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9 Rabi' al-thani, 1438 A.H.- January 8, 2017 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1688

Hadith of the Week

Connecting Quran with Hadith.
Comments by Sis. Yasmin

'Since Good and Evil cannot be equal, Repel evil with something that is better... !'

Then you will see that he with whom you had enmity... will become your close friend.'

{Source:-'Quran'~ Surat Fussilat~41~ Ayah# 34}

ادْفَعْ بِالَّتِ  هِيَ أَحْسَنُ السَّيِّšَةَ نَحْنُ أَعْلَمُ بِمَا يَصِفُون¤

Repel evil with what is better.

We are most knowing of what they describe.

{Source: 'Quran'~ Surat Al-Muminun 23:A # 96}

'The good deed and the evil deed cannot be Equal !

Repel the Evil with one which is Better !

A Little Note :

Allah {Aza Wa Jall} ordered the faithful believers to be Patient at the time of Anger, and excuse those who treat them badly... !then verily... he, between whom and you there was enmity, will become as though he was a close friend {!}

{'Subhan Allah'}
[Source-'Quran'~ Surat Fussilat 41 ~Ayah# 34]


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said... " Shake hands (in greeting) and Rancor will disappear...{!}

Give presents to each other and love each other, and Enmity will Disappear...{!}"

{Source: Al-Muwatta.Volume # 47 Hadith #16.}

Do Good.
Prophet Muhammad ~ (peace be upon him ) said :
'Do not be people without minds of your own,saying that if others treat you well, you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong, you will do wrong.

Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and Not to do wrong if they do Evil.'

{'In Shaa Allah' ~'Aameen'}
{Source: Al-Tirmidhi,Hadith #1325

 Breaking News

Hamas calls for escalation after Israeli soldiers killed in Jerusalem truck attack.

 Upcoming Events

Moving to Ethiopia, East Africa.


A Message from Sis. Ashira Na'im, Jamaat al-Muslimeen

There is no doubt that there are many more hungry brothers and sisters in Ethiopia than there are here in Baltimore, America, and/or practically anywhere else on this earth! And now there is AGAIN the threats that come with droughts.

If you have ever seen the look of desperation owing to empty stomachs, lack of direction and support in the eyes of children—many who live on the streets, homeless men and women who sit and lie on the ground day in and day out, surely you cannot pass them by! Give to our Feeding Program in Ethiopia; Allah will Bless you with more abundance, and we Thank You in advance.

The Jamaat will arrive in Addis Ababa at the end of January, 2017, Inshallah. It is our hope to feed (via money in envelopes) more people than we have in our last four visits. Remember, your contribution of as little as $10 can feed 13 people a nutritious meal. We want to continue to place in each outstretched hand an envelope with enough to feed a family of four or an individual four times. Send your contributions payable to Masjid Jamaat al Muslimeen, 4624 York Road (note on the bottom of your check for: Ethiopia) Baltimore, Maryland 21212.

Help us in these efforts and follow us in the New Trend Magazine as we report our progress. See our previous reports also. We are working in Ethiopia because of the "desperation" there. It is not a contest of who is more hungry; it is the fulfillment of what Allah has commanded:

"With the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Hast thou ever considered (the kind of man) who gives the lie to all moral law? Behold, it is this kind of man that thrusts the orphan away, and feels no urge to feed the needy. Woe, then, unto those praying ones whose hearts from their prayer are remote—those who want only to be seen and praised, and, withal, deny all assistance (to their fellowmen)!"
(Holy Quran, Surah 107 - Assistance)

May Allah Help us All. Amen.

Political Prisoners :

 Word Around The Net

Word Around the Net
by Br Kris

Israili diplomat caught in act of espionage against US' closest ally, the United Kingdom. Yet Israel remains in high esteem with the USA.

Palestinians tell President-Elect Trump ( AKA Orange Hitler) that facilitating a move of the capital would mean a declaration of war. Which undoubtedly will fall on deaf ears, as Trump spends more time on Twitter than he does focusing on issues that don't feed his giant ego.,7340,L-4904127,00.html

Israel holds back 6 Billion in United Nation's dues, since the UN ruled against Israel in a case involving their illegal repossession of Palestinian land to create their 'Settlements'

Latest Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Facing Modern Paganism. The message of Abraham is More than 4000 Years Old.
Women Must Study the Qur'an. Only then will our Global Community Change.

On January 6, 2017 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the first khutba of this c.e. year, and led the prayers.. Despite the cold wave, the mosque, Masjid Jamaat in central Baltimore, was packed with worshippers. We welcome two new sisters, one visiting from Alabama and the other from Mauritania [North Africa].

