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2 Shaban 1440 A.H. - April 7 2019 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1805

Hadith of the Week

Narrated by Anas, r.a.,

The Prophet said, "Whoever possesses the following three qualities will have the sweetness (delight) of faith:

  1. The one to whom Allah and His Apostle becomes dearer than anything else.
  2. Who loves a person and he loves him only for Allah's sake.

  3. Who hates to revert to Atheism (disbelief) as he hates to be thrown into the fire."

Bukhari: Vol 1, Book 2, # 15
 Sis Kristi

[With thanks to Sis. Kristi]

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Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

Iran warns US over plan to designate Revolutionary Guards as terrorists

Rwanda's Genocide Victims Remembered 25 Years Later

Libya: Detained refugees 'terrified' as clashes near Tripoli rage

Trump under fire over Islamophobia after man threatens to kill Ilhan Omar

Rhino Poacher Killed By Elephant, Eaten By Pride Of Lions In South Africa


JI's critique of regime.
Upward Surge of Prices
Hitting Pakistani people

By Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Apr. 06; Acting Ameer of the Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Liaqat Baloch, has said that the poor people and the middle class in the society had been crushed due to the price hike and unemployment but the government did not even realize that.

Talking to the media at Muslim Town, he said that the unprecedented rise in the prices of electricity, gas, POL and even water was something unbearable for the people. He said the government itself was providing an excuse to the people to come on roads because of its incompetence and bad governance.

Liaqat Baloch said that the misdeeds of the corrupt people, self seekers and sycophants had pushed the country into the mire of problems and wide ranging reforms were required to pull the country out it. He said that the JI would play an important role in bringing about these reforms aimed at restoring the confidence of the people and their welfare and prosperity.

While stalking to a delegation of students studying in Germany and Australia, Liaqat Baloch said these students were a great asset for the country and they should return home after completing their studies and serve the country and the nation. He said that brain drain of the highly qualified young men was a great loss for the country and the government should make every effort to check it.

He offered condolences to the Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on the demise of his father, Sardar Fateh Muhammad Buzdar. He said that the deceased had been a gentleman and a politician of high character.

News Within the U.S.

Indirect Opposition to Israeli Narrative
Polish Nationalists Rally in New York


A large group of Polish nationalists took over a major square in downtown Manhattan on Sunday, protesting U.S. legislation that seeks to compensate Holocaust survivors whose property was seized during World War II. The marchers were draped in Polish flags and carried signs opposing bill SS47, which became law in May 2018. The law calls for the return of property "wrongfully seized or transferred" or "the provision of comparable substitute property or the payment of equitable compensation" for Holocaust survivors and the families of victims. But bystanders and anti-fascist activists reported that the protesters were not only condemning S447, but also carrying anti-Semitic placards and repeating Holocaust-denial conspiracy theories.



Change is only possible if ....

Dear Muslims

America has been blessed with all kinds of material well being. Look at the tools of research, the huge material resources, a large, reasonably educated populatiom.

However, the human situation here is steadily deteriorating.

More than two million are in various levels of prison. Drugs and crime are surging and in many cases they are not seen as reprehensible.

America has more freedom than any other country. However desire for war, mutated forms of racism, atrocities against women are undermining freedom.

Resources to deal with all kinds of deficiencies are available but they don't work. Look at alcoholics anonymous and Mothers Againt Drunk Driving. The motivation here is sublime but drinking does not stop and "slaughter" on the highways continues.

Americans cannot know what their armies are doing overseas but people who are African, Asian and Arab are considered "subhuman" though in polite, euphemistic language.

Whatever little was left of the family system is being destroyed by homo sex [lgbtq]. Owing to lack of religious authority, the power structure has let this perversion become rampant. Zionism is advancing with this cult and people don't even notice that the biggest parade of these perverts comes out of Israel.

Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and most of Palestine along with the occupied Golan heights has left the Muslims and good Americans speechless and helpless.

Real change has two perspectives:

  1. Belief in the Hereafter, the Day of Judgement and accountability. This would be an internal change in America. This would take the shape of faith groups which would stand strong and uncompromising against the forces which are undermining America's best values. Islam and good Christians would be very important in this transformation.

    This change in real belief may come in strange and unexpected way, such as te example set by the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Islamic women could be the vanguard of this moral revolution.

  2. Military defeat of USA-Israel in the Muslim world. It was unthinkable a few years back that an Islamic State would be set up, erasing the borders of Iraq and Syria. With the greatest ferocity in modern times, the combined miiltary might of the entire West was unleashed on the modern day Caliphate and it was smashed into bits and pieces. Entire cities were turned into rubble.

