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25 Rajab, 1438 A.H.- April 23, 2017 Issue # 17, Newsletter # 1703

Hadith of the Week

What should Muslims say when they hear the Adhan?

Narrated Abu Umama bin Sahl bin Hunaif: I heard muawiya bin Abi Sufyan (repeating the statements of the Adhan) while he was sitting on the pulpit. When the Muadh-dhin pronounced the Adhan saying,

"Allahu-Akbar,Allahu Akbar" muawiya said:
"Allah Akbar,Allahu Akbar"

And when the Muadh-dhin said, "Ash-hadu an la ilaha illal-lah (I testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah)", muawiya said,"And (so do) I". When he said, "Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah" (I testify that Muhammad is Allah's messenger), muawiya said, "And (so do) I". When the Adhan was finished, muawiya said, "O people, when the Muadh-dhin pronounced the Adhan I heard Allah's messenger on this very pulpit saying what you have just heard me saying".

(Sahih Bukhari: Book #13, Hadith #37)

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:
Islam is a participatory religion. We should not just hear the adhan but we should repeat its words to ourselves. The words are full of the truth of Islam and express the ultimate truth.

Muawiyyah, r.a., was teaching this hadith in the mosque of the Prophet, pbuh, and from the pulpit from which the Prophet, pbuh, spoke. During the Caliphate of Muawiyya, r.a, the Muslims were united. The followers of Ali, r.a., had endorsed his caliphate and the sons of Ali, fr.a., had given their allegiance to him. Hasan, r.a., and Hussain, r.a., never broke their oath given to Muawiyyah, r.a.,

Shi'ite sectarians have tried very hard to wipe out the Caliphate of Muawiyyah, r.a., from the history of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad's, pbuh, guidance by Allah can be seen in his choice of Muawiyya, r.a., Not only he turned out to be one of the greatest generals Islam produced but a very tolerant leader who made good relations with Christians and brought many of them into Islam.

 Breaking News

Congratulations to Erdogan on Historic Victory but it was Narrow...
[From New Trend's Media Monitor]

The history of Turkey is changing. A hard core secular nation has steadily advanced into the Ummah of Islam.

A determined leader like Erdogan was needed for this advance.

May Allah bless him and keep him safe.

Just as Islam is becoming paramount inside Turkey owing to the efforts of Br. Erdogan, it will require a similar effort to change Turkey's foreign policy in an Islamic direction.

The breakdown of the voting pattern indicates that powerful pro-western interests will continue to try and undermine Islamic polity.

The Islamic side got 25,157,025 votes [51.41 %]
The seculars got 23,777,091
votes [48.59 %]

The struggle continues.

Funny but True
by Kaukab Siddique

I have always
detested O'Reilly but ...

When his program invited me to appear on his show, I refused because I had seen him mistreating Muslim and Black guests. In fact he destroyed a Muslim professor. But help me with what is happening now. Women within Fox are undermining the channel much to the benefit of Trump's opponents. With O'Reilly out, CNN and MSNBC are going to monopolize the political discourse.

Is it possible that Fox people are constantly trying to touch women or flirt with them or want sex in exchange for job but people in other channels are sexually chaste and conservative or the sex in anti-Fox is entirely consensual? Help me because I am genuinely puzzled. CNN's Anderson is a self-confessed homo, Rachel is a self-confessed lesbian. So, what do they do with their sexuality? What about the late night pro-Democratic shows which incite sexuality, use the F word and make fun of Jesus [pbuh].

Is it possible that Zionists now have so much control of the economy that they can bring down anyone who stands in their way? When North Carolina turned against transgenders, a top Jewish "entertainer" went against North Carolina and withdrew his business. Where one big business goes, many others follow.

So, is it true that O'Reilly was so uncontrollable in his sexuality that women grumbled, the word got out, and businesses being so chaste and sexually pro-woman started withdrawing their business and O'Reilly had to go? Go ahead, think and tell me what you think really happened? Or was it simply that O'Reilly was an unabashed supporter of Trump and sneakily against homos? Women in Fox were sexually not interested in the advances of a multi-millionaire and decided to save their chastity by bringing down this "woman hater?"
Teach me!


