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Zilhijjah 17,1435/October 12, 2014 # 41


Prophet Muhammad, pbuh: "When you ask for anything, ask it from God, and if you seek help, seek the help of God. Know that if the people were to unite to do you some benefit, they could benefit you only with what God had recorded for you, and that if they were to unite to do you some injury, they could injure you only with what God had recorded for you. The pens are withdrawn and the pages are dry."

(At-Tirmidhi, 1515)
(with thanks to Br. Adam Sait - India)


From Br. Maulana Hussain Khan, Tokyo Japan: "My Japanese translation of Last Para 30 (AMM) of Holy Quran has been completed with explanations of the last 20 surahs in detail"

"All basic concepts of Tauheed, Risalat and Akherat have been explained in detail in these explanations in the light of Quranic verses and the basic morality standards required by a Muslim have also been explained in detail, as urged in various verses."

Think Globally . The World Needs Islamic Transformation.

[Here is a excerpt from Br. Shamim Siddiqui's Latest Book: Global Islamic Movement: Why and How.

Br. Shamim has spent his life devoted to the cause of the Islamic Movement. He is an adviser to Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

  1. The Batil, the secular forces of "Kufr and Shirk" are organized globally around its sole agenda: Not to allow Islam to emerge anywhere in the world as a "Political Entity" in the body politic of a Muslim country, opposing it by tooth and nail and nicknaming it accusatively as "Islamists', "Radicalists", "Fundamentalists" and very often as "Terrorists" and "Jihadists".

  2. Whereas, the Muslim Ummah is not organized at all "Globally" as "Ummatun Wasatan" as commanded by the Supreme Lord of this cosmos in Verse # 143 of Surah Al-Baqarah:

    "Thus We have appointed you [the Muslims] a middle nation [Ummatun Wasatan] that you may be witness against mankind and the Messenger may be witness against you........"

Elsewhere in the Qur'an, God commands: "We verily sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance that mankind may deliver Justice [Al-Qist] to human abode]........."[Verse # 25 of Surah Al-Hadeed]

" You (Muslims) are the best Community (Ummah) that has been raised up for mankind. Ye enjoin right conduct [Ma'roof] and forbid indecency [Munkar]; and ye believe in Allah......" [Verse # 110 of Surah AL- Imraan]

Through these injunctions of the Qur'an, It was incumbent upon Muslims to struggle hard to eradicate the Munkar [the evil] from the human society and establish the Ma'roof [the good] in its place and fill the earth with Justice all around. This was the global assignment to Muslim Ummah. They fulfilled this obligation in the past for centuries together but in the context of the modern world they have totally failed miserably to do so.

There are 57 Muslim countries on earth but this paramount Agenda of their existence is not operative anywhere. As such, they all are suffering form innumerable injustices at every count of human life. They have become the contributory factor towards the prevailing injustices in the human societies globally due to their inaction and passive attitude of life. Muslim are mainly responsible not only to posterity but will be held responsible in the Mighty Court of the Creator and Sustainer on the Day of Judgment where every nation, both individually and collectively, will deny that they were never told by Muslim to shun away from evils, practice only good, be just to all and malice to none.

Brief but to the point.

New Trend's article on decline & deception of Shi'ism.
The analysis about the role of Iran and Shia sectarians in destabilizing the region and enabling wars and occupation adds the missing pieces in the puzzling current affairs. This perspective is not represented in the mainstream Western Muslim media. [A reader in Illinois.]

Will ISIS Liberate Abu Ghraib or just Capture it?
So is ISIS going to liberate Abu Ghraib? Or just capture it? What about all those women in Abu Ghraib that begged to be killed because they were pregnant by US soldiers but instead gave birth alone in feces smeared cells? Are they still there?
[A reader in Massachusetts]


Focus on Corporate and Zionist Media & Muslim Alternatives.

On October 11, members of the central committee of Jamaat al-Muslimeen met for 12 hours to discuss media and to formulate the viewpoint of the Muslim Ummah of America about issues directly impacting Islam today and the Muslim world in general.

The shoora was facilitated by Imam Badi Ali who leads the Muslim community of the Triad area of North Carolina. Prayers were held on time and delicious middle eastern meals were served from local food outlets.

Presentations were made on the life and work of Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz.

Research was presented on the Yazeedi population of Iraq.

Qur'an and Hadith were brought into focus as the sources of guidance.

The aftermath of the Israeli assault on Gaza was discussed. A photo collage in honor of the people of Gaza was displayed.

The humanitarian situation in Africa, particularly the effort to help children in Ethiopia, was discussed.

