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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulqi'dah 11,1435/September 7, 2014 # 36

Think about this: Very Important
How to behave in the Crisis Times we are Living in
by [Imam] Badi Ali [North Carolina]
  1. Put your trust in Allah. Read sura Yasin 82. Sura al-Baqarah:210. Read relevant hadith.

  2. Your alliance should be with Allah. It is important to be clear about whom you are with and whom you are against. Do not carry snakes with you. They will only bite you.

  3. Analyze events in accordance with our belief in Allah. Do not look at things from negative viewpoints.

  4. Distance yourself from sin.

  5. Be with the jamaa, the vast majority of the Islamic community. Unity is an obligation. Don't let the enemy divide you. If they divide us into Shia and Sunni right now, later they can divide us into Hanafi vs Hanbali, and so on. Your Ummah is one Ummah.

  6. Seek knowledge about the brave righteous scholars like Maudoodi and Syed Qutb.

  7. Be patient and persevere.

  8. Be responsible for yourself and those you care for.

  9. Be creative. Do not be lazy, easy going and set in your ways.

Breaking News: September 6. Syria: Bashar Assad's air force bombed the bakery in al-Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic caliphate, killing 20 civilians, including children, and 6 fighters. This was the second raid. For reports on September 2 to 5, scroll down .
Also, IS positions east of Aleppo were bombed today by Assad's jets.

Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen activity in Newark, Delaware
Important Information on America and Islamic Uprisings Globally given to 92

On September 5, after Juma' salaat at the main mosque in Newark, Delaware, Jamaat literature was given to 92 Muslims, mostly Arabs, Pakistanis/Bangladeshis and Africans.

The khutba was nice, mostly about the meaning of happiness in Islam, rejecting the entertainment which people often take for happiness.

The crowd has grown so much that there are two juma prayers. The traffic was ably directed by a young African American policewoman in 90 degree temperature. A lot of Muslims thanked her, calling her "ma'am." Won't be a surprise if she embraces Islam!

These were the Jamaat al-Muslimeen items distributed, in six pages.
  1. Disrespect for women and open homosexuality are signs of America's decay. [Br. Kaukab's khutba.]

  2. Imam Badi Ali's statement on Gaza: Palestine stood strong but Arab rulers were shameless.

  3. List of 373 children in Gaza, with age of each, killed by Israeli Jewish bombing. [Imam Badi.]

  4. Police atrocity in New York. [Sis. Aisha.]

  5. Libya was bombed by UAE jets sent though Egypt's tyrant Sissi.

  6. Fighting in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria. Arrests in "Saudi" Arabia.

Crusaders Unite Against Islamic Caliphate: September 5

NEWPORT, Wales (AP) - The U.S. and 10 of its key allies agreed Friday that the Islamic State group is a significant threat to NATO countries and that they will take on the militants by squeezing their financial resources and going after them with military might.

Total now about 1,000.
2 Sep 2014. President Barack Obama has authorized sending 350 more military personnel to Iraq to protect U.S. facilities and personnel in Baghdad, the White House said Tuesday night. The move comes at the recommendation of the Defense Department

Looks like heavy rainstorms have hit the Pakistani political stalemate. With 155 people dead, it is now a catastrophe.

Special report on Pakistan from Dr. Khawaja. Daily demonstrations in Islamabad. Please scroll way down.

For reports from Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, India, Iran, Kashmir, Egypt, please scroll way down.

From Kaukab Siddique

Women and Islam: Men and women are equal in Islam. [al-Quran 9:71]. The standard of merit is TAQWA, or awareness of Allah and Islamic conduct. [49:13] Obedience is to Allah alone [33:1], not to the husband. Decisions should be arrived at through Shoora [mutual consultation. [42:38] Check out detailed evidence from my books: The Struggle of Muslim Women and Liberation of Women Thru Islam. With that context, please read this saddening report.

Our America
Violation of Islamic Laws & Sunnah Force women to seek help from Secular American Courts.
How US Laws Protect Wives.

by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston, Massachussetts.]

When she married at 26, Aisha had no idea about her legal rights as a female citizen of the United States. A first generation American, she did know that Islamic law entitled her to a dowry as well as maintenance by her husband, in exchange for obeying him, keeping the household, and allowing her womb to procreate. She knew she had to get his permission to get a job. She married a man "fresh off the boat." Knowing he had no savings and worked a menial job, she asked him in lieu of money or jewelry, to promise her a back massage every night. She also secretly hoped that might also lead to nightly intimacy, and she was naturally willing to return the favor. He agreed to this. He also agreed to a small family only wedding, with each side inviting five persons.

