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28 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- February 7, 2016 Issue # 6, Newsletter #1640

Hadith of the Week

Narrated Ibn 'Umar
The 'Prophet said:

"It is obligatory for one to listen to and obey (your leaders) unless their orders involve disobedience (to Allah); but if an act of disobedience (to Allah) is imposed, one should not listen to or obey it."

[Sahih Bukhari.]

 Breaking News

A Dangerous Alliance from Uzbekistan to Pakistan:


Letter [from Canada]
Answering Abusive Attacks
on Br. Kuakab on the Internet
after he Condemned Pakistan army's Actions.

Assalamu alaikum
Brother ....., I'm very surprised with your comments against brother Kaukab. You send lengthy Islamic mails every day and now you are supporting [Agha Khani woman] who is faahisha and tawaifa woman. I know you belong to firqa ahle hadith/salafi/wahabi. Your firqa rejects (Naoozubillah) any hadith which is considered unauthentic by Albani or ibne Taymia. Why are some ahaadith considered unauthentic? I'm not going in detail but one of the reason is if any of the narrators are not trustworthy, but for you, this faahisha and tawaaifa woman is trustworthy?? I'm shocked. brother ..... fear Allah. You could be in big trouble in the day of judgment for your accusations against brother Kaukab. I have been reading his mails for about 10 years and didn't find any of his mails abusive of others. All that he says is truth.

Your accusation against him is about the verses of Qaran which you quoted to him and he still didn't agree with it. It doesn't mean he rejected the verses of Quran, but he rejected your interpretation.

So please brother ..... fear Allah. Don't accuse your brother if he does not agree with your interpretation.

He is correct what he said to sister ....., and whatever he said to sister ....., he said with manners and akhlaaq, but sis ..... is the one who is using abusive words and you are supporting her?

Brother Kaukab's 1st reply to her was this:

"Why not try to make peace?

You call them criminals. They call the army, agents of America.

Army has killed more than 2000 young Islamic people.

Army has evicted more than a million Muslims from their homes in North Waziristan.

Now they have killed 21 young Pakistanis in retaliation.

You cannot crush Mujahideen even with America's help.

Call for peace. That is the way.

Do you have the guts to call for peace instead of blindly supporting América's rented army?"

I just request you please don't destroy your aakhira and have fear of Allah.

Farrukh Abidi [Canada]


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Philadelphia: Four Page Document Given to 100 Muslims after Juma'

On February 5, 2015 after Juma' at Masjid Jamia behind the University of Pennsylvania, a 4-page document was given to 100 Muslims, mostly Arabs, Malaysians, African Americans and Africans.

Across the street is a halal restaurant/general store run by a Moroccan family. Delicious lamb, chicken and okra with rice.

Upstairs is the eating room with a TV showing al-Jazeeera English [showing live coverage of thousands of terrorized families fleeing the bombing of areas around Aleppo by the Russian air force.

The 4-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document consisted of the following:
  1. More than 1400 civilians killed in Russian bombing of Syria over 122 days, including 527 children & 412 women.

  2. Revenge bombing of Shia-Assadi forces in the Zaynab area of Damascus by ISIS fighters. 60 killed 110 wounded

    Shia Afghans backed by Iran pouring into Syria to defend Assad.

    ISIS released women and children. [SOHR]
    Heavy fighting in Ramadi, Iraq.

  3. &
  4. Qur'an can defeat Zionism & Imperialism. Study it and understand it. [Khutba by Kaukab Siddique.]

 Web Statistics

More Visitors to New Trend web site than ever Before.

Visitors to in January 2016, One month only:

Visitors in January: 20171
Hits in January: 152745
Daily visitor average in January: 650

Thanks Br. Rich. Years of your voluntary support for New Trend are paying off.

Political Prisoners :


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

What's Wrong with President Obama's visit to Baltimore Mosque [ISB]? Why are Rich Muslims Reacting to Trump and Fox TV?
by Kaukab Siddique,PhD

"Fain would they deceive Allah and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realize (it) not!" [The Qur'an 2: 9]

And incline not to the oppressors, or the Fire will seize you; and ye have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall ye be helped.[11:113]

"There is no obedience in matters involving God's disobedience or displeasure. Obedience is obligatory only in what is good (and reasonable)." Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. (Sahih Muslim. Book #020, Hadith #4535)

America's legality is based on freedom of religion, separation of "church" and State, and Freedom of expression.

