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2 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - July 11 2021 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1923

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Latest khutba

Greatest Victory's Lessons from Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a.
Also what US imams don't know about Eid al-Adha.

On July 9, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.
Tarikhe Tabari and Tarikh ibn Kathir [known as al-badayah wun nahaya]

Events of 13 hijri from Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a. Historic victory at Yarmuk which changed the map of the Middle East.

  1. Muslims are in a new day with the retreat of a superpower from Afghanistan. The superpower panicked leaving a million items behind, forgot to tell their allies, didnt even turn the lights off and looters picked up their goods.

  2. Let us go back to three years after the Prophet, pbuh, passed away. The Byzantine Christians thought the Muslims would be weak as the Prophet, pbuh, had passed away. They sent a huge army towards Madina to destroy Islam at its root.

  3. Abu Bakr, r.a., the first righteous Caliph, sent Khalid, r.a., to command the Muslim counterattack.

  4. Khalid's, r.a., first achievement was to unite the Muslim army, instead of each glorifying its own tribe. Most of these were new into Islam.

    He introduced 1000 sahaba of the Prophet, pbuh, into the force but it was still only 15,000 opposed to 200, 000 Byazantine Christians,

  5. Khalid, r.a., gave da'wah to one of the Christian commanders named Gerges. He made these points:

    1. All Muslims are equal and their faith and efforts alone count.

    2. All previous sins are wiped out by acceptance of Islam.

    3. Jihad is based on sacrifices, not on miracles. It is wrong to think that Allah had sent down a sword to Khalid. He was called sword of Allah by the Prophet, pbuh, because of his frontline striving in the way of Allah.

    4. He himself had been a wrong doer, even fighting the prophet, pbuh, himself but he realized as follows: Revelation came to the Prophet, pbuh, from Allah. The Prophet, pbuh, was not doing anything for his personal benefit. He was not a king but a messenger of Truth.

  6. A newcomer into Islam who becomes a Muslim even though there is no prophet, pbuh, in this world, and no revelation coming down, is doubly blessed and if sincere is going to paradise.

  7. Gerges embraced Islam. He made only two rakats of nafl prayer with Khalid's help, before the battle resumed. Gerges fought hard for Islam and was shaheed., going straight to al-Jannah.

  8. So al-Jannah is not based on scholarship but on sincere. acceptance of Allah and the ultimate shahada. First hadith in Sahih Bukhari: 'Actions are based on intentions."

  9. The huge Christian onslaught forced the Muslims back to their base camp. Muslim WOMEN came out and joined the struggle and warned the men not to come back if they retreated..

    The sahaba led the struggle, with Khalid, r.a., in the frontline.

  10. Ikrima, r.a., the son of Abu Jahl, the worst enemy of Islam, fought for Islam and was shaheed, as was his son. So father was kafir and son and grandson are the pride of Islam. The conventional ideas of "family" are repugnant to Islam. {Abraham's father too was a kafir.]

  11. Abu Sufian, r.a., came late into Islam but at Yarmuk, he was in the frontlines reciting the Qur'an and urging Muslims to give everything for Islam. He was seriously injured.

  12. Finally the Byzantine Christian army was routed and the Muslims slaughtered them by the tens of thousands and chased the fleeing enemy for five days.

  13. During the battle, news came from Madina that the righteous Caliph, Abu Bakr, r.a., had passed away. Khalid, concealed, the news till the victory. So, don't spread news which would dishearten ordinary soldiers.

  14. Dear Muslims, using peaceful means, let us give the message of Islam to the people of Baltimore. Don't fight anyone who is not fighting us.

    The children of this city need support and help and sometimes even food.

Part 2.

Most Muslim imams in America do not know that Hajj and Eid al-Adha are separate and distinct events.

So these ignorant imams simply call someone in Makka about the day of Hajj and announce in their mosques that that is the day of Eid al-Adha.

Does the Qur'an say that Eid al-Adha should be on the day of Hajj? No ! Check the Qur'an!

Did the Prophet, pbuh, check the day of Hajj before he proclaimed Eid al-Adha? No!

Did the sahaba, r.a., [any of them!] check Hajj for Eid al-Adha? No! What about Tabbain and Tabba Tabain? Again NO!

Was it not possible for the Prophet, pbuh, to send someone to Makka to find out about Hajj day? It was. After all there are 10 days between first and 10th of Zulhijjah. Even by camel that is doable. No he did not.

So how did the Prophet, pbuh, decide about Eid al-Adha? By sighting the crescent, just as he did for Eid al-Fitr. [See Sahih hadith in Bukhari.]

So local sighting is required? Absolutely!

May Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings.

Important reports from Jamaat al-Muslimeen, not part of Khutba.

  1. From Br. Abu Talib.
    We condemn the murder of the president of Haiti. It's very weird that outsiders could come in and kill the president. Twenty of those arrested after the murder by local police are from Columbia [mercenaries]. Two are US citizens and 4 were killed.

    Some deep ugly force is behind this tragedy.

  2. Our media monitor notes that Christians are standing up to lgbt in eastern Europe,

    Hungary has banned all lgbt homo publicity. America's world wide comedy FRIENDS has been banned after it brought two female homos into the story, irrelevant to the story.