Here is an outline of the khutba:


Were you there when Jacob was on his death bed asking his children, "Whom will you worship after I am gone?" They said, "We will worship and obey your Lord: The Lord of your fathers Abraham, Ismail, and Isaac until our time comes. We will worship the one true God and obey only Him in humble submission." All of them are now gone. They will get what they deserve, and you will get what you deserve without being asked about them on the Day of Resurrection. {The Quran 2:133-134.]

  1. Scholars have noticed that there are 73 references to Ibrahim, pbuh, [Abraham] in the Qur'an.

  2. Our modern paganism, with emphasis on physical beauty, with admiration for wealth and power, with open ended sexuality and objectification of women, were all there in those pre-historic times. The lack of moral discipline we see today is not new.

  3. The truth from Allah has also always been there that there is ONE God, Allah, and we are answerable for what we do.

  4. Abraham was not a Jew or a Christian. These are later labels. He was a Muslim and he went through all the trials and tribulations of going through being one who accepts the ONE God, being a Muslim.

  5. There are two main points in verses 132-141 of chapter 2 of the Qur'an. The truth has always been the same and secondly merely being the follower of a prophet or a messenger will not take us to paradise. Our future depends on our personal behavior and beliefs in our innermost being.

  6. Muslims believe in all the messengers of Allah culminating in Muhammad, pbuh. The Jews do not believe in Jesus, pbuh, and the Christians do not believe in Muhammad, pbuh.

  7. The Qur'an teaches us to believe in all the prophets and messengers, not accepting some and rejecting others. However they were on different levels of exaltation. Jesus had only 12 disciples but had great miracles. The followers of Moses, pbuh, would not follow him into battle. They had great miracles too but their people were still thankless and would not accept the commands of Allah. The people of Jesus, pbuh, tried to crucify him.

  8. See 2:153 for levels of exaltation of the prophets and messengers. They were not equal.

  9. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, subsumed in his teachings all that the previous ones brought. In addition, his Sunnah and the Sharia he brought were preserved and implemented. Hence modern states can be Islamic.

Part 2:

  1. For the successful implementation of Islam, women must study and implement the Qur'an. If we leave 50% of our population out of our struggle for justice and Allah's DEEN, there is no way we can succeed.

  2. Look at the devotion to the Qur'an of the female Companions of the Prophet, pbuh. Umm Hisham, r.a., an ordinary woman of Madina, had a small kitchen near the mosque. From there she could hear the Prophet, pbuh, reciting sura Qaf.

  3. She not only became a Mjuslim, over a year she memorized sura Qaf. It is chapter 50 of the Qur'an and its verses 39-40 ordain the five daily prayers. [Some Muslims think the 5 daily prayers are not in the Qur'an .]

  4. Today, 1400 years later, we honor this "not so ordinary" woman Umm Hisham, r.a., because her hadith about Sura Qaf is in the collections of hadith, particularly the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal.

  5. Muslim women should come to the masjid. To keep the family system united, both the husband and the wife should be in the masjid. Look at the storm of divorce and the mistreatment of women in America. Unless our families are united on the Qur'an and the hadith, our families will not be unlike the families of the unbelievers.

Pray for faith, peace, health, jobs and spouses who may go with us to al-Jannah, inshaAllah.

War News

 War News

Heavy Fighting Across Syria.
Russia Wants to Retreat. Pro-Turkey force in Azaz Hit hard. FSA sticking to positions near Damascus.

America anounced a big success against al-Nusra on January 6, in air strikes which killed 25 Islamic commanders in Sarmada [Idlib province.]

Al-Nusra is holding on strongly to all of Idlib province and parts of Lattakia province [Assad's heartland] with the help of Turkistni fighters [ not aligned to Turkey].

Iranian, Hizbullah and Assad's troops are hitting Islamic positions around Damascus in the hope of hurting the civilian populations. The technique is to get the suburbs of Damascus emptied by hitting essential civilian resources.

The Barada valley near Damascus defended by FSA volunteers is under daily air strikes, helicopters dropping barrel bombs and Iranian shelling. The excuse is that the water source of Damascus is in Barada valley and the regime alleges, the Muslims will poison the water supply. The FSA mujahedeen have agreed to let Russian volunteers come in and check the water source. Iran and the Assad regime were not satisfied and the area is under daily bombing and shelling. However FSA has repelled Hizbullah attemprs to advance.
On the Deraa to Damascus highway, the town of Mahja has been under siege by the regime forces but on January 6 the armed volunteers tried to break the siege. Heavy fighting is going on.

In the north center of Syria, the town of Azaz held by Turkish led Syrian mercenaries came under a huge truck bomb attack by ISIS leading to 48 killed among the militias. Turkey has been banging away at El Bab, an ISIS stronghold east of Aleppo. The Turkish forces have again been beaten back. Indiscriminate bombing attacks on El Bab by the Turkish air force continue and have raised the civilian death toll to 164. [Turkey says it is advancing on El Bab with the "permission of Russia."]