President Obama has been systematically undermining the separation of church and state. Rich Muslims, many of whom congregate at the ISB, are already scared stiff owing to the polemic launched by Trump. On top of them comes the President and herds them into the domain of integration, assimilation and blind nationalism,

Entry of a powerful ruler into a place of worship is a form of aggression which is bound to intimidate the audience. For a kafir to enter an Islamic place of worship and to lecture Muslims on right and wrong is forbidden in Islam. The MIMBAR is where the Prophet, pbuh, used to stand. Certainly it is not a place for a non-Muslim.
It is sacrilege and desecration.

Look at the congregation at the ISB which I know quite well. It is constituted of Arabs, Pakistanis-Indians-Bangladeshis, Africans and African Americans. Look at what this president has done to the home countries of these constituents.

  1. Israel has been planted in the heartland of Arab Muslim regions [with global impact on the Muslim ummah]. Obama is helping Israel with weapons and funds above and beyond what any previous president did. He ignores Israeli crimes against Palestinians. He even ignored the Israeli genocide in Gaza where hundreds of children were killed by the Jews along with thousands of adults killed and wounded.
    1a. Almost all American Jews are supporting Israel with money and moral bias and media censorship of Muslim suffering.. Obama wants Muslims to be friends with American Jews,

  2. Obama is fully in support of the blood thirsty regime installed in Baghdad by the Bush regime. At his orders, the US air force is bombing those Iraqis who are fighting the regime in Baghdad.

  3. Obama has not imposed any counters to the Syrian regime which is going all out to destroy the 85% of the population which opposes Assad. Obama has found a slick way of supporting Assad without seeming to do so. He has taken NO steps to oppose the entry of Russia, Iran and Hizbullah into Syria. In fact Obama is trying to create a "peace" which would keep Assad in place. The US air force bombs Islamic fighters on a daily basis and wiped out the entire city of Kobane.

  4. Obama's use of drones to hit defenseless Pakistani and Somali and Yemeni villages is well documented. Several thousand civilians have been killed in these attacks. The only information on those being killed by the drones comes from the Pakistani military which loves what America is doing. Obama is arming and funding the Pakistani military which drove out the entire population of North Waziristan, ONE MILLION CIVILIANS, which is a form of genocide. A similar action was taken in Swat.

  5. In Africa, President Obama personally visited Kenya and Senegal and spoke out in support of homosexuality much to the chagrin of his hosts because these are Muslim countries. In Uganda, penalties against homosexuality were withdrawn even though sanctioned by its supreme court when America threatened to withhold millions of dollars in aid last year.

  6. African Americans know very well that police brutality has become a plague affecting just about all major cities.

Is it a Reaction to Trump and Fox TV?

America wants educated Muslims to come here and serve America. There are no significant numbers of undocumented Muslims in mosques like ISB.There have been no acts of violence against ISB. In fact all across America there have been hardly any acts of violence against Muslims other than one tragedy in North Carolina..

In all acts of violence against mosques, non-Muslim Americans have supported Muslims with sympathy and understanding.

Trump and other Republicans make outrageous statements against Muslims coming in here but this is meant to attract the support of extremist Christians. It is not going to work. America needs Muslims to fight the Islamic uprising in the Muslim world.

Notice the attack by FOX TV on Obama's visit to the ISB. It brought in a scatterbrained doctor Zuhdi Jassar and a Shia leader. Their case is very weak. Even Pamela Geller could do better. Jassar made the claim that the ISB is a center for Muslim Brotherhood. The proof he offered was that a Sudanese imam, Adam al Shaikh, used to work there YEARS BACK.

In fact Adam is a staunch supporter of the US government.
The Shia who came on FOX TV sees the Saudis as the source of evil because they allegedly support ISB. In fact Saudi Arabia is a reliable ally of the USA, along with Israel and now Iran.

Muslims should concentrate on using peaceful means and the freedom of expression America provides to spread the message of Islam. US governments will continue to bomb Muslim countries but none can do as much bombing as Bush did. Trump would have no more success than Bush did. Peace moves are the only solution. Bombing and military means cannot defeat Muslims. In fact armed Muslim groups today have more support than they ever had before.

As Allama Iqbal put it, "The believers live like the sun. They go down here and rise up there." [InshaAllah.]


 Adnan Syed

Adnan Syed Case was either fabricated or Severely Misdirected. After 16 Years Evidence ignored Earlier is now Available.

[From New Trend's media monitor.]

Adnan was convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee 16 years back. Now it turns out that according to a witness, Ms. Chapman, Adnan was with her in a public library at the time of the murder.

On hearing of his arrest, she had asked that library cameras be checked for her statement that he was with her. Her request was ignored on the basis of the claim that there were no cameras there. Now it turns out that the cameras were there.