    1. At the same time, western, Israeli and Iranian media went into high gear 24/7 to denigrate, abuse and smear the Islamic State. Muslims themselves were afraid and ashamed of mentioning even the name of the Caliphate.

    2. Muslims have to realize that the Caliphate is the exact opposite of the secular state. Any attempt to set it up will receive the united barrage of western hatred.

Draw a graph of conflict in the Muslim world, You will be surprised to see that the Muslims are winning. In Africa, millions have converted to Islam. The Soviet Union faced its first military defeat in Afghanistan and withdrew unilaterally.

The war in Iraq came as a surprise. The starving Iraqi people, after years of sanctions, resisted the world's biggest militar power village by village. The price was high but the Islamic forces would not let the West win.

In Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries, the combined might of NATO could not win.

And then came the war in Syria. Assad, one of the most brutal dictators, executed 65000 prisoners and was supported by the Shias of the world, plus the might of Iran and then Russia, and barely survived.

The struggle continues. Focus on discernible facts. No conspiracy theories, please.

Protest in Washington DC

US Muslims came out in support of Ughyars in China and strong condemnation of Concentration Camps.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen played an important role in the rally supporting Ughyars on April 6, in Washington, DC. Turkish media interviewed Dr. Kaukab Siddique, while a frenzy of photographers focused on him and the placard he was carrying.

 rally supporting Ughyars DC  rally supporting Ughyars DC  rally supporting Ughyars DC

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges readers to contact the Chinese Embassy in their own country to protest against this terrible situation of the Ughyar Muslims.

Some of the information which New Trend has received indicates that Chinese Muslims are facing genocide. A number of mosques have been demolished. Some people have been arrested for having a Quran; and there are instances reported where Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol. An unusual form of genocide is that China is sending non-Muslim males to live in Muslim family homes.
New Trend thanks "Justice for the Global South" organization, lead by Professor Razak, who knows Chinese.

War News

 War News

Dialogue between Taliban and the regime in Kabul seems to be taking place.

Taliban are advancing in five provinces and have inflicted heavy casualties on regime troops.

An important advance was on April 2 when Taliban captured a district of Badakhshan province which is the stronghold of the regime.

Earlier General Dostum's convoy was ambushed by the Taliban north of Kabul. He escaped but his guards were killed and/or injured. [He is Vice President of the regime and is notorious for his brutality.

US air force is busy and has killed scores of Taliban fighters.

Further south, the regime supported by US air forces is conducting operations in Kunar province against Islamic State fighters. Five of the fighters were reported killed in a drone strike.

Chaos, Tragedy, and Night Battles.
Reports from various news services as well as the Syrian Observatory, indicate that most of the IS fighters were neither killed nor captured but have infiltrated into the deserts of Deir Ez Zor, and are conducting night raids on SDF (Kurds supported by the US). Every night, clashes are taking place between the two sides leaving behind dead and wounded.

In Raqqa, three IS fighters carried out 'martyrdom operations', killing and wounding numerous SDF Kurds whose numbers are not being revealed.

Several thousands IS fighters have consolidated their positions in the Eastern desert of Homs Province. One alarming report has come out that IS fighters have also appeared in good numbers in the Suwayda desert, southeast of Damascus, and are raiding Assad's troops.

In Dera province, graffiti against the Assad regime is now visible in every City calling for the dictators over-throw. Every night, some of Assad's troops are attacked by armed civilians. Assad's death brigades are arresting and killing people who claim to have stopped fighting Assad but were still known to be against him. Several such executions have taken place according to SOHR.

Iranian and other pro-Assad Shia troops are shelling Muslim towns in Erbid province and Northern Hama province. Over two weeks at least 50 civilians have been killed in these long range artillary attacks by the Iranians, which are quite random.

Flooding in the refugee camp on the Jordan Syria border has forced the helpless people to go to the areas controlled by the Assad regime, though they have resisted going there till now.

Kurds have carried out several attacks on Turkish troops in the Afrin area.

General Haftar's Troops are Advancing on Tripoli, the democratic capital of Libya. The General is supported by Egypt and UAE, and thus indirectly by the USA.

Fighters from Misrata, known for their fighting abilities, are moving to Tripoli to stop the advance by General Haftar.

The regime is closing down all reports on the movements and attacks of IS fighters. The IS media branch has issued 3 videos full of extreme language against the Iraqi regime and Western powers and promising that they are not only not defeated, but will strike back at their opportunity.
The language of these videos is so strong that SOHR is refusing to publish them.

