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29 Shawwal 1438 A.H.- July 23, 2017 Issue # 30, Newsletter # 1716

Hadith of the Week


No One Inherits Wealth from the Prophet, pbuh.

"After the Prophet, pbuh, passed away, his daughter Fatima, r.a., asked Abu Bakr, r.a., to distribute the inheritance from the Prophet's, pbuh, wealth. Abu Bakr, r.a., said to her: The Prophet, pbuh, said: "No inheritance goes forth from our wealth. Whatever we leave behind is charity."
[Sahih Bukhari, #3092, Sahih Muslim # 1709, Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, #25]

Comment from Kaukab Siddique: The Shiite religion has spent a great amount of effort in trying to attack this hadith. However, this hadith is very authentic and is reported by both Bukhari and Muslim. Islam is not the religion of any one special family and the Prophet was not an ordinary individual whose inheritance and family should be treated like that of any other person; he was the Chosen one.

The concept of FINALITY of prophethood is part of this concept of non-inheritance.

{Jesus, pbuh, taught the same idea of spiritual non-inheritance. The prophets are unique though human.]

 NewBook Release

A Great book for Early Teens

A novel by our distinguished Muslim sister Karen English

"It All Comes Down to This."
355 Pages. $16.99.
Clarion Books

It's the summer of 1965, and Sophie LaBranche, nearly 13 years old, is bracing for the awful moment when her big sister, Lily, goes off to college. She'll be left alone with her work-obsessed mother and father and with the family's baleful housekeeper, Mrs. Baylor, who made clear her dislike of Sophie the moment she arrived.

In the family's mostly white, upper-middle-class Los Angeles neighborhood, Sophie's social life is less than ideal. There's her age (which can be awkward for anyone), her eccentricity (she's a bookworm) and her light brown skin. In fact, Sophie and her parents appear to be the only black people in the area; Lily, as her name suggests, can "pass" as white if she chooses.

In the captivating novel "It All Comes Down to This" (Clarion, 355 pages, $16.99), Karen English drops 11- to 14-year-old readers into an era when Americans watched the same TV shows and people said "colored" rather than "black" or "African-American." For Sophie, it's just the way the world is, and at least she can count on her best friend, an equally brainy redhead who enjoys playing pranks on their prejudiced neighbors.

Like the pattern in a kaleidoscope, though, Sophie's perceptions begin to shift. She discovers her father in company he shouldn't be keeping. Her sister gets involved with the housekeeper's handsome, dark-skinned son. And Sophie sets her heart on a role in a play that, we fear, she can't win. Ms. English has a light touch, and she captures human idiosyncrasy in an honest, witty way that makes her characters relatable, whatever their color or pallor. Unfairness and race-consciousness run through the story—so do surprises. Bigotry wears many guises. Kindness does too.

[Courtesy Wall Sreet Journal]

 Web Statistics

New Trend's Web Site Doing Quite well.

Thank you Br. Rich!

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669 Daily average Visits.

Political Prisoners :

 Breaking News

Turkey Uncovers US/French army bases in Syria

France 24. July 21.

In the latest display of tensions between Turkey and other NATO member nations, Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency earlier this week published a detailed report of the secret locations of US military bases, operational posts and military posts inside Syria. The 620-word news report also included the numbers of US soldiers and French special forces stationed at these locations.

Inside Report on Cameroon, West Africa


Torture & Military Campaign Against Muslims in Africa.
American & French troops with Israeli Contractors in Cameroon Military Camp

[Courtesy The Intercept]

Spatial analysis by Forensic Architecture, utilizing satellite imagery, open-source material, and 3D modeling to geolocate the Air Force veteran's photos, confirms the precise areas visited by Americans. Combined with interview material obtained by Amnesty International, the group's work indicates Americans — and possibly French military personnel and Israeli contractors — have apparently unrestricted access to Camp Salak, and have regularly been present at, or very near, sites where detainees have been incarcerated or tortured.

Such abuses should come as no surprise to the U.S. government. The State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor has long chronicled human rights violations in line with Amnesty International's findings. In 2007, the State Department's annual human rights report noted that "more than 100 persons were reportedly beaten after members of the Rapid Intervention Brigade arrested them in and around Maroua, in the Far North Province. The victims were detained for several days at Salack [sic], where many of them were stripped naked, blindfolded and beaten, then held in a cell with water on its floor." In every State Department human rights report since 2010, BIR troops have been cited for assaults, killings, and other outrages against noncombatants. Last year's report specifically cited previous investigations by Amnesty International into torture and deaths at Salak.