  3. Poland has taken a strong stand against lgbtq but it is under organized attack from western Europe.

  4. Turkey broke up a Pride rally by lgbtq but its supporters are making loud propaganda..

[Muslims should wake up. This cultural imperialism will hit them sooner or later. Africa is resistring. Why are Muslims not supporting the Christians of eastern Europe.?


JI Report [July 11]

Russia, USA, Britain Responsible for War and Instability.
Regime is Stealing Elections in Azad Kashmir,

Deputy Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, former parliamentary leader Liaqat Baloch has said that guns, army cannot stand against the resistance of the people for long. By imposing war, dynamite, blood and guns and terrorism all over the world and by unjustly marking millions of human beings, the armies are now learning that guns cannot decide. The solution to global and national problems is justice and dialogue. Britain, Russia and the United States have long been responsible for instability, war and terrorism in Afghanistan. The United States wants to achieve its agenda and goals by backing India in the region and creating chaos in Afghanistan. After the defeat of US and NATO forces, all interference in Afghanistan should be stopped. Let the Afghan leadership solve its own problems and recognize the right of the Afghan people to decide their own future.

Addressing the Central Consultative Meeting and Central Political Council, Liaqat Baloch said that PTI, following the footsteps of military dictatorships, PML-N and PPP, has plunged the country into a quagmire of ideological, political, social and economic crises. After three years of failures, the PTI has now adopted election slogans and a strategy of deceiving the people. The people will no longer be fooled by this political mafia and democratic orbits. Jamaat-e-Islami will save the country and the nation from crises. The government and opposition parties are working with criminal negligence on regional, global and public issues. They do not realize that the poor, the middle class, women, youth, students, farmers and laborers are in dire straits.

Liaqat Baloch protested and condemned the interference of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections and said that the people in the old Pakistan and the new Pakistan were being deprived of their free democratic parliamentary rights by stealing the elections. Jamaat-e-Islami will continue its election campaign on the basis of electoral reforms and proportional representation. Constitutional, democratic and credible fair elections and the rule of Islam are essential in Pakistan

Communist China has all of Pakistan in full prostration, be it imran or jamat or Ppp. United in shame. Muslims of sinkiang, the Uighurs, completely forgotten. Not one tear for the helpless Muslims. China has money and power. Pakistan has forgotten Islam.

Secularist Censorship in Pakistan.

Orya Maqbool Jan is a veteran Pakistani journalist who once was a civil servant and saw the role of government officials from the inside. However almost all of Pakistani media outlets leave him out and publicize mainly entertainment and concepts borrowed from India and America.

On June 28 he exposed the censorship activities of Pakistani media outlets.

At every event of great importance to Muslims, the media behave as if it didnt happen. Even the attack on the Red mosque was sidelined.

Orya is doing a great job for Pakistan. New Trend will follow his progress,

[Via Dr. T.]

Pakistan's Darling

Campaign for Live-In Without Marriage:
Malala's Return Gift to West for Nobel

Dr. Javed Jamil

In a recent interview with a British tabloid Malala Yousaf Zai, the youngest ever Nobel Laureate from Pakistan, is reported to have said "If you can trust someone or can you be sure?" adding, "I still don't understand why people have to get married. If you want to have a person in your life, why do you have to sign marriage papers, why can't it just be a partnership?"

This statement is not only lamentable but also utterly outrageous especially because it is coming from the mouth of a citizen of a country where most people including its current Prime Minister Imran Khan claim to be not just Muslims but Islam lovers. Perhaps she is returning in kind the gratitude for being bestowed upon by the Western world its most prestigious Nobel Prize. If she is so averse of formal contracts, she should also ask the economic and political masters of the West what is the need of preparing and signing huge documents while entering into even small business deals or agreements between nations. While they want everything else in writing and properly registered, they want the relationships between men and women to start, prosper and break without any sort of proper agreement. Isn't it surprising that for even driving a car or scooter, one needs to have a proper license, without which one cannot just come on the road. If he does, he faces huge punishment in the form of fines and his vehicle can be seized if he does not cooperate. This is despite the fact that sexual relationships without formal agreement are associated with much more bigger implications including health risks, their future life and future life of their children if any. And this is done purely because it suits the market which prospers on the commercialization to the hilt of every single human weakness, irrespective of its effects on health, family peace and social order, which the markets "manage" again through the ever prospering market of solutions. Markets of the problems and the markets o solutions both feed each other. Without problems arising, there will be no need of solutions either. So, both should be supported through adequate adjustments in social and legal policies and propagation of a certain kind of environment through some attractive slogans. And because the market has till even now been male dominated, they have mastered the art of exploring women in the name of "freedom" and "equality" to them. Needless to say, every such freedom benefits the desires of men more than women. They can enjoy seeing scores of women nude and can lie with multiple of them without bothering for their future and future of any likely children out of the relationship.

This approach benefits scores of industries directly and indirectly, related to sex including prostitution, gay market, pornography, night club, tourism, hotel industry, costumes, cosmetic, tourism, contraceptives, abortion clinics, health care and many others. And of course alcohol too has big association with sex.

