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20 Safar 1441 A.H. - October 20 2019 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1833

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:

Allah's Apostle said, "The deeds of anyone of you will not save you (from the (Hell) Fire)." They said, "Even you (will not be saved by your deeds), O Allah's Apostle?" He said, "No, even I (will not be saved) unless and until Allah bestows His Mercy on me. Therefore, do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately, and worship Allah in the forenoon and in the afternoon and during a part of the night, and always adopt a middle, moderate, regular course whereby you will reach your target (Paradise)."

Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 470
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

 Upcoming Events

Shoora on November 9.
Final rereminder for National shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen supports:

  1. Political prisoners.

  2. Women's rights.

  3. Unity of the Ummah.

  4. Support for oppressed people.

  5. Freedom for Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Somalia, Iraq Chechnya, Uighur Chinese, Rohingyas.

  6. Freedom of expression.

  7. Freedom for immigrants and unity of their families.

  8. End to police brutality.

  9. Removal of drugs and crime.

  10. Qur'an, authentic hadith and sunnah above all matters.

Inclusion in the meeting is by invitation only.
Advice, research and support are welcome.

 Word Around The Net

by Br. Nazeer, Texas
For weeks he has tormented President Sisi from a secret location. Interview with Egypt's most-wanted man

US troops leaving Syria will go to Iraq, says Pentagon chief

'The people are one': Lebanese unite against political elite

India, Pakistan trade barbs over deadly Kashmir clash

UAE puts forward initiative to settle conflict with Iran

China's helicopter prototype looks familiar!

Tens of thousands demonstrate again as Lebanon's government frays

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Social Media

Our October 13th Issue of New Trend Mag reached 97,772 people on our Facebook page.

The issue contained the following articles:

  1. Dr Siddique Fatwa: Does Islam Teach the Wife to Obey the Husband?

  2. Hadith of the Week: Allah loves Repentance.

  3. After 78 weeks of protests, Gazans begin to doubt effectiveness of Rallies.

  4. Trying to overthow Imran Khan by Peaceful Means.

  5. US imposes China visa restrictions over Uighur issue

  6. War News: 5 Days of Turkish-Backed Operation Changed the Situation in Northern Syria

  7. Br. Nazeer's "Word Around the Net".

  8. Africa: Hijab Issue
    Even in a Muslim majority, non-Muslim prejudice is Rampant

  9. Kashmir Civil Disobedience

  10. From Sis. Yasmin: The Benefits of Saying 'As Salaam Alaikum'.

 Palestinians in Gaza protest for 79th Friday

Palestinians in Gaza protest for 79th Friday.

Protesters from across the Gaza Strip headed to the eastern areas of the coastal enclave raising anti-occupation banners and Palestinian flags

Hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip huddled together at the Israeli security fence to take part in the 79th consecutive Friday of weekly anti-occupation protests known as the Great March of Return, Anadolu Agency reports.

Since the Gaza rallies began in March last year, nearly 270 protesters have been martyred — and thousands more wounded — by Israeli forces at the security fence areas with Gaza.

Demonstrators demand an end to Israel's 12-year-old blockade to the Gaza Strip, which has shattered the coastal enclave's economy and deprived its 2 million inhabitants of free movement in and out from Gaza and prevented many basic amenities.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Elijah Cummings.
Top Leader of the Black Community.
Great Supporter of Israel.

Elijah Cummings represented most of the Black communities of Baltimore and nearby areas for 13 years. He died at 68.
He supported Hillary Clinton and was outspoken about the Benghazi case.

His popularity is so high that the White House lowered its flag on hearing of his death. President Trump has praised him in the highest terms though he spent his last year in trying to find ways of impeaching Trump.

He went to Israel to start a big program for youth. By contrast Baltimore did not have a similar program.

During the uprising in Baltimore after the poice murder of Freddie Grey, Cummings marched in the streets with his church men to calm the protests .

He was a deeply religious man but during his rule, Baltimore was a mess and had a huge murder rate.

Parents in Georgia Protesting Against
Homo "trans" bathrooms.

