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6 Jamada al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- March 5, 2017 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1696

Hadith of the Week

Women in the Quran are Equal to Men in Every Aspect of Life.

Umm Salama,r.a. narrates: "Once I said to the prophet, pbuh, the way men are mentioned in the Quran, why are women not mentioned? Hardly a day had passed when I heard the prophet saying 'O people". I was combing my hair and I quickly rolled up my hair and went to the corner of the masjid and heard him reciting the words of Allah. "O mankind, Allah Almighty says in His book: "Surely men and women who are devoted to God - believing men and women, obedient men and women, truthful men and women, steadfast men and women, humble men and women, charitable men and women, fasting men and women, chaste men and women, men and women who remember God often - God has prepared for them forgiveness and a rich reward." Qur'an 33:35

[Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal hadith number 27138 and Sunan of Nasai number 11405]

 Breaking News

Spain Wants Muslim Migrants

160,000 people demonstrated in Barcelona urging the government to let the Muslim migrants into the country
(Feb 22).

The major media ignored the story.

The government has asked Tunisia to take back 1,500 migrants. Tunisia has agreed.

War News

 War News


Fighting Across Syria: Russia, Assad, USA, Turkey united in Drive on Islamic State Capital of al-Raqqa. IS Withdraws Slightly from Palmyra. Deraa Clashes.

Feb. 27-March 5

A grand alliance of forces supported by USA in Manbig, by Turkey in El-Bab, Russia and Assad south west of El-Bab and SDF supported by USA are advancing on al-Raqqa. They are staying separate but their target is the capital of the Islamic State. Stiff resistance by IS has temporarily halted their advance aimed at the encirclement of al-Raqqa.

[Manbig is under Kurds covered by US air force. It is parallel to the Turkish advance on El Bab. SDF is also Kurdish backed by US special forces.]

A storm of bombing by Russia and artillery shelling by Hizbullah forced IS to withdraw from Palmyra though it is only a little distance from the city.

Assad's artillery continues to shell al-Waer district in Homs.

IS is advancing near Hama and is being bombed by the Russians.

East of Aleppo the water source of the city has been captured by IS and Hizbullah is attacking vigorously to take it back but with no success after 5 days of fighting.

Assad's regime is firing ground-to-ground missiles on Jobar and with helicopter attacks on the suburbs of Damascus to force the soft targets to leave.

Deraa city is witnessing severe clashes between Assad's troops and mujahideen factions.

The latest news is that a martyrdom operator hit Assad's troops near Aleppo killing 8.

A Mig 23 which was bombing the Islamic province of Idlib was shot down by mujahideen and crashed in Turkey. The pilot bailed out and was saved by Turkey.

Mosul. Week 20.
Trump Week 6.

US Air Strikes Terrorizing People, says al Jazeera. 14,000 Fled in One Day. IS Counterattack in Rain Storm.

Refugees are streaming out of Mosul terrorized by the daily air strikes by the US and its "coalition."

Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker, reporting from a refugee camp in Khazer, east of Mosul, said that IDPs there cited the "intensity of coalition air strikes" as one of the main reasons for leaving their homes.

"People in the camp who just arrived explained how terrifying the situation was on those frontlines," she said.

"It's a desperate situation for these people; they are being moved across the country to different areas to be housed."

The Shia army is being thrashed by the mujahideen but it has US and British air support plus an endless supply of Shia recruits. The Baghdad regime is depending on propaganda and rumor mongering to hide the amazing resistance put up by the IS mujahideen.

The British paper Independent noted: "The real situation in front line positions in and around west Mosul is unclear because the Iraqi government reports only successes and never mentions setbacks or defeats. They sometimes announce the capture of districts and towns long before government troops have reached them. The blog Musings on Iraq , which has published a detailed daily account of the 132-day campaign to take Mosul, complains that "the Iraqi forces' (ISF) statements either by officers or even official ones have become so unreliable that they cannot be trusted unless pictures are posted on social media or a western reporter confirms them".

The Independent too was taken in by regime claims that it was very near the main government building in West Mosul on February 28. Today, March 5, the armada is still not there. On the other hand, the mujahideen cannot move without being hit by US air strikes. They had to carry out their counter attack during a rain storm which confused US-Shia surveillance.

 Word Around The Net

Word Around the Net

from Br.Kris

110 people die in Somalia in the past 48 hours, while millions more are at risk as the drought worsens.

USA led coalition admits to killing 220 civilians in air strikes against isis in Iraq and Syria.

The pentagon quietly sends commandos to Middle East and North Africa, amid an unprecedented amount of air strikes in Yemen.

