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13 Sha'baan 1436 A.H.- May 31, 2015 Issue # 74, Newsletter #1604

New Generation Muslim: Hijabi Valedictorian Yaffa Ali

 Hijabi Valedictorian Yaffa Ali

Yaffa is 17 years old. She just graduated from high school in Greensboro, North Carolina with a 4.6 GPA. She spoke as the valedictorian, urging students to focus on the most important issues in life and to work hard in heir academic activities.

She took the hijab when she was in the 7th grade and has never taken it off outside home. She found that young people are NOT bigoted against Islam and are more interested in how one interacts with them and what is one as a person.

With her top level grades, she has been offered three scholarships by one of the most prestigious and expensive colleges: Wake Forest.

Yaffa is named after a famous part of Palestine [now occupied]. She is deeply immersed in the culture, traditions and lore of Palestine. In her writings and speeches, one can sense the struggle and suffering of the Palestinian people.

Her father Imam Badi Ali, a regular contributor to New Trend, is a compassionate and caring father who also helps give the right direction to the young people of the TRIAD community of Muslims. His influence on Yaffa was very positive and he has shown us that with patience and perseverance the new generation of Muslims will make us proud.
Congratulations to Yaffa and Imam Badi Ali from all of us at New Trend and Jamaat al-Muslimeen.


The Law of God Works in this World for all, Muslim or non-Muslim. Results will be in the Hereafter.
by Shamim Siddiqi [Long Island, New York]

When God created man He gave him the knowledge of every thing [As per Verse # 31 of Surah Baqarah] with the condition that man will try to fulfill his needs and urges on his own accord. Thus, the growth of human society progressed in its natural process. God gave man the power of ingenuity, thinking, holding communication through expression to his fellow citizens in the march towards progress little by little with the condition that man will get nothing except through personal efforts and to the extent He plans to give to man.

This is the paradigm of man's footings on earth which took millions and millions of years to get through to this stage. The two conditions are paramount for human progress. Hence God made him "Aql - e- kul" and he will continue to do so, irrespective of belief in Him.

That result He will announce in Akhirah on individual basis whether to be sent to Hell or Heaven as per his or her actions and deeds whereas on collective basis as people or nation they will be dealt with on this earth.

All the great and mighty powers of this earth are now resting on the death bed of history owing to their respective failure to be obedient to Him and Him alone. They are numbering 35, and the 36th is going fast to be the USA and its henchmen as foretold by the Historian Paul Kennedy in his book:" The Rise and Fall of Great Nations" published in 1988 and Nixon loved this book very much.

So man will continue to progress as per his or her ingenuity till Doomsday and death and destruction of Nations and people will continue, meanwhile on this earth that is the tradition of Allah and He has set their examples in the Qur'an in every Chapter as the historical proof/results of His denial.

While individual humans have to live on this earth as per Guidance He had sent continuously through His appointed Messenger with the clear verdict that they all will be judged in Akhirah individually whether they acted, lived ad behaved on earth as per His directives OR as per their freewill that choice He gave to us as a paramount test for all human beings.

Request all of you to respond to this urgent situation which we are facing today as Ummah and individually as its constituents.

Shamim Siddiqi

Our America

 Our America

Phoenix, Arizona
Bootlicking Muslims Are Headed for A Nig..r Wake Up Call!

by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - The following incidents involving the murder of Muslims have received nationwide attention:

Three Muslim students shot and killed in North Carolina by White supremacist. (2/11/2015)
Man shot and killed in Dallas while enjoying a rare snowfall with his family outside their home. (3/5/2015)
Iraqi Invader John Ritzheimer organizes a biker anti-Islam rally across the street from a Phoenix, AZ Islamic Cultural Center. (5/29/2015

The Phoenix anti-Islam rally attracted 250 bikers who were met with just as many protesters, if not more, Muslim and non-Muslim. These protesters were out there waving American flags and holding placards that said "Proud to be an American" and "ISIS is not Islam." This was in response to biker signs, which stated "Up Yours Muhammad" (astaghfirullah!) and "Stop Islam." These bootlicking Muslims missed these bikers' point and will continue to do so because they seek acceptance from the kuffar. They are still in that Shakespearean, "If you prick us, do we not bleed" mode of thinking (Merchant of Venice). They are going the route of some Christians who preach turn the other cheek. Well, that philosophy is definitely not in the Holy Qur'an! Self-defense is a God-given right! And, according to the Holy Qur'an, the only people to be shown mercy are those who stop fighting us, not people who continue to wage war against us!

These bikers were armed to the teeth citing their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Hmmm. Strange how some Black Panthers were targeted for assassination by law enforcement rogues for displaying their right to bear arms, as well. And, the one who gave such orders to kill was the biggest closeted gay (and Black man), and cynic himself: J. Edgar Hoover.

Do these bikers sound or look like they are even capable of ever being friendly towards anyone who does not look like them? L et's never forget that whether it is the Ku klux Klan wanting to intimidate non-White people by marching in their neighborhoods or biker gangs wanting to insult the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the police are there to protect them in the name of White supremacy. These White devils know they have the protection of the constitution whereas, other people who stand for morality do not! Their ancestors raped, burned, peeled, and committed every other violent act against Blacks and Native Americans without any concern about being caught because it was the American government who sanctioned this reign of terror against its own non-White citizens! These bikers could care less about Muslims. We are not even human beings to them!

These White kuffar have gone overseas to wreak havoc in U.S. military uniforms and wreak havoc here in police uniforms with the same impunity as their great grandparents. It seems that Arab Muslims are the target however, I am not going to sit on my duff and say, "Phew, glad it's not me!" There are many immigrants who have done just that when an atrocity has occurred in the Black community because they realize that there is a bulls eye on Black Americans' backs. But, now the fear in the Arab community is very real. Be prepared!

This is what Black American comedian Paul Mooney calls a "Nigger Wake Up Call." It is for people of African-descent who like to look down their nose at other Blacks, more than likely based on White supremacist views, only for a White person to remind them that they are not so special their damn selves! A lot of immigrant Muslims look down their nose at Black people until they find out they are Muslim. For some, it does not matter! But, a nigger wake up call can be extended to other communities, as well.

Unfortunately, I see a repeat trend: White Americans armed to the teeth coming after people they consider to be undesirable and threatening them while the government turns a blind eye. Uh no, the gays are not the target although, they love being professional victims. Believe me, if White Americans were sniping them, these promosexuals would tip toe right back into the closet before anyone could blink! However, American history shows White Americans attacking and destroying Black towns and churches with no one ever being arrested, charged, and convicted.

How is it that no one was caught or charged in the 1963 Birmingham, Al church where 4 young girls were killed when the FBI cordoned off the entire area only minutes after it occurred? The FBI was already in the area! The convictions were of 3 old White men nearly 40 years later. The FBI knew their identities all along but waited until they had one foot in the grave to prosecute them.

The FBI was also at this biker anti-Islam rally. They have never been anything more than spectators where White victimization of others is concerned. They can arrest Muslims for thought crimes but, they will wait until a kafir, White in particular, actually commits a crime before being arrested. This is how it is supposed to be but, once again, the rules do not apply to us. We should not have to solely depend on law enforcement for our protection. Muslims rely on Allah and each other for that.

I think it is beautiful to see everyone together and interacting with one another at Eid's, Jummah, or other Islamic gatherings. But, I also find it disheartening when I see gatherings of Muslims still beginning and ending Rammadan or Eid on the wrong day. They completely ignore the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) just to follow their own nationality. As a Black American, I certainly realize that not everyone who looks like me is my brother or sister. Black Americans are not raised to be as nationalistic like the people from the Caribbean or Latin America. They tend to be more nationalistic and even xenophobic. When you walk around Caribbean or Latino neighborhoods, you will see multinational flags displayed throughout the areas. Jamaican Marcus Garvey tried to unite people of African-descent with his Pan-African Back to Africa Movement, which the NAACP was created to destroy.

Interestingly, a former census taker told me that when she asked Whites about their nationality they often responded with, "White." They never saw themselves as Irish or Anglo or French. Being White means everything to them and that color is their unification factor. Well, the Flag of Islam should unite us as Muslims. When we protest at these anti-Islam rallies we are going against the government and White racist xenophobes. They represent how America thinks and behaves. Waving an American flag doesn't make a potent statement against these devils because they know you are trying to assimilate with them!

