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22 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - June 14 2020 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1867



Is it True that Hadith was not Written in
the Time of the Prophet, pbuh?
The role of Dr. Fazlur Rahman as misleader.

by Kaukab Siddique

Dr. Fazlur Rahman was influenced by Christian missionaries and Jewish orientalists. He tried to confuse the Muslims of Pakistan, with the support of the military government, but was defeated and fled to America where he was immediately given a senior position at Chicago University to teach Islam.

Both the Qur'an and the Hadith were written down in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Qur'an is the word of Allah revealed to Muhammad (peace be on him). The Hadith is the commentary, explanation, implementation of the Qur'an by Muhammad (pbuh). Both are interlinked and essential to each other. No authentic Islamic scholar has ever tried to say that Hadith is not necessary or was written later.

The people who wrote down the Qur'an, on bits and pieces of materials, were the SAHABA or companions of the Prophet (pbuh). Paper and printing were not available at that time. So, people could not go around with printed and bound copies of the Qur'an. Even the collation and putting together of the Qur'an was done by the SAHABA so that the Qur'an became a BOOK between two covers after the Prophet (pbuh) passed away. This great work was done under the supervision of Abu Bakr, Umar, Osman and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them all) who were the first four rightly guided Caliphs of Islam.

The same SAHABA also wrote and transmitted the Hadith and made sure that nothing was falsely attributed to the Prophet (pbuh).

The QUR'AN was also MEMORIZED by the Sahaba. In fact few of them had it in writing but many of them knew it from memory. The cross checking of memory with writing was carried out to make sure that the Qur'an as revealed to the Prophet, pbuh, was transmitted to future generations.

The HADITH was also memorized by the SAHABA and transmitted to future generations. Any scholar of Hadith had to MEMORIZE the HADITH from the written collections of the Sahaba and then RECITE IT FROM MEMORY to his/her teacher. Thus an accurate record of the Prophet's, pbuh, life and teachings was enshrined in the scholarship of the Muslim world.

In the era after the SAHABA various kinds of sects arose which tried to disseminate their own versions of the Qur'an. Some of them claimed that Hazrat Ali (r.a.) had received suras of the Qur'an from the Prophet, pbuh, which no one else had. The scholars of the line of Ali (r.a.) and Fatima (r.a.), such as Imam Jafar and Imam Baqir, were able to repudiate these claims because they had the Qur'an both by memory and in writing.

Similarly attempts were made to invent "Hadith." This was a very serious effort by Kings and emperors who wanted religion to justify their tyranny and to creatre a "tame Islam." The problem was aggravated by the fact that various SAHABA had migrated to various cities, and after they passed away, various people could claim that they had heard Hadith from them.

It was in that context that great scholars like Imam Bukhari stepped forward to ENSURE that fabrications did not enter the corpus of Hadith. I think that these scholars were a bit too strict and as a result they sometimes designated as "weak" even those Hadith which were authentic but which would not pass the test of extremely severe scrutiny.

Imam Bukhari and other imams are the ones Dr. Fazlur Rahman was abusing when he claimed that Hadith was written in the third century after the Prophet. Fazlur Rahman really was quite ignorant of Hadith and hence recklessly fell into the trap set for him by Christian missionaries and Jewish orientalists.

WAS HADITH WRITTEN in the TIME OF THE PROPHET (pbuh)? Yes, the evidence is overwhelming. Here is one sample from a prominent companion of the Prophet, pbuh, Abdullah ibn Umru ibn al-Aas. It is authenticated by two distinct and separate compilers of Hadith, Abu Dawud in his Sunan (chapter kitabut al-ilm) and Darimi in his Musnad (chapter on Rukhs fi kitabut al-ilm):

"Whatever I heard from the messenger of Allah, peace be on him, I would write it down so as to be able to memorize it. Then some in the Quraish (tribe) said to me: You write down whatever you hear though the messenger of Allah is a human being and speaks both in anger and in joy. On hearing that I stopped writing and then I mentioned this to the messenger of Allah. He pointed with his finger to his mouth and said: Write on! By Him in whose Hand is my being, no word comes out of this mouth but the Truth."