Ironically, Canada increases it's border security with the USA as the rate of asylum seekers try to migrate north to a country under better management.

 Dua Gift

Political Prisoners :



Helping the Needy in Ethiopia. Caring for the one down in the dust. [Ref:Sura 90]
by Sis. Ashira Na'im

We are happy to report that we are in good health as we settle here, again, in Ethiopia, Alhamdullilah!

May Allah Bless all of the contributors to the program to feed the hungry women, children and men on the streets of the towns we will visit. Though we will miss multitudes of people who fit that description on the streets, we can take solace in knowing that just as the contribution of $1 zakat from the poor muslim can be equal to or greater than the $100 zakat contribution from the wealthy Muslim (in the sight of Allah)--then as many as we can help feed is like feeding that number many times over!!! Praise be to Allah!!! Allahu Alem.

What we see here is that the cost of living has increased just as it seems to be the case globally. So, too, has the selfishness and callousness of many.

Here is an example that I hope will make you see why you need to help us in this effort: While eating a simple breakfast at an indoor-outdoor restaurant recently, I noticed two young boys (about 9 yrs old) sitting on a stump nearby. They were dusty, raggedy, and wore gloom on their faces as they cast "secret" glances at those of us enjoying our meals. Having more than enough dabo (bread), I had it placed in a bag to go instead of leaving it behind. When I offered the clear plastic bag and said "dabo" to the boys, they both reached for the bag and managed to share what was 2 large pieces of "french bread".

Then, a girl about 11 years old came running from across the street, grabbing pieces of bread as she could from the boys and demanding they share it. None of the restaurant guests or people walking along the street seemed moved by any of this. But I was. I was more saddened by the nonconcern of the adults than I was by the hunger of the children. May Allah save us from callousness (spiritual death).

Here is another example: This time, I'm at an outdoor, street-side stop having bayyinatu (a cheap vegetable meal served on injera) and some buna(coffee). These "stops" are more frequented by men than women; but more run by women than men, which makes it more comfortable for me (smile). Anyway, I noticed that there sitting on the divide in the middle of the street is this very dirty and regeddy boy who is glancing across the street at the many outdoor eateries. He begins to cry as we, two young men enjoying their meals and myself and the cook, are chatting. When the owner/cook went inside for more food, I asked the young men why was the boy sitting there in such an unsafe place. They, not understanding English language very well, began to tell me about the businesses on the opposite side of the divide. I repeated and pointed to them that I'm talking about that boy. They finally "see" the boy and I tell them I think he's hungry and call him and we will feed him. They called him over. But.....they yelled at him, and laughed at him. I did not expect that was going to happen, and I shook my head in disapproval and asked them not to tease him. The boy's nose was now running profusely as he tried wiping it with his hands. I just happened to be carrying tissue and gave it to him to clean his nose.

You see, much of the nose running has to do with the large amount of dust inhaled by these street people on a daily basis. It takes its toll on any of us who inhale too much. To make a long story short, we fed him. Alhamdullilah.

Presently, we are in the town of Adama (also called Nazareth). Last Friday, we gave our first contributions to those poor Muslims who gather outside Masjid Abu Bakr and we continue street distributions 2 to 3 times weekly. We will visit Addis and probably Awassa soon and make distributions as our funds will allow.

Announcement: JAM (United Muslims In America) is hopeful to begin a once monthly feeding program on the grounds we will rent soon in Adama. Also, we will help provide temporary, low rent rooms for women in need.

Mail donations to :
Ashira Naim, 4624 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212

 Editor's Desk

Why are Muslims so traumatized by the moves of President Trump?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Muslims were being used by the Democratic power structure in a nuanced and sophisticated way, so much so that they never realized what was happening to them.

Trump is much more open than the Obama-Hillary combination. As a result every move he makes is picked up by the Zionist-Corporate media to create an "end of the world" perspective.

We Muslims were coddled by Obama and company because we were too naïve in our understanding of Islam. A woman named Rumana who worked in the White House for 8 years has given up because she thinks "our community" is under attack. Her contribution to Islam was that she wore the hijab. Another woman, Linda Sarsour, is hobnobbing with lgbtq and Jewish American groups. Her contribution to Islam? Again hijab. American Muslims have not been taught that cooperation with oppressors is prohibited in Islam. Hijab should only be worn when the woman has stood up for Islam against Israel and the entire power structure. American Jews by and large are not our friends. Almost all of them support and fund Israel. Their support for Salman Rushdie and their delight on the sentence of LIFE for the Blind Shahykh [by a Jewish judge] should have taught us.