Much to her surprise, the night before her wedding, while she was covered in henna, she received a phone call from her fiancé alerting her to the fact that he had bowed to peer pressure, stood on top of a table, and invited all his friends to Aisha's parents' house for the wedding. Aisha did not have time to invite all her friends on such short notice, and her best friend stopped talking to her after she didn't get the message.

On the wedding day, in front of all these guests, the imam asked her if she would accept this marriage for a dowry of $1,200. She was astonished, since there had never been any such discussion of money. But she was too shy to speak up in front of the crowd. She assumed that her husband-to-be was just too embarrassed to admit the real dowry promise, and so had added this into the agreement as a cover-up.

However, the day after the wedding when she said with an innocent smile, "Can I have my backrub now?" her husband refused! He was astonished by her sense of entitlement.

"But you promised!" she insisted.

"Nobody gets married in exchange for backrubs." He told her she was ridiculous.

She never received any $1,200 cash gift either.

A couple years into the marriage, her husband bought a computer that they would both use and asked her to accept that in lieu of the dowry.

In truth, he was not entirely irresponsible - he did financially maintain her and the children with a generous settlement after divorce. But his refusal to acknowledge personal responsibility for a legally binding verbal agreement cost him his marriage, because in doing so, he insultingly treated his wife as chattel, as a non-person.

What could Aisha have done differently to have avoided this pitfall with an otherwise regarded as good man?

The second time she got married, she continued to be lovingly humble and it turned out even much, much worse. Ironically, her new mother-in-law didn't approve her to invite one friend to her own wedding, since it was to be family only.

By this time, Aisha was so isolated as a housewife and full time mother that she had started to think of "the world outside" as a scary place. But when the second husband's mental abuse became to extreme that she realized he truly didn't regard her as a person with legal rights, her fear caused her to turn to the government for help. Approaching the steps of the local health center, she started to relax when strangers smiled at her and her children.

As a pregnant mother whose husband was unemployed, she instantly qualified for medical insurance, food stamps, and WIC. She was also placed on a waiting list for discounted housing. As soon as she separated from her husband, all these benefits transferred to her and gave her children a safety net that her husband had never provided no matter what his income. In both marriages, she had always thought in terms of money being "her husband's money."

Even though her husband, after she tearfully begged him to divorce her, had pronounced "talaq talaq talaq," he later denied that he had given her a divorce. For the next five years, he tormented her by stalking her, insisting she was still his wife. He used an outdated stereotype of Islam to justify treating her as a person without right of personhood. Even the most basic right, the right to freely decide if one chooses to agree to marriage.

Aisha learned to file motions in court. All of the legal documents required to apply for child support, court order a child care schedule, divorce, or even a restraining order, can be downloaded from the local family and probate court to print out.

Going to the courthouse was a daunting task at first. They really don't make it easy. There are certain forms that need to be filled out (including financial exemption from filing fees and service fees - meaning when the sheriff serves him with papers). There are many different lines she had to stand in. But the courthouse employees are used to first timers and politely advised her.

Women can get free legal advice from their local domestic abuse hotline, and there should be an office at the courthouse for guidance as to what forms to ask for. During divorce, always focus your affidavit arguments to issues regarding the children.

When it comes to domestic abuse situations, whether mental or physical, do not bother with a lawyer unless you want to negotiate with your spouse. In the event of a truly unreasonable spouse, the quickest way to get it over with is just to go in front of a judge. You can get divorced in a few hearings. They have heard it all before. You just tell them the truth and they will advise.

The scariest thing about standing up for yourself is having to face your user spouting bald faced lies as well as half truths designed to malign you and deprive you of your voice. Do not look him in the eye. Look humbly at the judge. Pray for God's justice and the life your children deserve to see you lead, free of intimidation or devaluing of person.

Elder American Islamic Scholar Shamim Siddiqui responds to my David Irving Article

Salam mohtaram Kaukab bhai

The facts given by you about the historian David Irving are quite sufficient to keep the mouth of Jewish Lobby shut but they are all "Be-Haya" [shameless] and never feel ashamed of their misdeeds. In spite of my eye problem, i will try to get through some of his monomental writings.The Muslim youth must read them and equip their mental horizon with wisdom and truth and not "fiction" that is being spread by Jewish propagada machinery.

Alhamdulillah, my next book: "Global Islamic Movement - Why & How?" is complete. Soon I will send its draft copy to you and other brothers for study and comments towards improvement, if any. It will bridge the gap for Muslims to know what to do now and how in the context of our time.

