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2 Ramadan 1441 A.H. - April 26 2020 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1860



Relevance of Ibn Taymiyyah to our times.
Shafa'i, Hanbali, Maliki, Hanafi Could not Stop the Destruction of Baghdad.
Today we have tyrants with Muslim names.

Notes by Kaukab Siddique."

And be ye not as those who became sects and differed after the clear proofs had come unto them. For such there is an awful doom.
[The Qur'an 3:105]

One of the greatest teachers of Islam is Ibn Taymiyyah second only to the sahaba and the tabbain [who followed the sahaba].

Ibn Taymiyya's times were somewhat like ours. A little history here:

He was born in 611 hijri and died in 728 hijri. The Mongols had destroyed Baghdad, Like the Russians did in Afghanistan and the Americans did in Iraq, the Mongols were slaughtering entire Muslim populations. From the West, the crusaders were threatening the entire Muslim ummah, like America and Israel are doing today, often through despots like Egypt's General Sissi and Saudis's MBS.

Most dangerously, within the Muslim populations, sects had become so strong that they were inviting Muslims to accept their deviant dogmas. Again look at our world where sects and deviations are rampant in the Muslim world. These sectarians were cooperating with the Mongols and the crusaders to undermine the Islamic resistance.

Look at the sects in America with strange teachings, that God came down in the shape of a human or that "Yaqub" is somewhere up there or "Ahmeddis" are Muslims. Then there are national divisions among Muslim immigrants. They are so divided that they cannot even dare to speak against Israel or the bombing and occupation of Muslim countries.
Again Ibn Taymiyyah is relevant. He not only spoke and wrote against sects and worship at graves of "saints" he actually fought against the invaders, both Mongols and crusaders.

The Zionist propaganda machine in America has encouraged weak and deviant Muslims to attack Hadith. There can be no Islam without hadith, never has been and never will be. The Zionists know that many easy going Muslims do not study hadith and will easily be influenced by attacks on hadith, specially if these attacks are carried out by people with Muslim names.

Study of the struggle of Ibn Taymiyya is very valuable because he used hadith to demolish the superstitions and deviations of sectarians, mystics and hostile outsiders. His scholarship has few equals even today.

Islam is based on the Qur'an and the authentic hadith. Views of scholars and saints are not textually part of Islam. Interpretation may be helpful but in itself it should not be confused with Islamic texts.

Sects are forbidden in Islam. Attempts to claim prophethood after the last Prophet, Muhammad, pbuh, are absolutely not allowed.

Prayers to dead people however pious they may have been, asking them to ask Allah to give us what we want is a deadly sin called SHIRK in Islam

Islam is very straightforward. Pray 5 times a day as taught by the prophet, pbuh, and call on Allah, ask Allah for what you want or need. No one other than Allah can fulfil our prayers and there is no sacred text giving anyone the right to fulfil prayers.

Sects are supported by imperialist, kafir, powers to divide the Ummah of Islam and to subvert the teachings of Islam.

Today the teachings of the Qur'an and hadith are reverberating around the globe owing to the teachings of Ibn Taymiyya, built upon by Usman dan Fodio and the Sokoto and Sudan caliphate, Muhammad ibn Abdel Wahhab, Allama Iqbal, Syed Qutb, Maulana Maudoodi [and countless others].

The Ummah of Islam is one Ummah, from Morocco to the Philippines, from Afghanistan to Nigeria. America's Muslims rightfully belong to the global Ummah [as Malcolm X found out]. Let's not become a sect in this country.

American Muslims need to know the leaders of Islamic thought who kept hope alive and owing to whom Islam today is once again challenging the conscience of the world. One of the leaders in this progressive forward movement was Ibn Taymiyyah.

He helped the Muslims to remember once again that fighting aggressors and occupiers was as much of a religious obligation as praying and fasting. Even more importantly, he taught that deadly enemies of Muslims can emerge in the guise of rulers and governments who claim to be Muslims. This was the brilliance of Ibn Taymiyyah's ijtihad [independent thinking] because such a difficult situation was unknown in Muslim history. [The munafiqs in the era of the Prophet, pbuh were not in a position of power.]