Note from New Trend Editor: Spicer's original statement was correct. He said: "I think when you come to sarin gas, he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing." Hitler did not drop chemical weapons on the German people. The record of the German air force is quite clear.

Sean Spicer's
Hitler Comment
By David Merlin
Published: 2017-04-14

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's Hitler comment shows how eager the government is to justify its not so secret war to destabilize Syria. The trouble for Mr. Spicer is that he touched the Third Rail of Western politics, lack of reverence for the Holocaust. In the US, any phrase that includes some version of "even Hitler" is not going to end well.

We have seen a wave of pronouncements such as Yad Vashem's angry claim that Spicer's "inaccurate and insensitive comments strengthen the hands of those whose goal is to distort history." and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's accusation of Spicer for "downplaying the horror of the Holocaust." "Sean Spicer must be fired, and the President must immediately disavow his spokesman's statements," Pelosi said in a statement.

Almost immediately Spicer abjectly declared, "Frankly, I mistakenly made an inappropriate and insensitive reference to the Holocaust, for which frankly there is no comparison,"

From a Revisionist perspective, it is disconcerting to see the politicians rush to declare their belief in the Holocaust tale and to demand that the apostate Spicer be thrown under the nearest bus. This is particularly worrisome since the same politicians certainly have no knowledge or understanding of Holocaust research that has profoundly changed "Holocaust History" since the Nuremberg Tribunal. I would doubt there is one member of Congress who knows of the work of Tomasz Kranz or Dutch historian Anna Tijsseling, let alone Revisionist scholars Germar Rudolf and Carlo Mattogno.

In the face of new attempts to ban or criminalize discussion of Holocaust history, Congress will be a weak reed in defense of Free Speech.


What a Palestinian Mother Said which Fox's Hannity didn't understand.
[New Trend's Media Monitor]

On April 20 Fox TV's stalwart Sean Hannity was in "Israel" [occupied Palestine]. He was trying to prove that Palestinians are terrorists. He showed a clip of a Palestinian woman who expressed her determination to fight Israel by pulling out a knife from her hijab. In the background was her little daughter who said she would like to stab a Jew.

Perhaps Hannity did not realize that he inadvertently publicized the Palestinian resistance. The people have only knives to fight with. Israel has the army with the highest firepower in the Middle East. Even the defenseless women and children of Palestine will not surrender before the brutal power of Israel.

Palestine's future is guaranteed by the women and children. Israel is an occupation army which will be evicted sooner or later, InshaAllah.

The whole world knows that occupied people have the right to resist.


5-pager to 96 Pakistani Americans in Catonsville, Maryland.

Do not Support Either Side in the clash of "rightists" and "liberals" in America

On April 21, Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave a 5-page document to 96 Muslims after Juma' at Masjid Fatima. This masjid attracts Pakistanis because all its proceedings are in the Urdu language. Only a brief khutba and the prayer itself are in Arabic.

The Juma' begins with a long sermon in Urdu, with a very brief khutba in Arabic [in 2 parts] followed by formal prayer in Arabic.

The people are very cordial and open minded in their attitudes. The Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was well received by the 96 people to whom it was given. These were the items in the document:

  1. Uprising of university students in Mardan, Pakistan against one who blasphemed the Prophet, pbuh.

  2. Week 26 of the defense of Mosul by the Islamic State against US-backed Shia armada,

  3. Air attacks by Assad-Russia-US across Syria: Transfer of populations and deadly bomb attack against Assad supporters.

  4. Br. Robert Solano's comment on Trump and Jamaat critique of huge bomb dropped on Afghanistan.
  5. Qur'an indicates Muslims should not take sides in conflict of non-Muslim oppressors and we will see the miraculous, inevitable victory of Islam.

[Br. Kaukab Siddique.]