Shukrun wa Jazakallah
Shamim Siddiqi [Long Island, New York]

The Greatest Historian of World War II
David Irving Spoke in Maryland: Scholar of Immense Knowledge & Extensive Research ability
Why is he hated by Israel and international Jewry: You'll be surprised!
by Kaukab Siddique

A few days back I had the honor of meeting David Irving, a truly great scholar. Some idea of the immensity of Mr. Irving's scholarship can be gained by noting some of his numerous books:

Hitler's War [1024 pages]
Churchill's War [Volume 2 alone is 1051 pages]
Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich [722 pages]
Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945
Goring: A Biography
Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden
Nuremberg : The Last Battle

I have read his books over the years. They come up to the highest standards of scholarship. What makes them slow reading is that every fact he mentions is documented from original sources.

The problem for Mr. Irving was that he would not include anything in his books which could not be documented from original sources. Jewish scholars soon found that he had not included Auschwitz and the "holocaust" in his books. Gradually international Jewry and Israel turned its full fury against him and had his entry into various countries made illegal.

His book on Goebbels was refused by the publisher in spite of a written contract. The "Chosen People" would not allow his books to be published or to be sold [with the exception of Amazon from where it can be ordered but it is not publicized].

He tried to stop the Jewish onslaught by developing a support network around the world and especially in America. Jewish gangsters or their supporters would harass the hotels where he wanted to hold PRIVATE meetings. The result is that Mr. Irving has to keep his meetinga secret till a day or so before the meeting.

The media are infested with Jews and their Zionist supporters. Mr. Irving is not allowed on to any major newspaper, radio station, or TV station. An attempt has been underway for decades to turn him into a non-person.

Is Mr. Irving a Nazi? Absolutely not!

Is he a supporter of Hitler? Not at all.

The problem is that he will not accept the propaganda of the victors without authentication. Anyone who has read his research on Churchill would have to give up the popular view of the Second World War,

When the Zionists came up against me, they thought they could "get me" because I respect Mr. Irving's writings. CBS in Philadelphia wanted to interview me about my views on Irving. I asked the would-be interviewer: Have you read ANY book by Irving. He admitted that he had not. I told him: How can you interview me about someone in your attack pose when you have not read even one of his books!

This day, Mr. Irving was his old relaxed self, cracking wry British jokes, speaking with great accuracy about the most obscure but tragic events of the war. He certainly does not hold back on criticism of German slaughter of Jews in Russia [often with Ukrainian support]. What makes him dangerous, from the Jewish viewpoint, is that he is able to document the horrific crimes committed against Germany by the victors. He is able to show Goebbels as a human being. He could show that in Nuremberg, the victors were trying Germans for crimes similar to the ones the victors themselves had committed.

At the end of the meeting I embraced him [something which he does not like because it is so un-British] and said to him: May Allah be with you!

Our America: via Asqfish
More training of American Police by Israel:
 Chaumtoli Huq
Top lawyer for city Public Advocate says NYPD cops roughed her up during unwarranted arrest: suit
Chaumtoli Huq, 42, says in the suit filed late Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court that she was waiting for her husband

Jewish Man Held in Assault Against MP George Galloway
The Jewish Chronicle (Britain)

A Jewish man repeatedly punched George Galloway in the face because he "was an enemy to Judaism," a court heard this week. Former BBC manager Neil Masterson, 39, is alleged to have shouted about the Holocaust and then assaulted Mr Galloway as he posed for pictures with members of the public in Golborne Road, west London. He is also accused of pushing away another man who tried to stop the attack. Mr Galloway was taken to St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, for treatment on Friday and kept in hospital overnight. The Respect MP for Bradford West suffered bruising and swelling to his face.

Our America: People are not told why someone becomes Famous. Identities are hidden.
Joan Rivers and the Zionist Media
submitted 2 days ago by Antiochus88 [before Joan Rivers passed away.]

The Zionist Supremacist media's coverage of the illness of Jewish "comedian" Joan Rivers—which consists exclusively of praise and celebrity endorsements, while ignoring her hate-filled and pro-murder comments about Palestinians—serves as yet another classic textbook case of hypocrisy and racist Jewish tribalism.

Rivers, 81, who is, as this article was written, in a medically induced coma after stopping breathing during throat surgery, has long been a media darling and has been widely promoted by the Jewish Supremacist controlled press for four decades, despite her "humor" most often consisting of vulgarities and insults.

The reason for her endless promotion is, of course, the fact that she actually is Jewish, and was born with the name Joan Alexandra Molinsky, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants.

It was therefore no surprise to informed observers when Molinsky spewed typical Jewish racist supremacist hate and venom against the Palestinians at the height of the most recent Israeli attack on the civilians of Gaza.

When asked about the Gaza Holocaust, Molinsky told a TV interviewer that she did not feel bad because civilian victims "deserve to be dead", that the ones killed had "very low IQs."

"Good. Good. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don't count who's dead. You're dead, you deserve to be dead. Don't you dare make me feel bad about that.

"They were told to get out. They didn't get out. You don't get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs."

Later she released a statement saying she stood by what she had said.