One of the main points in Ibn Taymiyyah's teachings was the need to understand the INTENT of the Prophet's, pbuh, message: Here it is in his own words :

"All good is combined in seeking the help of Allah the Exalted in receiving the knowledge left as an inheritance from the Prophet, pbuh. This is what deserves to be called knowledge ; as for other than that : if it is knowledge, it is not beneficial, or it is not knowledge even if it is called such. If it is beneficial knowledge , it must be from the inheritance of Muhammad,pbuh. Nothing can take its place, and nothing is better than it. And the purpose must be to understand the intent of the messenger, pbuh, in his commands, prohibitions and the rest of his speech. When your heart is certain that this is the intent of His messenger, pbuh, then do not turn away from it, whether it is connected to his rights, the rights of Allah, or the rights of the people, if you have the ability to do so.." [p.264.]

[Explanation of the Concise Advices of Shaykh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah by Shaikh Sulayman as-Ruhayh.]


 Sufi Network Uncovered

Sufi Network Uncovered.
Molana Nasir Madni
Forgives his assailants.
Did Imran Khan Okay the attack?

Last week several private Pakistani TV networks showed an unusual situation. The leaders of the Sufi gangs which had beaten up and humiliated Nasir Madni confessed and appealed to him for forgiveness. Nasir Madni not only forgave them but welcomed them into his home.

It appears that Madni had ridiculed a Sufi group for its claim that it can recite holy words and blow on people and cure them of their problems.

Owing to his quick response after the attack, Madni had exposed the attackers 4 of whom were arrested.

It appears that the gang was directed by a Pakistani group living in England. One of them was caught in Pakistan and got pre-arrest bail was forgiven by Madni but could only speak English though dressed as a Pakistani.

Madni a popular ahle Hadith preacher is now under criticism by his own supporters for having let the sufis go so easily after they had humiliated him beyond limits, almost taking his life. He claims that pressing the conflict would be bad for Pakistsn because the sufis have a lot of support among superstitious ignorant people. However the 4 attackers in prison may reveal the hidden forces at work when they are brought to trial.

There are indications that Imran Khan may have okayed the attack because its very rare for a preacher who is extremely populat to be mistreated so badly by attackers who did not try to cover their faces. Could be that he has been terrorized by the regime to "forgive" his assailants.


Incompetent Imran Regime can't distribute Relief Goods : Masses caught between Covid 19 and Ramadan.
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Apr. 25; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has expressed deep concern over the price spiral on the very first day of the Ramazan and said this would further hit the millions of poor people already affected by the corona virus.

In a statement here on Saturday, he said that if the government failed to control the situation, the profiteers and hoarders would deprive the poor people of the last morsel of meal with them.

Sirajul Haq said the JI had at the very beginning, suggested to the government to arrange two weeks ration for the poor before lock down but nobody cared. He said that due to lock down, all business activity had come to standstill. Businessmen, wage earners and workers were facing starvation. There was despair all around while the government circles were silent. The government did not have any data for the distribution of relief fund, he said.

The main issue, he said, was not of resources, It was of the distribution of the available resources. He said the government had not heeded to the idea of sitting with the opposition for devising a joint line of action for overcoming the challenge. He said there was no harmony between the centre and the provinces. The federation and Sindh were blaming each other for their failures.

Deploring the ministers' statement against the opposition, Sirajul Haq said this was a time to forge unity among the nation for effectively meeting the situation caused by the corona virus.

He directed the JI and Al_Khidmat Foundation volunteers to fan out in their areas and provide every possible help and relief to the deserving during the sacred month of Ramazan.


