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28 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1441 A.H. - July 19 2020 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1872


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Something new is happening to India's Muslims. The Spirit of Resistance is coming from Turkey.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Millions of Muslims live in India. However the news from India is usually very depressing. Muslims are beaten, humiliated, sometimes killed by Hindu mobs. The accusations are ridiculous, that Muslims want to eat beef or they don't sing the indian anthem Bande Mataram. Even the slightest resistance is labelled as terrorism inspired by Pakistani ISI military intelligence.

The historic mosque Babri masjid was attacked and demolished by Hindu mobs.

To further demoralize Muslims, India has produced a Hindu movie which fabricates great Hindu battle victories against Muslims (copied from the brutal American Game of Thrones movie saga).

The great depression of India's Muslims can be seen in the inability to protest against widespread Indian atrocities against Muslims in Kashmir.

There are numerous Muslim organizations in India, the most organized being Jamaate Islami Hind. However the Muslim organizations usually appeal to the secular Constitution of India. Some even support the extremist Prime Minister Modi.

This subservience of Muslims is observable among Muslim immigrants to the USA. They do not support the uprisings of Americans against the oppression of Black people. They are very well to do and many are often involved in making groups like ISNA subservient to the White House and the Pentagon.

All this is changing within the homes of India's Muslims. Indians are addicted to watching movies and consequently it's a movie that is changing attitudes. It is the Turkish movie saga Dirilis Ertugrul also known as Ertugrul Ghazi in its Urdu language version which has broken all records of movie watching in Pakistan.

It could have been dismissed as just another movie but gradually it has gripped the souls of Muslims across India. It is about a Muslim hero and his beautiful wife who laid the foundations of a powerful Islamic state in Turkey. Borrowing from history, it teaches armed resistance and the uprising of Muslim women along with men.

In a nation where Muslims were terrified at the very mention of qital or armed resistance, the movie teaches openly and boldly that Muslims must fight back as the descendants of Osman did centuries back. It teaches the very radical message that numbers don't count. A few men and women dedicated to Allah can defeat the biggest armies. Some of it is outrageous as it shows the slaughter of Crusaders, with crosses clearly marked on their chests, being slaughtered by mujahideen.

The technique the movie uses is to stay away from the scholarly middle class educational approach of Jamaate Islami. The focus is on action and self-sacrifice.

The danger this movie poses to the enemies of Islam has been expressed by Israel itself. The biggest Israeli paper Haretz has published a lengthy diatribe against the movie and its impact in India.

Israel is happy that Hindu saga movie might help to defeat the impact of the Turkish movie. The problem as the Israelis see it is that the Hindu movie is pure fabrication and myth while the Turkish movie is linked to historical fact.

The Osmani movement ruled over eastern Europe for hundreds of years.

China Outmaneuvers the Muslim World


China Outmaneuvers the Muslim World. Why have Muslim nations stayed silent about Chinese conduct in Xinjiang?
By Ilan Berman

Ever since China launched a broad campaign of repression against its Uyghur Muslim minority in the country’s western region of Xinjiang some four years ago, that question has been on the minds of policymakers and analysts alike.

To the extent that it has been possible to find one, the answer seems to have a great deal to do with money.

Over the past several years, as part of the signature foreign policy initiative known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Beijing has made massive investments throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia in everything from infrastructure to telecommunications. In the process, it has succeeded in buying the silence of Muslim states regarding how it treats their co-religionists.

Examples of this passivity abound. Take Turkey, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s prior condemnation of China’s domestic conduct petered out after China’s Central Bank offered a $1 billion bailout to stabilize the country’s ailing economy last summer. Or Saudi Arabia, where a slew of recent deals made China a key partner in the country’s “Vision 2030” development plan, turning the House of Saud into an apologist for Beijing in the process. And in Pakistan, the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly refused to officially criticize China’s treatment of the Uyghurs because of past assistance from Beijing. All this compliance was showcased in a July 2019 letter to the United Nations in which no fewer than 37 nations (more than a third of them majority Muslim) officially threw their support behind China’s Xinjiang policy.

Even so, fresh revelations regarding the scope of China’s repression in recent weeks have put renewed pressure on Beijing, and challenged the current status quo. In response, Chinese officials have deftly moved to co-opt the Muslim political narrative surrounding their government’s domestic atrocities.

