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8 Jamada al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- February 25 2018 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1747

Hadith of the Week

 Hadith of the Week

Prophet Muhammas, pbuh, said, each one of you is a ruler and each one of you is responsible for those you rule.........[Sahih Bukhari]

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show


From Sis. Yasmin

'Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim'
Blessings from Allah and the angels when we worsjip

'Assalaamualaykum Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatahu'.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah ~(may Allah be pleased with him) from Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), who said:

"Allah (glorified and exalted be He) has supernumerary angels who rove about seeking out gatherings in which Allah's name is being invoked:

They sit with them and fold their wings round each other, filling in that which is between them and between the lowest heaven.
When [the people in the gathering] depart, [the angels] ascend and rise up to heaven."

The Prophet - (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Then Allah (mighty and sublime be He) asks them - [though] He is most knowing about them:

'From where have you come?'

And they say: 'We have come from some servants of Yours on Earth: they were glorifying You (Subhana llah), exalting you (Allahu Akbar), witnessing that There is no god but You (La ilaha illa llah), praising You (Al-Hamdu lillah), and asking [favours] of You.'
He says:
'And what do they ask of Me?'
They say:
'They ask of You Your Paradise.'
He says: 'And have they seen My Paradise?'
They say: 'No, O Lord.'
He says: 'And how would it be were they to have seen My Paradise!'
They say: 'And they ask protection of You.'

He says: 'From what do they ask protection of Me?'
They say: 'From Your Hell-fire, O Lord.'
He says:
'And have they seen My Hell-fire?'
They say: 'No.'
He says: 'And how would it be were they to have seen My Hell-fire!'
They say: 'And they ask for Your forgiveness.'"

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Then He says: 'I have forgiven them and I have bestowed upon them what they have asked for, and I have granted them sanctuary from that from which they asked protection."

The Prophet - (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
"They say: 'O Lord, among then is so-and-so, a much sinning servant, who was merely passing by and sat down with them."

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "And He says:
'And to him [too] I have given forgiveness: he who sits with such people shall not suffer.'"

Hadith Qudsi # 14.
Note: 'Hadith Qudsi' are the sayings of the Prophet~ [ Peace be upon him ] divinely communicated to him.

{Source: It was related by Muslim (also by al-Bukhari, at-Tirmidhi, and an-Nasa'i }

Courtesy : Sis Yasmin.
~Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice, my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'~

{'Quran'~Surat Al-'An'am -# 6-162.}
{'In Shaa Allah'~'Aameen'}



Far-right German politician converts to Islam
Arthur Wagner quits Alternative für Deutschland, which campaigns on anti-Muslim ticket
Kate Connolly in Berlin
Wed 24 Jan 2018 11.45 EST
Last modified on Wed 24 Jan 2018 13.10 EST

A politician for Germany's far-right Alternative für Deutschland party, which campaigns on an anti-Muslim ticket, has converted to Islam and left the party, a spokesman has confirmed.

Arthur Wagner, a leading member of the party in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, said he would not comment on his reason for leaving the party, but confirmed to a Berlin daily that he had converted to Islam and that he had renounced his party membership on 11 January.

"It is a private matter," he told Der Tagesspiegel, adding that it had been his decision to leave.

A party spokesman said it had not been concerned by Wagner's conversion, and also confirmed it had not pushed him to leave. It claimed it had not known of his move when he announced his departure.

"The party has no problem with it," said Daniel Friese, a spokesman for the Brandenburg branch of the AfD. Being a Muslim was no barrier to being a member of the party, he said, despite the fact that among the party's campaign slogans before September's general election were "Islam has no place in Germany" and "Against the Islamisation of Germany".

The party has been accused of stoking resentment towards the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees living in Germany. "The AfD contains interest groups for Muslims, Christians and homosexuals," Friese said.

Wagner, who formerly belonged to the Christian Democrats and joined the AfD in 2015, is an active member of the German-Russian community and the vice-chair of the regional Russian-German committee. He has also acted as a translator for refugees from Chechnya.

He is believed to be the first AfD member to have converted to Islam after joining the party, although the party spokesman said there were other Muslims within its ranks.

