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28 Zulhijja 1439 A.H.- September 9 2018 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1775

Hadith of the Week

Islamic Family is Important

Narrated by Malik, r.a:
We came to the Prophet and we were young men nearly of equal ages and we stayed with him for twenty nights. Allah's Apostle was a very kind man and when he realized our longing for our families, he asked us about those whom we had left behind. When we informed him, he said, "Go back to your families and stay with them and teach them (religion) and order them (to do good deeds). The Prophet mentioned things some of which I remembered and some I did not. Then he said, "Pray as you have seen me praying, and when it is the time of prayer, one of you should pronounce the call (Adhan) for the prayer and the eldest of you should lead the prayer."

[Sahih BukhariVolume 9, Book 91, #352]
[With thanks to Sis. Kristi.]

 Word Around The Net

Idlib residents await the inevitable attack by Syrian forces

Saudi coalition spokesman denies war crimes in Yemen following report by Human Rights Watch

Russia, Turkey and Iran plan last-ditch summit to avoid bloodbath in Idlib, Syria

At least 6 dead in car bombing in Somalia's capital

'Russian jets' in fresh strikes on Idlib

Mexico finds 166 skulls in mass grave

N Korean 'spy' charged over cyber attacks

Series of explosions reported at Syrian military airport

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show



by AbdulKabir Oyemomi

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria (FG) to declare Tuesday 11th September, 2018 as a public holiday in recognition of the first day of the Islamic calendar for the year 1440 AH (i.e. 1st Muharram, 1440 After Hijrah).

In a reminder statement signed by the director of the human rights organization, Professor Ishaq Akintola on Thursday, 6th September, 2018, MURIC contended that FG has been giving Nigerian Christians their own 1st January while ignoring the Muslims' 1st Muharram. This, according to the group, is not fair.

"We still stand by our demand for the declaration of 1st Muharram as Hijrah Day. We remind FG of our press statement issued on January 3rd 2018 in which we called attention to FG's declaration of 1st January every year as holiday for Nigerian Christians. We demanded recognition for 1st Muharram of every year for Muslims. It must be emphasized that Islamic organizations (not MURIC alone) have been making this demand through petitions and appeals dating back to the 60s but successive administrations have turned the deaf ear to their pleas.

"Today's reminder serves as a notice for the approach of 1st Muharram, 1440 AH which corresponds to Tuesday, 11th September (next week). Today is 26th Dhul Hijjah. Next Monday is 30th Dhul Hijjah (i.e. last day of 1439 AH) while the following day, Tuesday is 1st Muharram, 1440 AH i.e. the first day of the Islamic calendar.

"However, FG still needs to consult the leadership of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) for the confirmation of the date. MURIC has no mandate to identify any particular day. That power rests with the NSCIA. Our concern stops at spreading the Muslim liberation theology and sustaining the emancipation struggle until freedom is actualized.

"We demand parity. If it is true that Nigeria is not for any particular religion; if it is also true that FG has been declaring 1st January of every year which is the 1st day of the Christian year as holiday for decades; then FG as the father of all must recognize 1st Muharram as the first day of the Islamic year. A good and responsible father must treat his children equally. As it stands today, the holidays are tilted in favour of Christians. Muslims are marginalized. MURIC rejects this lopsided arrangement. It cannot forge unity. Neither can it guarrantee peace. It is only equal rights and justice that can ensure lasting peace.

"1st January is a Westo-Christian day and its recognition by FG is one of the reasons we allege that Nigeria is heavily Christianised. We want 1st Muharram of every year to be declared for Muslims too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. FG must not be partial. Muslims have been making this demand for years but FG keeps ignoring them.

"What does this portend? Is FG telling us that Muslims do not matter in the scheme of things? Regime after regime turns deaf ears to our cries. Is it only violence and demonstrations that FG understands? We remind FG that conscious and deliberate peace-making is cheaper than running up and down in search of weapons to defeat insurgents.