An extensive video on the media disinformation about ISIS was viewed.

Educational use of technology to teach Islam to children was studied.

The situation of Muslim communities in various cities of the United States was discussed, in particular New York, Baltimore, Washington, DC and parts of Texas.

The Islamic expression of the American Ummah was formulated in the shape of resolutions. Here is the text of the resolutions:

  1. The military action against Gaza is over, but the war is not. People are continuing to die as a result of sanctions. We urge all people of conscience to stand by the people of Gaza.

  2. We urge all individuals to boycott Israel and pro-Israeli products; we urge all institutions to divest from Israel.

  3. Israel has committed crimes against humanity, and we urge the ICC and other international bodies to penalize and censure Israel.

  4. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Palestinians have a right of return. Israel should be dismantled peacefully if possible.

  1. General Sisi has betrayed the Muslims of Egypt and the Muslim ummah. He should step down. Morsi is the legal president of Egypt. He should be released and restored to his position of power.

  1. This media conference, focusing on the Zionist media, noticed there is a plethora of one-sided reporting against ISIS. We urge that such reporting be scrutinized and properly analyzed, so that Muslims can reach their own sound conclusions on the situation.

  1. We urge people to note the devastating effects of the floods in Pakistan, and call on Muslim doctors and others to come forth in aid of people in the affected areas.

  2. People should pay attention to Indian violations of Pakistani borders.

  1. Muslims in Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mali, Ghana, and Africa in general are facing severe economic hardships and religious oppression. We urge American Muslims to take notice of the condition of the people in Africa, and help them where possible.

  1. We condemn Muslim rulers who have joined in the bombing of Muslim nations.

  1. Sex, aberrant sex, violence, and use of bad language on television at all hours of the day, even when children are watching, are a commentary on the state of moral decay in the U.S. We urge Muslims to disassociate from all such haram activities and expressions.

  2. We urge American institutions and media to recognize the contributions of Muslim scholars, like the late Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz (rahmatullah alaih).

  3. We urge the release of all Muslim political prisoners. In particular, we decry the recent denial of appeal of Tarek Mehanna.

  4. We condemn the transfer of U.S. military equipment to American police forces, and we condemn the savage attacks by American police on unarmed Black men, such as Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and Tyrone West in Baltimore, MD, and countless others.

  5. Israeli dual nationals occupy many positions of high authority in the U.S., from judges, to police chiefs, to senators and corporate heads, grossly compromising American interests. Dual citizenship should be abolished for all holders of political office, members of the military, and police officers.

  6. To counter the one-sided reporting by the Zionist and corporate media, including social media like Facebook which work in concert with U.S. intelligence agencies, Muslims should develop their own social media networks, and their own media in general

Dr. AbdulalimShabazz
Thoughts on a Beloved Departed Teacher
By Nadrat Siddique

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz brought together many of the positive ideals for which we in the Jamaat al-Muslimeen strive in the slender, dignified frame of one man. He was deeply Islamic; spoke little of what should be done, but rather did what needed to be done; and was hard on himself, but did not judge or blame others for their weaknesses.

Although he inspired me on many levels, the aspect of his character which captivated me the most was his dedication to building the love of math in his students. He was determined to reach each and every student, and not just with rote learning, but to inculcate true understanding of this integral subject.

As a bioscience person, I know that math is the language in which chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and especially physics is written. If you cannot easily write algebraic expressions, you will have difficulty expressing biological phenomenon, such as the flow of blood through a blood vessel; the rate of growth of a bacterial population; the amount of heat released a steak ingested by a human is metabolized and much else.

Looking at the dearth of black and brown people in bioscience, I felt strongly that math was the major stumbling block for these students, which precluded them from entry into the life sciences. So, a strong understanding of math is vital to a science/ engineering major in college. And weakness in math precluded many black students from these fields.

By uplifting the marginalized, those whom society wished to write off—and perhaps relegate to janitorial work, flipping burgers, or prison—Dr. Shabazz challenged the world order. And he was so effective, that he turned out the largest number of Black Ph.ds in the country. I once asked him about his teaching method. He said simply. "If my students aren't grasping what I'm teaching, then I have failed. If students don't understand something one way, it is up to the teacher to find other ways to explain it until they understand."

Still he seemed to sense that math, which is not really intuitive, or something which one can see, would be difficult to grasp for many of his students---unless they were given a reason to own it.

Again, he challenged the existing order, teaching them something all high school and certainly most college curricula—ignore. He impressed on his students about the origins of mathematical knowledge. Their ancestors, black people of Ancient KMT—not Newton or Euclid—were the first to elucidate geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and physics, and that they ought strive for the same high standard. He taught them to think, and not to memorize.

