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1 Jamada al-Thani, 1436 - March 22, 2015

When will Republicans realize that President Obama is too clever for them? He wants to use Iran to fight the forces of Jihad. Poor Republicans dont see it and keep on supporting the craziness of Netanyahoo. Obama will support Israel in any case but right now he needs Iran. Get it! [An editorial thought.]

The task for Muslims today: "...Muslims must organize themselves globally as an Ummah and play their dominant part in the reconstruction of human society towards establishing justice, peace and harmony...."

From Global Islamic Movement: Why and How? by Shamim Siddiqi, America's topmost teacher of da'wa,

The book, 140 pages, is available from New Trend in hard copy for $6. Beautifully printed.

Here is Br. Shamim's response to emailers demanding that Islam be "reformed."

"Islam does not need any reformation at all. It is the System of life [Al-Deen] sent by the Creator and Sustainer of entire mankind to follow till eternity. .

It is for all times to come. Only it is to be understood in the context of time and to be applied it with the sense of accountability to Him after death and it will solve all human problems of the age.

People who do not understand it should go to some mental hospital as they have perhaps some sickness of the mind,.

Shamim Siddiqi


"Since 1992, there has been 124 cases of American professors being reprimanded by their dean for their open support for Palestinians."
[Tweet from Injustice.]

Spotlights & Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

From Imam Badi Ali
Manners and Morals for Our Daily Life
  1. Some people around you know how to fish and are catching a lot of fish. They see that you are not catching any fish but they ignore you though they can see that you can't fish.

  2. Drivers often forget their final destination. They miss the exit they were supposed to take to reach where they wanted to go.

  3. To many men, women are like a fruit. They want the apple but then they don't mind tasting the orange and the banana.

  4. Don't get used to luxury and an easy life. You will regret it later.

  5. The objective of western entertainment is money, fame and more entertainment.

  6. Some people complain about not having the latest cell phone.

  7. Lust gets all. Love gives all.

  8. It is not right or good to get ALL you want.

  9. Live a simple life by reducing what is not necessary in life.

  10. You are rich when you enrich your community and those around you.

[Imam Badi Ali, a Palestinian American, leads a large congregation in North Carolina.]

March 23, 1940. The Dream of Pakistan:
From Iqbal to Jinnah and many others.

Here is our gift to Pakistani readers. Munir Khalili has recently become distinguished on the Pakistani scene with his brilliant columns written in gracious and classical Urdu style.

Here he encapsulates the struggle for Pakistan all the way from the dark days of 1857 when the British drowned the uprising of the people in blood, till today when secularists are claiming that Islam is not a political religion and should only be used for teaching morality.

Khalili notes briefly but in brilliant reference the message of the Qur'an which is comprehensive and all encompassing. Politics and struggle are central to the message.

He specifically mentions and summarizes the contributions of the geniuses of the Islamic movement who made Pakistan possible. The Ulema e Haqq as well as westernized leaders like Iqbal and Jinnah who became strongly Islamic played their role in this movement.

Pakistan's very existence is a threat to the entire secular edifice.

Khalili's article may also be an antidote to the more subtle poison of "anti-Jihad" ideas being spread in Pakistan by Ghamidi's supporters though Khalili does not mention him by name.

A good gift for those who can read Urdu.

Youtube: Latest posting by Jamaat al-Muslimeen DC
"Praying for the Living" - Dr. Siddique Juma'ah Khutbah [one part only]

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Research & Analysis


[On line Agha Khanis and Shias are attacking one of the greatest companions of the Prophet, pbuh, Khalid r.a., ibn al-Waleed. They don't realize that Ali, r.a., and the early leaders of Shiism did not think like them.] [This new series of attacks followed Ismailis attacking the Qur'an.]

Is there any Validity to the Claims that Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.) Acted unIslamically in the Case of Malik ibn Nuwaira?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

(In earlier writings I pointed out that Ali ibn abi Talib (r.a.) as well as those imams who got their wisdom from Ali (r.a.) did not insult, abuse, oppose or attack the sahaba of Muhammad, pbuh. Anyone who insults 'Ayesha, Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Usman (Allah be pleased with them) cannot claim to be a Shia of Ali (r.a.). None of the sectarians tried to answer me. Their response was limited to letters in which they tried to abuse me. So I will go on after quoting from some more of the people they are supposed to respect if they are Shias of Ali (r.a.):

"Abdullah bin Ahmed, in Zawaid al-Musnad narrates from Hasan bin Zayd bin Hasan: My father narrated from his father who reported from Ali, r.a., that he (Ali r.a.) Said: I was with the Prophet, pbuh, when Abu Bakr and 'Umar emerged from in front of us. He (the Prophet, pbuh, said: O Ali! These two are the leaders of all the young and old people of Paradise after the messengers and the prophets."

"Imam Muhammad narrates from Ibn Abi Hafsa that he said: I asked Muhammad bin Ali (Baqir) and Jafar bin Muhammad (Sadiq) about Abu Bakr and 'Umar and both said that Abu Bakr and Umar were ' Adil (just) imams; we love them and despise their enemies."