The oppressor only respects people who display self-love and self-respect. Being a practicing Muslim, I am all for a United Ummah under the banner of Islam just as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wanted. But, what is holding us back is cultural arrogance and weak leadership. Obviously, not all Muslims display such divisive behavior. Any Muslim lacking knowledge of the Qur'an and displaying snobbery in the form of cultural prejudice and sexism has no place in ANY Islamic movement for change!

It is time for us to stop saying, "Phew, glad it's not me" when we witness any form of oppression and start working together to strengthen our ties with one another, as well as other oppressed people in America. Uniting under your nationality is an isolationist agenda that only benefits our enemies. Our enemies can unite whether it is for race, an idea, or some other evil agenda! These bootlicking Muslims display their nationalist attitudes to the detriment of the Muslim ummah but, want to display the American flag to their White kuffar enemies to show solidarity! Bass ackwards behavior, indeed!

The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief. (8:73 Holy Qur'an)
(Source: Yahoo! News)


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Washington, DC: 200 Muslims received 8-Page Document after Juma' Salat

May 29, 2015: The Islamic Center of Washington, DC on Massachusetts Avenue is the hub of the international Muslim community. It was a large crowd and after juma' salat 200 worshippers from at least 20 countries received an 8-page document. This was the best place and time to get the message of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's shoora resolutions out to the Muslim world. Here is a summary of the 8-page document:
  1. &
  2. Twenty two Resolutions on US Muslim stand in support of the Baltimore Uprising, Palestine, Rohingya boat people, Kashmir, Mexican immigrants, political prisoners, boycott of Zionist businesses and against Egypt's tyranny, bombing of Muslim countries, the mass murderer Assad, homosexuality and much more.

  3. Hadith on Women's right to travel alone for a good cause.

  4. &
  5. Muslim woman abused by Agha Khanis over three years reveals the ugly beliefs of the Ismaili cult. Rich "imam" living in Paris investigated.

  6. IS victory in Ramadi and release of 400 prisoners Plus Israeli billionaire supporting Hillary Clinton.

  7. 200 of Assad's elite troops wiped out by IS in Syria: Notorious Tadmur prison liberated.. Half of Syria in Islamic hands.
  8. Mother's Day in America covers up exploitation of women.
[Sis. Aisha, New York]

Huge Canadian Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia Raises Question:
Use Against Saudi People is Probable


[Courtesy: Globe and Mail, Canada, May 27]

The Canadian government is refusing to say whether it obtained assurances that light armoured vehicles being sold to Saudi Arabia in a massive $15-billion deal would not be used against the Saudi people - a key guarantee required by federal export controls when arms are destined for countries with a "persistent record of serious violations of the human rights of their citizens."

This controversial 2014 agreement to ship made-in-Canada light armoured vehicles to the Mideast country is coming under increased scrutiny after much-publicized incidents of torture and mistreatment by Saudi authorities, including the videotaped beheading of a woman in Mecca this month and the flogging and jailing for blasphemy of a writer who has Canadian ties. Raif Badawi, sentenced to 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam, has a wife and children who've been granted asylum in Canada.

The Harper government calls the export contract a major success, one that will sustain 3,000 advanced manufacturing jobs for the 14-year length of the deal as well as thousands of other jobs for suppliers across the country. Ottawa went to great lengths to make the transaction happen, taking on contractual obligations for the sale through a Crown corporation. It's by far the largest export deal ever brokered by the government's Canadian Commercial Corp. and the manufacturer is General Dynamics Land Systems Canada in London, Ont.

Critics say Canada should be more concerned about how these light armoured vehicles, often outfitted with weapons, will be used given Saudi Arabia's terrible record on basic rights such as freedom of belief, of assembly and of association as well as the treatment of women and the administration of criminal justice.

"If you criticize the government you're very likely to be jailed, investigated, convicted, [and] sentenced to some ludicrously long prison term, especially in the last few years since 2011 when the Saudis developed a paranoia about the emergence of any sort of domestic challenge or opposition," Adam Coogle, a researcher with Human Rights Watch said.

Canada is developing stronger ties with the Saudis. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird's department has made a get-together between him and Turki al-Faisal, a leading member of the Saudi royal family, a "Priority A" goal for his visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week, documents obtained by The Globe and Mail show.

The Canadian government boasts that its export controls are among the strongest in the world and one of these federal rules obliges Ottawa to ensure it's not helping countries with poor human-rights records oppress its own citizens.
The government is required to demonstrate "there is no reasonable risk that the goods might be used against the civilian population" before it approves applications for export permits to countries with persistent records of violating the rights of their citizens.

Ottawa, however, won't say whether it has determined this to be the case with the light armoured vehicles (LAVs) heading to Saudi Arabia.

"For reasons of commercial confidentiality, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development does not comment on specific applications," Francois Lasalle, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, said in an e-mail.

Much of the deal is shrouded in secrecy.

The Crown corporation brokering the deal refuses to say how many LAVs Canada will supply to Saudi Arabia, citing a confidentiality clause in the deal, although Ken Epps, with Project Ploughshares, an anti-war group, estimates it's hundreds, if not thousands. Ottawa also won't say whether Canada is installing weapons on the LAVs before they're shipped, again citing confidentiality.

Mr. Epps, who tracks arms shipments as part of his work, said he does not believe Ottawa could have assured itself the LAVs wouldn't be used against Saudi civilians before approving the transaction.

"The sole remaining conclusion is that the Canadian government deliberately ignored its own guidelines to allow this unprecedented military sale to proceed," Mr. Epps said.

Max Moncaster, spokesman for International Trade Minister Ed Fast, noted that Canada's history of supplying LAVs to the Saudis dates back decades, to at least 1993.
He said Canada always ensures that exports of controlled goods such as arms are "consistent with Canada's foreign and defence policies."

Alex Neve, secretary-general of Amnesty International Canada, points to how the Saudis have used armoured vehicles in the past. "[They] are known to use armoured vehicles and other weapons in dispersing peaceful protest, such as the role that Saudi security forces played in helping crush popular protests in Bahrain during the Arab Spring," he said.

"The government should release the details of the assessment it made in support of the decision to authorize this sale and explain why they are confident these armoured vehicles will not be used to violate human rights," Mr. Neve said.

NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar, who said his party has opposed the LAV deal from the start, called on the Harper government to release its deliberations regarding the sale. "What are they hiding here? When you're dealing with countries with questionable human rights records, you need to have absolute accountability and transparency."

Islamic Leader Speaks Against Countrywide Corruption and Urges the Need for Extensive Change

 Pakistan Flag

by Qaiser Sharif [Lahore]

May 29: Addressing a big Friday congregation at the Mansoora mosque, Sirajul Haq, Ameer Jamaate Islami said that the worst form of dictatorship was clamped on the country in the name of democracy and the rulers thought themselves above the law.

The JI chief said that the masses had been trying the secular parties and the supporters of the status quo for the last 68 years but the things were getting worse day by day. He said that things like the rule of law, the supremacy of the constitution or merit were something unknown in the country. The rulers were above the law, and they were plundering the national wealth with both hands.

Sirajul Haq said that incidents like the Model Town tragedy and Daska killings were taking place in routine and scores of people were gunned down but even their FIR was not registered unless there was a protest. People known for corruption and plunder were occupying important posts in the government, he added. He said that the poor masses voted for the wealthy people because of their influence in the society in the hope that they would solve their problems but they were disappointed.

He said the JI had decided to spare no efforts for freeing the masses from the clutches of the tyrant rulers. He urged the masses to vote for the JI for the enforcement of the Nizam e Mustafa.

On the international scene, Sirajul Haq said that the enemies of Islam were trying to obstruct the emergence of the true Islamic leadership in the Muslim countries in order to check the rapid advance of Islam in the world. They were making misleading propaganda against Islam through the media. However, it was interesting that in spite of the western propaganda projecting Islam as a cruel and inhuman system, thousands of the non- Muslims were embracing Islam. This was because Islam is the message of love, brotherhood and peace.

He impressed upon the JI workers to fan out in their areas and intensify their efforts and pass on the message of the JI to all and sundry and enlist JI members for a major change in the next elections.

JI/ Lawyers

JI delegation visits Daska Bar for condolence

LAHORE, May 29; A Jamaat e Islami delegation headed by JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, on Friday visited Daska Tehsil Bar and expressed their deep condolences with the Bar office bearers and the lawyers community on the killing of two lawyers by police firing.