Later on, despite his gargantuan achievements, he was, bizarrely, demoted from the position of Math Department Chair at Lincoln University, to an ordinary teaching position. Even more bizarrely, he was replaced by a white Jewish, woman who did not hold even a math degree. My sense of fairness made me incensed at the development, but he did not seem fazed, instead using the opportunity to accept the prestigious position of professor emeritus at Gramlin University where he had a lighter work load.

Of his many appointments at math instruction, one of the most interesting was in Saudi Arabia. Since his students included Saudi women, the class was sexually segregated. As occurs in most classrooms in that nation, the men were in the same room as him, while the women were in the adjoining room. Incredibly, despite having to teach the women via a video screen, he was able to reach them, and they succeeded in his class.

He lived a full and beautiful life, travelled frequently to Africa and other parts of the world; and spoke and lectured broadly on math and Islam. He seemed to have a particular love for Ethiopia, and adopted, raised, and mentored Ethiopian children. He was also honored by the Kikuyu (Kenyan) tribe, which conferred on him the status of honorary Kikuyu.

Dr. Shabazz's life was also a commentary on the state of racial affairs in the U.S. He never referred to himself as an American, and rarely wore American clothing, usually sporting an African suit in the tradition of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Like many Black men, he served in the U.S. military—only to return to the U.S. to experience numerous traumatic racial incidents. He did not dwell on the past, but selectively shared some such incidents with us at the Jamaat al-Muslimeen shura which he attended quarterly for the last very many years of his life.

For instance, while a young Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, he was walking around searching for housing. Repeatedly, he had the door slammed in his face, and was told that they did not rent rooms to "n---."

The incident with Dr. Shabazz occurred in New York. My husband,when he was a small child of seven-years old, went to a park not far from his house. An old white man who happened to be there, and thought he had more right to the park than a small black boy from Baltimore, called him the n— word, and then took away a toy of considerable importance to my husband.

Talking to Dr. Shabazz, my husband, and others opened my eyes to American racism, which I as an Asian and a member of a privileged group, was unlikely to ever encounter in my lifetime. It didn't matter whether you were young or old, in New York, Baltimore, or down South, but you could be called the n- word and treated accordingly on a whim by White Supremacist America. Through it all, Dr. Shabazz neither bowed nor bent to anyone but his Creator, leaving us with a bright shining example of humility, brilliance, and taqwa.

 Pakistan Flag


Jamaate Islami to lead Internally Displaced Persons sit-in if their demands not accepted.

Siraj ul-Haq urges Strong Response to Indian firing on Border

LAHORE, Oct. 9; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that if the government did not accept the demands of the IDPs within thirty days, the JI would hold a unprecedented sit=in in Islamabad with hundreds of thousands of the tribal people before which the all other sit Dharnas would fade away.

Addressing a tribal Jirga at Markaz e Islami, Peshawar, on Thursday, he said if others could hold sit Dharnas against rigging, the Pushtnons could sacrifice their lives for their honour. He said he himself would lead the Dharna of the IDPs. the IDPs wanted honorable return to their homes. He said the government had been repeatedly claiming that 80 per cent of the area had been cleared, therefore, the IDPs of those areas should be allowed to go home. He said that the children of the tribal people also .

Addressing a tribal Jirga at Markaz e Islami, Peshawar, on Thursday, he said if others could hold sit Dharnas against rigging, the Pushtoons could sacrifice their lives for their honor. He said he himself would lead the Dharna of the IDPs. the IDPs wanted honorable return to their homes. He said the government had been repeatedly claiming that 80 per cent of the area had been cleared, therefore, the IDPs of those areas should be allowed to go home. He said that the children of the tribal people also needed schools, and health facilities like those in other parts of the country.

The JI chief further said that had a befitting response been given to Indian' aggression at the Line of Control, New Delhi could not have dared to continue unprovoked firing for several days. He said that over a dozen Pakistanis had been martyred due to Indian firing during the last four days and more than forty others had been injured but the rulers in Islamabad had not given a courageous response to the enemy. He said that a statement by the Defense Minister on the fourth day of the Indian aggression was an insult to his office.