There was, of course, no media condemnation for her hate-filled outburst, even though the Israeli "forces" killed hundreds of babies, children and non-combatants when they attacked Gaza.

Now that she is seriously ill, the same media is full of sympathetic stories on her illness, and even repeats all manner of (mainly Jewish) celebrity endorsements (for example, from Bette Midler, Courtney Love Cobain, and so on) praying for her to recover.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) even went as far as publishing a headline piece "Wishing Joan Rivers Speedy Recovery" and wishing her a "refuah shlemah"—a Jewish prayer for recovery in the name of God.

Consider for a second what these same media outlets' coverage would have been had any other person made comments in public to the effect that Jewish civilians "deserve to be dead", and that the Jews killed had "very low IQs."

What would the media's reaction have been to anyone—say a Palestinian—who declared about Jews in occupied Palestine that "They were told to get out. They didn't get out. You don't get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs."

This same media would have condemned any person making such hateful remarks—and, if that same person had then fallen seriously ill only a few weeks later, when discussing the illness, the media would have most certainly dragged up and replayed such hateful remarks.

Breaking News: Crusaders Unite Against Islamic Caliphate [IS]
[Following items compiled by Citizens for Legitimate Government {CLG} in Connecticut.]

Barack Obama and David Cameron seek coalition against Isis 3 Sept 2014 Barack Obama and David Cameron have vowed to use the Nato summit starting in Wales on Thursday to engineer a resilient military and political coalition, including key countries in the Middle East, capable of squeezing out and destroying Islamic State (Isis) in northern Iraq. British officials also said the British prime minister was examining every option to protect the British hostage threatened by the jihadist group on Tuesday, in light of its murder of the American journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley in the past month. "We will not be intimidated," Obama said in Estonia on the way to the summit.

Islamic State guides Egyptian militants, expanding its influence 5 Sept 2014 Islamic State, fighting to redraw the map of the Middle East, has been coaching Egypt's most dangerous militant group, complicating efforts to stabilize the biggest Arab nation. Confirmation that Islamic State , currently the most successful of the region's jihadi groups, is extending its influence to Egypt will sound alarm bells in Cairo, where the authorities are already facing a security challenge from home-grown militants.

U.S. confirms death of al Shabaab leader Godane in Somalia strike 5 Sept 2014 The Pentagon confirmed on Friday that Ahmed Abdi Godane, a leader of the al Shabaab Islamist group, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Somalia this week, calling it a "major symbolic and operational loss" for the al Qaeda-affiliated militants.

Canadian no-fly list numbers must stay secret: government 3 Sept 2014 Federal security officials are resisting pressure to reveal how many people are on Canada's no-fly list, arguing the information could help terrorists plot a catastrophic attack on an airliner. In newly filed court documents, the government also contends that divulging the figure might damage relations with key allies, especially the United States. Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault is challenging the government's refusal to disclose the data to a Montreal journalist who requested it under the Access to Information Act.

Breaking News: Iran and US Military Coordination vs Islamic Caliphate [IS]

Iran's Supreme Leader has approved co-operation with the US as part of the fight against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, sources have told BBC Persian.

Ayatollah Khamenei has authorised his top commander to co-ordinate military operations with the US, Iraqi and Kurdish forces, sources in Tehran say.

Iran has traditionally opposed US involvement in Iraq, an Iranian ally.

However, Iran's foreign ministry officially denied it would co-operate with the US against IS.

Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham told Iran's Press TV the report was not correct.

Tehran had been critical of the way Washington launched air strikes on IS only after US interests came under threat, she said.

A further indication that Iran may have approved co-operation with the US comes from CNN's Christiane Amanpour, who tweeted that Iraqi President Fuad Masum had told her as much on Thursday.

Shia Iran sees the extremist Sunni IS group, which views Shias as heretics, as a serious threat.

Last month US air strikes helped Iranian-backed Shia militia and Kurdish forces break a two-month siege by Islamic State of the Shia town of Amerli.

IS has taken over swathes of northern and western Iraq and eastern Syria in recent months.

US forces began carrying out air strikes on IS positions in August after they took over several cities in northern Iraq.

Analysis: Kasra Naji, BBC Persian

This new-found cooperation with US forces indicates a change in Iran's policy in Iraq, albeit one borne out of necessity.

In 2001, Iran cooperated with the US in Afghanistan by arming and supporting the Northern Alliance which eventually overthrew the Taliban government.

Now, there is a similar need to stop a threat, which Iran by itself can only defeat by bringing in thousands of troops.

Defeating Islamic State will remove the threat on Iran's western borders and help stabilise Iran's two main allies in the region, Iraq and Syria.

Iran can also avoid large numbers of boots on the ground, as long as Iraqi Shia militias, loyal to Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei, stand ready to take up the banner and fight.

