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11 Shawwal 1442 A.H. - May 23 2021 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1916


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Why Should Muslims be Interested in Germany?
By Kaukab Siddique, PhD

I was going to do this as a conventional book review but by the time I finished reading its 600 pages, I realized that no regular book review could do justice to it.

True Himmler by David Irving. [ Sub title: A biography quoting the real letters, diaries, and papers of Heinrich Himmler, and his wife and daughter and others in his life, with selections of photographs from personal albums.]. 639 pages. Focal point, 2020.

Readers of New Trend might have noticed something very unusual happening in Germany during the Israeli assault on Gaza and the desecration of Masjid al-Aqsa. Germans were openly protesting against the Israeli attacks and doing something unthinkable over 75 years:: burning the Israeli flag. As you may know, it's a crime in Germany to say anything even slightly non-critical of the German regime from 1933 to 1945. Germany was humiliated and silenced after its defeat after the war.

All of Germany has been treated as an evil country which broke all the rules of civilization and decency. In that historic context, only a scholar with unequalled courage and objectivity [by European standards] could write about the personal life of a German leader hated even more than Hitler. [if that is possible] .

Anyone writing about the personal life of a hated leader who is projected as the epitome of evil in the West would have to face the objectivity test.

Any even handed account would be seen as propaganda. What David Irving did was very difficult and took years of research, He took himself out of the picture and depended entirely upon the secret writings of the characters in his story of Himmler. The people who wrote these diaries and personal notes and instructions never thought that these writing would appear in a monumental book,

He wrote about Himmler's parents and his childhood. Himmler was a church going child and youth. He was strict beyond measure in his financial dealings even with the pocket money his father gave him. He did not drink or smoke or fornicate and stayed strictly within his marriage till very late in life.

Not many, if any, western leaders can compare with him in his character.

Irving traces step by step Himmler's attraction towards National Socialism. Readers should remember that Germany was not only defeated in the First World War but humiliated. It was shredded of its choicest provinces and industrial areas. The French and the Poles enjoyed Germany's resources and Germany was put under a ban which would not allow it to have its own armed forces.

The economy nose dived and the people were poverty stricken. Money had no value. The only people who prospered were the tiny minority which controlled the banking system and finance. Hitler spoke against them and drew their ire globally. The more he spoke, the greater Germany came under international abuse and propaganda. A global boycott was was placed on Germany.

Irving documents the growing isolation followed by physical attacks and murder of German diplomats and officials overseas.

Himmler stayed away from the waves of prejudice and then hate which swirled through Germany. As is usual in a tight economy, leftist groups and Communists organized themselves. There were battles in the streets between the Communists and National Socialists labelled as the SA. These were gangsters fighting gangsters.

The SA not only defeated the Communists but gained so much support that at a certain point they decided to overthrow Hitler and kill all his top supporters.

Himmler formulated a tightly disciplined force known as the SS which overthrew the SA. This was a brutal internal conflict and Irving gives us the details, sparing no one.

The SS came to be the best fighting force in Europe. It not only protected Hitler but supported Germany's forays into Austria and Czechoslovakia.

How did Himmler deal with a situation of conflict and then war? The book becomes a thriller full of tension. of a moral person trapped in a bad situation.

There were no angels in World War 2 and Himmler was seen as the worst of Hitler's commanders. The SS came to be the most powerful force in Germany.

The book does not discuss the war itself but when Germany was defeated, the victors did not treat Himmler as the greatest commander of an invincible force. He was treated like dirt and murdered in cold blood. To undermine the German morale, the victors spread the story that he committed suicide, which was against his entire belief system. Irving carries out clinical research to prove that it was not suicide but murder.

I highly recommend this book and congratulate David Irving for research work which has no equal.



JI for Palestine & Kashmir

Record Breaking Rallies.
Palestinians Writing History with their Blood.
Dawn of Freedom Rising from Masjid al-Aqsa, says Imam Siraj.
by Qaiser Sharif

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE- MAY 21: Hundreds of thousands have attended the Labbaik al-Quds Marches held in all major cities and town of Pakistan Friday on the appeal of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Emir Sirajul Haq, expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine who have been writing the history of bravery with their blood.

