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1 Shawwal, 1438 A.H.- June 25, 2017 Issue # 26, Newsletter # 1712

Hadith of the Week


Abdullah ibn Umar, r.a, narrates that the messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: Modesty is part of faith.

[Sahih Bukhari, Kitab al-Iman, hadith #23.]


Eid in Newark, Delaware

Several thousand people prayed the Eid prayer in Masjid Ibraheem in three different timings.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen distributed a 6-page document to 100 people [too little in such a large gathering]

These were the six pages:
  1. Shoora meeting of Jamaat in Baltimore.

  2. Jamaat's resolutions opposing western occupation of Muslim countries.

  3. Manipulation of minds can lead to violent behavior [Br. Solano]

  4. Syria blazing as poorly armed Muslims defend Damascus suburbs.

  5. Mosul: A small defense force resisting a huge Shia army backed by USA.

  6. Kashmir and Pakistan.

 Breaking News

Palestine, Palestine, you will be Free!

At a rally for Palestine in Washington, DC, on June 23, Jamaat al-Muslimeen was represented by Sis. Nadrat.

The placard she carried was visible for several hours.

Imam Ali Siddiqui who is khateeb at 4 mosques in the Maryland, Virginia area was a powerful speaker.

A number of speakers expressed the Iranian viewpoint.

Sis. Nadrat is a marathoner who supports Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, and Palestine and stands against oppression of Black people. She wrote a book about the uprising in Baltimore.

 Nadrat Siddique

 Remember Prisoners

Masoud Khan, Political Prisoner, Sentenced to life in Victimless Crime.

[Masoud's mother could not make it to Jamaat's shoora but sent this shocking insight into American injustice.]

I have been asked by Kaukab Siddique, a dear friend to my husband from Peshawar (now deceased) and my family for many years, to speak a few words about my son, who has been imprisoned for the past 14 years, and to provide some positive suggestions to help his situation. This is a challenging request to which I offer a few suggestions that would be far reaching:

 Masoud Khan

My son, Masoud Ahmad Khan, was sentenced to life in prison in 2004 following a bench trial (without a jury) in the Eastern District of Virginia. He was permitted to give a sentencing speech declaring his innocence ( see website)

He pleaded for justice to prevail and said that he had faith that such justice would eventually prevail in his behalf. Masoud is both a Muslim, submitting to the will of God, and an American (natural born) who loves his country and bears no animosity against his country or the American people. He has continued to maintain a positive mindset and to believe that someday he will be exonerated from this oppressive punishment. His imprisonment has harshly affected his family and me. Masoud is a family-oriented man and he has been separated from his new wife and young son and his brothers, sister and extended family.

We have attempted several appeals in Court and another habeas petition is pending concerning the sentencing laws. At Masoud's appeal before a 3 judge panel, one judge dissented, stating it unfair to apply 30 years to a gun charge without knowing the true facts. In fact, if a person aiming at a bull's eye target lifted a weapon, that would be the first 30 years of a sentence. If the person put it down, rubbed his nose, then picked it up again, that would be another 30 years. Thus, Masoud, who test fired two guns at a bull's eye on a tree and picked up a third weapon which did not fire, was given 90 years for those actions. He was not charged for firing at an individual or intending to harm anyone. He left the tour area, refused to participate and returned home. It was not declared illegal to visit this area until he had returned home to the US; therefore, he felt he had committed no wrong.

So the sentencing laws need to be revised to address specific crimes or actions.

Our local mosque has supported his trial, lawyers, and appeals and provided zakat for him for the past 13 years. That has now ended. I am very grateful for the support we have received, but I no longer have funds to pay further attorney fees as I am retired from my job. Nevertheless, because Masoud's attorneys believe fully in his innocence, they continue to provide assistance pro bono. I will endeavor to find ways to continue to provide him with Commissary and telephone funds. He has contracted diabetes and struggles to maintain his insulin levels. He has never complained about the facilities to which he has been sent and always presents a positive attitude to me when I visit.

