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2 Safar 1439 A.H.- October 22, 2017 Issue # 43, Newsletter # 1729

Hadith of the Week

 Hadith of the Week

Muta' [Temporary marriage] is forbidden in Islam

Ali, r.a., narrates: The messenger of Allah, pbuh, forbade temporary marriage, muta', at Khyber....
{Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Part of the exploitation of women is the behavior of men who take women for their sexual pleasure and then abandon them after they have had their pleasure. Usually this behavior is a form of prostitution for a fixed period of time in which the woman is given a token gift. Unfortunately, to undermine Islam, Shias have made temporary marriage a center piece of their religion. They claim to revere Ali, r.a., but they ignore this authentic hadith narrated by Ali, r.a.

Ali, r.a., was the hero of the battle of Khyber . Hadith about his bravery at Khyber is accepted by Shias, which they like to embellish, but they try to undermine the hadith against temporary marriage.

 Good Advice

A Khutba on Prayer and Some Thoughts

October 17, 2017

By Nadrat Siddique

Last Friday, I visited Dar ul-Hijrah for juma'ah prayer. The mosque is a very large establishment mosque, frequented by a good mix of Indo-Pak, Arab, African, and American worshippers. The khutbah was by one Br. Ahmed Hassan, and the topic was "The Importance of Salah" ("salah" is the formal Muslim prayer). The youthful khateeb expressed himself well in both English and Arabic, and the khutbah was, at surface level, a beautiful one. Unlike some others I've heard, it was easy to follow and not at all soporific. He spoke on how the prophets (A.S.) throughout time were commanded to pray, and that while other pillars of Islamic faith, such as hajj, or zakat, could be forgiven at times, salah was an absolute requirement.

However, the khutbah remained very academic, as Hassan did not tie it in to anything real, practical, or relevant, instead quoting beautiful, flowery Qur'anic verses instructing each Prophet to pray. He did this masterfully in Arabic and in English.

He did not address prayer's role in organizing the community, its role in shaping the Muslim identity, or most importantly, its affirmation of the Oneness of God. It is not trivial that one bows down in the prayer to one's Maker. This is a physical affirmation of "Innal Hokmo Illah Lillah" ("Authority belongs to Allah alone"), and as such, a negation of all other authority, including human authority. Hence the very act of prayer can be a challenge to the prevailing power structure.

At the same time, the prayer strengthens the Muslim for all possible trials and tribulations which may arise in daily life, as well as in the course of confronting human authority. "Thee alone do we worship; Thee alone do we ask for help," is the oft-repeated refrain of the Fatiha.

Following the juma'ah prayer, some friends and I went to Bamian, an Afghan restaurant near the mosque. To my amazement, Imam Hassan, whose "pie-in-the-sky" khutbah I'd just heard, was seated at a table very near us, along with three cohorts. I longed to ask him: Did he know of the recent U.S. bombing of his country? (I guessed that he was from Somalia.) And—was he aware of the U.S. bombing/ intervention/ neo-colonial occupation of numerous other African and Muslim countries? Further, did he know that in 2016, the U.S. dropped 26,172 bombs on Muslim countries including Yemen and Libya? Out of respect for another imam whom I greatly respect, who was seated at my table, I elected to play the good little quiet Muslim girl, and didn't accost the imam with these burning questions.

"If you know, why do you keep quiet about it, and fail to use a single second of your khutbah to speak the truth on these matters, given the command to the Muslim to do 'amr bil mauroof' and 'nahi unal munkari' (enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong)?" I longed to ask him.

"It is too political, sister. And the masjid doesn't get involved in politics," is the standard answer I get to similar questions. On the Last Day, is that what they will tell their Creator, that their brothers and sisters were being bombed, killed, raped, imprisoned, tortured, starved—but they kept quiet about it, because it was too political? And Allah ho alam.


New Trend's Simple web site is doing a good job.
For September only:

231531 hits
761 Daily Visitors.
Thank you Br. Rich.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

 Local Outreach


Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Latest Document given to 103 Pakistani Americans in Catonsville, Maryland

Research on the Las Vegas Massacre. Suffering of Women in America.

On October 20, after juma' salat at Masjid Fatima, a five-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 103 Muslims of Pakistani origin.