The most successful is the SDF moving slowly but steadily towards al- Raqqa. It has captured 2 more villages and is approaching the Euphrates dam. Daily US air force air strikes continue in support of SDF [Kurdish communists.]. SOHR reports that on January 7, the US '"coalition" again bombed al-Raqqa areas killing numerous mujahideen and 11 civilians. SOHR reports that the American air campaign has brought to 147 the number of civilians killed by the American "coalition" in the Islamic Caliphate center of Al- Raqqa along with hundreds of Nuslim fighters.

In Central and southeastern Syria, ISIS is advancing towards Homs and has clashed heavily with Hizbullah and captured more territory.

The Alawite garrison in Deir ez Zor is under severe pressure from ISIS but is being supplied by Russia. The city itself is now in the hands of ISIS.

Iranian and Hizbullah forces have repeatedly clashed all week with al-Nusra and FSA to the west and south of Aleppo. No major advances for either side. [Reports from Reuters, BBC and SOHR.]

Mosul Week 12.
Shia Armada captured 3 neighborhoods. IS cut Beiji-Shirqat Highway. US-backed troops' bodies' Litter Highway.
Raiders Reach Najaf and Baghdad.
Mosul Population Suffering.

AssocIated Press, BBC and others reported minor advances by the Shia armads around Mosul. Three neighborhoods newsly captured by the US-backed Shias have changed several times. The Shia losses are heavy. Islamic losses are very light but Islamics cant afford to lose much. ISIS seems to be winning. One sign is that according to SOHR, the Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has sent reinforcements from Iraq to defend ISIS positions against Turkish and Kurdish advances in Syria.
US Special forces working with regime commandos carried out a successful raid into Mosul which reached the eastern bank of the Tigris before retreating. {January 8]

Several thousand more civilians have left Mosul citing they can't live with the sound of the daily American bombing and long range Iranian artillery. Great majority of the people are staying loyal to the Caliphate.

On January 5-8, elite ISIS mujahideen came out of the countryside and cut the Beiji to Shirqat highway. In the bitter fighting which followed, the Shia troops wre slaughtered. IS has released videos showing the dead Shia troops scattered near the highway.

An Iraqi regime helicopter trying to counter the attack was shot down killing two airmen and 2 technicians.

The highly motivated Shia militias are stuck outside the city of Tal Afar and the Caliphate seems to be able to move through Tal Afar [on the Iraq Syria border]

Raiding forces coming out of Mosul hit a police force as far south as Najaf and killed 7 policemen on January 6.

On January 8, there were bomb attacks in Baghdad on Shia concentration areas with 29 killed.

US air strikes against ISIS forces are continuing all the way from Mosul to Beiji. Casualty figures are not available yet but USA says two important IS leaders have been killed.

News Within the U.S.

 News within the US

New York
Why do Black Forums give in to Luti pressure?
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - An anti-"gay" sermon given by celebrated gospel singer Kim Burrell has drawn the ire of the Zionists and Lutis. Ellen Degeneres recently cancelled Kim Burrell's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Burrell did a duet with singer Pharrell Williams on the song "I See Victory" for the new movie "Hidden Figures" and was scheduled to sing it on Degeneres' show. Pharrell has made it clear that, although he loves her, he does not support Kim Burrell's views and he even appeared on Degeneres' show to comfort Ellen about this spectacle.

Pastor Shirley Caesar defended Kim Burrell's statements and at the same time accused outgoing President Obama of making Luti culture "alright!" In actuality, Pastor Shirley Caesar was criticizing Kim Burrell by asking her what took her so long to be critical? However, the Zionists and the Lutis are upset that she did not outright condemn Burrell's comments.

What is interesting is that Texas Southern University, an historically Black university (HBCU), where Kim Burrell hosted her radio program, canceled it in response to the backlash. Many HBCU's depend on the federal government for financial assistance. Thanks to Pres. Obama, the aid to HBCU's is predicated upon its support of Luti activities on its campuses!

It is sad when Black forums sell-out to the kuffar. There has to be stronger support for independent media where the oppressed and other cultures can freely express their point of views. There also needs to be efforts to create truly independent self-reliant media sources, as well.

'Luti" is the term used for the people of the Prophet Lut, pbuh, who were destroyed by Allah as described in the Qur'an.

South St. Paul
A Teacher and "his" Husband....???
Homosex running Rampant in America.

[Excerpted from The Washington Post. january 4]

Aric Babbitt was not just a teacher to some of his former students; he was also a mentor.

To at least one of them, he was a father figure.

But authorities believe Babbitt used his position of authority to not only gain his students' trust but also to exploit it.

