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22 Muharram,1436/November 16, 2014 Issue # 46, Newsletter # 1576

Hadith of the Week

"Surely Allah is so pleased when one of you repents like one is pleased to find something one had lost."

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Ibn Maja, kitabuz Zuhd, hadith # 4247.

[Sent by Muhammad Ali Hassan, Karachi, Pakistan.]

Shamim Siddiqi's Ground Breaking New Book:
GLOBAL ISLAMIC MOVEMENT: Why and How. Constructive Criticism of Existing Islamic Movements.

An Introductory note by Syed Munawar Hasan, former Ameer of Jamaate Islami Pakistan:

I am one of those lucky persons who are friends to Br. Shamim Siddiqi. He is an intellectual, a thinker and a devoted activist of Islamic movement. He has remained actively engaged with the Islamic Movement in the Sub- Continent and presently is occupied with the same kind of activities in the United States. He has been brought up in the East and has a firsthand experience of the West.

He has his own vision about the Islamic Movement, which he articulates through his books.

He has authored yet another book titled as "Global Islamic Movement - Why and How?" and he has been very kind to ask me to offer my comments on the above book before it is published. I had a chance to have a cursory look on the contents of the book with the following observations. One thing, which perturbs the author is the fact that the most misunderstood thing in today's world is nothing but "Islam" - the System of life that God has sent to mankind through His Messengers with divine guidance to live, act and behave on this earth; to enjoy justice, peace and harmony all around. He is also worried that the Muslim Ummah is not organized "Globally" to discharge its duty of "Ummatun Wasatan" as ordained by Allah Almighty. He complains that there are fifty seven Muslim countries on earth but this paramount agenda is not operative anywhere. As such, the Muslims have become the contributory factor towards the prevailing injustices

He describes in detail the strategy to establish an Islamic State. However, he is of the view that the on-going Islamic Movements could not do their home work even after working for about eighty years. According to him they could not build the requisite urge in the Muslim masses for Islam as their only way of life. On the contrary, the powers opposed to Islam are more organized and determined to stop Islam to become a political entity.

The author has discussed some problems of the modern world whose solution was available only with Islam.

However, he has not elaborated these problems as these are seen by the western scholars themselves. Likewise, he proclaims that the capitalist economy will collapse by the year 2050 but he has not shared with his reader the data or rationale of this hypothesis.

In my opinion Br. Shamim Siddiqi has outlined the issues like correct understanding of Islam, adopting a successful strategy for establishing an Islamic State in the modern perspective, disseminating dawah ilallah in an effective manner, problems of modern world and western society, etc. It is for the others to further investigate and research these subjects and contribute towards revival of Islam.

One may agree or disagree with the author, but it is a great contribution towards literature of Islamic movement. I would recommend all to study this great book.

Health Notes

Ginger Found To Reduce Premenstrual Pain and Mood Symptoms
by Amin Shah,Boston, Massachusetts

New research has confirmed findings that ginger root can relieve premenstrual pain and associated symptoms, without some of the side effects associated with NSAIDs.


Medical doctors from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran studied 70 female students between 18 and 35 years old in a three-month long double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The women had regular menstrual cycles and were not taking medications, but they each had at least five symptoms of PMS during their normal cycles.

It has been proven in recent clinical studies that ginger root can relieve premenstrual pain in women and also help in alleviating mood symptoms.

Both groups' PMS symptom severity scores were calculated before and after each of the three months. The researchers found that while both groups averaged between 106 and 110 points on the PMS severity testing at the beginning of the study, the ginger group scored significantly lower on all PMS symptoms at the end of each month.

After one month, the ginger group's scores averaged 51, while the placebo group averaged 105.7. After three months, the ginger group's scores averaged 49 while the placebo group averaged 107. After the third month, the ginger group's scores averaged 47 while the placebo group averaged 106.

These trends were also evident for mood symptoms. Both groups scored between 37 and 39 in the beginning. The placebo group's mood scores were 13.4 after the three months while the placebo group's mood scores were 38.4 after the three months.

Behavioral symptom score differences were more dramatic. Both scored between 25 and 26 in the beginning. At the end of the three months, the ginger group scored 10.8 while the placebo group's scores were 25.6. Physical symptoms alone were also significantly lower for the ginger group. After three months the ginger group's scores were 22.7 while the placebo group's scores were a little over 42.

Not only can ginger reduce PMS pain among women, it was also found that ginger was helpful in the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum - a condition condition characterized by vomiting and nausea. Other research has shown ginger can significantly reduce women's pain. Another recent study from Iran - this from the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences - also found that ginger can reduce PMS pain.

The researchers tested 150 female students who took
  1. a ginger

  2. zinc sulfate or

  3. a placebo.
This study found that severity of pain scores were significantly lower among both the ginger and the zinc sulfate groups, and ginger and zinc sulfate had similar reduction in pain scores.

Still other research has found ginger's pain-reducing effects for women. In a review by the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 33 different studies related to natural options for premenstrual symptoms were reviewed along with 58 other women's health studies. They found ginger was among the better performing natural remedies, with success relating to nausea. Researchers from Israel's Technion-Israel Institute of Technology reviewed 18 studies and found that ginger was found helpful in the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum - a condition condition characterized by vomiting and nausea.

Ginger's pain-relieving abilities also come without the serious side effects of NSAIDs such as damaging the stomach and intestines mucosal membranes and leaky gut syndrome.

Ginger's ability to treat general pain has also been proven in clinical research. Medical researchers from the UK's University of Exeter reviewed eight clinical studies that included 481 persons. They found that while not all the studies were not as rigorous as they would have liked, they did indicate ginger's ability to reduce different forms of pain.

Ginger's pain-relieving abilities also come without the risk of those disorders related to NSAIDs, including damage to the mucosal membranes of the stomach and intestines, linked with increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome).

CAIR and Obama say Islamic State is not Islamic.

Decide for yourself: Here is why and How the Islamic State was Established:
ا ل د و ل ة ا ل إ س ل ا م ي ة خ ل ا ف ة :

Send us specific points about why it can be called unIslamic.

Feature - New Book by Shamim Siddiqi

 Shamim Siddiqi

Global Islamic Movement - Why & How
by Shamim Siddiqi

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful


I have been thinking from the time I realized that I am a Muslim and have to live like Muslim, obedient to my Lord alone throughout my life, expending my time, talents, energies and resources in His way till I breathe my last. It happened about 70 years ago in March 1946 when I entered into Islam afresh as a new born Muslim. Since then it has been the barometer of my life long pursuit and always tried to live like that and invited a lot of Muslim brothers and sisters to be its models for others. This is the genesis or the building block towards resurrecting Muslim Ummah as "Ummatun Wasatan" to guide the destiny of mankind on the basis of Justice and fair play to all and malice to none.