On July 6, at the latest ministerial of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, China made a major effort to ingratiate itself with the major players of the Muslim world. As part of the summit, carried out this year via teleconference, it officially pledged to adopt the Amman Declaration, the 2006 statement (also known as the “Amman Message”) that serves as one of the earliest multilateral efforts to build an intellectual response to Islamic extremism. As part of the virtual summit, China’s official Xinhua news agency reports, the two sides agreed to “denounce terrorist activities in all forms, actively combat extremist ideology, acts of terrorism and incitement to terrorism, eradicate the root causes of terrorism, and cut off its sources of funding.”

That wording is significant, because it frames China’s domestic campaign of repression against the Uyghurs as strictly a counterterrorism issue, and presents Beijing as an ally of moderate Muslims against a mutual foe.

That, of course, is precisely the consensus that China has been cultivating, and for good reason. The success of the BRI depends heavily on Beijing bringing Xinjiang fully under its control, because the region’s strategic location makes it a crucial connector with Eurasian, European, and Middle Eastern markets. But China’s government views organized religion with deep suspicion, and sees Xinjiang’s Uyghurs as particularly prone to radicalization and extremism – and thus a threat to their geopolitical ambitions.

As a result, China’s Muslim minority has been subjected to a widening campaign of repression of truly terrifying proportions. Since its launch in 2016, that effort has imposed sweeping curbs on everything from Muslim attire to diet, and interned more than a million souls in “reeducation” camps designed to remove religious identity and instill proper communist thought. With revelations about forcible sterilization policies and an official intent to break up Uyghur families now garnering serious attention, more than a few observers have begun to equate what Chinese authorities are doing in Xinjiang to the universally prohibited crime of genocide.

But Muslim states likely won’t be among those speaking out. With its embrace of the Amman Message, Beijing has succeeded in finishing what its economic investments began: co-opting the hearts and minds of Muslim governments, both in the Middle East and beyond. Quite simply, China has managed to outmaneuver the Muslim world, and hijacked the narrative of the fight against Islamic extremism to whitewash its own horrendous practices at home.


War News

 War News

July 19 Taliban bomb attack killed a kabul regime police chief and his three guards in Paktika province.

Another police chief was killed in Uruzgan province.

USA has withdrawn from 5 of its bases but still holds the ones in Bagram and Kandahar.

Prisoner exchanges are going slowly. The regime has released 3500 Taliban militants while Taliban have released 700 regime security force members.

Clashes and bomb attacks.
Homs, eastern Aleppo, Idlib, Damascus

July 19
The Alawite sector of Homs city (allied to Assad) was hit by large bomb explosions probably from the Islamic State killing 46.

July 17
A jihad group tried to open the road to eastern Aleppo city where Islamic opponents of Assad are holding out. The mujahideen got into heavy exchanges of gunfire with Assad troops blocking the road, resulting in casualties on both sides. The road could not be opened.

July 14 to 19
Idlib and Latakia province. Daily exchanges of heavy weapons fire between Assad regime and Tahrir Mujahideen. The regime started breaking but was saved by Russian jets which carried out 21 air strikes to stop the Muslims.

July 18
Northwestern Aleppo, Turkish artillery struck Communist kurd force after numerous shelling attacks by the Kurds.

July 13 19
Deraa province seems to be in rebellion with daily attacks on regime forces and those who reconciled with the regime.

July 19
Explosions in Damascus killed a senior regime intelligence officer and wounded another.
A regime checkpoint west of Damascus came under attack and regime reinforcements had to be sent.
Iranian positions in Deir ez Zor came under attacks. Israel is suspected. No Iranian response. Casualties not mentioned.

Fighting between Islamic State and Baghdad regime forces is ongoing in the Sunni majority provinces.

In a battle in Termiyeh, 30 miles north of Baghdad, the commander of a regime brigade, identified as Gaidan, was killed. Numbers of his troops were also killed and some injured.

More British air strikes against Islamic State positions have been reported. No details.

The regime is vowing revenge.

Islamic State fighters have mobilized their groups very rapidly.

Tripoli government fighters are moving towards Sirte after news that General Hafter's militia had gone to the oil fields and clashed with the guards there.

Egypt's General Sissi is trying to get Libyan tribes to counter the Tripoli government.

Syrian fighters are moving forward on behalf of Tripoli.

UAE and Russia have brought large mercenary forces from Sudan and Chad to support General Hifter. Egypt is threatening that its large military will also intervene to help Hiftar.

Syrian fighters brought by Turkey changed the situation. Mujahedeen supporting Islamic State and other groups are also coming in hoping to fight Egypt's Sissi.

Four of Pakistani troops were killed in a battle with mujahideen in Waziristan.