Two websites exist online that provide additional information regarding his case:


I therefore suggest:

As Miriam Abu Ali stated, "The prisoners face health challenges due to (poor) diet, lack of exercise, and isolation in many forms. "

"In many instances, families do not have contact visits with their loved ones, and if a phone system is not functioning correctly, the family is turned away from the visit. If the family has already spent hard-earned savings to reach a facility for visitation, and is then turned away, they will be distraught and unable to return until more money is found for the trip."

"Families of prisoners suffer tremendously both from the loss of their loved ones and because of the financial, social, psychological and health consequences."

"There is no escaping the cruelty and oppression of our prison-industrial system. It seeps into our lives in all sorts of ways. Its impact is emotionally, mentally, and financially crippling. It's not just our loved ones who are incarcerated, we are too. "

Twelve long years went by before my children and I could have a contact visit with Masoud and I was finally permitted to give him a hug. Can you imagine the yearning of a mother to hug her child or her distress to face him seated behind a glass and forced to hold a telephone in order to speak? Can you imagine her distress if the phone system became faulty and the visit was abruptly terminated, sometimes after just a few minutes? She would watch him stand in handcuffs and led away while she followed the guard back out of the visit room. Her choice was to pay for a hotel room in the hope the following day the phones would be repaired or she had to leave, unfulfilled, and return home until another visit could be arranged.

 Set up an ongoing zakat/sadaqa fund for our imprisoned Muslims, not only for Ramadan but also during the year. Include donations for family funding to help pay for transportation and hotel on a visit.

Muslim prisoners do not have even the most basic provisions, contrary to public belief. They need toiletries, toothpaste, soap, shoes, underwear, and some items, food or otherwise, that are available to purchase from the Commissary, provided there is money to do so. In order to purchase from the Commissary, a donation is sent via Western Union to a prisoner's BOP account, from a few dollars to a maximum monthly amount of $300. This amount can be used by the inmate and is regulated. In addition, the inmate can phone his family, by permission, a set number of times a month for 15 minutes as approved by the Warden. Without this support, the inmate is left isolated from his family and suffers a lack of basic provisions for his health and psychological well being."

In conclusion, during these last 10 nights of Ramadan, I ask for your duas for my son that he will receive Allah's blessings and release from his oppression, and ask for your ability to help him in anyway possible.

Walaikum Salam.

Thank you.
Umm Masoud

Political Prisoners :



Glimpses of Ramadan. Eyewitness Account.

by Sis. Ashira Naim
[This was written in the middle of Ramadan. Lack of Internet facilities delayed it.]
[This was sent to Jamaat's shoora.]

Let me share with you what Fasting is like here in Ethiopia:

  1. Muslims are more visible than at any other time as they are fully dressed in caps, headwraps, thobes, dresses and scarves of beautiful colors. They fill the streets selling food items and snacks for iftar (samosas, dates, pineapple slices, bananas, mangoes,water), shopping for gifts, greeting one another with a special holiday hug and going about their daily lives. Their spirit fills the air. Everyone knows it's Ramadan!

  2. Where yesterday there was a congregation of a few brothers in front of shops here and there at prayer times, now the number has swelled and the streets are full of prayer all day.

  3. There was so much talk about "sherba" that I even bought the ingredients and made too big a pot full of it for just myself to eat (lol). It is a soup made of barley and you cook it for 7 hours and eat it everyday. In some Muslim restaurants all other soups are discontinued for 30 days.

  4. There is no table setting for the Believers to eat after Maghrib salat. No food is served. There are little bags with some food items to be given to those needy ones who ask. Believers who can afford it, go to restaurants, others go home, and many are content with the snacks until they go home (after traveeh prayers). The masajid are packed almost every night--males and females.

  5. Home Invites are most common. I accepted a new Ethiopian friend's invitation and am looking forward to it.
    I've been told, however, that the meal will be very simple--some type of traditional dish and no frills. I'll have to let you know about that in next week's article.

Note: The Prophet, pbuh, ate barley and it is very healthy.