Look at what Obama did for 8 years. We must accept criticism now if we were silent:

  1. Invasions of Gaza ignored.

  2. Biggest military package to Israel in the history of America.

  3. Holding Muslims in gtmo when most of them were not charged with any crime.

  4. Continuing imprisonment of Muslim political prisoners "guilty" of victimless crimes. Among them the Blind Shaykh and Dr. Aafia. The humiliation and mistreatment of Imam Jamil and many others is indecent.

  5. Obama bombed and droned Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. He gave open ended support for the blood thirsty military in Nigeria.

  6. Support for the coup against duly elected president of Egypt and the killing of hundreds of unarmed protestors by General Sissi.

  7. Huge funding of Iran which helped it to invade Syria and sustain Bashar Assad with open ended recruitment of Shias from Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

  8. Tacit agreement with Russia to invade Syria to save Bashar Assad and finally America's own military adventure in Syria.

  9. At home Snowden found out that Obama's regime was surveilling the entire American public. Snowden had to take refuge in Russia.

  10. Countrywide campaign by corporate-Zionist media to legitimize homosexuality followed by "normalization" of homo "marriage."

  11. Silence on police killings of young Black men.

  12. Silence on blasphemy against religion and Jesus, pbuh, in particular, on late night "comedy" shows like those of Bill Mahr, Ms. Silverman, NPR and others. This has become routine.

To silence the Muslim American community, Muslims who were like extensions of the Democratic party were lauded and hailed as leaders of the Muslim community.

Muslims were given the impression that Hillary Clinton would certainly win the elections. They are in a state of shock because Trump won.

Trump is determined to roll back some of Obama's measures. He is under daily attack by CNN and the entire Democratic media machine.

As he hits back at the Democratic party, his Muslim opponents will suffer. He has put restrictions on Muslims coming in from 7 Muslim countries out of which he seems ready to take back Iraq, thus leaving 6. Let's not forget that there are about 50 Muslim countries. So the restrictions are not "end of the world" as the media tell us. And these restrictions were quietly started by Obama.

America and Russia are friends. Look at the "division of labor" between them in the bombing of Syria.

So, why this fuss over talking to the Russians!

Islam is the way of the soul. It cannot be banned or restricted through laws. The Soviet Union tried much worse and failed.

At the core of Islam in America are African Americans, Hispanic Americans and White Americans who have embraced Islam. They can't be deported.

So, calm down, study the Qur'an, follow the Sunnah and wait for the Will of Allah.



Unusual Statement by Leader of Jamaate Islami.
[March 4]

Sirajul Haq said the tribal area covering 27000 km and having a population of around ten million had been practically a prison and there was none to raise voice for the rights of these people. He said that the self centered leaders had protected the FCR for such a long time only to serve their personal interests. However, he said, the young generation in the tribal areas was not ready to tolerate the old, rotten system and law.

Volunteer Work at its Best.
Humanitarian Effort Producing Amazing Results.

by Col. Mushtaq Ahmad , r [Islamabad] [Excerpted]

Pravalli welfare Trust (17th year of service to humanity )
Newsletter - February 2017

  1. Water Supply Schemes.
    During month of February we completed 37 water supply schemes. 11 water supply schemes were sponsored by LFT - 3 in That and 8 in North. 14 small Hand pumps were made in Sind through the courtesy of RRAI. One water was donated by Mr Kamran, 2 Mrs Shabana Kausar, 2 by Mr Yehya qureshi, I by Mr athar Ali, 5 by Mr Naeem akhtar, 1 by Dr Hamna shahab. A total of 884 schemes have been completed in the last 16 years. Out of these 464 were made in Sind including 130 in Thar Desert area ------ having acute shortage of water. Many friends have donated schemes for Esal-e-Sawab of their parents. Jazak Allah. Donors were sent photos of the schemes they sponsored. For other friends these schemes photos are available on link given above. May Allah reward all those brothers and sisters who have participated in alleviating sufferings of the poor. Work on 20 more water supply schemes is in progress and these are expected to be completed soon.