Another 3 Pakistani troops were killed and 8 injured in a clash with Baluch militants.

Details are lacking because the military does not allow journalists to come into the areas of conflict.

(In opposition to Indian troops on the Kashmir border, Pakistan has not tried to rescue Kashmiris being victimized by India.)



Iran trying to crush the people.

Iranian authorities cut internet access in Khuzestan province and deployed security forces in several cities as fresh anti-government protests broke out against the regime on Thursday. Security forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters.

"People are angry. The economy is so bad that we cannot survive," an Iranian man from Tehran told Reuters by telephone. Witnesses in Behbahan said there had been several arrests in the city, which is in Iran's oil-rich Khuzestan province.

Behbahan’s police chief, Col Mohammad Azizi, later was quoted saying police “firmly dispersed” the demonstrators. The police issued a statement on Friday urging people to "vigilantly refrain from any gathering that could provide a pretext for the counter-revolutionary movement", accusing "enemies" of whipping up discontent.

"The police force has an inherent and legal duty to deal decisively with these desperate moves," the statement said.

Iran's Supreme Court this week upheld the death penalty against Amirhossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi and Mohammad Rajabi over protests last November sparked by a rise in petrol prices. A group of UN rights experts called on Iran to overturn the death sentences and said the men were tortured and coerced into making confessions.

"Today we join hundreds of thousands of Iranians on social media who condemned these death sentences," said the group of more than a dozen independent UN experts.


Outcry after Iran's judiciary upholds death penalty for three protesters

Iran’s judiciary has upheld the death penalty for three men accused of involvement in last November’s massive anti-government protests, sparking an outcry from human rights groups and a swell of activism against capital punishment on social media.

A spokesman for the Iranian judiciary told an official website that an appeal against the sentences had failed for the trio, who say their confessions were “extracted under aberrant conditions”.

 Iran proesters

The three men, Saeed Tamjidi, 26, Mohammad Rajabi, 28, and Amirhossein Moradi, 26, were arrested during one of the largest protests in the history of the Islamic Republic.

Rajabi and Tamjidi sought asylum in Turkey after they were initially released, but were deported in late December after spending a few weeks in a refugee camp.

Rights groups say all three have reported being beaten or tortured in detention including with electric shocks and by being hung upside down for extended periods.

The confirmation that their death sentences had been upheld on Tuesday sparked a surge of online protests including from prominent Iranian social media influencers, actors, film-makers, reformist politicians and athletes, who posted the men’s names or the hashtag “Don’t execute” in Farsi.

The trio’s lawyers say they are urgently calling for a judicial review, with fears the men could be imminently executed.“We have repeatedly stated that we have not been permitted to defend [our clients] and that they have no information about their trials.”


Latest News:

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Muslim CEO from Bangladesh beheaded by assistant.
New York, NY
Tyrese Haspil charged with murdering tech CEO Fahim Saleh. A trusted employee of tech CEO and investor Fahim Saleh was arrested on Friday in his boss’ slaying and dismemberment on the Lower East Side (New York) — with sources saying the motive involved a broken promise to repay $100,000 in stolen cash.

Tyrese Haspil, 21, was charged with second-degree murder over the grisly slaying inside Saleh’s $2.2 million East Houston Street apartment, NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said during a brief afternoon news conference.

Haspil worked as Saleh’s “executive assistant” and handled the international entrepreneur’s “finances and personal matters,” Harrison said. “It is also believed that he owed the victim a significant amount of money,” the chief added.

Investigators have linked Haspil to the slaying through evidence recovered from a Taser that is believed to have been used to incapacitate Saleh, sources said. In addition to electrical probes, Tasers are typically equipped to discharge tiny confetti-like pieces of paper printed with identifying markers when fired.

Minister Farrakhan knows them well. Why did Nick Cannon Apologize?
By Sis. Aisha (Jamaat al-Muslimeen)

New York City - Oh boy, well Nick Cannon, finally, did bend to pressure and apologize to the Zionist community for statements he made on his June 30th podcast, Cannon's Class, with guest Prof. Griff of hip-hop group Public Enemy. I am not surprised at the apology because Cannon is apart of the White Establishment. He is 'worth' over $50 million dollars as a result of working with them from childhood until now. By apologizing, Nick Cannon is showing that he has learned that he cannot bite the hands that feed him.

Semite is a region that covers parts of Arabia, Northeast Africa and parts of Asia. Yet, European Jews have claimed to be Semitic.