 Prisoners  Ayesha Jones

by Sis.Ayesha Jones

This is Ziyad,
 Ziyad Yaghi
of the "Liberate Ziyad Yaghi Campaign"

 Ziyad Yaghi

Imprisoned because a jury was convinced he might be a future threat-NOT because he did anything wrong!

The "star witness" for the prosecution-the actual ringleader of a terrorist group-said UNDER OATH that Ziyad was no party to his plans. WAS NOT INVOLVED!

Yet a jury convicted him of "conspiracy" and he got 32 years! The ringleader? He got off with 4 years.

I can no longer believe we are the Land of the Free. Nope-we are the Land of the Ignorant and Hostile Xenophobic Psychopaths!

Political Prisoners :

One Activist's Incredible Effort to Support Dr. Aafia.

 Nadrat Siddique

We Did it for Aafia
By Nadrat Siddique
April 20, 2017

Training for a marathon (26.2 mile race) is a months-long process, very different from casual running for fitness.

In the lengthy preparation for a marathon, many things can happen to derail one's training: With 8 weeks left before the 2017 Boston Marathon (held in April), I developed a looming shin splint. I addressed it immediately, switching over to walking and low impact workouts at the gym for about three weeks.

Then, with 7 weeks left before Boston, I woke up one morning with shingles (I had chicken pox as a child). This lasted about two weeks.

Then, about 5 weeks before the marathon, my 26-year old stepbrother passed away. His sudden and tragic death deeply affected the family, and for me, brought back many memories of the death of my child, Hanzela, who died a SIDS death in his second month. At that point, I decided I really did not feel up to running Boston, either mentally or physically.

A week passed, then two, and I saw the mother of my dead stepbrother (my stepmum) heroically carrying on the motions of life, despite the passing of her beloved son, and I toyed again with the idea of running the illustrious marathon.

At this point, I'd run 31 prior marathons, and qualified for Boston many times. At the risk of sounding cocky, I had little to prove! The original—really the only—reason I'd wanted to run the race was to bring attention to the plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani neuroscientist nabbed in a joint U.S./Pakistani operation in Pakistan, raped and tortured by her captors, and ultimately sentenced to 80-years by a kangaroo court for a crime she clearly could not have committed. It particularly sickened me that neither the Pakistani government, nor any of the major Muslim organizations in the U.S. were actively seeking her release from what was a clearly politically-motivated and flagrantly unjust imprisonment. If I ran the Boston Marathon—held in the city where Aafia, a top scholar at MIT and Brandeis University—had excelled both scholastically and spiritually—it would have to be in her name. Once again thoughts of running Boston entered my head.

There were only two weeks left before the Boston Marathon when a tiny lump I'd had for three years on the side of my neck suddenly became inflamed. It turned out to be an inclusion cyst which developed an abscess. I tried ignoring it until after the marathon, but it only got larger and more inflamed. Then on Monday of the week prior to the marathon, I had a minor surgery for the cyst. Three days later (Thursday), I did a 15-mile run on a favorite tree-lined trail, with the gash on the side of my neck from the surgery, to see if I was up to the task of a marathon. I felt fine afterwards, and was egged on further to attain the seemingly unattainable.

On Saturday, I jumped in my car, packing little but my marathon outfit and some food items (I am a picky eater), and took off for Boston, arriving around 1:00 AM. The next day was Sunday, and I took the Boston subway to the mandatory bib number pickup at the John Hynes Convention Center, prayed a lot, and did little else.

Then, on Monday—Patriots Day in Boston—I ran the Boston Marathon wearing my long-sleeved black "Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui" tee (prepared for me by brothers from Masjid Al-Islam in SE Washington, DC). I was the only Pakistani woman in the field to my knowledge, and finished the very hilly course in 4 hours 4 minutes, despite high temperatures during the mid-afternoon race (Marathons are ordinarily held in the early morning to decrease the possibility of heat injury among the athletes. But in Boston, the runners in my "wave" did not start running until about 11:00 AM, and we did not finish until about 3:00 PM. I saw many runners being carried off in stretchers, likely as a result of the very warm weather. According to the organizers' website, 810 people were unable to finish the race.)