  2. Help to orphan girls for marriage.
    4 more orphan girls were helped financially to get married in month this month. Total no of girls helped so far has reached 318, Alhamd-o-Lillah. We pay Rs. 20,000 to these orphan girls. Even this meager amount is sought by these poor widows with lot of prayers and thanks for donors. Jazak Allah. We send details of the girls helped to the donors with photos of money distribution. In year 2016 alone we have been able to support 116 orphan girls under this scheme. We are thankful to Brig Saghir, Mr Iqbal butt, Col Azam, Syed Rashid Mubashir, Brig Zaidi, Doc Samina/Mr Ajmal, Kh. Sajjad Khawaja, S. Nazim ali, Maj Alam, Bobby Khan, Mr Salman ahmad, D/o Mr Sharif Butt, Gen S. Shahid Mukhtar Shah, Mr Qasim Kazmi, Doc Najmi, Mr Beg in USA, Syed Amir Ur Rahman, Mr Asif Ali, Kh. Hassan Zaffar Ullah, Brig Abdul Ahad, Col Abid Bhatti, Col M. Amin, Kh. Ayaz Ahmad, Mr M. Tariq Saleem Lone, --- whose continued support has made it possible. Jazak Allah.

  3. Technical training for jobless young men.
    8 young jobless boys completed training as Motor Cycle Mechanics in February and 10 more has started training as Auto Electricians in February. These both training are through courtesy of Mr Asim Maqsood. 9 completed training as Plumbers in Jan 17. Before that 19 completed training this month as house Electrician in a Two months course. Before that 4 Motor Cycle Mechanic and 6 Computer operators completed training in October. These courses are being run through courtesy of Mr javed ahsani, Mr Ijaz Akhtar, Khawar sajjad Khawaja, Doc Munawar Sultana Dar, Mr Naeem Akhtar, Gen S. Shahid Mukhtar shah, Mr M. Tariq Saleem Lone. We pay course fee, arrange accommodation and pay Rs 2,000 to each trainee per month for food. At the end of course give them tools as well. Till today under this scheme 59 young men have been trained in AC/fridge repairs, 26 as Electricians, 4 as Motor cycle mechanic, 6 in computer and 32 as plumbers in SOS Technical Institute Rawalpindi. 10 more were trained in other institutes few years back. A total of 173 young boys were given trade training to earn for themselves and their families.

  4. Goats for the widows.
    We plan to give more goats to widows in March. 26 goats were distributed among widows in Month of December. 10 in GHOTKI AREA IF Sind on behalf of Gen Shahid Mukhtar Shah, 10 in Thar Desert area on behalf of Mr Qasim Kazmi Mr Yehya Qureshi, Doc Najmi, Mr Amir Ur Rahman, Mr M. A. Asif & Mr M. Iqbal Butt. 5 Goats were distributed in Badin Area of Sind on behalf of Mr Muzaffar M. Qureshi. 20 goats were distributed in the month of October. 10 were donated by Mr Zafar-ud-din Ansari, 6 were donated by Syed Muhammad Qasim Kazmi and 4 by Mr Aamir Ghauri. Jazak Allah. Till now 645 widows have been given goats. Goats give birth to one or two child every year. The new born starts producing in two years. Thus these multiply very rapidly and are beneficial to the economic wellbeing of the very poor segment of society where these can be kept and looked after. In hilly areas and desert area where there are vast opportunity to graze the goats, it has proved to be very successful. Apart from getting pure milk for the family these fetch them handsome money by selling them. We pray for Allah's blessings on all the donors for this act of kindness. Jazak Allah.

See the latest photos on our Facebook page.

To know more about us and to download two books, visit our Website.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Please note all these works are being done through donation of friends. My own financial contribution is almost nil. I am only a facilitator in whole scheme. The credit goes to the donors. Allah's blessings are on all of them. We do not maintain trust office, trust transport or permanent employees in Trust to ensure that 90% of donations reach the needy.

Warm regards,
Col (R) Mushtaq Ahmad
Mobile: 0333 519 59 33

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

Orlando, Florida
Disney: Children Watching Cartoons Should Be Monitored.
Brainwashing Children for Homo culture.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

The New Beauty and the Beast Live Production has a gay character. LeFou, the sidekick of villain Gaston will be an openly gay character in Disney's live production of Beauty and the Beast. This past week, Disney XD Channel's cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil has a cartoon character share a same-sex kiss.

Of course, the media is publicizing this as society's step forward. Disney has always been at the forefront of promoting the Luti lifestyle, courtesy of former Zionist CEO Michael Eisner. They have gay days at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Could this be why Orlando was the target of last Summer's shooting at that gay club?

Disney cartoons need to be monitored now that they are pioneering the way for introducing the Luti lifestyle to children. In the past, any talk of introducing homosexuality in the school curriculum to pre-pubescents was met with a community fight. Now, Disney has found a way to do it. Expect other cartoon production companies to follow suit. As usual in Hollywood, it is not cool to be left out.