"1st January is from the Gregorian calendar and the latter is a product of gymnastic make-belief and historic hocus-pocus that the British Christian colonialists imposed on Nigerian Muslims. This was after forcefully supplanting the Islamic calendar which had been in use in this country for 800 years before the advent of the British. It provides ample evidence of religious segregation and spiritual apartheid.

"For the sake of microscopic clarity, MURIC is not asking for the cancelation of 1st January whether it is in honour of Janus the Roman god of gates or for Ogun the Yoruba god of iron. Neither are we asking because the Islamic hijrah calendar is divine (Qur'an 9:36; 2:189; 10:5 and 17:12). We have no intention of taking what belongs to the Christians from them. Let the Christians continue to enjoy what they have been enjoying but give the Muslims their own too. That is fairness. All we are saying: Give Us Hijrah Day!

"A mental calculation of the total number of holidays enjoyed in Nigeria shows that they are eight (8): Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Id al-Kabir, Id al-Fitr and Maulud an-Nabiyy. Five (5) of the eight holidays belong to Christians (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 1st January, Good Friday and Easter Monday).

"Only three (3) holidays belong to Muslims, viz, Id al-Kabir, Id al-Fitr and Maulud an-Nabiyy. Five to three is a wide margin in a multi religious social contract. FG must work towards closing that gap in the interest of peace and harmony. Therefore, FG should give the Muslims 1st Muharram.This will bring the number of holidays to be enjoyed by Muslims to four while Christians still continue to enjoy five. Is this too much to ask?

"There's no gainsaying that the perpetual denial, deprivation, marginalization and stigmatization being suffered by Muslims have led to uprisings at one time or another.
It may not be out of place to add that the ongoing insurgency in the North East is not unconnected with the pains being suffered by Muslims around the country".

That's the word of professor Akintola verbatim.
The group reminds the FG that Nigerian Christians enjoy five different holidays while their Muslim counterparts have three only. The group argues that in the spirit of fairness, equity and justice, FG needs to allow the dividends of democracy to reach Nigerian Muslims too by giving them 1st Muharram as holiday. It claims this will bring Muslim holidays to four while Christians continue to enjoy five.


"Stop the Violence Walk" by 200 People

by Imam A.Q. Sennaar

On a rainy Thursday night in August at Loyola University extension on the York Road. corridor I had the pleasure of participating in a Stop the Violence Walk. There were approximately 200 participants from various Christian denominations, counter culture organizations and Pacifists. The Organizers of the Event were Quakers described in Standard's Encyclopedic Dictionary - (1590-1600) as "A member of the Society of Friends ref. to their founder's admonition at the word of The Lord."

I had sent an invitation to The Friends to give a talk at our proposed Stop the Violence Walk. They responded by saying they'd consider it. I invited them out of my respect for their courage in assisting the Africans in America in their flight efforts to freedom through the Underground Railroad with their maps, safe houses and officiating provisions. They risked their lives when there were no visible supports for the Africans in government, legally, fraternal or otherwise...

The organizer of the walk asked me upon meeting me (I was soaking wet from the
rain) to say a prayer. Of course I consented and told her I was there representing the Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen and invited her to join us on a Jumuah of her choice. To my surprise at the opening of the event she asked the various Christian Pastors who were scheduled to speak to defer to me as Imam to open the proceedings and lead the prayer.

I learned of the wonderful things taking place in the York road corridor by various people and institutions of goodwill.

  1. A community garden is giving away fresh vegetables all summer long on Wednesday nights.

  2. New garbage can distributions to contain the rodent problem,

  3. A free summer camp for underprivileged youth,

  4. Substance Abuse Prevention Programs, Strong Baltimore and the Recreation Center For Youth .

I saw it as Three Faiths, One God, One Walk.
"Verily this community Of thine is a single community" HQ: 21:92
Allah the Exalted has commanded the Muslim: "Call all unto the Path of your Lord with wisdom and goodly counsel" HQ 16:125
Dawah is the fulfillment of this commandment. A blessing all Muslims carry with pride and resolution.