But the Muslim Ummah didn't care much about this assignment for centuries together. Due to this gross neglect, it stands lost today in ignominy, decay and had fallen in the quagmire of frustration and despondency all around and, in consequence, holds little respect in the community of nations. Meanwhile, I followed with keen interests the "progress" of our Islamic Movements and worked with them for decades in Indo-Pak Sub-continent before I came over to the States in 1976. Now I feel, unfortunately, that all the Movements are simply bogged down in solving just the community problems along with their ideological pursuit to change the system of the day and establish the requisite Islamic State somewhere in the Muslim land. However, what I see that our Movements couldn't succeed anywhere in spite of their most sincere pains taking efforts. Ummah stands no-where except in a very devastated condition at all counts.

Simultaneously, at this juncture, the secular world stands too at the top of a sizzling volcano ready to be burst up any moment. It couldn't solve any of the human problems - peace, security, justice, food, clean water, clear air, poverty, hunger, inequality, class discrimination, protecting the rights of minorities and their habitual exploitation. It is due to their inherent instincts of greed, lust, temptation in every sector of human society with fraudulent practices in trade and commerce, leaving the human species to live in constant state of distress, distrust and disharmony for centuries together. Equally, the Muslims too are no exception to these calamities growing in their midst.

On the other hand, its tyrant constituents, the Corporate interests of capitalism, are magnifying the gap between the rich and the poor at an accelerated pace, leaving the have-nots to grapple with their poor standard of living to catch the high standards of the rich but the gap is drifting far away from them even going beyond their imagination. The cost of living of the upper class is ballooning so much so that the poor can never think to reach even if its nearby. The curse and lamentation of the poor and have-nots will kindle the top of the volcano and it will burst up soon and that calamity may destroy the entire edifice of modern economic structure, God forbid, into ashes.

Because of the fact, that all man-made systems to govern the life of man and his affairs both at individual and collective spheres, from primitive feudalism to Communism and from Kingship to Capitalism and democratic socialism have failed to solve human problems and deliver justice to mankind and the human abode. Democracy too, the so-called "hope of mankind", is counting its last days while resting impatiently in Oxygen tents around the world with the fear that it may collapse at any time. Its death is eminent and no amount of "patch work" of world renowned economists, the Noble Laurels can replenish and rejuvenate blood in its dying veins due to its inherent defects and shortcomings of the System.

Very soon the human society will be in search of the System of life for its socio-moral- economic-political needs and urges to live in harmony but, be sure, man will have no choice but to turn his arrogant head towards the God-given Guidance that is now available only in the shape of the Qur'an, the last and the most updated guidance that was given through His last and final Prophet Muhammad Ibne Abdullah of Makkah [pbuh] that Muslims are holding and they have to share it with the entire secular world as theircommon heritage. The guide lines given in the Qur'an are for the entire mankind not for the Muslims alone till the doomsday.

It is a global phenomenon. The vested interests of the time are so selfish, greedy, reckless and irresponsible that they have no time to think about their down trodden fellow human beings around the world as how disparately they are living and passing their days and nights even with one square meal in a day.

In the greatest democracy of the world in India alone about 500 million people go very often to sleep with empty stomach.

The condition of the people living in Sahara desert in Africa is worst than that but who cares?

In the USA, there are 42 million people who are leading a life far below their own American standards poverty level for decades but who cares?

Millions and millions of children in India and Africa are dying every year just for want of clean water but who cares? Years ago the G-20 committed to donate $40 Billons to this effect but nothing came forward so for and the poor children are dying in millions every year. Can any tragedy be worst that this?

This shows where the selfish and the most irresponsible materialistic world is heading towards its catastrophic end. Sooner and later it is bound to meet its inevitable death.

It is simply because man couldn't and cannot solve any of his problems on his own accord without the paramount help and guidance from his Creator and Sustainer. This guidance has been coming to man from the day he descended on earth but he denied it arrogantly, followed his own pursuit, misused the bounties and favors given by God as his Sustainer, in spite of the consistent reminders that has been coming to him through His appointed Messengers from Adam to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad [pbut] but man's obstinacy ruined him for good from the beginning of the humanity to this day and it continues adamantly unabated.

This is the open misuse of man's "freewill" that God gave him to live on earth with the clear warning that if he/she does not follow His given Guidance, he/she will meet a tight living condition with depressed economy and when he will get up on the Day of Judgment, he will arise blind. Man will then ask his Lord" O my God: I have eyes on earth but why I have no eyes in this (second) life? God will respond saying: I gave you the eyes but you refused to see and follow the Guidance to you through my appointed Messenger, hence you have been raised today as blind. You had the eyes but you never cared to see My Guidance, so you remain today blind in consequence.

This entire dialogue is given in the Qur'an in Verses # 123 to 126 of Surah # 20 -Taha as quoted below for thinking by every human being - Muslim, Christian, Jews, Hindus and others as how to save his or her skin from the wrath of his or her Lord on the Day of Judgment.

"God said: Go down hence both of you, one of you foe unto the other. But if there come unto you from Me a guidance, then whoso followeth My guidance, he will not go astray nor come to grief.

But he who turneth away from remembrance of Me, his will be a narrow life [tight and depresses economy], and I shall bring him blind to the assembly on the Day of Resurrection. He will say: My Lord! Wherefor hast Thou gathered me [hither] blind, when I was won't see? He [God} will say: So (it must be). Our revelations came unto thee but thou didst forget them. In like manner thou art forgotten this day!" [Qur'an: Surah Taha Verse # 123 to 126]
It is in this context, I have written this books - Global Islamic Movement -Why & How?both for the Muslim Ummah and the Judeo- Christian Community living on this globe to think where lies their salvation and the solution of their ever growing age-old worldly problems.

If Islam is a panacea for all our social, moral, economic and political ills and evils, the Muslims must be the first to practice it earnestly as its prime custodian, set its living model in their personal, family and collective life for the human society to follow suit in order to set its house in order and get the benefits in both the worlds. Muslims will have to take the lead as it is incumbent upon them as "Ummatun Wasatan" and has to stand before the global community as "Witness to mankind" to fulfill the universal obligation of"Ba'sat A'lami" of Prophet Mohammad [pbuh] that is still outstanding and Muslim Ummah has no choice but to accomplish it with total devotion and dedication, failing which the present non-Muslim world will stand as witness against each of us on the Day of Judgment and will complain:: O our Lord! We were never told, either individually or collectively by the Muslim Ummah to follow the Qur'an and the life pattern of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] in its totality as he (S) was the Savior of mankind till the Doomsday.