Seattle, Washington State
Sikh Shot in Hate Crime:"Go back to your own country."

The 39-year-old Sikh man was working on his car in his driveway in Kent, Washington., just south of Seattle, when a man walked up wearing a mask and holding a gun.

According to a report in the Seattle Times, there was an altercation, and the gunman — a stocky, 6-foot-tall white man wearing a mask over the bottom part of his face — said "Go back to your own country" and pulled the trigger.

Authorities are investigating the shooting as a suspected hate crime, the newspaper reported.

The victim, whose name hasn't been released, was shot in the arm at about 8 p.m. Friday and suffered injuries that are not life-threatening, the newspaper reported. The man who shot him is still on the loose. Kent Police have reached out to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for help.

Lucasville-Youngstown, Ohio
Muslim Prison leader Protesting
From Siddique Abdullah Hasan's Support Group.

Jason Robb and Siddique Abdullah Hasan began refusing food on Monday February 27th to protest a 90 day restriction on their access to phone, email and video visit communication. Ohio State Penitentiary issued this restriction to silence and prevent them from pleading their innocence to the public. Both Hasan and Robb appeared on video in a recent episode of the Netflix documentary series, Captives.

The Captives documentary told the story of the Lucasville Uprising and hostage situation. The film-makers intended an unbiased 360 degree view of the uprising and hostage situation, but their final product consisted almost entirely of interviews with then Warden Arthur Tate, multiple guards, and state-cooperating prisoners. It gave far more screen time to the state's side of the story, yet the injustice, negligence, dishonesty and hypocrisy of the state's conduct during the uprising became abundantly clear even from their own words.

Hasan and Jason's interviews were given a few scant minutes of screen time, for which the Ohio prison system is currently punishing and censoring them, because its position on the uprising, and on their guilt depends greatly on restricting their speech, controlling the narrative, and keeping the public ignorant. Hasan and Robb are two of many plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) for restricting media requests to uprising prisoners.

They have been condemned to death and held in solitary confinement since the uprising in 1993. Their actual participation in the uprising was to negotiate a peaceful surrender and prevent greater loss of life. The ODRC and State of Ohio promised not to go after specific individuals in the negotiation of that surrender, and then immediately targeted the negotiators, painting them as leaders and orchestrators of a spontaneous riot that, without their intervention and cooperation across race and gang lines, could easily have escalated.

Please contact Warden Ed Sheldon and demand that he rescind the communication restriction for Jason Robb and Siddique Abdullah Hasan.

Phone: 330-743-0700
Fax: 330-743-0841
Address: 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road Youngstown, OH 44505

Please also write letters of support to Jason and Hasan. Getting mail boosts their spirits, and prevents staff from retaliating against them.

Jason Robb 308-919
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

Siddique Abdullah Hasan R130-559
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

Also please contact: and 330-366-6838.



Syrian Mass Murderer Bashar Assad Lashes out at Amnesty Internaional

In the first interview Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has given to an American reporter since President Trump's inauguration, he likened Amnesty's research to "fake news."

Donate and support our rigorously researched investigations that hold human rights abusers accountable.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad just called Amnesty research "fake news."

Last week, we released a chilling report that exposed the Syrian government's calculated campaign of executions by mass hangings at Saydnaya Prison. In five years, as many as 13,000 people, most of them civilians, were hanged in secret after "trials" lasting one to three minutes each.

This week, in the first interview Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has given to an American reporter since President Trump's inauguration, the dictator lashed out.

He said, "It's a shame for such an organization to publish a report without a shred of evidence." Then he invoked the term fake news to describe our report. "You can forge anything these days, and we're living in a fake news era, as you know."

Amnesty research teams keep vigilant watch on the rights of people around the world, based on in-depth investigations free of corporate and government influence. Donate and support our rigorously researched investigations that hold human rights abusers like al-Assad accountable.

The findings of the report are based on an intensive investigation, which was carried out over the course of one year, from December 2015 to December 2016. It involved first-hand interviews with 84 individuals who included former Saydnaya guards and officials, detainees, judges and lawyers, as well as national and international experts on detention in Syria.

If President al-Assad has nothing to hide, he must immediately grant access for international monitors to Saydnaya and all other places of detention in Syria.

After the report's release, al-Assad is feeling the pressure. With your help, we can keep it up. Your donation can help us continue sending research teams to Syria and bordering countries to unearth the truth and bring it to light.

The horrific treatment of prisoners in Syria is part of the reason so many refugees have fled the country.

Help us continue being a voice for the rights of people of Syria and the refugees who have fled for their lives.