 Breaking News

China has placed 1,000,000 Muslims in Camps.

Why is the Muslim World Silent?

[From Business Insider September 5]

Money, money, money

Many Muslim-majority countries aren't speaking out because they don't want to jeopardize their economic relationships in China, experts say.

Several states in Central Asia and the Middle East are part of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a massive project launched in 2013 linking 78 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania through a network of railroads, shipping lanes, and other infrastructure projects.

Many of these deals entail China giving hefty loans to economies with a bad credit rating, which countries such as Pakistan are already finding difficult to repay. And it appears that these economic partnerships are stopping these countries from speaking out about Xinjiang.

Simone van Nieuwenhuizen, a Chinese politics researcher at University of Technology Sydney, told Business Insider: "Like most states, many Muslim-majority countries have increasingly close economic relations with China.

"There is a general consensus that speaking out about the situation in Xinjiang might jeopardize the development of economic ties, and it is therefore not in their interests to do so."

Alip Erkin, an activist in Australia who runs the Uyghur Bulletin network, specifically cited BRI as a hindrance. He told BI: "Enormous trade and investment opportunities, as well as debt burden from China, through the BRI not only result in the tight lips of Muslim states but also an active cooperation with China in Uighur crackdown."

Egypt, a BRI partner country, has even appeared to help China with its Uighur crackdown.

Last summer, Egypt detained dozens of Uighur students in the country without giving a reason, denied them access to lawyers and their families, Human Rights Watch reported.

Cairo also deported at least 12 Chinese Uighurs back to China around the same time, according to The New York Times.

Peter Irwin, the program manager at the World Uyghur Congress, told BI: "There is a certain expectation that Muslim-majority countries would naturally lend support to Uighurs and criticize China, but we just haven't seen this, and I don't expect we'll see this given China's economic ambitions with the Belt and Road Initiative, however successful the plan may or may not be."



It was not a mistake nor an error. Big Move to Support the West failed.
Pakistani PM Imran Khan's Double take

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Imran Khan is not an ignorant person. Watch his interviews and videos during the election campaign . He made it clear that he knows about Qadianis and considers them unbelievers.

Immediately after elections he realized that he is extremely popular and is considered sincere to Islam. He easily disposed off the caricatures in Holland and that added to his popularity.

Looks likr he became over confident and decided to appoint an activist preacher of Qadianism to an important position. There are hundreds of Pakistani professionals in America who have qualifications equal to or better than this Qadiani. So Imran Khan chose the Qadianis as part of his "liberal" agenda, not by mistake.

Remember that a slight attempt to slant the wording of the Constitution in favor of Qadianis created a furor in Pakistan.

Here Imran Khan blatantly appointed a Qadiani activist to a high advisory position.

Owing to the level of his high popularity level probably IK thought he would get away with it.

IK probably did not realize that a byproduct of the elections has been that Pakistanis are politically alert. His appointment of a Qadiani was felt with disgust and horror and among his staunch supporters with bewilderment and shock.

Like the agile politician he is, IK quickly sensed disaster and withdrew the appointment of the Qadiani. Notice that he did not apologize and behaved as if it it was no big deal.

Even before IK showed his hand Jamaate Islami noticed that there was an international hand behind the elections.

Let us look at this international hand,

IK is vocal about opposition to India in the mode of the Pakistan army, without becoming aggressive or controversial.

This slick opposition to India distinguishes him as a patriot. The army too wants to be seen as patriotic.

However the army has been fighting for America against "terrorism." America does not want Pakistan to fight against India,. The army a few days back was in joint exercises with the Indian army in Russia.

The army has learned that the mujahideen can only be defeated if the Pakistani people turn against them and think of them as "terrorists."

{Pakistan army admitted a couple of days back that the $300 million it wants from USA were spent in fighting the Islamic uprising ["terrorism'].