Malala Yousafzai, Distraction for US Drone Killings in Pakistan

Advocate of Privatized Education, Wins Nobel Peace Prize by Lori Price, 10 Oct 2014

CIA troll Malala Yousafzai wins the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize over Edward Snowden. Sorry, it's too much to BEAR. See 'Project Malala': The CIA's Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation 15 Oct 2012 ...We have a New York Times reporter throwing the limelight on Malala just a month after her blog entries for the BBC --> the young girl becomes a celebrity overnight --> Pakistani media gets abuzz with the student --> NGOs, etc. come in --> too much exposure --> then there's a continued development, in between we have Generals Allen and Dempsey pressurizing General Kayani for an unwanted offensive in North Waziristan --> sudden new wave of terrorist attack "traced to TTP militants" and finally --> attack on Malala and class fellows, out of nowhere a minister traces the leads to North Waziristan, exactly where the Pentagon and Langley want Pakistani forces in...When the interviewer asked her about fear and danger, Malala, speaking in a clear, forceful voice, said that her father, who worked for women's education and fully supported his daughter, had inspired her, and that her mother had told her to speak up for her rights. And then, in a rather prophetic moment, she envisioned a confrontation with the Taliban. [Wow, then it actually happened! Holy mackerel!]
See also: The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Face of the 'Universal' For-Profit School Movement 14 Oct 2012; The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Making of Malala The CFR Mockingbird Reporter and the Charter School Owning Father 17 Oct 2012; and McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop 13 Oct 2013.

War News


Iran Playing Key role with US in Iraq to fight ISIS: Irani General Caught on Camera
[From wire services plus]

The image of Major General Qassem Suleimani purportedly showing him on an Iraqi battlefield was published on the website of IRINN state television, and repeatedly shared on Twitter.

Grinning widely, Suleimani, easily identified by his greying hair and beard, was seen standing alongside Kurdish peshmerga fighters. IRINN did not say where the picture was taken.

Iran initially denied Suleimani was in Iraq, but several pictures used in official media have appeared to confirm his presence near battles against militants from the Islamic State group (IS).

The Quds Force, a branch of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, is highly secretive and conducts security functions abroad deemed necessary to protect the Islamic republic.

As its leader, Suleimani is seldom mentioned in Iranian media, but he has cultivated a reputation as one of the most influential security operatives in the Middle East.

Since the Iraqi government was caught out by the IS surge this summer, Iran has played a key role in trying to roll back the jihadist offensive, sending military advisers and arms across the border.

Suleimani was previously pictured near the Iraqi town of Amerli, which Kurdish fighters, Shiite militias and the Iraqi Army liberated on September 1. Again, the images were circulated on social media.

A senior Iranian justice official also recently stated that Suleimani was present during fighting near Arbil alongside Kurdish forces in early August, going against his reputation for remaining out of sight.

"He is indeed like Keyser Soze," a senior US official once said, comparing Suleimani to the seemingly invisible character portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the film "The Usual Suspects".

The Iraqi military's collapse at the hands of Sunni Muslim militants near Iran's border invokes fear in Tehran.

Bonded by Shiite Islam, Iran and Iraq have grown closer in the realms of government and security since the overthrow of Sunni leader Saddam Hussein in the US-led invasion of 2003.

Iranian media regularly report the death of Iranian "volunteers" killed in Syria and Iraq in fighting against jihadists. The authorities claim the combatants are there of their own choosing to protect Shiite holy sites.


Saudi Pilot Arrested for Refusing to Bomb ISIS in Syria
By Leith Fadel on September 29, 2014 Middle East
 Saudi F-15

According to social media activists, a Saudi Air Force officer has refused orders to carry out an airstrike on Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) positions in Syria. The Saudi officer, Captain Faisal Al-Ghamdi, is said to have refused to participate in the airstrikes due to his support of the terrorist group. The news has circulated amongst pro-ISIS pages and has been referenced by their ground activists in Saudi Arabia, adding to the already turbulent relations between the terrorist group and Wahhabi-led government.

Saudi officials have yet to comment on the validity of this story; however, a picture and the soldier's identity has been released by pro-ISIS media sources. ISIS has a strong presence in Saudi Arabia - the country's government has financially supported rebels in Syria and Iraq to overthrow their governments. Recently, Saudi Arabia agreed to participate in the Anti-ISIS Coalition to quell the terrorist group's presence in the region.


US Air Force & Kurdish Communists, ypg, Battle ISIS in Kobani but Fail

October 12: The week long battle for Kobani in which Kurdish communist forces with the help of the US air force tried to stop the Islamic advance became a victory for ISIS of strategic importance. Although the Kurds are still holding on the area of Kobani nearest to the Turkish border, they have suffering losses so huge that without the help of Iranian and FSA help and steady bombardment by the US air force, they would be wiped out.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights [SOHR] which monitors losses on both sides, more than 1100 Kurdish fighters and those helping them have been killed. The Islamic forces, ISIS, did not win easily and the same source puts their losses at 248, a big loss for them.

