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21 Rabi' al Thani 1442 A.H. - December 6 2020 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1892



Biggest obstacles blocking the Islamic State in Pakistan.
By Kaukab Siddique

Pakistan is a deeply religious country. Mosques and Islamic schools proliferate. The call to prayers resounds five times a day . Religious leaders have vast following as could be seen in huge gatherings of people for the funeral of Allama Rizvi in Lahore.

However after 73 years Pakistan is still not an Islamic State and leadership remains in secular persons. East Pakistan became Bangladesh despite the fact that Bengalis are deeply religious people in the conservative sense. Recently Bangladesh held the biggest protests in the Muslim world against the blasphemous cartoons in France. The country is ruled by a pro-India secular clique.

I see the inability of Pakistan to be Islamic under three headings:

  1. Sectarianism which envelopes the whole country.

  2. The dominance of the military and its alliance with the secular civilian elite.

  3. The subservience of women.

  1. Sects are prohibited in Islam(*1)
    Yet sects are virulently active in Pakistan. The country is permeated with sects who have intense hatred for each other. They go to the extent of claiming that the sects they oppose are not Muslims! When the biggest sects engage in religious hostility, one gets the impression that these sects cancel each other out.

    Such is the situation of the Brelvi and Deobandi sects. Smaller sects then become aggressive and try to take over the religious ambience of the country.

    The sects flourish by ignoring central teachings of the Qur'an and authentic hadith. They believe that a savior will emerge and solve all the problems of the world.

    The most popular myth is that Jesus, pbuh, will come back and destroy evil, identified as Dajjal (anti-Christ). The Qur'an does not mention the second coming of Jesus, yet many Pakistani religious leaders teach the Second Coming.

    The Qur'an explicitly teaches the required beliefs of Muslims(*2) which do not include the Second Coming, yet it is ignored.

    Some of the religious leaders respond to the absence of the second coming by claiming that it is Ijma' (consensus) of the community though they are unable to come up with specifics on when and by whom was this consensus achieved.

    A number of other narratives also teach the emergence of a Mahdi or Guide who would solve our problems. Again this arrival of the mahdi or a savior is not in the Qur'an which is the source of authentic Islamic beliefs. The savior concept is so popular that every now and then a person claiming to be a mahdi or the "messiah" emerges only to be defeated by Qur'anic teachings.

    One sect insists that its mahdi is in hiding and will emerge if we keep praying for his emergence. This waiting for the hidden Mahdi has been going on for more than 1200 years.

  2. The Realists
    The teachings of Maulana Maudoodi have led to a peaceful movement for social change. It's probably the only religious group which has organized an internal democratic process. Many students of westernized colleges have joined this group. Numerous women have also accepted it.

    This peaceful movement seems to be aware that a clash with the military will result in it's decimation. Executions of some of its leaders in Bangladesh did not create any calls for retaliation or revenge.

    Another peaceful group known as the Lal masjid or Red Mosque group in Islamabad was decimated by the army although its martyrs included scores of women. Owing to the power of sectarianism, the Islamic groups which differed with the Red Mosque remained silent even as the military action and the slaughter went on right in the middle of the capital of a country established in the name of Islam.

The Red Mosque is now resurrecting itself cautiously with more support from the people of Islamabad.

  1. Chapter 6, verse 159 of the Qur'an.
  2. Chapter 2 verse 177.

(to be continued.)


 Pakistan Agonistes

Pakistan Situation
Dec 06, 2020

By Mantaqi

Security and International Issues:
Pakistani top civil and military officials held a meeting at ISI headquarters. Chinese defense minister visited. There is talk of building a Pakistan, China, Iran and Turkey block to counter the US, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE axis. Indian general planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon for the first time. Reports say that India wants to replace Pakistani Army in Saudi Arabia with its troops, and guard Mecca and Medina with Indian Muslim troops. Also, India is pushing to replace Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia and UAE, depriving Pakistan of billions of dollars with of remittances, and put several million Pakistani workers out of work.

Saudi and UAE leaders are putting intense pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel. If Pakistan doesn't follow their diktat, then they are threatening to expel Pakistani workers, and destroy Pakistan's stock market.