Here is an outline of the document:

  1. Terrible suffering of women in America could lead to warnings from Allah in storms & hurricanes. [Br. Kaukab's khutba]

  2. Innocent Sudanese prisoner Tariq elHassan died in US prison. [Sis. Nadrat via Sis. Ayesha]

  3. &
  4. Is there a connection between IS and the Las Vegas massacre? [New Trend research]

  5. Hadith: Prophets do not leave inheritance.



Niger Again

October 22: Suspected Islamic State fighters attacked Nigeria troops in the town of Ayoror killing 12 Nigerian troops.

This is near the area where 4 US Green Beret elite troops were killed leading to controversy in the US media.
[Niger is north of Nigeria.]


Deadly Ambush

October 20. Egyptian security forces fell into an ambush set by lslamic militants.Thiis area is known as al Wahat al Bahriya

and is located in the desert west of Cairo.

In the gun battle which followed 15 fighters were killed or injured.

The Egyptian security losses were serious including 54 officers killed. The dead included two Egyptian generals, a colonel and 10 lieutenants.

Turkey was the target. 356 Killed.

The death toll from, the October 14 massive bomb blast has risen to 356 killed and 225 injured. Fifty are still missing.

Somalia's US-backed regime has strong links to Somalis living in America.Somalis living in various US and Canadian cities went into mourning.

Special mourning ceremonies were held at Dar al-Hijra mosque in northern Virginia. Ambassadors from various African governments spoke to condole with Somalians. The imam of the mosque El Sayed gave a eulogy.

Reports from wire services indicate that the bomb attack was aimed at the military center Turkey has set up in Mogadishu to train a new 22,000 man army to fight al-Shabab.

The President of the regime in Mogadishu is a Somali-American.


National Shoora: Why is it essential?

On November 18, the National Planning Committee of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet to discuss and explain the Islamic viewpoint on the current situation in America.

Jamaat, an organization of American Muslims, is concerned about the unclear situation of Muslims in America. We have First Amendment rights: hence we want to discuss the global silence on the mass killing of Muslim civilians, including 40,000 civilians killed in Mosul, 10,000 in Aleppo and a steady stream of atrocities in Myanmer [Burma].

Within America we are concerned about the exploitation of women, the police killings of unarmed Black/poor men, the long prison sentences handed out to those accused of "thought crimes."

Censorship is a big issue. The major media are blocking the discussion of issues like war, homosexuality and Holocaust.

This is a non-violent movement which is uncompromising on honesty and integrity.

A small group can bring about major changes if it follows high principles and is guided by the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Some of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's views and activities are projected through New Trend. Readers can help this cause by emailing and physically distributing New Trend to Muslim communities. This process has been underway on the east coast. We need similar acitivty in Chicago and the West coast.

America still accepts freedom of expression. Don't be silent. Amr bil Marouf and Nahi un il munkar are obligatory Islamic duties. [Sura 9:71]

Remember that in Makka the Prophet, pbuh, had hardly any supporters, yet he challenged the entire starus quo. At a much humbler level, we must try to follow his example.

War News

 War News


Leaders Killed.
After 4 months of fighting against a small ISIS group, on October 18 the army killed the two leaders uniting the defense.

Uprisings have emerged in two other area further down in the islands but are not attracting the army's attention yet.

The much larger peaceful MNLF movement has been given a package of concessions so that they may not be attracted to ISIS.


Wave of Taliban Attacks.
Heavy Fighting

October 21: In Kabul, 15 army cadets were killed and 4 wounded in an attack on a military academy on a human bomber

October 18: Mujahideen from the Taliban movement wiped out a regime army camp in southern Kandahar province. The attack was led by two martyrdom operators and developed into an hours long gun battle. The base was destroyed and 43 regime troops killed. Another 9 troops were and 6 are missing [perhaps captured]. Ten of the Taliban were also killed in the fighting.

In northern Balkh province 6 policemen were killed in a Taliban attack.

In western Farah province in a gun battle 22 Taliban and 9 policemen were killed.

October 17.
Ghazni provincr: In a nine hour battle 25 police and 5 civilians were killed. 10 police and 6 vivilians were wounded/ 13 of the Taliban were also killed.

Gardez [capital of Paktia province]

21 police and 20 civilians were killed and 48 police wounded. Among those killed was the regime's provincial police chief and his staff. Two martyrdom operators from the Taliban gave their lives..


IS Enters South Damascus. Raqqa after 4 months of bombing. Top Assad general Killed. Executions & Atrocities by Regime. Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid.

[Statistics from Syrian Observatory for Human Rights]

October 16 to 22

On October 18, Assad's top general Essam Zahr al-Deen was killed in Deir ex Zor in a mine explosion triggered by IS. The regime is celebrating him as a fallen hero. This General had taught regime forces to hunt and kill anyone opposed to the regime. He announced that Syrian refugees will not be allowed to return home.

