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19 Zulhijja, 1438 A.H.- Sept. 10, 2017 Issue # 37, Newsletter # 1723

 Hadith of the Week

Hadith of the Week

Good Actions are Rewarded, However Small
[Applies in Particular to the Stormy times we are witnessing.]
Abu Hurairah, r.a., reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "I saw a man in Paradise (and enjoying himself) as a reward for cutting from the middle of the road, a tree which was causing inconvenience to the Muslims".
[Sahih Muslim].

[Received from Qur'an and Hadith group.]

Latest Khutba

Influence of Evil is growing and Americans don't Know what to do about it.

On September 8 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma khutba and led prayers at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in center city area of Baltimore. This small mosque was filled up with worshippers all the way to the back..
The khutba was much appreciated. Here is an outline of the khutba for distribution on the Internet.
"O my People! Yours is the dominion this day: Ye have the upper hand in the land: but who will help us from the Punishment of Allah, should it befall us?"

[The Qur'an 40:29]

Narrated Abu Saeed al-Khudri , r.a: I heard the Messenger of Allah say, "Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith." (Sahih Muslim)

  1. The Pharoah who, in the arrogance of his absolute power, thought that he was some kind of god and could do whatever he wished, was drowned by Allah Almighty.

  2. The Qur'an warns the powerful and the mighty not to think that they will not be punished. The punishment may come suddenly and may be overwhelming.

  3. Allah is not punishing America yet but we are getting glimpses of what may happen if this country does not move away from the path it is following.

  4. This country goes and bombs countries it considers weak and defenseless. This country supports tyrants and criminals ruling other countries. "We" support Israel, Syria's Assad, Egypt's Sissi, Iraq's Abadi and the corrupt rulers of some countries in Africa.

  5. The sickening genocidal massacres of Muslim women and children in Burma are not even reported in the US media. The government here has good relations with the ruthless regime in Burma. Human Rights Watch reports entire Muslim villages set on fire by the Buddhist regime and mobs. Neither our media nor our government show any concern.

  6. The masses of America too need our help to understand what is being done to them. Industrial pollution, toxic wastes being pumped into the air, the wasteful habits of our people are eroding the quality of life in the world we live in. Indications are that we have created GLOBAL WARMING and now it is catching up with us. THE OCEANS ARE RISING.

  7. Houston, the 4th biggest city in America, was turned into a lake for a few days by a hurricane. Now we have a new hurricane threatening Florida. This is not punishment from Allah. This is only a sign of what might come if we keep messing up the world we live in.

  8. Our young people are being subjected to an inner "genocide."
    1. The drug culture is sweeping across the country,
    2. The gun culture is leading to murders of young people by other young people. In Baltimore there have been 170 or more murders this year. Really shocking is the news from Wilmington, Delaware, where the murder rate is about to overtake Baltimore. Why are our young people not being helped? Why so much random violence?

  9. The homosexual culture has become so bold that it is not only interested in its own rights but is imposing its ideology on the young people of the entire country.

  10. Allah has indicated destruction for nations which justify and popularize the homo culture. Whatever was left of the family system is being undermined by the new concept that homo "marriages" are equal to marriages between men and women.

  11. There is a multi billion dollar pornography industry in America which is transmitted to Muslim countries. Women are denigrated and trivialized by the porno artists as merely vessels of sexual pleasure for males.

  12. Is it a surprise that rape is increasingly being presented in the media and movies as not a terrible tragedy but "something which happens." There is hardly any respect left for women.

  13. It is our message and mission as Muslims to give the choice of getting out of this increasingly immoral [and even amoral] situation in America by accepting Allah and His messenger..

  14. We must honor and respect women, oppose violence against women and encourage early marriage where possible.

  15. Speak out against war, against the bombing and occupation of Muslim countries.

  16. The genocide in Burma, Syria Iraq and parts of Africa, is a sign of our times. Evil is taking over.

  17. We must get away from the culture which preaches Paradise without struggle and sacrifice. You must have heard that you recite such and such verse and your sins will go away and you will go to Paradise. Think why the Sahaba sacrificed so much. Why didn't just sit down and do zikr?

  18. Some people narrate a hadith that Bilal, r.a., did wudu so well that his place in Paradise was reserved! They forget the suffering Bilal, r.a., went through. Only after that when he got to do Wudu, it was such a great occasion. Think of the battles he fought for Islam and how he killed the slave master, Ummaya, in the battle of Badr.