The delegation which included JI Information Secretary Amirul Azeem, and General Secretary, JI, Punjab Nazir Ahmed Janjua, offered condolences with the brother of the Tehsil Bar president Rana Khalid Abbas and the family.
Speaking on the occasion, Liaqat Baloch said that the entire country was in a state of shock over the Daska tragedy. He said it was time that we learnt a lesson from the Daska tragedy and the weaknesses in the police and the judicial system were removed.

LAHORE, May 29; The central leadership of the Milli Yakjehti Council (MYC) has convened the MYC committees for the monitoring of Friday sermons, conciliation, academics and research and implementation on the recommendations of the Islamic Ideological Council in Islamabad, on June 16.
MYC leaders including Maulana Abdul Jalil Naqshbandi, Pir Syed Mahfuz Mashhadi, Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki and Qazi Zafarul Haq would attend. The meeting would also chalk out programme for the Independence Day on the 27th of Ramadhan, and the Al-Quds Day.

War News

 War News

Mass Arrests of Afghans in Pakistan: Maulvi Fazlullah be handed over, Pakistan Urges Afghan Regime

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Interior urged the government of Afghanistan on Thursday to hand over Mullah Fazlullah — chief of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) — to Pakistani authorities.

 Mullah Fazlullah

Photo taken from video by the TTP's media wing shows its leader Mullah Fazlullah.

Senator Rehman Malik, chairman of the Senate body on interior, said Fazlullah was involved in the killings of thousands of Pakistanis and his arrest was essential to give terrorists a death blow.

The Senate standing committee also directed interior ministry officials to submit details regarding terrorists arrested and killed by security forces in the ongoing operations against militants.

"It is important to know details of the terrorists that have been killed and arrested by security forces during operations. The ministry of interior needs to submit names of all such terrorists including their fathers' names and pictures," said Senator Rehman Malik, chairman of the Senate standing committee on interior.

Awami National Party's Senator Shahi Syed said law enforcement agencies had arrested over 40,000 suspects, adding that the nation wanted to know the identification of those in custody.

Hamid Ali Khan, coordinator of the Nation Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta), informed committee members that the interior ministry had banned 127 terrorist organisations including 67 outfits that had been outlawed by the United Nations.

Briefing members on implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP), Hamid said the government had set a deadline of December 31, 2015, for the return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan.

"Over 19,000 unregistered Afghans have been arrested by law enforcement agencies and all district administrations were directed to register them on a priority basis," he said.
He said the ministry had cancelled 260,000 arms licenses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10, 000 in Punjab and 3,000 in Sindh.

Hamid said forces had arrested over 49,000 suspects during 46,000 intelligence-based operations while the police had registered cases against 300 suspects involved in terrorism activities across the country.

Members of the committee expressed concern on the "slow momentum" in the implementation of the 20-point National Action Plan.

The Senate body directed Nacta's national coordinator to take steps for reforms in the curriculum of religious seminaries along with proper registration of such institutions to keep a check on the sources of their funding.

PML-N Senator Chaudhary Tanvir said it was the responsibility of the ministry of foreign affairs to highlight involvement of foreign countries that support terror activities inside Pakistan


Mujahideen Capture Ariha: IS Moves on Hasakeh. Frenzy of Bombing by Alawite Assad Air Force.

May 29-30-31

A coalition of mujahideen groups, al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and others captured Ariha. Alawite Assad forces retreated from Ariha. The mujahideen chased them and after heavy fighting captured two checkpoints which were blocking their advance.

In the north east at Hasakeh, the Islamic State launched an offensive against the fortified Alawite forces koyal to Assad.

In the center, IS is slowly moving from Tadmur into Homs province. It has blown up the notorious Tadmur prison after releasing the prisoners. This is where Assad's secret services used to brutalize and torture Muslim prisoners for decades.

North of Aleppo, IS captured El-Bab but this was followed by frantic bombing of the entire area by Assad's air force o Aleppo were also bombed. The indiscriminate bombing meant to terrorize the people killed 147 civilians, including scores of women and children, according to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

The al-Nusra leader al-Jolani said in an interview with al-Jazeeera that the mujahideen forces will concentrate on the capture of Damascus and the removal of the tyrant Assad..

It will not bother or mistreat Christians and will not attack American and western targets unless the Americans continue to bomb them. He said there is no Khorasan group which America claims to have been bombing. America was in fact bombing al-Nusra.


Shi'ite forces supported by the US Air Force launch counter offensive against to re-capture Ramadi.

May 28-31: According to Reuters, large Shi'ite militia forces backed by Iranian artillery and bombing raids by the US air force, have begun the attempt to recapture Ramadi.

Iranian backed militia are also trying to re-open the road to the refinery in Baiji.

A small IS force is defending Ramadi and has brought the city back to normal. All activities have been restored except smoking and alcohol.

In return IS advance guard has moved forward 7 miles from Ramadi towards Baghdad.


 Imam Ali Siddiqui

Why is Ramadan a month of Blessings and Peace?
by Imam Ali Siddiqui

O! You who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you, so that you may acquire self control and God-consciousness - Quran 2:183 1435th Ramadan - the Month of Blessings and Peace 1.8 billion Muslims of the world will celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan starting Thursday, June 18, 2015. During this month, healthy Muslim adults will observe fasting during the daylight hours.

Muslim Fasting is a total abstention from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk for 29 or 30 days of the month of Ramadan. In addition, avoiding immoral behavior and anger and showing compassion is part of the requirements of fasting. The purpose of fasting is manifold. Allah (the God Almighty) mentioned it in the Holy Book of Islam, Quran, that fasting is prescribed for the believers as it was prescribed for the people before them, so that they may acquire self control and God-consciousness (Quran 2:183). Therefore, the purpose of fasting is to develop self-control, God-consciousness, improvement of health by reducing or eliminating impurities from the body, and to become aware of the plight of the poor, hungry, and the sick.

Ramadan is a month of spiritual consciousness and high sense of social responsibility.The fulfillment of one's obligations during this month is rewarded 70 times. Fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam including Announcement of Faith, Salaat (praying 5 times a day), Zakaat (the right of the poor on the wealth of the financially able), Fasting during the month of Ramadan, and Hajj (once in a life time pilgrimage to Kaaba). It is an obligation on every adult and healthy Muslim to fast during the month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan is also the month in which Holy Quran was sent down from the highest level of heaven to the 1st level, from where it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a piece meal basis over a period of 23 years. It is a very joyous occasion for the Muslims of the world. They fast during the day, pray, and read Quran during the part of the night.

There is a special night called the Night of Power, which is mentioned in the Quran (Chapter 97), as a night of peace, mercy, and light. Worshiping during this night is better than the worship of 1,000 months. During this night, Muhammad was chosen by Allah, as the Messenger of God, and Quran was sent to the 1st level of heaven. During this night, Allah, God Almighty, sends down an army of special angels, under the leadership of Archangel Gabriel, who go to every nook and cranny of the earth to pray for the mercy of Allah, God Almighty, and salvation of the believers.
Unlike common calendar, which is Solar based, Islamic calendar is Lunar based. It does not mean that Muslims worship moon. It's another way to count days of the month and the year. Like all Islamic months, Ramadan, 9th Lunar month, begins after sighting the Crescent, but not the new moon which is a dark disk. This year the new moon will be on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. The probability to see the Crescent for Ramadan is on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, just after the sunset on the Western horizon.

All healthy Muslim adults including homemakers, school-going kids around the age of 13, factory workers, businessmen, and others among them will be fasting. Your Muslim neighbors will be getting up very early to take their sahoor, a pre-dawn meal before starting their fast. So, don't get alarmed if you hear lot of noise next door. Summer School and Summer Camp staff has to show understanding and consideration towards Muslim students who may be fasting during the month of Ramadan from June 18 to July 17, 2015. They should be assigned alternate activities instead of strenuous outdoor Physicians should also understand that their patients might be fasting. They should prescribe the medicine in a way that they could take it with their pre-dawn or after sunset meals. However, if the patients' life may be in jeopardy, explain it to the patients or seek help from a Muslim Medical Chaplain at a local hospital or an Imam/director of a local Masjid/Islamic Center. According to Muslim physicians, there are some physiological benefits from Muslim Fasting (total abstention from food and liquids) including lowering of blood sugar, lowering of cholesterol, and lowering of systolic blood pressure.