Salak serves as ground zero for Cameroon's fight against the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, a campaign that the United States has thrown its full support behind. Last month, President Donald Trump sent a letter to Congress outlining current "deployments of U.S. Armed Forces equipped for combat." In addition to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia, Trump mentioned Cameroon, where "approximately 300 United States military personnel are also deployed, the bulk of whom are supporting United States airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations in the region."

Over the last decade, the United States has devoted hundreds of millions of dollars to Cameroon (more than $111 million in security assistance since 2015) while training its elite military force and providing everything from arms to humanitarian aid to development assistance.


Systematic Torture of Muslims

July 20: Amnesty International has issued a report on Cameroom which documents the use of torture by the regime against Muslims suspected of being supporters of Boko Haram. The Muslims being tortured include women.

The number of suspects is very large but Amnesty has specifically documted a few over 100.

The torture is so brutal that some of the Muslims have died under torture.

The Guardian adds that American security agents visited while the torture was going on and played football right next to the compound where torture was going on.

[Boko Haram is a large Islamic movement in Nigeria which wants an education system which is not controlled by western powers. The Nigerian military has conducted a vast torture-and-kill system against Boko Haram killing thousands. Owing to the support of the poor masses, Boko Haram has not only survived in Nigeria but has spread into Cameroon.]


Israeli Attempt to Take over Masjid al-Aqsa Back fires.

On July 21, thousands of Palestinians refused to accept Israel's attempt to take control of Masjid al-Aqsa and prayed outside the third holiest mosque of Islam.
Israel is required under international agreements to let Muslims pray at Masjid al-Aqsa without let or hindrance.

Following an armed clash at the mosque last week, Israel locked down the mosque and insisted that Palestinians enter through metal detectors to enter the mosque.

Palestinian leaders saw this as a clever attempt to control and take over the mosque which Israel is not allowed to do.

Large crowds of Palestinians protested by praying OUTSIDE the mosque.

Protests were also held by Palestinians across the West Bank at 10 townships.

Israel used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds, killing three Palestinians and injuring more than a hundred.

In a Palestinian knife attack, three Jewish settlers were killed as was the Palestinian attacker.

The imam of the mosque was shot during Israeli attempts to disperse the crowds prayng outside the mosque. Fortunately he survived.


Masoud Khan:
Innocent, Victimized.

Please write to this innocent prisoner of America who never hurt anyone in his entire life and never committed a crime.

Masoud Ahmad Khan
Reg. No. 46810-083
FCI Cumberland
P.O. Box 1000
Cumberland, MD 21501

Masaud grew up in America and Saudi Arabia and attended the American schools while abroad. As a child Masaud enjoyed sports such as soccer, baseball, and swimming. He attended Gaithersburg High School, but left public schooling in his last year, and earned his GED (high school) certificate in 1991. Masaud attended Montgomery College, majoring in Computer Science. He was married in June 2000 and his son, Ebraheem, was born in Maryland in 2003.

At the time of his arrest in 2003, Masaud was working as a kitchen designer for Home Depot, and was a student on the honor roll at Montgomery College, majoring in Architecture.


A Mosque in Milwaukee, WI

July 20, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters::

Assalamu-Alaikum. Masjid Nursi is restarting its services with a new vision and reorganized board. The board met and decided unanimously on the following:
  1. The number of board members has been reduced from 13 to 9.
  2. Khutbahs will be only in English.
  3. Jumah Khutbah and Prayer will not be longer than 45 minutes. We will begin Jumah this Friday, July 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm. Please be prompt we will not wait for others.
  4. Khutbahs wi ll given on a rotation basis. So that we can cover a variety of topics with various speakers.
  5. Br. Salleh Ahmed will be a temporary Imam and caretaker/handyman of the Masjid. He will live in the adjacent house. He has already worked two weeks and repaired many parts of the Masjid. InshaAllah, he will continue improving the Masjid.
  6. An Imam will be recruited as soon as possible.
  7. Two Dais (Islamic workers) will join us; one from Turkey and the other will be Spanish speaking.

Br. Suleyman Kurter and the board members



Muslims should not Claim Victim Status. Most Americans are friendly and Supportive Towards Muslims.

A Look at the Machinations of one self-serving Group.
[New Trend report]

An organization of US Muslims has sent a misleading report about the conditions of American Muslims to a newspaper in Pakistan. [You can guess which organization.]

This group claims that "anti-Muslim hate crimes in the US rose 91 percent in the first half of the year" 2017. One would think that civil war is going on in USA against Muslims.