The cost of uninhibited free sex has been huge on life. HIV/AIDS is the fourth leading cause of death world-wide (2.9 million deaths). Syphilis was the first sex-related disease that killed people in large numbers. The homosexuals and the promiscuous heterosexuals were the common victims. It was quite common even till 1970s. And in 1980s the biggest sex killer, the HIV/AIDS emerged. Within no time it started consuming people. It has already taken about 40 million lives within last 25 years. But the rise of deaths due to sexual misdemeanours succeeded only in the rise of the sales of condoms. With the emergence of anti-HIV drugs, whatever fear free sex might have generated in the minds of the promiscuous and homosexuals has faded. This is despite the fact that till now only 2 cases of HIV are claimed to have been cured after long antiviral therapies and more than 40 millions are still living with AIDS. But they will not be jolted till perhaps some new virus emerges and devastates the mankind. They have already seen the devastation caused by Corona. If even the most advanced regions of the world in terms of healthcare including USA and Europe are among the toppers in terms of mortality and morbidity, one reason has been that despite attempted lockdowns, they have not been able to bring sexual distancing, night life thriving on sex and alcohol.

Alcohol, in addition to the deaths of more than 3 million every year which are directly related to it and millions more deaths due to accidents, murders and suicides under its effect, also increases the risks of unhealthy sexual behaviour. Studies of AIDS indicate that alcohol consumption influences many dimensions of sexual behaviour, which are responsible for the rise in HIV and other Sex Transmitted Diseases.

And the biggest sufferers of these relationships have been children, born and unborn. Various international sources estimate that 50 to 70 million foetuses are aborted annually. It can be seen that in most of the cases it is an uncivilised kind of sexual relationship with no restraints whatsoever that leads to pregnancies. As the couples are not ready to bear the responsibility of their actions and their desire of enjoyment in life without any kind of interruption, they simply kill the human being which has just started its life in the womb of his or her mother. More than 50 million deaths of human beings, and yet it is regarded a sign of "Development". And the biggest defaulters are big countries China, Russia, France, America and Britain. And of course, an increasing percentage of children who survive the abortion have to live in a single parent family, not getting the company of both their parents.

Obviously, all these bring huge money to the market with global entertainment expenditure being more than one thousand billion dollars. See the following table:

Global Entertainment Expenditures
Entertainment Category
(in bil. US$)
Alcohol   1,163
Entertainment Drugs   546
Sex   400
Restaurants   183
Movies   180
Gambling   110
Sports   63
Computer Games   54
Live performances   35
Tourism   25
Music   7
Total   2,862

(Elliott Morss; The Global Economics of Gambling; Table 1. - Global Entertainment Expenditures;

The Table shows that more than 2000 billion US dollars are spent on sex, alcohol, drugs and gambling. This money is being spent to purchase items that sooner or later are likely to lead to severe medical and social problems including death. Social problems include serious family disturbances, abortions, single parenthood, and separation with one or both parents, all of which in turn can lead to severe psychiatric problems with additional financial cost.

But why should the markets worry? They have the medical industry to manage the problems. The global medical industry is one of the world's fastest growing industries, absorbing over 10% of gross domestic product of most developed nations. It constitutes broad services offered by various hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies and ably supported by drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical equipment, manufacturers and suppliers. The total health care expenditures across the world were $4.5 trillion in 2014. Of which, US solely account for $ 2.2 trillion, $ 2 trillion in OECD countries and remaining $ 0.3 in other countries of the world.
(Statistica: Global Pharmaceutical Industry - Statistics & Facts;

War News

 War News


Taliban have captured the crossings into Iran and Turkmenistan.

Heavy fighting is reported near Kandhar. India has withdrawn its staff from this key city.

The Kabul regime took back Badghis with the help of air strikes but Taliban released 100 prisoners before withdrawing.

Some Kabul regime forces are refusing to fight the Taliban.

Communists, northern tribes and Shias are trying to stop the Taliban advances.

Most of the country is in Taliban control but major cities are defended by air strikes and concentrated regime troops.

Latest: India has withdrawn all staff from Kabul as fighting nears.

On July 11: Taliban captured two districts in Ghor province.
Pakistan is concerned because it helped the US and NATO forces to enter Afghanistan. Will the Taliban forgive?

USA is looking for air bases in nearby countries.

The hundreds of mercenary Afghans who became interpreters and supporters for NATO are facing a bad situation.


July 5. Three Pakistani troops were killed and one injured in North Waziristan's Hasan Khel area.

Three Pakistani soldiers were killed in South Waziristan.

Earlier two soldiers were killed and 2 woundedd also in North Waziristan. [Source Daily Dawn.]

[New Trend's analysis is that these attacks are coming from mujaheddin groups who retreated into Afghanistan when the Pakistani army, at the behest of USA, invaded north and south Waziristan and expelled the entire population.]


Russia and Assad forces are bombing and shelling mujaheddin forces near Jabal al-Zawiya, Irbid province. Receiving return fire.

Slow ISIS advances continue in all three provinces in the east despite Russian air raids.

Homs, eastern Hama, Deir ez Zor are becoming a problem for Russia and Assad.