It will be the most difficult situation for the Muslims, especially living in Europe, America [North and South both] and elsewhere in Japan, Australia and New Zealand to save their skin from the wrath of Allah {SWT}, if they do not do this job with utmost care, concern and total devotion while begging from our Lord His pardon at the same tome for the negligence that they have committed so for while enjoying His bounties and favors in these lands for decades and decades together.

They now have no choice but to strictly follow the line of actions that I have discussed and elaborated in this book and COMMIT themselves by completing the Commitment Form that is given in Appendix -A at the end of this book. That is the only way left for them now to live in these countries with honor and dignity and then face their Creator and Sustainer on the Day of Judgment with flying colors, Insha Allah. This is my hope and prayers to my God to resurrect the fate of Muslim Ummah through this process.

Question if any, kindly send it to me directly through my E-mail:   and play your dominant part towards introducing and spreading the Deen of Allah in the Western secular societies where you are living and earning your livelihood as citizens of modern world.

Before conclusion, I must express my extreme sense of gratitude to my respected brother Dr M Rafat, Editor, "Zindagi-e-Nau", Delhi who very graciously permitted me to comment on his Editorial comments [Isharaat} for the month of May 2012. it paved the way to enable to me to write this book with new light to understand the Mission of Rasulullah (S) in depth and conclude that his final Mission of Universal Prophethood is yet to be accomplished by the Muslim Ummah of today living globally in different parts of this earth, failing which we all will be accountable to our Lord both individually and collectively on the Day of Judgment and there will be none to save our skin from His wrath If we all do not fulfill that supreme obligation now that is lying on our shoulders.

Equally, I am thankful to my beloved brother, Dr Omar Afzal for his valuable assistance in the context of modern world, especially the role of Judeo -Christian Community and their denial to accept the Prophethood of Mohammad Ibne Abdullah of Makkah [pbuh] for the entire mankind till Doomsday. May Allah bless him immensely!

As regards the Computer work, as usual, my son Tariq A Siddiqi and my grandson [Nawasa] Salmaan Mazhar have rendered most valuable services both being computer experts from beginning to the end to get this book published along with the services rendered by my nephew Br Anwar Adil and my grand daughter [Nawasi] Hera Soherwardy both computer experts too in collecting the details of Muslim population data on global basis and Muslim's whose who and designing the title page of the book, May Allah bless each of them eloquently.

May Allah accept this humble service to the Muslim Ummah, help it to come out of the quagmire of frustration and despondency and pave the way to serve the humanity at large as witness to mankind, thereby raising us to stand as successful.

-Shamim Siddiqi

Shamim A Siddiqi
"Global Islamic Movement - Why & How"
Address: 6 Plant Lane , Westbury, NY-11590
Phone: 516-333-4222
Book ISBN # 978-0-9819598-2-5
Price $6.95

Spotlights and Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

Stand for Al-Aqsa, Gaza, Palestine. If Not Now, When?

  1. Whenever our enemies start talking about the "rights" of Palestine, we find that we are losing more land and facing genocide against Muslim populations [the ummah] around the world.

  2. Do not let them fool you by saying that the time to fight is not now to liberate al-Aqsa.

  3. If not now, when? Confronting occupation and oppression will change the situation of the ummah through struggle.

  4. This is the opportunity for the ummah to grow. With STRUGGLE we can change the direction of the situation.

  5. Those who think liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa is possible through negotiation are fools.

  6. When evil forces all over the world gather against you, that is a sign to you that you are standing for the Truth.

  7. If you don't struggle to reach your objective, you are like a rudderless boat, drifting on the ocean of kufr.

  8. Struggle, Jihad, is essential for your boat to reach the other bank, or al-Jannah.

  9. Islamic groups without jihad are like unfired clay which has no power in it to change. Islamic movements nowadays are pleasing themselves and not sacrificing or struggling.

  10. My son, 8 year old Osama, refused to do an assignment on Greek mythology. When I asked him why, he said it is HARAM. Then from himself he said he would like to write about Allah and His beautiful Names. I told the teacher and she agreed to let him do it..

  11. There is no freedom without struggle.

Imam Badi Ali is a Palestinian American who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Are the Atrocity Stories True or False?
What is the context of the war?
Why is the Caliphate Fighting back?

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Literally every day the corporate media broadcast stories aimed at discrediting every armed Islamic group which is standing against America and the West.

The media are powerful and they are telecasting day and night 24/7. Muslims have no comparable media. In America the only Islamic medium contradicting and rebutting the attacks being disseminated by Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. is New Trend.

No such comparable assault on Islamic groups as is going on now has ever been published. Even Saddam Hussain did not receive such abuse.

Within the Muslim ranks there are many who are simply parroting what the corporate media are putting out. It's a desperate situation in which even some thoughtful Muslims are being misled.

What should be or can be done? Here is my advice:

Let's begin with the specific daily attack:Remember that Western technology only a couple of days back landed a space probe on a comet millions of miles away and transmitted the structure of the comet.

With that perspective, note the following:

  1. The US claims Islamic State [IS] committed genocide against Yazeedis on the Sinjar mountain. Are there any photos of the genocide? OR EVEN OF ONE YAZEEDI being killed or humiliated? None! Zero!

  2. Remember that Iraq is not Afghanistan. Millions of people have cell phones with built in cameras. There are NO PHOTOS of the IS committing brutalities.

  3. The US claims genocide against Christians. Any photos, live broadcasts, objective interviews? NONE! ZERO

  4. Do you know that modern jet planes, tanks and most armored vehicles have advanced cameras built In?. Every action is photographed. Are there any videos, or photos of "victories" of supporters of the West or defeats of IS? NONE! ZERO except for the bracketing photos of vague vehicles being targeted by the US air force.

  5. In Gaza, the Israelis "beheaded" entire neighborhoods, killed more than 2500 civilians, including 500 children, and wounded approximately 25,000 civilians. Why does the US not publicize what happened in Gaza? If facebook had nor provided hundreds of amateur photos of the genocide committed by Israel, nothing would have come out.

Now look at the deeper issues:

  1. Islamic people are defending their own lands and their own religion and people. The tyrant Bashar Assad does not represent Muslims, nor does the US installed regime in Baghdad. There is NO BASIS in international law which would allow Israel to attack Gaza or for the US to bomb the Islamic State, Bombing people who do not have anti-aircraft abilities is cowardice and blatant aggression. Israel is an occupation force.