I responded to the abusive attacks on Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.) by the sectarians. I pointed out that the title of Saifullah (sword of Allah) was given to Khalid (r.a.) by the Prophet, pbuh, himself. I noted out that though the Prophet (pbuh) rejected Khalid's (r.a.) action against the Banu Jadhima, he did NOT reject Khalid (r.a.) and in fact appointed him to command Islamic forces in various fields. The Prophet's (pbuh) understood Khalid (r.a.) as a powerful force for Islam and the greatest Islamic general of all times. The Prophet's (pbuh) vision was true and Khalid (r.a.) combined intense spirituality and tremendous military abilities to carry out some of the greatest victories of Islam, including Ajnadin which changed the course of history.

The Sectarians, however, are not true followers of Muhammad (pbuh). They are followers of Ali (r.a.) (an imagined Ali, r.a., whom they have manufactured through fabricated hagiography as a man who never made a mistake). Hence these people do not accept the Prophet's (pbuh) decision that Khalid (r.a.) is the sword of Allah. Again they are going against Ali, r.a., the real Ali, r.a., because when ALI WAS SENT TO REIMBURSE THE PEOPLE OF BANU JADHIMA , Ali, r.a., did not say a WORD AGAINST KHALID (r.a.). In fact Ali, r.a., never spoke against Khalid (r.a.) because he could see that the Prophet (pbuh) saw a great future for Khalid (r.a.) as the leader of Islamic armies. (Remember that in early Islam, one had to be a great Muslim to be put in command of Islamic armies. It was not a generalship which one got just by being a good soldier.)

Now, our sectarians, faced with Khalid saifullah (r.a.) at Ajnadin and the conquest of Damascus, started another smear campaign. This time their story is that Khalid (r.a.) did great wrong in killing Malik ibn Nuwaira. Some reports indicate that after killing Ibn Nuwaira, Khalid (r.a.) married his widow. Some sectarians are shameless enough to claim that this was rape! ( Naudhoobillahe min zalik. Naqle kufr, kufr nabashad..)

Let us take our readers through the story of Malik ibn Nuwaira to help them see how the sectarians distort the truth and how they lie and fabricate in their attempts to abuse the Sahaba:

Readers should remember that the chiefs of Arabia wanted to crush nascent Islam through the "apostacy movement" which was led by a series of false prophets about the time Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed away. It was a time of great danger for Islam. Owing to the heroism and incredible military skills of Khalid (r.a.) the powerful uprisings were crushed. [Here we do not see Ali, r.a., taking any important role in the tremendous battles which took place.]

As the Islamic forces advanced, some of the rebels had second thoughts and started retreating. One such group led by Malik bin Nuwaira was captured by Khalid's (r.a.) forces. Tabari narrates in his Tarikh that "it was a bitter cold night" and Khalid (r.a.) gave the call to "warm your prisoners." In the idiom of the Banu Kinana, this also means "kill your prisoners." Among those killed was Ibn Nuwaira. In fact he was killed by Zarar bin al-Azur (r.a.), one of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh). Khalid (r.a.) rushed to stop the killing but it was too late. (According to Tabari.)

Owing to the honesty of our narrators, we are told that there was dissent among Khalid's (r.a.) troops concerning the incident. Abu Qatada (r.a.), one of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) was so distressed that he left the army without permission and went and complained to Abu Bakr (r.a.), the Caliph. Tabari also narrates that some of the troops claimed that Ibn Nuwaira had embraced Islam and hence his killing was doubly reprehensible. Others seem to have disagreed strongly. [It is this difference of opinion during war time which is honestly narrated by our historians and which provides fuel to the sectarians' fire.]

Tabari also narrates that Umar (r.a) objected strongly to the killing of Ibn Nuwaira and urged Abu Bakr (r.a.) to remove Khalid (r.a.) from command of the army. Abu Bakr (r.a.) listened to both sides of the story and ruled that Khalid (r.a.) had made a mistake but he accepted Khalid's (r.a) explanation and decided to keep him in command of the army. [Umar, r.a., based his position on one witness, whose witness was apparently not supported by the rest of the army including sahaba.]

[Incidentally this, among many other incidents, takes the wind out of the sectarian story that Abu Bakr and 'Umar, Allah be pleased with both, were always united and were a "party" among the Muslims. These were two powerful personalities and disagreed strongly on tactics.)

ABU BAKR's r.a., WISDOM in accepting Khalid's, r.a. explanation turned out to be right. In the tremendous battles which followed against the Banu Hanifa and Masailama kazzab (the false prophet), Khalid's (r.a.) achievements were so great that few human beings can be compared to him.

MARRIAGE WITH CAPTIVE WOMEN: The sectarians blame Khalid (r.a.) for marrying the widow of Ibn Nuwaira. Such marriage is taught by the Qur'an itself. See references to "those whom your right hands possess." The purpose of such marriages was to heal the wounds of war and to bring the "enemy" into the family. Khalid (r.a.) was only doing what Allah has permitted.

In one of the victories of Khalid (r.a.) against Masailama kazzab, a woman was captured whom hazrat Ali (r.a.) married and she became the mother of his son Muhammad who came to be known as Muhammad ibn al-Hanfiyya. (See Al-Bidaya wa un-Nihayya, vol.6., by ibn Kathir, chapter on Malik ibn Nuwaira).

Here we see Ali, r.a., doing something which the sectarians are blaming Khalid, r.a., for doing. Can these enemies of Islam still claim to be the followers of Ali, r.a.? In fact, according to the war laws of Islam, Khalid (r.a.) had more of a right to marry the widow of his enemy, because he was involved in that battle and hence the healing was even more important. Ali (r.a.) was not even in the battle.