Iran's change of heart will no doubt be welcomed in Washington and London, where a joint strategy is taking shape towards creating a broad alliance of international and regional players to deal with the IS threat.

Sources say Ayatollah Khamenei has sanctioned Gen Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force - an elite overseas unit of the Revolutionary Guards - to work with forces fighting IS, including the US.

Breaking News : Afghanistan
Taliban attack Afghan intelligence office [September 4]

Taliban insurgents detonated truck bombs and fired rocket-propelled grenades outside the office of Afghanistan's spy agency and a police compound in the central town of Ghazni on Thursday, killing 18 people, the provincial governor said.

More than 150 people were wounded in the attack, the biggest in recent weeks, as Afghanistan's leadership grapples with a political crisis and a security vacuum as most foreign troops prepare to leave the country. (Reuters)

Breaking News: Syria: Heavy fighting. More than 200 people killed in ONE day. #1
September: 5:
Assad regime's jets bombed Raqqa, the capital of ISIS, killing 16 Islamic fighters who had come from overseas.

September: 4:
Assad's bombed a town in Deir Ez-Zor province trying to hit ISIS and killed 4 children, 3 women and a man. People demonstrated against ISIS blaming it for the bombing by Assad.

September: 3 to 5 :
In the provinces of Damascus, Quneitra, Dera, Hama, Aleppo and Latakia, there were clashes between Assad's forces, Shi'ite militias and Hizbullah on one side and al-Nusra Front and various other groups on the other side. Assad lost 37 troops in Aleppo province.

Civilian casualties occurred in various numbers as Assad's jet planes bombed areas in opposition control. Damascus came under fire and Assad jet fighters struck mujahideen positions very close to Damascus to stop the Islamic advance. Hizbullah re-captured a village on the outskirts of Damascus.

Breaking News: Syria #2
Russian supplied Jet Shot down by IS.
IS militants vow to 'de-throne' Putin over Syria support
September 3, 2014 6:51 PM

Moscow (AFP) - Islamic State militants have issued a threat to President Vladimir Putin, vowing to oust him and "liberate" the volatile North Caucasus over his support of the Syrian regime.

Related Stories

The General Prosecutor's Office of Russia demanded that access to the address, which was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and features what jihadists say is a Russian-supplied fighter jet, be blocked.

"This is a message to you, oh Vladimir Putin, these are the jets that you have sent to Bashar, we will send them to you, God willing, remember that," said one fighter in Arabic, according to Russian-language captions provided in the video.

"And we will liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus, God willing," said the militant. "The Islamic State is and will be and it is expanding God willing."

"Your throne has already teetered, it is under threat and will fall when we come to you because Allah is truly on our side," said the fighter. "We are already on our way God willing."

In the same video, several fighters, some dressed in traditional Muslim robes, threaten Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad from atop the fighter jet.

View gallery

"This is Russian equipment," says a voice, speaking in accented Russian, as the camera cuts to a close-up of the plane's cabin.

The Prosecutor's Office said it requested that investigators open a criminal probe into the video.

The Kremlin fought two wars with separatists in Chechnya over the past 20 years. The unrest has since engulfed the entire North Caucasus including Dagestan and Ingushetia where attacks on authorities are a regular occurence.

The Kremlin, whose attention over past months has focused on the Ukraine crisis, is one of the main backers of the Assad regime, providing it with diplomatic and military support in its fight against rebels.

The Islamic State, a Sunni extremist group, has gained prominence in recent months, declaring an Islamic "caliphate" in regions under its control in Iraq and Syria.

The militants stirred a global outcry last month when they beheaded US journalist James Foley. The fighters said on Tuesday they had beheaded a second US journalist, Steven Sotloff.

Breaking News:September 4. [BBC report]
Qaeda chief Zawahiri launches al-Qaeda in South Asia

Offers Support for Muslims in Kashmir, Bangladesh, Burma, Gujarat and Assam.
India shows serious concern.
 Ayman al-Zawahiri in September 2011
Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has announced in a videoed message the creation of an Indian branch of his militant group to "raise the flag of jihad" across South Asia.

In the 55-minute video posted online, Zawahiri pledged renewed loyalty to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Correspondents say his stated allegiance is an apparent snub to Islamic State (IS) militants.

IS is challenging al-Qaeda to lead worldwide Islamist militancy.

Announcing the formation of "al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent" using a mixture of his native Arabic and Urdu widely spoken in Pakistan, Zawahiri appeared eager to regain some of the limelight, correspondents say.

"[Al-Qaeda] is an entity that was formed to promulgate the call of the reviving imam, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden. May Allah have mercy upon him," Zawahiri said.

He urged the "umma", or Muslim nation, to "wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate".