[October 20]
(Tea Party 247) - It's about time parents started really getting involved in the transgender bathroom debate. It's utter insanity. The fact that we even have to debate this really shows what kind of times we are living in. It's sad that nothing is too crazy to be believable anymore.
Parents in Pickens County School District in Georgia have had enough of the transgender bathroom madness. The school district was set to implement a new plan to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom of the gender they identify with. We seem to say this a lot nowadays, but what could possibly go wrong?

LifeSiteNews reports that a "massive turnout of angered parents" appeared before the school board to express their opposition to this lunacy:

Previously, Pickens County allowed "transgender" students to simply use single-occupancy restrooms. But following demands for full access to opposite-sex restrooms, the district announced Monday it would be following recent court rulings that "establish the right of a transgender student to use the restroom which the student identifies with," the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The news didn't sit well with area parents, hundreds of whom attended a board meeting that night to make their displeasure known.

"Most people won't say anything because they fear retaliation," said Nathan Barfield, who testified that his two children were uncomfortable with the new rules. "Accommodations have already been made for transgender students. This is nothing but a political stunt to gain attention!" His declaration reportedly received "thunderous" affirmation from the audience.

"Once you give into this, you'll open the floodgates," testified Lisa Ray, another parent.

Some LGBT former students also testified in support of the accommodation, with one claiming that "too many LGBTQ youth avoid using the bathroom at all at school, to the detriment of their health." These did not win over the many in attendance who felt that the school was disregarding the rights of non-trans students.

The school district insists that school staff "monitors all restrooms during class changes; we are asking the staff to be even more diligent in their duties to ensure that ... safety concerns do not materialize." However, bowing to pressure, Superintendent Carlton Wilson said the district was delaying implementation of transgender bathrooms, pending further discussion by the board.


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Q. Non-Muslims say Islam allows slavery.
Many Muslims say it was Permitted but not
encouraged. Some say even the Prophet, pbuh, had slaves!
What does Islam teach about slavery?

Response by Kaukab Siddique

Islam condemned slavery right in the beginning of its mission.
Allah described Islam and slavery thus:

"And what will let you know the path that is steep? It is to free the slave or to feed in the day of hunger....."
[The Qur'an 90: 13-14]

When Islam became a State, it used obligatory charity not only to free slaves but even to free captives of war:
" who believes, .... who gives his wealth free the captives." [The Qur'an 2:177]

Even prayers from a slaver are not accepted by Allah:
"There are three kinds of people whose prayers Allah does not accept: One who leads prayers though people do not like him, and one who prays when the time for prayers is almost running out, and one who enslaves a free person." [Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Abu Dawood, kitabus salat.]

Earliest Message:
Chapter 90, sura Balad, is one of the earliest chapters revealed in the Qur'an. It indicates that the Islamic program and objective was clear right from the beginning.

We believe in the one God, Allah, and all His messengers culminating in Muhammad, pbuh. We pray, fast, give zakat but some of us forget the program the Qur'an brought right from the beginning.

The central aspect of this message is "to free the slave" and to feed those down in the dust.

Muslims in America can understand slavery better than anyone else because this country was built on the enslavement of people kidnaped from Africa.

The world today does not have that classical form of physical slavery but it has many other forms of slavery.

Not only was slavery condemned by Islam right from the beginning, but when the Islamic state emerged in Madinah, one of the causes for which Muslims were obliged to spend their wealth was to free captives.

Many Muslims think slavery was permitted in Islam but was mitigated and reformed. They are led astray owing to two facts:

Slavery in all spheres of life pre-existed the advent of Muhammad, pbuh. It was this pr-existing slavery which was gradually reformed out of Muslim society through various acts of piety and repentance. Zaid, r.a., a slave, for instance became part of the Prophet's family.

Captives. Prisoners of war.
These were kept with Muslim families. If they accepted Islam, they became part of the Muslim community through marriage.

Islam never treated prisoners of war as America has done at Guantanamo Bay. America has beentying them hand to foot, desecrating the Qur'an in front of them when they were helpless. It marks of the savagery of this nation.