At the Conquest of Makka, one of the greatest events in the life of the Prophet, pbuh, the two commanders of the Islamic army were: The Prophet, pbuh, himself and Khalid, r.a.,:

" Allah's Apostle ordered Khalid bin Al-Walid to enter Mecca from its upper part from Ka'da while the Prophet himself entered from Kuda. " Sahih al-Bukhari

The title "saifullah", the Sword of Allah was given to Khalid, r.a., by the Prophet, pbuh, himself, as he had a vision of the battle against great odds in which three Islamic commanders were martyred:

Narrated Anas

"The Prophet had informed the people of the martyrdom of Zaid, Ja'far and Ibn Rawaha before the news of their death reached. The Prophet said, "Zaid took the flag (as the commander of the army) and was martyred, then Ja'far took it and was martyred, and then Ibn Rawaha took it and was martyred." At that time the Prophet's eyes were shedding tears. He added, "Then the flag was taken by a Sword amongst the Swords of Allah (i.e. Khalid) and Allah made them (i.e. the Muslims) victorious."
[Sahih al-Bukhari]

I hope the sectarians, if they have any Islam in them, will apologize to the Muslim ummah.

Africa: Kenya
Courtesy Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia

Shaykh Hassan Hussein's support for The Khilafah

Mar21 by ansarukhilafah
 Shaykh Hassan Hussein

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Background information
A great East African Sheykh based in kenya who supports the global jihad and the Mujahideen Sheykh Hasaan Hussein Adam (Abu Salmaan As-Somalee) recently (15th March 2015) proved the legitimacy of The Khilafah under the leadership of the Khalifah Abubakar Al Baghdadi and nullified all other jihadi groups.He said this in the series of the ongoing classes he was conducting of the book sunnan An-Nasai.The Sheykh is a well known ideologue for the Harakatu Shababul Mujahideen Movement(Al Qaidah in Somalia) better known as Al Shabaab.He has authored several books on matters partaining to iman and kufr and jihad.The Shaykh has been jailed several times by the Kenyan government for his preaching but that has not mellowed him by the grace of Allah.we ask Allah to protect him.

War News

 War News


A major disaster for US-backed Iraqi-Iranian forces. IS is still in Tikrit.

March 22: The assault on the Islamic State [IS] forces in Tikrit by 30,000 Iraqi troops, Shi'ite militias and Iranian artillery units backed by a Sunni tribe proved the greatest victory yet for the Caliphate. Thousands of the attackers were killed by a defense force of 500. Here is a photo of one of the lineups of the bodies of the Iraqi assault forces being taken for burial to the Shi'ite holy city of Najaf.


Battles Rage: ISIS Inflicts Heavy Losses on Assad forces near Homs: Enters Tel Tamer in N.East. Sudanese Medical Team reaches Raqqa.
Al-Nusra Captures Helicopter Crew: Latest Torture Deaths in Assad's Prisons. Scores of Civilian losses in Shi'ite Air Strikes.

March 22: YPG Communist Kurdish fighters released a video to show that they are putting up stiff resistance in the town of Tal Tamer. ISIS mujahideen have advanced into the town and its complete capture could lead to the entire Hasakeh province falling into the hands of the Caliphate.

Bombing by the US has slowed down the ISIS advance but when the bombing stops, the fighters start advancing.

Fighting is reported from the Qalamoun mountains between Lebanese Hizbullah and al-Nusra mujahideen. Hizbullah is slowly retreating from this strategic escape route for Assad.

Also, on March 22, one of Assad's helicopters which was dropping barrel bombs crashed in Idlib province [north west of Aleppo]. Its crew of 6 was captured by al-Nusra mujahideen. The pilot was executed. Assad's air men are considered criminals owing to their daily dropping of barrel bombs on the civilian population.

On March 21, shelling of the suburbs of Aleppo by Assad's artillery killed 30 civilians..

Also, Assad's jets bombed the suburbs of Damascus . Casualty figures are not available.

In heavy fighting in Deraa area 14 of Assad's troops and 6 of al-Nusra were killed.

In Deraa prisons, Assad's special forces tortured 6 people to death.

March 20: ISIS launched a surprise attack on Assad's elite troops east of the city of Homs inflicting some of the heaviest casualties in one day the Alawites have suffered in recent months. At least 63 of Assad's troops were killed but the final count may be higher.

Sudanese-British Medical Team Reaches Islamic State territory near Raqqa:

BBC and the British government are in an uproar at the discovery that a team of 9 doctors, British citizens of Sudanese descent, have reached the Islamic State from Sudan where they had gone for on hands medical training. With them is an American Sudanese and a Canadian Sudanese who are medical staff.

Owing to the bombing of the Islamic State territories by both the United States and Assad's jet bombers, there are large numbers of wounded people.

The British government has announced that if the doctors do not take part in the fighting, they will be allowed to come back.