However, when you read on in this report, it says that "The most frequent type of incidents documented by .... in the second quarter of 2017 involved harassment defined as a non-violent or non-threatening incident."

Thus if nothing happened, if a non-Muslim stared angrily at a Muslim woman, it would be counted as an incident by this group.

The report mentions a "double murder" in Portland but does not point out that those killed were non-Muslim Americans who objected to a man harassing a Muslim woman. This fact alone destroys the "islamophobia" theory. Two non-Muslim Americans gave their lives defending a Muslim woman.

Then in Virginia, a young Muslim woman was killed by a person, illegal alien, from San Salvador, not a White Supremacist. The police is investigating.

A few mosques have been hit when they were empty.

That's all in a nation of 300 million people plus 11 million undocumented people. Is there any country which has fewer such incidents?

America's problems are racism and the exploitation of women plus the support for Israel, not islamophobia.

Does this group which talks of "islamophobia" challenge the legitimacy of Israel? Not a word!

What about the Ummah concept, the unity of Muslims central to the Qur'an and hadith? Does this group oppose any American military action, be it bombing, droning, White Phosphorous or occupation plus support for local tyrants? Not a word.

In fact these "gentlemen" have specifically supported actions against just about all Islamic groups which are armed and fighting.

Is Trump against Muslims? Are Saudis, Egyptians, UAEs not Muslims? He loves their rulers. He wants restrictions on Muslims coming from 6 countries. Are there only 6 countries in the Muslim world?

Like this group, Trump is against all Muslim groups which are armed and dangerous. So why is this group complaining?

Is it okay to use religion to support Obama's people and then use religion to oppose Trump?

What about our political prisoners? Why is this group silent about them?

Dear Muslims, our policies should be based on the Qur'an and Sunnah, not on non-Muslim political groupings.



Before the assault on the Red Mosque

This is the 10th anniversary of the assault on the Red Mosque in Islamabad, so we are publishing the Historic Interview our Editor, Dr. Kaukab Siddique conducted with Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, the Lal Masjid [Islamabad] leader who put his life on the line to support the Hafsa Women's Struggle.

New Trend was the first U.S. publication to investigate what is happening in Pakistan DIRECTLY. For background, readers should remember the uprising of the Islamic women of Jamia Hafsa, the biggest women's university in Pakistan. The Hafsa women defied the police and exposed two major corruptions of the Musharraf regime:
  1. The demolition of mosques.
  2. The activities of a procuress who supplied women to Musharraf's officials.

Also see New Trend's interview with Umm Hasan, Principal of Jamia Hafsa, which was held on April 28, 2007 with a follow up interview on May 3, 2007 (this historic interview was published last week in New Trend Edition #1715, and can be seen on our website,

"The 1% Elites Own & Buy-Sell Pakistan: Shariah Must be Implemented for Change"

New Trend: Abdur Rasheed Ghazi sahib! Asalamu alaikum. I have published two interviews with Sis. Umm Hasan of Jamia Hafsa. I noticed in the Pakistani media that you support the daughters of Islam. Your outspoken commitment to the uprising of the young women has brought you support from all over Pakistan. But now I notice that a leading politician linked to Musharraf, Choudhury Shujaat Hussain, visited you. After visiting you, he announced that the problem has been solved and the two of you have agreed. This is disappointing if we know that Choudhury Shujaat is the leader of the political party fabricated by the General.

Abdur Rasheed Ghazi: walaikum asalam. Let me address that. Choudhury Shujaat came here. We talked and I gave him our demands. Number one is that the government must rebuild the mosques it demolished and re-build them on their original sites.....

NT: But Ghazi sahib, Choudhury Shujaat is a master politician. You are no match for him in gamesmanship.....

ARG: Please let me continue. Along with our demand for the re-building of the masjids, I told him that the sources of immorality, corruption and the exploitation of women must be closed down...

NT: Okay!

ARG: In addition, I told him that shariah [Islamic Law] must be implemented in Pakistan and we have to set an early time limit for its implementation.

NT: Are you telling me that Choudhury Shujaat agreed to the implementation of Islamic Law [shariah] in Pakistan? That's not honest of him!

ARG: He had no choice! You see, Pakistan is ideologically and constitutionally obliged to implement Islamic Law. He had to say yes, for the sake of his own credibility! We also told him that the regime must stop all its activities against Jamia Hafsa. If the regime thinks we are doing something illegal in Jamia Hafsa, bring the evidence. So what could he say?

NT: Okay, now I understand. The media published only his viewpoint without stating your response. Is this Choudhury Shujaat a big fish in Pakistan?