When we become "abd Allah" or "abd ar-Rahman," slaves of Allah, we are freed from all forms of human slavery.

There is conflict in the Muslim world owing to modern day forms of slavery:

The exploitation and enslavement of women through objectification and random sex in the West.

There is no law in many American states against human trafficking. Only when these enslaved women become prostitutes can they be arrested.

The biggest outburst of human trafficking took place near the largest "super bowl " a couple of years back winter.

Under medical care [health plan] girls as young as 13 can get "protection" to carry out random sex acts without their parent's permission.

Only Islam can save America. We must be united and compassionate towards each other.

Muslims are constantly bickering with each other over matters of fiqh, If they were to pay attention to the enemies of Islam among the Zionist Jews, the imperialists, the racists [Fox TV], the racist Brahmin type Hindus, they would have no time to fight each other.

Islamic schools agree with each other in all fundamentals: Hanafi, or Hanbali, or Shafaii, or Maliki or Jafari or Ahle Hadith, that is Tawheed, Risalat, Akhirat, Qur'an, qibla, hadith. The quarrels come from fiqh, the minute details of jurisprudence.

We must be creative in da'wah. A thoughtful friend of mine once living in England used to say: Write the number 90 on the back of the hands of our children. Tell them it is sura 90, FREE the SLAVE. Or write 90:13 which is the sura and the verse.

Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.: The Prophet said: "Allah said, 'I will be an opponent to three types of people on the Day of Resurrection: One who makes a covenant in My Name, but proves treacherous; One who sells a free person and eats his price; and One who employs a laborer and takes full work from him but does not pay him for his labor."
Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 36, #470

The Prophet, pbuh, has taught many ways to save ourselves from hell, but of these the one way which is the most sure way of avoiding the fire of hell is to FREE SLAVES.

"One who frees a Muslim man, each bone of his body will be freed for each bone of the slave, from the fire of hell, and one who frees two Muslim women from slavery, his body parts and bones will be freed from the fire of hell for their bones and body parts." [Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Ibn Maja, narrated by Kaab bin Murra, r.a., chapter on slavery.]

Did he, pbuh, have slaves? Absolutely not:
Narrated Amr bin Al-Harith: (The brother of the wife of Allah's messenger. Juwaira bint Al-Harith) When Allah's Apostle died, he did not leave any Dirham or Dinar , a slave male or a slave woman or anything else except his white mule, his arms and a piece of land which he had given in charity.

(Sahih Bukhari, Book #51, Hadith #2)

Slavery is rejected not only in the Quran and the authentic hadith but also in the Sunnah of the Prophet, pbuh. Islam is the only religion which specifically rejects slavery./f


 Maulana Fazalur Rahma

Regime Reacting Strongly to Maulana Fazalur Rahman. Big Countrywide Support for the Maulana.
[New Trend report]

October 20. The Imran Khan regime is finally realizing that Maulana Fazalur Rahman poses a serious threat.

IK regime which had been ridiculing the Maulana has now started an all out campaign of vilification against him.

The regime is threatening to declare the Ansar youth group which protects the Maulana a "terrorist, illegal."

Maulana Fazlur Rahman arrived in Lahore on October 18 for talks with Muslim League leaders who have almost unchallenged support in and around Lahore.

After Nawaz Sharif's unconditional support for the Maulana, all the segments of Muslim League seem to be falling in line.

Earlier at a convocation in Abbottabad, Maulana indirectly answered Jamaate Islami's clam that he is diverting attention from the tragedy of Kashmir. He pointed out that the march for the freedom of Pakistan would begin with total declaration of support for Kashmir.

Finally the regime begged the Maulana for "talks" which he rejected and said that first Imran Khan should resign. He considers IK an agent of Israel and supporter of Qadiyanis.

The massive march to congregate from all over the country is scheduled to gather in Islamabad on October 31.

IK supporters say, the gathering wil not last beyond seven days.