The best way for the army to divide the Muslims is to give them an issue which will keep them busy. Some of them will rally against the Qadianis and others will say that that IK is a good Muslim and Islam allows a non-Muslim to be hired.

The army's hand was probably behind this move. The people of Pakistan were not fooled. IK saw that this game is not going to work. Like an astute politician, he retreated before his image could be tarnished.
IK is a "clean" politician, very dangerous because he is not under suspicion.

[Please stop attacking Sirajul Haq. Read this statement of August 26.]

Jamaate Islami Senses World Powers behind elections.
Cites Egypt and Gaza.
JI Still Wants Peaceful Means.
by Qaiser Sharif.

LAHORE, Aug. 26; Addressing the Foundation Day function of the Jamaat e Islami here on Sunday, the JI Ameer, Senator Sirajul Haq, said that the Islamic movements all over the world had gone ahead despite strong opposition by the international establishment.

Sirajul Haq said that the world colonialism was not allowing the Islamic movements to come to power even through democratic process and the toppling of Dr Mursi's elected government in Egypt and the west 's refusal to accept the victory of Palestine's Hamas in elections were the irrefutable proof of that.

He said that in spite of the hostility of the international establishment, the JI was against securing power through undemocratic or underground means. JI deputy chief Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, Ahmed Bilal Mehboob and Zikrullah Mujahid, also spoke on the occasion.

Sirajul Haq said that at a time when there was darkness all around, only a handful of noble people had gathered around Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi and by now, this movement had an impact all over the world.

He said that the JI was not prepared to accept the slavery of the world establishment. " We are the slaves of Allah Almighty and His Prophet and their slavery is our identity and our biggest asset".

Sirajul Haq said that at a time when the world politics, economy and education system were under the influence of international establishment, the JI had raised the banner of truth. He said that even during the election campaign, the JI invited the people not towards any individual or party, instead it invited the people towards the system given by Islam. He said that JI had lost election but had not lost its faith.

He said that most of the people entered politics to make money but the JI's politics aimed at service of the masses and to bring about the Islamic system.

Condemning the competition of profane caricatures in Holland, the JI chief called for an immediate meeting of the OIC to devise a united mechanism to stop satanic pursuits. He said the Muslims could not tolerate desecration of the noble Prophet and added that summoning the Holland ambassador and lodging protest on this was not enough.

JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch, while addressing the JI Foundation Day function at Islamabad, said that Syed Abul Ala Maodoodi had founded the JI in 1941 with the objective of establishing the supremacy of the Islamic ideology and the enforcement of the system of life given by the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. He said the JI had continued its struggle in this direction during the last seventy seven years. He said the solution to all the problems being faced by the Muslim Ummah lay in the unity of the Ummah and the supremacy of Deen.

Talking to newsmen on the occasion, he said that the opposition would protect the constitution and the democratic system inside and outside the parliament.



Pakistan's Hero was Bengali.

by Mohammad Hijazi
Today on the eve of PAF Day is the day to remember LATE Cdre(retd) MM Alam SJ Bar. Apart from being an outstanding fighter pilot with world record of shooting max aircraft in less than a min time( 5 a/c in 20 sec)(pardon my ignorance-poor memory), he was a man of character. His stand against the corruption of Air Chief and his wife was and is well known reality . May Almighty Allah rest his soul in Eternal Peace.

Being such an outstanding patriotic fighter pilot he was compulsorily retired for refusing an unlawful order.He was not afforded operational command during 1971 doubting his loyalty for being a Bihari / Bangali Origin Pakistani.On the contrary when he went to do his staff course abroad,college faculty after a week requested their commandant to take him in college faculty and made best use of him.

Peace time tigers always over take battle tested soldiers due to their cunning and sycophantic approach. It reminds me when a pieace time dishonest crook was preferred over a battle tested and highly decorated naval officer .

I feel sorry that PAF has not been able to name an appropriate air base after him.

He was indeed a symbolic war time representation of bravery and leadership for mankind

[The writer is a veteran officer of the Pakistan navy.]