"David Irwin, a defense attorney, testified as an expert witness on the legal obligation to contact and investigate potential alibi witnesses, declaring that an alibi "is the best possible defense you can have".

He said not investigating the claims of Asia McClain, now Chapman, who said she was in the library with Syed when the murder occurred, was a serious ethical lapse, saying that such an investigation "was mandated as well as important".

In a letter Chapman wrote to Syed shortly after his arrest, she claimed that she had called the library and was told they had a security camera. Irwin said this added to her trustworthiness because a liar would not seek verification. But the state's lawyer Thiru Vignarajah had tried to discredit Chapman's testimony by claiming the library did not have cameras at the time. That claim was refuted by Michelle Hamiel, a librarian at the time, who helped manage the surveillance system." [the Guardian February 6.]

The other most important aspect of the case, Syed's presence at the place of burial of ms. Lee is also now in doubt.

' "FBI special agent Chad Fitzgerald in a lengthy cross-examination.... appeared momentarily flummoxed when Syed's attorney showed him records that indicated a single caller purportedly had managed to travel between Woodlawn, a Baltimore suburb where the murder occurred, and Washington DC which should be an hour away, in less than half that time. Calling into the question of validity of cellphone records, he said such speedy travel wouldn't be possible "unless Mr Syed had a helicopter".' [The Guardian]

it appears that Syed's attorney during the original trial was ineffective. She was very sick and died later of multiple sclerosis.

The State's attorney Thiru Vignarajah from the name appears to be a Hindu. It is not strange that the Muslim community saw this case as vendetta against Muslims at a prominent Muslim community.

The judge will decide on a new trial on Monday.

War News

 War News

Mujahideen Counterattack & Retake key town Captured by Hizbullah.

500 Russian Air Strikes terrorized the people and Drove them Towards Turkish Border.

Iranian General and 5 Soldiers Among 100 Regime Troops killed. Also heavy Islamic Losses.

[Sources: Syrian Observatory, Reuters, the Guardian and AP]
On February 7, an Islamic counterattack led by Jabhat al-Nusra entered the western part of Retian town and drove out Hizbullah forces. Fighting continues outside the town . The setback for the Alawite forces has temporarily stopped the encirclement of Aleppo which they were attempting.

Earlier the 24/7 air strikes by the Russian air force, 500 in three days, helped Hizbullah to break the siege of two heavily armed Shia villages to the north west of Aleppo.

The bombing was so severe and so indiscriminate that it amounted to terror bombing. The population of the countryside started fleeing northwards towards the Turkish border. By February 6, more than 15,000 civilians had gathered near the Turkish border. Rumors had it that 70,000 would arrive.

Media around the world announced that the Islamic resistance was about to collapse.

In fact the Shi'ites/Alawites suffered heavy losses, including an Iranian General, Mohsen Jafrani and 5 Iranian military advisers. Both sides suffered heavily, about 100 dead each, before the mujahideen counterattack. The Russian air forces broke the Islamic defenses temporarily.

In other parts of Syria too, the battle is going back and forth. In the deep south, the town of Shaikh Meskin has changed hands three times between Hizbullah and FSA.

In northern Latakkia, various hill tops have been taken by Hizbullah and retaken by Turkestan Islamic forces and Ahrar al-Sjham.

The Communist YPG are slowly advancing on the Turkish border with help from the US air force.

The Islamic State has advanced further into Dei ez Zor and is trying to take a heavily defended air base of Bashar Assad.

East of Aleppo, Islamic State has repelled Assad's attempts to break the siege of Kweris air base and now the mujahideen are again trying to take the base.


 Pakistan Flag

Countrywide Rallies Against Indian Occupation of Kashmir led by Jamaate Islami
Compiled by Qaiser Sharif

Nation expresses solidarity with Kashmiris

LAHORE, Feb. 5: People all over the country observed Kashmir Solidarity Day on Friday with the firm resolve to continue the support of the Kashmiris' liberation movement till Kashmir became a part of Pakistan.

Speakers addressing the Solidarity rallies across the country impressed upon the Pakistan government to place the Kashmir issue before the world community in a forceful manner and continue the support for the Kashmiris for the completion of the agenda of the Pakistan movement.

Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, led the Solidarity Day rally at MuzaffarAbad. Prior to the rally, a chain of human hands was formed at the Kohala bridge as a mark of solidarity with the Kashmiris. JI Azad Kashmir chief Abdur Rashid and Turabi and JI Information Secretary Amirul Azeem, also spoke on the occasion.
In the Punjab capital, the Solidarity rally was held at the Shahrah e Quaid e Azam near Masjid e Shuhada. JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, led the rally. Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association, Asad Manzur Butt, also addressed the rally.