Abdullah ibn Umru (r.a.) collected the Hadith he had written in the presence of the Prophet (pbuh) in a book titled Al-Sadiqa. Abdullah said: "There are two things I love in life: Al-Sadiqa and al-Wahat." He explained: "Al-Sadiqa is that manuscript which I heard and wrote from the messenger of Allah and Wahat is that land which (my father) Umru ibn al-Aas donated to the cause of Allah and which I take care of." [Darimi's Sunan.]

The compendium Tahzeeb al-Tahzeeb tells us that on the death of Abdullah, r.a, the manuscript of Al-Sadiqa was secured by his grandson Shuaib bin Muhammad and then transmitted to the next generation by his son also named Umru. THE HADITH WRITTEN BY Abdullah, r.a., DIRECTLY FROM THE PROPHET, pbuh, AND AT HIS COMMAND, are to be found in the collections of Hadith which we have under this chain of narration:

"From Umru son of Shuaib from his father from his grandfather." As Hadith is a very strict discipline, some classical scholars wanted to classify the collection as Mursal because they thought the grandson should have SAT DOWN IN FRONT OF THE GRANDFATHER AND RECITED THE WHOLE COLLECTION TO HIM FROM MEMORY! However, some of the greatest scholars of Hadith, like Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, accept the authenticity of Al-Sadiqa.

What makes Al-Sadiqa's authenticity irrefutable is that it was also transmitted by OTHER STUDENTS of Abdullah (r.a.) who had nothing to do with his grandson.

So, don't let anyone tell you that Hadith was not written in the time of the Prophet, pbuh.

FINALLY, spend a couple of months in trying to understand this verse of the Qur'an. It will help you to understand why the Hadith is essential and ALWAYS goes with the Qur'an:

"The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers. [33:6]


Tik tok.

 Molana Nasir Madni

In America and in Pakistan, you need to "street talk" if you want to reach people who are not interested in formal religion.

How to reach restless youngsters who don't listen to sermons?

In Pakistan, young women are mimicking Molana Nasir Madni in the tik tok game style.

Madni is rocking the world of religion in Pakistan with his very friendly style in Punjabi vernacular combining traditional preaching with joking and mocking those who are going wrong.

The problem was how to reach young women and teenager boys.

So a number of girls joined forces with Molana and imitate his preaching. It's so funny, it's reaching even young people who don't have any interest in religion.

These girls will make you laugh if you know Punjabi.

Tik Tok consists 15 to 20 second video clips. You have to be dynamic to give your message in 15 seconds and you have to be funny. The girls pretend to be Molana Madni. It's hilarious.

One of the funniest clips is a girl wrapped up like Molana who makes fun of a Sufi who used to recite something and then blow on those who paid him to cure them!. The girl then challenges the Sufi to stop Corona virus with his blowing if his blowing has any validity.

 Allama khadim Hussain Rizvi

Allama khadim Hussain Rizvi blasts Secularists with quotes from Hadith and Iqbal.

Government supporting media and shia videos have been trying to discredit Allama Rizvi by claiming that he uses foul language in his preaching.

In recent two months Allama Rizvi hit back hard at his enemies

One woman on private TV claimed that Rizvi is an extremist and potential terrorist. What a shame, she said, that extremists who should be under the government's banned categories are openly gaining support and preaching fundamentalist texts.

Allama Rizvi hit back hard by pointing out that the woman does not know even basics of Islam, cannot recite even Sura Fatiha or basic the kalimas of Islam, yet has the audacity to talk about Islam when she is totally ignorant of its teachings. He destroyed her entire complaint in a few minutes.

Then he went after another secularist who, he showed, had not protested against moves to undermine Finality of Prophethhood but questions religious leaders.

A third target was Ali Mirza who while sliding nearer and nearer to shiaism has insulting the blessed Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.