Holding Palestinian flags and banner condemning the Israeli atrocities against unarmed people of Gaza, people from all walks of life including children and women demanded the rulers of Muslim world to shun their lip service and take solid stand on Palestine cause.

JI Emir Sirajul Haq addressed the thousands of participants of Million March at Islamabad's D-chowk, JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim led a rally in front of Mansoora, Lahore while JI Deputy Emir Liaqat Baloch spoke to a big gathering in Gujranwala. Rallies were taken out in Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi and other cities under the banner of JI.

JI chief expressed gratitude over the large attendance which, he said, was proof of Pakistani people unwavering love with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. He vowed to continue struggle for Palestine and Kashmir cause until the areas got liberation from Israeli and Indian occupation. He announced the millions marches in supports of Palestine would be held in Karachi and Peshawar on May 23 and May 30 respectively. He also appealed to the people to donate generously in Palestine Relief Fund established by the JI's charity al-Khidmat Foundation.

He called for establishment of International Fund for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Gaza. Sirajul Haq appealed for unity of Muslim Ummah to regain the lost glory of Islam. He regretted the OIC forum was not properly being utilized to secure the Ummah's cause. He expressed anger on the silence of UNO over the crime against humanity and ruthless killing of children and women in occupied Palestine. He said he believed the dawn of freedom will soon rise on Masjid-e-Aqsa and al-Quds and the sacrifices of people of Kashmir would also bear fruit in near future.

War News

 War News


Getting ready for the next attack on Gaza:

May 22: BREAKING: Pres. Biden announced plans to sell $735 million dollars in weapons to Israel.

That's right: the U.S. is trying to send MORE weapons that could be used to attack civilians. [Amnesty report]


Taliban Capture Key District near Kabul. Police Chief and Security force Surrender,
[May 21]

KABUL, Afghanistan
The Taliban in Afghanistan have overrun a key district in Maidan Wardak province next to the capital Kabul, officials confirmed on Friday.

Sharifullah Hotak, a member of the provincial council, told Anadolu Agency the Taliban captured the Jalrez district at around 9 a.m. (0430GMT) on Friday after a five-day siege. "The district police chief has surrendered to the Taliban along with 35 security forces, and the district administrative compound has completely fallen to the Taliban," he said.

Claiming credit for the development, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group has seized the district administration compound as well as the police headquarters by inflicting "heavy casualties" on the government forces.

Without acknowledging the fall of Jalrez, the country's Defense Ministry said in a statement that an operation has been planned to push the rebels out of the district situated less than 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the capital Kabul. The Interior Ministry, meanwhile, dubbed the situation in Jalrez as a "tactical retreat".

In less than a month, this is the third district overrun by the Taliban in Baghlan, Maidan Wardak and Laghman provinces.

On Thursday, the security forces went on a "strategic retreat" in the Dawlat Shah district of eastern Laghman province to avoid civilian casualties amid mounting Taliban onslaught. The Taliban, however, claimed to have overrun this key district in a province neighboring the capital Kabul.

Deadly violence returned to Afghanistan after a three-day truce for the Muslim holy festival of Eid last week.

Since the announcement of an exit date of September 2021 for American troops by the US President Joe Biden, Afghanistan has been witnessing a spike in deadly Taliban assaults across the country that has led to mounting casualties on all sides.

Russian Air Strikes. Assad's artillery. Islamic groups hitting back. IS raids & Advances,.
[From SOHR]

May 22, Iran militia vs, Islamic State: 3 Iran militia killed. Raqqa area,

May 22, IS raiders on motor biks killed two SDF and one with them, Busairah city, Deir ez Zor, [SDF is supported by US.]

May 22: Deraa province. Gunmen killed an Assad soldier and stole his motor bike.

May 22. Latakia province, Assad regime used heavy artillery on Islamic positions in Jabal al-Turkman. Mujaheddin hit regime forces. No details,

More artillery exchanges in north western Hama and southern Idlib.

Ras al-Ain: ISIS commanders have joined pro-Turkish National Army.

May 23. Again Iran vs Islamic state. 4 Iranians wounded in Deir ez Zor countryside.