At the completion of month of Fasting, Muslims all over the world celebrate their holiday of Eid al-Fitr. It is the biggest Muslim holiday. It is a true thanksgiving for a Muslim believer for having the opportunity to obey Allah, God Almighty, by observing Fasting. It is celebrated on the 1st day of 10th Lunar month, Shaw'waal. This year, it will be on June 18.

The holiday begins with Muslims putting on their best, preferably new clothes and going to the Eid congregation. Eid congregations are very large gatherings of Muslim men, women, and children across the country. You can also witness these gatherings by simply finding out through Web, newspapers, radio, and TV. Afterwards, people greet each other with hugs and handshakes. The children receive gifts of money and toys. After the congregation, Muslims visit each other at their homes and hold lunches or dinners for family and friends. Don't be surprised if you are invited to an Eid dinner or Eid celebration by your Muslim neighbors or friends. Please do accept such an invitation. The hospitality, friendliness, and variety of international Muslim cuisine will pleasantly surprise you.

Greetings of Ramadan, Ramadan Karim!
P.S. Muslims should call their local Masjid for the beginning and end of Ramadan.

Additional information can be acquired through e-mail:
Also check

Viewpoint & Analysis

 ViewPoint and Analysis

Baltimore: The New Gaza
What Role for Muslims (and Other People of Conscience)?
By Nadrat Siddique

On Saturday, April 25, a large protest against the police murder of Black Baltimore native Freddie Gray was called by the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly and the Baltimore Bloc. By evening, the legal permitted protest dissolved into large scale street blockages, including, to the chagrin of the authorities, in the vicinity of the stadium where the baseball game was underway. Traffic came to a standstill, and a very large number of police descended on the area and surrounded the protestors. Corporate media immediately characterized the spontaneous actions following the permitted protest, as riots—and the participants as thugs, hoodlums, rioters, and other pejoratives. The media accorded similar treatment to the student action near Baltimore's Mondawmin Mall two days later.

Given all that Baltimore youth have endured for decades, and given the dehumanization, degradation, marginalization, and indeed genocide, which much of Black Baltimore has experienced in a largely Black city, under an administration which can only be characterized as Jim Crow in Black face, the Baltimore Uprising was inevitable. The only thing surprising about it was that it took so many years to reach this point. This report examines the events of Saturday, April 25 and Monday, April 27, and the underlying political climate which led to them. It starts with an overview of conditions in Baltimore, including the city's vast prison industry and the daily police terror faced by Baltimore natives, then focuses on the specific conditions under which Baltimore's Black and Brown youth live. Finally, it attempts to illustrate the inevitability of the Baltimore Uprising. An interview with grassroots activist, Reverend Annie Chambers, whose Big Momma's House for years offered support to indigent Baltimore children and youth, follows the report.


Although statistics don't tell the whole story, they are a good starting point. According to U.S. Census Bureau figures for Baltimore, the unemployment rate for young black men between the ages of 20 to 24, was an astounding 37% in 2013. For white men of the same age, the unemployment rate was 10%. Grassroots organizations, which work directly with local populations in Baltimore, report even more dismal statistics. The Baltimore Black Think Tank (BBTT), an advocacy group for Black and poor people in the city, says nearly 60 percent of Black males in Baltimore are unemployed.
According to government sources, nearly 24% of Baltimore's population is living below the poverty line ($20,090 per year for a family of three). But, according to the BBTT, "Economic Conditions for 67% of the total Black population in Baltimore City have been determined to be critical."
In Baltimore, as elsewhere, economics clearly correlates with how long and how well one will live. A juxtaposition of the Black neighborhoods of Upton and Druid Heights, with the primarily White, Jewish neighborhood of Roland Park is telling: The life expectancy in Upton and Druid Heights is 63-years old. In Roland Park, it is 83-years old. In the Sandtown‐Winchester/ Harlem Park community where Freddie Gray lived, seven percent of the children have elevated lead levels in their blood, with severe implications for their development and well-being. In Roland Park, no children have elevated lead levels in their blood. Freddie Gray and his two sisters had blood lead levels "above the threshold for the kind of poisoning which causes permanent brain damage," according to tests ordered by the family, which successfully sued their then-landlord, but the damage was already done. Freddie was in special education classes for the duration of his academic career, and ultimately dropped out of high school.

The gap in income between Upton/Druid Heights and Roland Park is no less stark than that in life expectancy. In Upton/Druid Heights, the median income is $13,388 a year. In Roland Park, it is $90,492. These neighborhoods are less than five miles away from each other. But this disparity is not limited to Upton/Druid Heights, and Roland Park. Citywide, average White income is almost twice as much as that of Blacks.

Prison Industry

As in other big cities, poverty, unemployment, disenfranchisement, and gentrification—
in short, the disinheriting of the poor—is invariably addressed by the System through imprisonment of the target population. To that end, there are nine prisons in Baltimore. A tenth prison—for Baltimore youth—was just approved by the Maryland State Board of Public Works. All of the existing prisons were built by the Democrats. So, while many, including Blacks, view the Democratic Party as the friend of Black people, it is more accurate to say the party is deeply enmeshed in the prison industry in Baltimore, and as such, is the instrument of White Supremacy.

If one is arrested in Baltimore, one is first taken to Baltimore Central Booking. It is among the 20 largest jails in the U.S. More than 73,000 people go through Baltimore Central Booking every year. In comparison with the other 19 largest jails in the country, Baltimore has the dubious distinction of holding the highest percentage of its population in jail. As a result of years of gentrification, only 63.7% of Baltimore's population is Black (29.6% are White). Over 35,000 people are committed to the Baltimore City Detention Center each year. The majority of these are Black. This is yet one more indicator that this population has been targeted for marginalization, demoralization, and ultimately genocide.

The Baltimore jail system is one of the oldest and largest pretrial facilities in the country. The Baltimore City Detention Center consists of five buildings and can hold around 4,000 people. Significantly—and very differently from other jails—the Baltimore Jail system is paid for by the State of Maryland, not by Baltimore. This means there is no incentive for Baltimore authorities to limit the number of people they arrest and incarcerate. So, not surprisingly, nearly 4,000 people are locked up in the Baltimore Jail system on any given day.

Roughly nine out of 10 of those held in the Baltimore Jail system have not yet gone to trial, and hence are still legally innocent. The majority of those being held are Black men, mostly under the age of 35.
Of the approximately 4,000 people detained at Central Booking on any given day, about 33% are accused of violent offenses. Twenty-eight percent (28%) are incarcerated for drug offenses. Another 19% are held on other nonviolent offenses (other than drugs). Twelve percent are locked up for a violation of probation. The jail itself classifies 27% of detainees as low security. So, even at this pre-trial level, it is safe to say that a very large percentage of detainees are held for non-violent offenses, by a White Supremacist power structure which has a vested interest in their labeling, marginalization, and ultimately their elimination.

After one is convicted in Baltimore, one is usually removed to state prison. Statistics for who is in state prison, revealed in a February 2015 report by the Justice Police Institute (JPI) in collaboration with the Prison Policy Initiative, are eye-opening. One out of three Maryland residents in state prison is from Baltimore. This is despite the fact that Maryland is a relatively populous state, and only one in ten Maryland residents is from Baltimore.

The JPI report examined 55 communities in Baltimore. Off the 55 communities, five contributed the largest number of people to state prison. The community sending the largest number of people to prison was—not surprisingly—that of Freddie Gray: Sandtown‐Winchester/Harlem Park. There, 3% of the total population is in prison. So, 458 people from Freddie Gray's community are locked up in Maryland state prison. And the state spends $17 million on keeping them there.

Freddie Gray's community is 96.6 % Black. There, unemployment for people between the ages of 16 - 64 is 52%. Thirty‐four percent (34%) of the inhabitants do not have a high school diploma or GED. One out of three houses in the community was vacant or abandoned in 2012.

Just below Freddy's community in terms of highest incarceration were the communities of Southwest Baltimore, Greater Rosemont, Clifton‐Berea, and Southern Park Heights. A combined total of 1,416 people from these communities are held in Maryland state prison. So, one in four people who are in prison from Baltimore City come from these four communities, plus Freddy's community of Sandtown‐Winchester/ Harlem Park. Most of these communities are Black. And Maryland taxpayers dole out $10 million per year to each of these communities to lock up their citizens.

