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12 Rajab 1441 A.H. - March 8 2020 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1853

Latest Khutba

 Jummah Khutba

Health Issues, China, Elections, Finality of prophethood

On March 6, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma Khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.

The masjid was crowded and here is an outline of Br. Kaukab's khutba for distribution on line.

[After the juma, masjid's shoora meeting was held. Thanks also go to the security team.]


"This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion."

[The Qur'an 5:3]

"There will be no Prophet or messenger after me." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, collected by Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad, vol. 3, p.467. Tirmidhi's Sunan, hadith # 2274. ]

  1. Islam is a COMPLETE way of life, with perfect Guidance from Allah and the perfect Sunnah [example] from Muhammad, pbuh.

  2. So, there is no scope for bringing non-Islamic viewpoints and perspectives into Islam. What do you want to know? Islam has the answer.

  3. Health is a key issue now with the virus coming in from China. There is no need for conspiracy theories. It has come from a specific city in China, Wuhan.

  4. There are many good and friendly Chinese people but the ruling party in China tried to destroy the entire Uyghur Muslim population of Sinkiang by putting millions of Muslims in concentration camps. These are peaceful people and were not fighting China.

  5. Qur'an possession was made illegal. Fasting was not allowed. Muslims were forced to eat pork. Masjids were monitored. Finally men from the ruling party were sent to sleep with Muslim families. This is called cultural genocide.

  6. Is China being punished? I don't know. The situation is horrendous. The virus has spread. The entire Chinese economy is going down with all its global developments.

  7. It has spread into South Korea, Italy, Iran and Israel. When people see horrible repression and atrocities and
    remain silent, then many innocent people too are enveloped with others in the blizzard of punishment.

    1. Here is what we can do. Wash your hands regularly.

    2. Pray 5 times a day. Do wudhu which also involves washing hands..

    3. Food should be HALAL and TAYYEB. Tayyeb means good for you. Builds up the immune sytem.

    4. Clean clothes and clean places of worship. Cover sneezes and coughs.

    5. Stay away from the kuffar, especially their crowds [though it is difficult].
      I don't know. I hope it stops.

  8. Here in America, it is pre-election season with both parties abusing and insulting each other. Muslims should stay out of it. The Prophet, pbuh, never cooperated with the oppressors. It is strictly forbidden in Sura Hud.

    1. Stop the ignorant people who give the example of Peace of Hudaibiyah.

    2. Peace does not mean cooperation with oppressors.

    3. The P:rophet, pbuh, never cooperated with oppressors.

  9. Struggle for the rights of women, the rights of those who are weak. Care for the prisoners.

    Every weekend young people kill each other in our cities. Last year 400 were murdered in Baltimore. Chicago is not very different. Why is this not stopped. Why does the regime remain untouched. It is not even national news

  10. Why are Muslims silent about Aafia Siddiqui, Imam Jamil and hundreds of others?

  11. Do not be confused or trapped by "Ahmeddia" [Qadianis] and other cultists who have started new religions while claiming to be Muslims.

  12. There is no Mehdi in Islam. There is no Mehdi in the Qur'an. Ibn Khaldun pointed out that the "hadith" about Mehdi are fake.

  13. Allah is our Guide. Muhammad, pbuh, is our leader. Don't plead with dead "saints" to connect us to Allah. Talk directly to Allah.

  14. Remember that after the destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols, honest and fearless scholars taught the Islam of Allah and Muhammad, pbuh. Among the greatest scholars are Ibn Taymiyyah, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, Allama Iqbal, Maulana Maudoodi, Seyyed Qutb, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman and many others. May Allah bless them

    Palestine is our central issue. Palestine must be liberated, along with Syria, Kashmir and all other occupied Muslim lands under tyrants and oppressors.

Du'a: O Allah, Give our communities health, jobs, halal achievement and spouses and children who will stand with us for Islam. Ameen.



{Please scroll down for reports from the Red Mosque and teachings from Allama Rizvi]

Mass Rallies by Islamic Women Demand End to Mistreatment of Women.
Inheritance and workplace rights Emphasized.

by Qaiser Sharif

March 8: Thousands of women on Sunday participated in rallies taken out in different cities of the country under the banner of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan on occasion of International Women's Day.