The ISIS attackers showed great resilience in moving forward and retreating and then attacking again to avoid US air attacks. The latest attack aircraft in the US arsenal were used to attack ISIS. CNN showed a B-1 bomber hovering over Kobani, looking for targets. Huge explosions were heard as the US air force attacked and missed the Islamic battle formations.

Iran has now revealed that it was involved in the fighting in Kobani. The numbers of Iranian troops were not specified but the numbers were big enough to allow Iran to boast of its conytibution to the defense of Kobani.

At one point 300 man assault team of FSA, the Syrian opposition to Bashar Assad, allied to the US, attacked ISIS from the back. It was a complete surprise but failed.

[At last news, the US air assault has forced ISIS to withdraw from parts of Kobani and has helped the last segment of the Kurdish communists, ypg, to hold on to an enclave in Kobani.]


Kurdish Communists rally in Turkey and various European cities. 33 killed in clashes with Islamic Kurds.

Tremendous pressure was put on the Turkish leader Erdogan to send his tank columns into Syria to fight ISIS. Kurdish Communists organized rallies in all major cities of Turkey. The police did not shoot at the demonstrators, using only tear gas.

However, crowds of Islamic Kurds came out to oppose the Communists. The result was that violent clashes took place between the two groups, with a death toll of 33 and several hundred wounded.

Similar demonstrations and clashes took place in Germany and other European countries.

Erdogan has been demanding a no fly zone over Syria to stop the daily air attacks by Bashar Assad on civilians.

His government also points out that the civilian population of Kobani has safely crossed over into Turkey, so there is no question of ISIS killing Kurdish civilians, as the US media are trying to project.


Major Collapse of Shi'ite Military West of Baghdad.

October 12: In the latest fighting, most of the US installed regime's army operating west of Baghdad has been wiped out or is in disarray..

In the north and northeast, however, Shi'ite militias supported by Iran have made headway.

In the extreme northwest, Kurdish Peshmarga, pro Israel, are holding on to the border town of Rabia.

ISIS is trying to encircle Baghdad and is launching martyrdom operations on various Shi'ite strogholds of Baghdad.

The US air force is bombing ISIS targets in Iraq and inflicted losses but has failed to stop the steady Islamic advances.


 W & Obama


Sexual Violation of Young People a norm Across America.
by Sis Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

In Sayreville, NJ, the Sayreville War Memorial High School Football season has been cancelled amid some very, very disturbing allegations. Richard Labbe, the school superintendent, canceled the football season after being notified that on October 1st, the local police had been notified of hazing in the locker rooms. The police and Middlesex County prosecutor are all involved because the students being hazed were sexually violated. It would start with a senior football player howling, locker room lights being turned off, then, a freshman football player would be held down by upperclassmen while being sodomized by someone's finger!

A parent of one of the victims spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of harm being done to the son and family. The parent stated that this was a ritual that occurred throughout this season, at least. These types of sexually violent hazings occur throughout America in military academies and athletic programs. These boys are victimized and then, they victimize other young boys. Rape is the ultimate form of humiliation and that is the goal with hazing: humiliation!

But, why do these male students always involve sexual violence in their hazing practices?

I think it goes back to Greek homosexual culture. A man was not considered a man unless he could handle a man sexually. Zeus, the ultimate Greek god, had his way with women, men, and boys. In Greek Mythology, ravage is the word used rather than rape. Ravage romanticizes this unspeakable act! Sometimes, these behaviors of sexual abuse start with the coaches. Sandusky was not the ONLY coach to molest boys over the course of his 40 year career! These sexual violations don't just occur in athletic programs among children.

There is the horrible 2012 military survey revealing that 26,000 men and women were sexually assaulted however, only 3,374 rapes were reported that year! Sexual assaults are rampant in these environments. In America's military, no one is safe! It is about power and dominance. Military training and American foreign policy fosters the belief of being dominant over others. "Relationships" are built on a lack of respect for the "weaker" party. There is no conference only deference to a domineering partner. This is why domestic violence is so prevalent. Everyone is trying to dominate someone. Everyone wants to be the BOSS. This thinking is very prevalent among European countries involved with imperialism.

There are still parents who are angry that the football season has been canceled. Check out what this mother said, after her son had been questioned by police, "I was at the police station with him when they were questioning him," she said. "They were talking about a butt being grabbed. That's about it. No one was hurt. No one died. I don't understand why they're being punished. I think that the forfeited game was punishment enough." No compassion or understanding on ANY of these parents' parts. It is these types of statements from parents that lead me to believe that what happened in that locker room was an oppressive culture sanctioned by adults. I am not saying the parents knew the specifics but, it is a well known fact that athletic teams do haze, particularly the males. Most of society still holds the belief that "Boys will be boys" or "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger." Just like that mother said, "No one died." Unfortunately, many coaches are very aware of these hazing practices with their teams, even if the parents are not.