About an hour after finishing the race, I was in my car, and on the way back to Maryland, composing letters to the Boston Globe on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in my head as I drove. I reached Maryland safely at 3:00 AM. God is Great.

Letter to the Boston Globe

 Boston Globe

Pakistani Female Runs Boston Marathon; Writes to The Boston Globe in Hope of Bringing Attention to Dr. Aafia's Case and the Human, Civil, & Women's Rights Injustices in the U.S.
April 22, 2017
Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe
PO Box 55819
Boston, MA 02205-5819

Dear editor,

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist, once attended MIT on full scholarship. She completed studies in biological sciences, and went on to do her PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Brandeis University, successfully completing it despite being in an abusive marriage (with a Pakistani from whom she later divorced). Her PhD focused on helping dyslexic and otherwise learning disabled children. Today she languishes in a U.S. federal penitentiary, a political prisoner for whom tens of thousands of Pakistanis demonstrate regularly on the streets of London, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

I am a Pakistani woman athlete who has run 31 marathons in nine years (including seventeen sub-4 hour marathons). The case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, who had adopted Boston as her home for over a decade, was so compelling that I could not run America's oldest marathon except in her name. So, on Patriots Day 2017, I ran my first Boston Marathon in an attempt to draw attention to the egregious human rights violations against this innocent Pakistani Muslim woman.

As I stood in the Boston Commons on race morning, waiting with other runners to board the bus to the race start in Hopkinton, I could picture the slight and slender Aafia among the other doctors, scientists, and health professionals who were among the 27,000 athletes running Boston this year. Instead, Aafia occupied a tiny holding cell at the United States Penitentiary at Fort Worth, completely cut off from her family and community, her health gravely impugned by 14 years of political imprisonment.

She was arrested in Islamabad in a joint U.S.-Pakistani intelligence operation in 2003, one of many innocents caught up in a broad net of politically-motivated, arbitrary, or misplaced arrests during the "War on Terror." At first, Aafia's captivity was kept a secret by her captors. This lasted about five years. In flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention, Aafia's captors refused to acknowledge her presence within the prison system, allowing them to act with complete impunity towards her. She spent part of her captivity at the U.S. Air Force Base in Baghram, Afghanistan, where she was known as "Prisoner 650." During this time, Aafia was denied proper medical treatment, and repeatedly tortured and raped.

Two of Aafia's young children, Ahmed and Mariam, were arrested and imprisoned along with her in violation of Geneva Convention stipulations on the detention of children. Like Aafia, they were not entered in any prison registry. Much later, Ahmed and Mariam were released and ordered not to reveal anything about their captivity.

In 2008, Aafia's captors finally acknowledged that they were holding her, and she was sent to the U.S. to face charges. Her trial was held in a Manhattan courtroom beset by fears of terrorism. She appeared in a wheelchair, displaying signs of having been tortured. Bizarrely, the 110-pound, 5'2'' Pakistani neuroscientist was charged with the assault and attempted murder of seven U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan.

Despite grave contradictions in the prosecution's case, and clearly exculpatory evidence in Aafia's favor, she was convicted and sentenced to 86 years.

On Monday, I ran the Boston Marathon in honor of Aafia, who did so many great things while in Boston. The front of my race tee-shirt bore her image with the words "Free Dr. Aafia." The back of the tee read "Prisoner 650," a reference to the early period of Aafia's captivity when she was held secretly in Baghram. Throughout the race, I met many wonderful race volunteers and runners who were students at MIT. I wondered how many of them knew of their government's abuse of a Pakistani woman scientist who had sat in the same classroom as them.