[Sis. Ashira is Jamaat al-Muslimeen's representative in Africa.]


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Latest Khutba
Ramadan's Blessings.

Change use of time, food content, spending.
Learn from the brutal murder of a young Muslim Woman near ADAMS Center, Virginia.

On June 23, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the khutba and led juma prayers at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland.

The small masjid was crowded as it was the Farewell Juma of Ramadan.

Here is an outline of the Khutba:

  1. May Allah accept our fasting and prayers however weak they were and may Allah help us to keep the fasts we missed in the coming month of Shawwal along with the six fasts recommended in hadith for Shawwal.

  2. Our sincere repentance and du'a for forgiveness for our sins and errors means that we have a chance to renew our lives and write our life narrative as if on a clean slate.

  3. Most importantly we must change our daily lives. Here are a few teachings:

    1. Eat food which is not only halal but also tayyeb [good for our health and souls] and reduce the eating.
    2. Dress modestly and not show wealth in our style. Silk and gold are forbidden to men.
    3. Time must be used in the service of Allah. Read or listen to some Qur'an every day. The same applies to hadith.
    4. The FIRST word revealed to Muhammad, pbuh, was READ. Allah through the angel taught him the entire Qur'an. He, pbuh, taught his Companions [sahaba] and this has been a blessed process through the scholars of Islam. We must read our holy texts and other writings relevant to our times on an ongoing basis.

  4. We must think not only of the needs of our spouses and children but also the needs of the deprived sections of our ummah, the prisoners and the poverty stricken masses globally who have been victimized by oppressors.

  5. Media are surrounding us and our children with lies and half truths. We cannot entirely avoid their impact. We must learn to decipher their lies and answer them to the best of our capacity for our own sakes and for our children.

Part 2.

  1. Last week a young Muslim woman, an innocent girl, was brutally murdered in the area of a multi million dollar mosque known as ADAMS Center. It was 3 AM. The 13 young men who were with the victim fled though together they could have easily piled on the perpetrator and held him down.

  2. This horrible murder should be a wake up call for out affluent mosques whose leaders behave as if America is some kind of Paradise.

  3. These "leaders" have totally failed to teach political awareness and security consciousness to our young people.. The leaders love the power structure so much that they do not have the honesty to tell their congregations that evil is rampant in America although it is often camouflaged and concealed.

  4. What the rulers are doing to innocent Muslims all over the world can easily start happening here too. This is a violent society with large numbers of potential rapists and murderers in it. Children here play video games which make them accepting of gun violence and mass murder.

  5. Women should learn self-defense. That is part of Islam. If they lack the defense ability, they should only go out late at night with a strong male relative or a trustworthy strong Muslim brother. This also applies to older men or young men who think nothing will happen to them.

  6. When the President himself has opened the gates to bigotry against Muslims, unity and preparedness within the limits of the law are essential for our communities,

  7. Our leaders are very poor examples of strong leadership. They are allied with the regime against the Muslims who are fighting back in the middle east. Look at Mosul in Iraq which has fought for 36 weeks, almost 8 months, against a huge army which has jets, tanks and long range artillery which Mosul does not have. What's wrong with us that we can't even speak out?

  8. Remain peaceful but alert, aware and unafraid.

    May Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings and may Allah accept our prayers and our fasting. Ameen.

Invitation to Think
from Br. Abu Talib

 Palestine must be Freed

Palestine must be Freed.
Support from Black Lives Matter,
Puerto Ricans & Pakistanis.

The day of Quds in New York city was held at 42th and seven Avenue in Manhattan which was sponsored by student for Palestine in which there were organization form the black lives movement and from the Puerto Rico Community and also from the Jewish organizations that are anti Zionist which they were carrying the Palestine Flag and there were many signs in support of Palestine.

The Pakistan Muslims came out to the Protest and rally but the larger Muslim Community here in New York city was not there. There were some shia from the Pakistan Community also there.There were about one hundred people there.

its was good to see the young people there carrying signs and the Flag of Palestine.Its seems that a lot of Muslims do not know of the day of Quds here in New York city. Tthey are just in the Mosque as we are still in the month of Ramadan. Its seem we just want to pray which is good but the issuse of Palestine is important to the Ummah.