Du'a: Ya Allah help us to study the Qur'an and hadith every day. Give us spouses who will stand with us for Islam. Give us health, give jobs to those who are jobless and give halal earnings to those who have jobs. Ameen

Political Prisoners :

 War News

War News


In a surprise move, Pakistani Taliban have moved to get the support of Pakistani women. The new Pak Taliban magazine is called "Sunnah e Khaula."

It includes an interview with the wife of Maulvi Fazlullah who has been defying the power of Pakistan's military. After fighting bloody battles with the Pakistani military, he retreated to a remote area in Afghanistan.

[Khaula was a mujahid woman who fought as part of the army of Abu Bakr, r.a., against the Romans in the golden era of Islam.

Marawi Core Still in Mujahideen Control. Australian Troops coming in to help Defeated Regime forces.

September 9.

Philippines media [which are relatively free] admit that the core of Marawi city is still under Is-affiliates Maute and others.

The regime seems unable to defeat the Islamic fighters and Australian troops are coming in to help the regime army.

Earlier President Duterte announced to the army that it should carry out operations against mosques if they sense IS presence.

Meanwhile, Amaq, the news agency of IS central has issued reports on the high level of casualties of Filipino army in its efforts to re-take Marawi.

IS re-Emerging in Conflict with pro-West General Haftar.

US monitoring systems indicate that Islamic State groups have re-emerged in central Libya only a few months after being bombed out of Sirte by the US and UAE air forces.

Clashes have occurred with General Haftar's army resulting in losses for his forces.

Russian and American Air forces wreaking havoc killing more than a hundred IS.

Deir ez Zor turns from victory to stalemate for Assad regime.

Pro-US SDF Kurds stuck in central Raqqa. Setback for Iranian-Russian forces east of Hama. Clashes around Damascus.

ISIS has no way of stopping air strikes. Two most powerful air forces of the world, Russian and American, with various smaller ones, have turned Syria into target practice area. The Islamic State forces are suffering heavily in the air strikes despite efforts to hide.

Russian strategy was brilliant in that it has cease fire with Tahrir [formerly al-Nusra] [al-Qaida]. These Islamic fighters remain uninvolved even when IS is carrying out life-and-death battles with Hizbullah- and Russians within hearing distance.

IS morale is still high as can be seen in the counterattacks they launch when Assad's forces come within striking distance. They use car bombs, martyrdom operators, mortars and heavy machine guns. In addition to the Russian air force, most of the fighting is being done for Assad by Hizbullah of Lebanon, Iran, Russia and Shia militias from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Most of IS forces are Syrian but have small special forces from Iraqi Sunnis and volunteers from around the Muslim world, mostly from Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Tajikistan and small groups of converts to Islam from Germany, France and other European countries.

There is no chance that either Russia or America will allow an Islamic State or Caliphate to exist because that would change the geo-politics of the world.

Battles taking place now:
  1. A large Iranian-Hizbullah force advanced with Russian air support to end the siege of the Assad garrison in a part of Deir ez Zor city and military area.

    IS could not stop them but when they announced victory, IS counterattacked and there was heavy fighting. Assad's forces have reached Deir ez Zor but could not take it. They are opening a road to send in supplies to the besieged Alawite garrison but the road is under IS sniper fire.

  2. In central Syria, a large Hizbullah-Iranian force, led by RUSSIAN TROOPS, advanced east of Hama. IS counterattacked but were slaughtered by the Russian air force. The advance continued but a ferocious new IS counterattack has driven the regime forces back and captured most of the city of Uqayrabit. The two sides fought very hard resulting in 185 IS and 69 Hizb etc killed. Some more Russians have been killed. Amaq says IS has the bodies of 7 Russians and some wounded Russians captured.

  3. American air force is bombing IS daily in Raqqa and other IS cities. On September 9, the Americans bombed a civilian prison run by IS in the town of Bukamal on the Iraq border. 18 non-political prisoners and 5 IS guards were killed.

    American bombing of Raqqa is becoming ineffective because the mujahideen have tunnels in the city. Kurdish Communists supported by USA took about half of Raqqa with US air support but all this week were stuck in front of IS defenses backed by mud walls and tunnels. SDF has suffered heavy casualties.

  4. Around Damascus the regime is using heavy artillery and ground-to-ground missiles to eliminate the FSA and other Islamic groups controlling various townships. On September 10, Assad's troops suffered a blow.. They had dug a tunnel near the Al Rahman group's stronghold near Jobar. The mujahideen found out and blew up the tunnel after Assad's troops entered it. Heavy Assad casualties:

Note: SOHR reports videos of regime forces said to be entering Deir ez Zor were not of Deir ez Zor but had been taken elsewhere. It was a regime propaganda gambit and the western media joyfully reported it.

