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6 Shaban 1439 A.H.- April 22 2018 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1755

Hadith of the Week

Narrated Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman (RadiAllahu Tala Anho):

The people used to ask Allah's Prophet about the good but I used to ask him about the evil lest I should be overtaken by them.

So I said: O Allah's Prophet! We were living in ignorance and in a worst atmosphere, then Allah brought to us this good (Islam), will there be any evil after this good?

He said: Yes.
I said: Will there be any good after that evil?
He replied: Yes, but it will be tainted.
I asked: What will be its taint?
He replied: Some people who will guide others not according to my tradition? You will approve of some of their deeds and disapprove of some others.
I asked: Will there be any evil after that good?

The Prophet of Allah (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam) said: People will invite as if they are standing on the door of hell and inviting to enter it. They will throw into it all such persons as whoever will accept their invitation.

Hudhaifa (RadiAllahu Tala Anho) said: O Prophet of Allah will you let me know something about their attributes and symbols?

Prophet Muhammad said (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam): They will be from amongst our nation and will speak in our language.

Hudhaifa (RadiAllahu Tala Anho) said: What should I do? If I survive up to that moment?

Prophet Muhammad (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam) said: Stick to Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen and it's Imam (Ameer).

Hudhaifa (RadiAllahu Tala Anho): What if there is neither Jamaat nor their Imam?

Prophet Muhammad replied (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam): Keep yourself away from all sects, even if you have to live upon roots of trees and you shall have to remain in this state till your death reached you.

[Sahih Bukhari (kitab ul fiten) & Sahih Muslim (kitab ul emirate)]
 Sis Kristi
with Thanks to Sis.Kristi


Important Information for Muslims
Newark, Delaware
6-Page Jamaat al-Muslimeen Document Given to 50.

On April 20, the crowd was big at the biggest mosque in Newark.
50 Muslims, mostly from Arab countries and Bangladesh, received a 6-page document.

Here is an outline of the 6-pager.
  1. Genocide in Douma, Syria.+100 children killed in Afghan Air Strike.
  2. &
  3. Brief history of DC Islamic Center. How did it become sleepy-Saudi [Nadrat Siddique]
  4. Palestine death toll.+Hadith against Domestic Violence.
  5. &
  6. Khutba on Finality of Prophethood & Social Evil spreading in USA. [Kaukab Siddique]

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Word Around The Net

by Br.Nazeer, Texas

Earth Day:10 Simple Things You Can Do To Show our Planet Some Love

Chemical weapons inspectors head to Syria site.

Gunfire near Saudi Royal Palace.

North Korea announces end to missile testing as Trump cites 'big progress'.

Amnesty International Names Kaepernick Its Ambassador Of Conscience.

4 killed at Tennessee Waffle House as police search for suspect.

Barbara Bush dies; wife of former President George H. Bush and mother of former President George W. Bush.


These Facts can lower the levels of Sectarian Hatred.
by Kaukab Siddique

  1. Yazeed did not kill Hussain, r.a.

  2. Yazeed did not order Hussain, r.a., to be killed.

  3. Yazeed protected the survivors of Kerbala and sent Zain al-Abedeen and the survivors to Madinah with all due honors and resources.

  4. The one who defeated Yazeed and set up a rightly guided Caliphate was Abdullah, r.a., son of Zubair, r.a. This great achievement is usually ignored in the popular narrative. [It could be because Abdullah, r.a., was the son of Asma, r.a., daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a. and like a son to Ayesha, r.a., the Mother of the Believers. He was the first child born in Madinah after the Hijra and he was blessed personally by the Prophet, pbuh.]

  5. Wild allegations are made about the Ummayad attack on the uprising in Madinah. Again these are sweeping allegations. There are no eyewitness accounts. Instead we have the Ummayad commander, a sahabi, protecting Zain al-Abedin , the imam of the shias, on specific instructions from Yazeed and in turn Zain al-Abedin praising Yazeed.

I welcome specific TEXTUAL information. Please do not send opinions and viewpoints.

 Breaking News


General Haftar, supported by the western powers with a large force of mercenaries, had a stroke on April 5.
On April 10, he went into a coma.
Some reports say that he is dead.
Other forces will be emboldened by his coma.

There are more than 2000 "militants" in Derna [some say al-Qaida]

ISIS was forced to leave Sirte by months of bombing but is lurking in the desert oasis, waiting to make a comeback.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora


The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen was in session for 8 and a half hours on April 22 in Baltimore.

The keynote speaker was Imam Ali Siddiqui
on "What the Future holds for Muslims in the US?"

The program was arranged by Sis. Kristi and chaired all day by Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

Africa was the focus of attention. Speakers urged Muslims to help families and orphans in Africa.
Sis. Ashira Naim spoke on Ethiopia.
Br. Abu Talib spoke on Gambia.
Imam Sennaar spoke on Senegal.