One notorious atrocity was that his troops kidnaped a girl from Bustan Charity and took her body parts. Later, her family took revenge by killing the three kidnapers.

October 20: Islamic State fighters enters Damascus from the Yalda area in the southern tip of the city.

ISIS attacked regime forces at the administrative border of Homs province and Deir ez Zor province. In heavy fighting, 14 regime troops were killed and 18 wounded.

In another offensive IS advanced in the Wade al-Wair and forced Hizbullah and shia troops to retreat, killing 19 of them.

October 21: Following steady bombing by the Russian air force, Russian, Iranian and Hizb forces broke into Deir ez Zor city. Fierce fighting with IS is continuing in the city. From the north east Kurdish forces backed by the US air force save also arrived n Deir ez Zor. Though blocked temporarily by an IS counter attack, their advance is continuing.

A large regime force attacked al-Qaryatayn, The IS defence force killed a regime army colonel and three other officers but seeing the numbers of the assault, IS withdrew from the town.

In Deraa province's West Yarmouk basin, Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid [affiliated to ISIS] is advancing in ongoing battles with factions allied to the west and/or in cease fire with the regime.


After entering the city of Deir ez Zor, regime troops are committing serious atrocities against civilians whom they see as opponents of the regime. On October 22, they executed 35 civilians including 6 women and 4 children.

In the southern countryside of Aleppo, the regime shelled three villages seen as supporting the opposition.

In the north east of Hama's countryside, the regime is shelling and the Russians are bombing positions of al-Nusra and other opposition factions.


Western media are presenting the capture of Raqqa by US-backed Kurdish forces as a great victory and the "liberation" of Raqqa. The small ISIS defense force was outnumber 10 to 1 and bombed DAILY by the US air and other western air forces for FOUR MONTHS. There were no anti air craft defenses. IS had no long range artillery or tanks. After the deaths of hundreds of civilians in the bombing by the US, the civilian population fled the city. There was no electricity and food and water ran out. Somehow the defenders kept fighting for about FOUR MONTHS. No army in the world can do that.

The city has been destroyed. The Toronto Star noted on October 18 that LONG RANGE AMERICAN ARTILLERY was hitting the small pockets of defense which remained.

No one welcomed the Kurdish occupation forces. A few Kurdish Communists danced among the ruins and the western media presented these as a "victory celebration."


US Drones Attacking al-Qaida in Yemen

On October 21, in Abyan province. a US drone strike killed 6 people suspected by the US of being al-Qaida. Their leader was incinerated beyond recognition.

On October 15, in Shabwa province a US drone strike killed 5 people suspected of being al-Qaida.


Shi'ite Militias Clashing with Kurdish Peshmarga Fighters.

ISIS conducting Carefully organized low level Warfare.

The Kurdish vs Shia situation has escalated rapidly in Iraq. After the Kurdish vote for independence, conflict became inevitable.

Iran warned the Kurds not to try to hold on to Kirkuk otherwise they would suffer heavily. So when a large Shia army approached Kirkuk, the Kurdish forces withdrew. Their rearguard suffered almost a hundred casualties as the Shi'ite militias attacked them.

After that the Shi'ite militia advanced on the Kurdish stronghold of Erbil. At a small town near Erbil, a battle took place which inflicted scores of dead and wounded on the Shias who then retreated.

The US did not object to the Shi'ite takeover of Kirkuk. The Shia militias are backed heavily by Iran. Turkey, Iran, Iraq are opposing the Kurdish developments.

Meanwhile ISIS seems to be re-organizing. It occupied three villages near Daquq but withdrew before the night ended. Near Tal Afar they are mobilizing again and are being struck by the regime's air force.

The ISIS enclave on Iraq's border with Syria is still stable despite American air strikes.

Al-Jazeera has published a report on the mistreatment of the people of Fallujah by the Baghdad regime. It's like the Israeli policy of checkpoints in occupied Palestine.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

For Once a Peace Initiative

President Carter Offers to go to North Korea

"I would go, yes," Carter, 93, told the Times when he
was asked in an interview at his ranch house in Plains, Georgia whether it was time for another diplomatic mission and whether he would do so for President Trump.

Carter, a Democrat who was president from 1977 to 1981, said he had spoken to Trump's National Security Adviser Lt.-Gen. H. R. McMaster, who is a friend, but so far has gotten a negative response.

