over the horizon". Therefore, the USA war that was limited to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is turning into a war over the whole Muslim World. So, every Muslim country, every Muslim city, every Muslim village, and every Muslim will be under the watch of the US rudder. The USA will be hunting and fighting ISIS members everywhere. But the country that couldn't win a war with a coalition of more than 60 sixty countries in Afghanistan in 20 years, how can win a global war spread over tens of countries? 02/09/2021

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

What happens after death

.'Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim'
'Assalaamualaykum Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatahu'.
"Then his soul is returned to his body, and there come to him two angels who make him sit up and they ask him...
'Who is your Lord?' he says, 'Oh, oh, I don't know.'
They ask 'What is your religion?' he says... 'Oh, oh, I don't know.'
Then a voice calls out from heaven, 'Prepare for him a bed from hell and clothe him from hell, and open for him a gate to hell.'
Then there comes to him some of its heat and hot winds, and his grave is constricted and compresses him until his ribs interlock.
Then there comes to him a man with an ugly face and ugly clothes, and a foul stench, who says, 'Receive the bad news,
this is the day that you were promised.'
he says, 'Who are you? Your face is a face which forebodes evil.' he says, 'I am your evil deeds.'
he says 'O Lord, do not let the Hour come, do not let the Hour come.' 'O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the torment of the grave'{Aameen} .

'Dua' Transliteration,
Allah-Humma Inni A'ooza Bika Min Azaa-bil Qabr ' {'Aameen'
Allah[Azza Wa Jall] says in Surat Al-Fajr, that it will be said to the pious believers:
"O the one in complete rest and satisfaction Come back to your
Lord, well pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing (unto Him) Enter
you then among My (honored) servants, and enter you My Paradise."
[Source~ Qur'an~ Surat Al Fajr~ 89 A # 27-30]
~My 'Salaams' to all ~
~ Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin
Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice,
my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'.
{'Qur'an'~Surat Al-'An'am -# 6-162.}

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:
The Prophet said,
"Leave me as I leave you) for the people who were before you were ruined because of their questions and their differences over their prophets.
So, if I forbid you to do something, then keep away from it. And if I order you to do something, then do of it as much as you can."

Bukhari, Vol, Book 92, #391
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Islamic Thought

Imam Badi Ali teaches about Malcolm X

As-salamu alaikum.
Malcolm X (ra) said:
If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything.

The bravest heart is the one that stays close to truth, even when it's in pain.

If you want to discover yourself, you have to observe what you are passionate about.

We have a lot of Muslim and humanistic causes - find one!
Stand for the truth!

And remember - the secret of getting ahead, is getting started!


Revered Philosopher of Kashmir Resistance Passes away.
The passing of Syed Ali Geelani: A Colossal loss to the nation of Kashmir
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illaihi Rajeeoon!

With the passing of Syed Ali Geelani, Chairman, Tehreek-e-Hurriyet, on September 1, 2021, a leader par excellence, who was a symbol of humanity and champion of human rights all over the world, be it Palestine, Myanmar, Chechnya, Kashmir or else, it is an end of era.

Syed Ali Geelani was an intellectual, deep thinker, visionary, brilliant and an articulate scholar and above all an institution by himself. He was a giant in Kashmir's turbulent history.

In the annals of history, nations and peoples are often blessed with leaders, guides and activists who play singular roles providing leadership that transcends inspiration and casts a lasting impact on these societies. Syed Ali Geelani was one of those leaders who gave his last full measure of devotion in unflagging pursuit of a just and noble cause of Kashmir. A moral high ground was everything to him. Words inevitably cheapen the impeccability of his character and accomplishments. His legacy lives as much in the heart as in the head. His formula for Kashmir was simple but powerful. The aspirations of the people of Kashmir must be ascertained.

He had the clarity of vision about the future of Kashmir. There were no ifs and no buts in his approach. He was bold enough to say it loud and clear that accession of Kashmir to Pakistan was not my political manifesto but my article of faith.

When in 1990 the winds of change blew across the world, destroying dictatorships and occupations, the people of Kashmir also renewed their struggle. During their period of quiet the world had forgotten them. Now, they were filled with hope and longing of a new dawn. It was at this crucial juncture that Geelani Sahib emerged to present a much larger aspect of his leadership. He not only rekindled the issue afresh but also gave it a new vigour and meaning.

The people of Kashmir will never forget the selfless contribution and the tireless efforts of Geelani Sahib. His efforts will remain forever a milestone in the history of the freedom struggle of Kashmir.