  2. Palestine is the core issue. Why is Palestine not discussed by either the Democrats or the Republicans? The US-Israeli relationship has turned international Jewry into an occupying element in America itself. The entire Islamic world is deemed wrong when the Zionists decide to oppose the Muslims,

  3. Islamic Caliphate is an essential of Islam. It is bound to attract the hostility of the West because the West wants a divided Muslim world. It is quite possible that Islamic people have done many things which Islam does not permit. However, there is no permission in Islam for us to condemn Islamic people on the basis of western propaganda and atrocity stories. We must see the evidence.

  4. Ulema who do not oppose the West and have taken no risk to their lives and DUNYA in speaking the truth have no credibility in attacking Islamic fighters.


 Pakistan Flag

Jamaate Islami Ameer Makes Specific demands for Rights of Women. Islam is the only Religion which Guarantees Inheritance rights for women.
by Anwar Niazi

Nov 14 - Sirajul Haq, Ameer of JI addressed a Women's Conference at Mansoora, Lahore, at which JI women wing leaders Humaira Tariq, Samiha Raheel Qazi, Begum Qazi Husain Ahmed and others were also present.

Sirajul Haq said that Islam began with the protection of women's rights.

It gave sanctity to the relationship with the womenfolk as a mother, a sister, and a daughter. The womenfolk were not only granted the right to inheritance but were made as a companion in the journey for preaching and Jehad, and the Righteous Caliphs and the Companions of the Holy Prophet( PBUH) used to consult their women on important issues.

The JI chief demanded that those who deprived their womenfolk of their right to inheritance be barred from contesting elections. He said that a certificate for the grant of inherited property to sisters be made mandatory for the acceptance of nomination papers by the Election Commission, just like a certificate of clearing the utilities bills required for the purpose.

Sirajul Haq said that in order to build the country as a welfare state, it was imperative to create job opportunities for the womenfolk who constituted 51 per cent of the total population.

Pakistani Educationists Denounce Malala: Organization of Private schools in Poor Areas.
courtesy: Huffington Post, Nov 10

While many Pakistanis were grateful to finally have a role model to celebrate when Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize last month, a local education group has denounced the renowned activist.

The All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF), a group that claims to represent 150,000 schools across Pakistan, proclaimed Monday "I am Not Malala" day and called for the banning of the teenage advocate's memoir because it offends Islam, The New York Times reported.

"We are all for education and women's empowerment," Mirza Kashif Ali, the organization's president, told The Times. "But the West has created this persona who is against the Constitution and Islamic ideology of Pakistan."

Yousafzai, who was shot in the head in 2012 for openly supporting girls' education rights, became the youngest Nobel laureate ever in October. The teenage activist has spread her education mission through a number of initiatives, including her eponymous fund and her memoir, which details her ordeal and determination to bring education to girls across the globe.

APPSF co-opted the title of her memoir, "I am Malala," for its Monday awareness event and marked the day with walks, seminars and press conferences, according to the Independent.

Among a number of his gripes, Ali accused Yousafzai, who now lives in England, of defending author Salman Rushdie. His novel "The Satanic Verses" remains banned in Pakistan, according to The Times.

The group, which represents private schools from mostly poor and middle-class areas, believes she stands in direct opposition to everything it believes in. "She has criticized Pakistan's ideology, its religion and its constitution," Ali told NBC News.

The counter-event incited backlash on social media from supporters who have proven to outweigh the opposition. According to study released earlier this year, 30 percent of the population said they support Yousafzai, while about a fifth said they viewed her unfavorably. Half said they felt indifferent, according to the Independent.

"Pakistan without its bold and brilliant women is nothing. No bloody room for extremism in Pakistan," Razeshta Sethna, a Karachi-based editor and writer for the Herald, wrote on Facebook after Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize. She has "courage, intelligence and wisdom."


Kashmir: Indian Army's Murder protested.
[From Habib Yousufzai, Toronto, Canada,]

Hurriyat (M) to hold sit-in outside UNMOGIP office today; Geelani calls for strike in Kulgam, Valley-wide protests

Srinagar, Nov 14: Separatist leaders Friday strongly condemned the killing of a civilian Tariq Ahmad in alleged Army firing at Chenigam village of south Kashmir's Kulgam district and urged people to register their protest against it. Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said "the killing of yet another youth by trigger-happy forces is barbaric. "Our innocent youth are being killed under a conspiracy to crush the ongoing movement for right to self-determination. The Indian forces and police have been empowered to kill Kashmiris. I strongly condemn the killing of Kulgam youth and appeal people to stage protests against it on Saturday and also urge the people of Kulgam to observe complete shutdown on Saturday," Geelani said. Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq also condemned the killing and announced that the conglomerate will hold sit-in outside the UNMOGIP office at Sonwar here. "Hurriyat leaders and activists will assemble on Saturday (November 15) at the UNMOGIP office at 2 pm and hold a sit-in to bring into focus these killings and urge the international community to take cognizance of these killings and pressure India to put an end to these barbaric acts which have become the order of the day," Mirwaiz said. "In less than two weeks, we have witnessed the brutal killing of three young boys by the Indian forces.

The armed forces operating in the climate of impunity have become reckless and are on a killing spree. Repeatedly, the state forces get away with these murderous acts while the authorities announce customary investigations which are an eye-wash. We regret the complete apathy of the Indian civil society and the International community towards these recurrent killings of innocent civilians," he said.Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has also condemned the killing. "The killing has reopened wounds of Chattergam. We strongly condemn it," JKLF spokesman said in a statement.Senior leader of Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir and Chairman Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah also condemned the killing."On one side Army highlighted the Machil sentence and on the other they killed an innocent civilian in Kulgam," he said.


Erdogan says Muslims, not Columbus, discovered Americas
With thanks to New Trend activist Br. Rich in Nebraska

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that the Americas were discovered by Muslims in the 12th century, nearly three centuries before Christopher Columbus set foot there.

"Contacts between Latin America and Islam date back to the 12th century. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus," the conservative president said in a televised speech during an Istanbul summit of Muslim leaders from Latin America.

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

"Muslim sailors arrived in America from 1178. Columbus mentioned the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast," Erdogan said. Erdogan said that Ankara was even prepared to build a mosque at the site mentioned by the Genoese explorer.

"I would like to talk about it to my Cuban brothers. A mosque would go perfectly on the hill today," the Turkish leader said. History books say that Columbus set foot on the American continent in 1492 as he was seeking a new maritime route to India. A tiny minority of Muslim scholars have recently suggested a prior Muslim presence in the Americas, although no pre-Columbian ruin of an Islamic structure has ever been found.