ARG: He has been Prime Minister, though very briefly, and very popular with pro-government factions.

NT: What is Lal Masjid's agenda? Why are you taking such big risks, defying Musharraf in his own citadel of "Islamabad?" What do you consider the central issue in Pakistan?

ARG: The main problem is that an elite 1% is ruling the remaining 99%. The 99% of our people have no rights. Millions are ground into the dust without basic facilities. Misery, dirt, lack of health facilities is the lot of our people across the country. The very few have everything. The great majority have to fight over the smallest benefits.

NT: How will you face the government?

ARG: We want to use peaceful means, but we have countrywide support and we will not back down.

NT: Why is Ejazul Haq [former President Zia's son] after you? He has been issuing statements against you. What's his position in the government?

ARG: He is the minister of Religious Affairs!

NT: La haula wala quwwat!

ARG: The government is making issues and accusations about Jamia Hafsa which were never made in the last ten years. Clever harassment is going on. An office has been opened right in front of the gate of Jamia Hafsa. We asked, is it the right thing to do to open an office only a few feet from where our daughters live?

NT: I am puzzled. You are a "maulana" and you are taking great risks to support the rights of women. How come?

ARG: Look at the early history of Islam and you'll get the answer.

NT: Tell me about yourself. Where are you originally from?

ARG: From Baluchistan, the Mazari tribe. Very poor. We haven't made any worldly accumulation of goods for ourselves. I was born in 1964. We grew up in Islamabad. My father was the first khateeb of Lal Masjid. He was offered membership in the Shoora which was formulated by General Zia ul-Haq. He refused. He said that he would have accepted if the Shoora was a real shoora but it was only a rubber stamp for Zia's policies.

NT: You speak both Urdu and English well. Where did you get your education.

ARG: I also speak Arabic and Baluchi. I got my M.Sc from Quaid-e-Azam University [Islamabad] in 1988.

NT: I have heard there is something very controversial about you and your brother Maulana Abdul Aziz owing to which the government hates you. What is it?

ARG: Maulana Abdul Aziz gave the fatwa that it is not permissible under Islam to say janaza prayers for the Pakistani soldiers who died in the fighting against the forces of Islam in Waziristan.

NT: No wonder!

[Phone call was interrupted, so ...]
Follow up on May 3:

NT: I have read in a Pakistani newspaper that Ejazul Haq [Musharraf's Minister of Religion] went to Arabia and got the IMAM of the KA'ABA to give a statement against you.

ARG: Yes. It is understandable. If someone tells the Imam of the Ka'aba that we have illegally taken the land on which Jamia Hafsa is built, he would say that such an action is wrong. We say, let us bring our evidence and let Ejazul Haq bring his, and then a decision can be arrived at.

NT: If you don't mind my saying so, the Imam of the Ka'aba is only an appointee of the Saudi regime.

ARG: Yes...

NT: The Imam of Ka'aba also objected to the actions of the young women in Jamia Hafsa.

ARG: Again the evidence shows otherwise. Yesterday we invited Anisa Tahir Khaili, State Information Minister, who has criticized the young women, to visit the university. She came and visited and was very satisfied with her visit. She said that she found the young women imbued with the spirit of Islam and thoroughly devoted to the mission of Muhammad, pbuh.

NT: Why is Ejazul Haq so active against you that he went to "Saudi" Arabia to undercut you? You know many Pakistanis are often very impressed by the Imam of Ka'aba. They don't realize that he has no Islamic authenticity. Just a government appointee.

ARG: He was probably instructed by the ISI [Pakistan's top intelligence service] to do so. It won't work. We have support and Islamic authenticity.

NT: Any latest developments we should know about?

ARG: The government has closed down our web site...

NT: But I just visited it!

ARG: It is under a system which can be shut down locally and cannot be seen in Pakistan though it can be see overseas.

NT: Ms. Benazir Bhutto has given some statements against you. Quite bogus but full of accusations and innuendo which U.S. papers have published.

ARG: Yes, I have seen her statements and I have given a full reply which has been published in numerous Pakistani papers including Nawa-e-Waqt, Ausaf and Ummat.

NT: Thank you! Jazakallah khair.

War News

 War News

Marawi after two months.
Military Losses Rising.
Impact on the Government

July 23. Exactly two months after Maute and Abu Sayyaf
groups united under the banner of the Islamic State, they are still holding on to the center of Marawi city . Most of the fighters have gone back to the countryside but 70 remain and are holding back a very large government military force.