Pro-Turkish Syrians are engaging Kurdish Communists in north central Syria.

Within the United States.

The world's wealthiest individuals stand to gain.
Family Break Ups are the result of isolation theory.

by Sis. Aisha
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen New Yourk]

If I don't have a contagious disease, should I still be quarantined? What if I tested negative for this disease? Should I still be subjected to protocol usually intended for disease-ridden people to follow? Well, if I don't have COVID-19 then, why can't I shop or attend events without a mask? Why are those "privileges" only for vaccinated individuals?

Even more unsettling is that family members won't allow unvaccinated family members to visit them. Well, what if they test negative for COVID-19 or don't exhibit any symptoms? If they aren't sick, why keep them away? This Plandemic has driven a wedge between families the same way the American Civil War did!

Plus, you have the elderly mask police yelling at people to wear their masks when they are on the bus.

One of the protocols for dealing with COVID-19 is to wear a mask unless you are eating, smoking, or have a medical reason for not being able to do so. Confused?

According to a new book by Laura Dodsworth called "A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic," the intention of many governments was to confuse people to the point of breaking their spirit during this Plandemic so that they would feel compelled to listen and obey their ordinances.

There exists thee scientific advisory committees, such as the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavior (SPI-B), which advises the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in the United Kingdom (U.K.). The SPI-B now admits to using fear to control the U.K. population and that they now consider it a "regrettable mistake."

These fear tactics were used all over the world out of government fear that people would not comply with public health ordinances. The question is compliance based on genuine health concerns or profit? Many of us may have someone who, unfortunately, contracted COVID-19 or passed away from it. However, the media played around with the COVID-19 case numbers to scare us into believing that COVID-19 had overtaken the majority of the American population.

At some point, it became evident that the number of COVID-19 fatalities was not as huge as reported but, what the media did was run ticker tapes of the numerous new cases of daily infections. What was deceptive about these new cases being reported was that most of them were asymptomatic false positives, which are individuals containing an inactive COVID-19 cell that cannot be transmitted to others. What also kept the fear going was the lack of news about the recoveries, as well as these false positives. Therefore, this hopelessness was being spread throughout the mainstream media.

Confusion is another form of mind control, according to author Laura Dodsworth. For Christmas 2020, there were news reports of Christmas being canceled, then on again, then canceled, again. A confused mental state leads to illogical, irrational thinking fueled by anxiety. Fear and anxiety lead to desperation, which compels people to become dependent on an authoritative source for information.

And, many activists and conscious people are speculating that all of this fearmongering is an effort to lead the world to the Great Reset: a time where people and products will be tracked via an electronic identification number. This electronic id will be tied to our bank accounts and health records. The world's wealthiest individuals stand to gain from this new technocracy, which is a society ruled by the ultra-rich, technicians, and scientists through the use of technology.

According to PBS's NOVA: Gross Science video, just like yawning and infectious laughter, fear can be contagious. Being in close proximity to someone who is anxious may make you become anxious. The video details three ways to overcome fear or negativity:

  1. Distract yourself by forcing yourself to look away from it (i.e. turn off the local news or CNN).

  2. Create your own positive reinforcements to dispute this fear (i.e. read the Qur'an or question its legitimacy as being real).

  3. Speak up to the person or entity generating this fear or anxiety because they may not realize it.

Number three won't work with any person or source intentionally spreading fear, so the goal would be to speak up to alert others about what is happening. This should be the fourth way to empower yourself against fear. Challenging the source of the fear weakens its mind control over us.

(Source: & PBS NOVA: Gross Science)

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin.

Have you Crossed the Bridge of Siraat?

Alhamduli'Allahi Rabbil-'Aalameen
wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen~
`Amma Baa`d...
Assalaamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu.

A Reminder to Myself First {'Subhan Allah'}

*PROPHET* ﷺ ~ said...
"If you knew what I know you would laugh
a Little & cry a Lot ".

Hasan al-Basri (Rahimaullah)

he would rarely Laugh due to his remembrance of Death and the Punishment of Hell !
One day he was going somewhere when he saw a young man indulging in laughter.

Hasan al-Basri~Rahimaullah) asked the youth...

'Young man....have you already crossed the bridge of 'Siraat'... {?}

Have you already found out whether you are going to Paradise or Hell"{?}

The young man replied...


Hasan al-Basri (Rahimaullah) then asked him...
'Then why are you Laughing so much' {?}

After that no one saw this young man laughing again , as he came to know the reality of this life{!}

But he smiled as this is a part of the Sunnah of the Prophet ~
(Peace be upon him)

A Little Note :

Many hours or probably days have passed away from our lives in laughter and jokes, it's a sign that we have forgotten the life of the Hereafter...!
The Sahabah used to do good deeds all day but still cry during the night to Allah{Azza wa Jall} !

{'Subhan Allah'}
 Bridge of Siraat

My 'Salaams' to all.