The Political Alliance of Rogues and Knaves:
The "Save my Corruption" demonstrations continued, with a public meeting at Multan. People were bused in from all over Pakistan, and the number present were between five and ten thousand. Note that Multan is a city of around 2.5 million. The government made the mistake of trying to stop the public meeting to stop the spread of COVID 19. The PDM wants dead bodies, so it can wave the bloody shirt and attract the public. The government realized this and decided to let the public meeting take place. The next PDM public meeting is in Lahore, on December 13. There has been massive inflow of money in the coffers of PDM from Lahore traders (in addition to money from Arab kings and maybe RAW, the Indian intelligence agency), who have been promised that they will not have to pay any taxes, if PDM comes to power. The good part is that the poor people in the rent a crowds are getting some money and food.

In a demonstration of ruthless dynastic politics, Zardari sent his twenty seven year old daughter Asifa to speak at the Multan public meeting. So a young woman, who is barely conversant in Urdu spoke, while PPP stalwarts waited on her like courtiers on a princess. So Asifa and Maryam belong to rival royal families, while Pakistani people are treated as serfs, whose only job is to provide these two families and their hangers on ever increasing riches and luxuries. That is why these two families consider Imran Khan as a kind of Attila the Hun, bent on destroying their power and riches.

Nawaz Sharif's Finance minister and personal accountant Ishaq Dar had an interview with Stephen Sackur of BBC's Hard Talk. Dar who was used to softballs from pet journalists in Pakistan, walked into an ambush when Sackur asked him pointed questions about his corruption and properties. Dar lied, sputtered and looked like a deer caught in an eighteen wheeler's headlights. He would have been a figure of pity if it was not for the fact that he was the one who looted Pakistan's people, laundered the money and invested it outside the country. See the interview: click here.

There are reports that Jamaat-e-Islami is thinking of joining the PDM. If it does so, then it will show its total moral bankruptcy, and it will be a folly comparable to its folly in 1968-69 when it joined the other morally bankrupt politicians in demanding the release of the arch-traitor Mujibur Rehman (AKA Muzeeb usShaitan maloun). That decision cost both Pakistan and Jamaat-e-Islami very dearly.

Judge Arshad Malik who convicted Nawaz Sharif died of heart attack. He had been under great pressure because of attempts to blackmail him by Maryam Nawaz's minions. They leaked videos of him drinking, and carousing with women. As a result he was expelled from the Supreme Court. So, he died a heart broken man.

Covid Tragedy in Pakistan

Prominent Karachi architect and conservationist Yasmin Lari is in icu in critical condition. Her husband Suhail Lari a prominent author passed away this morning. Both got COVID a few days back. Please take care all of you and limit social exposure. The second wave is much deadlier than the earlier one.

Many in the religious establishment in Karachi have passed away from covid.

Many religiously observant and excellent physicians have also died in the second wave.

Some could not find hospital beds or ventilators.

[From Dr. T.]

War News

 War News

Russian Bombing, IS Ambushes, Pro-Turkish Shelling, Pro-Assad Shelling.

December 1 to 6.
Russian air force carried out 40 more air strikes to stop Islamic State fighters advancing through the Raqqa, Homs, Deir ez Zor triangle. The IS groups seemed to have successfully evaded the bombing though vague reports of casualties have been reported.

In the Deir ez Zor desert near Meyedein, secularist Palestinians fell into an IS ambush and lost 7 killed and many injured. IS took their vehicles.

Earlier in the week, the regime forces whom Assad calls the Syrian Arab Army fell into an Islamic State ambush in the eastern Homs
desert. 24 of the Assadis were killed. and the rest fled leaving heavy weapons behind.

In the Ain Essa area [north central Syria], Syrian fighters supporting Turkey shelled Communist Kurdish positions all day. No details

In the eastern Irbid province areas and northeastern Lattakia area, Assad's Iranian long range artillery shelled mujahideen positions.

Inter-Muslim conflict is also reported when Tahrir arrested several members of "Defenders of the Faith" group which is reputed to be al-Qaida affiliates and were bombed by the US air force.

AFP report, December 5.

Government troops were lured into a forest in northeastern area of the Island and ambushed by Islamic State fighters.

The government has admitted 25 troops killed and several dozen seriously injured. The fighters disappeared into the forest.

The government earlier brought troops from South Africa and Tanzania to fight the mujahideen but they were forced to retreat.

The regime is worried because large mineral wealth is found in the areas near the territory captured by the IS. USA is also concerned.



Excerpted from al Jazeera

Dozens of rights groups denounce US arms sales to UAE.

Groups raise concern about the UAE's role in Libya, Yemen conflicts in attempt to halt $23bn in arms sales.