Zawahiri said "al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent" would be good news for Muslims in Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh and in the Indian states of Assam, Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, where they would be rescued from injustice and oppression.

Analysis, BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner
 Ayman al-Zawahiri with Osama bin Laden in 2001
Zawahiri (right) - photographed here with Osama Bin Laden in 2001 - is eager to carry on the policies of his predecessor

It was always going to be a challenge for Osama Bin Laden's successor to match his iconic status and maintain al-Qaeda as the most powerful jihadist group in the world.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the nominal leader of al-Qaeda, is a 63-year-old former Egyptian eye surgeon said to be long on words and short on charm.

For over a decade he has dodged drone strikes and hit squads by hiding out in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

But apart from issuing occasionally long-winded treatises and videos, his critics say he has allowed al-Qaeda to wither while Islamic State (IS) has grown into

A spokesperson for India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) told the Associated Press news agency that the statement was "a matter of serious concern".

"But there is nothing to worry about. We have a strong government at the federal level," the spokesperson said.

Breaking News: Nigerian Air Force bombed its own troops.
Boko Haram overruns Nigerian town; scores killed
By Reuters
September 2.
 Maiduguri Nigeria
The military has extended Maiduguri's nightly curfew to 7pm until 6am — it previously started at 10pm — to fight infiltration by insurgents, Nigerian defence headquarters said. — File photo

MAIDUGURI: Boko Haram insurgents overran most of a north-eastern Nigerian town on Tuesday after hours of fighting that killed scores and displaced thousands of residents, security sources said.

The Islamists launched an attack on the town of Bama, 70km from the Borno state capital of Maiduguri, on Monday.

They were initially repelled but came back in greater numbers overnight, the sources and witnesses said.

Nigerian defence spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

The sources said there were heavy casualties on both sides and one said at least 5,000 people fled the town.

In a bungled air strike, several Nigerian troops were killed at the Bama armoury by a war plane targeting the insurgents, a soldier on the ground said.

Two months after Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria declared the area they seized as an Islamic 'caliphate', Boko Haram has also for the first time explicitly laid claim to territory it says it controls in parts of northeast Nigeria.

They captured the remote hilly farming town of Gwoza, along the Cameroon border, during fighting last month. The group's leader Abubakar Shekau in a video declared it a "Muslim territory" that would be ruled by Islamic law.

Mr Shekau's forces have killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands since launching an uprising in 2009 to revive a 'caliphate' in religiously mixed Nigeria. They are the biggest security threat to Africa's top oil producer.

"When we started hearing gunshots, everybody was confused. There was firing from different directions. We just ran to the outskirts of town," Bukar Auwalu, a trader who fled with his wife, three children and brother, said by phone.

"There were military helicopters and a fighter jet. We slept in the bush on the outskirts of town. We can't go back."

Adrian Edwards, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said 9,000 people fleeing violence in Nigeria's northeast had arrived in Cameroon's Far North region in the past 10 days.

"Even upon arrival in Cameroon, they are not necessarily out of harm's way. On Sunday, insurgents attacked Kerawa town inside Cameroon, forcing refugees and some local residents to flee further inland," he said in a briefing note from Geneva.

Another 2,000 had crossed into Niger, which is already hosting some 50,000 refugees from fighting since May 2013. Some 645,000 people are internally displaced in Nigeria, she said.

Cameroon state radio said on Tuesday it had killed 40 Boko Haram insurgents during an attempted incursion by the militants the previous day.

Because of Bama's proximity to Maiduguri, a metropolis and home to an army base, security officials are worried there is now little to keep Boko Haram from gaining access to a city that was also the birthplace of their movement.

The military has extended Maiduguri's nightly curfew to 7pm until 6am — it previously started at 10pm — to fight infiltration by insurgents, Nigerian defence headquarters said.

The insurgents have also been in control of a small town called Gamboru Ngala, on the shores of Lake Chad to the north, which they seized in August which potentially opens up two fronts for an attack on Maiduguri.

"Boko Haram is beginning to operate like a conventional army, a major change from... before July, when it focused on carrying out short-lived hit-and-run assaults," the Nigeria Security Network's Andrew Noakes said in a report on Tuesday.

"If Maiduguri falls, it will be a symbolic and strategic victory unparalleled so far in the conflict."

