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8 Shaban 1437 A.H.- May 15, 2016 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1654

On Nigeria, New Trend was right again. Horrific crimes are being committed by the Nigerian military against civilians supporting Boko Haram.

Since last year, 7000 civilians have died in Nigerian military's detention centers.

The latest report, May 11, from Amnesty International is about the death of babies and children in the prisons of the Nigerian army.

In the meantime, the western powers today are meeting under UN auspices to support the Nigerian military neven more. The Nigerian ruler, Buhari, has been visiting England.

This suffering of Nigerian children is too much. Please keep your children away from this report. SCROLL WAY DOWN.

Hadith of the Week

Sharing Food and Necessities.

Jabir b. 'Abdullah reported: I heard Allah' s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: food for one person suffices two persons and food for two persons suffices four persons, and food for four persons suffices eight persons;

(Sahih Muslim: Book #023, Hadith #5109)

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Waste of food is part of the shame of the way of life in America. Around the world, millions do not have food or have too little. Even in America there is hunger. Please cut down on what we eat and give the extra to the needy.Our Jamaat sister is in Ethiopia feeding the poor. Let us try to help. Our brother is helping in Ghana and centrally we are reaching out to students in Gambia and Uganda.

National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Inshallah, the Shoora will meet after Ramadan. We are looking for grassroots activists from outside the Jamaat. Please recommend active workers for Islam who know peaceful ways of giving the message.
This invitation is from:

Imam Badi Ali, Host
Sis. Ashira Naim, Secretary General
Br. Robert Solano, Hispanic activist
Br. Abu Talib, New York daee
Br. Ali Randall & Sis. Ayesha, Political Prisoners Support Group
Kaukab Siddique, Ameer.

Br. Shamim Siddiqi, Adviser

Br. Shamim's book on the Global Islamic Movement is important for peaceful Da'wah work across race and class.

Political Prisoners :

From Imam Badi Ali

Free Yourself From Netflix: An Invitation to Think.

 Imam Badi Ali

[Imam Badi Ali leads a large congregation in the Tri State area of North Carolina.]


Motiur Rahman Nizami [Shaheed] the Syed Qutb of our Times: Dhaka Regime trying to Crush Islam.
"A Terrible Beauty is Born." [Yeats].

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The top leader of the peaceful Islamic movement known as Jamaate Islami Bangladesh has been executed.

Appeals from human rights groups around the world could not dissuade Hasina Wajed, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh could not dissuade the regime from stopping the execution.

Crowds of people gathered for his funeral to pray and mourn. Their sheer numbers indicate that the Dhaka regime has made a strategic blunder in executing a man who was no threat to the regime and was involved in prayer, zikr, meditation and thoughts about helping the needy and the poor. The regime has given a symbol of Islamic leadership to the people, somewhat like Husayn ibn Ali, r.a

On the other side there are thousands of Bangla nationalists, Hindus and seculars who believe the government propaganda that Nizami was involved in genocide of the supporters of Bangladesh.

Both sides agree on one fact: Nizami supported Pakistan as an Islamic ideology.

East Pakistan and West Pakistan were separated by 1000 miles of India. Their culture and languages were different. Their bedrock of unity was Islam. Gradually the uniting factor of Islam was whittled down. The West Pakistani attitude was that of cultural superiority and, sadly, religious superiority. {West} Pakistan helped the east by giving importance to the Bangla language and by investing in the East Pakistani infrastructure but not spiritually or emotionally.

Bengalis are an emotional people. For them love, brotherhood-sisterhood and respect is more important than funds and investments. West Pakistan failed to provide these spiritual needs of unity.

Secularists, Hindus and separatists played on and inflamed the emotions of the people. The turning point was when West Pakistani leadership decided not to accept East Pakistan's election victory. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was key to this non-acceptance of East Pakistan's victory. As a result there was widespread agitation in East Pakistan with ongoing clashes with police and security forces.

