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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-thani 21,1435/April 21, 2014 # 16

April 17: Pakistani Taliban decided to end their cease fire with the Pakistani army after reports of the army killing a number of activists. Pak Taliban are also accusing the army of keeping numbers of Islamic women and children as prisoners.

Pakistan journalists are protesting the shooting incident in which noted journalist Hamid Mir was injured. His brother accused Pakistani intelligence for the shooting.

For breaking war news from Syria, Nigeria, Algeria and Yemen, please scroll to the end.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen comment:
Dear American Muslims. Do you want to be friends with Israel, AIPAC, International Jewry?
They are violating al-Aqsa, the third holiest mosque of Islam .
Boycott all Jewish and non-Jewish businesses which support Israel.

Israeli forces storm Aqsa compound, dozens injured and detained
Published yesterday (updated) 21/04/2014 10:03
 Palestinian at entrance of Al-Aqsa mosque April 20 2014

A young Palestinian woman shouts at the entrance of the Al-Aqsa
mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, on April 20, 2014
(AFP Ahmad Gharabli)

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Palestinian worshipers were wounded and dozens were detained after clashes broke in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday morning with Israeli forces who had stormed the courtyards firing stun grenades and rubber-coated bullets.

The raid comes amid frequent clashes in recent days after right-wing Jewish groups urged Jews to flock to the compound -- which they believe is the site of a former Jewish temple -- and conduct Passover rituals inside.

Director of Al-Aqsa Mosque Omar Kiswani told Ma'an that more than 400 police officers stormed the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque through the Moroccan Gate and the Chain Gate escorting extremist Jews other Jewish visitors into the compound.

Israeli forces, Kiswani said, "besieged" worshipers in the southern mosque "attacking them with clubs and pepper spray," after clashes broke out with Palestinian worshipers in the compound.

Dozens of Palestinians sustained injuries during the assault, while several others suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation. Twenty-five young men were reportedly detained by Israeli forces.

Kiswani said that Likud member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin had also entered the compound during the raid, accompanied by special security units. Feiglin has visited the site frequently in recent months, and he has vocally supported the extension of Israeli sovereignty over the compound.

Earlier on Sunday morning, clashes erupted outside the Lions' Gate (Bab al-Asbat) and Gate of Remission (Bab al-Hutta) of the Al-Aqsa compound when Israeli police denied hundreds of worshippers access to the compound.

Witnesses said that Israeli officers had denied all Palestinian residents of Jerusalem under the age of 60 access to the compound, including students who attend schools inside. Men and women were also attacked with clubs and pepper spray, witnesses said.

Israeli forces detained a young man after he was beaten brutally.

Israeli police spokesman said in a statement that police had detained 16 Palestinian "rioters," adding that they were all detained "as they threw stones/blocks at officers at the scene this morning."

He also said that two police officers were lightly injured in the clashes, which broke out after the Palestinians threw stones as "tourists visited."

Our America: Chicago

Iqbal's Poetry, Message, Genius, Vision, Relevance :
Gathering of Muslim Intellectuals

On April 20, 2014 Indo-Pakistani intellectuals gathered in Chicago to pay tributes to Allama Iqbal, the originator of the concept of :Pakistan and Islam as a revolutionary force. We publish here the advertisement for the program which was widely distributed in Chicago and published in Urdu newspapers.

 Allama Iqbal  Dr Kaukab Siddique
Iqbal Society, Chicago
Invites you to
Iqbal Day 2014

Sunday April 20, 2014
New East West University location
489 Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

12.30 pm: Reception, Lunch and Zuhr

2pm: Keynote Address: "Iqbal's Relevance Today"

Dr. Kaukab Siddique, PhD.,
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

Free Admission to Reception & Program
For further info please call: 312 867-0122 / 630 572-1433

About the Speaker

Kaukab Siiddique graduated with honors from Karachi University. Pakistan. He taught English at Karachi University and published a socio-cultural magazine called the Criterion for 10 years. .He went on to win the prestigious Commonwealth scholarship and obtained his PhD from Dalhousie University, Canada. During those years, Pakistani media were under official censorship, To break the silence, Dr.Siddique published a newsletter from Canada titled In Pakistan, In the seventies, he wrote a series of articles and a book on the revolution in Iran.

He is the Chairperson, interim, of the Department of Languages & Literature at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, America's oldest Black university.

His weekly commentary on current issues in the Muslim world can be seen on the online magazine, New Trend He has several books on the rights of women in Islam and his ongoing teachings on Muslim women's issues are available on the blog

He is married to a convert to Islam from Texas

Our America
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in West Baltimore, Maryland
4 Pages: Battles in Syria, Sahaba, r.a., central to Islam, Agha Khan extemist Group+Tatars & Russia+Shoora on May 3.

On April 19, 2014, Jammat al-Muislimeen literature was given to 100 Muslims after Juma salat at Masjid Rahma, West Baltimore, Maryland. These were 4 pages :
  1. Agha Khan, extremist cult leader welcomed by pro-Zionist Canadian leader. [Photo of "playboy "imam."