Failed Strategy of Pakistani Generals
by Muhammad Asim [for United Ummah]

Seven hundred km long river Kabul, which comes out of the mountains Hindukush, and enters Pakistan, and it is used on a wide scale. India will start the construction of a dam with the help of Afghanistan on this river, and in the short period of three years, Pakistan will not be able to get the water of the river Kabul.

And this was the strategy of Pakistani generals who have resorted to the logistical support of America and NATO. And this will now cause our coming generations to suffer.. This was their strategy for Pakistan which will prove expensive and now there will be a lot of pain ahead.
Ignorant and unworthy generals' think tank!

War News

 War News


Massive Shia Armada moving in for genocide in Idlib & N. Hama.

Jaysh al-Islam mobilizes to defend Idlib. Tahrir [al-Nusra] is at the front.

IS battling "Hizbullah" and Shi'ites. US air forces hitting IS hard.

September 8. As the genocidal offensive began, the Russian air force carried out 85 air strikes in Idlib and northern Hama province. Assad's helicopters dropped 65 barrel bombs specifically meant to injure civilians.

Assad is aiming not only at terrorizing civilians but is also ensuring that casualties cannot be treated. The union of Syrian doctors reported that three hospitals, two civil defense centers and an ambulance system were attacked in the first day of bombing. White Helmets most hated by Assad who have saved many bombing victims are specially targeted by Assad.

In an attempt at mass murder. Assad's helicopters dropped a dozen barrels on one village alone, Hobait in southern Idlib.

More than 2000 armored vehicles from Assad's Iranian and "hizbullah" have deployed at the borders of Idlib province.
The population has started fleeing to the north of Idlib. More than 400 have left Jisr as-Shughur alone.

September 9. US air force is bombing Islamic State vehicles near the oil well and IS enclaves on the southern Euphrates.

In the villages of eastern Deir ez Zor province, Islamic State is carrying out an unusual campaign. It is distributing flyers warning citizens not to accept high paying jobs being offered by the US to join SDF [Communist Kurds]. ISIS flages are being set up, some of them mined to stop removal. Several SDF soldiers have been killed.
A vast US military base is emerging near Hajin and large SDF forces have been mobilized by the Americans with heavy weapons to overwhelm IS defenses.

In the desert area adjoining Suwaida province, Assad regime's "Hizbullah" troops are trying to advance against the Islamic State defenses in the Tlul al-Safa area. They killed 11 IS fighters and suffered 5 killed and 25 injured.

September 8. Following two weeks of shelling of Muslim villages by Assad's troops, an armed Muslim group hit the Christian village of Mahardah which supports Assad. They missed their targets and killed 10 civilians.

Also September 8 in Qamashili city [Hasakeh province] which is divided, Kurdish and Assad groups fought killing 13 of Assad's and 7 of Kurdish militia .

September 7. IS cells are infiltrating into Al-Raqqa and al-Tabaqa which were once IS centers. Several SDF have been killed by the infiltrators. 25 Muslim women are doing a sit down strike in front of SDF headquarters protesting the arrests of their males who are suspected of being pro-IS.

In Aleppo city a military supporter of Assad raped a child and was then shot and killed by an unknown gunman.

[Iran's leader has stated that it supports Assad's attack on Idlib province.]

[Sources: SOHR, Reuters, al Jazeera and wire services.]

Violence in Basra. IS sets oil line on fire. Iran fires 7 missiles.

On Frida, September 7, Iraqi protestors set the Iranian Consulate in Basra on fire. In clashes with the police, 15 people were killed and 68 injured.

The regime PM said that if the situation does not improve, armed conflict would result.

The latest is that the regime's headquarters have also been set on fire in Basra.

More than 6000 people are now reported sick from polluted water supply. Facilities have broken down in toto.

In the northern border with Iranian Kurdistan, Iran fired 7 missiles at Kurdish leadership opposed to Iran. 11 were killed and 50 injured.