Large American Force Massing near Mosul to Help Shia Regime attack Hawija.

Source: Anadolu [Turkish] News agency. September 9
U.S. troops have been deployed along the line between Iraq's northern Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces to support a planned Iraqi army campaign to retake a district of Kirkuk from the Daesh terrorist group, a Peshmerga source said Saturday.

"Large concentrations of U.S. troops have arrived in the Al-Qaraj area some 90 kilometers southeast of Mosul," Younis Kuran, a Peshmerga officer, told Anadolu Agency.

Armed with "smart" artillery batteries, the U.S. troops are there to support a planned Iraqi army campaign to recapture Kirkuk's Hawija district, according to Kuran.

"U.S. troops and vehicles have converged on the area and are now preparing to shell the targeted district," the Peshmerga officer said.

Last week, the Iraqi army began deploying troops to the Shirqat and Hawija districts -- respectively located in the Saladin and Kirkuk provinces -- with the aim of reestablishing control over northern Iraq, much of which was overrun by Daesh in mid-2014

 News within the US

Crimes Against Women are Common. Here is a ghastly one.

A pregnant woman's boyfriend doused her with gas and lit her on fire, according to police in Maryland.

The attack happened Friday at an apartment complex. 30-year-old Andrea Grinage survived, but reportedly suffered severe burns -- 90 percent of her body -- after her apartment went up in flames.

She also had to give birth to her daughter 7 weeks before her due date.

Grinage and her new baby girl are both recovering.

Aaron Dickens

Sep 9th 2017 [AOL NEWS}

 Breaking News

Burma's Rohingya Muslims: Buddhist Brutality Beyond Limits

About 146,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from violence in Myanmar bringing the total number of refugees to 233,000 since October.

Myanmar has come under pressure from countries with large Muslim populations to stop violence against the Muslim Rohingya.

At least 400 people were killed and nearly 125,000 fled to Bangladesh in the deadliest bout of violence targeting the minority group in decades.

Dhaka says the Rohingya are not welcome, and has told border guards to push back those trying to enter the country illegally. But a huge number of Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh in just 10 days, joining more than 400,000 others already living there in cramped makeshift camps.

These camps lack the basic facilities of life and the community has to live in inhumane conditions.




Just as the dawn came in and the Adhan came piercing through the darkness, the rains began to pour from the clouds.

Yet, in spite of the unfavorable weather, the Faithful left their homes in droves to celebrate the Festival of Sacrifice. The count was reported as more than the Eid ul Fitr, 100,000+ at the Umar Masjid and grounds in Nazareth (Adama) Ethiopia.

The speakers were out owing to damage caused by the rainy weather and electrical outages. The Imam could not be heard by most of the people. The spirit of the Believers filled the atmosphere as many hugs and kisses were shared along with the Greetings "Eid Mubarak." Sadaqat was distributed to the needy on behalf of Jamaat al Muslimeen by an Ethiopian Representative of Jamaat al Muslimeen, Brother Naseebu Moges.


Racial Attitudes in Trying to Please the Oppressors
by Sis. Aisha

{Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - This past week,it was revealed that NFL player Michael Bennett was violently apprehended by Las Vegas police officers after a shooting. The disturbing video showed Bennett's detainment. Of course, he was let go. He was unable to discuss the incident with the media because he became too emotional and had to walk away from the microphones.

Michael Bennett has and will continue to avoid partaking in the National Anthem ceremony before NFL games. He my have been singled out by the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) because of this act of defiance. He also plans to sue for this humiliating act by the LVPD.

However, ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith, who has done and said some questionable things just to stay in ESPN's good graces, made a comment that I found insulting. He commented on the disturbing incident with Michael Bennett and then, stated that black people needed to be just as vocal about crime in our communities.

What?! But, most importantly, why would Stephen A. Smith make such a comment?

He made the comment to let his White ESPN radio bosses and listeners know that he was distancing himself from Black people by being unfairly critical. The comment had absolutely nothing to do with this assault on an innocent father at all! It was almost as if Stephen A. Smith was saying that we Blacks bring these illegal police criminal acts on ourselves by being criminals!

This is a move that the oppressor loves to see and hear. It is a move to alienate and anger Blacks. This pleases the oppressor.

Pres. Obama played this type of minstrel role to make himself seem less threatening to White people. All Blacks, who are apart of this matrix, play this role to make themselves seem less threatening to their oppressor.