"I told him that I was available if they ever need me," the Times quoted Carter as saying.[October 22]


Horrific incidents are happening in Pakistan indicating deep hatred.
On October 22, in Buner area of frontier province, bodies of two policemen were found. They had been decapitated.

New Pakistani PM's Astonishing Comments on the Military.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi , I salute you for saying the truth.

This country has a constitution and no one has a right to set aside the constitution. Sadly in the past, the military used force to impose Martial law. I am glad to note that the Government has woken up and want Military to remain in barracks. Pakistan belongs to the people and they should decide who should rule over them. I refer to periodic elections. The mistake that the present Government made was to allow General Musharraf to go out of the country. He should be prosecuted for committing crimes against the constitution. Even now it is not too late. The Government should issue warrant of arrest against Musharraf and pursue all the cases against him.

If any one in the Army feels that he should talk about politics, he should first resign from the Army and then issue statements.

Comment by Shaikh Mohommad

The Express Tribune> Pakistan

Military dictatorship always halted progress in Pakistan: PM

By News Desk

Published: October 14, 2017

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday said that military dictatorship always halted progress of the country.

The premier, who is in Karachi on a day-long visit, was speaking during the inauguration ceremony of Pakistan International Bulk Terminal at Port Qasim on Saturday.

The premier further said that the people of Pakistan should decide who they want in the government and who they don't.

"The masses have always elected political parties that have performed well for them," he said adding that leaders who do not perform well should be sent home.

"But the process should be democratic and the people should decide," stressed the premier.

Taking an apparent jibe at the army chief for his remarks for the country being in 'sky high' debt, the prime minister said that the PML-N -led government, in its four years, has made the economy stable.

According to him, the current government was successfully completing power projects, initiated by the previous government, along with the ones the ruling PML-N started.

He said load-shedding was the biggest crisis in the country during 2013 after gas shortages but even then, the government was able to complete all of its power projects within the given tenure.

Defence dependence on US has long ended, says PM

"The previous government faced an energy crisis, our government has brought stability in the country and added 10,000MWs to the national power grid," Abbasi added.

The Pakistan International Bulk Terminal at Port Qasim was completed at a cost of $285 million early this year, according to a press statement, and has so far provided berths to 12 coal ships. It has been dredged up to 13 metres and is capable of handling ships of up to 65,000 tonnes.


From Br. Nisaar via Sis. Yasmin


Last week after finishing my 'Fajr' Salah I spotted a man in a corner of the 'Masjid',

supplicating to Allah. The man was in a very simple dress and was literally weeping.

That aroused my interest as I have discovered many potential chances to help the needy from people who don't beg before men but

they approach only Allah...!

This man had a pity face and a huge body,

I would say obese. I sat little far from him and waited for him to finish his duas. Meanwhile his phone rang and he spoke in a painful tone.

I could sense the immense pain in his words.

he was saying to someone on the phone:

'Right now I am sitting in the masjid before Allah and He is the only hope'.

I was more curious about his sorrows so I waited to talk to him.

Finally he finished and got up to leave.

I hurried to him and greeted him.

He was still wiping his tears.

I asked him: Akhee ! Is everything okay?

he replied: My niece is serious in Hospital.

I responded him:

Do you need some money ?

(though I am not wealthy but I love to be a response for someone's Dua)

Suddenly he looked up at me and hugged me then he wiped his tears and we walked out of the Masjid. He was still not in a position to talk so I put my hands on his shoulder and whispered:

I have some savings with me in case it's your emergency.

We had reached in the parking of Ajman's big masjid and he was still quiet.

Then he put his hand in his pocket and I saw a car key hanging on a beautiful key chain. The man got emotional and this time he patted my shoulders and said---

"That's how we should hand over our matters to Allah even if you can afford.

Before or while using our sources Allah should be our first option.

That is my Super Market and we are very rich Alhamdulillah but nothing works like an earnest Dua".

Saying this, the rich man thanked me and walked away towards his car.

He lived in a huge villa nearby but was a beggar before Allah.

I stood there stunned to discover one more common man

leaving a huge impact of 'Tauhid' and 'Tawaqqal'

on me...!

He was right, Allah should always be our first option.

I went back to the 'Masjid' and started making my own Duas to Allah. Surely some people breeze into our lives but work like a storm ...!!!

{'Subhan Allah'}


Y a s m i n.

*Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah*

"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever}

the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"

{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }
[Source: By Nisaar Nadiadwala]

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