According to Concept News center, government troop losses have risen to 105 killed. The air force has destroyed most of Marawi but could not dislodge the Islamic State [IS] fighters.

The fighting began when the regime tried to arrest Isnilon Hapilon, the Emir of IS in the area.

According to the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, a Malaysian Islamic leader Dr. Mahmud Ahmed helped to unite the two groups and connected them to ISIS in Syria.

Also, a result of the regime's failure to take back Marawi over two months, Philippines has now decided that it will not take part in the 2019 SEA Games.

Another result, says the Institute, is that feuding IS groups in Indonesia have decided to unite to imitate the Philippines groups.

Guerrilla Warfare in Sinai.

July 17. In Al Arish, north Sinai, Islamic State {IS] fighters ambushed and set on fire an armored vehicle of the Egyptian security forces. Two more armored vehicles which came to help the first one were also hit and set ablaze. Five troops were killed and 11 wounded.

This area is near Gaza and the Israeli occupied area. Egyptian military defends the Israeli area and stops access to people wanting to help Gaza..

Earlier on July 16, Egyptian jet fighters destroyed 15 all terrain vehicles crossing from the Libyan desert, bringing battle supplies for the Islamic State fighters.

[Source : Fox News.]

Mosul Week 40. Trump 26
US-backed Shia Army Committed Genocide in Mosul.
40, 000 killed. 900,000 Homeless.

The entire city of Mosul has been destroyed. The destruction was caused by US "coalition" air strikes, long range artillery and close range tank fire.

As the city is now open to journalists, the immensity of the genocide is emerging. The British paper The Independent is quoting usually reliable Kurdish intelligence services that at least 40,000 civilians were killed in the 9-month long assault on the Islamic city. AIR WARS which documents civilians killed in air strikes documented 5818 civilian deaths but speculated at least 2000 more people are lying dead in the rubble. However AIR WARS had not checked the damage from daily artillery barrages fired by the Baghdad forces The new estimate of 40,000 killed may prove to be conservative.

Details now forthcoming not only from journalists but from Iraqi regime forces indicate the following:

  1. The Shia armada after facing stiff Islamic resistance in West Mosul, [much more determined than in east Mosul] let loose heavy weaponry in general attacks on the city.

  2. ISIS snipers were a real problem for the regime forces. When faced by a sniper, the Shias would call in a US air strike which would kill not only the sniper but all the people in that housing block. 500 pound bombs are the norm in US air strikes.

  3. Long range artillery used by Iraqi Shias andIranian Revolutionary Guards were deadly in killing civilians at random.

  4. The regime used Apache helicopters to fire rockets into heavily populated areas.

  5. The Islamic State had no defense against air strikes or against long range artillery. The fighters were soft targets, quite defenseless against jets and powerful guns. There was nothing they could do about it. The Shias, Americans, British, French etc were in the mode of target practice.

    However, once the Shias entered the inner city, the mujahideen fought them street by street and house to house and inflicted heavy casualties.

Latest situation: July 17 to 23. Fighting continued in parts of West Mosul near the river. The mujahideen forces dwindled from 1600 over nine months to less than 100. Those who were wounded or near unconsciousness owing to lack of food and water were "captured" by the regime forces. Several hundred "suspected" IS supporters have also been "detained" and squashed into tiny rooms in intense hot weather to face slow death.

Scores of women from western Europe who had embraced Islam and joined IS have been captured by the regime forces. Some children have also been "captured."

Videos have surfaced of Shia troops executing prisoners. Hundreds of "suspects" have been herded into tiny spaces and in the videos they are not unlike the slave ships which brought Africans to America.

The Baghdad regime's forces, which suffered heavy losses in Mosul, are re-deployng because they face the fact that the Islamic State [IS] has forces in control of major towns, Hawija and Tal Afar, and three towns on the Anbar province border with Syria. IS guerrillas are also active in various areas including Diyala province on the Iranian border.

Russian, American, Assadi bombing Continues Daily. Damascus Suburbs, Raqqa, Homs Desert Witness Heavy Fighting. Lebanon-Syria Border in turmoil.

July 22.
The latest attempt by the SDF [Communist Kurds] supported by the US air force to advance into IS capital of al-Raqqa was repelled by IS. At least 19 SDF and 8 IS were killed in the clash

July 21.
South of Douma, at Al-Rihan town [a suburb of Damascus], Assad's troops trying to advance fell into an ambush by an Islamic group known as Jaysh al-Islam. Including senior officers, 28 of Assad's best troops were killed.