This erroneous belief of someone needing to be in control is systemic. The oppressed think and behave like their oppressor in every way, sometimes. Who knows if these younger freshmen boys won't repeat this same violation on someone else? An ad campaign is not going to get to the bottom of the domestic violence issue. Making it more difficult to own a gun is not going to stop massacres, I'm afraid. One high school football program being canceled will not end sexual violations in the locker room. Just as Minister Farrakhan says, America must atone for her sins. Jumping on the bandwagons of ONLY Black men involved in scrapes with the law shows the lack of seriousness on White Society's part to really make America a better and safer country. In order to clean house or our own backyard, all of us must be held accountable for our actions, not just one group. It starts with government on down to the citizens, who support this country.

New York City

Even a serious Crime does not Lead to Arrest: The "chosen People?"

Over the weekend, 10/5/2014, Rev. Sharpton cohort, Sandford Rubinstein, a wealthy Jewish lawyer, was accused of Rape! A high-ranking woman of African-descent, from Sharpton's National Action Network, claims to have gone with Rubinstein to his penthouse apartment. She states that he drugged and raped her. When she woke up, later, she found that she had been disrobed and violated.

Under ANY circumstance involving a rape, if protocol is followed, the accused assailant is at least detained and questioned. Nothing has happened to Sandford Rubinstein. Asked about the accusation, Sharpton took the role of neutral observing stating that he knew both parties. Neutrality can NEVER be used in a case of right and wrong. When people choose to be neutral rather than speak against immoral behavior they are really showing cowardice.

Rubinstein, of course, claims the sexual encounter was consensual but, the alleged victim immediately went to the hospital and if she claimed she was drugged a blood test should have been taken.

There are already grumblings about the events, or lack thereof, occurring in this case. Cyrus D. Vance, New York County prosecutor, has a sordid history of helping wealthy White men escape justice. Dominique Strauss Kahn was actually indicted on rape charges by a grand jury yet, Vance decided not to go on with the trial! The fact that he is still in office shows that he had the support, and probably pressure, from the government higher ups, mainly federal.

Insha'allah, I will be following this case. Rubinstein is no threat to police or the prosecutor because he makes the tax payer pay for their egregious misconduct, not them! They will do whatever they can to protect him


Mom says her son was Unarmed: October 8 Police Shooting in St; Louis.

The mother of a black 18-year-old who was killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer says her son wasn't armed, as investigators contend.

Syreeta Myers told The Associated Press by phone Thursday that her son, Vonderrit D. Myers, was holding a sandwich when the officer killed him Wednesday night.

Police haven't identified the officer or the person he killed, or disclosed the officer's race. The killing sparked an angry demonstration, with many protesters likening it to the August killing of an unarmed black 18-year-old by a white officer in nearby Ferguson.

St. Louis' police chief says the suspect in Wednesday's shooting fired first on the uniformed officer and got off three rounds before his gun jammed. He says the officer fired 17 rounds.


No Justice for Muslim Political Prisoners.
Supreme Court Rejects Tarek Mehanna's appeal;
Ziyad Yaghi, Abdul Razak Ali also denied appeal
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

On Monday, October 6, 2014 the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Tarek Mehanna, a Massachusetts resident who is serving a 17 1/2 year sentence for translating ancient Arabic texts on jihad for the Islamic website At Tibyan.

Mehanna claims he was threatened with prosecution after refusing to act as an informant for the FBI. He is accused of support for terrorism, though his support never included picking up a gun. The government alleges that Mehanna "intended" to go to Iraq to take up arms against the US, although there is no evidence. Mehanna is guilty of nothing more than saying in passing that Iraqis have a right to defend themselves.

"I'm disappointed to see even the highest court still submissive to the executive branch's fabrication of charges," Mehanna's father, Ahmed Mehanna, 64, said. "It's clearly the First Amendment [at issue], and they refused to even look at it."

Mehanna's prosecutor, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, is the same one who is pursuing the prosecutions of youths accused in relation to the Boston Marathon bombings. She claims Mehanna was "using the Internet to encourage others to support terrorism."

Boston FBI Agent Vincent Lisi in charge of framing the case against Mehanna stated, "From his travel to Yemen to receive training to kill American soldiers to his material support for terrorism at home, it was clear Mr. Mehanna trained to be a terrorist."