~Y a s m i n. ~

"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}
the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
{'Qur`an'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

'Wasting time is Worse than Death!
Because Death Separates you from this World
Whereas wasting Time Separates you from Allah'.
Ibn Qayimm Al-Jawziyyah(r)

I Want to Die With my Forehead on the Ground!
The Sunnah in my Heart, Allah on my Mind,
Qur'an on my Tongue, and Tears in my Eyes!
'In Shaa Allah'!
*Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days,
whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone.*
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree (r)}

[Source of Post ~Al-Hasan Al-Basri (R) Page # 89,

The Hindutva fascism and the captive Indian Muslims

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The tyranny of Hindu supremacism
The Indian Hindus are very proud of their race, religion, culture, science, and democracy. Such pride indeed forms the basis of the ongoing surge of Hindu supremacism in Indian politics. They boastfully claim that the Hindu religion is the most ancient religion in human history. There is no doubt about its antiquity. But antiquity doesn't guarantee the genuineness of a religion. Proven lies and ignorance can also survive through millenniums. Along with ancient lies, the stone-age culture of nudity, cave life, hunting habits, food and drink habits, and defaecation practices still survive among humans in places like Nicobar Island and Papua New Guinea. No modern man appreciates such prehistoric practices as acceptable norms and humane civility. It is indeed the practice of ancient ignorance. The same is the exactly true vis-à-vis Hindu religion. It hasn't moved even an inch from its old beliefs and practices in thousands of years. Whatever they learned from the ancient ancestors is incorporated in their religious beliefs as hundred percent true. They even feel proud of it and never bothered to check its authenticity. It is indeed the religion of ancient ignorance and lies. Such prehistoric ignorance and lies are now deeply embedded in the Hindu mindset in the name of religion.

A physical illness expresses through physical symptoms. But the diseases of falsehood and ignorance expresses through robust religious, cultural, behavioral, and political symptoms. Then, lynching, killing, raping, ethnic cleansing of people of other religions become the way of life. Under its spell, people drink cow urine but can't drink water from fellow humans of the so-called untouchable lower cast. Awfully, such a disease has attained an all-time epidemic in India. It indeed appears with huge cultural, behavioral, and political symptoms. The lethal toxicity on morality also shows its robust fallouts. As a result, millions of Hindus with top university degrees can worship cows, snakes, idols, and even replicas of male genitals (of Shiva) as Holy objects, but can't accept Muslims, Christians, and Adivasi (indigenous) people as neighbors. They want them to make ghar wapsi (back to Hinduism) or face annihilation. What could be the ugliest face of fascism than this?

The Indians are very proud of their missile, space, and nuclear technology. But they stay silent on the failures to provide safe drinking water, primary health care or sanitary toilets to its poor people. They boast as a country of great economy, but the world's largest poor population still live in India. The recent Covid epidemic has exposed their failures. The government failed to supply even oxygen to the hospitals. Hundreds of dead bodies are found floating in rivers or devoured by dogs and other beasts. They are very proud of their colleges, universities, and intellectuals, but couldn't eradicate the dehumanizing ideologies and faiths. Because of vile beliefs, they even celebrate the lynching and killing of Muslims on the alleged allegations for eating beef.

Whereas, religion is not for killing people. It for promoting peace, prosperity, morality, and saving lives. But in India, in the name of religion, exactly the opposites are happening. In the past, religion has been used to sanction burning alive the widows with their dead husbands. It is a shame that a non-Hindu ruler like the British colonialists had to stop the so-called religious practices. Instead of promoting equality and integration of people, religion is still being used to promote caste-based segregation and to restrict social mobility. In such a hateful ideological cum cultural milieu, how the Muslims, the Christians, the Adivasi, and other non-Hindu people can expect honor, peace, or security? Instead, it could only promote lynching, killing, rape, and deprivation. Because of its toxic spell, the law enforcement agencies also show their moral death. This is why while the Muslims get lynched to death by the Hindutva thugs, the police fail to show up in the crime spots. Even gang rapes, mass killings, and massive arsons against the Muslims fail to prompt the police, the politicians and the government to stop such crimes -as seen in Gujrat, Mumbai, Muzaffarnagar, Assam, and many other places!



(Revised with Maps and Illustrations)
by Dr.H. Ashruf

Introduction: Garrick Utley, the veteran newscaster on Sunday January 13, 1991, on the eve of the Desert Storm conducted the NBC program MEET THE PRESS. At the end he said "These final days and hours before the deadline, is, perhaps a time to recall the long road which has brought us to this point---not the one that began last August but rather the one that leads back more than one thousand years to when Islam's armies first invaded Europe. The road winds through the Middle Ages, the councils of Europe in the Middle Ages - not unlike Congress this weekend debating whether to commit armed forces to a crusade. They did! Then came the counter Crusades---Suleiman the magnificent in the 16th century marching his armies to the gates of Vienna to defeat the infidel. Then came the counter offensive, Western imperialism in the Middle East. Then came oil, Arab nationalism, Islamic fundamentalism, and terrorism.

What we are seeing on our television screens has happened before -- our fleet in the Persian Gulf was preceded by the Battleship New Jersey off Lebanon's coast a few years ago, which was preceded by Napoleon's fleet off the shores of Egypt, which was preceded by the Crusaders' ships off the Holy Land. So, what we remember these days is the longest -- running saga of confrontation and clashes between two worlds---The Arab Muslims verses the Western Judeo-Christian. We like to think, of course, that we are masters of our destiny, so do Saddam Hussain, George Bush, and the members of Congress -- but it looks as if more than one thousand years of history is about to be, for both sides, our destiny once again."