This sense of grievance spiraled into separatism. The army was called in to crush the agitators. The army had no understanding of Bengali culture and started behaving like the US army did decades later in Iraq. The army's atrocities incited counter violence. By this time Indian infiltrators were coming and working with the Bengali nationalists to destroy East Pakistan. Any non-Bengali, particularly Muslim refugees from India known as Biharis, was targeted. The Bengali nationalists massacred Biharis, easy targets as they were.

This is where Motiur Rahman Nizami chose to stand against Indian entrance into East Pakistan and to oppose Bengali secularists. He urged the people to stand firm against anti-Islamic forces which had emerged in the shape of a terrorist organization known as Mukti Bahini.

The Pakistani army could not continue to fight against Bengalis and India, on two fronts. Cut off from its base in West Pakistan and owing to the incoherence of Pakistan's General Yahya Khan who was a drunkard, the army surrendered to the Indian army which had invaded openly to destroy Pakistan.

The Pakistani army surrendered without telling its Bengali supporters like Nizami that it intended to give in.
East Pakistan became Bangladesh.

For a few years Jamaate Islami was excluded from the national discourse . However, the Bengali separatist leader Mujibur was killed by his own people. A national process of reconciliation was in place. A nationalist government took over and accepted Jamaate Islami as political partners. Nizami's viewpoint was that instead of continuing the internal conflict, the Jamaat should join the process of reconciliation and reconstruction. The people of Bangladesh realized that they had a dangerous and fatal "friend" next door: India. Nizami and Jamaate Islami became popular again. He was not only elected but became a minister in the nationalist government of Khalida Zia, an opponent of Hasina Wajed, Mujibur Rahman's daughter.

Hasina Wajed and the secularist and Hindu elements coalesced. There are more than 10 million Hindus in Bangladesh with strong links to India next door. Hasina got the "brilliant" idea of gaining public support by bringing back the suffering of the people at the hands of the Pakistani army. A Zionist Jewish woman living in New York cooked up the claim that ONE MILLION people had been killed by the Pakistani army: That was genocide.

The Pakistani army was no longer there, so the Bengalis who had supported Pakistan became scapegoats. Among them was Motiur Rahman. Show trials were held to depict Jamaate Islami leaders as criminals. These trials were a mockery of justice. Just take these main absurdities of those courts trying the Islamic leaders:

  1. The supposed "crimes" could not have been against Bangladesh because there was no Bangladesh at that time.

  2. The trials were started 40 years after the war. No witnesses can be reliable after 40 years. Most of the "witnesses" had died of old age or moved to India or simply could not be located. Hence the witnesses had to be fabricated and paid for.

  3. The number of deaths were exaggerated to an extreme degree. No scientific study or even a national survey has been carried out to determine the figures. In addition, the regime is ignoring the massacres of "Bihari" Muslims who were killed mostly on the basis of racism and sometimes because they helped the army.

In that context Jamaat e Islami Bangladesh leaders are being sentenced to death one by one. Nizami is only the latest and the most important.

Unforeseen Consequences:

Owing to the total helplessness of the Muslims of Bangladesh, al-Qaida and the Islamic State, who teach retaliation, are slowly but steadily gaining support in Bangladesh.

The regime was allowing bloggers to attack Islam and blaspheme the Prophet, pbuh. The feeling in the regime seems to have been, if no one can stop us from hanging spiritual leaders who have harmed no one, why not try to undermine Islam itself.

A number of bloggers, including homosexuals working with the US embassy, have been hacked to death probably by al-Qaida. One of the leading blasphemers killed was a Hindu American.

al-Jannah, inshaAllah!

Motiur Rahman Nizami was a man of Allah. He harmed no one and was trying to focus on helping the deprived people of Bangladesh. When he refused to give up his ideological support for Pakistan, he was hanged. He was indeed a man of great moral and spiritual courage. InshaAllah he will meet Syed Qutb in paradise who likewise refused to accept tyranny and treachery..