During his podcast, Nick Cannon made claims that the original Jews were Black and praised Minister Louis Farrakhan, an avowed enemy of Zionism. He also stated, “It’s never hate speech, you can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people,” Cannon said. “When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.” Yet, he still apologized!

Nick Cannon reached out to Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who works with the Simon Wiesenthal Center, to seek guidance. If Nick Cannon is so knowledgeable about Judaism then why is he reaching out to Zionists, instead of 'real' practicing-Jews? Interestingly enough, Rabbi Cooper stated in an interview that the first thing he did was send a report to Cannon about how Minister Louis Farrakhan's teachings can be "perceived as promoting a pattern of hate." Hmmm. Perceived as opposed to "actually is?" Many Zionists, who have expressed displeasure with Minister Farrakhan's criticisms, have never been able to call him a liar, especially since much of the information he gets are from Jewish publications. They know exactly where he gets his information because he revealed it to everyone.

Viacom, responsible for promoting LGBTQIA & sex-crazed programs to American youth, cut ties with Nick Cannon almost immediately. It did take him nearly two weeks to issue any apology. However, Fox believes his apology is sincere and will continue to allow him to host The Masked Singer. His 'Nick Cannon Talk Show' was pushed back to 2021 by Lionsgate and Debmar-Mercury, who produce the show, as a result of this Zionist backlash.

So, as it stands now: Nick Cannon is still working in Hollywood. Black people who profit from working with the racist, sexist, Zionist Establishment cannot be trusted to challenge the system and remain unyielding in their speech. They cower or bend to pressure rather easily because they want to remain members of the Establishment and experience its privileges. They cannot be trusted. As a college student, I remember asking New Trend Editor-in-Chief Dr. Kaukab Siddique, why he sent back any gifts to the Saudis. He told me that they send it to him to placate him and get him to stop criticizing the Saudi regime, which is very corrupt. Obeying Allah's order to stay away from kuffar sources, no matter how alluring, is a true mark of integrity and belief.

How many people can do that? Not many! There are even fewer people in the entertainment industry who can do what Dave Chappelle and Colin Kaepernick have done.

(Sources: &

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Medical Advantages of 'Sajda' (Prostration)
'And to Allah prostrates whoever is within the heavens and the earth, willingly or by compulsion, and their shadows,[as well] in the mornings and the afternoons'.
'Qur'an'~ Surat Ar-Ra'd~ (The Thunder) 13-15
'Sajda' (Prostration) is a unique position or stance in the regular prayers, which a Muslim is supposed to offer at least five (5) times a day. Although the basic purpose of obligatory prayers is not to provide an exercise for people yet it is being increasingly recognized that it has plenty of medical advantages for the human body {!}
Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has mentioned in a 'Hadith' in Ibn Maja
'Prayer is a Cure for many Diseases'.
The position of 'Sajda' in which the forehead touches the ground is exclusively associated with the Muslim form of prayer.

There is a great psychological advantage and it gives relief to the person concerned as life is full of worries and in this position he gets at least a transient refuge from agonizing problems.
When a person goes to the position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) his whole body is in active motion. This position can be considered as a mini dive as the 'Musalli' (one who offers prayer) goes to rest his forehead on the ground while his hands are placed at the sides.

This brings most of the body muscles if not all in active motion and serves to give them some exercise. The hands are then specifically stretched out and thence the forearm as well as arm muscles are supposed to bear the weight in the Sajda (Prostration) position.
It gives good exercise to the muscles of the upper limb.

The Prophet (pbuh) in a 'Hadith' advised us not to put the forearms flatly on the ground but to keep them elevated above ground and this is better for the forearm and arm muscles.
Sajda (Prostration) is a unique position as this is the only position in which brain (or head) becomes lower than the heart and hence for the first time the blood gushes towards the brain with full force whereas in all other positions (even when lying) brainis above the heart when it has to work against gravity to send blood to the brain.

In the position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) due to the increased blood supply the brain receives more nourishment and it has a good effect upon your memory, vision, hearing, concentration, your psyche and all other cognitive abilities !
In the unique position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) the neck muscles get best exercise. They have to bear the load when the forehead lies at the ground hence the neck muscles become stronger.
The unique position of 'Sajda' (Prostration) also has positive effects upon the back muscles as while going into 'Sajda' and getting up from it the back muscle contract actively and they become stronger.