Our America

 Our America

Raleigh, North Carolina

FBI Ensnares Facebook User
Judge Puts Defendant in Mental Institution for Rant

by Sis. Karin Friedemann

In another heartbreaking story coming out of Raleigh, North Carolina, a young Muslim man with no criminal record, Abdul Basit Sheikh, is being prosecuted by the same US attorney as Ziyad Yaghi [ ] faced, Jason Kellhoffer. Sheikh is accused of providing material support for a foreign terrorist organization because he attempted to travel to Lebanon with the intention of training to join Al-Nusra Front. His parents described the 29-year-old Pakistani immigrant to the US as "depressed" and said he spent most of his time in front of the Internet. Sheikh had contributed many religious and political comments to discussions on Facebook. He posted a number of gory videos of things like pro-Assad soldiers being executed, Mullah Omar of the Taliban and other famous Islamic preachers calling for the destruction of America, and had praised the Islamic fighters against Assad and the Islamic Caliphate.

In 2013, the FBI created a page in support of Islamic militants. Sheikh joined and thus began an online friendship with an FBI agent, who encouraged him to go to Syria and join al-Nusra and facilitated his travel arrangements. Sheikh booked a one-way ticket to Turkey for 9/5/13 but had second thoughts and failed to show up at the airport. He then informed the FBI agent that in November 2012, he already traveled to Turkey in order to join the Free Syrian Army but had become disillusioned with them because all they wanted was money, thus he became more interested in supporting the Caliphate. Via Face book private message, the FBI agent offered to put Sheikh in touch with "a trusted brother with JAN (Jabhat al-Nusra)," who was in actuality an Online Covert Employee.

Sheikh then began to correspond via Skype with this FBI employee, saying, "I want to help the mujahideen, in any way I can." He stated his belief that al-Nusra was the most disciplined group fighting Assad. The employee asked him if he would be willing to fight, and encouraged him to travel to Northern Lebanon for training before going to Syria.

On November 1, 2013, Sheikh bought a ticket to Beirut via Canada and Turkey. On November 2, upon his arrival at the airport gate, after being allowed to check in his bag and go through security, he was arrested by law enforcement. On November 12, the US government charged him with "Material support for a Foreign Terrorist Organization."

What the indictment fails to mention was that the FBI agent who communicated with him on Face book was posing as a Syrian nurse, and that their messages contained romantic content. A large part of his motivation for traveling was marriage.

"The Sheikh case points out the hypocrisy of prosecuting people who support an anti-Assad group the government judged as terrorists while the Obama administration favors other fighters in the same bloody conflict," said Jeff Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University in San Antonio.

On March 5, 2014, Sheikh told Federal Judge Terrence Boyle that he wanted to replace his government-appointed lawyer Joseph Gilbert with an attorney hired by his family, and stated that he was being "physically and morally abused" in prison.

"I am concerned about his competence," Gilbert said.

Prosecutor Jason Kellhoffer told Boyle that he saw no need for a psychiatric exam at this time, and Boyle did not order one. In June 2014, Sheikh was declared mentally competent to stand trial.

However, nearly a year later, on January 7, 2015 Judge Boyle suddenly ordered him to be involuntarily committed to a mental institution about seven minutes into the competency hearing, when Sheikh interrupted the proceedings, telling the judge he was ready to tell a jury his story that day and it was a story a US jury should hear.

He was not only concerned about his arrest at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in 2013 when he was attempting to leave the country. Sheikh also argued that the United States should pay reparations for war deaths in Pakistan, his native country, Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East - "100 camels worth of monetary compensation," reported Anne Blythe in the News Observer.

"In a series of run-on sentences, he talked about cluster bombs, the pain he felt for Pakistanis killed in the conflict, President Barack Obama, the U.S. attorney general, his family, the government and his desire to be released from custody."

"If you're trying to make a record that you're not competent, you're doing an excellent job," said Judge Boyle.

"No, I'm competent," Sheikh exclaimed. "I have a right to travel the world!"

Boyle ordered Sheikh to be involuntarily committed in a hospital for 120 days for psychiatric treatment. He told Sheikh he faced the possibility of the involuntary administration of psychiatric drugs so that he might better understand the seriousness of the charges against him.

"No thanks, no thanks," said Sheikh. "I am perfectly all right. My belongings should be returned to me and I should be allowed to leave this country."

In August of 2013, Thomas Walker the US Attorney for North Carolina's Eastern District said he "made changes in his staff" after a federal appeals said it was concerned with the conduct of prosecutors. Judges on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals have publicly complained the offices did not turn over evidence to defense attorneys.

While the heads of government departments were "transferred out," lower rung prosecutors such as Kellhoffer continue to engage in overzealous prosecution of idealistic Muslims who pose no threat to the United States.

This should serve as a warning to be very careful about anyone you meet online that seems to agree with all your opinions.

Brooklyn, New York

Jewish Sabbath Law & Death of 7 Jewish children +
Christian Preacher wanted $65 million for Private Jet.

by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York]

New York City - Saturday morning, on the Sabbath, the Sassoon Family lost 7 children to a Brooklyn fire. The mother and another child were able to escape. There was a smoke alarm found in the basement but, nowhere else in the home. Nearly an entire family has been wiped out. They still have not been able to reach the father, who is out of town on business.

According to Jewish Law, Jews are to abstain from using any electrical or modern automation items during the Sabbath. There are ways that they have gotten around this, such as using an electric elevator that stops on each every floor without them having to press the buttons, which would mean using modern day automation. So, technically, they use the automation but, then they don't. This is different from the Amish, who completely abstain from any form of automation, whatsoever!