In Idlib province, opposition groups have been fighting each other all week. These are Ahrar al-Sham and Tahrir al-Sham [formerly al-Nusra]. After bitter fighting and losses on both sides, a cease fire was reached when the population came out on the streets to protest and called on the two sides to stop.

July 18:
Homs Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says: a brigadier-general in the Assad regime forces along with several members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen were killed in shelling and clashes with ISIS in the eastern countryside of Homs. It should be noted that the deserts of Palmyra and Al-Sukhnah are witnessing shelling by and clashes between both parties in an attempt by the regime forces to advance into the area and expand their scope of control while ISIS is trying through its counter attacks to make progress at certain points and prevent the regime forces from making a new advancement in the area.

In the Western Qalamoun mountains, on the Lebanon=Syria border, FSA, al-Nusra and IS hold various tracts of land .[This blocks access to Assad regime from the west of Damascus.] . Fighting began on July 19 and continued till July 23 as Assad's Hizbullah allies and Shi'ite militias started moving against the opposition enclaves.

Meanwhile BOMBING by various air forces continue. A new factor is that the Russian and American air forces are taking turns to bomb IS populations in Mayadeen and Deir ez Zor.The civilian casualties, mostly women and children related to Islamic State fighters, are increasing on a daily basis.

Assad's helicopters and jets are attacking opposition areas in Idlib and around Damascus.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Extreme Poverty is Possible in USA.
A Message from our Christian Friend

by Felicia Livingstone, Writer and editor [Baton Rouge, Louisiana]

I was in the Mall when I noticed a man with tattered shoes. The soles were worn through. I pulled a security guard aside and inquired about the man. The guard said it was actually a homeless woman. I stood and watched as countless people walked by and didn't even notice her. She was invisible to them. I wanted to cry not for her but for a society that had become so desensitized that they couldn't even see her.

She walked to the pretzel stand and I approached her and spoke. She looked around and couldn't believe someone took a moment to acknowledge her existence. I told her to get whatever she wanted and I doubled her order so she'd have something to eat for later. I told her to walk with me.

She smelled pretty bad but I never mind showing the homeless love. I can shower later in my comfortable home. As we walked along, she told me her name was Leeba. I bought her a new pair of tennis shoes. I made a point to speak to everyone we passed, as we walked along. I meant they were going to acknowledge her and speak to her TODAY. They did.

Most of you know, I quietly do these things daily or whenever God allows. This post isn't about what I do. However, I do ask that you SEE them. When I spoke to her, that was enough. That alone gave her hope. SEE THEM! They matter. Kindness and compassion don't cost you a thing.

Los Angeles' Homeless Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse
[With thanks to Mark Weber in California.]

There is a growing crisis in the land of make-believe - a soaring increase in the number of homeless people living on its streets. Homelessness in Los Angeles County soared by 23 percent in the past year and it shows. The problem has become tangible and inescapable, with makeshift tent encampments cropping up across the sprawling metropolis. Tourists are shocked to find themselves stepping over people draped in filthy blankets and begging on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

The yearly homeless count in Los Angeles County rose to 58,000 in 2017, up from 46,874 in 2016. Neighbouring areas, such as Orange County, are also experiencing the same upwards trend. Young people - aged 18-24 - are the fastest growing group of homeless people, up 64 percent.

And children without a home increased 41 percent.

Source: BBC News



Linda Sarsour and the word :"Jihad."
She is Eloquent but she Totally Misunderstood the Word.

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

During the recent ISNA convention, Linda Sarsour used the word "jihad" and was immediately condemned for using it by the far right and supported by liberals. The far right claimed she was preaching terrorism. The liberals claimed, Jihad simply means struggling to do good deeds. Even if one helps ones neighbor, that is jihad.

Intrigued by this mish mash of contradictory ideas, I listened to Sarsour's entire speech and here are my findings:

  1. She did not begin with BISMILLAH. There is no verse from the Qur'an in her entire speech. Even the word "Qur'an" is not mentioned in her speech.

  2. The entire furor is over her quote from one hadith in which the Prophet, pbuh, said: The greatest jihad is to speak the word of truth in front of a tyrant ruler. She did not give the reference which is Sahih Muslim.

  3. Why is this hadith so important? Because a tyrant can imprison you, seize your property, ban you from speaking or even kill you. If Sarsour had spoken the word of truth in Syria in front of Bashar Assad, or in front of General Sissi in Egypt, or King Salman in Saudi Arabia or King Abdullah in Jordan, that would have been jihad. She could have been arrested, her property could have been seized and she could even have been tortured or killed.