May 17-23, HTS in Idlb ;province raiding Islamic group known as "Defenders of the faith." Six arrested, HTS wants to prove that it is against "terrorists",

May 23: Assad regime vs Islamic group Fatah al-Mubeen. ;Southern Idlib border. Three Assad troops killed. Assad artillery fired on 4 villages. No casualties.

May 21: East of Aleppo in the Manbig countryside, militia supported by Turkey and militia supported by SDF clashed with casualties on both sides.

May 21. In west Deir ez Zor desert, Russian fighter jets carried out 20 air strikes against Islamic State. SOHR says, the Russians could not find anyone,

May 20, In al-Mayadeen, Dei ez Zor, Iranian troops desecrated a mosque and are using it for military offices,

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

After Murder, they will get Pension?
by Sis. Aisha
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

In Minnesota, on April 11th, Daunte Wright was murdered by Officer Km Potter, who claimed on camera that she thought she was using her Taser during a traffic stop. The infraction: a dangling air freshener from his rear-view mirror.

The Community Cop Show Co-host Noel Leader, warned viewers that White officers have official police training and then, unofficial police training. The official police training operates according to the law while the unofficial police training is what White officers instruct each other to do when they know the cameras are on them. Noel Leader stated that Officer Potter's yelling "Taser, Taser, Taser!" was a warning for fellow officers to move out of her way, which they did. She then proceeded to aim her gun at Wright and shoot him.

The question is how she chose her gun, instead of her Taser? The Community Cop Show co-host Michael Greys stated that her Taser was yellow and on her left side, not her right side where her gun was located. The gun is located on the side of the dominant hand, which was her right hand, in this case. Plus, Officer Kim Potter had been on the force for twenty-six years. Being that the Taser and gun are located on opposite sides of the body makes Potter's claims of a mistake ridiculous. She was actually there to train police officers, which has led to even more scrutiny.

The Community Cop Show consensus is that this shooting was deliberate. What really wreaks is that the media - the same media claiming to support Black Lives Matter - has chosen to report Police Chief Tim Gannon's view that it was an accidental shooting without question. Even worse is that Officer Kim Potter has been allowed to retire rather than face charges as an officer. Retiring after twenty years allows Officer Potter to receive her pension. If she had been fired, her pension benefits would have been denied.

Allowing veteran police officers to retire rather than be fired is a tactic that has been used to protect their pensions. However, Cariole Horne was unceremoniously fired a year before her pension was to become effective. She was fired after she prevented another officer from potentially strangling a suspect. Officer Horne had to endure a fifteen-year legal battle to get her pension as a result of her stopping evil with her hand as the hadith says!

Accused officers should not be allowed to retire and keep their pension until after a thorough investigation into their activities. This is a measure to pressure politicians to change, including prosecutors. Accused judges are also allowed to retire while law-abiding judges are disrobed. The now-retired criminal officers should have their pension benefits revoked.

Unfortunately, Daunte Wright's family has hired Benjamin 'The Chump' Crump to represent them. But, Minnesota Attorney General and self-proclaimed Muslim Zionist, Keith Ellison has decided to prosecute Officer Kim Potter. On June 25th, we will all see how he handled convicted murderer Derek Chauvin's sentencing, insha'allah.

(Source: The Community Shop Show &



Ceasefire in Israeli Bombing:
But No Peace for the Palestinians

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal
Israel: the imperialists' watchdog
For global domination, the imperialists need a military presence all over the world. Otherwise, the World Power status doesn't survive. Hence, the USA has established 800 military bases globally. Since the Middle East is the most oil-rich area in the world, the largest US military base is nowhere in the world but in the Middle East; and that is Israel. As a senator in 1988, Mr Joe Biden declared that if Israel did not exist, the USA would have been obliged to invent it as a means of defending its interests in the Middle East. He even criticised President George W. Bush for not doing enough to support Israel. The USA spends 4 billion dollars a year (about 11million dollars per day) to replenish the base with the most sophisticated weapons. It is indeed one of the strongest military bases in the world. Israel has also nuclear bombs -as the USA possesses it on its mainland. So there exists no disparity. This time, while the 11-day Israeli bombing was at its pick on Gaza, the USA gave Israel another fresh supply of weapons that worth 735 million dollars. In the 1973's war, Israel faced some difficulty. The USA made a rapid disbursement of advanced weapons to Israel to help her win the war. Since its creation in 1948, it has been the key strategy of the USA to keep Israel undefeatable.