When I ponder on that "one thousand years of history" it becomes apparent that Muslims have three encounters with the West.

First observation: The first and second encounters belong to the history of the past, which Muslims did intentionally. The third and final encounter, which is in progress now, is unintentional. It is Divine Design.

Second observation: Each encounter has a span of 700 to 800 years, and their peak occurs at an interval of 600 to 700 years (732, 1402, and 2001). Their thrust is towards Europe in general and northwestern Europe in particular which is called the heart of Europe.

Each encounter has a point of beginning and a point when it stops or is stopped. In between it stabilizes, flourishes, and dominates. Then it declines, disintegrates, and ends.

We know how the first and second encounters ended. We do not know how the third is going to end.

Third observation: Approximately 100 to 150 years before one encounter ends, the beginning of the subsequent encounter is made. There is an overlap of 100 to 150 years.

Fourth observation: A particular group of Muslims is involved in each encounter. Muslim Moors in the first encounter, Muslim Turks and Tatars in the second, and in the third and final encounter Muslims all over the world are involved.

Fifth observation: In the first encounter there was no involvement of USA or Russia because there was no USA at that time. In the second encounter Russia was implicated. USA and Canada came into the picture towards the end (USA declared independence on July 4, 1776, and Canada was given independence on July 1, 1867. In the third encounter the USA is very much involved, along with Northwestern Europe (heart of Europe), Russia, and Canada.

Sixth observation: In the first and second encounters the Northwestern Europe and British Isles were spared. Muslims could not reach there. In the third encounter, they are the main focus of attention along with USA and Canada.

Seventh observation: In the first encounter Muslims invaded Europe from the south-west. In the second encounter, it was from the East. In the third encounter Muslims did not invade - for the first time in history they came to North-Western Europe (Heart of Europe), UK, USA, and Canada by invitation. [I explain later why I say it was by invitation].

Eighth and final observation: In the first and second encounters Muslims went into Europe to rule and to subjugate them with military might, military power. They succeeded in that though they were in minority. In the third and final encounter Muslims arrived in the Northwestern European countries (the heart of Europe), England, USA and Canada to live under their rule, no doubt as freemen!

The Muslim warriors in the initial era of Islam erupted out of Arabia like a volcano and spilled all over and reached Europe in a zeal to establish the word of God. They started to knock at the doors of Europe right from the time of our third Khalifa, Usman bin Affan (raa). During his time Habib ibn Maslama Al-Fihiri raided Armenia, went as far as Erzurum and Dvin.

In 27AH 647 AD, Khalifa Osman (raa) allows Ameer Myawiya (raa) to conduct a naval campaign against Cyprus. In this campaign, great Muslim personalities such as Khalid Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, Abuzar Ghfari, Abudarda, Miqdad, Fadala, and Waylah Al-Kinani participated as volunteers. One hundred-year-old Kaab Al-Ahbur also volunteered.

Khalifa Uthman (raa) orders Abdullah bin Nafe Bin Haseen to conduct a naval campaign against Spain. This is the first reference to Andalus (Spain) in Islamic History.

In 28AH 648 CE Ameer Muawiya (raa) assisted by Abdullah Bin Qais, Ameerul Bahr sails from Makkah. (Ameerul meaning "commander of the sea"- the word is later adopted by the Europeans as "Admiral"). Abdullah Bin Sa'd Bin Abusurrah also dispatched a fleet from Alexandria. The Muslim forces advanced in a pincer operation from opposite directions and conquered Cyprus. A peace treaty was signed. The Cypriots agreed to pay the new Muslim rulers the same 7,000 Dinnars, they were previously paying the Roman Empire in tribute. The blessed Prophet (pbuh) once staying at the house of Umm Haram (aunt of Anas bin Malik) predicted the Cyprus campaign. She was informed then that she would be among the warriors. Three women Umm Haram, Wife of Ubada bin Samit, and Fakhta wife of Ameer Muawiya (raa) participated in the naval campaign. Umm Haram is the first Muslim woman to die in a naval campaign. She is buried in Cyprus and is proclaimed as a pious lady.

In 32 AH 652 AD, Ameer Muawiya accompanied by his wife led a campaign against the Byzantine ruler and reached the vicinity of Constantinople.

In 34 AH 654 AD Rhodes was raided by an Arab fleet.

35 AH 655 AD Battle of Masts took place. Arab fleet wins command of Aegean in naval battle fought off the coast of Lycia. In this sea battle the Byzantine ruler tried to crush the Muslim power. He attacked Egypt near Alexandria with 500 to 1000 warships. Ameer-al-Bahr Abdullah bin Surrah and Ameer Muawyia (raa) met the challenge. The infant Muslim navy plunges in to combat with 200 ships against a fleet three times its size. An intense battle is fought with swords. The sky was clouded with masts. Thus, the battle is called the Battle of masts. The byzantine force could not withstand the zeal and strategy of the Muslim mujahideen and had a humiliating defeat. From then on, the Muslim navy became the master of the Mediterranean Sea.