With his vast knowledge of hadith and memorized poetry of Iqbal, Allama Rizvi destroys the secularist media outlets withing minutes.

His use of foul language was a rare occasion when he was going against corrupt politicians. His regular preaching is superb in its text and commentary.

YouTube is a blessing for independent scholars who are kept out by secularists.

(By the way, he is a hard core Sunni though his name is like that of shias.)

Cynthia Ritchie vs PPP leaders [army in the background?}

An American woman was invited to come to Pakistan when the PPP government was in power. She settled down in Pakistan and years later married a Pakistani.

Ten years later she has brought extremely serious accusations against top PPP leaders. She says she was raped by the Interior minister, sexually assaulted by the Prime Minister and a federal minister and mistreated by the president.

Initially she says she reported to the police and contacted media only to be brushed aside. She persisted and private TV took her videotaped complaints to YouTube. She cannot be ignored because she has provided detailed information.

The PPP people are accusing her of defamation and she receives death threats. However no one has been able to refute her.

The real spark came when she accused deceased PPP top leader Benazir Bhutto. PPP is a secular, westernized party and its feudal lords control most of the province of Sindh.
There is a strong possibility that the army is using Cynthia to discredit the PPP government in Sindh. The army is sophisticated in its underground propaganda. A move to alienate the people of Sindh might look very clever but it could damage Pakistan as the army did in East Pakistan and Frontier province and is doing in Baluchistan.
A high level inquiry is required to get to the bottom of this fiasco.

War News

 War News

An Advance of 230 miles. GNA forces very near Sirte.

May 28 to June 14.

Forces of the GNA [government in Tripoli] forced the army of Heneral Hifter to withdraw from the suburbs of Tripoli and three towns near Tripoli. Then went on to capture Hifter stronghold of Tarhuna.

When the Russian "private" army known as Wagner saw Hifter retreating, it was withdrawn by air in an arlift back to Russia.

With the withdrawal of Wagner, the forces of Hifter collapsed. The late model armored weaponry sent by UAE to Hifter was captured by GNA forces or destroyed by Hifter's forces as they fled.

Egypt and UAE then prevailed upon Hifter to call for a cease fire but Hifter's previous violations of agreements led GNA to reject the cease fire call. Hifter has carried out human rights violations.

Evidently mass graves have been found in Tarhuna where prisoners were shot and buried.

The lightening advance by GNA has created a problem for Egypt's dictator General Sissi who was supporting Hifter. America is concerned that Egyptian tanks on the Libyan border are advancing and if they get involved and defeated in Libya, Sissi, very unpopular at home, could be weakened.

Support from Turkey helped GNA to push back Hifter, Turkey not only gave air support, though on a small scale, but also sent in hundreds of Syrian fighters who are veterans of the war in Syria.

The Syrian fighters were extremely successful in the advance.

Assad too sent the Alawites to help Hifter but their efforts were insignificant.

Three footnotes:

Northern Nigeria

Bloody Raids by IS killed 60, injured more than a hundred

June 13, According to AFP, via BBC, Islamic State fighters attacked UN related facilities in the Nganzai area and in Monguno.

Twenty Nigerian troops were reported killed along with 40 civilians associated with the UN.

In the Nigerian army's counterattack, 20 fighters were reported killed.

The assailants distributed letters in the Hausa language to civilians, most of whom were not harmed, warning them not to work with the military or UN aid groups.

Mali [West Africa.]
June 13: UN troops, under the banner of "peacekeepers" hit;probably by al-Qaida which killed two troops from Egypt.

In an earlier attack, 3 UN troops, Chad "peacekeepers" were killed and 4 injured.

More than 10,000 French troops are now in the general area trying to stabilize pro-West governments.

In Bomako, last week, there were large protests against government corruption.

Syria. Outbreak of Heavy Clashes. A week of heavy weaponry.