My advice:

Reach out to the Muslims of Bangladesh. Stop the blame game. The masses are for Islam and in essence love Pakistan: the Islamic Pakistan which was meant to be.

Thank You Turkey: Thank you Erdogan
[Editor New Trend]

Turkey's ambassador to Bangladesh recalled after hanging of Islamic leader

ANKARA: Daily Hurriyet.]

 Moulana Motiur Rahman Nizami

Moulana Motiur Rahman Nizami, chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh's biggest Islamic Political Party and an alliance of the ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Party, waves to his supporters during a rally in Dhaka February 11, 2006 - REUTERS photo

Moulana Motiur Rahman Nizami, chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh's biggest Islamic Political Party and an alliance of the ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Party, waves to his supporters during a rally in Dhaka when he was free and calling for Constitutional law and unity. [Reuters]

Turkish Foreign Ministry has summoned Turkey's ambassador to Bangladesh to report to Ankara for consultations in the aftermath of the hanging of a senior Jamaat-e-Islami party leader in Dhaka, an unnamed diplomatic source said May 12.

According to the diplomatic source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking with the media, Turkish Ambassador Devrim Öztürk is expected to arrive in Ankara on May 12.

On May 11, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a written statement strongly condemning the execution of Motiur Rahman Nizami.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also condemned the execution of Nizami, while demonstrators in Ankara and Istanbul protested against Nizami's execution.

"I condemn the mentality that sentences to death a mujahid, who is over the age of 70 and who we believe has no earthly sin. I think that such proliferation of hatred there, and the ordering of such death sentences despite our repeated initiatives, is neither fair governance nor a democratic mentality," said Erdoğan May 10.

Our America: Florida

Jihad Jane: A Special Trip To Visit an Islamic Woman in Prison who Threatened Cartoonists of Prophet Muhammad, Pbuh.
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

On Saturday, May 7, 2016 I traveled to Tallahassee, Florida's Federal Correctional Institution to visit Colleen "Fatima" LaRose, also known as "Jihad Jane." She was sentenced to ten years for conspiracy to commit murder overseas, for her role in a 2009 failed plot to kill Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist who mocked the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). She spent four years in solitary confinement but now resides in general population in a unit containing 60 women.

Fatima was very surprised to see me, as she has not been receiving any mail for two months, ever since I sent her the article I wrote about her for New Trend. Oddly enough, the prison counselor never received my visitor request form in the mail either. Thankfully, he was very kind and expedited the approval process after I overnighted him a second form. Fatima has not received a visitor in years. She greeted me warmly with a long, tight embrace. The 52 year old convert to Islam wore a khaki prison suit with a white hijab. She was in good spirits and seems to be well-liked by the guards and the co-prisoners. The guard had joked to her laughingly, "Are you gonna behead me?" She calls the other women, most of whom are much younger than herself, "my babies." "I never had children before I came to prison," she laughs.

We shared a delightful 1 ½ hour visit eating cookies and drinking soda from the vending machine in a visiting room full of families sitting at round tables. There were also tables outside in the courtyard, but Fatima preferred to stay in the air conditioning. She had me cracking up, telling me a lot of funny stories about life in prison. For example, she likes to sneak food from the kitchen. One time she had a bra full of eggs and another inmate came up to her and gave her a big hug! She was later caught bringing a tomato to a cellmate, and lost her kitchen job. She is now relegated to the dishroom but occasionally sneaks into the kitchen to help her friends cook.

She spoke of her admiration for Br. Osama bin Laden. "You can see from his face that there is a light about him." She does not believe the news about Osama being killed by US forces and dumped into the sea. She hopes that he is still alive somewhere. I mentioned to her that he is likely to have died from kidney failure. Regarding 9/11, she said, "Osama explained to the Jews and them that the Muslims don't want your western ways and you need to get your troops out of our lands. He told them again and again. They were forewarned." She listens to the news and continues to be very interested in ongoing developments such as ISIS.