Prosecutors say Mehanna traveled with Ahmad Abousamra to Yemen in 2004 to join a terrorist training camp, while Mehanna insists he traveled there to learn Arabic. He had expressed some light-hearted interest to a friend in checking out the famous al Qaeda training camps, but they don't really exist as tourism adventure spots anymore in this decade now that Reagan is no longer president. Mehanna never did go to any camp to participate in any weapons training, and even if he had, that is not the same thing as signing up for a war against the US. Mehanna's lawyers said he didn't give any tangible support to al-Qaida, and his online activities were protected free speech.

"We are disappointed that the Supreme Court declined to hear the case," a lawyer for Mehanna, P. Sabin Willett told ABC News.

Mehanna's father said his family had not even had "one iota of hope" that his son would get a hearing before the high court, in light of the news reports on ISIS.

"Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is affected by such a saga and such media frenzy," Ahmed Mehanna said. "It is a very, very sad day."

"Everybody agrees that Mehanna supported al-Qaida's cause; At Tibyan is a fairly popular terrorist forum, and Mehanna translated its content with the clear intention of swaying opinion toward the jihadist cause. But translating, publishing, and praising ideological texts, no matter how morally vile, is generally considered to be a basic free speech activity. Everyone knows that the First Amendment protects translations of Mein Kampf. Why did Mehanna's translation of jihadist hosannas land him behind bars?" writes Mark Joseph Stern in Slate.

"Where, exactly, does free speech end and unlawful terrorist coordination begin?"

Mehanna had no idea his actions were criminal. He possessed the self-confidence and outspoken attitude of a relatively affluent, American born male.

"A major issue that seems to remain open as a result of the Court's decision is the extent to which a defendant must "coordinate" his or her activities with the FTO [Foreign Terrorist Organization] in question in order to be convicted under § 2339. The Court had previously held in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, 130 S. Ct. 2705 (2010), that § 2339 "reaches only material support coordinated with or under the direction of a designated foreign terrorist organization" (emphasis added)," writes Alex Ely in .

Andy Wang of lawfareblog explains, "The 1996 "material support" provision, 18 U.S.C. § 2339, criminalizes the providing of "material support or resources" to a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). Providing "material support or resources" can mean the providing of "any property... or service" to the FTO... The government succeeded in convicting him under the material support provision, and the First Circuit affirmed the conviction."

"Mehanna's petition opens with a statutory argument—that his actions were not criminal under any reasonable definition of the word "coordination." Noting that he only translated the texts—at his own discretion—and that the translations were not committed, directed, paid for by, performed in concert with, or presented to any FTO, Mehanna argues that he could not possibly have "coordinate[d]" with any FTOs... he merely translated the texts at his own discretion and disseminated them to other users on the internet."

Mehanna concludes, "If the government's low bar for what actions and speech constitute "coordination" is allowed to stand, it would impose unconstitutional sanctions for merely talking or associating with people on the internet."

However, Mehanna's vacation to Yemen, the government argued, was enough to let the conviction stand, brushing aside the issue of whether translations alone can constitute sufficient coordination and material support.

This week the Supreme Court also denied appeal to Ziyad Yaghi, another American-born Muslim found guilty of suspicious vacationing after he went to Egypt in search of a bride and tried to make a stop in Jerusalem; and Guantanamo inmate Abdul Razak Ali.


Analysis by an Indian insider: India Should Insulate from War on IS
by M K Bhadrahumar, October 5, 2014

This is the third time India is having to make a choice whether to to join the United States' war on terror. In 2001, the BJP government was quite inclined to join the invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime. But the US was more interested in roping in its 'non-NATO ally', Pakistan, and Pervez Musharraf jumped in with alacrity.
The second time was in 2003 when during a rare visit to the US, the then Deputy PM L. K. Advani favorably viewed the then US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld's demarche that India should join the "coalition of the willing" to invade Iraq. But Advani's folly was corrected by PM A. B. Vajpayee in the nick of time.

Now, PM Narendra Modi faces a similar choice to be part of the US-led "coalition of the willing" against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Opinion seems divided among Indian security experts.

To compound matters, Israel has also pitched in at the highest level in what seems to have been a last-ditch attempt to influence Modi's thinking, which apparently keeps a sense of proportions about a mythical al-Qaeda threat to India.

Nonetheless, it seems touch-and-go, what with our NSA camping in Washington over the weekend. What causes uneasiness is that "highly placed sources" in the Indian government have begun systematically planting alarmist stories based on conjectures and low-grade intelligence a shade above bazaar gossip (here and here).