Pakistan: [Islamabad under siege.]
20,000 Protestors Challenge the Government of Nawaz Sharif: Imran Khan & Qadri in the Lead.
by Dr. Mehboob Khawaja [Canada]

The nation's capital is under siege for over two weeks. People want political change and justice to their grievances that is nowhere to be seen. The demonstrators are not hired agitators but real people standing for hard core moral principles and democratic values. Islamabad depicts chaos, extreme insecurity and frightening trend of political mismanagement and failed governance. PM Sharif was already on a life support system of his own making. Now, the oxygen tank is fast running out of the life maintaining system. Nawaz Sharif has lost sense of direction and political maturity to see the mirror and to resign from the powerhouse gained by rigging the 2013 elections. Undoubtedly, Sharif lives in a matrix of lies. He does not have the courage to encounter a truthful statement. Informed Pakistani masses can tell the difference between the truth and a lie. The millions Freedom March to Islamabad is self-evident of this public awareness. According to the DAWN news media report of 1st September, 3 political activists were killed and 450 demonstrators wounded by the police action. In a knowledge-based 21st century age of reason and people's rights, the people are met by brutal force to change their thinking and motives for political change. A reality check filters out the truth that Pakistan's democracy faces formidable turbulent challenges even at its infancy without moving forward. When elections were held in May 2013, it signaled a glimpse of a proactive change-making impulse away from the four military coups' previously consumed precious time and opportunities to bulldoze the imperatives of systematic political change to take roots on its own. Conscientious new generations of educated and intelligent Pakistanis look for hope and are desperate to evolve a system of institutionalized political change to ensure protection of human rights, freedom and dignity and respect for law and justice and a sustainable future. Not so, the traditional elite comprising of the old feudal lords and most being the by-products of military coups are tantamount to dispel any signs of freedom and human dignity out of the box. At stake is the integrity of Pakistan and its future under the old echelons of the few thugs and political conspirators. Those who sabotaged the political change process include the Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharif and few infamous Generals producing the junk history. The so called politicians have stolen few adhesive labels from the contemporary history to claim political parties: The Muslim League (N), The Muslim League (Q) The Muslim League ( H), The PPP, The National Awami Party, The MQM and lot more. Analyzing critically, these turn out to be just titles, names and fake images carved out by individuals and small vested interest groups who could not find a place in people's thoughts and inspiration for the good of Pakistan. Across the Pakistani public mind, they are no more than transitory migrating birds that come to grab political powers through intrigues and backdoor conspiracies and in some case with foreign powers keen to make Pakistan a satellite for their own strategic priorities. All rational calculations point out to a new people's spirit and movement demanding peaceful political manifestation for the good of the country.

Pakistani nation faces many critical perils in its search for a peaceful democratic future.
It is challenging to talk about the current perils that the society faces with unknown serious implications for its future-making, as often prevalent political wickedness will try to silence the truth tellers to bring the real issues to public mind and stance. Those who assume power via intrigues, political corruption would not relinquish it without a powerful jolt from the masses. Miss Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari were no angels or moral political characters but essentially the by-products of most corrupted illegitimate democratic system of governance in Pakistan. It would be hard for historian to find a rationale and justification for the time and opportunities these individuals took to undermine the political future of Pakistan. Enriched with egoistic political imagination of their own, they dreamed of glory and triumph at the cost of ruthlessness, corruption, degeneration and viciousness. The present and future generations are captives of their favorite perversions and political insanity.

No wonder, why Islamabad is under continuing siege by the political activists - one group is led by the new generation activist Imran Khan, the former captain of Pakistani cricket team. The other by a religious scholar Dr. Tahir -ul -Qadri, whose Lahore Minhaj ul-Quran Center was brutally attacked by the police resulting in massacres of many peaceful participants and wounding hundred of others for no obvious reason. It is hard to imagine how rationality could overcome insanity being perpetuated by the Sharif brethren at provincial and national levels over the Pakistani nation. None appear to signal the scenarios of peaceful transformation of serious issues into workable solutions. Lacking political imagination and legitimacy, Sharif brethrens have used power to deal with sensitive issues of public communication and result-oriented political dialogue. Political failure and corruption allegations are nothing new to the profile of Nawaz Sharif. He was twice dismissed as Prime Minister on corruption charges. Do the Pakistani electorates know the value of their vote at the ballot box when and if they had opted for Sharif to be the next political leader?

Vengeful and paranoid, Nawaz Sharif is eager to maintain the Muslim League (N) powerhouse even though he is alleged to have rigged the outcome of the 2013 national elections. Some of his close party associates appear resentful of police actions against the demonstrators. The news media reports cite two members of the Pakistan Election Commission confirming Imran Khan's allegations that last year elections were rigged by Sharif. This is a critical problem in need of legal discourse and justice. The endless political lies and deceptions by the ruling elite have created a delusional culture of governance in Islamabad. It is woeful how publicly known thugs, crime riddled people have come to facilitate political governance over almost half of a century in Pakistan. They overwhelmingly dominate the political thinking for elections, buy and sell people's interests, support institutionalized system of corruption, uneducated people lacking moral and intellectual values assume power- the known political imperatives turned beliefs into talking points and emotional crutches - making masses stand firm against the odds of being fired at or getting killed. Reports indicate that Sharif has brought-in special police units from Punjab replacing the Islamabad security apparatus to ensure swift action against the demonstrators. This was the time and opportunity for REASON and political dialogue and not for flying bullets, public beating and crushing the will and spirit of the people for political change. Pakistani politics tells clearly being a house of liars and self-egomaniac people and Sharif is doomed failure. The Army Chief of Staff General Raheel Sharif has cautioned the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resolve the issues by peaceful means. It is hard to imagine that Nawaz Sharif is a man of any principles to leave the office under moral scrutiny or logical persuasion unless pushed out by force.