Finally one must be reminded that even though prayer is not meant to be an exercise, there are a lot of medical advantages associated with it. Still the best blessing is the peace of mind, which a person derives by the accomplishment of his duty to Allah by fulfilling an obligation.{'Alhamdulillah'}

~ My 'Salaams' to All ~
~ Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Ali, r.a.: Whenever I tell you a narration from Allah's Apostle, by Allah, I would rather fall down from the sky than ascribe a false statement to him, but if I tell you something between me and you (not a Hadith) then it was indeed a trick (i.e., I may say things just to cheat my enemy). No doubt I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "During the last days there will appear some young foolish people who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, where-ever you find them, kill them, for who-ever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection."

Bukhari Volume 9,
Book 84, Number 64
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Islamic Thought

Allah says:

“Remember me, I will remember you”
(Surah Al-Baqarah 2:152).
“In the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest”
(Surah Ar-Ra’d 13:28)

* * *

*If we truly want to live a life that is filled with peacefulness and barakah, we should strive to put the remembrance of Allah* first in our lives, no matter what.

O Allah help us to remember You, to be grateful to You, and to worship You in an excellent manner.

-Imam Badi Ali, Greensboro, NC

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Taliban reshuffles negotiation team ahead of Afghan talks - adds a few powerful members to the team.

First Black woman to climb Mt Everest

Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone while Iran foreign minister visits Iraq

Commission says India Police failed to protect Muslims campaigning during protests.

Severe penalties’ face those attempting to enter Hajj sites without permit

France, Germany, Italy threaten sanctions over arms for Libya

Israelis protest against Netanyahu, gov't handling of COVID-19

US-sought tanker 'hijacked' off UAE now in Iran

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



Veteran Jamaat e-Islami scholar discusses Munawar Hasan and JI history.

Video titled "Syed Munawwar Hasan and My Memoirs" by Hussain Khan, of Tokyo
(in Urdu)

 Books Donated

These books were just received from Br. Kwame Madden:

A Critique of the ruling of al-Taqlid
by Muhammad ibn 'Ali al-Shawkani (Died 1834 c.e.)

Islam in Africa throughout History
by Shaykh Muhammad Aman al-Jami.

- Thank You Br. Kwame!


Dr Zakir’s Views on Erdogan converting Hagia Sophia from a Museum to a Mosque.  Dr Zakr

A great rebuttal of westernized Muslims

 Social Media

The July 5 issue of New Trend reached 163,117 people. Of these approximately 25,000 are in Pakistan and 25,000 in Bangladesh.

The main articles were:

  1. Khalid, r.a. greater warrior than Ali, r.a.

  2. Imam Badi's du'a.

  3. Jamaate Islami on Kashmir.

  4. New York. (Sis. Aisha.)

  5. Africa is not all corrupt.

  6. Guidance on the Soul.

  7. Britain supports israeli annexation.

  8. Hadith (sis. Kristi. )



Mohammad Abu Turki and his son Isam were forced to demolish their own home in occupied East Jerusalem.

A Palestinian family from the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukaber was forced to demolish its own home by the Israeli municipality today, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Mohammad Abu Turki said he had to demolish his own home, after the Israeli municipality handed him an order asking them to do so, under the pretext of lacking a construction permit. Abu Turki’s son, Isam, was also forced to demolish his own apartment, after being notified to do so by the occupation’s municipality.

The father and the son said they had no option but to do so in order to avoid paying unreasonable demolition costs to the Israeli municipality if its crews carried out the demolition.

The home and the apartment demolished were the only shelters for the five-member family.


Young Muslims from Senegal are recipients of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's assistance.

This effort is coordinated by long-time Jamaat member, Br. Abu Talib of New York.

May Allah bless the givers and the receivers.


Greg Mortenson, "best selling author" was exposed as a fraud by American media but is still fooling poor girls.

He was awarded highest civilian award by Pak govt. Masjids across US did fund raising for that fraud. Astaghfirullah
- with thanks to A.T.


First defeat of LGBTQ in Europe.

The former minister, Antoni Macierewicz, who continues to sit in the Polish parliament, had posted a message on Twitter in which he rounded on the centrist Civic Platform party over its support for the rights of the LGBT+ community, as well as its defense of liberal private media outlets detested by Polish ultranationalists. In vehement language, Macierewicz accused his political opponents of “LGBT and pedophilia propagation” and “demoralization of children and the family.” He charged that Civic Platform was “financing the persecution of Polish priests” accused of sexual abuse, as well as engaged in defending the “lies of TVN” — a private broadcaster that was purchased by American media giant Discovery Inc. two years ago. In a response a few days later, Mosbacher retweeted Macierewicz’s post with a note castigating his “divisive and hateful commentary.”

2020-07-20 Mon 22:56:46 ct