  1. Iranian and Hizb artillery has been shelling 10 villages on the Irbid border with counter shelling by Tahrir.

  2. ISIS moved up to northern Hama and clashed with Assad's troops. Heavy losses. Air strikes by Assad.

  3. Near Manbig . Syrian fighters allied to Turkey clashed with Assad militias.

  4. Large rallies in two Deraa cities calling for downfall of Assad.

  5. Druze supporters of Assad in Suwaida province called for his ouster owing to mal-administration.

  6. Assad ousted his Prime Minister. Big economic down turn for Assad.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Powerful Protest at the Baltimore Jail.
- Nadrat Siddique

Click Here to See a video from the June 6th Protest

Hypocritical Black Leadership.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

New York City - Byron Allen is the only Black man who has taken on the White Establishment and its Black allies. When Comcast, America's largest largest cable company, merged with NBC Universal in 2010, they wanted to make sure that it would go through without a hitch. This meant getting approval from Black Influencers in its "efforts" to diversify its programming. Comcast met with and reached an accord with selected Black leaders from the Urban League, NAACP, National Action Network, to name a few, so that four Black-owned channels would be added to its network over the next eight years..

Many people would consider such a deal a cause celebre except Byron Allen, whose channels were excluded. Allen accused Comcast of buying off these "leaders" saying that their organizations have received significant donations from Comcast. He also called Comcast's diversity efforts a token gestures and that Comcast did not allow for true economic inclusion of Black entrepreneurs. As of June 11th, Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios and Allen Media Group have reached an agreement and Allen dropped his racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast. Allen 15 stations, including The Weather Channel, will be included with Comcast's networks.

(Note: REVOLT is said to be owned by Sean "Puffy" Combs but, word is that he is just the front man for it, not an actual owner).

This is how hypocritical selected black leaders operate. They operate behind the scenes. They get the invites while everyone else is on the outside looking in. Some believe that Al Sharpton got his TV sow on MSNBC as a result of his involvement in this merger. When the oppressor wants to make it appear as if he is trying to be helpful or even fair toward those he is oppressing he calls on these "leaders" or Influencers to support his case.

Unfortunately, there are people of African-descent who take pride in being victims of racism. We learned this victimhood mentality from Zionists during the Civil Rights Movement. Some people of African-descent get a sick pleasure in being unfairly targeted. CAIR does this. One of the favorite things perpetual victims love to do is recite the hate crime statistics affecting their respective communities. These selected "leaders" are not trying to help the oppressed become empowered, which makes the munafiq "Muslim" organizations even worse!

These same hypocritical players are involved in their "fight" for justice in George Floyd's murder by a cop. Attorney Benjamin "Shifty Eyed" Crump, a Sharpton associate, is representing the family. According to Community Cop, the New York public access cable show, the financial settlement may have already been reached between Floyd's family and the state of Minnesota. Filing a lawsuit may be a preliminary move.

Eric Garner's Family received a $5.9 million settlement and became silent, which is why it was strange to learn that Rev. Al Sharpton and Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, visited the area where George Floyd was killed. Neither Crump nor Sharpton have ever called for specific police officers to be charged with any crime.

According to Community Cop's Noel Leader the reason why Bill Cosby is in jail is because he had to give a deposition. Attorneys like Crump, who make sure they're licensed in all 50 states, do not pressure officers to get deposed. Crump's sole mission is to get paid!

Yes, Benjamin Crump is in the Civil Rights business, according to the Community Cop co-host Michael Greys. Why don't these families ever pick a local human rights attorney who will fight for them? Why do they constantly pick someone who galavants from state-to-state?

There will be an investigation but, why? We all saw the very disturbing video. It looked like a snuff film. I want to believe that things will turn out for the better and that all four cops will get justice but, that hope is a mere glimmer. because of the same patterns taking place. The tune is the same but the lyrics are different. Only Allah knows the future.

(Sources: &

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

"Justice Imprisoned." Dr. Javed Jamil's Latest Eye-opening book: Pre-review. [Excerpted]

The foreword of the book has been written by eminent expert of law, Vice Chancellor of NALSAR University of Law, Prof. Faizan Mustafa who, while showing his appreciation for the work, has also not expressed some academic disagreements with the author on several points. The author has also briefly replied to his arguments in his "Preface".