.Some of the speakers were making the connection between the struggle here of the African American and the Palestinan People and their oppression.The Quds day is a day of the oppressed worldwide against the oppressor.
We as Muslims must make a stand aganist injustice in the world. We cannot be silent and just confine Islam to the Mosque. We have to be on the street involved in the struggle.The Palestine struggle is very important for us and all people to take a stand for right.As we always says the struggle continues.

- Br.Abu Talib lives in New York City and has been an active member of the Jamaat al-Muslimeen leadership team for many years.



Misuse of Islamic Terminology by the Iranians

New Trend Monitor

The term "takfiri" is being put into Muslim conversations by slick Iranian propagandists.

Instead of mujahideen, the Iranians say "takfiris" for people whom they are trying to crush in Syria and Iraq. The mujahideen who pray five times a day, give zakat and sacrifice their lives in battles against America and Russia are being labelled "takfeeri" by the Iranians.

Takfeer is done by Allah in the Qur'an. It is one of the most used words in the Qur'an for disbelievers including those who take others than Allah as their sources of leadership and guidance.

The Iranians are waging war against Islamic fighting groups. The Iranians support Bashar Assad, the tyrant of Syria, plus the regime installed in Baghdad by American forces and the regime installed in Kabul by NATO.

The Iranians have Russian support in Syria and American support in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus the Iranians are working in tandem with the two biggest imperialist forces in the world today. In the terminology of the Qur'an, the Iranians are linked to TAGHOOT on a global scale. That is outright kufr.

Shi'ism is a religion opposed to Islam on so many points that it is indeed a form of kufr with the label of Islam on it.

Let us take a few examples:

  1. Shiaism teaches that its imams are appointed by Allah. Muslims believe that only prophets and messengers are appointed by Allah. Anyone who claims to be appointed by Allah after the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is definitely a kafir.

  2. At the core of Shiaism is the concept of the "hidden" imam who disappeared about 1200 years back and will allegedly re-appear to liberate the world from evil. Muslims believe that Islam is a complete way of life and every Muslim can and should try to change the world through the struggle [jihad] against evil. No hidden imam can be greater than Prophet, Muhammad, pbuh, and his Companions, r.a. See the Qur'an :9:100. There is no hidden imam in the Qur'an or in any authentic hadith.

So the mujahideen correctly describe the shias as kuffar. Takfeer is required when anyone comes out with these weird beliefs which have no place in any Islamic text.

[To be continued.]

War News

 War News


Marawi still in ISIS Control one Month after Fighting began.

On June 26 [local time], fighters affiliated with the Islamic State are still in control of central areas of Marawi.

An eight hour cease fire on June 25 allowed the population to hold Eid prayers.

Bombing by the air force has pulverized major parts of the city. The US military is advising the Filipino military.

On June 22, Australian air force joined the conflict by sending surveillance aircraft to help the regime bomb the Islamic fighters.
Volunteers from Malaysia have joined the Islamic fighters and have brought resources and funds to help the resistance. At least two of the Malaysian Muslims have been killed in the bombing raids by the regime's air force along with scores of local fighters. The death roll of regime troops has reached 69 killed and 300 wounded.


al-Nusra advances in Quneitra. Assad's General Killed near Palmyra. Assad Visits Hama.

Russian bombers may have killed al-Baghdadi. American-Kurd assault on al-Raqqa at Standstill.

American bombers have killed 500 Syrian Civilians in One Month. [Source: SOHR]

June 23-25. The mujahideen group known as al-Nusra launched an offensive in the Quneitra area and evicted Assad's Lebanese Hizbullah forces. This area has strategic importance because it abuts territory occupied by Israel. The Russian air forces is bombing al-Nusra and Iranian artillery is striking the mujahideen in an attempt to retake the territory. Some of the shells went into Israeli territory. Israel fired back but there were no casualties.