The AfD was voted into the Bundestag for the first time last September as the third largest party. If talks towards forming a grand coalition government between Angela Merkel's conservative alliance and the Social Democrats are successful, the AfD would become the main opposition party in the Bundestag, with the right to speak second in debates, after a member of the government.

Wagner's case, although considered highly unusual, was being compared by German media to that of Arnoud van Doorn, a member of the Freedom party of the Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders, who was asked to leave the party in 2013 when it emerged he had converted to Islam and travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform the hajj.

A Second pillar of the Establishment goes down.

 NewBook Release

A few months after the release of Carlo Mattogno's thorough critique of the various postwar "confessions" by former Auschwitz Camp Commandant Rudolf Höss, we are proud to present his next devastating critique of the statements made by yet another key witness: Miklós Nyiszli. Carlo's deconstruction of Nyiszli leaves no stone unturned, and no stone standing:

An Auschwitz Doctor's Eyewitness Account
The Tall Tales of Dr. Mengele's Assistant Analyzed

 An Auschwitz Doctor's Eyewitness Account

By Carlo Mattogno and Miklós Nyiszli

Everyone knows Dr. Josef Mengele, the evil Auschwitz doctor who sent countless Jews to the gas chambers, performed cruel, pointless medical experiments on inmates, and gave twin research a bad reputation. But how do we "know" about his many diabolical deeds?

The most important source for what Mengele is said to have done at Auschwitz comes from the Hungarian Jew Miklós Nyiszli, a forensic physician who claims to have been Dr. Mengele's assistant at Auschwitz. In 1946, he published a book about his traumatic experiences while he was at Auschwitz. Over the years, his book has been translated into all major languages of Europe. It has become one of the mainstays of the orthodox Auschwitz narrative, right next to the testimonies of other key witnesses, such as that of the former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss, or of Elie Wiesel.

As influential as Nyiszli's book has been in forming the world's opinion about Auschwitz, Nyiszli's various writings have never been subjected to thorough critical scrutiny. The present book changes this.

Part 1 of this book contains a faithful translation of the original 1946 edition of Nyiszli's Hungarian book, while Part 2 makes publicly accessible for the first time essential excerpts of much-less known postwar texts by and about Nyiszli.

Part 3 thoroughly scrutinizes Nyiszli's writings with what we know to be true about Auschwitz from solid material facts and authentic documentation, while Part 4 compares his various claims with what other inmate doctors have stated who were in a similar position at Auschwitz as Nyiszli claims for himself.

Part 5 takes a critical look into how orthodox historians have dealt with Nyiszli's texts, while a short essay in the Appendix lays bare the mythical nature of the cliché of Dr. Mengele as the "Angel of Death."

The author's conclusion is dispositive:

"Nyiszli was either an extraordinary impostor or a lunatic; there is no escaping from the dilemma. And both horns of this dilemma - shameless mendacity or lunacy - disqualify Nyiszli and completely destroy his credibility."

[Courtesy CODOH via Germar Rudolf.]


The Black Panther Movie

A Balanced review ny al-Hajj Mauri Saalakhan


8 Jumada Al-Akhira 1439 A.H.

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):

This email contains a forwarded announcement of a 'Black History Month' program scheduled for tomorrow in Richmond, Virginia; in addition to a write up, and a link to a Facebook Live 'Movie Review' on Black Panther.

My Thoughts on The Black Panther
(I've made a conscious attempt to construct my review of Black Panther in such a way that, in shaa ALLAH, it hopefully will not spoil the viewing experience for those who have not yet seen the movie.)

One of the things I found distasteful about the movie was the idol and ancestor worship. This aspect of the plot was completely out of sinc with the image of a highly advanced and technological society. I also found the ever so subtle, but highly negative and prejudicial reference to Islam and Muslims, at the beginning of the film, very distasteful.

While the idol and ancestor worship subplot could be artistically justified by the movie makers arguing that they wanted to stay true to the original Marvel comic book storyline, the Boko-Haram style inclusion at the beginning of the movie is another matter. I was reminded of an observation made in a recent interview by one of the movie's stars, Lupita Nyongo, who said: "Everything you see in this film is deliberate, and is taken from actual cultures around the continent..."