There is no doubt that the book is an eye opener and perhaps one of the most fascinating critiques of the modern system of law in recent times. It is "Must Read" for everyone who wants to understand the functioning of the modern world order, especially it system of law. As a writer, Dr. Jamil excels in combining his investigative and creative skills. On one hand, he has produced huge facts and figures in support of his arguments; on the other, he has used his poetic talents to make the work a perfect reading. It will be worthwhile to end this preview with a few quotes from the book,

"A just, swift and effective legal system is a must to ensure social order. A good legal system must be able to drastically lower the crime rate.... If a system fails to achieve the results for which it was created and instead it increases the problem with numerous adverse effects on the people, it needs to be dismantled without delay."

"What a travesty of justice! Injustices perpetrated on the system of justice! The system has been made defunct, its morality has been raped, its riches have been plundered and its sanctity has been ravished. The system has helped every other cause but justice. It has made the officers of the court and the law implementing agencies greatly richer; it has saved the criminals from the punishments proportionate to their crimes; it has opened the floodgates for the corporate for accumulating the wealth; and it has helped the people becoming addicts of various substances and practices. The institution of justice is not any more the system that delivers justice and ensures social order; it is now the industry that generates wealth."

"It is pretty certain that incarceration too has become a part of the global business. Obviously, factors related to problems, problems themselves and their solutions - all feed one another. There is therefore hardly any need to try to build a system free of crimes. This is what the international system of justice is all about."

"The fact that the US has one of the highest murder rates and the highest incarceration rate can be regarded as ample proof of the rising criminal tendencies of the American people. But more than that, it is the proof of the total failure of American judicial system, and still more the proof of the negative impact of social, political and economic policies, which ultimately branch out from the root of economic fundamentalism."

"The statistics again point out to the fact that being big powers having nukes and highly advanced technology accompanied with advanced infrastructure does not mean civilization, the level of which is dependent instead on the socioeconomic policies and the legal and justice system of the country. The tables related to crimes, incarceration rates and total number of prisoners are bigger indications of the level of civilization. But in a world dominated by the economic fundamentalists and hegemonies, who will accept this argument?"

In nutshell, Dr. Jamil believes that the current international system of law is highly advanced in method but a colossal failure in the result. Instead of trying to hide the facts stated in the book, let the world debate them and overhaul the system of law in a way, which looks advanced not just in method but also in result. The book has been published by Yenepoya Printers and Publishers.

Price; Rs 480/- in India and $21 in other countries.

Dr. Javed Jamil can be contacted at


 Uighur Imams

Victims' Families Say Uighur Imams are the Main Target in China

A Chinese government crackdown on the minority Muslims in Xinjiang has taken a toll on the community's religious staff with the imams being most vulnerable to persecution, according to Uighur victims' families and scholars.

Uyghur Hjelp, a Norway-based Uighur advocacy and aid organization, told VOA that Chinese authorities since 2016 have detained at least 518 key Uighur religious figures and imams. The organization says it has found some of the imams, who were previously trained and employed by Beijing, are now sentenced with long prison terms while a few of them have lost their lives in internment camps.

One of the detained imams, Abdurkerim Memet, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017, according to his daughter, Hajihenim Abdukerim in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Abdukerim told VOA that Chinese authorities were hiding the whereabouts of her father for years until recently when a local contact in Xinjiang told her of his imprisonment.

The 61-year-old was employed by the Chinese government before his detention to lead prayers at a neighborhood mosque in Yengisar county in Kashgar city in southern Xinjiang. His family rejects the Chinese government accusation that he was spreading extremism among the Uighurs.

"My father is a peaceful and law-abiding religious figure," said Abdukerim, adding that her father was salaried by the Chinese government until late 2016 when the newly appointed Communist party chief, Chen Quanguo, began to further enforce Beijing's rule over Xinjiang where, according to the U.N. estimates, over a million Muslims could be held in internment camps.