Margaret Huang
Executive Director, Amnesty International USA


In Depth Critical Response to the most Powerful Propaganda Campaign in the World.
Germar Rudolf Takes on the Claim that German camps forJews were Extermination Camps.

 Germar Rudolf

About the Autho r
Rudolf was born on October 29, 1964, in Limburg, Germany. He studied chemistry at Bonn University, where he graduated in 1989 as a Diplom-Chemist, which is comparable to a U.S. PhD degree. From 1990-1993 he prepared a German PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Orthodox Holocaust scholars reject the revisionist claim that the so-called Aktion Reinhat Camps were transit camps for Jewish deportees on their way to the East. They challenge revisionists to show them one Jew, one single Jew, who was deported through any of those camps and survived. This paper presents evidence of thousands of Jews for whom those camps were mere layover stations.

Holocaust Archaeology
If we follow the orthodox Holocaust narrative, the so-called Aktion Reinhardt Camps - Bełżec, Sobibór and Treblinka - were pure extermination camps. In the very lethal sense of the word, they are said to have been dead ends for Jewish deportees sent there, who were allegedly murdered in homicidal gas chambers using engine-exhaust gas, and their corpses subsequently buried and later exhumed and cremated on huge outdoor pyres.[1]

During the past 20 years, archeological explorations were conducted by orthodox researchers at all three Aktion Reinhardt Camps in search of remnants of the claimed gas-chamber buildings and of the mass graves and mass-cremation sites claimed to have existed nearby.

The earliest such explorations were conducted between 1997 and 1999 at the site of the former Bełżec Camp.[2] While major amounts of disturbed soil were located, the amount of human remains discovered was minimal, and no trace of any building was found that resembles even remotely what witnesses have described as the homicidal gas chamber.[3]

Next in line was the Sobibór Camp, which was the focus of much larger explorations than those conducted at Bełżec. The investigations started in 2000 and extended well into the year 2014 and probably even beyond that. Unlike Bełżec, the researchers involved did not merely undertake core sample drillings, but they actually excavated several areas suspected to contain remnants of former camp structures: fence poles, buildings, mass graves and cremation pits.[4] In the summer of 2014, a structure was discovered which the researchers involved believe to have been the claimed homicidal gas chamber.[5] Until late 2016, the website dedicated to the Sobibór memorial had a 2014 news item posted announcing the impending publication of the research result.[6] When I approached them via email in late November 2016 asking whether that publication had yet appeared, and if so, where it could be found, instead of receiving an answer, the announcement was quietly removed. A revisionist critique of the findings at Sobibór was published in 2013, which of course does not address the claimed gas-chamber find.[7]

The Treblinka Camp was last in line to become the object of modern archeological research. This included the use of high-technology devices such as LIDAR scans and ground-penetrating radar. Core samples and minor excavations were also conducted, although apparently on a much smaller scale than at Sobibór. No dedicated research report, paper or book seems to have been published as a result of it, but the lead researcher, Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls, did include some of her findings in a general book on the forensics and archeology of mass-murder sites.[8] A written revisionist critique published two years prior to the appearance of that book could analyze only small bits of information that had been published in rather superficial media items, hence is of merely limited value.[9] A revisionist video documentary addressing Sturdy Colls's research limits itself to what had appeared during a 2013 TV documentary,[10] hence has a narrow focus as well.[11]

Conflicting Claims
In any murder case, the burden of proof is on those claiming that a murder has happened. In any scientific dispute, the burden of proof lies on those making any claim about anything.

In the present case, everybody agrees that at least some 1.3 million people were deported to the Aktion Reinhardt Camps, a claim primarily based on a German radio message intercepted and deciphered by the British on January 11, 1943, which speaks of a total of 1,274,166 deportees.[12] But what happened to the Jews who arrived at those camps?

Orthodox historiography maintains that almost all of these Jews were murdered on the spot, usually within a few hours of their arrival at the latest. Only a few healthy young men were kept alive as slave laborers to run the camp's genocidal operation, but even those usually did not live long.

Revisionists, on the other hand, claim that these camps were transit camps, and that Jews arriving at these borderline stations merely swapped trains from European standard gauge to the Russian wide gauge, to be deported further East during a grand plan of resettling Europe's Jews.[13] The revisionist storyline has it that most of the Jews deported to those camps were kept there for only a short while - hours or days - during which they and their belongings may have been subjected to hygienic measures: showers and disinfestation. They also may have been subjected to some kind of selection to extract those individuals suitable for slave-labor deployment, to be sent elsewhere, while the rest boarded another train headed further east to be resettled in some part of the then-German-occupied parts of the Soviet Union.