Held under the title Youm-e-Takreem-e-Niswaan (a day to pledge respect for women), the participants of the marches holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans 'My Life-God's will', 'Respect of Women-Respect of Nation', 'We are the mothers, sisters and daughters' demanded equal curriculum and equal opportunities of education, end of harassment culture at workplaces, separate women's universities and hospitals and enforcement of brilliant teachings of Islam in the country.

In Islamabad, JI Emir Senator Sirajul Haq addressed the participants who earlier marched from National Press Club to China Chowk. JI leaders Mian Muhammad Aslam, Dr Tariq Saleem, Aysha Syed also addressed on occasion.

In Lahore, women from different walks of life marched from Nasir Bagh to Zila Kachahri. Begum Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Begum Sirajul Haq, Samia Raheel Qazi, Dr Zubaida Jabeen, Rabia Tariq, Dr Zeba Waqar, Faiqa Salaman and others were among the participants.

JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim and JI Lahore chapter head Zikrullah Mujahid addressed the rally.

In Karachi, JI Emir Karachi chapter Hafiz Naeemu Rahman and JI Women's Wing Secretary General Durdana Siddiqui addressed the marchers. In Faisalabad, Maulana Javed Kasuri, the JI Central Punjab chapter Emir, addressed the rally. JI Women's Wing organized rallies in Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and other cities.

"The Election Commission of Pakistan should not name any hopeful who as male doesn't give his sister her inheritance rights," demanded Siraj. He announced that in future JI will not give a party ticket to any man who deprived his sister of her inheritance right. He described the ruling elite as a hurdle between women and their rights in the country. He demanded the government build separate women's universities and hospitals in major cities.

Ameerul Azim lamented that certain elements were trying to exploit the slogan of women's rights and attack Islam in the garb of their campaign for the so-called human rights. He said majority of the women in the country were deprived of their rights by the ruling elite, feudal lords and the capitalist system. Those in power, he added, never wanted to implement the laws granting women every right in the society. The ruling elite, he said, must be held accountable for their sins. "Women should question the rulers why they have been deprived of their rights."

JI Deputy Emir Liaqat Baloch said that participation of thousands of women in the JI rallies proved that Pakistani woman would never allow anyone to westernize and secularize the society. He said Islam and the constitution of Pakistan granted every right to women and there was an urgent need to implement them.

Speakers said Islam granted every right to women and it was the only tested system for more than 15 centuries. They regretted that in many parts of the country powerful individuals and feudal lords never share inheritance rights with women.

Red Mosque & Syeda Hafsa, r.a., Women Counter Westernized Women

New Trend observers note that on March 8, fringe groups of westernized women were countered by hijabi women from the Red Mosque and women's Seminary Jamia Hafsa.

The secukar women have been heavily publicized by the daily Dawn and were given police protection. In the meantime, the regime has been keeping up the siege of Red mosque women who are led by Umm Hasan and inspired by the lectures of Maulana Abdul Aziz.

The Jamia Hafsa hjabi women bypassed the police lines and successfully protested against the female elites, some of whom are supported by secularist males from the frontier areas who are arousing ethnic separatism

Islam Honors and Protects women but also protects family rights and Marriage - Allama Rizvi.

Earlier Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi projected his preaching through his group's own Internet outlets. A large crowd listened to hm in Lahore and raised slogans in xsupport of finality of prophethood.

Allama Rizvi said that Islam protects marriage and gives rights to both husband and wife. Any insults or misbehavior towards women are not to be tolerated, he said. The family as conceptualized by Islam should be saved from the waves of immorality encouraged by the West.

A wife must protect the rights of her husband and not talk outside the famiily about private matters and not bring strangers into the home without the husband's conxsent.

[He is famous for his hard core Sunni teachings and examples from the poetry of Iqbal, the foundational teacher of Pakistan.]

War News

 War News

Assad-Iran-Russia Offensive Stopped in its tracks. Erdogan's Ceasefire Arrangement Working

March 8. The ceasefire agreed between Putin and Erdogan seems to be holding, though regime forces are nibbling at the border villages. Owing to the chances that Assad will break the cease fire, another military column from Turkey entered Irbid.