"I had never imagined him being imprisoned for serving the community. In these years, I have been only hoping to hear from him again," she told VOA.

Trump plans to sign bill pressuring China over Uighur Muslim crackdown

U.S. President Donald Trump plans to sign legislation calling for sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for oppressing Uighur Muslims, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday without offering a time frame for the signing.

The bill, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate with bipartisan support last month, calls for sanctions against those responsible for repression of Uighurs and other Muslim groups in China's Xinjiang province, where the United Nations estimates more than a million Muslims have been detained in camps.

The Chinese embassy in Washington repeated a prior statement noting that the bill "blatantly smears China's counterterrorism and deradicalization measures and seriously interferes in China's internal affairs," which China "deplores and firmly opposes."

"We urge the US to immediately rectify its mistake, stop using Xinjiang-related issues to intervene in China's internal affairs and refrain from going even further down the wrong path," the embassy added.

The bill's progress comes amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over the coronavirus pandemic's origins and a recent Chinese bid to curb Hong Kong freedoms via a new national security law. China denies mishandling the outbreak and has said the United States should stop interfering in Hong Kong and Chinese affairs.

Trump said last week he was not considering imposing sanctions on Chinese President Xi Jinping personally over Beijing's push to impose the legislation in Hong Kong. But the Republican president recently ordered his administration to begin eliminating special U.S. treatment for Hong Kong to punish China, and said Washington would also impose sanctions on individuals seen as responsible for "smothering - absolutely smothering - Hong Kong's freedom.

The Uighur legislation, proposed by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, singles out Xinjiang's Communist Party secretary, Chen Quanguo, a member of China's powerful Politburo, as responsible for "gross human rights violations" against them.

source: Reuters

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Abu Hatim (Allah be pleased with him) said...

'The Intelligent one must adhere to Salvation by staying away from probing into the Faults of People...! and instead should preoccupy himself with his own faults...{!}
Surely, whoever preoccupies himself with his own faults instead of the faults of others... will find peace and relaxation in his being and his heart will not be exhausted {!} Whenever he looks to his faults and errors... then the similar faults of his brother will be easy for him to bear {!} However, whoever preoccupies himself with the faults of others instead of his own... then his Heart will become Blind...! he will become tired out and he will forget
his own shortcomings...{!}
The weakest of people is the one who criticizes others for what is in them, and the weakest from among them is... ?

THE ONE WHO CRITICIZES OTHERS FOR WHAT IS ALSO WITHIN HIMSELF {!} And whoever criticizes others, will be criticized by them.' Truthful was he who said...
'If you rebuke others, they'll rebuke you... and do so more !
And then what was hidden within you, will be on show... !
Someone once said in some statement of the past,
A word containing wisdom and beauty so vast... ! If ever you mention people, then leave behind their errors !
For there is no error, except that yours can be said If you criticize a people for what is not within them Then that is mighty in the Sight of ALLAH and also men... ! And if you criticize them for what is also within you ... THEN HOW CAN THE ONE EYED REBUKE
And how can people be criticized by someone who his faults are worse when all faults are diffused ...?
When you look for other's defects, you shall indeed find them...
But remember that what is in you is far greater than them!!!!
So grant peace to the people, and leave them to themselves...
for they can see your errors... more than you can see yourself.'
Al-Shaybani(Allah be pleased with him) mentioned that, "It is written in the Books that...
'As you treat others, you shall be treated'... and ... ?
'The Cup you give to others... is the Cup you shall drink from {!}'

~My 'Salaams' to all~
Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by 'Umar, r.a.:
I came and behold,
Allah's Apostle was staying on a Mashroba (attic room) and a black ex-slave of Allah's Apostle was at the top if its stairs.
I said to him,
"Tell the Prophet that here is 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (asking for permission to enter)."
Then he admitted me.

