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23 Shawwal 1439 A.H.- July 8 2018 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1766

Hadith of the Week

Signs of a Hypocrite.

Hadith Reminds us that Appearances and Claims of being Muslim Does Not Equate to Us Actually Being Muslim.

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr:
The Prophet (ﷺ) said:
"Whoever has the following four (characteristics) will be a pure hypocrite and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy unless and until he gives it up:

  1. Whenever he is entrusted, he betrays.

  2. Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie.

  3. Whenever he makes a covenant, he proves treacherous.

  4. Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in a very imprudent, evil and insulting manner."

Sahih al-Bukhari 34
Book 2, Hadith 27
 Sis Kristi

with thanks to Sis.Kristi


Reaching out to Biggest Gathering of African American Converts to Islam.

On July 6, at Masjid al-Haqq in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, a Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 100 Muslims after Juma' salat. There were hundreds of Muslims and 100 was not enough. [Such a blessing! Almost all of them are converts to Islam with about 10% immigrants.]

It was a 5-page document. Here is a breakdown of its contents:

  1. &
  2. Report on outstanding gathering supporting Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. [From Nadrat Siddique]

  3. Fate of Islamic women in Iraqi Shia hands. [Wire services]

  4. People in Deraa, Syria, protesting against Assad regime [Syrian Observatory.]

  5. Triple Israeli crimes against unarmed Gaza demonstrators. [New Trend Observer..]

 Web Statistics

New Trend's Web Site .
Quite Impressive!

During June 2018, New Trend's web site.
131,715 hits
with an average of
682 visitors a day.

Thank you Br. Rich !
Well done!

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


Remembering Karen Silkwood.
What is seriously wrong with the American power Structure.

by Nadrat Siddique

July 2: This past weekend, I was in Oklahoma City for a friend's wedding. Walking around the downtown, I passed roads and a small city park named for Robert Kerr and Dean McGee. An elementary school and a high school were similarly named for the principles of the Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation.

It reminded me that a heroine of my teen years, Karen Silkwood, was murdered here in the 1970s. While working for Kerr-McGee, Silkwood discovered that the corporation was endangering its workers through highly unethical and likely illegal industry practices. She became a whistle blower, and thus the target of the company's malfeasance.

Ultimately, she was murdered when her car was run off the road on an Oklahoma Highway. It was the Silkwood case which convinced me of the importance of labor (she was the very outspoken union representative for workers at her Kerr-McGee location); of environmentalism (although Kerr-McGee paid a large settlement to Silkwood's family, it refused to admit fault; however Silkwood and the union alleged corporate negligence which led to the contamination of workers with plutonium); and of activism (had Silkwood remained silent and tolerated Kerr-McGee's abuse of its workers, she might be alive today; instead, she insisted on investigating, organizing and agitating for workers' rights, despite being aware of the risks of challenging a corporate giant).

So, Silkwood is dead, and the Men in Black suits—Kerr and McGee—who likely ordered her murder are honored to this day in Oklahoma City. But we don't forget those who stood up..

 Breaking News

772000 Christians have taken Refuge in Islamic Sudan

Following ongoing civil war among Chriistians in all 7 provinces of Southern Sudan, more than 772,000 Christians have taken refuge in Islamic northern Sudan.

The bitterness among Christians against each other is so deep that numerous cease fires have broken down after short intervals.

In Islamic Sudan the refugees are unhappy but they prefer poverty to the danger of death, rape and mutilation in the Christian South.

[Source MENA]

Personal Advice from the Editor.

Stress and Anxiety are major problems in America.

Here is how you can reduce or even end stress and anxiety in your life.