Also on March 8. exchange of fire between mujahideen and Assad forces led to Assad retreat from positions near Kafr Nabl which Assadis had entered on the second day of the cease fire.

March 6-7. There were clashes between regime forces and mujahideen in the Sahl al-Ghab area, northwest of Hama with heavy casualties among regime troops as well as mujahideen.

Tension prevails in Deraa province as the public is defying Assad's regime and repressive policies in the area/

Demonstrators in Irbid city and other towns in Irbid and Aleppo provinces are calling for the overthrow of Assad and condemnation of Russian bombing. Before the cease fire, terror bombing by Russia and random shelling by Iran caused more than a million civilians to flee. Russia targeted hospitals, bakeries, water facilities and markets causing widespread death and destruction.

In Deir ez Zor province, ISIS is raiding SDF Kurds backed by the US.

Also, ISIS successfully killed a general of the Iranian revolutionary guard. Before Russia came on Assad's side, ISIS was in control of eastern parts of Damascus. The general's death indicates the presence of sleeper cells.

Fighting Resumed after Regime refused to release Taliban prisoners. ISIS attack on Hazaras in Kabul linked to war in Syria.

After the Kabul regime's refusal to release Taliban prisoners, more than 25 Taliban attacks hit regime check points in Kandahar province leaving scores of casualties.

The US launched an air strike to support the regime. However, overall cease fire seems to be holding.

In the meantime, ISIS fighters struck a Hazara ceremony in Kabul. In six hours of fighting, the two IS fighters were killed along with 27 Hazaras. 32 Hazaras were injured.

Reports again indicate that Shias from Pakistan and Afghanistan are in Syria supporting Iran and the Assad regime. In the bitter fighting just before the Syrian cease fire came in, 40 Shias were killed fighting the Turkish-backed Syrians in Irbid. These from Pakistan and Afghanistan are called Zainabian. Probably they have been told that they are fighting for a holy cause.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Bloomberg vs New York
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - Al-humdullilah, on March 4th, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg (aka BloomBucks) dropped out of the 2020 Presidential Race! His past caught up to him. He thought his wealth would shield him from his detractors the way it did when he was mayor here in New York but, it didn't. He appeared to be making some serious strides when he was allowed to participate in a couple debates but, that was an illusion. The true indicator of his campaign collapsing was when Black church-goers, of the historic Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama, stood up with their backs to him as he spoke.

Mike Bloomberg was in attendance at the service commemorating the 55th anniversary of Bloody Sunday (3/2) where civil rights marchers were attacked by police as they tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Montgomery to Selma. However, as Rev. Leodis Strong introduced Bloomberg, he let it be known that Bloomberg's initial response to the historic church's invite was that he was, "trying to beat Donald Trump" and didn't have time to go to Brown Chapel. Yet, Bloomberg's aides were the ones who reached out to the church to secure his attendance.

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg is a staunch Zionist who treated New York City as his own personal playground. He owned the mostly non-White City Council, who allowed his tyrannical reign go unchecked. He was a defiant supporter of illegal stop-and-frisk policing, which disproportionately affected Black and Latino communities. Mayor Bloomberg also forced the Central Park 5 to wait through all 13 years of his tenure before they could receive a penny of the $40 million settlement for wrongful conviction and imprisonment. Mayor Bill de Blasio helped end that saga.

Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant who had many detractors and I am thankful that they got to work dredging up his horrible deeds of the past from claiming that the ending of the discriminatory redlining practice is what caused the 2008 financial collapse to making people aware of his hypocrisy in criticizing illegal stop-and-frisk. His acknowledgement that the very system that enabled him, as a White man, to amass billions of dollars is the same system that has prevented Blacks from doing the same was comical!

You just had to be here during his administration to understand the disparity in his demeanor. Why be so honest now?

Of course, as long as Black people attach themselves to the very system that Michael Bloomberg now criticizes then, the majority will be doomed to fail. The same Selma church gave 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden a great reception at the same service as Bloomberg sat and watched. So, it is the same ol', same ol', as we say.


 New Delhi

Shocking and Shameful That PM, CM Not Visiting Violence-Hit Delhi Areas: Jamaat.