Twenty-nine arms control and human rights organisations have signed a letter opposing the sale of $23bn worth of missiles, fighter jets and drones to the United Arab Emirates and asking US Congress to block the deal.
"The hope is to stop these sales altogether," said Seth Binder, advocacy officer at the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), who spearheaded the effort. "But if that is not possible in the short term, this sends an important signal to the incoming Biden administration that there is a diverse group of organizations that oppose delivery of these weapons."


US approves $23bn advanced arms sale to UAE: Pompeo

Pompeo to visit UAE to discuss arms sale, Israel normalisation

UAE halts new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim states

The Trump administration formally notified Congress that it plans to sell 50 advanced F-35 fighter jets to the UAE as part of a broader arms deal worth more than $23bn.

Three US senators proposed legislation to halt the sale, which also includes drones from privately held General Atomics, Lockheed Martin Corp F-35s and missiles made by Raytheon, setting up a showdown with President Donald Trump just weeks before he is due to leave office.

US law covering major arms deals allows senators to force votes on resolutions of disapproval. However, to go into effect the resolutions must pass the Republican-led Senate, which rarely breaks with Trump. They also must pass the Democratic-led House of Representatives.



U.S. takes aggressive steps against China for forcing Uighurs into labor

This week, the Trump administration took one of its most aggressive steps yet against what it calls Chinese slave labor.

The U.S. accuses Beijing of forcing ethnic Uyghurs, a Muslim minority who live mostly in Western China, into factory and farm jobs against their will.
Nick Schifrin reports on how Uyghurs end up as forced laborers and the larger campaign that has ripped Uyghur lives and families apart.

Click here to hear the 8 minute pbs report, or read the full transcript.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

My Veil is My Cure
'O Prophet, tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them [when they go abroad] that will be better so that they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.
{Source~ 'Qur'an' ~Surat Al-'Aĥzāb~ # 33 A # 59 ~}

'And when you ask them [the Prophet's wives] for anything you want ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and their hearts.'
{ Source ~'Qur'an'~Surat Al-'Aĥzāb~ # 33 A# 53}

*The Muslim Woman Unveiled*
You look at me and call me oppressed, Simply because of the way I'm dressed...! You know me not for what's inside, You judge the clothing I wear with pride ?
My body's not for your eyes to hold, You must speak to my mind, not my feminine mold, I'm an individual, I'm no man's slave,
ALLAH'S pleasure is all I crave...{!} I have a voice so I will be heard, for in my heart I carry HIS word, 'O ye women, wrap close your cloak, So you won't be bothered by ignorant folk ', Man doesn't tell me to dress this way, It's a Law from ALLAH that I obey, Oppressed is something I'm truly not for liberation is what I've got, It was given to me many centuries ago, With the right to prosper, the right to grow,
I can climb mountains or cross the seas, Expand my mind in all degrees, Behind the veil I am the queen...
I have a body that no one has seen Many people think
I am oppressed... And wonder how I got myself into this mess...
My veil is my cure... And makes my heart pure...
It earns me love from ALLAH my Lord. And makes me strong gainst any sword... behind my beautiful veil lies...
My savior from the temptation of guys! 'Behind my veil,'
I begin to say...'Is where I shall forever stay'!

{'In Shaa Allah'~ 'Aameen'~}
~My 'Salaams' to all ~
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated By
'Ubada bin As-Samit, r.a.:
Who took part in the battle of Badr and was a Naqib (a person heading a group of six persons), on the night of Al-'Aqaba pledge: Allah's Apostle said while a group of his companions were around him, "Swear allegiance to me for:
  1. Not to join anything in worship along with Allah.
  2. Not to steal.
  3. Not to commit illegal sexual intercourse.
  4. Not to kill your children.
  5. Not to accuse an innocent person (to spread such an accusation among people).
  6. Not to be disobedient (when ordered) to do good deed."

The Prophet added: "Whoever among you fulfills his pledge will be rewarded by Allah. And whoever indulges in any one of them (except the ascription of partners to Allah) and gets the punishment in this world, that punishment will be an expiation for that sin. And if one indulges in any of them, and Allah conceals his sin, it is up to Him to forgive or punish him (in the Hereafter)." 'Ubada bin As-Samit added: "So we swore allegiance for these." (points to Allah's Apostle)

Bukhari Volume 001,
Book 002, Number 017
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

UAE was target of cyber attack after establishing ties with Israel

Israel demolishes historic stairway leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Yemen journalist captives tell of five-year torture ordeal in Houthi prisons

Injuries suffered by US diplomats likely caused by 'Sonic attacks' - microwave energy. Those responsible are still unknown.