"I want to support them," she said, "But I think they've gone too far, burning that guy alive." I explained to her what I had learned from New Trend, that the man was a fighter pilot whose plane had gone down after he had firebombed people. "Oh, I never knew that!" she exclaimed. "In that case, he deserved it."

She said there are about 15 Muslim sisters in her prison, who attend jummah prayers. She is the only one keeping hijab. "They all call it 'high-jab!'" she laughs in her charming southern accent. She wears a black hijab to work and the white one other times.

Fatima has a very sunny disposition, she is energetic and friendly to everyone and seems to be respected and loved by the women in her unit. She has found a way to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims by staunchly refusing to back down from her own beliefs and values at the same time as graciously and lovingly accepting other people for who they choose to be - one of her favorite people to socialize with is a Spanish-speaking religious Jew who is also transgender. She introduced me to a pretty young black woman passing by. "Her husband is my baby." The "husband," Fatima's cellmate, is injecting male hormones and growing a beard.

"There's a lot of that going on in here!" she whispers, laughing cheerfully at the juicy gossip.

Fatima, who is expected to be released in Pennsylvania in 2018, is looking forward to becoming a part of a real Muslim community. Her interaction with the Ummah was almost entirely online. Fatima had become obsessed with jihad after learning about the situation in Palestine.

Fatima said people often asked her if she will do anything jihad-related again, once she is released but she says no. "They are not going to ask me to do anything else. I have already proved myself," she said of her mentors, whom she believes to be with al Qaeda. "I was very honored as a woman to be chosen for a mission. Usually they give those kinds of jobs to the brothers. I don't like that I'm in prison, but it's not that bad." She has always been very patient with the decision of Allah, even when she was in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) in solitary.

Regardless of what one believes about her choice of action, it says a lot about her character that she was willing to sacrifice herself in order to stand up for her brothers and sisters around the world, that she had never met, who had done nothing for her. Fatima's future plan upon release is to grow flowers and vegetables. For now, she is looking forward to fasting for Ramadan.

[New Trend urges readers to write to the sister.]

Register Number: 61657-066

War News: Afghanistan

Taliban cut Expensive Northern Highway.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban insurgents have cut the main highway that links the capital with northern Afghanistan and neighboring countries for the past three days, according to Afghan officials in the area.

After the Taliban ambushed police forces guarding a stretch of the national Ring Road in Baghlan Province on Thursday, fighting continued through Saturday and appeared likely to last longer, according to officials in the area. The northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif was cut off, as were road connections to eight northern provinces". [New York Times.]

Osama's Son. Hamza bin Laden says: Liberate Palestine.

May 9.

"On Monday, an audio recording surfaced in which Hamza bin Laden calls for unity among jihad militants in Syria, who currently fight under competing banners ranging from ISIS to al Qaeda. He also calls for jihad against Israel and its American backers to "liberate" Palestine." [CNN]

Hamza was not there when US forces killed Osama in Abbottabad. He is in his 20s.


Declassified documents reveal 2 Saudi employees in the US might have supported 2 of the 9/11 hijackers.

War News: Syria

 War News

Commander-in-Chief Of Hizbullah in Syria killed in Mujaheddin Attack. Serious blow & Diversionary Rumors. Hizbullah has had 1200 killed since it intervened

Breaking News: On May 14, Hizbullah admitted that its top commander was killed in an attack by "takfiris" This term is used by the Shias for mujahedin. The Islamic groups consider those who fight on behalf of Bashar Assad and the western powers as kafir; hence the term takfiri.]

On May 12, a large explosion said to be on the outskirts of Damascus airport killed Mustafa Bedreddinne, the top commander of Hizbullah [Lebanese] forces in Syria. [Mujahedine of FSA say he was probably killed during the heavy fighting around Damascus.]

He was buried in Beirut on May 13, with a large Shia crowd in attendance.