Proving Mass Murder
Those claiming that a gigantic mass-murder operation unfolded at these places have to deliver the kinds of evidence required in any murder case: primarily traces of the bodies, evidence of murder, and any kind of trace of the murder weapon. The archaeological investigations mentioned earlier were carried out to some degree to do exactly that: locate bodily remains, determine the way they died, and find traces of the gas chambers. Revisionist critics have claimed that the evidence actually found falls extremely short of what has to be expected, yet orthodox counter-critics have argued otherwise.[14]

For this study, I will focus on the Treblinka Camp, which is said to have had the largest death toll of all three Aktion Reinhardt Camps.

First, let's define what kind of evidence would be required to prove that the claimed mass murder has taken place. Most-important, this concerns traces of the victims or of the manner in which their bodies were disposed of. The orthodoxy claims that some 700,000 victims were buried within the camp and later exhumed and cremated on huge pyres. I will leave aside here the question as to how such a task could have been physically possible, for if the remains of 700,000 victims can be located, that feat obviously was possible somehow. Hence, we need to worry about the How only if we do not find the expected traces.

The burial of 700,000 victims within a few months - most are said to have died between July and October 1942 - requires a minimum amount of space in the soil. In addition, large areas where the cremations allegedly took place must have existed, too. Finally, the cremation remains - ashes, body fragments, unburned wood - need to be found somewhere. This all needs quantification.

However, the task is not as simple as it seems, because we are not dealing with a pristine crime scene as it was left behind by the alleged perpetrators. Quite to the contrary: it is a matter of record that two forensic/archaeological investigations were conducted there at war's end or shortly thereafter, one by Soviet, the other by Polish authorities.[15] In addition, there is evidence suggesting that bombs were dropped onto the area of the former Treblinka Camp toward the end of the war, probably by Soviet aircraft, causing major devastation.[16] Furthermore, completely undocumented random digs by grave robbers have been going on for decades, as the site was left basically unguarded for decades after the war.

Hence, even if one were to succeed in determining exactly how much of the camp's underlying soil has been disturbed, how is one to tell which of these perturbations originate from the purported perpetrators and which have been added by the above-mentioned activities that unfolded after the camp had been dissolved? While it is perhaps possible to find out where and how much of a volume the Soviet and Polish investigative commissions dug up, and to what degree it included the volume of former mass graves and cremation sites, etc., it is probably rather difficult, if at all possible, to distinguish bomb craters and haphazard digs from original mass graves and cremation sites. But such a distinction is indispensable in order to be sure which soil perturbation is original and which is later. Admittedly, this prerequisite is a very high standard of proof which may be extremely difficult or even impossible to meet. But that failure of securing the evidence while it was fresh is merely the fault of the authorities in charge of the area right after the withdrawal of all German authorities in 1944. Worse still, if the camp's area was indeed bombarded by the Soviet Air Force, this raises the suspicion that the Soviets themselves were those who initiated the process of destroying the evidence. It is moot to speculate about their motives, but it is safe to say that securing evidence in a mass-murder case was obviously not on their minds. At any rate, not having conducted a thorough forensic investigation for so many decades has led to a considerable deterioration and spoliation of the evidence which we may never be able to overcome.

Still, considering that the cremation of 700,000+ victims must have left innumerable traces in and around the camp, it should be possible to come to some conclusions when scouring the soil of the entire former camp and its vicinity for these remains.[17] This might be a daunting task, but it seems to be the only way of determining with any degree of reliability the magnitude of events that unfolded there.

As to remnants of homicidal gas chambers, this seems to be a wild-goose chase undertaken by the orthodoxy. While it is expected that some building remains have to be found in those camps, finding a "gas chamber" seems illusory, for how are we to decide whether the ruins of a building served as a chemical mass-slaughter facility? While it is possible to expect chemical traces of mass murder committed with hydrogen cyanide aka Zyklon B - in the form of long-term-stable Iron Blue[18] - the lethal gas which orthodox historians today claim was allegedly used in the Aktion Reinhardt Camps - engine-exhaust gases - would not have left any trace whatsoever. Hence, if some ruins containing tiles are discovered, as was the case at Treblinka, how are we to decide whether these tiles were part of an actual shower room, as revisionists claim, or of a homicidal gas chamber merely disguised as a shower room, as orthodox historians insist? As far as I can see, there is no way of telling the difference.