What happened in the northeast Delhi cannot be called clashes between two groups or communal riots-- Jamaat

NEW DELHI, MARCH 07— Large-scale violence was orchestrated and over 50 people were killed and thousands rendered homeless in northeast Delhi, just a few kilometres from Prime Minister's office and residence, but neither the PM nor the Chief Minister have yet visited the affected areas; this is very shocking and shameful, said Jamaat-e-Islami Hind here on Saturday.

"Over 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured and hundreds of homes, shops were looted and torched and thousands of people became homeless. This all happened just a few kilometres from the PMO. It is very shocking and shameful that Prime Minister and Chief Minister are not yet visiting the affected people," said Jamaat's national president Syed Sadatullah Hussaini.

Around two weeks have passed since the violence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has neither condemned the violence nor condoled the deaths. Three days after the violence, PM had posted a tweet in which he had appealed to people "to maintain peace and brotherhood."

Addressing its monthly press conference, Jamaat chief demanded a high-level probe by the Delhi Minorities Commission because, he said, there are several allegations about passive or active involvement of police personnel also in the three-day long violence, and therefore only SIT probe is not sufficient.

To a question about the genesis of the violence, Jamaat leader said: "It is everyone's democratic right to protest. It is very disturbing that road blockade due to the protest (against Citizenship Amendment Act) is being linked to riot and violence. How can rioters be allowed to take law into their hand and kill people?"

Without naming any party or group, he held responsible for the violence those who have been spreading hatred and communal harmony in the society.

He also stressed that "the violence should be properly probed" and there must be "difference between attackers and defenders."

When asked what could be the motive behind the violence, Jamaat chief said: "To suppress voices being raised against government and communalization of society for electoral gains could be the motives."

Since the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed by the Parliament on December 11 last year, there have been massive nationwide protests against it and government's move to conduct exercise for updation of National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).. At several places including Shaheen Bagh in South Delhi and some other places in northeast Delhi, hundreds of people, mostly women, held round-the-clock protest sit-in. Rather than engaging with the protesters, several leaders of the ruling BJP took aggressive approach towards the protests - some of them even gave provocative and inflammatory speeches for which they were even banned by the Election Commission during the last month's Delhi Assembly polls.

The violence erupted as clashes between pro- and anti-CAA protesters in several parts of northeast Delhi on Feb 23 afternoon, hours after BJP leader Kapil Mishra's threatening ultimatum to police to clear the roads of the anti-CAA protest. But for the next full two days large-scale violence took place in around one dozen localities of the northeast Delhi.

Addressing the press conference, Jamaat's Vice President Mohammad Salim Engineer said that what happened in the northeast Delhi "cannot be called clashes between two groups or communal riots. It was a planned attack and rioters were trained."

He also demanded action against those who instigated the violence.

"The government and police have not taken any action against those who instigated the violence. The central government (which controls the Delhi Police) did not act to stop the violence. Police were not allowed to work freely or pressure was put on them to enable the rioters to carry the attacks," said Salim Engineer.

Jamaat leaders lauded the fact that in many cases, members of the Hindu community saved the lives of Muslims and vice versa. "This also endorses the opinion that it was not a local riot but orchestrated and executed by outsider."
PM Must Announce Rs 1000 Crore for Rehabilitation of Victims

Jamaat has made the following demands:

Relief Work for Victims

Within days of the northeast Delhi violence, volunteers of Jamaat had started helping the victims, said Jamaat leaders.

They have distributed thousands of food kits and cooked food packets among victims. The volunteers rescued 30 injured persons and got them admitted at Al Shifa hospital, run by sister organization of Jamaat in Jamia Nagar in South Delhi. Most of them were treated free of cost.

Legal volunteers of Jamaat are also working to help the victims to get monetary relief from the state government.

The state government of Aam Aadmi Party has announced various relief measures in the last one week. The government has announced that family of each deceased will get Rs 10 lakh - Rs 1 lakh as ex-gratia and Rs 9 lakh after completion of paper works; Rs 5 lakh for minor deceased; Rs 5 lakh one rendered permanently disabled; Rs 2 lakh for seriously injured.

The Delhi government has also announced Rs 5 lakh for each floor of fully damaged house - Rs 4 lakh for structure and Rs 1 lakh for belongings.. For every partially damaged floor of a house, the government would pay Rs 2.5 lakh - Rs 2 lakh for structure and Rs 50,000 for belongings.