This is probably the most serious blow suffered by Hizbullah in its attempts to defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

When Assad's regime was near collapse, Hizbullah sent in thousands of its well trained troops into Syria. They have been heavily involved in the fighting against the Islamic factions. Recently their advance on Aleppo was thwarted by mujahedin of al-Nusra front supported by Turkistani and Uzbek fighters.

According to the Guardian an estimated 900 Hizbullah fighters have been killed in the battles in Syria. al-Jazeerah says about 1200 Hizbullah killed. Hizbullah's base in Lebanon has been shaken by such heavy losses.

As soon as the first reports of the death of Bedreddinne came in, Meyeadin TV which supports Hizbullah claimed that he had been killed in an Israeli air strike. However, the report could not be supported and the TV channel has removed it.

Hizbullah is now saying that it is investigating the commander's death and will report after it has found out what happened.

[New Trend observers say that Hizbullah habitually ties its commanders' losses to Israel to make its slain look like martyrs. Hizbullah's Lebanon border with Israel has seen only a couple of clashes during the five years of the conflict in Syria. Neither Iran nor Hizbullah have directed their fire at Israel although they work closely with the Bashar Assad regime which has garrisons abutting the Israeli frontier [occupied territories].

War News: Yemen

Competing Force: Islamic State Enters Yemen

On May 14, a human bomber from IS struck a police force in the port of Mukalla which has just been re-captured by regime forces backed by Saudi Arabia from ,local al-Qaida

Reuters reports that 25 policemen were killed in the attack.

War News: Iraq

Serious Shia Baghdad Regime Losses as Islamic State Raids Key Points

On May 14, mujahedin of the Islamic State raided Ameriyat Fallujah which is south of the city of Fallujah. The attackers were led by a dozen martyrdom operators. According to al-Jazeera, 70 Iraqi regime troops and one policeman were killed in this devastating attack.

A day later, May 15, IS raided the regime's gas tanks just north of Baghdad, killing 7 people and setting three gas tanks on fire.

Earlier on May 12, there was a battle in Ramadi in which IS killed 17 Baghdad regime troops. [We had been told that the regime had captured Ramadi in December!. Guerrilla warfare goes back and forth.]

Still earlier, on May 11, following a British report that its air force had killed hundreds of IS people in the previous months, there was a deadly bombing by IS in Baghdad in which 80 people were killed.

11 May 2016
Children dying in Nigeria military detention: Amnesty

Babies and children have died in squalid conditions in detention centre holding Boko Haram suspects, rights group says.


Babies and children have died in squalid conditions in a military detention centre in northeast Nigeria, where suspected Boko Haram members are being held, often without any evidence, according to an Amnesty International report.

The UK-based human rights group said 149 people, including at least 12 children and babies, have died in the Giwa barracks, the main military prison in Maiduguri, because of appalling and unsanitary conditions, since the beginning of this year.

The Nigerian military dumps bodies of detainees who died in the barracks in the Gwange cemetery nearby, Amnesty said.

Thousands of Boko Haram gunmen and suspected fighters have been detained in the Giwa barracks since the battle between the armed group and the Nigerian army began six years ago.

In its report, Amnesty said evidence gathered through interviews with former detainees and witnesses, and supported by video and photographs, shows that many detainees may have died from disease, hunger, dehydration and gunshot wounds.

"We've spoken to former inmates. They've given us eyewitness accounts of seeing children dying in detention," Colm O Cuanachain, a senior official with Amnesty International, told Al Jazeera.

"Overcrowding and the conditions there were clearly contributing to a situation where children were dying," he said.

READ MORE: Nigeria urged to investigate military war crimes

The Nigerian military says that most of the detainees in Giwa are "terror suspects".

But Amnesty said that more than 120 of the 1,200 detainees currently being held in the facility are children, some as young as five.

"Many of the young children were detained when their mothers were arrested, while others were born in detention," the group says in its report.

Amnesty also said operations by the Nigerian military against Boko Haram have led to thousands of people being arbitrarily rounded up, arrested, and thrown into Giwa barracks with no evidence against them. Earlier this year soldiers released 50 children.