In the horrific fire, a hotplate was left on. It has been stated that these hotplates are left on because it is more convenient than leaving an oven on and they do not need to touch the buttons to make any adjustments. Many Jewish homes leave hotplates on during the entire Sabbath.

Hotplates have never been deemed safe, especially in college dorms, because they can overload the circuits. These gadgets are usually responsible for electrical fires. I do not think that smoke alarms violate any Sabbath.

The Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro is saying that the hotplate malfunctioned and caused the fire. I smell a lawsuit!

Some Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are very adamant about the observation of their Sabbath. They force the gentiles, living in close proximity, to observe their Sabbath, as well. Government officials, including Black ones, have kowtowed to these Jews who have forced people to park their cars many blocks away from the area, thereby inconveniencing people by having them wake up earlier than normal to drive to work! They have been bullying the Caribbean population in Crown Heights Brooklyn for years, which led to the famed Crown Heights riots in the early 1990s.

Evil of Craving Wealth and Status by al-Haafidh ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee
"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." (1 Timothy 6:10)

 Pastor Creflo Dollar jr

Pastor Creflo Dollar, jr.

This past week, there was controversy when Pastor Creflo Dollar, jr., began a mission to raise a whopping $65 million dollars for a private jet plane. He had requested from his parishioners stating that he would use the plain to spread his money message all over the world.

He back tracked and stopped requesting the money after so much backlash. He avoided his Bronx New York church to stay out of the sight of the media, who was there. He also gives sermons at his Atlanta mega church.

This is the same Rev. Creflo Dollar whose daughter, 15 years old at the time, had him arrested for disciplining her with a slap to the face. The charges were later dropped. There seems to be some house cleaning needed there.

Creflo Dollar is one of those pastors who preaches about prosperity. He says that God wants him to be wealthy and that any money donated to him will come back to the donor tenfold. This is reminiscent of Rev. Ike, parodied by Richard Pryor on the Richard Pryor Show, and others. There is a book that I have read called the Seed Money in Action by John Hoshor and Jon P. Speller. It is a book rooted in the Judeo-Christian beliefs.

The book is over 50 years old and states that any money given in charity will come back to the giver of that money ten fold. What I don't like about the book is that it fosters giving just to get. Besides Biblical quotes, the book talks about the mental blocks people have toward money. It relays stories of people having no success with receiving money for a trip or to buy something nice for themselves or someone else. After speaking with the author, it is determined that their mental block was that they believed money was evil or dirty. After realizing that money is simply a tool one uses to accomplish a goal then, they start receiving money from people. They never ask people for it. It just happens through natural circumstances.

Money is a tool. Muslims have a hang up about money, as well. I am proud of our modesty, as a group but, we tend to believe that money is evil when it is just a tool. A gun is not evil but, a tool for self-defense. However, in the hands of an evil person, a tool can be made to do evil things. There are books such as The Evil of Craving Wealth and Status by al-Haafidh ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee. The title is reminiscent of the Biblical verse about loving money: it is anti-greed, not anti-money.

In America, it is so difficult to not think about money when you are the one struggling to survive without much of it. It is easy for people to chide you for talking about it so much. But, I think these "poor listeners" misunderstand. Just like Rita Davenport said, " Money isn't everything...but it ranks right up there with oxygen."

However, talk of making money "hand over fist" has no place in any House of God. Religious leaders are supposed to help people deal with and overcome the obstacles we face, including poverty. The imam or preacher is supposed to worry about treating the soul, not people's bank accounts!

People go from one extreme to another in this country. There is never any middle road. There is nothing wrong with wanting to become financially independent so that you can only depend on yourself, instead of others for a handout. Islam is a way of life that stresses balance. Sometimes, hardship is caused by an imbalance in the way we think or behave.

There are people who seem to shun money or any talk about it and yet, are dependent on others for it. They feel spiritually superior to anyone who has worked hard for his/her wealth, which Allah has blessed them to have.

These prosperity preachers are not worried about saving souls. They are worried about their big pay day. They are not trying to rattle the homosexuals. They want money from as many people as they can get. According to them, the gates to Hell-fireare closed and everybody is going to Heaven, sinner or not! "Offend no one and you will get more money" is their financial formula to their prosperity. Unfortunately, their parishioners don't all experience the prosperity being preached.


Addressing Farmers in Phalia and the strategic Fishermen's Community of Gwadur
"....wage a war against poverty, ignorance, price hike, unemployment and Electricity load shedding." [JI leader and Senator Sirajul Haq.]
 Ameer Jamaat e Islami Pakistan Senator Sirajul Haq

Farmers to stage Long March if their problems not solved

LAHORE, Mar. 17; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that if the government did not solve the problems of the growers, the farmers from all the provinces would jointly march to Islamabad.

Addressing a big Kisan Convention at Phalia on Tuesday, he said that the farming community all over the country was facing difficult times because of high costs of agricultural inputs, high electricity tariff and load shedding. The farmers were not getting due return for their crops. He noted that India was giving subsidy to the farmers on agricultural inputs while the Pakistan government was creating problems for the farmers by importing agricultural products from India.

The JI chief appealed to all the political parties not to fight among themselves and instead, wage a war against poverty, ignorance, price hike, unemployment and load shedding. He reiterated that the JI after coming into power would give subsidy on five items including fertilizer, seed, pesticides, electricity and diesel to the agriculturists.