In his address, Liaqat Baloch said that the Pakistani rulers had made every effort to sabotage the Kashmiris liberation movement spread over seventy years and were keen to kiss the hands of Indian leaders soaked with the Kashmiris' blood. The rulers were anxious for trade with India. He said that the OIC had also done little to solve the issues facing the Ummah.

Asad Manzur Butt announced all out support of the bar legal community to the Kashmiris' just cause.

In Islamabad, the Solidarity rally was led by the JI deputy chief Mian Muhammad Aslam and JI MNA Sahibzada Tariqullah. They said that India was violating the UN resolutions by occupying Kashmir through force. He said that Kashmir was the life line for Pakistan but the cowardly Pakistani rulers dared not to speak to Indian rulers on the issue. The rally at Faisalabad was led by JI Punjab chief Mian Maqsood Ahmed and Minister from Khyber P., Muzaffar Saeed. They appealed to the human rights bodies all over the world to play their role to prevent a war between two nuclear powers of South Asia on Kashmir issue.

JI deputy chief Hafiz Muhammad Idrees led the rally at Multan. JI deputy secretary General, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha led the rally at Gujranwala. JI Balochistan chief Maulana Abdul Haq Hashmi and deputy Secretary General, Hafiz Sajid Anwar, led the rally at Quetta. JI deputy chief Asadullah Bhutto and JI Sindh chief Dr Merajul Huda Siddiqui, led the rally at Hyderabad and JI deputy chief Rashid Naseem, led the Sukkur rally.

Meet the Current Leader of the Red Mosque in Islamabad:

Our America

Breastfeeding rates still low despite global education
by Sis. Karin Friedemann

Despite widespread awareness of the importance of breastfeeding to the human child, mothers in developed countries demonstrate low rates of compliance with global recommendations. Nursing past six months is the exception rather than the rule. Bottle-feeding infants has become normal. Exclusive and extensive breastfeeding has become a pastime primarily for the rich with some interesting exceptions. Nordic countries exhibit the overall highest European breastfeeding rate with England ranking lowest. UAE ruling class mothers exclusively breastfeed the longest among Arabs while Iraq suffers the lowest breastfeeding rates. US Whites and Native Americans are most likely to breastfeed while Blacks and Hispanics are the least likely.

Class plays a large role in decision to breastfeed, for far fewer women belonging to the routine and manual labor socio-economic group nurse beyond six weeks than is typical of professional women and full time mothers. Yet, religion and philosophy also affect women's decision to breastfeed. In Singapore non-Malay Muslim women are 6.7 times more likely to breastfeed than Buddhist women although Malays have the lowest rate. Urban babies receive half the breast milk of rural babies. The youngest mothers tend to supplement with bottles from birth.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF work hard to promote breastfeeding worldwide, but their success is undermined by factors such as free infant formula distribution, hospital practices and lack of personal support. Breastfeeding is a learned skill requiring effort and focus. Good intentions are not always enough to establish lactation. "Baby-friendly hospital" initiatives in many countries have significantly increased breastfeeding but rates are still well below optimum health guidelines.

Almost all new mothers attempt breastfeeding but few continue for the recommended period. According to UNICEF the early introduction of bottle-feeding and complementary food leads to premature weaning, which is the primary cause of malnutrition in children under age two worldwide.

Many women give up nursing in favor of bottle-feeding out of a sense of powerless over the situation. These mothers often wanted very much to nurse their child, but they lost their chance. Hospitals fail to promote exclusive breastfeeding of newborns. Most new mothers receive free samples of formula because of multi-million dollar deals between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and come home with their babies already addicted to the bottle. Coaxing a newborn child to breastfeed after he has been bottle-fed even just once or twice can be a big struggle. Success may be impossible without the aid of a midwife or lactation counselor because unfortunately even the older generation of mothers lack sufficient knowledge.

When newborns reject the breast, mothers typically try for a while, then give up and supply a bottle. This teaches the baby that refusing to nurse will be rewarded. Parents must exercise "tough love" by declining to give the baby a bottle even if it takes several hours or even days for the baby to nurse willingly. (If the baby gets dehydrated, do give him water with a cup or medicine dropper, but introducing a bottle creates "nipple confusion" which is disastrous for the mother-child relationship).