I attend Masjid Malcolm Shabazz, sometimes, and I noticed something. The head Imam there is more critical of something that happened centuries ago: The selling of African POW's to European slave traders for gold. He also stated that there is no documentation that supports the commonly held belief that the Europeans created or instigated these African tribal wars. The wars were already going on and the Europeans simply came there and took advantage. I have not researched this for myself. I do know that there are lies told about Black and White people.

The head Imam, and second and third Imams in command, has been critical of overseas Muslims for "twisting" the Qur'an and using it for "evil." They never mention these groups by name, however.

Something else these Imams never mention is police criminality or America's foreign policies. They all say that freedom is right here in America, not elsewhere. America may not be so war-torn, since it is so busy tearing up everyone else's country but, there is definitely oppression here.

This is another ploy to make the oppressor view them as less threatening but, it never works. At this past Friday's Jummah, another Imam was speaking about how the head Imam's 2001 speech, at the 9/11 memorial gathering at Yankee Stadium, is never shown nor mentioned. I remember that very pro-American, anti-Islamic speech. Our enemies only seek to use us for their purposes and this Imam served his purpose for them, at that time.

It could be an agenda or maybe these Imams really feel this way. It is their right but, I feel that it conflicts with the Qur'an, especially not criticizing all wrongs, just ours based on kuffar media descriptions of Muslims.

This is the behavior of the hypocrite (Munafiqueen). It is this type of behavior we need to be observant of because these types of people are very good at making themselves look like a friend when they are really working for the oppressor.

I have been blessed to have, had great teachers in my mother and New trend Editor Dr.Kaukab Siddique, who pointed these things out to me.

 Contributions from a Reader

The Earth Trembles-
The Heavens have Darkened

Evil has appeared on land and on sea because of the Injustice of the wicked~evil doers.

Blessings have dissapeared ! good deeds are less ! and the beasts have become powerless !

Life has become corrupted because of the wickedness of the wrong-doers.

The morning light and the night's darkness shed Tears...{!} because of the awful deeds that are committed.

Honorable writers among the angels and others from among them have complained to their Lord because of the prevalence of misdeeds and the supremacy of atrocities {!}'

By Allaah! This is a warning of approaching torment, and forthcoming afflictions- so you have no resort except sincere repentance as long as repentance is still available.

Do not wait until there is no escape in which Allaah {Aza Wa Jall} says

'And those who do wrong will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned'.

[ Source: 'Quran'~ Surat Ash Shu'ara 26 ~A # 227]

Source of the Post :Ibn al Qayyim (Rahimullah)~Taken from al Fawa'id.}

My Addition ...

Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].

ظَهَرَ الْفَسَا™ُ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَح¨رِ بِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِي النَّاسِ لِيُذِيق¤هُم بَعْضَ الَّذِي عَمِلُوا لَعَلَّه¥مْ يَرْجِعُ¨نَ

{Source : 'Quran' Surat Ar-Rum~ 30 A # 41}

My 'Salaams' to all.

Sister Yasmin.

"All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honor"

{'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

'Wasting time is Worse than Death! Because Death Separates you from this World Whereas wasting Time Separates you from Allah'.

[Ibn Qayimm Al-Jawziyyah (r)]


The lessons we should have learned from Sacrifice on Eid al-Adha
[From Sis. Abida Rahmani, Canada]


Let's sacrifice on this eid ul adha not just animals.

Let's sacrifice our ego, which stops us from doing so many good things. Which stops us from forgiving so many people,which stops us from looking at our own self.

Let's sacrifice our pride which makes us look down on others.

Let's sacrifice our greed for material things or called TALAB E DUNYA ,which makes us collect more n more of everything. Which puts us on a path of never ending greed for more of everything of this immoral world.

Let's sacrifice our anger which makes us break beautiful relationships

Let's sacrifice Our grudges that we hold in our hearts against others.

Let's Sacrifice all our pessimism all our negativity.

Let's sacrifice the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) running in our heads full time non-stop,

Let's sacrifice our material gains to earn the spiritual gains.

Let's Sacrifice our nafs

And lets share and distribute among others:

Our love for loved ones and strangers,

Our care for those ESP who we might never meet again in life

Our affection for everyone

Our time share it with everyone ESP the elders,

Our treasures ,our blessings which multiply when shared.

Let's add more sacrifices on this eid ul azha...

Let's sharpen the knife of our faith, and sacrifice all the bad we have inside of us.

Let's bow our heads with sincere Repentance and remorse...

Only to share and distribute

All the goodness we have inside of us.

:Let's follow the true sunnat e ibrahimi..

:Let's sacrifice our most loved possessions

Which is the real spirit behind qurbani ,


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