With that being the case, one is compelled to ask the question, 'Who's idea was it to have that scene in the movie, and what was its purpose?'

What I loved about the movie - in addition to the beautiful cinematography, the riveting story line, and the superb acting by a predominantly black cast (which included some fiercely proud, intelligent, and strong black women) - was the emphasis placed on respect for the elders, family, and tradition.

One of my favorite lines in the movie was: "A man who has not prepared his children for his own death has failed as a father."

I also loved the fact that this mythical African country was a hidden jewel of technological excellence. Also interesting to see was the seductive role that tribalism, nationalism, and gangsterism played in the movie. And there was more than a bit of irony to the movie's plot line. While the movie began with a momentary scene that could be described as an Islamophobic slur, Islamic themes ran throughout the movie!

The central plot of the story reminds us of how important niyah (intention) is in the actions that we take (both good actions and wrong actions); the importance of mercy and forgiveness in the healing process; and the eternal truth that, "Power [devoid of justice] corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

I loved the way it ended, with a message of universality and challenge...and with an obvious indication of a sequel in the making.

All who see this movie - especially people of African descent - would be wise to extract the positive messages contained therein, and to build upon them. For Africans and African Americans this movie provides an excellent opportunity to help our communities (with what could be termed psychological humanitarian relief work); for Muslims it provides an excellent opportunity for da'wah.

I highly recommend the movie for people of all ages, and people of all cultures!

El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan

Black Panther, The Movie: A Facebook Live Review

On Feb 14, 2018 4:05 PM, wrote:







1241 Buford, Rd
Chesterfield, VA. 23235

2:00 - 3:00 (SPEAKERS)




Children in Gambia

by Br. Abu Talib
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn, New York]

 Br Abu Talib

Information on Children in Gambia and the feeding Program there.

Name of the organization is Public association for Educating the orphans and helping the needy in Gambia.

Also the Madina Salam Center.

Email address

Facebook: Public Association for Educating Orphans and Helping the Needy

Whats App 60108729570

Contact number is 220 9378780/3778660/ 6544512
At contact me about the feeding Program for Gambia for the children.

Also, Jamaat al-Muslimeen is helping families on a non-political basis in Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana


 Pakistan Flag

Military is Out of Control.

It has again been established that Pakistan Army is not controlled by the Government of Pakistan. It is an independent Army serving the cause that is considered best by the Army hierarchy. Will the parliament take action? Certainly not. PML {N} Government supports Army's supremacy. Every political leader supports the status quo. The status quo is that Pakistan Army can do what it likes and the Government will keep silent. Pakistan Army's criminal activities are ignored. Criminal activities of Pakistan Army are allowing US to kill and murder civilian by using drones. Pakistan Military also carries Military operations in Northern Pakistan resulting in destruction of villages and murder of civilians. As a result, there are now refugees which are wrongly referred as IDPs {Internally Displaced Persons] Displaced person. Some 95,000 families are internally displaced and struggling in North Waziristan amid Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

In short, the government and the Army are serving the interest of USA. In other words, their actions can be termed as those of traitors of Pakistan. It is imperative that Pakistanis should come on the streets and the slogan should be NO TO AMERICA and PAK ARMY SHOULD RETURN TO THE BARRACKS.

Shaikh Mohommad

War News

 War News


Regime Retreating

Regime forces are retreating from Kirkuk province after an ambush in which ISIS killed many regime troops.[Regime admitted 27 killed.] There is widespread panic as IS advances, Regime has sentenced 15 women to death. They are Turkish and were helping the Caliphate.

US air strikes on IS continue. In one strike, an associate of al-Baghdadi was killed.

IS has issued a video of a martyrdom attack like it used to do

5 Days of Bombing in Damascus Suburbs, Idlib bombed at random .
Turkey-FSA Advances.

The suburbs of Damascus have never seen such bombing in the entire war.

Bombs and missiles struck at the people of the suburbs of Damascus. Even the western powers were shocked and passed a Security Council resolution urging cease fire,

After the pause, the regime, Russians and Iranians struck again.