43 AH 663 AD marks the first Arab raid on Sicily. Byzantine Empire was divided in to Western and Eastern flanks. The seat of power of Eastern flank was Constantinople. Muslims had an eye on it right from the beginning. Hazrat Ameer Muawwyia (raa), after consolidating his power went after Constantinople. The Arab navy that hazrat Ameer Muawyia built, dominated the Agean sea. Sicily and Crete were repeatedly attacked. Using Rhodes as his advance base he kept the triple walled city of Constantinople under siege for ten years from 668 AD to 678 AD. This siege, a series of attacks by sea, would last for ten years.

49 AH 669 CE Yezid bin Muawiya led a large army against the Byzantines and after a fierce battle besieged Constantinople (Istanbul). Great companions took part in this battle, such as Abdullah Bin Abbas, Abu Ayyub Ansari, Abdullah Bin Umar Abu Al-Khttab, and Abdullah Bin Zubaur.

Abu Ayyub Ansari died during the campaign and was buried at the front, on European soil. Today a beautiful mosque stands tn the western part of Istanbul and is called Ayuub Sultan. During Khilafat-e­Osmania the Caliph was traditionally decorated with the sword of Uthman in that mosque.

53 AH 672 CE: Janada Azdi led a naval campaign against the island of Rhodes and conquered it After the Pyramids of Egypt the Muslims now controlled the Colossus of Rhodes one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The colossus was a bronze statue of Apollo, 100 to 150 feet high, erected around 280 BCE in the harbor. It had fallen during the earthquake in 224 BCE and was found lying face down in the water when the Muslims entered Rhodes.

59 AH 678 AD: The Arab fleet commanded by Yazid was defeated by Byzantine naval force at the battle of Syllaeum. Ameer Muaywia called off the siege and a truce was signed. It would take another 800 years for Constantinople to be conquered by Muslim Turks.

92 AH 711 AD: Tariq Bin Ziad, who was a young governor of Tangier and lieutenant of Musa Bin Nusair crosses the straight with 12000 soldiers on 5th Ramadan 92 AH (27th April 711 CE) and lands in Gibralter. Tariq overruns all of southern Spain. A few months later Musa Bin Nusair crosses the sea with 10000 soldiers and conquered parts of Spain unconquered by Tariq. During the same period Musailma Bin Abdul Malik conquered Island of Sardinia.

98-99 AH 717-718 CE: Constantinople was kept under siege by Sulaiman Son of Khalifa Abdul Malik.

116 AH 732 CE: Muslim armies penetrated deep into France and reached Poitiers 40 miles south of Paris. A battle was fought at Tours. On Muslim side the commander was Abdul Rehman Al Ghafiqui (who was from Yemen). Muslims were defeated and Al Ghafiqui was martyred.

"Had the Battle of Tours been won by Muslims", wrote Edward Gibbon in the Rise and Fall of Roman Empire "perhaps the interpretation of Quran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet''. There would be no Christian Europe. Poitiers, said Gibbon, was "an encounter, which would change the history of the world".

Why were Muslims defeated?

Michael Hamilton Morgan wrote in his book The Lost History "The Muslim Army consisted of Persians, Berbers, Yemenis, Arabs, and Spaniards. These soldiers could not agree on a commander, overnight they withdrew. The Franks have won. The outnumbered, poorly equipped Franks have defeated the army of Al-Ghafiqui, whose men have withdrawn because they could not agree on a new commander".

About the same battle, the British Encyclopedia writes "The Muslim troops had to be withdrawn because the Berbers had revolted in North Africa and Charles Martel earned his undeserving glory."

Justice Ameer Ali of India explained why the Muslim Army had to retreat in his book A Short History of the Saracens". He writes that the Battle of Tours is called "Balat-ush-Shuhada" because of the number of prominent men who lost their lives with Abdur Rahman. He wrote "at the peak of war when they were on the verge of a decisive victory, a cry arose that the Arab camp with all its treasure was in danger. At the news, the Muslims quitted their ranks and flew to defend their booty: in vain, Abdur Rahman endeavored to restore order; all the efforts were useless, and he fell, pierced by lance.

The fall of the general threw the whole army into disorder. Soon the night fell. Both sides withdrew to their camps. No sooner than the Muslims reached their camp, furious dissensions broke out among Abdur Rahman's lieutenants and the legionaries turned their arms against each other. Victory over Franks was now out of the question; a safe retreat was the only possible course open. Under cover of the night the Muslim generals quietly withdrew leaving the battlefield empty".

So, the Muslim advance was averted. The thrust towards Northwestern Europe (heart of Europe) was thwarted. This was the turning point of the first encounter. Further march was stopped because of our greed, our own divisions, dissensions, and disunity.

The vigor, the valor had vacillated. It took nearly one hundred years when Sicily was conquered in 208AH 823 AD. Crete was conquered in 210 AH 825 AD. In 846 C.E. a naval expedition from Sicily even entered the River Tiber, and Arab forces sacked Ostia and Rome.