"The Nigerian government and military forces are determined to destroy Boko Haram and prosecute its fighters," said Al Jazeera's Yvonne Ndege, reporting from the capital Abuja.

"Some Nigerians fear that deaths of innocent people, including children, are an inevitable consequence of the violence.

"This is not the first time concerns have been raised about Giwa barracks. A report from June last year said in the past five years, 7,000 detainees died from starvation, thirst, disease and torture while in military detention."

Al Jazeera approached the Nigerian military and government for comment without getting a response.

Our America:

Attempts To Defeat North Carolina Law Controlling Transgender Moves to enter wrong Bathrooms. Homo Movement in Action.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

New York City - As expected there have been protests and lawsuits filed to stop the North Carolina law from taking root in that state. The law basically states that you must use the men's bathroom, if you have male genitalia and use the women's bathroom, if you have female genitalia. The Unbelievers, as usual, are taking swift action to overwhelm any level of morality, no matter how small, to promote their illogical lifestyle.

Just as Imam Talib, of Harlem's Masjid Malcolm Shabazz, stated, you cannot reason with an illogical person. The only thing you can say is, "to you be your way and to me be mine." (Surat-al Kaafiruun 109). But, when people promote lies, Imam Talib said that it is our duty as Muslims to speak against those lies. This is a God-given and Constitutional right!

My niece attends College in Long Island and went to use the women's bathroom before class. However, when she walked inside, she saw a male student wearing a dress in the bathroom. She walked out never using it. The very next time she saw this young "man", he was dressed as a real man! So, these people are playing games with society. They go from one whim to another and expect us to accommodate them!

As Muslims, we must push back, not try to understand these people's illogical, bass-ackwards lifestyle. Gender Identity Disorder has been diagnosed by psychiatrists and physicians who see that people have developed stress associated with the sex that Allah assigned them at birth. Research is still not clear but, there are claims the distress can be mental and a biological issue related to genetics. As with homosexuality, there is a push to declassify Gender Identity Disorder as a disorder. Now, you have gender expression and support of it using hormone therapy, which usually includes a psychological evaluation but, it is optional. However, if they want the sex-change operation surgery they still need a psychological evaluation.

Most of the disdain people may have toward their assigned sex is usually based on behavioral influences. Gender roles and limitations put on them by society can affect how people view their sex. Many boys' self-esteem increases as they grow older while a girl's decreases. Women in American society are not valued as whole human beings. Yes, there are women who hate themselves because of male chauvinism. However, with all of the push for unisex clothes, roles, and facilities apart of the queer movement USA. There are only 0.05% of people in many parts of the world who identify as transgender. So, why such a push for such a very small minority?

This is truly a domino effect in that push for homosexual and queer rights, along with declassifying these behaviors as mental disorders, will certainly lead to declassifying other forms of immorality as disorders. There are bestiality and pedophile organizations that have tried to lobby Congress to legalize their immoral behaviors for years. Please, do not believe this will not happen. Vice President Joe Biden already thanked Hollywood Jews for their support of the homosexual agenda. All it takes is a weekly documentary series to come on television promoting an "understanding" of their "alternative" choices for sex partners. They will be seen less as predators are portrayed as a misunderstood group just the homosexuals were.

WE need to WAKE UP! All of this is a litmus test for society! They have asked the American people about homosexual marriage and people spoke and voted against it in California and the rest of the country. Then, the promosexuals decided to go through the courts to legalize gay marriage. They have done the same thing with Pres. Obama signing this transgender bill that forces public schools to allows boys dressed up as girls to use girls bathrooms and vice versa.

Using presidential signatures and the Supreme Court has been the tool of the nefarious. Muslims must fight for their own community, first, then others can follow suit. For some reason, Americans stop fighting when the Supreme Court makes a ruling. WE the people do not have to agree nor follow their decisions. In a civilized, fair society, the people always get the last word.

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