In a controversial article published in 1996, historian Youssef Mroueh refers to a diary entry from Columbus that mentions a mosque in Cuba. But the passage is widely understood to be a metaphorical reference to the shape of the landscape.

War News

 War News

Syria - Al-Nusra Offensive in Idlib.
IS Fighting for Kobani and Deir ez-Zor.
Pro-Americans killed civilians including children.

According to the Syrian and Western sources, units of the Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front (VF) carried out a successful offensive in the north of the Province of Idlib. It is reported that VF, or the Al Qaeda in Syria, seized several towns and villages in the course of a large-scale offensive operations with support of local population.
 Syrian Islamists

The provincial capital of Idlib was also stormed during the offensive. However, the rear of VF was attacked by a pro-American group led by Jamal Maarouf, operating under the banner of Jabhat Thowar Suriyya/Syria Revolutionaries Front (SRF).

As a result of fierce fightings, Maarouf's militias were defeated. Trophies have been captured. Jamal Maarouf fled in the direction of Hama. A part of his militia troops dispersed, a part fled with him and a part defected to the VF. However, the offensive on Idlib was thwarted because of this.

On the territories liberated from Maarouf's gangs, mass graves of victims of this pro-American formation were discovered. Many children were executed

After routing out the Maarouf's group, VF fighters attacked groups of the al-Jaysh as-Suri al-?urr/Free Syrian Army (FSA), which were in the rear of the advancing units of al-Qaeda in Syria. The offensive was undertaken in connection with the fact that the FSA groups, supported by America, began to attack the VF forces, setting up roadblocks and blocking communications.

During the offensive, the VF managed to dislodge the FSA from a number of settlements and bring them under their own control. An UN military base in Quneitra was also seized

Meanwhile, sources of the ad-Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS) reported fightings against Assadites in the Province of Deir ez-Zor. On Monday, the main events took place in the quarter of Hawija, where during the last days, fierce clashes between troops of the IS and Assadites were taking place.

Sources of the IS also reported fightings in the Province of Homs for a military airport al-Tifor in the Province of Hasaka against the Kurds in the town of Qamishli. The IS command announced capture of gas field Hajar in Homs.

Fightings also continue in Kobani. Kurdish groups claim to achieve some success in fightings against the IS after receiving reinforcements from Iraq and the FSA.

According to their version, fightings are ongoing in Kobani and in the surrounding villages. Warplanes of America and its puppet Arab allies continue to bomb the IS positions. The Kurds announced that IS units retreated from the Syrian-Turkish border, but nevertheless "still maintain presence in some areas of Kobani".

It is to be recall that a few days ago, one of representatives of the Kurdish commanders acknowledged that IS units control 60% of the territory of Kobani, renamed by IS into Ayn al-Islam. Media sources of IS distributed a of the city ruined by aerial bombardments.

Sources of the IS also reported differences between the Kurds and groups of the FSA, which were transferred to the city under pressure from Turkey. It is alleged that some FSA groups left Kobani. Nevertheless, the Kurds refuted information about the internal conflict.

Syria - From the Department of Monitoring, Kavkaz Center

Here is the latest situation:
During a key battle in the rugged mountains of a northern province earlier this month, U.S.-backed Syrian rebels collapsed before an assault by al-Qaida fighters. Some surrendered their weapons. Others outright defected to the militants.

A detailed account of the battle in Idlib, from a series of interviews with opposition activists by The Associated Press, underscores how the moderate rebels that Washington is trying to boost to fight the Islamic State group are instead hemorrhaging on multiple fronts.

They face an escalated assault by Islamic extremists, which activists say are increasingly working together to eliminate them. At the same time, a string of assassinations has targeted some of their most powerful commanders.

"This is the end of the Free Syrian Army," said Alaa al-Deen, an opposition activist in Idlib, referring to Western-backed rebel groups. "It's the beginning of an Islamic emirate."

Thousands of rebels have died fighting the Islamic State group this year, a war that has overshadowed and undermined the struggle to topple President Bashar Assad. Now the Nusra Front — al-Qaida's branch in Syria, which previously was also fighting against the Islamic State group — has turned on more moderate factions. Two opposition figures told AP this week that Nusra Front and the Islamic State group have gone so far as to agree to work together against their opponents, though so far their forces have not been seen together on the ground.


Nusra's pivot in part is in response to U.S. airstrikes, which have targeted the al-Qaida branch in addition to Islamic State militants, several activists said. Nusra has been hit three times in strikes the U.S. has said were aimed at a secret cell of high-ranking al-Qaida militants plotting attacks against the West. The strikes have ignited tensions between Western-backed groups and more extreme factions, who feel that that the Americans are hitting everyone except Assad's forces.

In the fighting earlier this month, the Nusra Front drove U.S.-backed factions almost completely out of the northwestern province of Idlib, where they had been the predominant force. During the battles, two of the strongest Western-backed forces — the Hazm Movement and the Syrian Revolutionaries Front —were defeated and several other allied groups simply vanished.

The Syrian Revolutionary Front, headed by commander Jamal Maarouf, oversaw groups ranging from village-based militias to factions with hundreds of men. Around 10,000 to 20,000 fighters are estimated by activists to have been under his command.

The fighting began when a group of men in the Idlib village of Bara defected from a faction loyal to Maarouf and joined Ahrar al-Sham, an ultraconservative Islamist force.

Maarouf first sent his nephew to Bara to retrieve the men's weapons but that mission failed. Then Maarouf ordered his fighters to surround and shell Bara, according to local journalist Muayad Zurayk, activists Mohammed al-Sayid and Alaa al-Deen, and another two activists from nearby Aleppo province. Ahrar al-Sham asked the Nusra Front for help, and the conflict quickly spread. Other Islamist factions, Jund al-Aqsa and Suqour al-Sham, took Nusra's side.


The Hazm Movement got involved when its fighters at a checkpoint halted Nusra militants trying to reach the battle. The Nusra fighters chased the Hazm men back to their stronghold, the nearby town of Khan Sunbul, which the extremists then overran. At least 65 Hazm fighters defected to the al-Qaida branch, the activists and a high-level Syrian opposition official based in Istanbul told AP.

Within days, Maarouf's men and Hazm fighters were routed from most of the province, most fleeing into neighboring Aleppo. Around seven other allied factions melted away, according to three activists.

The activists identified the groups as Western-backed because they possess TOW anti-tank missiles, which they said only U.S.-supported groups have.

Washington announced this summer that it intends to arm Syrian moderates to fight the Islamic State group, but it is awaiting congressional approval. The U.S. has only acknowledged giving non-lethal aid to rebels, but the CIA has said it is running a training program in Jordan, and officials have said third parties have provided U.S.-made weapons to factions vetted by Washington.