Bukhari Volume 9, Book 91,
Number 368
 Purple Flower

with thanks to Sis.Kristi

 Special Dua

We are saddened by the news that Syed Munawar Hasan is unwell and in hospital. This former Amir of Jamaat e-Islami is our personal friend. He is a good man, dedicated to Islam, and one of the best leaders that Jamaat e-Islami has produced.

Please join us in making dua that Allah should give him shifa.


Political Prisoners in Gitmo
Nadrat Siddique

So, you have to be tortured to have your sentence shortened? And, it may not be shortened at all, if you were tortured, but haven't been charged? Obama and Trump are on equal footing when it comes to Guantanamo. U.S. rhetoric about freedom and democracy is a complete farce, when it comes to populations the U.S. seeks to dominate or destroy. May Allah help these long-suffering brothers at Guantanamo. (The reporting organization, Reprieve, is an independent, U.K.-based human rights group.)

CIA torture can reduce GTMO sentence, but uncharged 'forever prisoners' excluded

June 11, 2020

Last week, a military judge at Guantanamo ruled, in the case of Majid Khan, that detainees in the military commissions system should have their sentences reduced as remedy for the torture they suffered at the hands of the CIA.

As the New York Times reported: "During his time in the C.I.A. black sites, Mr. Khan says, he was hung from his wrists and kept naked and hooded to the point of wild hallucinations. He was held in darkness for a year, isolated in a cell with bugs that bit him until he bled. A Senate investigation disclosed that in his second year of C.I.A. detention, the agency 'infused' a purée of pasta, sauce, nuts, raisins and hummus into his rectum because he went on a hunger strike."

This is the first time that a Guantanamo military commission judge's ruling has called for a remedy for the victims of that torture. Yet there are still 31 men who are not part of the military commissions trials, and are instead detained at the prison indefinitely. There are no charges against them, and so they are not facing a trial. These men are thus denied release, sentence reduction, or any other form of remedy for the torture they suffered at the hands of the CIA and its allies.

This includes men like Ahmed Rabbani, who has been held without charge or trial for 16 years. As uncovered in the US Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture, Ahmed was apprehended on the basis of mistaken identity. He was held at a 'black site' in Kabul and subjected to the CIA's torture program for over 540 days before being rendered to Guantanamo Bay. Ahmed has described his torture, detailing how he was "taken to a room and hung by my hand to an iron shackle where my toes hardly touched the ground...I was hanging from one hand, naked, thirsty, and hungry...All my weight was hung from the iron shackle until my hand was about to be cut off and the blood was going down to my feet. All my body parts were shaking because of cut off blood circulation and my pulled and beaten body began hurting all over and my head, nose and mouth started bleeding." The US Government has offered Ahmed no route to remedy for the torture he suffered, or the nearly two decades he has been held without charge or trial.

Reprieve Deputy Director, Katie Taylor, said: "One of Guantanamo's bleakest ironies is that those the US has charged with crimes have more viable avenues for release than men like Ahmed, who the US holds without charge as 'forever prisoners'. According to the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Ahmed was subjected to the same monstrous torture program as Majid—but you can't fight charges in court if you aren't charged, and you can't reduce a sentence that doesn't exist. Indefinite detention and torture are indefensible in any modern society, and the US' prison at Guantanamo is no exception."
--From Reprieve

Notes to Editors:
  1. For more information, please contact Reprieve's Press Office:
  2. Reprieve is an international human rights organisation.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Islamophobia: The Making Of A New India

Israel gives go-ahead on 'Trump Heights' - an illegal settlement in Golan Heights named after Donald Trump

International Collusion with Israel is What Real 'Political Terrorism' Looks like

Saudi Arabia gives $110 million to establish the UN Counter Terrorism Center

Even some Israeli settlers are against annexation

Al-Aqsa compound reopens after over two months of coronavirus lockdown

Tearing down Statues isn't Vandalism. It's at the Heart of the Democratic Tradition

Court in France to rule on Bashar al-Assad's uncle of embezzling Syrian state funds.