The Baghdad regime has protested to Iran.

In the Kirkuk area, ISIS set the oil pipeline on fire. After 2 days, it is stlll burning.

ISIS is carrying out pin prick attacks on the regime in the north and west.

US Seeking a Way out. Islamic Strikes closing down Regime

On September 7, US Defense Secretary arrived in Kabul looking for a way out of an unwinnable war.

In the meantime Taliban fighters overran a regime military base in Baghlan province.

Kabul is in chaos as a human bomber struck marchers walking in honor of Ahmed Shah Masood. Scores were killed and wounded.

Earlier a young ISIS bomber struck a Shi'ite wrestling center killing 40 and injuring 90.

Afghan Shi'tes are reportedly targeted because they supply armed militias to Assad's regime in Syria.

Earlier, September 4, a Taliban infiltrator shot dead a US trooper, highly decorated, from West Virginia. He wasb training Afghan police.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Activists disrupt Hindu supremacist conclave in Chicago, evoke violent reaction from extremists
Anti-fascists slogans call for a stop to Hindu fascism during plenary session of World Hindu Congress


September 9, 2018

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), an umbrella organization of progressive South Asian groups across the United States in coordination with the local community, today lauded the activists who disrupted the plenary session of the World Hindu Congress, a conclave convened by organizations aligned with the Hindu supremacist ideology that is spearheading the violation of human rights and religious freedom of minorities in India.

The event has been deeply mired in controversy since the Alliance for Justice and Accountability, along with a wide range of Indian diaspora organizations have denounced it as an attempt to mainstream Hindu fascism in the United States. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who had initially agreed to chair the three day Congress severed all connections with the event.

On Friday evening, several young activists from Chicago South Asians for Justice raised signs and called out, "RSS Turn Around, We don't want you in Our Town," and "Stop Hindu Fascism." Some conference attendees erupted in a violent rage, spitting on the protesters, shoving them to the floor, and choking one of them. Two protesters were arrested and charged with trespass and disorderly conduct, while one conference attendee was charged with battery. "We endured extremely violent and demeaning behavior from a bunch of self-righteous Hindutva fanatics who refuse to acknowledge their complicity in promoting and furthering fascism. Their response is indicative of their fascist mindset that brooks no dissent, and we refuse to allow it to be promulgated in our state without a fight," said one of the protesters who courted arrest.

"This is deeply significant," said Nesamani Rajamani of AJA. "These young leaders did what Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi could not, which is to speak truth to power. This courageous act confronting hate on its own ground is the first direct action against caste in the diaspora. The brave hearts made a choice as people of conscience to stand up to Hindu Fascism and Brahminsm, and we believe that as long as the RSS and the Sangh continue to go after Dalit Bahujan peoples, people of conscience will stand up and resist together," added Mr. Rajamani.

Earlier on Friday, a truck bearing billboard size messages "Boycott World Hindu Congress" drove around the Lombard area. Hindutva is the term for a politicized ideology of Hindu ethno-nationalism associated with brutal violence toward India's minority communities, particularly Dalits (those previously designated "untouchable" by the traditional caste system) and Muslims, as well as Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, and secular critics. Some of the most virulent hatemongers of Hindutva are featured speakers at the WHC, such as RSS chief Mohan Rao Bhagwat and UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath, both of whom have a long public record of advancing misogyny, hate crimes and attacks on minorities, as well as assurances of impunity for its perpetrators.

On Saturday, AJA held a protest outside the conference venue, with the stated goal of "standing in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in India who are fighting against the #HIndutva rule and will not be silent in the face of mob lynchings, rapes, murders, and the targeting of our leaders and academics."

AJA's Ashwin Khobragade said, "Antifascists in the South Asian diaspora who care about racial and caste justice, and who disagree with the blanket criminalization of Muslims, have to be no less vigilant in standing against the VHP and RSS than we do against American neo-nazi, white supremacist, and ethno-nationalist groups. The time has come to organize, unite, and to win".