 War Crimes in Gaza

"Damning Evidence" of War Crimes in Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Compete to Break Legs of Palestinian Protesters
A report published in the Israeli daily newspaper, Haaretz on Friday revealed harrowing details of the military protocol followed by Israeli army snipers who have killed over 300 Palestinian protesters and wounded thousands more at the fence separating besieged Gaza from Israel.

The report, written by Israeli journalist Hilo Glazer included testimonies of six Israeli snipers who took part in the ongoing army violence targeting peaceful protesters in Gaza, who, starting in March 2018, gathered at the fence demanding an end to the Israeli siege.

Eden', a fictitious name for one of the soldiers, spoke about breaking a record that made him stand out among his fellow soldiers.

"Eden says he broke the 'knee record' in the demonstration that took place on the day the new US Embassy in Jerusalem was inaugurated on May 14, 2018". Eden said:

"On that day, our pair had the largest number of hits, 42 in all. My locator wasn't supposed to shoot, but I gave him a break, because we were getting close to the end of our stint, and he didn't have knees. In the end you want to leave with the feeling that you did something, that you weren't a sniper during exercises only. So, after I had a few hits, I suggested to him that we switch. He got around 28 knees there, I'd say."

Another soldier told Haaretz:

"There was a Palestinian who looked like he was about 20, who didn't stop moving around. Pink shirt, gray pants. What they do is run-run-run, and then end up in the concertina wire. He was really good at it. In that situation you can finish him off or hit someone behind him. I clearly remember being worried about missing his leg - and then feeling relief (sic) that I made a precise hit."

Referring to the shooting of Palestinian minors, Eden said:
"Sometimes it really is hard to tell the difference (between minors and adults). You look at facial features, height, body mass. Clothing is also a certain index. The younger ones are usually wearing T-shirts. But listen, a 16-year-old can cause you harm, too. If he presents a threat, the age parameter is not necessarily relevant."

When, after 16 months of protests, the Israeli army allegedly decided to alter its guidelines for snipers and asked them to aim at the ankle to avoid an even higher number of fatalities, Israeli snipers weren't happy.

" There was a stage when the order really was to aim at the ankle," Eden said. "I didn't like that change. Believe in your snipers. To me, it felt like they were trying to make our life harder for no reason."

Another soldier, Amir: "A terrorist who deserves to die is standing opposite me, but because we have to justify ourselves to Haaretz or to the BBC, he gets out of it without a scratch. Cowardice is created that trickles down."

"I believe I was on the right side and that I did the right thing," he insisted, "because if not for us, the terrorists would try to cross the fence. It's obvious to you that there is a reason that you're there."

"Not that we didn't have enough evidence to indict the Israeli army and government for ordering and executing this kind of human rights violations and war crimes," Palestinian writer and editor of the Palestine Chronicle, Ramzy Baroud said, "but now we have damning evidence published in Israel's own media that should be more than enough to put many of these criminals behind bars."

"The bloodbath that has taken place at the fence of a besieged and war-fatigued Gaza should be the center of the ICC's investigation of Israeli war crimes," Baroud said referring to the decision by the International Criminal Court Chief, Fatou Bensouda on December 20, 2019, to investigate alleged war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Aside from the hundreds of dead and thousands of wounded, hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza have been maimed for life.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

A Japanese Girl Embraced Islam Because Of Muslim Manners

A Japanese girl named Risa Mizuno embraced Islam after getting impressed with the tolerance and good manners of a Muslim family.

In the late November 2015, she accepted Islam after she was convinced of Islam by her Muslim fiance.

Risa was a student in Malaysia and spent three days with a Muslim family in Kuala Lumpur. She was surprised by the simplicity and nice behaviors of the Muslim family.

Mizuno fasted in Ramadan this year in the beginning of the summer in Japan. She regularly prays in Tokyo Camii since she reverted to Islam.

She is a Proud Muslim woman with Hijab.

All of us are ambassadors of Islam, no matter how much we know about it or wherever we may be.

Umar Ibn Al Khattab رضي الله عنه said:
"Invite people to Islam even without words."
They asked: How?
Umar رضي الله عنه replied: "With your Manners."

In the Holy Qur'an (2:143) Allah talks about how the Muslim Community should be a role model for the rest of the Humanity.