Pakistan's enemies are within not elsewhere. Nawaz Sharif (The Muslim League (N) is a stolen name and reference from the Pakistan freedom movement and his associates are mostly nameless and shapeless political characters. They enjoy life on public time and money and depleting monetary resources. Across the nation, trade and commerce are at a standstill. Common people have been deprived of their livelihood by massive public demonstrations and sitting-in at Islamabad. Law and justice are terribly ruptured by the political meddling of the few and their self-geared priorities. Pakistan's freedom, integrity and economic lifelines are being undermined by the ruling elite. They have no sense of time and history how the future will happen in a logical and peaceful manner of co-existence between the rulers and the ruled. Pakistan's worst enemies are those who are unable to listen to voices of reason and peaceful activism for change. Even if Sharif calls the joint house of the parliaments, ordinary people know well that Sharif must go. Democracy without people is not a democracy but autocracy and absolute authoritarianism in full swing shedding public blood and destructions to maintain neo-colonial law and order. The use of security forces and power against the people will not resolve the problems - the absolute power, a draconian strategy to dispel the notion of freedom. It is shameful for a functional democracy if any and as harmful in short terms as deadly and anti-freedom in long terms for the sustainability of a free nation. The ruling elite and the people live in a conflicting time zone being unable to understand the meaning and essence of the Pakistan Freedom Movement. Pakistan faces multiple chronic problems which could undermine its future. What is the cure to the current problems? There is no magic pill to deal with all critical situations except a comprehensive new approach for 'Anew Pakistan' originating out of the corrupt box to imagine political change and institutionalized developmental future. The masses have experienced tormenting pains and hopelessness for too long. Nawaz Sharif is not a leader of any vision, or proactive leadership traits. His political past and present is a burden on the moral and intellectual conscience of informed Pakistanis. Nawaz Sharif must go. The allegations of election rigging must be investigated. It will provide a logical breathing space for a planned and workable remedy to a highly critical political crisis and for a sustainable Change goal - if a new Government of National Unity is formed under a non-partisan and non political leader of moral and intellectual integrity for a period of two years; a New Constitution is framed with new public institutions under leadership of new generation educated people and then a new election could give meaning and clarity to the purpose of democracy and to transform the ideals of a progressive legitimate functional democracy. In "Pakistan: Anatomy of Turbulent 68th Independence Day" (The Cyrano's Journal Today, USA: August 14, 2014), this author offered the following plausible solution to the current crisis and a foresight to safeguard the political future of Pakistan:

All the monsters of history are to be found among the absolute leaders exercising absolute power in disregard of the interests of people. The milestones appear clear and the message well articulated by the masses that Sharif must go. He is not a leader with any rational political imagination to envisage any plan for political change and nation-building........Moral and intellectual corruption and gangsterism is the order of Pakistani politics operated by the few families. Sharif and his associates have stolen millions to buy real estates in UK and elsewhere. So did Asif ali Zardari, Benazir Bhutto and Musharaf too. All enjoy records of dismissal on corruption allegations and charges..... The ideals of the Pakistan Freedom Movement must be revisited and incorporated into the making of the future. To undo the darkened past and reshape the turbulent present, Pakistan desperately needs educated people of new generation and ideas, equipped with visionary and proactive ideals to rebuild public institutions and essential political capacity to safeguard the national integrity, survival and future as a Muslim Nation moving forward to pursue progressive political change and social and economic development infrastructures for the deprived people. The nation is boxed in by most cruel, incompetent and unproductive politicians. Its agriculture heartlands are increasingly becoming barren, business is destroyed, trades, commerce and social lifelines are ruined by the bogus War on Terrorism, public trust is crippled and creativity for change is crushed by ruthless authoritarian rulers. The masses are fed up with daily sectarian killings and political bloodbaths. None of the politicians seem to have standing to regain societal trust and restore normalcy to public law and order. Pakistan urgently needs a savior, not Sharif or the few Generals. The solution must come from the thinking people of the new educated generation - the intelligent Pakistanis to facilitate hope and optimism for a sustainable future of the beleaguered nation.

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