The shoora was very critical of Israel specially after Sis. Nadrat documented the activities of AIPAC in support of Israel. Numerous comments were made in support of the BDS movement which is actively opposing investment in Jewish settlements in Palestine.

Activism and da'wah in American cities in support of the oppressed and the downtrodden people was highlighted by :

Br. Kalem Umrani
Br. Abdul Rahman
Br. Abu Talib
Sis. Patricia
Sis. Shakoora
Br. Kaukab
Imam Sennar

It was resolved that New Trend's war news on the horrific suffering of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir should be read by all who want to support Jamaat al-Muslimeen and should be distributed in various Muslim communities in America.

The Shoora ended with dinner in a halal restuarant and du'a of thanks to Allah by Imam Ali.



Millions in Karachi do not have Water & Electricity. Jamaat e Islami looking for National level Solution.
by Qaiser Sharif

Karachi, Apr. 21; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirjaul Haq, has said that the forthcoming elections would be the harbinger of a bright and secure future for the nation.

In his special address on the opening day of the Ijtema of the Jamiat e Talaba Arabia, Karachi, he said that the elections would be a contest between the slaves of the US and the Ghulaman e Mustafa in which the latter would triumph.

Sirajul Haq said that the JI would continue its drive against corruption and for a prosperous Pakistan.

He said that that the country needed an interest free economic system. He said that the main reason behind the financial problems of the country was that the people generally did not pay taxes and the Islamic system of Zakat was not enforced. He said that if Zakat was enforced in the true spirit, the country would rapidly move towards progress and prosperity.

He said that the JI was a movement for the supremacy of Deen and it had been inviting the human beings to their Creator and not towards any individual.

He said that the western society was a materialistic society in which every individual was worried about his own problems and needs. The parents and the children had forgotten each other . However, he said, that in our society, the family system still existed and there was respect for the relatives.

He said that in the present world, two per cent elite were ruling over 98 per cent of the people and the situation was the same in this county as well. He said the JI was striving for an end of the hold of the feudal lords, vaderas and capitalists in politics.

Sirajul Haq deplored that the people of Karachi were without water and electric power in the present hot season. He said that the JI representatives would take up this issue at the National Economic Council meeting to be held in Islamabad on April 24 in a bid to provide relief to the people of Karachi.

War News

 War News

Russian-Iranian Methodology: Bomb and Deport. IS in South Damascus Suffering overwhelming Force: Syria Divided into Three.

Russian bombing campaign has succeeded in gaining "victories" for the Assad regime.

After thousands of civilians were killed and ten thousand wounded in the towns of Ghouta east of Damascus, the entire population moved to the north under protection of armed Islamic fighters.

Only the town of Douma was left in control of Jaysh al-Islam group. Within days the population of Douma felt the weight of Russian bombing, Assad's helicopters and barrel bombs and Iranian-Hizb artillery.

The final "persuasion" came in the form of a chemical attack which left nearly 70 dead. After that the entire population decided to accept the Russian invitation to move north to Turkish controlled areas.

Another "victory' for Assad.

Syrians know that the Russians will kill everybody if they don't move. So the population of Dumayr, 30 miles northeast of Damascus, decided to move before the bombing began. Now the people of Qalamoun, the other side of Damascus, are also moving.

The Russians are playing a wily role. They are telling the populations, they will be bombed if they don't move.

If they move, they will be protected by Russian guarantees of non-bombing.

The only Islamic force left in the Damascus area is that of ISIS which entered South Damascus several weeks back.

During April 17 to 22, this small force was subjected to severe artillery attacks [Iranian and Hizb] followed by Russian air strikes and now Assad's favorite ground-to-ground missiles.

ISIS has no defense mechanism against this overwhelming military power. However when Shia military units attacked on the ground on April 20, 21 and 22, the mujahideen put up a ferocious defense and drove them back. The ISIS fighters are said to be in bad shape and if the bombing continues may soon have to accept the Russian invitation to leave [into the desert because Turkey does not want them either].

Meanwhile on April 20, the US air force and its partners bombed an ISIS gathering near the banks of the Euphrates killing 28, including 7 commanders.

Such losses are deadly because the Islamic State can no longer receive supporters and volunteers from the Muslim world as it used to do because Turkey has closed its borders to them as have all other countries.

Iran however is steadily bringing to Syria, a steady stream of Shia soldiers from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and India.

LATEST fighting in Deir ez Zor province has gone in favor of IS in serious clashes with Assad's elite Alawite troops. The total now is 282 Assad troops killed as opposed to 91 IS killed. [SOHR statistics] However the IS losses cannot be replaced.

Russia is also bombing parts of Idlib province and Iranian artillery is pounding the northern countryside of Hama and the eastern countryside of Homs.