The community with the smallest number of people locked up was Greater Roland Park/Poplar Hill. Not surprisingly, the population of Roland Park is 77.5% White, with Asians forming 9.8% of the population, and Blacks 7.9%.

The report enlarged its scope to name the 25 Baltimore communities with the highest incarceration rates. These were: Pimlico/Arlington/Hilltop; Southern Park Heights; Dorchester/Ashburton; Forest Park/Walbrook; Greater Mondawmin; Penn North/Reservoir Hill; Greater Charles Village/Barclay; Edmondson Village; Greater Rosemont; Sandtown‐Winchester/Harlem Park; Upton/Druid Heights; Allendale/Irvington/South Hilton; Southwest Baltimore; Greater Govans; Northwood; Midway/Coldstream; Belair/Edison; Cedonia/Frankford; Greenmount East; Clifton‐Berea; Oldtown/Middle East; Madison/East End; Patterson Park (North and East); Cherry Hill; and Brooklyn/Curtis Bay/Hawkins Point.

Most of these 25 communities are majority Black. A few of the communities had working class/poor White populations. At least $5 million per year is spent by Maryland taxpayers to incarcerate people from each of these twenty-five communities. Seven out of 10 Baltimore residents in a state prison in 2010 were from one of these 25 communities. In total, Maryland taxpayers spend $288 million each year to lock up mostly Black and poor people from Baltimore City.

Police Murders

After the establishment of Baltimore's Central Booking, it became the job of the police to deliver people there. (Previously police had taken suspects to the respective precincts where they were arrested.) However, many people never make it to Central Booking because they are brutalized—sometimes to death—by police prior to being booked, charged, tried, or convicted. Police brutality is epidemic. Before Freddie Gray, there was 46-year old Anthony Anderson, slammed to the ground so hard by police that his spleen ruptured. There was Maurice Donald Johnson, shot multiple times by police in his mother's living room. There was 22-year old Sean Gamble, retreating to his car parked outside a nightclub, shot multiple times by police. Twenty-nine year old Dale Graham, shot by police after a family disagreement. Fourteen-year old Kevin Cooper shot inside his mother's home by police. Thirteen-year old Monae Turnage shot dead on her way home from watching a movie with school friends, with a rifle later found in a plainclothes police officer's car. Forty-four year old Tyrone West, pulled by his dreadlocks from his sister's Lexus which he was driving, to be beaten and stomped to death by 12 police officers. Twenty-nine-year old George Booker Wells, shot and killed by police, after they chased him two blocks from his girlfriend's house. Twenty-five year old Donte Bennett, shot with his hands up after he'd been running from police. William Torbitt, a Black police officer, shot to death by other police officers near a nightclub. Nineteen-year old George King, tasered to death by police as he lay recuperating in a hospital bed. And heart wrenchingly, the list continues to grow.

The States Attorney, a Zionist Jew named Gregg Bernstein, was in office when most of these cases came to light. Tasked with indicting in cases where a crime had occurred, he refused to prosecute the officers in nearly every case, saying the officers had not used excessive force, and had followed police procedures. To him, it seemed of no consequence that in some of the cases which came before him, such as that of Anthony Anderson, the State's own medical examiner had ruled the death a homicide. Similarly video footage and eyewitness testimony of police beatings and use of excessive force seemed of no matter to him. Bernstein himself lived comfortably in Roland Park, a neighborhood of zero percent incarceration.

Non-Fatal (but Serious) Incidents of Police Brutality

In addition to the people killed outright by the Baltimore Police Department, a very large number of Baltimore Blacks are profiled, harassed, or brutalized by police. By 2014, the situation had gotten so far out of hand that even the pro-establishment Baltimore Sun released a major report revealing that large numbers of Baltimore natives had been brutalized and battered so badly that they successfully sued the city to the tune of $5.7 million. This included 102 separate court cases since 2011. (Since then, an additional $587,250 has been awarded in settlements to subsequent victims.) According to the Sun report, the cases show that "officers have battered dozens of residents who suffered broken bones — jaws, noses, arms, legs, ankles — head trauma, organ failure, and even death, coming during questionable arrests. Some residents were beaten while handcuffed; others were thrown to the pavement."

An eighty-seven-year-old grandmother, named Venus Green, was pushed, shoved, and brutalized by police to the extent that she suffered a broken shoulder. She was then hogtied and placed face down on her couch. A 26-year old pregnant woman, named Starr Brown, was slammed to the ground by police, despite her pleas that she was pregnant. Then there was Dondi Johnson Sr. who was left paralyzed in 2005 after being recklessly driven around by police.

Baltimore has a very large and visible Black Muslim population. If one is evidently Muslim, one is greeted with "As-salaam alaikom" at every turn. In that sense, Baltimore is a very Muslim friendly city. But—Black Muslims are the targets of police, along with everyone else. A 36-year old Muslim named Abdul Salaam, was pulled from his car in his driveway after police followed him home for an alleged seat belt violation, slammed to the ground, then hogtied and beaten so badly in front of his young son, that it was a miracle he survived. Another Muslim, Salahudeen Abdul-Aziz, whose beating by police resulted in a broken nose, facial fracture and other injuries, was not taken to a hospital for many hours.

These cases are known primarily because the victims filed civil suits against the police, but for every case in which charges are filed, there are a multitude of others which never come to light because the victim fears police retribution; is unaware of his or her rights; or lacks the means, communication skills, or determination to bring charges.

Perversely, the injuries, beatings, and trauma are administered by police, who, in the United States, take an oath to "protect and serve" their constituents. Even more Orwellian, those who receive compensation for grievous injuries, including some which could have resulted in death, are not permitted to speak of their experience afterwards. If they talk, their award can be rescinded in whole or in part.

No Signs of Improvement

But even broad scale and successful litigation doesn't appear to have made the police more responsive or conscientious in their dealings with those whom they are paid to serve. In May 2015, the Baltimore Sun published another report on the condition of detainees brought to Central Booking. They found that in the period from June 2012 through April 2015, a whopping 2,600 people were brought by police to Central Booking with injuries so severe the jail would not accept them (they had to be taken to the hospital instead). "Intake officers in Central Booking noted a wide variety of injuries, including fractured bones, facial trauma and hypertension. Of the detainees denied entry, 123 had visible head injuries, the third most common medical problem" the report said. So while "rioting" youth were framed by the corporate media and government as the problem in Baltimore, many Baltimore residents pinpoint the police as the problem, indeed as the source of the terror under which they live.

Conditions for Baltimore Youth

After the street blockages on Saturday, April 25, and the youth uprising on Monday, April 27, the authorities, fearing an escalation and its implications for corporate interests, instated a city wide curfew from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

What people outside Baltimore forgot is that youth in Baltimore were already under a curfew, enacted in June 2014, prior to any putative riots. That curfew required youth under 14 to be off the streets by 9:00 PM, and those age d14-16 had to be off the streets by 10:00 PM on school nights and 11:00 PM on weekends and over the summer. If they ventured out, they could be nabbed off the street by police. According to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, police would "bring youths found in violation of the new time limits to a year-round youth connection center." In the process, a youth could be handed over to Child Protective Services. Even if a youth was not removed from his parent and placed with that agency, parents faced a fine of up to $500.

The previous youth curfew, like the current city-wide one, was selectively enforced. The June 2014 curfew was almost never enforced in affluent, predominantly White areas. So White youth could consort, congregate to smoke weed, and engage in social interactions without interference—actions which would quickly land Black youth in the hands of the police.

Over and above police encounters arising from the curfew, Black children and youth undergo experiences with police early on which inculcate a well-founded distrust, animosity, and fear in them. Black children—who watch their parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, or teachers being degraded, abused, beaten, or even murdered by the police—experience the trauma as if it is happening to them. Given Baltimore's skyrocketing rates of police brutality, many Black inner city children are traumatized by seeing—whether on television, social media, or on the street—people who look like them being frisked; pulled from their cars and made to sit on the pavement; stomped, beaten, or slammed to the ground; or being shot multiple times by the police. Imagine a Black child listening to news of little Monae Turnage murdered, her body covered with trash, the rifle casings traced to a weapon in a police car. Or hearing of young George King, tasered to death by police while he lay helpless in a hospital bed. Many children fear similar treatment will be dealt to them or someone close to them.