300 AH 912 AD Muslims entered in Savoy in Switzerland. Again they entered France and occupied Frejvis, Marseilles, Grenoble, Nice was held by them for a considerable time.

The highlight of the first encounter was the Muslim rule in Spain for 781 years from 711 AD to 1492 AD. The ruling elite had their infightings, intrigues, inter marriages, and collaboration with the enemies. Despite that they developed a most prosperous multiethnic, multi religious multi-cultural state full of tolerance, where Muslims, Jews and Christians worked together. The Jewish historians write that it was the golden period, the golden era of their existence when they were not persecuted. Muslims did not rule all over Spain for 800 years. Franks were constantly pushing them southwards. At the end only kingdom of Granada remained under their rule. The kingdom was 210 miles long from East to West and 75 miles wide from South to North. Additionally, in the last ten years there was fratricidal war among Muslims, the son was fighting with father, uncle with nephew while the city was under siege. Eventually, both were defeated, and January 3, 1492, Muslims and Jews were told to go on exile or be baptized or be killed.

The last ruler Boabdil was sent on exile. The world remembers "The Moor's Last Sigh". Boabdil, on his way to exile, and his family took the road to Acpuxarras, where he was to abide. When he reached the mountains of Padul, he casted a last look at Granada and wept. His mother, hitherto his evil genius, turned upon him with the words "yes you may well weep like a woman at the loss of what you could not defend like a man".


 Islamic Thought

From Imam Badi Ali.
July 10 and 11.

As-slamu alaikum,

The knife didn't kill prophet Ismail (as), the fire didn't burn prophet Ibrahim (as), the whale didn't eat prophet Younus (as), the sea didn't drown prophet Mussa (as).

Be with Allah, and Allah will protect you!

Your busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier!

O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness and my well-being in this world and the Hereafter. Ameen

As-slamu alaikum,
Allah (swt) said :
"وَوَصَّيvنَا الْإِنسَ›نَ بِوَالِد¤يْهِ إِحْسَان¡ا.."
We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; ..."
(Quran 46:15 )

Serving Your Parents In Their Old Age Is As Good As Opening The Doors Of Paradise, So Don't Miss Out.

By loving and honoring our parents more, we're showing our children the importance of parents.

O Allah forgive my parents, reward them, and raise their rank in Jannah. Ameen

 Breaking News

Revulsion against Chinese Genocide of Uighur Muslims.

Lithuania is leading because it was the Victim of Communism.

Also Uighur Refugees in France.

Lithuania, which suffered itself Communist persecution, is the third country in Europe after the Netherlands and the United Kingdom whose Parliament has officially declared the horrors China is inflicting on the Uyghurs a "genocide." Outside Europe, similar declarations came from the United States and Canada.

The vote of May 20 by the Lithuanian Parliament is important, because Lithuania is the first country that is part of the Belt and Road Initiative to take such a brave stand on the Uyghur genocide, showing to other countries that Belt and Road memorandums cannot tie the hands of democratic countries when human rights are at stake.

In fact, the resolution, passed in the Seimas, the Lithuanian Parliament, with a vote of 86 to one and seven abstentions, goes beyond Xinjiang, and indicts the CCP for its massive violations of human rights and religious liberty.

Lithuania, the document says, "strongly condemns China's massive, systematic and grave human rights violations and crimes against humanity." It asks "the United Nations to initiate a legal inquiry into the Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang detention camps," and calls on the European Parliament and the European Commission "to review the EU's cooperation policy with China and formulate a clear position on China's massive, systematic, and serious human rights violations, crimes against humanity, and the Uyghur genocide."

China, the document says, should "immediately end the illegal practice of organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, release all prisoners of conscience in China, including members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement, end the Uyghur genocide and close re-education camps, and release all detainees and prisoners in detention and forced labor camps."

Uighur Refugees Protest

Scores of people from the Tibetian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Taiwaneese, Hong Kong and Uyghur communities staged a protest at the Bastille square in France's Paris on June 24, where they demanded a boycott of next year's Winter Olympics in Beijing over human rights violations against ethnic groups, ANI reported.

Despite global provocation, China still continues to deny any wrongdoing against Uyghurs. Time and again, it has denied claims that ethnic Muslims have been forced into internment camps, work programs and birth-control initiatives, Bloomberg reported. However, an assessment by the United Nations claims that Uyghurs- anywhere from tens of thousands to "upwards of 1 million" have been detained.

 Social Media

via facebook

The July 4 issue of New Trend reached 55,628 Muslims including 10,000 women.

The items in it included:
  1. Goebbels. Greatest enemy of Communism western powers.
  2. Imran Khan supports Communist ;party & Uighur mistreatment.
  3. US retreat from Bagram air base.
  4. Bill Cosby. Why is America outraged? [Sis. Aosha]
  5. Unmarked graves: Canada's horrors [Br. Ather]
  6. Guidance on Malcolm X [Sis. Yasmin]
  7. German people rising agaust Israel.
  8. How to face hardships. [Imam Badi]
  9. Palestinians protest murder of Nizar Banat.
  10. Sis. Nadrat protests Dr. Aafia's suffering,

Political Prisoners :

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