Initially, Israel was created by the British imperialists to serve their interest as a military watchdog in the Middle East. In November 1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour promised a homeland for the Jews. The British didn't plan to give that Jewish homeland in their own land but in Palestine -the land that the British didn't own. At that time, Jews were not facing any crisis in any part of the world. In those days, even in Europe, there was no persecution against the Jews. The difficult days for the Jews started much later -only after 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to the power in Germany. Hence the Jews didn't need any such homeland anywhere. But the British had a need to create such land for their own cause. Therefore, the ruling British political elites needed to manufacture an agenda to bring the wealthy Jewish people on their side to help financially to win the First World War against the Germans.

The British wanted to implant a non-Muslim military outpost in the Muslim heartland to keep its imperialistic dominance. That too at the cost of the Muslims. In the past, the Crusaders failed to sustain their foothold in the Middle East. They were successfully driven out by the Muslim Army under the leadership of the great general Salah Uddin Ayubi. In the past, the Roman Empire failed to keep its foothold there too. The Muslim Army under the great general Khalid bin Walid could successfully drive them out. But this time the British devised a plan in collaboration with the Jews. Some Jewish fanatics in the higher echelons of international Jewish leadership and the Ashkenazi Jews of East Europe have become interested in the British project. The USA, France, Italy and Russia had full support for such a strategy for the occupation of the holy land of Palestine. After the departure of the British in 1948, the Americans entered the theatre. The plan to create a Jewish homeland now serves not only the Jewish cause but also the Western imperialists' interest in the Middle East.

The British crime
In December 1917, the British occupied Palestine. But there was a problem to meet the British imperialistic agenda. The Jews were only 8 percent of the population in Palestine and 92 percent were Arab. Hence the British started with the military as well as socio-political and demographic engineering to increase the Jewish population along with reducing the Muslim population. During the occupation from 1917 till 1948, the British government opened the flood gate for the Jewish immigrants. The wealthy Jewish people financed the transportation of Jews from all over the world to Palestine. They gave money for the construction of their houses. On the other hand, the British colonial administration allowed underground Jewish terrorist organisations like Hagenah, Irgun, and Lehi to attack and terrorise the unarmed Arab population to drive them out of Palestine. This way they could increase the Jewish population from 8 percent in 1917 to 33 percent in 1947. In 1948, Israel was created with the argument that the Jewish population can't co-exist with the native Arabs and need a separate state. So, Palestine was divided with a bigger size for the Jews.

The major colonial powers like the UK, France and the USA influenced the UNO to recognise the illegitimate creation of Israel. Thus, the division of Palestine on ethnic identity was given legality.

Occupation of a foreign land is itself a crime. The British made another grave crime. Instead of returning the land of Palestine to its native people, the British handed it over to the Jews. So Israel is the legacy of double crimes of the British against the Palestinians. The British government does not feel any shame for that, rather they celebrate the crime -as they celebrate Balfour Day to glorify the historic crime done against the Palestinians. Since its creation, Israel is continuously expanding its geography; now the whole of Palestine stays under its occupation. Israel is now itself a colonial state. The USA and the UK are giving necessary weapons and political support to Israel to help sustain its war of occupation and geographical expansion.

Criminals defend the crimes!
A crime is always a crime. A thief never possesses the right to retain the stolen property. Along with facing the punishment, a thief must return back the stolen stuff to the real owner. The land the Jews occupy today didn't own that in 1917. The Jews are the people who have robbed lands from the native Palestinians. In only one year in1948, about 750, 000 Palestinians were evicted from their homes and more than 500 Arab villages dismantled. Those who were forced to leave their homes were not allowed to return back, their lands were used to build the residential blocks for the Jewish immigrants. Hence, Israel doesn't possess any moral right to defend the stolen land. Since Israel is the product of colonial crime, can never get any legality in the court of conscience. Rather, the Palestinians possess the right to fight for getting back their stolen lands. It doesn't need to be a scholar to understand such a simple rule of morality. Israel can kill Palestinians and destroy their houses, but can't kill their moral right. This indeed works as the formidable moral forces behind the liberation movement of the Palestinians.