While the WHC promotes its agenda as "a global platform for Hindus" to network, inspire and strategize for "the common good," its true agenda is to advance the jaundiced view of the world espoused by the VHP of America, American branch of the India-based Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP); the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, American branch of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which was founded under the inspiration of Nazism; and the Hindu American Foundation (HAF). These groups are also affiliated with the ruling nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), under whose rule since 2014 there have been over a hundred lynchings of Dalits, adivasis and Muslims, often using the dog whistle of "cow protection."

Calling for a boycott of the event, AJA engaged in outreach to a number of US politicians including Tulsi Gabbard, Ash Kalra, Jay Chaudhuri and Raja Krishnamoorthy, who had initially been slated to participate under the guise of cultural pluralism and interfaith harmony. After learning of the partisan and extremist nature of the event, Gabbard, Kalra and Chaudhuri severed their connections with it. In a separate development, The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago condemned the appearance of fascists speakers at the conference.

Krishnamoorthi did attend, chairing a panel on political leadership, but indicated that he wishes to hold a meeting with Muslim groups in his constituency who have expressed their deep objections to his support for anti-Muslim activities in India. South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) has issued a statement taking Krishnamoorthi to task for sharing a platform with RSS ideologues and rescinding their offer to him to speak at their Congressional Briefing on hate violence and post-9/11 policies.

AJA has launched a twitter campaign #StopHinduFascism, to shed light on the violence and demand accountability from speakers and sponsors of the event. The impact of the twitterstorm awoke many Americans to the rising issues of #HinduFascism in the world.

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability
Phone/fax: 1-800-839-7270


 Invitation to Think

Another False Holocaust Witness: Officially Sanctioned Fraud at Dachau
Institute for Historical Review

Each year many thousands of tourists visit the site of the notorious Dachau concentration camp in southern Germany, not far from Munich. They see the crematory, the memorial shrines, and the museum. And in recent years, as an almost daily fixture, they see Martin Zaidenstadt. This elderly Jewish man lectures visitors to Dachau on his experiences as a wartime prisoner there. He is particularly passionate about the horrors of the camp's gas chamber where, he explains, many prisoners were put to death with poison gas ... His story of Dachau internment is a fraud. He probably never visited the camp until the 1990s, says Ryback, and his tales of gas chamber killings are untrue.

Guidance by Sis. Yasmin



Courtesy ~ Sis Yasmin ~

'Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem'.

'Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi
Wa Barkatuh'.

~Admiring Oneself After Doing a Good Deed~

If a person feels self admiration after doing something good or fears that he may show off, he should ward that off and resist it by seeking refuge with ALLAH from it, by saying...

"Allaahumma inni a'oodhu bika an ushrika bika wa ana a'lam, wa'staghfiruka lima laa a'lam "

Translation :

{"O Allaah, I seek refuge with you from knowingly associating anything with You, and I seek Your forgiveness for that of which I am unaware}"

Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallaam) said

These kind of feelings happen to everyone, but you have to try to be sincere towards Allaah, seek His forgiveness, and remember that there is no strength and no power except with ALLAH!
if it were not for the help of Allaah, you would not have been able to do this good deed, so to Allaah be praise in the beginning and at the end.

The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallaam). said to Mu'aadh ibn Jabal (r.a.)
"O Mu'aadh, by Allaah indeed I love you, and I advise you, O Mu'aadh, do not forget at the end of every prayer to say....

* Allaahumma a'inni 'ala Dhikrika wa Shukrika wa Husni 'Ibaaditika.*


"O Allaah help me to remember You, give Thanks to You and Worship You in the best way."

{ Source~Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood, al-Nasaa'i, and others ~it is 'Saheeh'~.}

Do not forego doing good deeds for fear of showing off, because this is one of the tricks that the Shaytaan uses to weaken people's resolve and stop them from doing things that Allaah loves and is pleased with...{!}

As for merely feeling happy that one has done a good deed, this does not contradict sincerity and faith.

for ALLAH (Azza Wa Jall) says....