A Mural in Gaza represents Solidarity with Palestinian Coronavirus Patients in Israeli Prisons

Palestinian artists putting final touches on a mural in Gaza City, exhibiting solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who have contracted the coronavirus inside Israeli prisons.
 Mural in Gaza
Photos: Fawzi Mahmoud, The Palestine Chronicle
 Mural in Gaza

There are nearly 5,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. To learn more about their collective struggle and resistance from their own perspective, [ ] to read an excerpt from Ramzy Baroud's latest volume, These Chains Will Be Broken: Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Jails.


News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Controlled Media are Spreading Fear and Despair. Here is the Answer.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - Have you ever been the lone standout? Being the logical one going against the status quo is NOT easy but, it is the way of the Muslim. But Allah-God reminds us that He is our ONLY Helper. Even when wayward Muslims go along with the status quo, we MUST fear Allah's displeasure only.

This is especially true now when, once again, some Muslims have begun Ramadan April 24th instead of April 25th.

While other people are beginning to settle into this "new life" or should I say, "New World Order," there are still other health experts who have a differing opinion from the status quo regarding the handling of the coronavirus.
I was reading through an interview at an alternative health web site where Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was being interviewed. Dr. Ayyadurai is a Systems with a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is from India where his grandmother practiced alternative medicine.

His observation of this Coronavirus Scare is very interesting and direct:

Now, what are they waiting for? You wait for storm clouds to pass, time but not diseases. So why do they keep extending this shutdown and telling us to wait? Wait for what? According to Dr. Ayyadurai, they are waiting for a coronavirus vaccine, which is why President Trump keeps "announcing" some new COVID-19 treatment every few days.

Next Fall, when everything opens up, again, just in time for the flu season, some people believe there will be a coronavirus vaccine. Looking at how the government, the federal and state, has worked together to create this Scare as well as an economic collapse, people will be primed for a government mandate to get the coronavirus vaccine. Someone or some group plans to get rich!


Meals distributed in New York to Muslims during Ramadan

"Over half-a-million meals will be distributed during Ramadan," mayor De Blasio said. The mayor stressed supporting "this community as we're supporting all communities," also mentioning the city creating Kosher food programs as well.

It is important "to recognize that we are all in this together," de Blasio continued. "We want to respect all the people, all the faiths of New York City," he said. "This is part of what makes New York City so great-that we have that mutual respect."

De Blasio emphasized that food is available for "any New Yorker," promising that "no New Yorker will go hungry."

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

WHO'S "Test, Test and Test" flawed in strategy
Dr. Javed Jamil

I have always been critical of the World Health Organisation in formulating right policies to achieve its stated objective of "Highest standards of health" and have minced no words in calling it "the Failed Organisation". I have repeatedly argued that the WHO has always acted in accordance with the interests of the market forces. It has never stressed on natural preventive methods and has run huge campaigns for artificial preventive methods. When HIV pandemic started in the 1980s and reached a dangerous level in 1990s, the WHO never talked of anything like "Sexual distancing" despite the scientifically proven facts showing direct relationship between HIV and promiscuity, prostitution and homosexuality. At that time, its only slogan was "Condoms, condoms and condoms". The result was that while the sex markets continued to prosper, the HIV statistics also prospered menacingly with the loss of more than 38 million lives. Still, more than 70 million people are living with HIV and hundreds of thousands die every year. Once the antiviral therapy against HIV started getting marketed, even the "Condoms, condoms and condoms" campaign went into hibernation. The market wants the HIV to continue because if the problem subsides, both "problem market" as well as "solution market" will nosedive.

With the spread of Covid-19 outbreak, again the WHO is busy raising the "Test, Test and Test" slogan. The WHO failed to call for ban on travelling from and to China at the right time and between other countries again at the right time. If the travelling g from and into Wuhan, then from China and into China had been controlled at the right moment, the Covid could not have become a pandemic. The WHO started sounding alarm of the disease turning into a pandemic as soon as in the initial days of January and yet failed to advise the governments to take steps that will stop the entry of Corona in their countries. But why should the WHO act in a way that hits the Transport and Travelling Industries? The irony is that even after the world governments have put severe restrictions on travelling within their countries and between different countries, the WHO continues to say, "Test, Test and Test". This formula again is going to help the testing kit manufacturing companies. Testing is extremely important but presenting it as the only solution will only worsen the situation. The WHO is hoping that the anti-Covid vaccines or treatment will soon emerge and then again, like HIV/AIDS, it will soften its sounds of alarm against the Covid.