He said it was a matter of shame that the government had failed to protect the minorities and Churches. He said that most of the security men were on VVIP duty while the masses were at the mercy of the criminals and terrorists. He said that Pakistan had been established in the name of Islam but the rulers had drifted it away from Deen and created a class based society.

He said that a few families had been ruling the country for the last 68 years. They had been amassing wealth and building properties abroad. The rulers had shackled the nation and the country in huge loans secured from the IMF and World Bank on most humiliating terms and the nation had to pay huge amounts in interest on the foreign loans. He said that the prices of energy, and other items were raised every now and then to collect revenue for meeting the huge budget deficit which led to price spiral. He said the common man did not get clean drinking water while the ruling elite enjoyed every facility in their palaces.

Senator Sirajul Haq said that he wanted to open the doors of the President House, the Prime Minister and the assemblies to the common man, but added that to achieve this end, the masses would have to say farewell to the vaderas [feudal lords] and capitalists and repose trust in the honest and competent leaders of the JI.

Speaking on the occasion, JI Punjab chief Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar, he would continue to raise the voice of the farmers in the Punjab Assembly till their rights were secured.
The Kisan Board Pakistan chief Sadiq Khan Khakwani, in his address, the kisans would stage Long March from Sadiqabad to Islamabad in October next for their rights. He demanded interest freed loans to the growers, and fixation of the support prices of different crops before the harvest.

Pakistan #2

First time: The evil in Pakistan's Biggest City Uncovered. [By permission of the author.]

General Musharraf's Role and the Takeover of Pakistan by US Intelligence Services.

Murder and Extortion Unlimited. Mafia Boss Altaf Hussain Living Comfortably in London.
Karachi in darkness and soaked in blood.
by Asif Haroon Raja.

Altaf Hussain, founder of MQM in 1984, and its chief was given political asylum in London after he fled from Karachi hospital in May 1992 because of life threats from his colleagues in his party. He was later awarded British nationality in 2002 and allowed to establish MQM International Secretariat in London. All the runaway MQM leaders involved in dozens of criminal cases in Pakistan were allowed to hire houses in posh area of London and are leading an affluent life. For the upkeep of their high lifestyle, MQM Rabita Committee with its HQ at Nine Zero in Karachi channelizes the needed funds. It is alleged that biggest source of earning is extortion money. MQM ministers have always vied for Port & Shipping Ministry and for Home Ministry. The then DG Rangers Sindh and now DG ISI Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar had deposed before the Supreme Court in 2013 that during Babar Khan Ghauri's prolonged tenure, 19000 NATO containers carrying arms went missing.

Since 1992, Altaf has been remote controlling his party from London and giving regular sermons on telephone to his party workers. The MQM's militancy was first jolted during 1992 military operation, but it couldn't achieve much progress since the entire leadership went underground and arms dumps couldn't be recovered. Moreover, the judicial and socio-economic prongs as well as the political will could not keep in step with the military prong. MQM's militancy was contained to quite an extent in the 1995-1996 Police-Rangers operation headed by retired Gen Naseerullah Babar.

In that operation, 250-300 hardcore MQM militants were killed by the police, which broke the back of MQM militancy. MQM was forced to make South Africa as base of operation for its target killers. They were provided multiple passports and were called to Karachi for short-term specific ventures. MQM target killer Saulat Mirza confessed that 80-1000 target killers reside in South Africa. He also disclosed that MQM activists received training in India. The MQM also made Dubai as its economic hub centre.

The MQM once again ran into trouble after the murder of revered philanthropist Hakim Said on October 17, 1998. Nine MQM workers involved in his murder were arrested by DIG Farooq Amin Qureshi and the court sentenced them to death. Sindh government was sacked and Governor Rule imposed. However, once the MQM rebounded back to power in 2001, Sindh High Court acquitted all the accused and later the Supreme Court also upheld the acquittal.

After Gen Musharraf took over power in October 1999, sagging fortunes of the MQM started swinging upwards. When Musharraf submitted to all the demands of Washington after 9/11, Altaf Hussain hastened to write a letter to the then British PM Tony Blair offering him 'limitless resources' for human intelligence to monitor activities of Madrassas, fundamentalists and Taliban in Pakistan. He also sought disbandment of ISI, cautioning Blair that the spy agency will produce many Osama bin Ladens and Taliban in future. The MQM became stronger during Gen Musharraf's nine-year rule. MQM Haqiqui under Amer Khan and Afaq Ahmad was pulverized and the two leaders jailed in 2004. Local government system suited MQM the most which enabled the MQM to gain control over almost 95% of port city. Ishrat ul Abad installed as Governor in 2001 is still in chair and is of great advantage to the party.

MQM and PPP were the biggest beneficiaries of infamous NRO issued by Gen Musharraf on October 5, 2007, which pardoned thousands of MQM leaders and activists involved in heinous crimes and dozens of PPP leaders involved in mega corruption. MQM shared power with PPP from 2008 till February 2013 and further bolstered its financial as well as its political strength in urban Sindh.

During MQM's hey days, the MQM goons went on a killing spree against police officers involved in two operations in the 1990s. 300 police officers who had taken part in operation cleanup in Karachi in 1992 were eliminated one by one. Only SP Ch Aslam, later promoted DIG, was spared after he sought pardon, but was killed in 2013 since he had arrested Saulat Mirza. Likewise, over 100 police officers who had taken part in 1995-96 operation in Karachi were also killed by MQM thugs. Other than the police, thousands of innocent people were gunned down by unknown target killers between 2002 and 2013, but not a single culprit was arrested and convicted. The families of martyred have been abandoned by the State and the killers allowed to roam about freely.