"And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you. And We did not make the qiblah which you used to face except that We might make evident who would follow the Messenger from who would turn back on his heels. And indeed, it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided. And never would Allah have caused you to lose your faith. Indeed Allah is, to the people, Kind and Merciful."

To all Muslims, Each one of us is a representative of Islam, so it's up to us on want to portray Islam in a good way. It's up to us to depict the true essence of Islam and inspire people with our manners, behavior and our ways of life.

~ Y a s m i n ~
~*Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah*~
 6 yellow flowers

Hadith of the Week

Narrated By
Abu Huraira, r.a. and Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani, r.a.:

A bedouin came and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Judge between us according to Allah's Laws." His opponent got up and said, "He is right. Judge between us according to Allah's Laws." The bedouin said, "My son was a laborer working for this man, and he committed illegal sexual intercourse with his wife. The people told me that my son should be stoned to death; so, in lieu of that, I paid a ransom of one hundred sheep and a slave girl to save my son. Then I asked the learned scholars who said, "Your son has to be lashed one-hundred lashes and has to be exiled for one year." The Prophet said, "No doubt I will judge between you according to Allah's Laws. The slave-girl and the sheep are to go back to you, and your son will get a hundred lashes and one year exile." He then addressed somebody, "O Unais! go to the wife of this (man) and stone her to death" So, Unais went and stoned her to death.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 003, Book 049, Hadith Number 860
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas
Israel closes 60-year-old Jerusalem bakery for distributing bread to Muslim worshippers

Abuse, Oppression and Murder: The PA Does Israel's Dirty Work in the West Bank

Saudi crackdown widens amid reports of further arrests of royals

Refugee shelter on Lesbos burns amid tense standoff between Turkey and EU over responsibility for migrants.

CNN podcasts addressing common concerns about Coronavirus.

Taliban ready for intra-Afghan talks if peace deal provisions implemented: Shaheen

Turkey says Greece firing live ammunition at border; Greece denies

Pro-BDS Store Wins Major Legal Victory against Pro-Israel Advocates in the US

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Invitation to Think

[He has come to America.]
A clever attack on Hadith.
A Look at Ghamidi, one of Pakistan's Smooth Talking "Secular" Muslims
by Kaukab Siddique

In the Muslim world, "secularist" is a westernized Muslim who thinks that Islam is a matter of personal belief and should not be involved in politics, economics and social planning. The problem arises when secularists try to impose their limited version of Islam on the entire country with the help of Anglo-American power and a government which is controlled by the West.

Here is an interview with one Pakistani secularist.

It is in Urdu but my comments relate to its specific points:

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:

Javed Ghamdi's interview is typical of westernized Pakistanis who are out of touch wih the realities of Pakistan even while living in Pakistan. . Unfortunately the lady interviewing him also shows lack of knowledge of Islam and is not able to oppose ANY of his views or to question him in depth. There are basic contradictions and absurdities in his statements. He complains about intolerance and lack of freedom of expression in Pakistan. If one looks at the Pakistani media, newspapers, TV, one can see that Pakistan has more freedom of expression than America. People even attack the existence of Pakistan [e.g. MQM's views in Karachi] and are still tolerated. Christians carry out rallies and are not arrested for doing so. Every sect is openly and clearly expressing itself and no one can stop them.

Ghamdi is a clever "QUR'AN ONLY" sectarian. He claims that one can know everything about the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, from the Qur'an. That is a baseless claim. Most of the chapters of the Qur'an DO NOT even mention the name of Muhammad, pbuh. If one reads Hadith, then only can one know that the Qur'an is addressing Muhammad, pbuh.

Like a Perwaizi sectarian [an anti-Hadith group in Pakistan], Ghamdi tries to insult Sahaba, r.a. by claiming that Hadith narratives amount to : "kisi nay kaha." [Someone said.]. ALL the Sahaba,r.a., of any stature narrated Hadith. It is a form of kufr to dismiss them as "kisi." On the other hand, when it comes to supporting Prophet's, pbuh, humbleness and gentleness, Ghamdi dishonestly starts using Hadith.

In Islam, none of the Prophets and messengers are equal to Muhammad, pbuh, although we accept all of them as having brought the truth and are equal in that sense. They were for their own times and their own nations.