However when the regime tried to move in FSA, Jaysh al-Islam and others came out and stopped the shia advance. A brilliant defense, observers say, and the slaughter of the innocents did not help Assad.

3000 killed by Assad, including 300 children and 250 women

IDLIB province too is being bombed but al-Nusra, Turkestan and other groups are so well entrenched there, they often fight each other.

TURKEY and FSA are advancing and have taken 52 villages from the Communist Kurds. Turkey now has a 132 km strip along the Syrian border.

ISIS is well established in northern Homs province, north eastern Hama province, bits of Deir ez Zor and the 250 square km in the control of Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed [IS affiliate]. and a a little bit of Hasakeh province in the north east of Syria, [Source SOHR].

Viewpoint Baltimore

Slightly Funny!
a Community Association meeting glad I attended
by Sis. Ashira Naim

It rained most of the day and I was tempted to go home. Instead I regrouped and went on to the community meeting for my area. When I arrived about 15 minutes into the meeting time the participants where enjoying the refreshments of Pizza and salad .Pretty soon after my arrival the meeting was called to order.

This was the first meeting for me and I was not certain what the agenda was so I listened attentively. It soon became clear that the purpose of the meeting was to plan another meeting and the participants were making suggestions for the agenda which included who would be invited to speak because the next meeting would include all of the community associations in the Northeast area the date of the meeting May 17th and the invited speakers from the larger community would include the department of Housing an d Community Development, Department of Public Works, the police department representative, someone from the mayor's office. There was lots of discussion about what needed to be corrected in the community in so far as crime and trash in the streets and on the sidewalks.

In an effort to keep our meeting in tune with the youth who are demonstrating their disgust and determination regarding the same crime of murders by angry/irresponsible people with guns I asked the group if this concern that we are expressing overlaps with the same that is being expressed by the youth. This question brought about a lot more discussion in a more forceful show of concern and it was agreed that there is indeed an overlap. As a result I have been asked to formulate a resolution to be edited and approved by the president of the association. This resolution would then be presented at the May 17th meeting. I'm glad I attended because I found that there are others who feel the way i do.

Khutba in Baltimore February 23


What Makes a real Muslim in the example of Muhammad, pbuh?
Emphasis on "internal" vs "external" is dividing us.

On February 23, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen.
Here is an outline of the khutba:

  1. Muslims are supposed to be a universal brotherhood/sisterhood, united and strong like one solid structure.

  2. They have become divided over a period of 1400 years owing to steady mixtures of alien influences as they became a global ummah.

  3. Owing to oppression by tyrants and kings, many Muslims became intraverted. They do many things which are Islamic, such as DIKR, DU'As extra NAWAFIL, extra fasts. All these are wonderful but they do not make them complete Muslims. When the enemy strikes, they are easily defeated and often actually cooperate with the enemy in the false belief that their piety will make the enemy kind to them. Jihad is ordained in every big sura of the Qur'an but they are totally disoriened from it.

  4. They think jihad means violence but they end up not opposing the enemy at all. The Qur'an and hadith teach many ways of opposing the enemy other than violence. THe entire life of Muhammad, pbuh, in Makka was total non-cooperation and clear opposition to the kuffar but we have started thinking that his, pbuh, life in Makka was only du'a and zikr.

  5. On the other side are the externalists who think armed struggle is the only way. They emphasize the beard, the hijab, the rules of formal prayer. They put up a great fight against the enemy but they are so harsh and merciless that the enemy'a propaganda isolates them from the global ummah. The propaganda of the enemy is widespread and often sophisticated. The ummah itself starts thinking that that those who are giving their lives for Islam are "extremists". Thus the Muslims end up fighting each other.

  6. RIGHTS OF WOMEN are central to Islam. The husband must let her go with gifts, Or she can get KHULA without giving ANY reason for ending the marriage.The great sahaba, r.a., gave KHULA on the basis of incompatibility. The Saudis have claimed the husband must agree to the KHULA, There is no basis in Islam for the Saudi claim

  7. In Pakistan, a top Muslim leader has married a woman who took khula from her husband

May Allah help us to study the Qur'an with hadith There is no Islam without Hadith.

2018-02-26 Mon 22:24:10 ct