Proving Transit Activities
Revisionists face a different challenge. If almost 1.3 million individuals were transited through those camps, where is the evidence for this? Where are these 1.3 million persons? Asking that question 75 years later is a little late, too. It cannot be expected that many of these individuals are still alive today. But what evidence is there that Treblinka, to stick with this camp, served as a layover station? And is there even one single Jew who was deported to Treblinka and showed up alive in "the East" or anywhere else, for that matter?

Interestingly, there are quite a few eyewitness accounts recorded by orthodox organizations who attest to the fact that they, together with hundreds of other deportees, were indeed transited through Treblinka. Eric Hunt has included some of these statements in his documentary on Treblinka.[19] Although these Jews were sent to the Majdanek labor camp rather than "to the East," their stories still confirm that Treblinka did serve as a transit camp for thousands of Jews. This means that Treblinka had to have the logistical capability of serving that purpose.

Carlo Mattogno has pointed out a particularly illuminating case of a Jewish individual transited through Treblinka.[20] It concerns the fate of a certain Minna Grossova, who was born on Sept. 20, 1874. On October 19, 1942, this 68-year-old lady was deported to Treblinka - at a time when on average some 5,000 Jews are said to have been killed and buried there every single day. But instead of getting killed there, she was sent to Auschwitz, where she ... no, was not sent to the gas chambers either, although she was most certainly not "fit for labor," but lived there another 14 months, finally dying there on December 30.[21] If Mrs. Grossova at age 68 was spared death in the gas chambers of Treblinka and Auschwitz, it is likely that the many hundreds of her fellow sufferers deported together with her shared her fate as well. This fate, too, underlines that Treblinka was indeed used as a transit camp where not even old, frail Jews were murdered.

How about Jews actually transited to "the East"? Jean-Marie Boisdefeu has documented an interesting case he stumbled over while skimming Vad Vashem's database of Holocaust victims.[22] This case, too, is based on a memorial book published by government authorities, in this case of Germany. It concerns the Berlin Jew Siegmund Rothstein, born in 1867, who was first deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto for elderly Jews in August 1942. Barely a month later, however, on September 26, he was deported to Treblinka at the age of 75. But that was not his end at all, because the German authorities found life signs of him further east, as they finally determined that Rothstein died in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, some 240 miles (286 km) east of Treblinka. I doubt 75-year-old Mr. Rothstein jumped off the train prior to arriving at Treblinka and ran all the way to German-occupied Minsk, Hence, he must have traveled there by train. I also doubt that the German authorities reserved a train just for him or put just him on a military train going to Minsk. Rather, he must have made that journey on a deportation train together with hundreds or thousands of fellow deportees from Theresienstadt.

Boisdefeu states that none of the thousands of Jews deported from Theresienstadt is listed in the German memorial book as having been killed at Treblinka, but that they all are listed with a variety of different locations where they either died or were last heard of and then went missing.

This case, too, indicates that thousands of Jews seem to have been deported to "the East" with Treblinka as a transit station. As a result, Treblinka must indeed have had the logistics to temporarily house, feed and clean hundreds, if not thousands of individuals for short periods of time. Among other things, it most likely did have a very real shower facility for that very purpose.

It is therefore clear that orthodox historians have to adjust their narrative to accommodate that role somehow. For instance, Treblinka could be re-labeled as a combined extermination and transit camp, serving both purposes at once. This dual-interpretation approach, first observed by Arthur Butz in his trail-blazing book,[23] has been very successful in shoring up the orthodox extermination narrative for Auschwitz and Majdanek, when the mounting evidence against their cases threatened to undermine them. In the case of Treblinka, orthodox as well as revisionist historians could be accommodated by saying that, yes, there was a real shower, but, yes, it was also equipped to murder instead of shower the deportees. Whether that is a credible narrative, is for the reader to decide.

As far as I know, no one has done any thorough, systematic research trying to locate more individual cases of Jews transited through Treblinka, Sobibór or Bełżec to other places using the data available in published sources, victim and witness databases, etc. No one has even considered the question, let alone pursued it. Orthodox researchers are unlikely to undertake such research, as asking the question is a heresy worth the professional death penalty. Revisionists, on the other hand, have so far lacked the human, monetary, logistical and temporal resources to undertake such research on the grand scale it would require. So in this case as well, the evidence keeps deteriorating, as memories fade, documents decay and survivors die.

The one revisionist whom I had invited to do that research in late 2016 - Eric Hunt - got upset with me because I didn't offer him the research results on a silver platter ready for his consumption. Hence, he decided to take an altogether contrary stance with regard to the whole matter. Pity.


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