  4. Is any of that happening in America? Absolutely not! Freedom of expression is guaranteed here by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. She was addressing a large Muslim gathering in a non-Muslim country without any restrictions. In fact the police here protect Muslim gatherings.

  5. She is eloquent but that does not give her the right to misuse Islam and claim to be heroic when it is the easiest thing to do in America,

  6. Looks like she confused dissent with jihad. ISNA people are not used to any kind of dissent, so they thought she was heroic.

  7. Linda Sarsour emphasized her Palestinian descent but in her entire speech, she did not say one word against Israel. Even a Palestinian child would speak against Israel but she did not. The question arises, why not?

  8. The reason is that she is a supporter, perhaps a part, of the Democratic party establishment, the main support base of Israel in America.

  9. The only practical proposal she made was that Muslims should, with their wealth, support a person who wants to be elected the next governor of Michigan on a Democratic ticket.

  10. She should know, but obviously does not, that you cannot change a system in any fundamental way by becoming part of it.

  11. Some of her stuff was really weird. She claimed that when she is alone Siraj Wahhaj comes and talks to her in her mind. [This borders on SHIRK.] Is it possible that she is not aware of Siraj Wahhaj's life long efforts tp raise money for the multi- million dollar mosques which have drained the resources of America's Muslims? Siraj Wahhaj helped a Zionist judge to put a great scholar of Islam, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, in prison for life where he died a slow death.

  12. She kept on praising one Dr. Sayeed in a very unIslamic flattering style common among non-Muslims
  13. The ISNA crowd was just like Sarsour. Instead of saying TAKBEER, they kept on clapping every few minutes. At the end of her speech, they stood up just as it is done in non-Muslim gatherings.

My advice to Linda Sarsour: Study the Qur'an and hadith. Do not misuse them. Hijab does not mean that you can say whatever you want. Praise Allah and His Prophet, pbuh, not Siraj Wahhaj and Dr. Sayeed. SPEAK AGAINST ISRAEL'S LEGITIMACY otherwise stop playing the Palestine card. Your slogan of unity is good but unity can only be on Qur'an and hadith, not on "Muslim interests."



Fethullah Gulen was first uncovered by New Trend 11 years back.

"Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish purveyor of "moderate Islam" which fits right into the Bush administration's plans. Gulen has made deep inroads into Turkish Muslim groups. He teaches "love" [almost like Christianity] as the central doctrine of Islam. He condemns armed opposition to U.S.-Israeli aggression and rejects Jihad.

Recently the Hartford Seminary published a COMPLETE ISSUE of its magazine in praise of Gulen, including a defense of Gulen's visit to the Pope.

Prof. Suleyman Kurter has not only uncovered the slinky-sneaky activities of these people, he has found the funding sources for these subversive actions.

If Mattson or Gulen would like to contradict Prof. Kurter, we would like to publish their statements. If they choose to ignore these damaging discoveries, we will publish more information because Prof. Kurter's research in this area is ongoing.

Part of the game of Gulen, ISNA and other such groups is the claim that Islam is {only} one of the "Abrahamic religions." It's a subtle attempt to end Islam's claim as THE TRUTH and as a DISTINCT religion which must be respected in its own right and not as the alleged offshoot of Judaism and Christianity.

Here is the latest: Gulen's group has donated $2 million to the missionary institution known as the Hartford Seminary:,0,557880.story?coll=hc-headlines-local
"Hartford Seminary will receive a gift of $2 million from a Muslim community in Turkey....

The donor, Ali Bayram, a Turkish scholar and representative of the Muslim community made up of followers of Turkish theologian and religious leader Fethullah Gülen...."Archive

New Trend Uncovered the Activities of Fethullah Gulen 11 years Back




by Sis. Ashira Naim

20,000 in Awassa.
Addis Ababa 1.5 million.
Adama 1 million.

It is hard to give you a complete picture of the Eid ul Fitr congregation that I attended in Awassa, Ethiopia. Literally, this is true because my camera could not capture more than about 1/5 of the size of the crowd at a time. I had journyed by bus from Adama to Awassa just to have a different experience since most of my almost 6 months had been spent in the familiar environs of Nazareth (Adama). So, with 3 days' change of clothes including my special dhira for Eid Day, packed in my backpack, I boarded the crowded bus after Jumah that Friday before Eid.

Saturday was rest and relaxing at the nearby lake with fresh fish. The good news was that the Eid would be held on the large grounds of Mersikalli Audebabaye--walking distance from Lewie hotel where I stayed. This was all so convenient--the Lewie hotel just across the street from the bus station, the Eid prayer just down the street, about 2 long blocks from the hotel, the lake (with fresh fish, etc.) just a 7 minute Bajaj ride. Alhamdullilah.