Can peace co-exist with occupation?
Cessation in Israeli bombing -as announced recently doesn't solve the problem. Ceasefire never ends the occupation, colonisation, discrimination and humiliation. The occupiers and the occupied never live side by side in peace. This is why so many ceasefires and peace deals failed in the last 70 years. Such a ceasefire only helps war to reappear with more ferocity. Peace never coexists with occupation. For meaningful peace, the Israeli occupation, discrimination and settlement colonisation must end completely. But such vital issues are not on the table for discussion; in fact, Israel stands fully incorrigible on these issues. Therefore there exist no chance for the Palestinians to get back the stolen land and live peacefully there.

In the past, horrendous crimes like genocide, ethnic cleansing, robbery, and massive exploitation were done by the European imperialists in weaker countries of Asia and Africa. Those criminals went unpunished. Israel also stays unpunished. The military might overrules all civility and morality; the rule of the jungle works here. Since Israel serves the interests of the USA and the EU, these Western powers give full immunity to Israel. Because of their support, Israel goes unpunished even after committing horrible atrocities. The Western countries never condemn any Israeli atrocity, let alone punishing. Since the Americans and the Europeans do not live under foreign occupation, can't understand the tragedies of the Palestinians. So they fail to show empathy for them. So, they stay always biased in favour of the Israelis.

Israel can't run any policy without the approval of the US administration. Whoever gives the money, runs the policy -such a rule works here. The USA finances not only Israel's existence but also its occupational war. The USA and Israel are two states on two different continents but run the same policy. This is why it is very difficult to find any difference between the narratives of Israel and the USA. The USA President Joe Biden doesn't call the Israeli occupiers as occupiers and the Israeli war criminals as war criminals. He always fulfil the Israeli wish. Since Israel didn't want a ceasefire, the USA didn't want it either. Israel wanted more time to kill more men, women and children, and flatten more buildings and infrastructures in Gaza. So, President Biden's administration blocked UN Security Council statements demanding a ceasefire. Though he is an American by nationality but works as an Israeli in politics. This is why President Biden shows so perfect congruity with Israeli policy. Hence, how can he help bring peace to Palestine?

For the US President and the Israeli government, peace has a different connotation. It means Israel must have the unlimited right to evict Palestinians from their homes, destroy their homes, occupy their land, and build settlement colonies in occupied lands. And such an Israeli version of peace doesn't give the Palestinians any right to protest against Israeli atrocity. For them, peace means the unconditional surrender of the Palestinians to Israeli ethnic supremacy. Any protest is labelled as terrorism. The USA-Israel axis didn't keep such a narrative hidden from the public eye.

The only option
President Biden already promised quick replenishment of Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile defence system. It tells a lot about the USA policy. The man who doesn't possess any moral fibre to call a robust war crime a crime will help bring peace! Only a full stupid believe that. It is a pity that Yasser Arafat believed that and signed the Oslo Treaty. He paid the price for his foolishness by giving the life under the Israeli seize.

If the USA shows its firm support, Israel has none to fear. The whole world can only show its spineless moral, and nothing else. And Israel has no doubt about the US support. So, they could dare invade the Al-Aqsa mosque on 27 Ramadan in presence of thousands of Muslims and could do massacre and massive destruction in Gaza. Because of US-induced audacity, Israel is now moving fast with its tested policy of occupation, ethnic cleansings, destruction of Palestinian houses and rapid settlement colonisation.

Israel now stands for the full and rapid Israelization of Palestine.

There shouldn't be an iota of doubt in that. The Palestinians may have some pauses in Israeli bombings -as got before, but peace looks far away from the horizon. The Palestinians have to pay more price for peace, dignity and liberty. Muslims never get peace, dignity and liberty from the kuffars as a gift. Victory comes only from Allah Sub'hana wa Ta'la (ma nasru illa min indillah). This is the fundamental belief in Islam. And jihad is the only route to bring down the promised Divine mercy. Israel also fears only jihad, not PLO or any other secular outfits. The Palestinians must make themselves morally and spiritually fit for getting such mercy from All-Powerful Allah Sub'hana wa Ta'la. There exists no other option.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

USA practiced it in Afghanistan.
From April 2007


Kabul, Kandahar, Mazare Sharif undergo Massive Explosions

News is filtering out that a 5000 pound bomb hit and wiped out a village near Jalalabad. Nearly 100 Afghan women and children were wiped out. Bombs have also hit the city of Jalalabad. One Afghan who escaped to Pakistan told an NPR reporter that he had buried 3 children after a bomb hit near his house in Jalalabad.