June 20-25. The Iranians and Lebanese Hizbullah artillery are hammering the city of Daraa where the people took over and evicted Assad's men. Russian air force is bombing the city. [After all the facilities are wiped out, the people will be "permitted" to leave.]

In the Palmyra desert area where oil wells are located, Islamic State is battling Alawite elite troops which are advancing. In the ongoing clashes, one of Assad's generals was killed.

Russian late model Sukhoi bombers targeted a gathering of Islamic State leaders south of Deir ez Zor in late May. Russia is claiming that it may have killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, top leader of IS, and his associated leaders in that attack.. SOHR is saying that this might be true because there is great anxiety among Islamic State populations who want to know what happened.

Russia has also bombed [June 24] Islamic State related civilians in Deir ez Zor killing 51.

SOHR has documented the massacre of civilians which the US air force is carrying out in the territories under Islamic State control, from Raqqa to Mayadeen.. According to SOHR [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights], between May 23 and June 23, the American "coalition" air forces have killed 318 civilians who were not part of IS formations. These include 69 children and 56 women.

USA in this time period has also bombed the WOMEN and CHILDREN of Islamic State fighters killing 57 women and scores of children. In the process it has also killed 154 Islamic State fighters.

In addition to these figures, the US air force bombed the town of Muhassin on EID DAY killing scores of people celebrating Eid. [Exact figures are not available yet].

On the occasion of Eid, June 25, Bashar Assad carried out some psychological warfare. He traveled, under tight security, and prayed in the city of Hama. He also released 600 prisoners out of the 16000 his security forces are holding.

Rastan region which is near Hama has been taken by Islamic fighters and the Russian air force and Iranian artillery had to work hard to stop the mujahideen from advancing while Assad was in Hama.

Also at this time Assad got the bad news that al-Nusra has taken a big part of Quneitra and the regime will be hard put to take it back.

On the outskirts of Damascus, in the Jobar suburb,heavy clashes are continuing between Assad's troops and Islamic fighters of al-Rahman group. Also, the center of Damascus was hit repeatedly on June 24 and 25 by mortar shells and light artillery fired by mujahedeen.
The American air force and the Russian air force with Iranian long range artillery are a deadly combination for which the Muslims have no answer but to wait for close combat.


Mosul Week 36. Trump week 22

Bitter Fighting in Mosul's Inner City. 50 Civilians killed in Latest US air strike. Who Destroyed el-Nuri Mosque?

By Eid day, June 25, the inner city of West Mosul is still in Islamic State hands. In brutal house to house fighting, the mujahideen have managed to keep the last remnants of the destroyed city. Out of the 1600 fighters who have defended the city for about 8 months, only an estimated 200 have survived. The original defense force was only 1000 but IS was able to reinforce them once with about 600 before the bridges were destroyed.

The people of Mosul stayed with IS as long as survival was possible. A group which tallies civilian casualties estimates that bombing by the US and regime air forces have killed more than 1000 civilians.

As we go to the press, June 25, Eid day, another 50 civilians have been killed in West Mosul in a US air strike.

The Shia regime forces have suffered heavily in taking most of Mosul. In eastern Mosul they lost more than 2,000 killed and they told the UN to stop revealing their losses.

In West Mosul, the Shia regime has had 744 killed and about 4000 wounded [official figures]

On June 21, the El-Nuri mosque in Mosul was blown up. The IS news agency Aamaq said it was hit by a US air strike. The US and the regime said it was done by IS itself. Within minutes western media around the world claimed that it was done by IS. However,there is no such evidence.

On the contrary, the US might have decided to destroy the mosque because it was the rallying point of IS forces and the Islamic flag was flying from its top.

The latest Shia assault on the inner city was heralded by 20 US air strikes. So its wrong to say that there was no US air activity.

American forces carried out such atrocities during lalaytul qadr in Fallujah many years back. American forces were seen in numerous photos using mosques as camping grounds for their troops. Killing Osama bin Laden was part of this thinking: Destroy the rallying point and the Muslims will stop fighting.