I have always argued that economics is an essential constituent of life. It is like stomach, which provides energy to every single organ of the body. But let the stomach remain stomach and not assume the role of heart and brain. Just as the stomach plays its role effectively only if it is provided with good and not the harmful foods and drinks, the economics plays its good role only till it engages in healthy businesses. As soon as it starts providing dangerous choices to the people in the name of "Freedom of Choice", the humanity starts getting ill. There cannot be anything more inhuman than letting the people getting ill because the healthcare industry needs patients and the markets of the causes of the problems need them.
Covid-19 has given the world an opportunity to think about introducing what I called "Dynamic Paradigm of Health" in my book, "Economics First or Health First?", released in August last year. Economics is to be strong but where there is a rivalry between economics and health, health must reign supreme. The onus of preserving health is not merely on the individuals; the system too has to be health protective and must take effective steps in disallowing people access to harmful items and practices.

Also read: World Health Organisation (WHO): the Failed Organisation

* Dr Javed Jamil is a thinker, physician, poet and writer with over twenty books to his credit including his latest, "Economics First or Health First?", "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism", "The Killer Sex". "In Search of a Comprehensive Solution for AIDS", "Islam and Family Planning" and "Rediscovering the Universe". He is currently holds Chair in Yenepoya (Deemed to be) University, Mangalore, Karnataka (India). He can be contacted at

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

Alhamduli'Allahi Rabbil-'Aalameen
wa-Salaatu wa-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa-e-wal-Mursaleen~'Amma
'Assalaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu'

*Virtues Of The Month Of Ramadhan*
*PROPHET*ﷺ First Khutbah.... !
'O Muslims.... Fear Allah and Obey Him !~
I give you glad tidings as the month of 'Ramadan' is approaching..
This is the month in which the 'Qur'an' was revealed as a guidance for mankind, as well as a clarification and differentiation between truth and falsehood ! During this month, the Gates of Mercy are opened and the gates of hell are sealed. Satan and all other Jinn are chained during this blessed month...Rewards for good deeds performed in this month are multiplied.! sins forgiven and supplications responded to and answered. It is the month of Perseverance, Mercy,
Compassion and Charity.

~Salmaan Al-Faarisi ~ [may Allaah be pleased with him] reported that...
Prophet ~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] gave a speech on the last day of 'Sha'baan', and said... 'O people ! you are being approached by a great and blessed month. A month which contains a Night that is better than One Thousand [1000] months ! Allaah made fasting within it an obligation, and made praying on that night an optional act of worship.
he who performs any righteous voluntary act within it, will be rewarded like one who does an obligatory act at any time other than during 'Ramadan!
'he who performs an obligatory act of worship within it will be rewarded like he who performs Seventy~[70] acts of worship at any time outside this month ! ['Alhamdullilah']
It is the month of Perseverance -and perseverance is rewarded with 'Jannah'~{Paradise}! It is the month of Compassion, in which the sustenance of a believer increases ! ' he who feeds a fasting person within this month has his sins forgiven and he will be protected and released from the hell fire, he also gets the reward of that person's fasting without decreasing the reward of the fasting person.' Then the companions..
[may Allah be pleased with them] said... 'O messenger of Allah, ﷺnot all of us can find the extra food needed to feed another fasting person'.
So Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] responded:
'Allah will give you the reward of feeding a fasting person even if you were to give him just a sip of milk, a date, or a sip of water...{!}
he who feeds a fasting person until he is full, Allah will make him drink out of my river, a sip of which will never allow him to be thirsty until he enters 'Jannah'! Then he continued...
'This is the month the beginning of which is Mercy, the middle part is Forgiveness... and the last part of it is Release from Hellfire.'
(Source: Al-Bayhaqi).