Saudi prince strongly criticises Israel at Bahrain summit

Bahrain delegation secretly visited Al-Aqsa Mosque

Thousands of Israelis Take Part in anti-Netanyahu Protests as Israel Moves toward Early Election

China's unmanned moon probe delivers samples to orbiting spacecraft

Saudi foreign minister says US must consult Gulf states on reviving Iran nuclear deal

Remembering Babri mosque demolition

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Islamic Thought

As-slamu alaikum,
Allah does not like the arrogant.

Allah said,
"... إِنَّ اللّهَ لاَ يُحِبُّ مَن كَانَ مُخْتَال›ً فَخُورًا "
"Verily, Allah does not like such as are proud and boastful."
You need to be humble enough to know you're not better than anyone else, but wise enough to know you're different.
A mistake that makes us humble is better than an achievement that makes us arrogant.

Stay humble!

Ya Allah, remove all arrogance and selfishness from my heart, and teach me to be humble, to always remember You wherever I go and in everything that I do. Ameen.
"لَا يُكَلِّف¥ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَ›"
It is important to understand that every hardship that we face in life is a test from Allah (s.w.t).
It is a test of patience, devotion and trust in Allah (s.w.t).
This means that regardless of the situation, Allah (s.w.t) is choosing to test you with that challenge because He knows that you are strong enough to get through it.
So trust in Allah's wisdom and justice. Trust that after the storm, comes a calm.
O Allah give me enough strength and ability to face the difficulties in my life. Ameen.


US Congresswomen McCollum, Tlaib Condemn Killing of Palestinian Child Abu-Alayya

US Congresswoman Betty McCollum has denounced the fatal shooting of a Palestinian child by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank as a "grotesque state-sponsored killing."

"Yesterday's death of a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank by an Israeli soldier who shot the child in the abdomen is a grotesque state-sponsored killing," McCollum said. "This senseless incident must be condemned as a direct result of Israel's permanent military occupation of Palestine."

"I urge the incoming Biden Administration to fully investigate and verify to the American people that no US taxpayer-funded military aid to Israel provided material assistance enabling this taking of a child's life," the Congresswoman concluded.

Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who is of Palestinian descent, also condemned the killing of Abu Aalya. "No child deserves to die like this," she wrote on Twitter on Friday.

On Friday, Israeli occupation soldiers shot Palestinian 13-year-old Ali Abu-Alayya in the stomach during a protest near his village of al-Mughayir in the occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. He succumbed to his wounds a few hours later.

The Palestinian Presidency condemned the Israeli murder of the child and called on the international community to work to provide protection for the Palestinian people, end the occupation and help the Palestinians establish an independent state of their own with East Jerusalem as its capital.

 Japan Islamic Foundation

a Message from Japan Islamic Foundation

Annaba 78
Darwin and Newton

posted by
Hussain Khan, M.A. Tokyo

  and India

Canada shows Concern for Farmers' Protests in India.
Led by Sikhs, Farmers are Challenging the Modi Regime.

On the 551st anniversary of Guru Nanak, the Canadian Prime Minister expressed concern for the farmers of India who have besieged New Delhi. There are three Sikhs now in PM Trudeau's cabinet and the concern was real. India strongly protested to Canada on this interference in its "internal affairs." India considers Sikhs as extremists and potential terrorists. India had destroyed the holiest temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar and desecrated their holy book.

Meanwhile in India, the farmers in large numbers, mostly Sikhs, are in no mood to surrender. Here is a description of the situation in India as narrated by al Jazeera:

"Tens and thousands of farmers with distinctive, colourful turbans and long, flowing beards have descended upon the city's borders, choking highways in giant demonstrations against new farming laws that they say will open them to corporate exploitation.

For more than a week, they have marched towards the capital on their tractors and trucks like an army, pushing aside concrete police barricades while braving tear gas, batons and water cannon.

Now, on the outskirts of New Delhi, they are hunkered down with food and fuel supplies that can last weeks and as they threaten to besiege the capital if Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government does not meet their demands to abolish the laws passed in September.

"Modi wants to sell our lands to corporates," said one of them, Kaljeet Singh, 31, who travelled from Ludhiana city in Punjab, some 310 kilometres (190 miles) north of New Delhi. "He can't decide for millions of those who for generations have given their blood and sweat to the land they regard as more precious than their lives."

2020-12-07 Mon 12:33:43 ct