  1. Wash yourself [wudu] with the intention of prayer.

  2. Pray 5 times a day.

  3. Prayer on time is required.. If space or facility is not available, pray with tayammum and by signs.

  4. Be good to your neighbors and colleagues. Smile. Listen to them.

  5. Support the oppressed and the downtrodden.

  6. Your diet should should be halal and nutritious.

  7. Be tolerant of the beliefs of others. Teach them Islam through your behavior, not through constantly rubbing it in.

  8. Look at the sun rise and the sunset and praise the Creator.

  9. Give charity and gifts as much as you can.

  10. Do not support Israel, the bombing and occupation of Muslim countries. Oppose them gently but clearly.

  11. Know that death is inevitable and there is a Hereafter with Judgement.

  12. Learn to think of women who are mostly undressed as slaves of the system, not as objects of desire.

 When Allah loves a servant , He tests him


 Red Mosque

In Remembrance
Red Mosque assault and Killing of Hijabi women Changed the History of Pakistan
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

After 9.11, the FBI set up headquarters in Islamabad and entered Pakistani homes with the cooperation of Pakistani intelligence services. This situation became very clear in the search for the killers of Daniel Pearl, the Israeli who entered Pakistan with a US passport.

Musharraf was so emboldened by the lack of resistance by the Pakistani population that he decided to tackle the only source of Islamic resistance which was in Islamabad itself: The Red Mosque. Here a firebrand preacher Abdur Rasheed Ghazi had organized a seminary for Islamic women which attracted several thousand young women and girls some of whom were survivors of the devastating earthquake in the north.

Jamia Hafsa, the women's seminary named after the daughter of the second Caliph, Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a., decided to carry out an Islamic cleansing campaign against Musharraf's corruption within Islamabad, It was an entirely peaceful movement but the women would carry long sticks known as lathis to keep predatory males away who often want to prey on defenseless women in Pakistan. The Hafsa women would go to stores selling porno movies or semi-nude films or erotic songs and remind the owners of the Hereafter and the Fear of Allah. Some of this preaching, which would attract crowds, was successful. One shop owner took out all his videos and movies, put them on the sidewalk and set them on fire. [This was presented by the BBC as "militant Islamic women snatching tapes and setting them on fire."]

Then the girls and women in burqa found that a procuress was being used to provide women to Musharraf's officials right in Islamabad under Musharraf's nose. The girls complained to the regime and met a stony silence. Then they started preaching to the procuress, telling her that she was violating God's Law and threatening dire consequences. She laughed at them and reminded them of her contacts with the "higher ups" in the government. Finally they kidnaped her and kept her quite unharmed till she signed a confession naming her contacts and her activities.

The girls then went after the regime which was demolishing mosques in areas through which Musharraf traveled out of Islamabad. As part of their protests they took over a library and would not leave.

The point the young women were making was that General Musharraf was violating God's Law. He had no writ from the people of Pakistan and no one had given him permission to support the USA.

At the instigation, it is said, of the US and Israel, Musharraf started conducting raids on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa. Some of these attacks were terrifying but they had the opposite effect. The young men in the Red Mosque [Lal Masjid] armed themselves.

Abdur Rasheed Ghazi's sermons in the Red Mosque were bringing support from the oppressed people of Pakistan. To counter him, the regime brought the Imam of the Ka'aba who imputed that these activities of young women were unIslamic and they should not be coming out of their school. Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, who knew several languages including Arabic, was not impressed by the Imam of the Ka'aba and gave blistering khutbas to counter the Saudi move.

Gradually the regime tightened the police and then military encirclement of the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa. Musharraf got in touch with the religious establishment and learned that the maulvies felt threatened by the development of a mosque in which women played a central role. Musharraf also fooled the Muslim political parties to hold a meeting in London during which time he launched his military offensive against the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa.

The people supporting Abdur Rasheed said they had the right to have light weapons to defend the mosque from physical attack. When one of Musharraf's elite commando officers broke into the women's seminary by breaching its wall, he was killed.

Musharraf could have starved the people in the mosque into submission. Instead he decided on a full scale military invasion. The young people resisted with their small arms but were slaughtered by Musharraf's elite forces using heavy weapons. Even phosphorous was used and among those killed by this forbidden explosive was Abdur Rasheed Ghazi's mother. He went down fighting. May Allah grant him jannat al-Firdous.

It took Pakistani political parties quite a while to realize what had happened, that in the capital city of a country founded on Islam, in a city named Islamabad, military force was used to destroy a mosque and a seminary full of ba-hijab Islamic women.