'So, pay attention, may Allah be merciful to you all'...Pay attention O believers, to the speech of the Prophet {Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam} in which he gave glad tidings of the month of 'Ramadan' to his companions and informed them of its virtues and how the reward of righteous deeds performed therein is multiplied.
Indeed, it is a great and blessed month...! The Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam ] said.. referring to the month of 'Ramadan'~
'Never has a better month arrived for the believers and never has a worse month come to pass for the hypocrites..'
(Source: Ahmad)

Abu Hurayrah, [may Allaah be pleased with him] narrated that..
Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said...
"All the (rewards of the) deeds of the son of Adam are for him, (he is aware that) the reward of performing them will be multiplied by ten (10) to seven-hundred (700) times...! Allah {Azza Wa Jall} has said:
'Except for fasting, as it is for Me. I shall reward it ! (i.e. I will decide what the reward will be) This is because the fasting person leaves his desires, food and drink purely for My sake.' The fasting person has two [2] times of great pleasure: once when he breaks his fast and the other when he meets his Lord ! The smell emanating from the mouth of a fasting person is better in the scale of Allah than the smell of Musk".
(Source: Ahmad)

The Prophet ~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] referred to 'Ramadan' as the 'month of perseverance' due to the necessity of perseverance and patience during this month. Due to this, as well as the suffering from the pain of hunger, thirst and weakness of the body due to fasting,
'Abdullaah Ibn'Umar [may Allaah be pleased with him] reported that~
Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam]said...
'No one knows the reward of fasting except Allah'.
(Source: Al-Bayhaqi)

The reward for righteous deeds varies due to different reasons, for example, due to the sanctity of specific places such as 'Makkah' and 'Madeenah'. The Prophet ~[Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said:
'Praying in my 'Masjid' is one thousand times [1000] greater (in reward) than prayer elsewhere - except for 'Al-Masjid Al-Haraam' [in 'Makkah']
[Source: S. Bukhaari]

Among the virtues of this blessed month is that the reward for good deeds is multiplied by up to seven hundred times, for those who purify their intentions and perform their actions purely for the sake of Allah! such as those who spend in charity from their wealth, provided that their wealth comes from lawful means.
{Allah only accepts charity which is from 'Halal' (lawful) means...!}
The Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said ...
'Allah accepts charity with His Right Hand and then increases it in reward for the person giving it, just like one of you raises his colt, until the reward for it becomes the size of a mountain'.
(Source: Bukhaari & Muslim)

Anas ibn Maalik, [may Allaah be pleased with him]narrated that ...
The Prophet [Sallallaahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam] said .. 'Charity extinguishes the anger of the Lord and protects the giver of it from an evil end'.
(Source: Tirmithi)

Y a s m i n.
 Sis Yasmin

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Waqid Al-Laithi, r.a.:
While Allah's Apostle was sitting in the mosque with some people, three men came. Two of them came in front of Allah's Apostle and the third one went away. The two persons kept on standing before Allah's Apostle for a while and then one of them found a place in the circle and sat there while the other sat behind the gathering, and the third one went away. When Allah's Apostle finished his preaching, he said, "Shall I tell you about these three persons? One of them be-took himself to Allah, so Allah took him into His grace and mercy and accommodated him, the second felt shy from Allah, so Allah sheltered Him in His mercy (and did not punish him), while the third turned his face from Allah and went away, so Allah turned His face from him likewise. "

Bukhari, Volume 1,
Book 3, Number 66
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]


After a decade of suffering he is released.
April 24.

Abdel Nur of Guyana who was sentenced for attempted attack on JFK airport in 2007 has been released.

He has always insisted the charges were false and continues to proclaim his innocence.

(Info received via br. Abu Talib, New York.)

 War News

War News

Series of Islamic State Attacks. Bombing by British air force.

April 22. Near Narin town in Diyala province, IS used a mine to hit regime troops wounding 5.