The MQM has been in good books of USA, UK and India since its birth. Altaf and other MQM leaders based in London came on the wrong side of British government after London Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard suspected them of being involved in the murder of senior MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq and subjected them to interrogation. They were also accused of money laundering worth millions of pound sterling. MQM Secretariat in Edgware and Altaf's mansion in Mill Hill were raided which led to recovery of bags of unaccounted foreign currency.

For the first time after May 2013 elections, the party lost its blackmailing tactics since the PML-N didn't require its political support in the Centre; so was the case with the PPP in Sindh. There on it has been on a downhill journey. As a result of PTI's political activism in Karachi, which again was seen as a threat to MQM's vote bank, Altaf delivered an inflammatory speech on phone. He exhorted his workers to cut the fingers of burger type supporters of PTI. Imran Khan held MQM responsible for the murder of PTI senior worker Zahra Shahid, who was targeted in front of her house in DHA-4 on May 18, 2013. Her murderers Kaleem and Rashid belonging to MQM have been arrested and are being tried.

London Metropolitan Police received unprecedented numbers of complaints from Pakistan, Britain and elsewhere asking it as to why it was not taking notice of incitement of violence by British national Altaf Hussain? He was accordingly charged and cautioned to control his reckless behavior and not to incite violence in future. Once the noose tightened, he and other party leaders cried out that the London Police and British government were conspiring to kill him. Unlike in Karachi where the MQM has the power to paralyse the city, it couldn't carry out any sort of violent act in UK except for propaganda war which also boomeranged.

Reportedly, mystery of Dr Imran Farooq murder case will soon be solved since hired killers have been traced to be in the custody of Pakistani security agencies. Of late, the government is seriously contemplating to provide full details of the two prime suspects to Scotland Yard who killed Dr Imran. Other players are MQM MNA in Karachi who received orders from MQM International Secretariat in 2010 to arrange murder of Dr Imran. He had deputed Khalid Shamim, who in turn tasked Hammad Siddiqui. The latter picked up professional killers Mohsin Ali and Kashif Khan and sent them to London on student visa. The pair was briefed by an MQM official Haroon in London about the daily routine of Dr Imran, who was stabbed to death in front of his house on September 16, 2010.

Soon after committing the murder, the killers spoke to Khalid Shamim on phone saying that they had accomplished the mission. They were told to board a flight to Colombo to mislead the investigators. After two days, Shamim having planned to kill them phoned them to return to Karachi. This conversation was taped by Pak intelligence Agency. Once they arrived at Karachi airport, they were whisked away from the tarmac by the agencies. Ongoing probe is giving nightmares to Altaf. The dilemma is that the party cannot survive without Altaf, and the latter can neither return to Pakistan, nor can live safely in London.

On one hand MQM's hold over the city is weakening, and on the other its Supremo's credibility has been dented because of charges of Dr Imran's murder, money laundering and accusations made by his former wife Faiza Gabol in her divorce case. There are reports of cracks within the party, which had become the principal cause of Dr Imran's murder. Mounting internal and external pressure has upset Altaf so immensely that he seems to have lost his sense of coherence. Feeling increasingly insecure, he keeps changing his goalposts in each of his telephonic address and goes reckless. He is past master in theatrics, but other than his diehard followers, who also get embarrassed by his cheap histrionics, great majority loathe his lengthy and mind-numbing jumbled speeches.

Terrorised media can dare not cut short his long-winded telephonic addresses. Altaf calls the TV newsroom directly asking them to give him live airtime. Any media house defying his orders is attacked by MQM goons. Dozens of journalists and media persons have been killed in Karachi. Religious and political opponents and police officials also remain on the hit list. Worst affected have been Urdu speaking community opposing Altaf's policies.

In the wake of high spate of target killings and kidnappings in Karachi and Sindh government's inability to rein in the criminals, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar had taken suo moto action and established Supreme Court Bench in 2013 to take stock of the situation. The JIT presented a report to him, stating that the MQM, PPP, ANP and Sunni Tehriq had militant wings and were patronizing the criminals. Chief Justice directed the concerned parties to abolish the armed wings, but no action was taken and criminal acts continued unabated.

In September 2013, in a meeting chaired by PM Nawaz Sharif and attended by Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif and heads of all Sindh political parties, it was mutually decided to restore peace in Karachi by launching intelligence driven Rangers-Police operation against all criminal elements and giving enhanced powers to the Rangers. Owing to politicization of Sindh police and dysfunctional administrative machinery, the progress has been slow but gradually the law and order situation improved. Besides getting hold of criminals of PPP, TTP and others, law enforcers also tightened the noose around MQM's militant wing involved in target killings and other crimes. However, whenever any action is directed against MQM workers, MQM leaders raise hue and cry saying that Muhajirs are being victimized. They threaten to go their way if pushed against the wall.