But the people of Frontier understood what had happened. Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa's tragic end ignited the pro-Sharia movement which was against a secular Pakistan, The Sharia movement had been there for years but now it took specific form. Huge crowds came out to support Maulvi Fazlullah and others organized the peaceful takeover of the beautiful area known as Swat. Sharia courts were set up to quickly settle disputes which had been in the secular courts for years. The message of the Red Mosque spread like a wild fire in all areas of Frontier province.

An organization which emerged, though it is a collection of many groups, is now famous or notorious as the Tehreeke Talibane Pakistan [TTP] mostly from the poor masses and peasants.

When the movement reached Buner, the US complained to Pakistan that the Islamics were now only 76 miles from Islamabad. CNN and the entire US media took up this theme of "great danger" to civilization. The Pakistani military then did to Swat what it had done earlier to the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa. The ENTIRE POPULATION of Swat was evicted to create a free fire zone for the military. Anyone who remained could be killed. In the intense fighting which followed thousands of Pakistani troops, civilians and mujahideen were killed. The military killed at least 30,000 people including 3,000 mujahideen and lost 6,000 or more troops.

There are mass graves in the area where the army has carried out "extra judicial executions."

The people were up in arms [small arms] all over Frontier province. The regime went after them, cutting off food supplies using air strikes and heavy artillery. Maulvi Fazlullah was trapped and barely escaped across the Frontier into Afghanistan where the Taliban are successful. The army destroyed medressas and mosques run by Fazlullah and the Pak Taliban but were not able to silence his short wave radio which had a large audience of women.

The army then went into Hangu, Adam Khel, Khyber and finally South Waziristan. America was insisting that it should go into North Waziristan also but protests by Jamaate Islami stopped it.

After Munawar Hasan was removed from leadership of JI by an internal manipulation organized by the army, North Waziristan was occupied and its entire population was expelled.

The way to peace in Pakistan is by way of communication with the "militants." If they want Shari'a, why not withdraw the army, let independent media go in and let them have Sharia.

War News

 War News

Mogadishu Under Attack by al-Shabab

BBC reports that on Juy 7, al-Shabab hit the Interior Ministry and near the
Presidential Palance, killing 10 and wounding 20.

[Most of Somalia is dominated by the Islamic group known as al-Shabab but Mogadishu0, the capital, and 2 major cities are conytrolled by the regime installed by western powers.]

American and Regime Forces Activated, Sikhs Attacked.

Tarinkot airport, Uruzgan province. On July 7, a Taliban supporter who had infiltrated regime troops being trained by the US opened fire on US troops killing one and wounding two. Details have not been revealed.

Ghazni: July 5. Taliban tried to hit a meeting of high level regime officials with mortar fire but missed, instead causing losses among security forces.

Nangarhar province: July 8 . US and regime forces allegedly destroyed a ISIS stronghold deep in the forest inflicting scores of casualties. However, no details and no evidence has been provided,:

Jalalabad city: Juky 1: A human bomber from ISIS hit groups of Sikhs and Hindua waiting to meet the president of the Kabul regime. One of them was going to join the regime, The explosion killed 19 and wounded 20.

Blizzard of Russian bombs & Iranian artillery terrorize Population. More than 350,000 Flee. Jordan closes border.

Russia Offers to stop Bombing if Assad regime is re-installed.

American coalition bombs ISIS in south eastern Syria.

July 1 to July 6: More than 900 Russian air strikes and more than 1700 Hizb and Iranian artillery shells hit 8 small towns in eastern Deraa province. This is deeply anti-Assad territory. However the genocide carried out by Assad and Russia in the suburbs of Damascus had so terrified eastern Deraa that people started fleeing even before the bombing began which reduced the number of casualties.