According to Reverend Annie Chambers, a former Black Panther, whose organization, Big Momma's house, offered support services to indigent children in Baltimore for years, the children, including teenagers who are already shy and/or sensitive about their bodies, are stopped and physically harassed on a whim by police. They are often forced to strip to their underwear in public by police. Sometimes the police go so far as to demand a body cavity search, clearly meant to humiliate the child or youth. Groping of girls' breasts by police during such a stop is common, adds Reverend Chambers.

Actual detention of children is not unheard of either. The city detention center has up to twenty minors in its custody on any given day. The child prisoners are sometimes kept in solitary confinement for a month or longer. In March 2015, the U.S. Justice Department's Division of Civil Rights found that "Teenagers awaiting trial on adult charges in Baltimore are being kept in solitary confinement far too long — up to 143 days in one case."

Indeed the State seems determined to imprison—rather than to educate, nurture, or uplift—Baltimore's Black youth. Up until 2013, the State's efforts were geared at building a $70 million youth jail. After concerted lobbying and citywide protests by the Baltimore Algebra Project and other opponents, the plans were finally dropped. Then, on May 13, 2015—just two weeks after the Baltimore Youth Uprising, the Board of Public Works of the State of Maryland approved plans to build a $30 million youth jail. This time it was passed with little to no debate.

To add insult to injury, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan reallocated $68 million—which legislators had set aside for schools—to the pension system. Of the $68 million, Baltimore schools were to have gotten $11.6 million.

But then writing off Black youth is nothing new to the State of Maryland. Around 1996, the situation was so dire that parents of Baltimore City students sued the Maryland State Department of Education for underfunding Baltimore City Schools. One Judge Kaplin ruled that the Department of Education was underfunding the Baltimore City Public School System, in comparison to other districts in the state of Maryland, and ordered the State to pay Baltimore City schools their due. The state blatantly ignored his orders. As a result, students lead strikes, hosted rallies, and attempted to perform a citizen arrest of the Maryland State Department of Education Superintendent Nancy Grasmick. In subsequent years, similar lawsuits were filed against the Maryland State Department of Education, but conditions did not improve significantly.

In 2007, the Baltimore Black Think Tank reported that Baltimore City Schools contained lead in the drinking fountain water. In 2009, student leaders from the Baltimore Algebra Project described the city's school buildings as crumbling, the school bathrooms devoid of soap and paper towels, the school lunches as inedible, and textbooks as being in short supply.

By 2010, conditions in Baltimore City Public Schools had deteriorated so significantly that students from the Baltimore Algebra Project and other groups petitioned the Board of Education to enact the "National Student Bill of Rights." Included in the draft were demands such as: the right to study curriculum which addressed the real, material, and cultural needs of the communities from which the students came; the right to safe housing; the right to safe public schools; the right to high quality food; the right to freedom from unwarranted search, seizure or arrest by police; the right to establish systems of restorative justice in schools and communities, and cessation of exclusion from educational opportunities except by a jury of peers; and the right not be charged for crimes as adults until the age of 18."

The National Student Bill of Rights was swept under rug by the Board of Education.

In 2013, in a continuing trend, the city closed 20 recreation centers which could have benefitted Black and Brown youth. Not surprisingly, among these was the Lillian Jones center at Gilmor Elementary, in Freddie Gray's neighborhood. Four more recreation centers in the poor and working class West Baltimore communities of Crispus Attucks, Central Rosemont, Hilton and Harlem Park were closed permanently.

While recreation centers were being closed left and right, police department budgets seemed immune to cuts: "In 1991, the city spent roughly $8.7 million to operate 76 recreation centers. The budget for police that year was $182 million. This year, the city will spend $10.6 million on its recreation centers and $324.9 million on comparable law enforcement programs," reported the Baltimore Sun.

One in three Baltimore City children live below the poverty line. As Reverend Annie Chambers told this writer, many of the children who came to Big Momma's House did not have underwear or socks to wear to school. Once in school, they didn't have pencils or paper to complete their assignments.

Clearly Black youth in Baltimore face multiple challenges: They are targeted by the police, the education system, the prison system, the media, even by the local Arab or Indo-Pak corner store owner who imagines them all to be criminals and speaks to them only through a bullet proof glass partition. Some such youth live in households lacking basic necessities, such as food, clothing, shoes, and electricity. Some have parents who are on drugs, "running the streets," or in the prison system.

Leading up to the Baltimore Uprising, government and corporate interests had clearly determined that Baltimore's youth were expendable. As an expendable segment of the population, they were to be eliminated. To accomplish that goal, Baltimore was turned into an open air prison, holding little promise for its imprisoned population. That population is offered only curfew, prisons, barbed wire, and police beatings. Baltimore has, without exaggeration, become the new Gaza.

April 25
After Saturday's [April 25] legal permitted march ended, the protestors took it upon themselves to engage in disciplined street blockages. They did not, at first, damage any property. Then, near McKeldin Square (Baltimore Inner Harbor) and Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles baseball stadium), the protestors moved into the middle of the street like a wave, and linked arms. They refused to move despite police orders to do so, but remained largely peaceful. The baseball game ended, and affluent White Baltimore Orioles fans came pouring out of the stadium, but could not leave due to the street blockages. Angered at being inconvenienced by Black Baltimore, they hurled epithets of "n-gger" and other obscenities at the protestors. Many protestors were already enraged by the murder of yet another young black man, Freddie Gray, and the expectation that the police would once again be immune to prosecution. It was perhaps these factors, coupled with the extremely heavy police cordons, even during the peaceful protest, and the racial attacks by the White Orioles fans, which caused some to snap. They took to smashing police cars, knocking over barricades and trashcans, and breaking windows. Their energies were focused to a large extent on the Galleria (upscale shopping mall at Baltimore's Inner Harbor), and nearby restaurants and bars, built by the Zionists heading the Greater Baltimore Committee, and viewed widely as part of the gentrification which forced Black people out of the area over the past decade. As a result of this action, the Baltimore light rail, which stops near the stadium, and is usually littered with drunk White Oriole fans after a game, suspended its operations. The protestors did not disperse until after 11:00 PM.

April 27

Freddie Gray's funeral was held on the morning of April 27. Many well-known politicians and religious figures attended and spoke passionately about the injustice dealt to Freddie. Shortly afterwards, some of them, notably Reverend Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton, met with the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who oversaw the killing of Gray and countless other Black men, not uttering a word against the police.

Later that afternoon, when schools let out, the dynamics of the situation took a 180 degree turn, as the youth took charge. Near Mondawmin Mall, where many students catch buses to return home after school, the buses were grounded by the authorities. Left with no mode of transportation to their homes, the students, with some teacher support, seized the occasion, taking to the streets and facing off with police. The standoff continued for hours, with students throwing rocks, bricks, and urine at the heavily armed phalanx of police. Hundreds of police cars, bearcats, armored personnel carriers, and helicopters were called into the area.

It is instructive to examine the targets of the students during Monday's events. The students targeted police vans, like the one in which Freddie Gray was murdered. They targeted police cars and police officers (98 police were injured), instruments of the black community's repression.

They hit a fire truck, which was observed with cracked windshield. They cut the hose on another fire truck, which was in the process of extinguishing a fire at a CVS store, also targeted in the action. Observers familiar with historical role of fire trucks note that non-violent civil rights activists, challenging White Supremacy during the 1960s and 1970s, were periodically doused with fire hoses, whose concentrated stream of water could cause serious harm, and even death to a protestor. In the eyes of many, fire trucks were no more neutral than police cars.

The youth also targeted the Save-A-Lot (discount food chain) and a CVS (drug) store. Community elders and others confirmed to this writer that many youth felt they had a rare opportunity to get "real food," and they took it. They also expropriated toilet paper, medicine, and other essentials, often in short supply in neighborhoods targeted for financial ruin.

The "Sports Mart," an athletic shoe store owned by one Harry Levy, in Mondawmin Mall was targeted. Interestingly, television cameras revealed that the shoes taken were, in many cases, singles (one shoe, as opposed to a pair). So the shop owner was left with many single shoes, but few pairs. The Jewish shoe store owner lamented on corporate media that he had been in business for a good length of time, and would be unable to reopen for business.