As the fighting continues in the inner city, western observers are realizing that many areas of Iraq remain under Islamic State control. These include:

  1. Tal Afar [south west of Mosul which has withstood months of attacks by Shia militias].

  2. Hawija, with its outlying areas plus southwest Kirkuk.

  3. The border towns of Qaim, Anah and Rawa.

  4. Parts of Diyala province.

The Baghdad regime is issuing weird atrocity stories meant to discredit IS but which cannot be confirmed in the slightest.

Sometimes these stories bring out what was not known. The latest is the story of the IS women's brigade known as Khansa brigade named after a great woman from the time of Umar, r.a. These women carry automatic weapons and stop liquor and smoking etc.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

New York City
How Men are taught to distrust Women.
Divide & Rule creates Lesbianism.
Turkey Baster Babies

by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - There is no question that sexism has created an unnecessary and even damaging schism between males and females in this world. Lesbianism/feminism has sprung up from the poor treatment of women by men. However, many mothers are responsible for teaching their sons not to trust women at all. It is along the lines of what notorious serial killer Ed Gein, whom Hitchcock's Psycho was based, was taught.

Even more disturbing is that, besides being taught that they are superior to women, many young boys are taught that women are out to destroy them. It stems from the belief that wife Eve (pbuh) misled her husband Adam (pbuh) into eating the forbidden fruit.

When you view old episodes of The Honeymooners or I Love Lucy, you will see episodes where the husbands just wanted to spend the weekend fishing or some other innocent form of male bonding. But the wives wanted to either prevent this bonding from happening or ruin these events by tagging along.

The underlying message from these shows was that these hard working men, who provide for their families, did not want their husbands to have any fun. This justifies male chauvinistic references to the wife as the "old ball and chain" or "battle ax." An adversarial relationship.

Of course, the fact that these shows husbands prevented their wives from having a life outside the home was never addressed, critically.

A more sinister issue involves the belief that loose women or even girlfriends are trying to trap guys with unwanted pregnancies. This entrapment can work both ways but, according to the male chauvinist view, since women are the ones who carry the baby they should be the ones who use birth control to prevent pregnancy. Many kuffar men play Russian roulette by depending on women to use contraception. However, the NBA works to empower the fornicating male in these circumstances.

The NBA's Rookie Training Program is a 4 day seminar that was established in 1986 to prepare its rookies for life as young millionaires. One of these lessons came to light when current NBA player Derrick Rose stated, during his alleged rape trial where he and two childhood friends were falsely accused of rape and exonerated, that he took his used condom with him after group sex with the accuser. When asked why he would do something like that Rose said, "In my profession they teach us to make sure you get the condom if you can't flush it....It's kind of normal with my profession ... You have to be very careful what you do with your condoms," because, "you never know what women are up to nowadays."

The prevailing myth is that women from these one-night stands and trysts are out to trap these guys with unwanted pregnancies. Supposedly, these women have been so desperate to get pregnant by these young millionaire athletes that they have taken the contents of used condoms and injected it inside themselves! Forget trapping a guy into marriage. These women are getting pregnant and demanding thousands of dollars in monthly child support payments. Sometimes, these women receive multiple child support payments from multiple men! The children born in these scenarios are referred to as 18 year "annuities."

The question is: Can this really happen? Women spend thousands of dollars on conception methods. Even these methods, which take place in medical facilities, are not always successful. Now, we are supposed to believe that a woman can do this in the home or hotel environment?

Many of these young rookies, who are as young as 19 years old, were probably never taught sex education, which is why it is easy for them to believe this urban legend. It is no wonder how confused and conflicted these men are about the opposite sex!

Have you ever been in the presence of these kuffar young men when they are in their circle? The way they speak about women is very disturbing. They have been made into very dysfunctional human beings.