Rauf Rajput, sector in-charge Mehmoodabad after his arrest by the police on February 8, 2015 revealed that he and his accomplices were involved in May 12, 2007 killings of 166 persons in Karachi on the occasion of arrival of former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. He disclosed the secret places in the city where arms were dumped for target killing. Rizwan Qureshi, an MQM worker, arrested by Rangers on June 22, 2013, confessed before the JIT that fire in Baldia town garment factory on September 11, 2012 was not accidental but deliberate. He disclosed that fire in factory was lit by sector in-charge of Baldia Town Rehman Bhola and his accomplices on the instructions of Hammad Siddiqui, in-charge Karachi Tanzeemi Committee, after the factory owners refused to pay Rs 200 million extortion money. As a consequence, 289 people were burnt to death.

The matter had been put in cold freezer by the then PPP-MQM coalition government in Sindh on the plea that fire occurred due to short circuiting. The case was presented before Sindh Court in February 6, 2015, but Rizwan disappeared mysteriously one month later. The case has once again been opened on March 16, 2015 and JIT is reinvestigating it on the basis of fresh evidence collected. It will submit the report within one month.

This revelation of Bhola's involvement in factory fire was also made by Umair Siddiqui after his arrest on February 20, 2015. He also disclosed that he had constituted a death squad comprising 23 target killers on instructions of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee in-charge Hammad Siddiqui. He confessed that his squad killed 120 MQM opponents. Umair confessed purchasing weapons for MQM militant wing from an arms dealer in Quetta. He unveiled that 250-300 target killers were hiding in shelters around Nine Zero.

It was being widely contemplated that MQM's mandate in urban Sindh has been gained through manipulation and under the barrel of the gun. Some TV channels had aired footages of armed MQM thugs inside polling stations in Karachi stuffing ballot boxes during 2008 elections. This perception has now been reaffirmed by Umair Siddiqui. He divulged in the interrogation that during May 2013 elections, 60-70% workers of Gulshan-e-Jauhar sector cast fake votes in favor of Faisal Sabzwari in Maymar sector on his orders. He said that he had summoned the presiding officers and gave them 15-20 ballot boxes for each polling station in the constituency. He also revealed that Rabita Committee deputy convener Anees Qaimkhani had convened a meeting at Khurshid Begum Memorial Hall (adjacent to Nine Zero) in 2008, which was attended by Hammad Siddiqui and all sector and joint sector in-charges; and they were directed by Anees to expedite killings on ethnic basis.

The real bombshell fell when the Rangers on the basis of intelligence carried out search operation of Nine Zero at 6AM on March 11, 2015 and arrested criminals against whom criminal cases of grave nature had already been registered and among them were most wanted criminals like Faisal Mahmood, nickname Mota, killer of journalist Babar Wali who had been convicted and given death sentence by the court. MQM Rabita Committee leader Amer Khan (former Haqiqi leader) was also detained since he was sitting besides the criminals. He has a close connection with militant wing of MQM. In addition, 130 prohibited bore weapons ex NATO stock, 3000 live ammunition and explosives were also seized. 29 persons were produced before the court and have been remanded for 90 days for further interrogation by Rangers.

Journalist Babar Wali employed by Geo TV had come in bad books of MQM because of his negative reporting about its activities. He was gunned down by unknown assassins on January 13, 2011. The JIT comprising five top agencies investigated the case and concluded that Faisal Mota belonging to MQM was the mastermind behind the murder. 23 witnesses were listed but only six agreed to testify for fear of being killed. They all were killed one by one between January 2011 and November 2012. Eight accused were arrested who confessed before the JIT that they had been ordered by their boss Adeel alias Agha Murtaza based in South Africa. He had directed Faisal Mota to kill Babar. Mota and Zeeshan were awarded death sentence in absentia while other 8 accused given life sentences. Mota was finally arrested on March 11, 2015 from Nine Zero. Zeeshan is still a fugitive.

Finding no excuse to justify presence of convicted and most wanted criminals and target killers and prohibited weapons in Nine Zero and adjacent houses, and failing to deny or dissociate from them, Altaf and other MQM leaders besides giving strike call, embarked upon a calculated vilification campaign against the Rangers and Army to play up the old theme of political victimization and also to distract attention. While making uproar over the killing of MQM worker Faisal Shah by Rangers, they came out with bizarre story that the Rangers had brought weapons hidden in blankets to discredit MQM. Altaf used highly abhorrent and derogatory language against the Rangers and Army, threatening Rangers officers that they had become history. Col Tahir of Rangers who had led the raid has registered FIR against Altaf.

The day Nine Zero was raided; ATC in Karachi issued black warrants for convicted Saulat Mirza involved in murder of Shahid Hamid, MD KESC, his driver Ashraf Brohi and guard Akbar Khan on July 5, 1997 in DHA Karachi. Hamid's widow had to flee Pakistan because of threats to her life. Mirza was tried in a court and sentenced to death on May 24, 1999. He was released on parole in 2004, but was again arrested by deceased DIG Aslam. He dodged the gallows because of his patrons and later due to the moratorium imposed in 2008 which remained enforced till December 2014.

During his internment, Mirza masterminded and ordered killings of 40 police officers and jail officials interfering in his work. To detach him from his network, he was shifted to Mach jail in April 2014, much to the chagrin of MQM high command. When his death warrants were issued and he was to be hanged on January 7, 2015, the federal government wilted under MQM pressure and halted the execution. Like many, Balqis Ashraf, widow of slain driver Ashraf Brohi is also apprehensive that Mirza may again dodge the gallows on March 19 because of MQM pressure.

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