Aafia's case is a glaring example of the government's disregard for due process, human rights, women's rights, civil rights, prisoners' rights, and children's rights. It is my hope that women's rights groups and civil libertarians in the U.S. will call for her release. These groups have vociferously and consistently opposed the oppression of Muslim women and girls in cases like that of Malalai Yousufzai, the Chibok girls in Nigeria; and in cases of honor killings. If they are acting on principle and not politics, they must speak out for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

Nadrat Siddique
Ellicott City, Maryland



Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Should Step Down
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Apr. 23; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that after the verdict of two judges against him and for the formation of a JIT for further investigation into the wealth of the ruling family, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should step down to ensure free and impartial investigations against him.

Talking to the media at the residence of PML(Q) leaders Ch. Shujaat Husain and Ch. Pervez Elahi on Sunday, he said that the Panama leaks case could be carried to its logical end only if the Prime Minister resigned to facilitate an impartial probe.

Talking to the newsmen on the occasion, Ch. Shujaat Husain said that all the five judges hearing the Panama leaks case had held that the Prime Minister was no more Sadiq and Ameen, and thus was not eligible to hold any public office. Therefore, he said, that Prime Minister should quit.

Ch. Shujaat Husain also expressed the view that the Prime Minister would resign soon after the formation of the JIT.

Sirajul Haq said it was a unique decision in the country's history when a JIT was being formed for investigations against a sitting Prime Minister because normally, a JIT was formed in terrorism cases.

He said that it was against the country's dignity that a Prime Minister having a stigma on his person should remain in office. He said if the SC gave a clean chit to the Prime Minister after investigations, he could resume his office alter.

The JI chief appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to make the JIT proceedings public. He said the JI would like that the doors of corruption were closed for ever.

He also welcomed the announcement of the High Court Bar for a movement for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

He further said that the JI and the PML(Q) had agreed to set up a joint team of lawyers to monitor the case proceedings.

Large Scale Collection of Weaponry from Iran was Found in Imambargah ostensibly for destabilizing Pakistan & Supporting Syria's Tyrant.
Regime and Media Ignored this ongoing deadly business.
[Note: Video is in Urdu, mainly for Pakistani readers.]

With thanks to Br. Zaheer Bawany.

War News

 War News

Taliban Strike at Military Base near Mazar e Sharif

On April 21, muahideen from Taliban fighters broke into a heavily guarded Kabul regime military base near Mazar e Sharif in north central Afghanistan. According to al Jazeera 140 regime troops were killed and 160 wounded. Taliban spokesman put the regime losses a little higher at a total of 500.

The regime troops were taken by surprise because the base is heavily guarded. Four of the attackers were from the base who had joined the Taliban. A martyrdom operator breached the defenses of the basis. The fighting continued for several hours in which 9 of the Taliban were killed and one captured.

[New Trend's monitoring indicates that regime troops are mostly Shias, Communists from the north and tribal elements.]

Taliban are insisting that all foreign troops should leave Afghanistan. The US has about 8,400 troops in the country, with about another 5,000 from NATO allies assisting a much larger Afghan force in the war against the Taliban and other armed groups.


Heavy Fighting at Damascus Entrance. IS Counterattack at al-Tabaqa. Bombing a & Shelling by Assad-Russia Continues.

April 22.

Russian-Assad jets destroyed a hospital in Khan Shakoun, the same area where a chemical attack was launched by Assad. The ten people killed in the attack were hospital staff.

April 20-23.

Mujahideen of FSA, Nusra and other groups are trying to enter Damascus from the Qaboun area. Assad used 18 ground-to-ground missiles to stop the advance. Russian bombing continues. Fighting is intense.

April 23.

Russian and Assad jets are bombing Islamic groups south and west of Aleppo which want to re-take the city. Local FSA is fighting SDF Kurds backed by USA near Aleppo.

April 23.

A strong counterattack by the Islamic State has stopped the SDF advance in the al-Tabaqa area which was meant to open the way to al-Raqqa.


Mosul. Week 27. Trump Week 13

The massive Shia armada backed by the US air force and Iranian artillery tried to push again into West Mosul but could not advance owing to ferocious Islamic State resistance.