The country is divided THREE WAYS:

  1. Assad regime with Iranian help steadily increasing around Damascus, plus Aleppo, Hama, Lattakia and Homs cities.

  2. Turkish, FSA, al-Nusra and Chinese Uighur fighters in Idlib province [all of it], all of Afrin region and parts of central Syria.

  3. Kurdish Communist [YPG] with American help all the way from north to south along the Euphrates, plus Manbig and other areas in north central Syria.

Where will the people of Idlib go when Russia starts its bombing campaign there? No one knows.

ISIS has become a guerrilla force with little bits of territory across Syria. .

LATEST: April 22. Secularist Palestinians which Assad had brought to hit ISIS in south Damascus were hit by al-Nusra fighters which are in a small pocket adjacent to the area in ISIS control.. At least 20 of these Assad supporters were killed. [A small FSA force is also in the area.]

Atrocities in Pakistan were Committed by Agents, not by Taliban. CIA agent is now in Custody.

By Hussain Khan [The writer is a famous scholar who writes in several languages. He lives in Japan.]

My personal view is different from several Pakistani anchors of TV Shows. Bombing should not be confined to Syrian chemical weapons factories only. It should be expanded against all Syrian Air force and other Military establishments, which are now protected by Russia and Iran. America and its Allies should bombard tyrant Basharul Asad Regime until it is toppled.

Muslim countries have neither power nor will to act decisively. American rivalry against Russia can result in the freedom of Syrian people from the tyranny and cruelty of Assad regime. It can be a blessing in disguise. There is little hope of their rivalry escalating to that stage. But whatever little the Allies are doing should be welcome by the victims of Assad aggression. His regime has already mercilessly killed over 600,000 inhabitants of its own country and made millions homeless and refugees. If they get even an iota of relief from such bombings, it should not be matter of condemnation by our TV anchors.

Quran says that sometimes Allah punishes evil forces by arousing them to fight against each other. World Wars I and II were best examples of Imperial European Powers fighting against each other. It resulted in the freedom of over 100 Asian and African nations getting liberty and independence and freedom from their clutches and from exploitation.

Retired Justice Javed Iqbal Report to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights.

A DAWN report says that the chairman of the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances, retired Justice Javed Iqbal, briefed the National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights.

Justice Iqbal accused former president Pervez Musharraf and Qaumi Watan Party chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao of secretly profiting by selling Pakistani citizens to foreign powers.

"Aftab Sherpao, as the interior minister (under Musharraf), handed over 4,000 Pakistanis to foreigners and Musharraf has also admitted to doing the same," he said. "They received dollars in return and the parliament should get this investigated."

Justice Iqbal further told the meeting that,,,,,,"Former interior minister Aftab Sherpao claimed that 4,000 people were handed over to other countries. Pervez Musharraf, in his book, admitted that people were handed over to other countries, but parliament never bothered to ask who they are. "


They were subjected to inhuman torture for 4 years. American CIA investigated them thoroughly under cruel torture during this long period. A German newspaper was able to get a few authentic photos of this CIA cruelty. World came to know the ugly face of American 'liberty, freedom, justice and democracy'. Ultimately they were released because of their innocence. But Musharraf had handed over them as guilty "Taliban Terrorists". None of them was found involved in any act of "Terrorism".

A book was later published by a renowned, veteran Washington Post journalist. The author disclosed that the President Bush had allocated big budget for CIA to create fake Taliban in Pakistan. He revealed that figure in that book.

Ehsanullah Ehsan, a fake Taliban and CIA agent, used to take responsibility of all terrorist acts that were committed in Pakistan. He is now under arrest, under the safe custody of our Authorities and no action is still being taken against him. Would he have received such a 'comfortable' treatment, had he been a 'Real Taliban'?

Same is the case with the Indian Taliban. Hindu extremists organizations are openly taking pride in their speeches and writings that they have sent their volunteers as Taliban to Pakistan to commit terrorist crimes in our country in the name of Taliban.

This claim of Hindu extremist organizations is further confirmed by our Government. Peoples Party Minister of Interior of that period, Mr. Rahman Malik has several times declared that many such corpses were found who had no 'Khatna'. It is a sign of a Hindu corpse. They were all dressed as Real Taliban.

Real Taliban in Afghanistan have proved that they cannot commit such heinous crimes of terrorism in the name of sacred Jihad. They eradicated crime in Afghanistan. United Nations has praised and appreciated their success in completely wiping out business, production and culture of drugs in their country. I will later refer to my article, written a few years ago, on this subject.


Their motivation is based on a Fatwa of Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), endorsed by Imam Ibn-e-Taimia, Maulana Maududi and several other Ulama. It says that if a Muslim Ruler is not enforcing Shariah in a Muslim country, Jihad should be waged against him. I have heard some tape-recordings of Taliban Ulama. They derive justification of their Jihad from this authentic Fatwa.