The Russians offered their agenda of protection if the regime is re-unstalled. Many of the opposition groups accepted the offer. Some said they should be allowed to go to the Islamic province of Idlib,

The word spread that the Russian offer had been accepted by the opposition groups. There was no bombing on July 6 and 7 and several thousands of those who had fled returned to their homes although properties in the town of Saida were being looted by Assad's troops and Shia militias, To this date 159 Deraa civilians, including 32 children and 33 women had been killed in the Russian bombing and the Iranian shelling.

On July 8, Russia and the Shi'ites bombed and shelled the town of Om Elmiathin. The regime also used missiles and barrel bombs along with the 120 Russian air strikes.
Casualty figures are not available yet.

A regime armored column veered off and successfully captured the strategic crossing point into Jordan. The Islamic fighters put up stiff resistance but were not able to stop the tanks. In the week long fighting 135 regime troops and 131 Islamic fighters have been killed.

IS Very Much there.

July 8, IS remains in control of 75 villages in the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Diyala. [Former Iraqi Interior Minister.]

July 6. In an IS ambush south of Baquba, 7 persons were killed but females with them were not hurt. [Kurdistan 24]

July 7. Turkish forces have advanced 35 miles into the Qandil area of northern Iraq.

July 8, A bomb attack in the Nakheeb area of Anbar province killed a Colonel and 2 soldiers of the regime army,

July 5. Iraqi regime jets bombed IS members hiding south of Kirkuk.


Final Judgement on the Qadiani ("Ahmadiyyah") cult.

Scholarly judgement on the struggle of Pakistani Muslims in support of the Finality of Prophethood; It is essential to the existence of Pakistan.

What did Allama Iqbal say about Qadianism?

See this historical document by clicking link below
(the document is lengthy, but is essential reading for any Muslim.


[with thanks to Br.Salim Mansur Khalid]

After Nawaz Sharif, Corruption Continues.
Jamaat e Islami speaks on Principles for elections.

by Qaiser Sharif [3 items]

LAHORE, July 7; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that Nawaz Sharif's conviction would definitely change the political scene and if ten or more other prominent persons who considered themselves above the law, were hauled up, the masses would get a message of the supremacy of the constitution and the law in the land.

Addressing a workers meeting at Timargarha on Saturday, he said that in the past, the rich and the poor had not equal in the eyes of the law and the ruling junta thought itself above the law. However, he said, Nawaz Sharif's conviction had shown to the general public that the law and the constitution existed in the country and the powerful could also be brought in the grip of the law.

Sirajul Haq further said that so far, the Election Commission had not been able to implement the electoral forms or enforce its code of conduct. He asked what use these laws and the code of conduct were if these were not to be implemented.

The JI chief said that the MMA was striving for the rights of the small provinces. He said that mutual understanding among the provinces and an atmosphere of cooperation and unity was necessary for strengthening the federation. Similarly, he said, a line of action at national level must be evolved to remove the sense of deprivation in the small provinces.

He stressed upon the masses to stand by the MMA on the 25th of July for building Pakistan a strong Islamic welfare state.

Released by
Media Cell, JIP, Mansoora, Lahore.

LAHORE, July7; Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami and the MMA, Liaqat Baloch, has said that across the board accountability was essential to weed out corruption from the country.

Addressing corner meetings in his constituency NA 130, he said in the present situation of the country, it was imperative that the court decisions were accepted, the elections were held on schedule and the accountability process was continued uninterrupted. He said that the court verdict against Nawaz Sharif would not make any qualitative change in the political scene.

He said that the MMA would try to achieve self reliance with the active cooperation of all sections of the society, including women and youth, traders, farmers and businessmen. The interest based economy would be abolished and the country would be freed from the burden of loans within the minimum time.

During the day, Liaqat Baloch called on Maulana Fazle Rahim of the Jamia Ashrafia, Hafiz Aakif Saeed of Tanzeem e Islami, and Maulana Muhammad Usman Qadri of the Da'wat e Islami, and expressed the hope that with the active support of the Ulema and religious leaders, the MMA would steer the country out of the prevailing difficult situation and enforce Nizam e Mustafa.
Released by
Media Cell, JIP, Mansoora, Lahore.