April 21. In al-Shirqat district, Salahuddin province, IS used an ied to hit a patrol of Hashd al-Shaabi, a heavily armed Shia force. Three of the Shaabi were killed and 3 wounded.

In another attack in the same district, 2 people were killed.

Earlier on April 10, RAF, the British air force, bombed suspected Islamic State position in the Tuz Kharmatu area,, soouth of Kirkul. British jets have renewed action with the resurgence of the Islamic State.

On April 23. the regime released 20,040 prisoners to reduce the risk of Covid 19 spreading, 83 people have died of the virus.

On April 25, a Turkish soldier was killed and 3 wounded in an attack by PKK in the Haftanin region of northern attack. Turkey struck back and claim to have hit 12 PKK.

April 24. Pakistan military announced a clash in North Waziristan in which 2 Pakistani troops were killed and 5 injured.

[Mujahidee are still active in North Waziristan although the Pakistani military expelled the entire population, more than a million people, a decade ago. More than a thousand fighters retreated into Afghanistan.

Journalists are still not allowed to go in. Preliminary reports indicated that the military destroyed the markets and infrastructure in North Waziristan. The operation known as Zarbe Azb was carried out after years of insistence by the United States that it should be carried out.]

April 26. Turkish forces used tear gas to disperse Syrian civilians who were conducting a sit in on M4 Highway, The protestors were opposing Turkish joint program with Russia to keep M4 open.

Two of the protestors were killed by the Turkish troops who also pulled down tents put up by the protestors.

Earlier Turkish troops attacked mujahideen fighters in the Nayrab area, killing 4. The fighters responded with machine gun fire.

The same day Assad's forces fired rockets at Islamic fighters in the Jabal Zawiya area in 4 villages.

On April 23 clashes between Islamic State fighters and Assad's forces continued in eastern rural Hama near Boufayyad dam.

Fighting by Islamic State against Iran is also reported from Al-Myadeini in Deir ez Zor province.

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas

Where is Kim Jong Un? What we know so far.

UN Secretary criticizes Israel for intent to annex parts of West Bank

Muslims In India Under Attack: Blamed For Coronavirus Outbreak.

Turkish-backed rebels fighting each other in Syria.

Thousands Protest against Netanyahu amid Coronavirus

Yemen: UAE-backed separatist group announces self-rule in south

Saudi Arabia abolishes flogging

Latest attack on a financial instituation amid financial crisis: Lebanon bank attacked with explosive

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



UK government urged to ban import of Chinese cotton 'made using Uighur Muslim forced labour'

The UK government has been urged to ban the import of cotton sourced from the Chinese province of Xinjiang, a region where Uighur Muslims are being put to work in factories in conditions that amount to forced labour .

A 60-page document submitted to HMRC by lawyers and a rights group on Wednesday amounts to "overwhelming and credible evidence concerning the scale and gravity of the forced labour regime in Xinjiang" , its authors said.

Since 2017, China is widely reported to have detained more than a million - some estimates put the figure at three million - Uighur Muslims in detention facilities that Beijing has described as vocational training centres.

Cotton is big business for China. The country provides between a fifth and a quarter of all global supplies - and, of that, 84 per cent comes from Xinjiang, according to a report by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

In writing their letter to the UK's customs authorities, the World Uighur Congress (WUC) and the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) argued that current cotton imports from China "involve forced labour on such a scale that they violate a number of UK laws, including 19th-century legislation prohibiting the importation of prison-made goods, and should be halted".

The letter also argues that by allowing the import of cotton from Xinjiang, a region witnessing what the authors call "the largest mass detention of an ethnic group since the Second World War" , the UK government may be guilt of "conduct ancillary to crimes against humanity".

Source: theindependent

Africa - Gambia

Thanks from Gambia

Br. Abu Talib has received thanks from the orphans group in Gambia for basic supplies and sugar.

A barrel full of school supplies has also been sent.

 Br Abu Talib

Br. Abu Talib is an activist and long time member of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

2020-04-27 Mon 12:03:44 ct