LAHORE- Oct 20: Weak rulers and political instability in Pakistan provided Indian Premier Narendra Modi an opportunity to abrogate the special status of Occupied Kashmir.
by Qaiser Sharif

Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq said this while addressing "Save Kashmir March" in Abbotabad on Sunday.
He said it was the fact that no Indian ruler could dare to strip the special autonomy of Kashmir in 70 years. When New Delhi found that Pakistan could do nothing against it, they took this step in violation of its own constitution, mutual (Pak-India) and international agreements, added Siraj.

The rally started from city's Fawara Chowk and turned into a mass meeting at GPO Chowk. Holding Pakistan and Azad Kashmir flags and banners inscribed with pro-Kashmiri and anti-India slogans, a large number of people from all walks of life attended the march to express solidarity with the people of IHK. Local JI leaders Sajid Quresh, Dr Tariq Sherazi, Abdur Razak Abbasi, Noorul Bari, Ghazan Iqbal and Sabir Awan also spoke on occasion.

The JI chief said the nation was looking towards the government that when it will take practical steps in support of Kashmiris. He said a month was passed to the prime minister speech at the UNGA but the situation in IHK was unchanged which proved that only speeches on Kashmir would not work rather some bold measures were required. He said Indian forces would never stop their tyranny against people of held area until IslaJump to Toolbarmabad gave a befitting response to New Delhi. He said it was now responsibility of the government to take steps in favour of Kashmir brethren who were under siege for more than two months and starving to death due to food shortages.

Siraj said people of Kashmir were fighting the case of realization of Pakistan. He warned the rulers against Indian designs, saying New Delhi bent upon changing the demography of the region and its objective was to turn Pakistan into a barren land. He said the rulers were expected to unite the national leadership and nation on Kashmir but they were trying to divide the nation.

The JI chief said that government failed to bring reform in any sector as people were turning desperate and disappointed seeing no sign of betterment even in near future. He said people were feeling unprotected due to government policies. He said the JI had the capability to bring real change in the country.

War News

 War News

Artillery Barrage from Indian Army.

October 19-20. Indiscriminate hours of artillery shelling by the Indian army from across the Kashmir Line of Control destroyed 35 homes and 45 shops in free Kashmir.
Six civilians and a Pakistani soldier were killed and 8 civilians injured.
Finally Pakistani artillery responded and killed two Indian soldiers and wounded several.

Major Syrian-Turkish Victory. Russian, Assad bombing Continues.

On October19, Kurdish Communists [YPG] fled from their stronghold in Ras el-Ain.

In the meantime, the city of Tal Abyad also surrendered.

Almost the entire fighting was done by Syrian mujahideen of the Free Syrian Army [FSA] with minor help from a few Turkish air strikes and some artillery and advising by the Turks.

The Turkey supported Syrian mujahideen, within 9 days have, captured 32 villages. The Syrian Observatory that comes tp 2109 kilometers, comparable to one fourth of the area of Lebanon.

In the northeast, Assad's helicopters have been dropping barrel bombs on Islamic positions in north east Lattakia province.

Eleven Russian air strikes hit southern Irbid province killing 5 fighters of al-Nusra including two local commanders.

Reports from the Long War Journal Indicate that Islamic State fighters entered their old capital of al-Raqqa and attacked SDF forces.

There is much confusion about the fighting in al-Raqqa.

In Ol Hol camp where thousands of family members of IS are detained, some WOMEN of the Islamic State were in a prolonged gun battle with SDF forces. Details are not available.



China's Concentration Camp Survivors Are Speaking Out About Rape And Forced Abortions And Sterilization

Women survivors of China's concentration camps for Muslim ethnic minorities have spoken out this month about the horrific treatment they were forced to endure before getting out. They have given several accounts of systematic rape and forced abortions and sterilization. It's amazing how no mainstream news outlets are covering this story and how the world seems to be turning a blind eye to what is really going on in China.

It's estimated that there are about 1 to 3 million people trapped in these concentration camps, the majority of them being Uighur Muslims. In order for people to survive and escape these camps they have to count on surrounding countries like Pakistan and Kazakhstan to intervene on their behalf using dual citizenship or marital status and not everyone is that fortunate. Even if they manage to escape, they are left with lifelong trauma and some are even permanently sterilized.