Mosul is largely surrounded by the Shia army now except for the south west from which mujahideen raiders are coming out to attack the attackers.

On April 22, IS fighters raided 30 km south of Mosul into Hamam al-Alil and inflicted casualties on the troops. This is a staging point for the assault on Mosul.

Some of the mujahideen attacked the regime helicopter base at al-Areez.

Tal Afar and Hawija remain firmly in Islamic State hands.

Constant US air activity is driving terrorized civilians out of the city of Mosul. Hundreds flee every day.

Food, water and electricity situation in Mosul is reported to be serious.

US air strikes and drones have killed the Mufti of IS as well as three commanders.

In the latest drone attack by the US, 17 IS mujahideen were killed.

IS drones, very small ones, are also hitting regime forces on a daily basis.

Large areas of Kirkuk province and parts of Diyala are in IS hands with strict Sharia law.

How did the Syrian War Begin?

The boy who started the Syrian war!
(Courtesy al Jazeera)

Think about it... It wasn't ISIL, nor al-Nusra, nor any other terrorist group. It was an act of defiance, a moment of youthful rebelliousness, if you like, that led to an uprising which has seen more than half a million people killed and a country torn to shreds.

It wasn't, of course, the fault of this 14-year-old boy and his three friends who joined him in this moment of adolescent disobedience - a prank which would have enormous consequences beyond their understanding. But when they were arrested by the police and tortured in a most horrendous way, a line was crossed from which there would be no turning back.

When their parents and families arrived at the police station to plead for their freedom, they were told: "Forget these children. Go home to your wives and make some more. If you can't manage, send us your wives and we'll do it for you."

Anger rose. The fuse had been lit and, when police started randomly killing marchers in the demonstrations that followed, armed resistance became an inevitability.

[His name is Mouawiya Syasneh and he is now a fighter for FSA in Deraa where the revolution began.]

 Syria children refugees

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

New York
Violence against women and random assaults are spreading.
Islam can change the situation.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

New York City - A young woman, Bonnie Currie, was walking home from the subway when a man, Kimani Stephenson, groped her private parts and then pushed her onto the tracks. It occurred in Greenwich Village on the 6th Avenue line. She was helped up by three good Samaritans. Currie suffered a broken wrist and needed surgery to repair ligament damage in one of her shoulders.

The police made an arrest, al-humdulillah! There is something very vicious, disdainful, and demeaning when someone sexually assaults you and throws you away in that manner.

However, there were people who criticized Bonnie Currie and I knew it would happen.

The media set this woman up to be criticized. When the incident was first being reported many of the reporters were careful to state that Currie had been out and attacked at 4 am. Many people have criticized this woman for being out alone at this time.

The victim responded to her no-brain critics by stating the following: "You are part of the problem, and a big reason why victims stay silent and attackers run free. The only person responsible for the actions of an attack is the attacker, end of story."

She then tried to encourage sexual assault victims by saying the following: "Do not let random, judgmental strangers who have no idea what they're talking about shame you into silence," she said. "Find the strength to seek justice for yourself and hopefully prevent your attacker from harming others in the future. Rise up, speak out, and go take them down."

Kudos to her for alerting people about this sick, disturbed man. Unfortunately, people do blame the victim in sexual assaults.

A few weeks ago, it had been reported that a young 15 year old girl, with a propensity for running away from home, was gang raped on FaceBook Live. It is said that forty people watched it but, NEVER reported the crime! These rapists were all teenage boys. A fourteen and fifteen year old boy were arrested, two weeks ago, for their participation. I suspect that they will reveal the others who were involved. People have criticized this girl, who was obviously lured to the scene by someone she trusted. She was hospitalized for her injuries.

The victim and her family have endured Online taunts and threats. The police have been working with the State Attorney to help relocate her family. A truly horrific experience for them.

This country was founded on oppression and it is no surprise that the system seems to favor the victimizers over the victims.