The vision of Geelani Sahib and the unity and sacrifices of the people of Kashmir will undoubtedly lead the Kashmiri freedom struggle to its logical conclusion, that is freedom from the occupation and alien subjugation.

The people of Kashmir lost an iconic leader. May Allah accept the sacrifice of Geelani Sahib and elevate his status as the guided person, comfort him in his grave, make his grave part of Jannatul Firdous and give Sabr to the family! Ameen.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai is Secretary General, Washington-based World Kashmir Awareness Forum. He can be reached at 1-202-607-6435 or


It broke my heart

Louise Xin is a Chinese-Swedish fashion designer who launched her eponymous Stockholm-based brand in November 2020 as Scandinavia's first rental-only couture label. Xin turns upcycled materials into elaborate and colorful handmade dresses for customers to rent instead of purchase, hoping to change consumption patterns in the name of sustainability. She dedicated her digital fashion show on Aug. 31 to the Uyghurs to raise awareness about the genocidal policies targeting the predominantly Muslim minority group in northwestern China's Xinjiang region. The five-minute video presentation ended with a model wearing a newspaper print coat and unraveling a banner that said "Free Uyghur: End All Genocide." The China-born Xin spoke to reporter Nuriman Abdurashid of RFA's Uyghur Service on Thursday about her why she decided to use couture to call attention to the plight of the Uyghurs, what inspired her to do a fashion show-cum-protest, and how she has enlisted the help of Jewher Tohti, daughter of detained Uyghur academic Ilham Tohti, to draw attention to the use of Uyghur forced labor in the apparel industry. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

RFA: How did you come to use couture to promote awareness of the plight of Uyghurs?

Louise Xin: I also believe that all the problems caused by humans in this world are really based on the false belief that we are separate, that there is a "we" and a "them" — that we are Africans, Chinese, Christians, Muslims, that we are different. And that we only see the differences instead of how similar we all are and how we are to united, that there's nothing that one person can do that will not affect someone else in the end. Everything is really connected — not only us, but also the animals in nature. And we just understood that we would not use our advantage against each other or against nature or against animals. We will understand that everything we do will come back to us. It's with this belief that I started this plan that for me, it's not a trend to focus on sustainability or diversity. For me it's one and the same problem or issue. We need to do whatever it takes to contribute to a better society. With everything we do, we should leave the world a little bit better than how we found it. If everybody had the same mindset, we would have an amazing, magical world. So, for my very first fashion show I dedicated it to the Uyghur community because I'm Chinese myself. When I found out what happened in Xinjiang, it really broke my heart. At first I couldn't believe it because it was against everything I believed in growing up as a kid. I just couldn't understand how we can let something as terrible as this happen today in 2021, and that we're not doing more about it.

I tried doing things with political parties and contacting the government and assistance organizations, but I got "nos" from everybody. I never felt so hopeless in my whole life, [and] I never felt so small in my whole life. And then I just stopped for a moment and [realized that] the only way I could help would be through my creativity, my fashion, my dresses. And that's how the show came about. Today I just put up a GoFundMe [fundraising appeal] for Uyghur kids in exile. Most of them are in Turkey at the moment. I really think that if you give a person a fish they will have food for a day, but if you teach them how to fish, they will have food for life. There is this school that educates [Uyghur] kids and keeps them safe like a kind of community and family. I think it's amazing, and I really want to support that. These kids are just like us. There's no difference between us and them. They too have dreams and hopes. I really hope that with this GoFundMe [appeal] and with this [fashion] project that we can make their dreams come true.

 Remember Prisoners

Children are among the Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Outreach via facebook
 Social Media

The 29 August issue of New Trend reached 40,256 Muslims, includimg 5728 women.
10,000 were reached in Bangladesh and 20,000 in Pakistan, 5000 in Indonesia,

Main items in it:

  1. Most imams ignore Muslim world issues and thus violate Sunnah. (Dr. Siddique)

  2. Israeli equipment was used by NATO against Taliban.(Jerusalem Post)

  3. Mistreatment of prisoners in Iran.

  4. Horrible of treatment of prisoners by US after 9.11. (Mullah Zaeef)

  5. TTP fighters preparing to break China's oppression of Uighur Muslims.( UNSC)

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Tribal clashwes between Tigray and Addis Ababa are resulting in heavy casualties.

2021-09-06 Mon 14:51:17 ct