LAHORE, July 7; Jamaat e Islami's deputy chief and in-Charge, MMA's central Election Cell, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, has said that the Election Commission seemed to be totally helpless in implementation of its code of conduct for elections.

Addressing a meeting of the election cell, he said that the administration was putting up the banners and flaxes of the PML(N) candidates and was removing the banners of the opposition. He said that in the Punjab capital, he said the vehicles of the Lahore Municipal Corporation were being used for this purpose. He urged the care taker government to take immediate notice of the mater.

Farid Piracha said it was the responsibility of the care takers to provide equal opportunities to all the parties and candidates for election campaign and the administration was not allowed to be partial towards any party or candidate.
Released by
Media Cell, JIP, Mansoora, Lahore.

LAHORE, July 7; Jamaat e Islami's spokesman , Amirul Azeem, who is MMA candidate from NA 135, has said that the on being elected, he would endeavour to set up schools for girls in every union council and an inter college for each five UCs.

Addressing corner meetings in his area, he further said that with the cooperation of the local councilors, efforts would be made to send each and every child of the constituency to school. He said the past governments had made tall promises in regard to education but nothing was done practically.

During his visit to the Mustafa Town, Amirul Azeem said that the people of the locality would be freed from the oppression of the LDA. He went from door to door and was given a warm response.


Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah.
As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Abû Bakr Al-Siddîq (Radiallahu 'Anhu) to 'Umar (Radiallahu 'Anhu) on his Deathbed !

When Abû Bakr Al-Siddîq (Radiallahu 'Anhu) was on his deathbed he called 'Umar (Radiallahu 'Anhu) [Allah be pleased with them both] and said:
Fear Allah O 'Umar, and know that Allah has deeds to be done for Him in the day which He will not accept if done at night and He has deeds to be done for Him at night which He will not accept if done during the day! He will not accept extra (Nâfilah) deeds unless you fulfill the obligatory deeds.

The scales of those whose scales will be weighty on the Day of resurrection will only be weighty because they followed the truth in this life and it was weighty to them. And scales in which the truth will be placed tomorrow truly deserve to be heavy. And the scales of those whose scales will be light on the Day of Resurrection will only be light because they followed falsehood in this life and it was a light matter to them ! And scales in which falsehood will be placed tomorrow truly deserve to be light. Allah the Exalted has mentioned the people of Paradise and mentioned them in the context of their Best Deeds, and overlooked their evil deeds ! so when I remember them I say to myself... I fear that I will not be included with them !

And Allah the Exalted has mentioned the people of Hell and mentioned them in the context of their worst deed and rejected their best deeds, so when I remember them I say... I hope I won't be amongst them ! Allah's worshipers should always be in a state of hope and fear ! they shouldn't wish flimsy wishes about Allah and neither should they despair of Allah's Mercy. If you keep to this advice of mine, no one who is not with you now should be more beloved to you than Death and.. it is sure to come to you !

But... if you disregard this advice, no one who is
not with you now should be more hated to you than Death ... and you cannot escape it.

[Source: Abû Nu'aym, Hilyah Al-Awliyâ' Vol.1 p18; and Ibn Al-Jawzî, Sifah Al-Safwah.]

~My 'Salaams' to All ~
Courtsey--- Sis Yasmin.
*Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah*
"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }
 3 roses

Very Unusual Prayer

 Sharing with you

Thank you Trump.

This interesting prayer was given in Kansas, USA, at the opening session of their Senate. It seems prayer still upsets some people.

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities,but this is what they heard:

"Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says: "Woe to those who call evil good", but that is exactly what we have done.

Search us, Oh GOD, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!"

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest. In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively.

The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India, Africa and Korea. With the LORD'S help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and WHOLEHEARTEDLY become our desire so that we again can be called "ONE NATION UNDER GOD."

Think about this: If you forward this prayer to everyone on your list, in less than 30 days it would be heard by the world. How many people on your list will not receive this prayer. Do you have the boldness to pass it on?

[Sent by Sis.Patricia, Baltimore Maryland]

2018-07-09 Mon 22:26:22 ct