(Source: and

with Thanks to Sis. Kristi

 Sahih Bukhari Vol 8 Book 76 No 425



Prophet's, pbuh, great Wisdom in not appointing Ali, r.a., as Leader of Muslims.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Dear Muslims, it was the great wisdom of the Prophet, pbuh, that he did not appoint Ali, r.a., to any important position, nor did he, pbuh, appoint any of the Banu Hashim, his own tribe to any important position.

As we know, the Prophet, pbuh, loved Ali, r.a., as well as Ali's father Abu Talib. However, in Islam, appointment of one's own relatives is considered the root of many serious problems which would undercut the principle of shoora which is central to the Islamic way of life.

Love is not a consideration for appointment because it leads to nepotism and family rule as we can see in Saudi Arabia today.

The Prophet, pbuh, being very close to Ali,r.a., knew that Ali, r.a., though pious and brave did not have leadership qualities. The Prophet, pbuh, knew this right in the beginning of his mission. When he offered Islam to Abu Bakr, r.a., it was accepted right away by Abu Bakr, r.a., on the basis of his own intellectual ability.

When he offered Islam to Ali, r.a., instead of accepting it, Ali, r.a., wanted to ask his father, Abu Talib and the Prophet, pbuh, told Ali not to go to Abu Talib.

Remember that Abu Talib, though a good man and very helpful, never accepted Islam and stuck to his tribal code of honor. In fact the Prophet, pbuh, kept trying to get Abu Talib to accept, even at the point when Abu Talib was dying. Abu Talib still refused. He was a good man but a tribal man, not an Islamic man.

Ali, r.a., wanting to go to Abu Talib, a kafir, to seek advice on faith, showed that he was not an independent thinker, but Allah blessed Ali to accept faith later that night. [Seerat Rasul Allah by Ibn Ishaq.]

In the years of his mission, the Prophet, pbuh, made it clear that anyone seeking a position because of being a member of the Banu Hashim was going the wrong way.

If Ali had been made viceroy or automatic successor to the Prophet, pbuh, there would have been no golden example for Muslims to follow other than the example of kings and autocrats.

Even then the Shia sect has put in all its resources into projecting Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussain as the guarantee holders of the path to paradise.

Once Ali, r.a., came to be in charge of a squadron of 300 fighters. He mismanaged the situation so badly by his pious but harsh treatment that they turned against him and complained to the Prophet, pbuh, who urged them not to treat Ali harshly. This advice was given by the Prophet, pbuh, at a place called Ghadeer Khum, out in the hot desert on the way to Makka.

About 200 years later, the Shia cult fabricated stories to add to the Ghadeer Khum advice to make it seem that acceptance of Ali's leadership is part of the faith of Islam. Ghadeer Khum is projected by the Shias as a gathering even bigger than the Farewell Pilgrimage in Makka.
Imagine if the Qur'an or the Prophet, pbuh, had given any importance to Ali, how powerful the cult of Ali would have become. In our times Najaf and Karbala are presented by Shias as places of pilgrimage which outdo Makka, Madina and al-Aqsa as holy places for pilgrimage. [The Prophet, pbuh, forbade pilgrimage to any places other thn Makka, Madina and al-Aqsa.]

The Qur'an has taught that Allah chooses whom He wills and does not choose on the basis of whom the Prophet, pbuh, loved. Hence we see Allah choosing Abu Bakr, r.a., Umar, r.a. Usman, r.a., , Khalid, r.a., Bilal, r.a., Muawiyyah, r.a., and almost all the Sahabah, not on the basis of whether the Prophet, pbuh, loved them but by Allah's Will

""Lo! you (O Muhammad) guide not whom you love, but Allah guides whom He will. And He is Best Aware of those who walk aright." [28:56.]

Notice that Abu Bakr, r.a., Umar, r.a., Usman, r.a., did not appoint their sons as Caliphs to succeed . Hence forever a pure example of Islam is available which is opposed to kingship and family rule. Alhamdulillah!
 put this on your calendar
 Celebration of Mai'raj-un-Nabi

2017-04-23 Sun 22:03:00 ct