An incipient senior center was targeted. Southern Baptist Church claimed to be behind the construction, but community leaders confirm that the center was, in actuality, a pet project of Johns Hopkins University, associated with experimentation on Black people and organ harvesting of Black corpses (without the consent of the dead). It is widely viewed as a racist institution by Blacks.

A liquor store was hit by the youth. The Korean owners were renowned for profiting from the sale of the toxin to Black folk, whom they treated with such disdain as to use gloves in case of accidental contact with the customers, whom they viewed as a lower life form.

Corporate media was targeted: a WNEW reporter was assaulted (other protestors stopped his assault). Corporate media were clearly not popular amongst the youth, and with good reason: these media insisted on using pejorative terminologies, usually originating with government officials, for the youth who were responding to savage police attacks. Yet Fox, WNEW, and others never used such language for the police perpetrators, and in a display of clearly slanted journalism, failed to give any meaningful coverage to the youth participating in the Uprising. They did not ask the youth what were their goals or motivations, or what inspired or angered them.

Instead, these media collaborated in insidious ways with the establishment: As Baltimore Black Think Tank President David Wiggins pointed out, WNEW, one of the main corporate media organs issuing on-the-ground reports during the uprising, promised to turn in its video to authorities. The authorities, in turn, would use it to aid in prosecuting and persecuting the youth. Many in the Baltimore Black community, youth and adults alike, were quickly realizing that the coverage given to the Uprising by corporate media would be on par with that accorded to Katrina survivors—one sided and exhibiting clear racial and class bias.

A few days after the Monday youth uprising, a Baltimore Orioles game was cancelled, with massive revenue losses to the corporate interests in the area. Those losses continued when the Orioles were forced to hold a subsequent game before an empty stadium. The Baltimore youth were doing exactly what global resistance movements against occupation and tyranny have done throughout time—hitting tourism, financial targets, and symbols of the occupation.

Has Peaceful Protesting Worked in Baltimore?

Baltimore has a long history of civic organizations, from the NAACP, SCLC, NAN, Baltimore Algebra Project, APC, and others protesting for Black causes. One family affected by police brutality, the West family, have protested nearly every Wednesday since the death of their loved one, Tyrone West, nearly two years ago. Despite the presence of numerous eye-witnesses to West's beating death by 10 -15 police, and despite the family's weekly protests, not one officer was fired from the police force, let alone indicted, convicted, or jailed in the case.

In the Anthony Anderson case, although the State's own medical examiner ruled the death of that innocent Black man a homicide—the States' Attorney refused to indict.

Similarly, after every beating, shooting, or death in police custody of a Black man or woman in Baltimore, people gather to protest, chant, and march. They hold town halls, appeal to City Hall, and lobby the legislature. And no indictments of police are handed down. The police remain on paid leave pending investigation. When the investigation is completed, it is found they were acting within the limits of their assigned duty.

One day, the youth decided that enough was enough.

Statements of Elected Officials and Others on the Uprising

While the youth, like the youth of Gaza, Palestine, put their lives and liberty on the line, paid politicians and "leaders" were in damage control mode. They were largely united in their pro-business stance:

President Obama said the "looters" should be treated as "criminals" and "thugs." "There is no excuse for the kind of violence we saw yesterday," he continued. "They're not protesting. They're not making a statement. They're stealing. When they burn down a building they're committing arson."

Governor Larry Hogan opined, "These acts of violence and destruction of property cannot and will not be tolerated. I strongly condemn the actions of those who engaged in direct attacks against innocent civilians, businesses, and law enforcement officers."

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, "I condemn the senseless acts of violence by some individuals in Baltimore that have resulted in harm to law enforcement officers, destruction of property and a shattering of the peace in the city of Baltimore. Those who commit violent actions, ostensibly in protest of the death of Freddie Gray, do a disservice to his family, to his loved ones, and to legitimate peaceful protestors.."

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake chimed in, "The rioting, looting, and violence will not be tolerated.. Too many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs, who in a very senseless way, are trying to tear down what so many have fought for, tearing down businesses, tearing down and destroying property.."

Baltimore City Council member Brandon Scott said, the rioters were "cowards." Congressman Elijah Cummings condemned the rioters for attempting to take advantage of a chaotic situation and for "distracting from finding solutions to the problem."

Pastor Jamal Bryant, the pastor of a megachurch in Baltimore said, "Rioting and looting will not get us justice; nor will it turn the tide." And Reverend Al Sharpton of the National Action Network said, "We should be fighting the violence and not adding to it."

The common thread among the politicians rushing to condemn the youth was that none of them had previously taken a firm stance or effective actions against police brutality or police murders of Black people in Baltimore or elsewhere. Nor had they instructed their constituents in effective means of stopping police brutality and murder.

Statements from the Baltimore grassroots

In stark contrast to these statements was the stance of prominent Baltimore grassroots leaders. Many of these had a track record of opposing police brutality in Baltimore.

Naim Ajamu, a well-known community leader on Baltimore's West Side said, "Why are we called thugs? Are those on Wall Street called thugs? Are the Koch Brothers called thugs? Are the criminals in politics called thugs!? We have been marginalized over and over again! Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a thug! Hogan is a thug! Batts is a thug!

Reverend Annie Chambers of Big Momma's House said, "The children struck a match, lit the fire. Let's hope the adults have the sense to put some wood onto the fire, continue to fight. I'm glad the children did what they did, because they stood up and said I'm human and I want to be treated like I'm human. I'm an instrument and a soldier in the Army of the Lord. They're not thugs and thieves. They're truly soldiers in the Army of the Lord."

Steven Ceci, of the All Peoples Congress said, "I stand firmly with the youth of Baltimore that have every right to rebel.. The fact of the matter is that what is occurring in the streets of Baltimore is a rebellion, and yes, it is a rebellion, not a riot. When people rise up because of a political or social issue such as police terror and state repression, then it is a rebellion. When white college students flip cars over and burn them over a sporting event which has no political meaning that is a riot. There are various ways to protest, one of which is battling the police and destroying private property."

David L. Johnson, Sr. of the News Networks and Analysis Project/ Baltimore Black Think Tank, said, "Young people showed them that this new world order ain't gonna be easy to implement on their generation. Only the Uncle Toms seem happy to comply with it.. A mayor and police commissioner recklessly determined to protect business interest and property above black lives is just not right. The saddest point of the day is the fact that these negroes simply cannot do any better. Young people showed them a thing or two. White police with guns and ammo...Black people see that every day. Black babies angry as hell--white folk ain't never seen anything like it."

Darren Muhammad, "State of the City" talk show host and grassroots activist said, "The biggest looter in recent American history calling our young people looters.. If they looted, they learned from the best, you Obama. You robbed and looted Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, and other countries.."

David Wiggins, Baltimore Black Think Tank President, said: "Baltimore families and children deserve to be protected from deprivations of civil rights under color of law and murder by police under color of law. We will resist murder under color of law with equal or greater force than you attempt to use to force us into submission. We are not intimidated, and we are cognizant of our natural right to resist law enforcement under color of law used to force us to submit to murder under color of law. Self-defense from murder under color of law is not violence. The youth of Baltimore are defending themselves from murder under color of law, because you [Governor Larry Hogan] have failed to protect them.


In Ferguson, when an NAACP representative was speaking at a rally against police brutality shortly after the police murder of Michael Brown, the youth turned their backs to him. The established clergy and politicians have failed the youth, and the youth know these have no backbone. As in Ferguson, the youth in Baltimore are the real leaders. They have an innate sense of justice. Time and time again, even folk strongly opposed to the "riots" have told this writer that it was the actions of the youth, at least in part, which lead to the six police involved in Gray's murder being indicted. Inshallah, history will judge the Baltimore Uprising to have been inevitable, righteous, and effective.

What should Muslims (and Other People of Conscience) do now?

The Qur'an says: "Free the captives." It also says, "Incline not to those who do wrong, or the Fire will seize you." Further, the Sublime Book says, "And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? Men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!"

What do these verses translate to in modern times? The police force evolved from the slave patrols. The job of the slave patrols was to capture runaway slaves and return them to sordid situations of oppression. Today's slaves are the innocents—the children of Baltimore and other cities in urban America--upon whose necks the System has its boot. We must free them from the prison in which America holds them. Not all prisons have four walls. As we know from Gaza , Palestine, a prison can be open air. Baltimore is a less well known open air prison. Muslims should be a major force at protests against police brutality. Masajid ought to invite people who have been victims of police brutality to speak. Muslims should take civil disobedience training. General strikes, street blockages, economic boycotts, and disruptions of the councils of the oppressor are very effective non-violent tools. Muslims should be prepared to use them when the time comes (following the leadership of the native people of the area, off course).