Some women give up on breastfeeding because the husband insists. This tragedy reveals a stripping away at women's postnatal rights and sets a dangerous precedent. Nursing a baby is an exhausting and time-consuming job requiring family help, encouragement, and support especially from the father to enable mother and child to be together undisturbed as much as possible particularly during the first 40 days of the baby's life.

Many women manage to make it through those hardest days in the beginning and then stop breastfeeding after a few weeks out of fear of insufficient milk supply. These mothers need to increase their consumption of calories and to get adequate rest. Under no circumstances should they give their baby a bottle because this will only decrease the supply of breastmilk. Sometimes it is actually the doctor's advice to start feeding their babies solids before 6 months that leads to premature weaning. A mother needs to weigh the fun of spoon-feeding her infant against the risk of premature rejection of the breast.

Thus bottle-feeding rates remain high despite awareness that breastmilk alone contains all the nutrients, antibodies, hormones and immune factors that a baby needs.

"Encouraging exclusive breastfeeding has to become a high priority in all sectors of society," said Dr. Mahendra Sheth, UNICEF Regional Health and Nutrition Adviser for the Middle East and North Africa. Exclusive breastfeeding for six months followed by complementary feeding between 6-9 months with continued breastfeeding through the first year could save an estimated 1.5 million lives annually.

Women receiving adequate advice can often prolong nursing even after returning to work outside the home. Premature infants particularly need breast milk for the best odds in life.

Pregnant women should read books on how to breastfeed and understand fully the necessary commitment to avoid making a tragic mistake to be remembered with regret.

- Karin Friedemann is a Boston-based writer on Middle East affairs and US politics.

New York
Racism in The Sports Media : Which Players will they expose and which will they Protect.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

Black NFL quarterback Cam Newton's only controversy is upstaging his opponents. I don't believe anyone likes this type of showboating, except Carolina Panthers' fans. It is so easy for the mainstream or so-called White media to attack Black and splash headlines with racism charges because it is a distraction from the real issues. Racism is a very emotional issue that will last until the end of time. It is also a tool for those who know how to use it.

I know that if there was any dirt to dig up on Cam Newton the racist media would have found it by now. Instead there has always been dirt to be found on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. However, he has always been under the protection of the White media. Although, criminal trials have long since been over and time has been served,, the White media just cannot stop bringing up the fact that a young Ray Lewis was once tried as an accomplice to murder. He was acquitted. And, they cannot stop mentioning quarterback Michael Vick's dog fighting conviction.

How about the fact that White quarterback Peyton Manning sexually assaulted a female athletic trainer while a student at the University of Tennessee. That did not stop him from going number one in the 1998 NFL draft. The media really kept those charges quiet, in spite of the fact that this disturbing act was witnessed by another athlete whose Christian values prevented him from lying about it. The way the media speaks so glowingly about Manning, no one would ever know that something that insidious was in his past. The average man would be on some state's sexual predator's list!

Brett Favre, another White quarterback, was accused of sending pictures of his genitals to several women. However, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who claimed he would investigate this matter, allowed Brett Favre to retire and ruled the case dead. No punishments.

Now, the new story the media wants to ignore about Peyton Manning is the accusation, by Al-Jazeera, that he used growth hormone, which is illegal in the NFL. Yet, many people say that the use of steroids is pretty rampant, which is believable when you see how incredibly large these guys become compared to when they were in college. The source for the Al-Jazeera report has backtracked and says he lied. However, Al-Jazeera is sticking to its story. Peyton Manning is saying that his wife was the user of growth hormone, which women usually use to hinder aging and for weight loss. An athlete would use growth hormone to increase the rate of healing from an injury and to build lean muscle.

Manning is also upset because he said that the growth hormone was prescribed to his wife by a doctor and that his wife's medical privacy was violated. The NFL is claiming it will investigate Manning. Meanwhile, many are saying this Super Bowl 50 is Manning's last hurrah.

Sports radio's WFAN's Patrick McGlynn sarcastically asked where all of the same critics, who refer to Michael Vick, Odell Beckham, Greg Norman, and other Black players as thugs, when Johnny Manziel, a White quarterback, is accused of doing the same things. Manziel, whose great-great grandfather Joseph Manziel was a Lebanese oil baron, was recently arrested for hitting his girlfriend. He has also been accused of being an alcoholic and giving the Cleveland Browns, who said they will release him next month, a migraine. However, in his case, many people have been calling in and saying that this young man needs help. McGlynn stated that he did not want to hear such arguments and that if those other Black players are thugs then, Manziel is one too for doing the same things.

Make no mistake about it: Universities and major sports leagues will do their best to quiet scandal and continue making their money but, law enforcement and the media ultimately decide which players they will expose or protect.

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