"There was hope that they might prove to be an effective force in the crackdown on the al-Qaida presence in Syria — but that has been dashed," said Aymenn al-Tamimi, an expert on rebel groups. "They are not strong enough."

Western-backed groups are also being eroded in other ways. There has been a series of mysterious slayings targeting powerful rebel leaders fighting the Islamic State group.

The extremist group — and to a lesser extent the Nusra Front — are likely behind most of the killings, but Assad's government has also increased pressure on moderate rebels since the start of the U.S.-led air campaign, said Torbjorn Soltvedt, Mideast analyst at risk advisory firm Maplecroft.

Islamic State: 'Baghdadi message' issued by jihadists
[BBC's report, BBC's language - Nov 13,2014]

Islamic State has released an audiotape it says was recorded by its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, days after reports that he had been killed or injured.

In the recording, released via social media, the speaker says IS fighters will never stop fighting "even if only one soldier remains".

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Correspondents say the recording appears authentic and recent.BBC analysts say the message is probably also intended to counter the claim that Baghdadi has been killed. The IS leader was said to have been caught in a US-led air strike near the Iraqi city of Mosul last week.

Thursday's 17-minute recording makes no direct reference to that air strike, but does mention some developments that have occurred since then.

The IS audiotape mentions US President Barack's Obama decision to deploy an extra 1,500 troops to Iraq - a move announced shortly after the air strike on Mosul.


BBC Arab affairs editor Sebastian Usher says the tone of the recording is characteristically defiant and incendiary, and the cadences and language do sound like those of the Islamic State leader. The recording calls on IS supporters to "erupt volcanoes of jihad" across the world.

He disparages opponents of IS as "Jews, Crusaders, apostates... [and] devils", and says the US and its allies "are terrified, weak and powerless".

The recording also calls for attacks in Saudi Arabia - describing Saudi leaders as "the head of the snake" - and says that the US-led military campaign in Syria and Iraq is failing. Gulf state rulers, who have joined the US-led coalition against IS, are described as "treacherous".

70 Youths Released by IS are from Kurd Community helping US bomb the Islamic State

Freed ISIS hostage says 'they are right'. He was later killed by PKK.

Slaughter from the Air: in two months, US bombing has killed 600 IS fighters and 68 al-Nusra plus 50 civilians including Children.
New Air Raids by Assad's air force kill scores of Civilians.
IS Executes 12 Syrian troops and US Hostage Kassig.
Al-Nusra advances in Deraa Province.
Starvation related riots in Damascus suburb.

November 16: Heavy fighting continued in the city of Kobane on the Turkish Syrian border. Richard Engel of MSNBC, first US journalist to enter Kobane, gave an hour long report on MSNBC on November 13.He had high praise for the YPG Kurdish communists defending Kobane. He admitted that 50% of Kobane is in the hands of the Islamic State but US bombing is clobbering the area controlled by IS.

Bombing by late model US jets, including B1s, have caused heavy casualties among Islamic fighters after IS was trapped in specific areas of Kobane.

The Islamic advance has been stopped after heavily armed Iraqi Peshmarga reinforcements arrived from Turkey in coordination with US bombing..

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated today that 712 IS fighters and 384 Kurdish Communists YPG have been killed in the Kobane fighting thus far. The Islamic losses are estimates.. At least 600 of them have been killed in the daily bombing by the US air force..

On November 11, US air force bombed the center of Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State. There were no fighters in the area but funerals showed 14 civilians killed.

SOHR indicates that bombing of Islamic controlled oil outlets by the US air force has killed 32 civilians including 3 children. The oil is still being pumped but slower.

Hafez al-Assad's air force continued its bombing of civilian populations across Syria. The most damaging was the bombing of Al-Bab in Aleppo province, a town controlled by IS, in which 22 civilians were killed and 52 wounded.

On November 13, for the third time, the US air force bombed what it calls the "Khorasan" group in a town in north western Syria. Observers on the ground say that these are attacks on al-Nusra front under the name of "Khorasan." By attacking al-Nusra, the US is aiding Bashar Assad's forces. At least 68 people of al-Nusra have been killed in the three US bombing strikes.

On November 16 Western media are focusing on the execution of Kassig and 12 of Assad's troops accused of rape and murder. Kassig was a US ranger who fought in Iraq. More recently he started a relief group for refugees in Syria. He was captured by IS and is said to have become Muslim, a claim which IS ignored.

Also today, Assad's troops in Deraa province retreated from two areas as al-Nusra and other Islamic groups advanced.

November 15-16. In a suburb of Damascus, where people are starving owing to blockade by Assad's Alawite elite troops, there were food riots with people using force to raid the food distribution areas set up by the Islamic resistance.

Our America

 Our America

Player not Present for National Anthem, insists on Absence.
by Sis, Aisha, Jamaat al-Muslimeen. (Courtesy of Sekou Smith's Hang Time Blog)

The Cleveland Cavaliers, an NBA team, hired David Blatt, an Israeli, for their head coaching position, this past Spring 2014. Unfortunately, that is not the controversial issue with this team. The controversy concerns player Dion Waiters' not being present for the singing of the national anthem during a recent game versus the Utah Jazz.

If you remember, in 1996, Imam Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, then a Denver Nuggets player, refused to be present while the national anthem was being sung citing his Islamic faith. In addition to a one game suspension, Abdul-Rauf and his family also received death threats. Two idiot disc jockeys burst into his Denver mosque blasting the national anthem on a radio.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group keeps reporting on this incident. Their report caused somewhat of a stir because Waiters' response to not being present for the singing of the national anthem was his religious beliefs. When asked about his absence Waiters said, "It's my religion. I don't really want to talk about that. I want to talk about basketball. I'm not being rude, but, you know." Coach Blatt pulled Waiters from the starting lineup and had him come off the bench, last Wednesday, which is the day Waiters was absent from this American sports tradition.

However, Waiters is adamant about is patriotism and love for America. Waiters is quoted as saying, "I love my country, I love the United States of America, I'd rather be here than any place else", this past Sunday, 11/9/2014.

I do not know what Dion Waiters' religion is but, I just wish that someone would have the fortitude to tell the so-called mainstream media to back off like Muhammad Ali did when he became a Muslim. I do not believe that there has ever been anyone to possess such a strong spirit! There is too much back pedaling when athletes criticize homosexuality, racism, or Zionism.