Such media management suggests a calibrated design to mould public opinion in favor of India and America chalein saath, saath ('forward together we go').

However, India will be making a catastrophic mistake in associating itself in any way with the US' "coalition of the willing" against the IS. The first point to be borne in mind is that this is an open-ended war. The British PM David Cameron just forewarned that it could be a generation-long war. Does India have the stamina for it?

Secondly, the lives of over three dozen Indians in IS captivity are in the crosshairs. Make no mistake that IS will retaliate and India will be utterly helpless, since the US won't be able to anything for India beyond what it has been able to do for its key ally Britain — nothing.

The IS' game plan is to force an unwilling Obama and a reluctant David Cameron to deploy "boots on the ground." Then, there are some serious questions involved here.

Clearly, air strikes against IS will achieve nothing. The IS has already turned into a flat, horizontal structure with no Hqs, no command-and-control centres. As a Middle East expert put it, it has begun operating as "a rhizome-like organism." What does that mean?

It means the US and its allies will soon run out of 'targets'. Already, IS continues to gain ground despite the US air strikes. It just overran an Iraqi military base with hundreds of soldiers and captured two more border towns in Syria.

In short, the time is approaching to ponder 'what next' after the air strikes? Turkey's decision to move troops into Iraq and Syria and occupy territories is in anticipation of the current US military strategy ending in a cul-de-sac even sooner than we may think.

Again, within the "coalition of the willing", there are far too many contradictions. The US is depending on the very same Gulf allies, who, as Vice President Joe Biden openly acknowledged during a speech at the Harvard University on Thursday, were only responsible for the creation of the IS.

Put differently, these Gulf countries and Turkey (which funded, equipped and assisted the IS to surge) have their own agenda, which is different from the US'. Thus, the Obama administration is facing the difficult choice of pretending what its coalition partners are up to or to suo moto defeat the IS military by putting "boots on the ground" — or, more plausibly, at some point accepting the emergence of the IS as a fact of life and try to come to terms with it.

To compound matters, Saudi Arabia is dangerously over-stretched by punching beyond its weight in regional politics. The borders with Iraq (900 km) and Yemen (1400 km) have the potential to become infiltration routes for al-Qaeda. Also, there is a simmering factional war going on within the Saudi royal family on the issue of succession to King Abdullah.

Suffice to say, the IS crisis is becoming a crisis within Wahhabism. The Saudi strategy to use militant Salafists in projects over the past 30-35 year period in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and so on has come full circle inevitably with a Salafist radicalization that is leading to a metamorphosed neo-Wahhabist movement, which is what the Islamic State is about.

How long can the restive, aspirational Saudi youth be kept away from the charisma and pull of the IS? That is the core issue developing today.

To quote the Middle East analyst mentioned above, "the 'war' in the Middle East has evolved into a war between Wahhabism and other orientations of Salafism, such as the Muslim Brotherhood (whom Saudis now seek to blame for the emergence of the IS). It is a war of Sunni on Sunni, of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia versus Wahhabi Qatar, of Wahhabi Jabat An-Nusra against IS; of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and certain of its allies against the Muslim Brotherhood."

Suffice to say, it is a boiling cauldron and a massive spillover cannot be avoided. The high probability is a repetition of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran — this time around in Saudi Arabia.

As an Obama watcher, my hunch is that Obama is dithering, understanding perfectly well what is at stake here. Obama seems to be going through the motions of the air strikes without much conviction, sensing Saudi Arabia's dire vulnerability.

Of course, the paradox is that by its passivity, the US could end up repeating its folly in Iran in the 1970s — refusing to pressure the Saudi regime to reform, sensing the regime's vulnerability but watching as a spectator and paralyzed on its tracks whilst the IS marches towards the gates of Riyadh. But then, what else can Obama do? The American public opinion and the political establishment will not countenance the US putting the "boots on the ground" for salvaging the Saudi regime.

Therefore, India needs to be extremely wary of what is unfolding. There are 7 million Indians earning their livelihood in the region. They should not get caught in the crossfire. This should be the prime concern.

In a longer term perspective, India needs to reassess the potentials and/or dangers of political islam surging in the transformation of the Middle East. If the IS knocks at the gates of Riyadh, its resonance will be felt as far away as Lahore.

This is not a war on terror. The decades-old US regional strategies pursued in close alliance with Saudi Arabia have inexorably led to the present explosive outcome. The US' Faustian pact with the Saudis is unraveling. India has had no role in it, and Indian should not aspire for a role in it today, no matter what the Mephistophilis might have whispered to Modi in New York.

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