Oh yes, back to the Eid prayer itself. Well, we can say that it was peaceful, unlike four years ago (flashback) when the muslims protested immediately after the prayers. The protests then were against the government's interference in religious affairs of the masajid. 29 Imams had already been jailed for refusing to follow the orders from the government and teach a "different brand of Islam." Over 100 civilians were arrested and several were killed at that protest in the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Back to 2017 - Awassa, Ethiopia: The morning of the Eid was such a nice one, a little cool and sunny. Excitedly, I had started for the grounds early so as to be sure not to be in the back of such a large crowd. The report is 20,000 plus in attendance. As I sat in my newly purchased chair which I was fortunate enough to finally get from a business nearby that morning, I silently thanked Allah for blessing me to attend what was unfolding before my eyes.

It reminded me of Hajj. Believers were coming through the guarded gates in crowds, bus load by bus load. The men were leading their groups with shouts of "Allahu Akbar" "La ilaha ilallah" as they marched to the area for men. The women and children were branching off to the area toward me designated for women and small children. Most boys were seated with their fathers.

After about an hour for allowing the Believers to arrive, the prayer was led by the Imam. His kutbah which followed was in Arabic and Amharic, and I am told that it was largely encouraging the Believers to continue, throughout the year, the good patterns of keeping prayers and feeding others as they had done during Ramadan.

Unfortunately, many of the large crowd began moving about to leave and talking immediately after the prayer. Several women with cloths spread to receive donations for their needs were moving through the aisles of women all during the kutbah. Believers seemed to be donating happily.

At long last, I found my way to the gate carrying my little plastic chair and seeking a Bajaj to get back to the hotel where I changed into a little more relaxing attire. My plan was to eat at the Muslim restaurant where I had eaten last year. Upon arriving, I saw from the Bajaj that there were only men inside and so I hesitated to leave the Bajaj. However, the owner recognized me and insisted that I come in and not worry. He told me that his wife was preparing a lot of food and I was invited. (What a Blessing!) In about 20 minutes he had closed his restaurant, gotten another Bajaj for me and gotten on his motorcycle leading us to his home about 12 minutes away, but through winding, dusty roads of a newly developing area. There is no way I could find my way back.

I was relieved to meet his wife who was still busy preparing the last minute touches to the food. It looked great as she brought in one dish after the other to the center of the spacious living room. There was doro wat (chicken & sauce), green cabbage, cheese spread, kitfo (raw meet), injera and other delicious bread. A traditional drink made from seeds was served and buna (traditional coffee). I thanked Allah for that Blessing and thanked the couple for their hospitality and great food. Who knew??

Report from Eidul Fitr - Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Muslims celebrate Eid-al Fitr

Jun 25, 2017

Ethiopian Muslims have celebrated Eid al Fitr, the end of the fasting month of Ramadan today.

Ethiosports Magazine (an Online magazine) and reported on EN (Ethiopian News)

[ Pictures of women are always difficult unless you have a "photographer" . In most instances, the women do not want to be photographed. Some are breastfeeding, and tending children in general.]

"Muslims in Addis Ababa gathered early in the morning at the national stadium to celebrate the day with prayers.

During the celebration, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President Sheikh Muhammad-Amin Jamal Omar called on Muslims to continue the support and compassion that they have shown for the needy during Ramadan while celebrating the day

Noting that Ethiopia is a multi-religious country co-existed peacefully, Sheikh Muhammad-Amin urged Muslims to strengthen this unique culture.

Furthermore, he called on the Muslim community to play their role in ensuring peace and stability in the country and enhance their engagement in the country's economic growth.

Moreover, the president called on citizens living in Saudi Arabia to return home before the end of the 90-day amnesty period, which will end after few days.

Appreciating the government's commitment to repatriate its citizens and rehabilitate them, he underscored that the council is with the government's efforts in creating jobs for the returnees.

Addis Ababa City Mayor Diriba Kuma said on his part that the Muslim community need to teach and promote the essence of co-existence, which he said is a culture that Ethiopians are proud, to the next generation.
He called on the community to play a role in the fight against poverty and backwardness. "

Source: EN

Note from Sis. Ashira: The number in attendance was given as 1.5 million. That would truly have been an inspiration to see all these Believers coming to pray together.

Eidul Fitr 2017 - Adama (Nazareth, Ethiopia)

The Eid prayer was held in Adama on the large grounds of Umar Masjid. The report is that there were more than 100,000 Believers in attendance.

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