Scores of 2000 pound bombs have hit Kandahar, Kabul and Mazare Sharif. A 10-year-old step son of Mullah Omar is reported killed.

The total death toll is near 300 now with 1200 injured. The toll will rise sharply after reports come in from the countryside.

The U.S. claims it is not hitting civilians but observers note that "dumb" bombs dropped from the big bombers are bound to create huge civilian casualties. They are not meant for precision bombing.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

" Never will I suffer to be lost the work of any of of you, be ye male or female, you are members one of another."
{Source~ Qur'an ~ Surah Al Imran 3 ~ A #195}

Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) said...
Prophet ~ (Peace Be Upon Him) said---
'The dwellers of 'Jannah' will look at those in the upper abodes above them as you look at a shining star which remains in the eastern or western horizon...
such will be the difference in superiority which some of them have over others.''

PROPHET ~ (Peace Be Upon Him) was asked...
' Will those be the dwellings of the Prophets which no one else will be able to reach' ?
Prophet ~ (Peace Be Upon Him) replied...
'Yes, but by Him in whose hand my soul is men who believed in Allah and acknowledged the truthfulness of the Messengers will reach them'.
[Source: Al-Bukhari and Muslim] Book # 20 ~ Hadith # 1887]

A Little Note:
In 'Jannah', people will have different grades according to the strength of their Belief and love of Allah {Azza Wa Jal}
Some people will be on a position near that of the Prophets
May Allah [Azza wa Jal] grant us such lofty places.
[Allah Humma Aameen]

~ Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by
Abu Huraira, r.a.:
The Prophet said,
"We (Muslims) are the last in the world, but will be foremost on the Day of Resurrection." Allah's Apostle also said,
"By Allah, if anyone of you insists on fulfilling an oath by which he may harm his family,
he commits a greater sin in Allah's sight than that of dissolving his oath and making expiation for it."

Bukhari Volume 8,
Book 78, # 621
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Islamic Thought

Du'a and Message
from Imam Badi Ali
May 21 and 22.

"So the ultimate tragedy is not the oppression - but the silence over it!"

Allah (swt) always grants help and victory to the believers.

Allah (swt) promises victory for His religion and His servants.

Obedience to Allah (swt), waiting for His promise, seeking forgiveness, and practicing patience certainly is the way to gain victory.

The people of Gaza were so patient and defended masjid al-Aqsa and they paid a precious price for their stand.

Because of that effort, they united the Ummah and they gained the attention of the good people of the world. Allah blessed them with victory.

O Allah, free Palestine. O Allah, free al-Quds. Ameen

As-slamu alaikum,

You can't be neutral in situations of injustice; by doing so you've chosen the side of the oppressor.

So the ultimate tragedy is not the oppression - but the silence over it!

Be sure you are on the right side of history. Be sure to use your voice and platform to stand against the occupation of Palestine! This is the least we can do.

This is an Islamic obligation, a human need, and responsibility!

O Allah, protect our brothers & sisters in Gaza and allow us to witness a free Palestine.



Protest in support of Palestinians fills Yonge-Dundas Square, moves to Israeli consulate

A large group of protesters marched through Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday afternoon, drumming and chanting in support of Palestinians in Gaza following 11 days of violent conflict in the Middle East.
 Protest in support of Palestinians fills Yonge-Dundas Squar

The demonstration, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement, began at 3 p.m. in Yonge-Dundas Square and moved northbound until it reached the Israeli consulate on Bloor Street.

Hundreds of demonstrators waved flags, carried signs and chanted slogans, including "Free, free Palestine" and "Palestine will never die."

There was a heavy police presence in the area of the gathering. Toronto police tweeted out multiple road closures, but would not say how many people were in attendance at the protest.