A DAWN editorial on March 2,2008 has rightly pointed out, "THE unequivocal condemnation of terrorism by Darul Uloom, arguably Asia's most revered Islamic seminary, is praiseworthy. The silence of the Muslim clergy over terrorist violence had sometimes created avoidable misunderstanding and sparked unnecessary controversy. Over 4,000 Ulama from across the country recently attended the All India Anti Terrorism Conference at Deoband and issued a clear fatwa against the scourge..."

"........Darul Uloom, which has been known for its puritanical and hard-line brand of Islam, is believed to have inspired the Taliban. By declaring a jihad against terrorism, the ulema of Deoband...have sent a clear message: terrorism has no place in Islam... Islam, which clearly prohibited targeting of non-combatants even during wars, equated the killing of an innocent human being with the "killing of the entire humanity".

To distort the facts, our governments have publicized similar Fatwas of some other respectable Ulama in Pakistan and has given it a different color to suit their ends.. The purpose of the governments had been to mislead the true teachings of Islam for their parochial ends. No doubt, these Fatwas rightly claim that the declaration of Jihad is a prerogative of government. Any individual or group has no authority to declare Jihad. Basically this Fatwa is also right, true and authentic. These Ulama are also rightly presenting Islamic teaching.

But, unfortunately, our governments cannot use it to serve their selfish fiends to justify their neglect of enforcing Islamic Shariah in Pakistan for the last 70 years. This country was blessed to us by Allah. All Muslims of India had risen in unison to uphold the slogan: PAKISTAN KA MATLAB KYA? LA ILAHA. ILLALLAH.

But even after 70 years, Pakistan could not become an Islamic State. Even today, we are a Muslim State, not an Islamic State. That other Fatwa is applicable in case of an Islamic State. It cannot be applied on a Muslim State like Pakistan, which has not cared to become an Islamic State during the last 70 years.

In our case, Fatwa of Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) would be applicable. It calls for Jihad against a Muslim government, which has not enforced Jihad, as in case of our country.

The strategy of Jihad can be different in different Muslim countries. For Pakistan, Maulana Maududi had advised a different strategy for Jihad in this country. He advocated to struggle for the change of leadership in all walks of life including the government trough peaceful and democratic means, as Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba have been trying on these lines in Pakistan.

It is different from Taliban strategy in Afghanistan. Conditions, historical and cultural background, geographical position and a lot of other things are quite different and miles apart in these two separate countries. Taliban have found guerilla war the best way to bring regime change in Afghanistan. They succeeded in their strategy, but America and other Western countries smashed their rule.

Holy Quran says: "AL-KUFRO MILLATAUN WAHEDA". They will all be united against you, if you try to establish an Islamic State in any country. In our country, so called Liberal and Secular elements are all united against it, as we have seen its latest

Maintaining the Silence on Aafia


Maintaining the Silence on Aafia

What do the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and (the Pakistani daily) Dawn have in common? They all maintain the silence on the unjust imprisonment of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. As such, they are abdicating their responsibility as media organs to seek truth in this case of gross human rights violations of an innocent Muslim woman scientist.

My letter to the Washington Post on Aafia (after running the 2018 DC Rock 'N Roll Marathon in her name; letter is as yet unpublished by the Post):

My letter to the Boston Globe on Aafia (after running the 2017 Boston Marathon in her name; letter remains unpublished by the Globe):

My letter to (Pakistani daily) Dawn on Aafia (after running the 2016 DC Rock 'N Roll Marathon to call attention to Aafia's case; letter was not published by Dawn):

It is particularly shameful that Pakistani and other Muslim media refuse to openly and honestly discuss her case, or take any step which would compel Pakistani lawmakers to intercede on Aafia's behalf. Inshallah, they will be held to account on the Last Day.

--Nadrat Siddique


by Sis. Yasmin

  1. Tawbah (Repentance)
    "For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly (in repentance)
    [Source~ Quran 2:222]

  2. Taharah (Purification)
    "Allah loves those who keep themselves pure and clean."
    [Source~ Quran~ 2:222]

  3. Ihsan (Goodness & Perfection)
    "For Allah loves those who do good (to others)"
    [Source~ Quran~ 3:134]

  4. Sabr (Patience)
    "And Allah Loves those who are firm and steadfast (As-Sabirin (the patient))."
    [Source~ Quran~ 3:146]

  5. Tawakkul (Trust in Allah)
    "For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)."
    [Source~ Quran~ 3:159]

  6. Adl (Justice)
    "For Allah loves those who act justly."
    [Source~ Quran~ 5:42]
    "For Allah loves those who are fair (and just)."
    [Source~ Quran 49:9]

  7. Taqwa (Piety)
    "For Allah loves the righteous (the pious)."
    [Source~ Quran~ 9:4]
 Sis Yasmin

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