Breitbart reports:

"Any woman or man under age 35 was raped and sexually abused," Ruqiye Perhat, a student arrested in Xinjiang in 2009 for four years, told the Post. More recent survivors say that the camps had made rape more systematic than in regular prisons; guards would "put bags on the heads of the ones they wanted" and take the women out of their cells to be raped all night, returned for their fellow prisoners to see in the morning. One human rights activist told the Post they had documented at least seven cases of women being forced against their will to receive intrauterine devices as part of their entering the concentration camp, presumably to keep them from getting pregnant through rape.

Those who were arrested while pregnant - often for "crimes" like downloading the messaging application WhatsApp - were forced into harrowing abortions.

Gulzira Mogdyn told the Post that Chinese regime officials slashed her open without anesthesia and "cut my fetus out."

What is happening in China is absolutely sick and is an open and deliberate attack on the people's human right to freedom of religion. China does not tolerate any dissent from the state and the Communist Regime. Is it any wonder Hong Kong is so desperate not to fall under the control of this corrupt government?

This is far from the first time disturbing reports have come out about the concentration camps in China. They have long been violating human rights through violent sexual crimes and forced abortions and also atrocities like live organ harvesting, extreme torture, infanticide, slavery and killings. It sounds like hell on earth.

An unnamed Kazakh woman testified of the horrors taking place, telling the Epoch Times, "Young girls are taken out and raped all night long. If you keep resisting, they will inject you with something and kill you," adding, "There are usually 40 to 50 people in one small room, but five to 10 are regularly taken out and they just disappear—they never come back. People are being killed in tens all the time."

Another survivor, Zumuret Dawut, spoke to Radio Free Asia (RFA) last month where she described her forced sterilization. Despite this awful abuse, Dawut escaped because her Pakistani national husband petitioned his government to intervene.

"The family planning office gave me a letter and said: 'Come back on the date stated in the letter and we will offer you a free operation to stop you from becoming pregnant,'" Dawut told RFA. "On hearing this my husband pleaded, 'Does she have to undergo this procedure?' ... They said, 'If you don't comply it will effect your entry back into the country in the future, also your children's schooling.'"

"On the day of my operation, I was taken inside the operating room, all I remember was that I was given an infusion. When I opened my eyes ... There was no medical staff, doctors or nurses It was a very cold day, and I was covered with only a thin bed sheet," she recounted. "No one was allowed to visit from outside. When I looked around I heard other women moaning from pain. Once the effect of the anaesthetic wore off, I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdominal."

In her testimony she also added that while in the camp, "she was forced to strip naked in front of multiple male officers and forced to take drugs that made her '[become] numb emotionally' and prevented her menstrual cycle from naturally taking place." She also said she was forced to undergo organ testing so doctors could determine whether or not her organs had potential to be profitable.

It's highly disturbing what is happening to people in these concentration camps. When will the world powers, like the United States, the EU, and the UN, decide enough is enough and step in and intervene? How can this be happening in the 21st century?

You would think liberals would be concerned about what is happening in China and take note of what happens under communist control. Perhaps if they were actually concerned about "equality" they would rethink their ignorant support of the adoption of a socialist system in the US.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin

'Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem'.
'Assalaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh'

~*She Is In Paradise*~

Khalib bin Safwan saw a group in the mosque of 'Basrah', & he asked..
' What is this gathering ? he was told there is a woman who informs men about women who are available for marriage. so he went to her and said..
'I want to marry a woman'..
she answered.. " Describe her to me,"
"I want her to be a chaste or pure who is wise like a married woman ~
or a married woman who is innocent like a chaste or pure woman;
she should be sweet when she is near, splendid when she is at a distance, she should have lived a life of luxury and then became afflicted with poverty so that she has the manners of the rich... and .. the humility of the poor... when we gather wealth we should be as the people of the world ! and ... when we become poor.. we should be as the people of the Hereafter."
The Woman answered.. " I know of such a woman for you,"
he asked ... " And where is she ? "
she said.. ' In Paradise, so work to achieve her '!

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