Invitation to Think

 Invitation to Think

Behind the Support for "Israel."
Inconvenient History
Review of Auschwitz Forensically Examined

Cyrus Cox. Auschwitz-Forensically Examined. Castle Hill Publications, Uckfield, UK,
By John Wear

Auschwitz-Forensically Examined by Cyrus Cox summarizes the forensic evidence proving that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp. This article will review some of the important points mentioned in this book.

The Chemistry of Auschwitz.
Forensic tests show that all of the delousing facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau, Stutthof and Majdanek have one thing in common: their walls are permeated with Prussian Blue, a compound of cyanide and iron readily discernible by a distinctive deep blue color. Not only the inner surfaces, but also the outside walls and the mortar between the bricks of the delousing facilities have Prussian Blue staining. On the other hand, nothing of this sort can be observed in any of the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau.[1]

Cyrus Cox writes:

While there is an enormous presence of cyanide residue in the masonry of the disinfestation chambers, in the alleged homicidal gas chambers there is no significant presence at all...The simplest explanation for this is that there were no gassings with Zyklon B in the alleged homicidal gas chambers, plain and simple.[2]

Proponents of the orthodox Holocaust story, however, cannot concede that there were no gassings with Zyklon B in the alleged-homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau. They have made the following attempts to explain away the results of forensic tests showing no significant cyanide residues in the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau:[3]

  1. The Kraków Institute of Forensic Research published results in 1994 that claimed not to have understood how it was possible for Prussian Blue to have formed in walls as a result of their being exposed to hydrogen-cyanide gas. The researchers therefore adopted methods that excluded Prussian Blue and similar iron/cyanide compounds from their analyses. Their assumptions made it practically impossible to distinguish between rooms massively exposed to hydrogen cyanide and those which were not: all would have a "cyanide residue" of close to zero. The Kraków researchers concluded from their deliberately crippled analyses that since the gas chambers and delousing facilities all had similar amounts of cyanide residues, humans were gassed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau.[4]

    Cox dismisses this Kraków Institute of Forensic Research report: "The cockeyed blabber about not understanding or about blue wall paint is egregious flimflam at best; in reality, however, it is a lie to confuse the audience."[5]

  2. Dr. James Roth testified at the 1988 Ernst Zündel trial that he received samples from Fred Leuchter in his capacity as the laboratory manager of Alpha Analytical Laboratories. The purpose of the tests was to determine the total iron and cyanide content in the samples. Dr. Roth testified that the Prussian Blue produced by a reaction of the iron and hydrogen cyanide could penetrate deeply into porous materials such as brick and iron.[6]

    Dr. Roth later changed this testimony in a 1999 movie titled Mr. Death produced by Errol Morris. Dr. Roth states in this movie:

    Cyanide is a surface reaction. It's probably not going to penetrate more than 10 microns. Human hair is 100 microns in diameter. Crush this sample up, I have just diluted that sample 10,000; 100,000 times. If you're going to go looking for it, you're going to look on the surface only. There's no reason to go deep, because it's not going to be there.[7]

    Cox writes in regard to Dr. Roth's statement in Mr. Death: "That was a lie. To hydrogen-cyanide gas, plaster and mortar are as permeable as a sponge is to water...Roth knows this, because when he testified under oath at the 1988 Zündel trial, he truthfully said: 'In porous materials such as brick and mortar, [hydrogen cyanide] could go fairly deep as long as the surface stayed open'..."[8]

[From CODOH.]

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin.

'Since Good and Evil cannot be equal,
Repel evil with something that is better ...
Then you will see that he with whom you had enmity...
will become your close friend.'
{Source~ 'Qur'an'~ Surat Fussilat~41~ Ayah# 34}

Repel evil with what is better.
We are most knowing of what they describe.
{Source~ 'Qur'an'~ Surat Al-Muminun 23:A # 96}

'The good deed and the evil deed cannot be Equal !
Repel the Evil with one which is Better !
A Lil Note...
Allah {Azza Wa Jall} ordered the faithful believers to be Patient at the time of Anger, and excuse those who treat them badly... !
then verily... he, between whom and you there was enmity, will become as though he was a close friend {!}
{'Subhan Allah'}
[Source~'Qur'an'~ Surat Fussilat 41 ~Ayah# 34]

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said...
'Shake hands (in greeting) and Rancor will disappear...{!}
Give presents to each other and love each other, and Enmity will Disappear'!
{Source~ Al-Muwatta.Volume # 47 Hadith #16.}

Do Good ...{!}
Prophet Muhammad ~ (peace be upon him ) said ...
' Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong.
~Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and ...
Not to do wrong if they do Evil...{!}'
{'In Shaa Allah' ~'Aameen'}
{Source~ Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith # 1325 }

...My 'Salaams' to all ...
~ Y a s m i n ~
 Sis Yasmin

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