Muslims should also study the power dynamics of the cities they inhabit. Usually the ruling elite, who oppress Black, Brown, Red, and the poor people domestically, operate similarly on the international front, whether actively, or through alliances with international oppressors. In Baltimore, the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC), an alliance of corporate interests, promulgates the White Supremacist agenda, and spearheads gentrification and disenfranchisement of the native Black population. At the same time, many in the GBC appear to be Zionist (White Supremacist) Jews, who contribute to the oppression of Palestinians in Occupied Palestine. Every city has its equivalent of the Greater Baltimore Committee. Muslims should investigate the personalities in such business entities, as well as in their local chamber of commerce, and organize boycotts of businesses implicated in gentrification and disenfranchisement.

What Muslims Should Not Do

Keeping in mind the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him): "Do not help the oppressor, even by handing him a pen," Muslims should not engage in dialogue with police or government officials who are responsible for, or oversee police brutality. We should also be aware of which opposition groups are meeting, either privately or publicly, with representatives of the oppressive power structure. Finally, be aware of front groups, coalitions, and others which purport to be working to eliminate police brutality and other social ills, but accept money from the power structure (including 501(c) 3's). Obviously, one's independence and integrity is impugned by accepting money from an oppressor. Avoid working closely with these groups, as they nearly always engage in feel good activities which lead to a great deal of venting, but little real change. Instead, either formulate new organizations, or work with small, independent grassroots organizations, which rely on funding from their members.

MAY 1, 2015

Describe the area in which you work.

I work all over. Baltimore has changed a lot. They have pushed out a lot of poor people. I work with people on Caroline Street. Also the projects I work in are Perkins, Douglas, Gilmor, and others. They're taking away public housing. Now people have nowhere to live. We fight for basic things like food and shelter. Shelter is getting to be a real challenge.
I work with a mother with three children. The police came to her house and found a tiny amount of marijuana. As a result, she and her three children are homeless. Average rent in Baltimore is $800 or $900 per month, which she cannot afford. She goes from place to place, depending on family members to take her in. The homeless shelters in the city are a joke. Her sixteen-year old can't stay with her at a shelter because he's considered an adult male. She wanted to stay with me, when I have is a one bedroom. She says all she needs is a floor to sleep on.

Describe the conditions faced by the young people in Baltimore.

I deal with children and people on a daily basis who don't have shoes. They wear fifty cent flip flops all summer long. And it's not only that they don't have shoes. You got parents who can't get a proper shirt or pair of pants.

We dressed the children ourselves, because they don't have clothes.

The children come to me are often hungry. A boy told me ten different ways to fix "Oodles of Noodles." He wanted to know why I didn't have "Oodles of Noodles." I hate "Oodles of Noodles." One day I made spaghetti, and he had some. He said it was some funny tasting "Oodles of Noodles." I gave him a cupcake instead.

Many of the children we deal with are in a shelter at night. They walk the street during the day. We take them on field trips. We educate them in Black history. We teach them art. Every child who went to Big Momma's house was one or two grades ahead when they went back into the public school system.

Do many of these children have parents who are locked up?

If you have ten children, maybe half of those will have parents who are locked up.

The education system has failed the children. The system has failed them. We have failed them. The system thinks nothing of putting them in prison. In fact, they think nothing of putting the children in prison with the older people.

If you're a black male walking down the street, you're a target. I've seen police strip the boys down to their underwear. Even make them take their underwear off. Do a body cavity search. They will grope all over the girls' breasts. And the children haven't done anything.
A ten-year old told me: The police better not mess with me. I asked him what he would do if they did mess with him. He said: I will kill the police.

Police stomp a man like Tyrone West in the chest. They know what they are doing. Then they say it was okay, the man is dead. But that man was a father, an uncle, a brother.

People think children don't see all these things. They keep telling the children to be peaceful.

The children were tired. They were caged. How do you expect them to feel when they keep seeing the police kill us. The officials always come up with some explanation for why they killed us.

How do you think Tyrone's children are going to feel when they see that the police beat their father or uncle to death? So the anger is already there in the children. The powder keg was already there. The children throwing rocks in Baltimore were not thugs, thieves, or soldiers. They did what they had to, and now the whole world is noticing. I am proud of them.

Minister Malcolm told us, never start a fight. But if they bring it to you, make sure you finish the fight.

This government goes over the world talking about human rights. We [Black people in Baltimore] ask: Am I not a human? Just because my skin is brown, or black or red, am I not a human? We have not gotten any human rights yet. We have to pray, get up, and start battling. I'll be 75-years old in August, and I've been praying to see this day.

I'm tired of the preachers, faith-based leaders. They keep talking about peace. We haven't had any peace since we've been here.

Those children were doing what we should have done. If you want respect from those devils, you must command it. I understand from people who were in the first march, people were spitting on them. My grandson and other young people told me they were spit on. They were called niggers. The white people who were with them were called nigger lovers. They had beer thrown on them. And they decided they were not going to take it anymore.

All the public radio and television personalities were talking bad about the children. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the other self-proclaimed advocates came into town, and thumbed their nose at the people. They didn't march with the people. They met with the mayor.

I didn't see any of these men come out in defense of the children, except [Pastor] Jamal Bryant. And he stayed only five minutes. I prayed that the Lord would smite them. They are part of the problem. Then for [Baltimore Mayor] Stephanie Rawlings Blake to call our children thugs. The next election, everybody who has breath in their body should work to get her out of office.

[Police Commissioner] Batts came into office with the agenda to eliminate our people. His plan was to push Black people out of the city. They got rid of all the Section 8 [subsidized] housing, making it very difficult for poor people on very low incomes to survive in Baltimore.

Another problem that arises: If you don't have water, the government can take your children from you.

Why would you not have water?

Because you couldn't pay your water bill.

And why would that be? Wouldn't a water bill be at most $30, 50, or 100? That doesn't seem like a big deal, considering how high rent and utilities are in Baltimore.

The water bill may be $300, $400, or $500.

So the pretext of unpaid water bills is one way the System separates Black children from their parents. In what other ways do they attempt to destroy the Black family?

The media aired that clip of the woman who grabbed her son out of the protest. She slapped him in the head. They aired that many times. They were gloating over it.

But think about it: In the times we live in, if a Black parent beats their child, they're going to jail. Parents can't even holler at their children, because the police will come and take the child away from the parent.
A woman across the street whipped her child for stealing out the Dollar Store. The cops came and locked the mother up. Next time they try to do that, I'm going to remind them about that woman they put on TV. It was okay for her to hit her son upside the head, because he was part of the Uprising (which they call a "riot"). These people [in government] are liars and connivers.

Talk about the terminologies used by the government and corporate media to describe the young people who participated in Monday's actions.

The word "thug" came out of our mayor's mouth. It got picked up by the media who kept it going. "Hoodlums" came out of the mouth of Dante Hickman who calls himself a minister.
Dante Hickman, of the Southern Baptist Convention?

Yes. And President Obama called them thieves. The media picked that up and ran with it. These are labels put on the children. If I'm hungry and can't get food, and I take some, I'm a thief. If I'm oppressed and I strike back, I'm a hoodlum. We didn't have a riot. I know what a riot is. I've seen plenty of them. We had an uprising.

The thug is the police department. The hoodlums are those down in City Hall who are doing the master's will. The thieves are the carpetbaggers in the churches and corporations. Put the labels where they belong.

The children struck a match. They lit the fire. Let's hope the adults have the sense to put some wood onto the fire. Continue to fight.

I'm glad the children did what they did because they stood up and said, "I'm human and I want to be treated like I'm human. I'm an instrument and a soldier in the Army of the Lord." They're not thugs and thieves. They're truly soldiers in the Army of the Lord.

Reverend Mother Annie Chambers is a Black Panther, a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother. She's a fighter for her people, which she considers to be all humanity.

© 2015 By Nadrat Siddique

Parts of this paper were first presented by the author before the National Majlis-e-Shura of
Jamaat al-Muslimeen, in May 2015.
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