"That was a people who have passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did, and you of what you do! Of their merits there is no question in your case." {The Qur'an 2:141}

Their Shar'ia and Sunnah are unknown today, while that of Muhammad, pbuh, is part of the lives of 1.8 billion people. Ghamdi claims that prophets are equal, thus trying to undermine the authority of Muhammad, pbuh. The Qur'an does not say they are equal:

"Those Messengers We endowed with gifts, some above others: To one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees of honor....." [The Qur'an 2 253.]

Ghamdi spends a lot of time stressing the gentleness of the Prophet, pbuh, and how soft he was in his dealings. That is partially true, but Muhammad, pbuh, also taught Jihad and was strong against the oppressors. He was a complete human being, a warner and a bringer of good news.

The Qur'an says: "O Prophet! Do jihad against the kuffar and the munafiqueen, and be firm against them. Their abode is hell, - an evil refuge indeed. " [The Qur'an 9:73]

Obviously Ghamdi is out of touch with Pakistan. American drones have killed several thousand Pakistanis. The government is in America's hands. The military is also in America's hands and has killed 30,000 Muslims. Secularists are trying to legitimize blasphemy so that Muhammad, pbuh, can be insulted just as Jesus, pbuh, is insulted in America. So Ghamidi is wrong in saying that the Ulema should be soft and smiling. Pakistan cannot afford to be soft and smiling when it is under attack from outside and inside.

Perwaizis must be desperate that they bring a fringe person like Ghamdi to oppose the great Ulema of today who are standing up to a Superpower.



Apple, Samsung and Sony among 83 global brands using Uighur Muslim 'forced labour' in factories.

At least 80,000 Uighurs working across 27 Chinese factories that supply some of biggest brand names in the world.
A report by an Australian think tank has identified 83 global brands whose supply chains in China are employing Uighur Muslims in conditions that could amount to forced labour.

Tens of thousands of minority Muslims have been transferred out of China's western Xinjiang province and delivered as workers to major factories as part of a government scheme, according to the report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

China has been accused of detaining more than a million Uighurs in Xinjiang as part of what it calls a campaign to tackle Islamist extremism. It initially denied this, before recently saying that all those in the "vocational centres" had "graduated" and been given jobs.

The ASPI report, based on analysis of government documents and local media reports, said the Uighurs continued to live "a harsh, segregated life" once they entered the workforce of major factories.

The workers continued to be subject to surveillance, banned from practising their religion, forced to take part in mandarin language classes and restricted in their travel back to Xinjiang.

"Under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour, Uighurs are working in factories that are in the supply chains of at least 83 well-known global brands in the technology, clothing and automotive sectors, including Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen," the think-tank said in the introduction to its report.

The report said a small number of the brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch Co, advised vendors to terminate their relationships with these companies in 2020, and others denied direct contractual relationships with the suppliers.

The Chinese government denied violating the rights of its workers, instead describing the report as "following along with the US anti-China forces that try to smear China's anti-terrorism measures in Xinjiang".

Apple referred Reuters to an earlier statement that said the company was "dedicated to ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve". "We have not seen this report but we work closely with all our suppliers to ensure our high standards are upheld," it said.

Telecoms giant Huawei said it has read the report and is looking into the matter. "Huawei requires all our suppliers to comply with international labour standards and applicable laws as a condition of doing business with us," a spokesperson said.

Nike, which saw one of its largest factories and a supplier of 30 years named in the ASPI report, told Washington Post ahead of its release that "we respect human rights in our extended value chain, and always strive to conduct business ethically and responsibly".

"We are committed to upholding international labour standards globally,"

Nike spokesperson Sandra Carreon-John said, adding that its suppliers are "strictly prohibited from using any type of prison, forced, bonded or indentured labour".

Volkswagen said in a statement that none of the companies listed by ASPI is a direct supplier. It said the company holds "direct authority" in all parts of its business and "respects minorities, employee representation and social and labour standards".

The other companies mentioned in the introduction to ASPI's report - BMW, Gap Inc, Samsung and Sony Corp did not respond to requests for comment on Monday, nor did O-Film Technology.

Source: theIndependent

2020-03-09 Mon 15:02:51 ct