UAE extols Afghan envoy for helping return stranded Afghans

Iran was ready to strike if US stopped Venezuela-bound tankers

Erdogan aims for 'new era' in US - Turkey ties, with Libya at the top of the agenda

US - Iraq will continue talks in Washington next month


India: Unprecedented Levels of Atrocities against Muslims.

"We welcome the US State Department report and its affirmation of what is widely known about unprecedented levels of persecution of India's minorities," said Mr. Ahsan Khan, President of IAMC. "However, the report can make a meaningful difference only if it is followed by definitive action on the part of the US government in holding the present administration in India accountable for escalating levels of violence and hate targeting Muslims and Dalits," added Mr. Khan.

The report cites specific examples of horrific lynchings of Muslims, Christians and Dalits. "While the lynchings are atrocious in and of themselves, what should alarm and galvanize the international community to action is the continuing incendiary rhetoric that is now part of mainstream discourse," said Mr. Syed Afzal Ali, Vice President of IAMC. "The environment of hate and violence it has created lends support to the perpetrators and explains why the vicious cycle of violence and social boycott continues to get worse," added Mr. Ali.

The report emphasizes the urgent need to put an end to the sectarian hate, and ensure full protection of minorities as guaranteed under the Indian constitution. It also notes with concern that 9 of the 28 states have laws restricting religious conversion, which does not comply with the secular character of India.

The Indian Parliament's passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has rightly come in for heavy criticism by the State Department. The CAA which amends the 1955 Citizenship Act to provide an expedited path to Indian citizenship for Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who had entered India on or before December 31, 2014, while similarly-situated Muslims, Jews, atheists from these three countries were excluded.

The report recognized use of excessive force by police against protesters, particularly against Muslim university students in the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. It also highlights that CAA was part of an ongoing BJP effort to marginalize Muslim communities and does not rule out sinister designs of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah.

The revocation of Article 370 and continuing violations of human rights in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, open legal and social biases against the minorities, and brutal clamp down on peaceful civil dissent, have all rightfully been highlighted in the report.

It is noteworthy that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and another RSS affiliate called Hindu Maha Sabha have been named as being among the proponents of hate crimes against minorities.


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New Trend's New Record.
The May 31 issue of New Trend reached 249,465 people thru facebook.
Of these 20,000 are in Turkey.
The major items in this issue were.

  1. "I can't breathe." khutba.

  2. Impotence of Black politicians.

  3. Shia desecration of Caliph's grave.

  4. Israel preventing restoration of Ibrahimi mosque.

  5. Saudi Crown Prince defending Chinese concentration camps.

  6. Shocking new message from IS leader.

[and much more]


Hundreds of Palestinians Protest against Israel's Demolition of Islamic Cemetery in Yafa

Hundreds of Palestinian residents of the city of Yafa organized a protest against the Israeli demolition of a historic Islamic cemetery, Anadolu Agency reported.

Protestors performed the Friday prayer and started a march condemning the Israeli decision to demolish the Islamic Al-Isaaf Cemetery located in the north of the city of Yafa.

On Monday, Israeli bulldozers started the demolition of the cemetery in preparation for building a new Israeli housing project.
The protesters gathered in the cemetery in an attempt to stop the demolition. The city council called the police who tried to guard the demolition, resulting in clashes with the protestors after Israeli police fired tear gas and used sound bombs against them.

Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque, who is currently banned by the Israeli occupation from entering the holy site, delivered the Friday khotba.

Sabri conveyed that exhuming tombs is prevented in Islam in order to preserve the dignity of those buried, stressing that the cemetery is a land of Islamic endowment and is owned by all Muslims.

"We call on you to protect the cemeteries," Sabri told the gathering, expressing that "defending cemeteries is defending lands, and defending the dead is defending a legitimate right."

Sabri shared his hope that the cemetery is protected by Allah, and not by a UN Security Council resolution or by the international community.

Al-Isaaf Cemetery, which dates back to Ottoman times, includes hundreds of burials of Muslims who were laid there before the Israeli occupation of the city in 1948.


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