It just proves that no revolution for a positive change can take place without a strong faith in Allah and his system for victory. However, I am not condemning Waiters' because we all have to find ways to strengthen our faith in God. Who am I to judge anyone. But, if Waiters continues to avoid this national anthem tradition he will need Allah in his corner because he is in for a battle!

Lincoln University Alum Refuses Token Top Position in New York City Police

New York - On October 31st, Police Chief and LU Class of '85 Alum Philip C. Banks III stepped down after having been named 1st Deputy Commissioner to Police Commissioner William Bratton. The position was originally held by Fran Pinero, who many believed was forced to retire. Pinero was Latino. Many people were puzzled that Banks would resign rather than take the number 2 position. Not only was it a top position but, he would have been the most powerful Black person in the NYPD. Now, here are the facts:

Police Chief Banks was supposed to be in line for the NYPD Police Commissioner job but, Mayor De Blasio gave Bratton, who is White, the position. This is William Bratton's 2nd stint as NYPD Commissioner. He also invented Stop & Frisk.

This deputy position, according to The 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement program Community Cop, really offers no power whatsoever. Banks would have been a Black face in a high place. His ability to effect ANY change in policy would have been removed.

However, according to the New York Daily News, during Bratton's first tenure as NYPD Commisioner, under Mayor Rudolph (Adolf) Giuliani, John Timoney was hired as 1st Deputy Commissioner. It was 1995 and Bratton expanded Timoney's powers under Interim Order No. 53. When Banks unearthed this document, Bratton still balked at giving Chief Philip C. Banks any such powers. So, Banks left refusing to play the okey doke. Good for him! Obviously, only powers belong to a White police officials.

Of course, a new person was chosen and yes, he is of African-descent, Benjamin B. Tucker. What I don't understand is why people in the Black Community are so devastated by Banks' resignation? The goal of a corrupt American judicial, penal, political, and educational system is to promote White Supremacist lies. These devils are not going to promote someone with a revolutionary mentality! They want someone who is comfortable with a title, that's it!

Outreach to 70 Muslims: Jamaat al_Muslimeen's 8 Page Document.

Newark, Delaware - Nov 14. After juma; salaat, an 8 page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 70 Muslims, most from Arab countries, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The khutba was good. The imam, an Arab, taught about hadith which encourage Muslims to see loss of kin, mishaps, suffering and sickness as a blessing to strengthen faith and to prepare for the Hereafter.

The 8 pages given to 70 people were as follows:

  1. &
  2. Answering Big Lie Techniques used against Islam by Zionists & Iranians re: Hamas, Saddam, Osama, ISIS, Afghanistan.

  3. Eid Greetings from Khilafa [link], and consolidated list of Boycott of pro-Israel businesses [link] from Virginia Jamaat.

  4. Pakistani JI leader Sirajul Haq speaks to large crowd in Loralai on rights of the masses to education and equality.[photo]

  5. Wagah [Lahore} bomb attack in retaliation for 1,000 killed by army in North Waziristan [Pakistan].

  6. &
  7. &
  8. Imam Hussain's martyrdom belongs to Islam & resistance not to whining & conniving of Shia sect.
[Dr. K. Siddique]

Secularized Pakistani Americans giving Islam and Muslims a Bad Name: Fraud resulted in 7 years and a $43.5 million fine.
Text below written by Raja Zahid A Khanzada in the News of Karachi

A Pakistani origin American doctor, an owner and operator of community mental health centers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr, Zahid Imran has broken all the records of fraud in the American health department.

After proof of $258.5 million fraud, the court convicted and sentenced him seven year in jail and a fine of $43.5 million.

His accomplices in this fraud were also sentenced. Chief U.S. District Court Judge Brian A. Jackson of the Middle District of Louisiana imposed the sentence.

The FBI , Health Department and Inspector General Louisiana had file a case in the courts of Louisiana for the doctor's role in a $258 million Medicare fraud scheme regarding psychiatric services that were unnecessary or never actually provided and hefty payments were taken from the American health department.

 Dr Zahid Imran

As part of the scheme, Dr, Zahid Imran admitted mentally ill patients to the facilities, some of whom were inappropriate for partial hospitalization, and then re-certified the patients' appropriateness for the program in an effort to continue to bill Medicare for services.

Imran and others falsified patient treatment records to reflect services on dates when no such services were provided.

The investigation of three community mental health centers; Shifa Community Mental Health Center of Baton Rouge (Shifa Baton Rouge), Serenity Center of Baton Rouge (Serenity Center), and Shifa Community Mental Health Center of Texas (Shifa Texas) were used in fraud which has resulted in the convictions of 17 individuals employed by the facilities, including owners and the medical director, therapists, marketers and administrators.

According to court documents, the companies billed Medicare more than $258 million over a period of seven years.

All these people have been booked for fraud and scam. According to court documents, Hunter, a resident of Houston, was paid $1,500 per week in cash to direct patients to attend the partial hospitalization program at Shifa Texas.

Hunter, in turn, paid each patient $75 per week to attend the program. In an effort to get patients admitted to Shifa Texas, Hunter instructed patients as to the types of symptoms and diagnoses to describe to physicians in order to be admitted to the program.

Hoor Naz Jafri, 54, owned and operated two communities' mental health centers in Baton Rouge and one in Houston. She was to pay $43.5 million in restitution and serve 8-and-a-half years in federal prison for a Medicare fraud.

The case was investigated by HHS-OIG, the FBI, and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Louisiana State Attorney General's Office, and was brought as part of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, under the supervision of the Criminal Division's Fraud Section.

This case is being prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Abigail Taylor and Dustin Davis of the Criminal Division's Fraud Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney Shubhra Shivpuri of the Middle District of Louisiana.

Dr. Zahid Imran belongs to Lahore in Pakistan. He received his early education from Government Center Model School Lahore. Later he obtained the MBBS degree from Quaid e Azam Medical College Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan in 1980-1981.

Thereafter he came to America where he obtained a degree to become a Psychiatrist physician.

Dr. Zahid Imran launched an organization named "Association of Pakistan physicians for Democracy and Justice "(APPJD) in comparison to another organization of Pakistani doctors called APPNA.

Under the auspices of that he invited leading Pakistani politicians Javed Hashmi, Aitzaz Ahsan,Dr Farooq Sattar and many others to a convention. That convention was also attended by the American Pakistani Doctors.

Besides, there are several pictures of Dr. Zahid Imran with the PTI chief Imran Khan and prime minister Nawaz Sharif of various meetings.

He had special relations with the former federal minister and current PTI KPK President Azam Swati.

It should be remembered that in America there is a large number of Pakistani doctors. As a result of the American government 's campaign to overcome fraud and counterfeit activities many Pakistani born Americans have been nabbed so far and investigations are going on against the concerned individuals.