As of Saturday at 8 p.m., police had no information about any arrests made in connection with the rally. A spokesperson for the force also said he was not aware of any reports of violence.Thousands gathered across Canada in pro-Palestinian protests over the last two weeks. Last weekend, large demonstrations broke out in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. More rallies and vigils were held during the week.
 Protest in support of Palestinians fills Yonge-Dundas Squar

Protesters have denounced the violence against the Palestinian people amid the conflict between Israeli forces and the Hamas militant group.

Saturday marked the first full day of a ceasefire, agreed to by Israel and Hamas, that went into effect early Friday morning. It marked the end of a devastating 11-day war that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip and brought life in much of Israel to a standstill.
 Protest in support of Palestinians fills Yonge-Dundas Squar

Earlier Saturday, another group displayed banners in solidarity with Palestinians, holding banners along several different bridges overlooking Highway 401 in Toronto.

Source: CBC, via YahooNews

Thank you Canada

Fri., May 21, 2021,
Demonstrators in Whitehorse voice support for Palestine in the latest Gaza war. (Philippe Morin/CBC - image credit)

Demonstrators in Whitehorse voice support for Palestine in the latest Gaza war. (Philippe Morin/CBC - image credit)

A few dozen people gathered in downtown Whitehorse for a rally in support of Palestinians, after a ceasefire took effect in the latest Gaza war.

"We are for Palestine, we are for human rights," participants chanted as they held signs saying "end Israeli occupation," or "speak out for Palestine." Some called on Canada to cancel military, trade and arms agreements with Israel.

The march began at the Healing Totem in Whitehorse with a moment of silence and a prayer for the safety of children.

"We gather today as human beings. We ask the creator to take care of the children. The children who are dying in Palestine," said Ron Rousseau, a Whitehorse resident.

The 11-day war left more than 200 dead — the vast majority Palestinians and brought widespread devastation to the already impoverished Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

"This is not a conflict between two equal actors," Saba Javed, another Whitehorse resident, told the crowd.

"This is not a conflict at all. This is a violation of human rights, this is apartheid, this is occupation.".


Newark, Delaware.

On May 21, a 6-page document from New Trend was given to 34 Muslims after Juma.

It included these items:
  1. No cooperation with oppressors: Usman, r,a,
  2. Gaza: Muslims defy overwhelming Zionist Jewish firepower.
  3. Remembering Lynne Stewart & Blind Shaikh: Sis. Aisha
  4. Meet David Irving: Greatest World War 2 historian.
  5. The rope of Allah: Sis. Yasmin.
  6. China horrors & German reawakening.

Scroll down for large scale outreach through facebook.
That had the same content.


Dutch pension funds exit Chinese companies over Uyghur concerns
21MAY 2021

"surveillance equipment that can be used to keep watch on the Uyghurs"

The Dutch pension funds ABP, Detailhandel, PMT and Woningcorporaties have sold their stakes in several Chinese companies that are supposedly involved in the oppression of the Uyghur minority.

Investigative website Follow the Money examined the exposure of the 24 largest Dutch pension funds to Chinese listed companies that are associated with exploiting Uyghurs.
The website has concluded that ABP, PMT, Detailhandel and Woningcorporaties have sold their stakes in some of the firms in question.

The investment in the Chinese companies involved is relatively small. The total value of the stakes that were sold by the four pension funds in question amounts to €115m, according to Follow the Money.

An example of such a contested company is China Unicom. The firm produces surveillance equipment that can be used to keep watch on the Uyghurs, an ethnic minority that is being systematically oppressed and exploited by the Chinese state according to human rights organisations and several governments including the US.

The two metal schemes PMT and PME do not invest in controversial Chinese companies anyway, according to Follow the Money. Both funds have adopted a more stringent ESG approach in recent years, whereby firms in which non-democratic governments have a stake of more than 10% are automatically excluded.

Implementing their new ESG approach, PMT and PME have recently sold stakes in around one hundred firms based in countries such as Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Companies that are allegedly involved in the repression versus the Uyghurs are among these firms.

 Social Media

The May 16 issue of New Trend reached
31,104 Muslims
including 4536 women.
There were 3191 clicks..

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

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