"Say: "In the Bounty of Allâh, and in His Mercy (i.e. Islâm and the Qur'ân) therein let them rejoice."
That is better than the wealth they amass"

[Source ~ Qur'aan~ Surat Yunus 10~ A # 58]

Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa Sallam)said....

If he attains guidance, faith and righteous deeds, and the mercy resulting from what overwhelms him and he feels joy and success as a result.
Hence Allaah commanded us to rejoice over such things.

Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam). said....

"If your good deeds make you happy and your bad deeds make you sad, then you are a believer."

{Source~Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Majaah and others from the Hadeeth of Abu Umaamah }( Saheeh Hadeeth)

By the same token, if people praise you for your good deed, then this is a portion of the glad tidings of the Hereafter, which ALLAH gives a person in this world.

The Messenger of Allaah
(sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) was asked....

"What do you think if a man does a good deed and the people praise him for it?"

he answered....

"That is the portion of the glad tidings for the believer which he is given in this world."

{ Source~Narrated by Muslim from the Hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah
(may Allaah be pleased with him)}

So this praise is a sign that ALLAH is pleased with him and loves him, so He makes him dear to other people.

A Little Note....

We ask ALLAH [Azza Wa Jall] to make our intentions and deeds right for HIM .

"In Shaa Allah"~'Aameen'.

~'Salaams' to all ~

Courtesy ~ Sis Yasmin ~

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[Reference: Masaa'il wa Rasaa'il by Muhammad al-Mahmood al-Najdi, Page # 21]



[Pro-India regime trying to crush opposition leader.] [Courtesy: Abdul Hannan.]
Punish me as much as you want
Frail-looking Khaleda tells special court at jail 'there is no justice here'; next hearing set for Sept 12-13

 BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia

In this Star file photo, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia appears before a Dhaka court in connection with Zia Charitable Trust and Zia orphanage graft cases.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia yesterday expressed a lack of confidence in the special court trying the Zia Charitable Trust graft case against her after she was produced before it inside the old Dhaka central jail.

"There is no justice here. Punish me as much as you want, punish me for as long as you want," Khaleda told the makeshift court inside the jail where she has been serving time in another graft case for around seven months.

Earlier in February, the same court sentenced her to five years' imprisonment in the Zia Orphanage graft case.

Khaleda, who was brought to the court in a wheelchair, said "I cannot come here every day as I am very sick. I know this court will not deliver justice. If you see my medical report, you will understand how sick I am.

"If I sit here for long, my legs will swell. None of my senior lawyers is here. If I had known this earlier, I would not have come here..

"This court cannot run like this."

The BNP chief's lawyers boycotted yesterday's proceedings, protesting the shifting of the court to the old central jail from Alia Madrasa premises in Old Dhaka.

Contribution from a Reader

 Contributions from a Reader

I Have a Split Personality:
Waheeduddin Ahmed {Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

I exist in two forms:

One form is your perception of me and your memories thereof. There is a barrier between me and your perception of me. I cannot see what you have seen.

The other form of me is my consciousness, which is independent of your perception of me. You are excluded from this domain. It consists of my own perceptions, how I have looked at the world, my emotions and my reactions, what I have thought of you for instance, my memories of my dead parents and how I have rewound those memories. All this is hidden from you and lives only in my consciousness.

So, what happens to these two forms after I die? You can perhaps make a video of me during my life time and look at it whenever you want and keep the memory alive. Moreover, you can embalm my body and preserve it in a mausoleum like Lenin's and make me physically present for posterity. But I am not in it. I have left.

My other form, my consciousness, has left my body. Where is it? Has it been deleted from the world of existence or does it exist on a different plane? I do not know and shall not know until that moment arrives.

That will be the moment when the curtain is lifted. Then I shall know but you will not, since I shall not return to tell you whether or not my consciousness is alive after you have perceived me as dead. So long!

September 5, 2018
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