Newly released police documents state that Babbitt, a 40-year-old elementary school teacher from Minnesota, and his 36-year-old husband, Matthew Deyo, sexually abused eight underage boys over the course several years, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

The South St. Paul residents did not live to see any criminal charges against them. They were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide on an island in Washington state last August — shortly after they found out they were being investigated for sexual abuse.

Now, after a four-month investigation, the South St. Paul Police Department has released a 134-page investigative file detailing the extent of the alleged abuse. The St. Paul Pioneer Press, which obtained a copy of the documents, reported that underage boys were sexually abused at the couple's home in South St. Paul, at Babbitt's family cabin about 150 miles away, at Minneapolis hotels and at Deyo's parents' farm near Hastings, Minn.

The investigation into the couple began on Aug. 14, when a 16-year-old boy and his parents told police that he had been sexually assaulted, according to an application for search warrant and affidavit filed that month. Shortly after, investigators spoke to two more victims — the boy's best friend and another teen who said he had known Babbitt since the second grade.




From internet and mobile pornography, pre-marital sex, materialistic cultural penetration
by Shah Abdul Hannan [Bangladesh.]
[With thanks to Br. Zaheer Bawany]

( English translation of Bangla article by Engr Momtazul Karim)

I am a student of the sixties of last century. With the change in time the problems and situations change. But the last twenty years have seen so much changes as possibly not seen by previous generations.

Presently, a portion of those who are of the age of 18 or below are prey to the morally disastrous component of the mobile and internet technology. There is an advantage of taking secret pictures and recording voices which is not known by the other person. Besides, some mobile companies reduce their call charges at such a time that the boys and girls of that age talk with their friends almost all the night. As a result their ears are damaged, they lose their sleep and education is hampered; they cannot attend their classes well the next day. . The previous generation was not affected so much by the internet technology. There is no limit to its benefit. However, it is not to discuss its benefits here, but its other side is, pornography and naked sexuality is spreading in unnatural and limitless rate in the homes, especially through the cyber cafes.

I do not know whether these worldwide telephone companies have taken any effective steps to check this disastrous bad consequence.

My experience is that, when I work in the internet sometimes obscene sexual pictures come up on the screen. It is not very hard to stop them. Governments of different countries and international organizations must think on this subject and sit together to find out ways how to stop them. So far I know some countries have succeeded in this matter.

Todays' generation is also facing new dimensions of unnatural type. For example, some business firms are engaging teen age girls in thousands of numbers in beauty contests through 'super star' like competitions. Though they are not terming it as beauty contests. But the aim of these is to increase their profit in the line of capitalistic ideas. It is not their look out what the moral effect it has. The presenters and participants in these competitions dress themselves in such a way that does noes not suit our culture. They dress up with tight dresses, no overall (Urna), smaller Kamiz . This is not helping our growing up generation in developing their ability or taste.

Girls are becoming victims of propaganda. Advertisements in large numbers are published how to make lip of girls beautiful and red,for polishing girls nails, for making hairs of girls beautiful and how to make brow thin .These are attracting girls and they waste much time in these. Capitalistic companies for their profit are making girls show commodities and this is not good for their honor.Because of all these many girls in our country like the western girls wear short dress,do not use Urna ( extra cover for breasts and head), they think they have to attractive to men.This is shamelessness and demeaning for women

I should say that under the influence of materialist culture the boys and girls of this age are being unable to hold the moral values what they ought to. They are also becoming mere enjoyment minded. They pass their time in roaming in attractive dresses and do not feel like going to collective meetings of good teaching.

My humble request is, the present generation is most important because the future people will be their children. So it is most important for the guardians that they take proper steps to save their children. In the case of Muslim Ummah, I would like to point out the following duties of the guardians-

  1. To teach the life of Prophet Mohammad(sm) to children when they are of 10-11 years of age and onwards. The life of the Prophet(s) is our ideal and it is not possible to attain good morality without reading it.

  2. To teach them of the lives of four Khalifas like Abu Bakr, Usman, Ali and women Fatima, Khadiza, Ayesha within the ages of 11-12 years.

  3. They should be taught about the ideal rule of Muslims from the history and their past heritage.

  4. They should also know the history of the coming of Islam in their country and their past local heritage.

  5. To teach to recite parts of the Quran from childhood and also to teach the meaning of some of its verses.

  6. Lastly, they should be encouraged towards using polite and decent dresses ( hijab when they grow up). Unsocial dressing is partly responsible for the worldwide illicitness.

I would urge upon the Governments of Muslim Ummah, their leaders, the Ulema, thinkers, poets, litterateurs, cultural leaders, political personalities, Imams and Khatibs, all to consider this subject deeply and take initiatives in local, social and international spheres.

The Writer: Ex Secretary, Govt. Of Bangladesh.

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