Of course, the NBA would love nothing more than to help sow seeds of division in these young impressionable minds. The NBA has proven that it does not want the likes of a socially-conscious Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Imam Mahmud Abdul-Rauf, who was suspended for spurning the singing of the National Anthem. They would rather have dumbed-down players, such as a Derrick Rose, who are concerned with money and sex.

Atlanta, Georgia

HIV AIDS Spreading among teens via Random Sex.
Youngsters Don't Know Medicines Exist.
[Business Insider. Excerpted from]

New cases of HIV in people between the ages of 13 and 24 accounted for more than 25% of all new diagnoses in 2015, a 2% increase from the year before. That's a departure from the overall trend — new diagnoses for all age groups decreased by 18% between 2008 and 2015

These statistics come from AIDSVu, a project run by Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health in partnership with biotech company Gilead Sciences.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan, the project's lead researcher, told Business Insider that the good news is that medications are now helping those diagnosed with HIV live longer, relatively healthy lives. But younger people might consequently be less aware of how pervasive the disease still is. That could be one factor of many contributing to the increasing number of new diagnoses.

Sullivan said an estimated 50% of young people are unaware they have HIV, which is why testing is critical. The CDC recommends people between 13 and 64 get tested at least once in their lifetimes.

 Hadith 1162



Celebrating Eid with a burning heart
by Zaheer Bawany [Karachi, Pakistan]

Eid Mubarak:

RasoolAllah p.b.u.h. said:

There is celebration day for each nation and this ( is Celebration for us (Muslims).

Bukhari Shareef:

اہل اسلام کیلئے عید کی سنتوں کا بیان

حدثنا عبيد بن إسماعيل قال حدثنا أبو أسامة عن هشام عن أبيه عن عائشة رضي الله عنها قالت دخل أبو بکر وعندي جاريتان من جواري الأنصار تغنيان بما تقاولت الأنصار يوم بعاث قالت وليستا بمغنيتين فقال أبو بکر أمزامير الشيطان في بيت رسول الله صلی الله عليه وسلم وذلک في يوم عيد فقال رسول الله صلی الله عليه وسلم يا أبا بکر إن لکل قوم عيدا وهذا عيدنا

صحیح بخاری:جلد اول:حدیث نمبر 908 حدیث مرفوع مکررات 37 متفق علیہ 26

عبیدہ بن اسماعیل، ابواسامہž ہشام بن عروہ، عروہ بن زبیر، حضرت عائشہ رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہا سے روایت کرتے ہیں کہ انہوں نے فرمایا کہ ابوبکر رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ آئے اور میرے پاس انصار کی دو لڑکیاں جنگ بعاث کے دن کا شعر گا رہی تھیں، اور ان لڑکیوں کا پیشہ گانے کا نہیں تھا، تو ابوبکر رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ نے فرمایا کہ یہ شیطانی باجہ اور رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے گھر میں؟ اور وہ عید کا دن تھا، رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا کہ اے ابوبکر رضی
اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ! ہر قوم کی عید ہوتی ہے اور آج ہم لوگوں کی عید ہے۔

Narrated Aisha, r.a.,: Abu Bakr, r.a came to my house while two small Ansari girls were singing beside me the stories of the Ansar concerning the Day of Buath. And they were not singers. Abu Bakr, r.a. said protestingly, "Musical instruments of Satan in the house of Allah's Apostle!" It happened on the 'Id day and Allah's Apostle said, "O Abu Bakr! There is an 'Id for every nation and this is our 'Id."

Eid Mubarak to All Muslims.

We are celebrating because of Sunnat'e Rasool salla,la'ho alayhi.wa.sallam.

Muslims: All over the world are in precarious condition - See:

Burma - India - Kashmir - Palestine - Iraq - Syria - Egypt - Libya - Yemen - Now also Qatar -

No respect for the Muslims in the West.

We are celebrating with a burning heart.
Those Muslims who are now lost in luxury should wake up and revert to the path of Islam that is hold Fast Qur'an and Act upon Sunnah to regain the lost Respect, strength and Unity of Ummah.

2017-06-26 Mon 22:46:14 ct