Viewpoint and Analysis

 ViewPoint and Analysis

It can Get Worse: Israel and the coming Presidency of Hillary Clinton
by Glen Greenwald [The Intercept]

It's easy to strike a pose of cynicism when contemplating Hillary Clinton's inevitable (and terribly imminent) presidential campaign. As a drearily soulless, principle-free, power-hungry veteran of DC's game of thrones, she's about as banal of an American politician as it gets. One of the few unique aspects to her, perhaps the only one, is how the genuinely inspiring gender milestone of her election will (following the Obama model) be exploited to obscure her primary role as guardian of the status quo.

That she's the beneficiary of dynastic succession - who may very well be pitted against the next heir in line from the regal Bush dynasty (this one, not yet this one) - makes it all the more tempting to regard #HillaryTime with an evenly distributed mix of boredom and contempt. The tens of millions of dollars the Clintons have jointly "earned" off their political celebrity - much of it speaking to the very globalists, industry groups, hedge funds, and other Wall Street appendages who would have among the largest stake in her presidency - make the spectacle that much more depressing (the likely candidate is pictured above with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein at an event in September).

But one shouldn't be so jaded. There is genuine and intense excitement over the prospect of (another) Clinton presidency. Many significant American factions regard her elevation to the Oval Office as an opportunity for rejuvenation, as a stirring symbol of hope and change, as the vehicle for vital policy advances. Those increasingly inspired factions include:

Wall Street

Politico Magazine, November 11, 2014 ("Why Wall Street Loves Hillary"):

Down on Wall Street they don't believe (Clinton's populist rhetoric) for a minute. While the finance industry does genuinely hate Warren, the big bankers love Clinton, and by and large they badly want her to be president. Many of the rich and powerful in the financial industry—among them, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, Tom Nides, a powerful vice chairman at Morgan Stanley, and the heads of JPMorganChase and Bank of America—consider Clinton a pragmatic problem-solver not prone to populist rhetoric. To them, she's someone who gets the idea that we all benefit if Wall Street and American business thrive. What about her forays into fiery rhetoric? They dismiss it quickly as political maneuvers. None of them think she really means her populism.

Although Hillary Clinton has made no formal announcement of her candidacy, the consensus on Wall Street is that she is running—and running hard—and that her national organization is quickly falling into place behind the scenes. That all makes her attractive. Wall Street, above all, loves a winner, especially one who is not likely to tamper too radically with its vast money pot.

According to a wide assortment of bankers and hedge-fund managers I spoke to for this article, Clinton's rock-solid support on Wall Street is not anything that can be dislodged based on a few seemingly off-the-cuff comments in Boston calculated to protect her left flank. (For the record, she quickly walked them back, saying she had "short-handed" her comments about the failures of trickle-down economics by suggesting, absurdly, that corporations don't create jobs.) "I think people are very excited about Hillary," says one Wall Street investment professional with close ties to Washington. "Most people in New York on the finance side view her as being very pragmatic. I think they have confidence that she understands how things work and that she's not a populist."

The Israel Lobby

Foreign Policy, Aaron David Miller, November 7, 2014 ("Would Hillary Be Good For the Holy Land?"):

Should she become president, on one level, better ties with Israel are virtually guaranteed. . . . Let's not forget that the Clintons dealt with Bibi too as prime minister. It was never easy. But clearly it was a lot more productive than what we see now. . . . To put it simply, as a more conventional politician, Hillary is good on Israel and relates to the country in a way this president doesn't. . . . Hillary is from a different generation and functioned in a political world in which being good on Israel was both mandatory and smart.

Let's be clear. When it comes to Israel, there is no Bill Clinton 2.0. The former president is probably unique among presidents for the depth of his feeling for Israel and his willingness to put aside his own frustrations with certain aspects of Israel's behavior, such as settlements. But this accommodation applies to Hillary too. Both Bill and Hillary are so enamored with the idea of Israel and its unique history that they are prone to make certain allowances for the reality of Israel's behavior, such as the continuing construction of settlements.

Interventionists (i.e., war zealots)

New York Times, June 15, 2014 ("Events in Iraq Open Door for Interventionist Revival, Historian Says"):

But Exhibit A for what Robert Kagan describes as his "mainstream" view of American force is his relationship with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who remains the vessel into which many interventionists are pouring their hopes.

Mr. Kagan pointed out that he had recently attended a dinner of foreign-policy experts at which Mrs. Clinton was the guest of honor, and that he had served on her bipartisan group of foreign-policy heavy hitters at the State Department, where his wife worked as her spokeswoman.

"I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy," Mr. Kagan said, adding that the next step after Mr. Obama's more realist approach "could theoretically be whatever Hillary brings to the table" if elected president. "If she pursues a policy which we think she will pursue," he added, "it's something that might have been called neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that; they are going to call it something else."

Old school neocons

New York Times, Jacob Heilbrunn, July 5, 2014 ("The Next Act for Neocons: ... Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton"?):

After nearly a decade in the political wilderness, the neoconservative movement is back. . . . Even as they castigate Mr. Obama, the neocons may be preparing a more brazen feat: aligning themselves with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her nascent presidential campaign, in a bid to return to the driver's seat of American foreign policy. . . .

Other neocons have followed [Robert] Kagan's careful centrism and respect for Mrs. Clinton. Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, noted in The New Republic this year that "it is clear that in administration councils she was a principled voice for a strong stand on controversial issues, whether supporting the Afghan surge or the intervention in Libya."

And the thing is, these neocons have a point. Mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq war; supported sending arms to Syrian rebels; likened Russia's president, Vladimir V. Putin, to Adolf Hitler; wholeheartedly backs Israel; and stresses the importance of promoting democracy.

It's easy to imagine Mrs. Clinton's making room for the neocons in her administration. No one could charge her with being weak on national security with the likes of Robert Kagan on board. . . . Far from ending, then, the neocon odyssey is about to continue. In 1972, Robert L. Bartley, the editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal and a man who championed the early neocon stalwarts, shrewdly diagnosed the movement as representing "something of a swing group between the two major parties." Despite the partisan battles of the early 2000s, it is remarkable how very little has changed.

So take that, cynics. There are pockets of vibrant political excitement stirring in the land over a Hillary Clinton presidency. There are posters being made, buttons being appended, checks being prepared, appointments being coveted. The joint, allied, synergistic constituencies of plutocracy and endless war have their beloved candidate. And it's really quite difficult to argue that their excitement and affection are unwarranted.

2014-11-16 Sun 22:35:44 cst