  2. Info on speakers at upcoming Jammat al-Muslimeen Shoora in Baltimore on May 3.

  3. Ruusia's oppression of Tatars in Crimea+Battles in Syria as Mujahideen advance

  4. Br. Kaukab's Khutba on central role of sahaba, r.a, in Qur'am, hadith and struggle for Islam, re: Muawiyya, r.a.and Khalid, r.a. Sura 9:100

Rahma is the biggest mosque in Baltimore. There were at least 200 cars in the parking lot.

Our America
Nouman Ali Khan talks on Dawah to Latinos
[With thanks to Jamaayt al-Muslimeen Virginia.]

Apr 10

Our America: "Justice?"
Convicted Child Rapist Evades Prison Time
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York]

Delaware - Recently, Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden, who was appointed in May 2001, has deemed it unsuitable to send Robert H. Richards IV to prison for raping his 3 year old daughter because he "will not fare well." I must mention that he is a trust fund baby and the great-grandson Irenee du Pont, whose chemical company fortune is worth nearer to $50 Billion. I must also state that a man who is 6 foot 4 inches and weighs 275 pounds can fend for himself in prison. His now ex-wife has also accused him of molesting their 18 month old son but, the police has stated that there is not enough evidence to charge him.

There is a petition for her removal here. They are looking for 47,000 signatures and already have 46,915, so far, in only a matter of days! There are other calls for the removal of Judge Jurden elsewhere Online.

In Delaware the du Ponts rule. In December 2010, John du Pont died in prison at the age of 72. He served time for the senseless murder of former Olympic wrestler David Schwartz, a married father of two, who was renting a place on du Pont's Philadelphia property. After the murder, John du Pont was holed up in his mansion for two days while police patiently waited for him to come out. He did just that only after police turned off the heat to his home.

Our America: "justice?" [1400 views.]

Ziyad Yaghi's Mother Cries out for Justice:
Innocent sent to Colorado. "crime?" Being Good Muslim!

Our America
With thanks to Imam Ali Siddiqui [California]
Boycott SodaStream located in "Israel"
 Code Pink
Tell Earth Day Network to end its partnership with Sodastream !
 Boycott SodaStream
Help jam Sodastream's Secret Continent Campaign !

April 19, 2014

On April 8, Israeli settlement profiteer SodaStream launched an "awareness-raising" campaign centered on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. "The Secret Continent" campaign was created in partnership with Earth Day Network, which works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify, and mobilize the environmental movement. But SodaStream is using this association to "greenwash" its violations of human rights and international law.

With Earth Day being celebrated worldwide on April 22, send an email to Earth Day Network to Say No to Greenwashing Occupation!

SodaStream's main production facility is located in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomin, an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. Because of its location in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, SodaStream benefits from subsidized water, a captive Palestinian labor force, tax benefits, and lax regulation of environmental and labor protection laws. While SodaStream purports that it's a socially responsible and eco-friendly business, there is nothing socially responsible or green about occupation profiteering.
 Don't buy SodaStream

In explaining the decision to partner with SodaStream, Earth Day Network President KathleenRogers said: "We applaud the bold steps SodaStream is taking...The Secret Continent Campaign isn't just a publicity stunt. It's a serious effort to advocate for the health of our oceans and the survival of our planet." Reducing plastic waste is important, but Earth Day is a party to SodaStream's attempt to launder its reputation—this IS a "publicity stunt." And after the recent media and social media firestorm about Scarlett Johansson, SodaStream and Oxfam, this does not bode well for Earth Day Network.

Tell Earth Day Network to end this partnership with SodaStream and to send the message that companies profiting from occupation and human rights abuses have no place in the global environmental movement.

Thanks for taking action,
Nancy K. and the CODEPINK team
PS You can also take part in a culture jam of SodaStream's #SecretContinent campaign

Our America
40 Black Muslim Women Shining their Light on America
With thanks to Sis. Hadayai, Atlanta, Georgia
46 Black Muslim Women Shining Their Light on the World (Just Like Umi Said)

Breaking War News:

April 20: Almost the entire southern Golan heights have been captured by al-Nusra and other Islamic groups. Only a druze enclave and Quneira are still in Assad's hands. Israel is expressing dismay at the sight of al-Qaida's black flags in villages only a couple of miles from the Israeli occupied Golan.

April 18: Assad's forces captured the Christian town of Maaloula 40 miles north of Damascus for the 4th time in 4 months. Islamic forces withdrew without losses.

A British Muslim has been killed in the fighting with Assad;s troops. His father has rejected the British claim that he was a "terrorist." Another British Muslim has posted a video describing the living conditions in areas of Syria captured in ISIL.

Long range artillery attacks and air strikes by Assad's forces killed 93 civilians including 13 children in areas in Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib and Latakis held by Islamic fighters. Those killed included 50 "militants" or armed civilians.

Breaking News: Nigeria

The situation of war in Nigeria is difficult to interpret because the army does not allow journalists to enter areas where the army is active. BBC reports begin by publishing government claims of attacks on civilians by Boko Haram.

After three paragraphs of government bulletins, BBC notes that horrendous misbehavior of the military with civilians and brutal treatment of Muslims is arousing support for Boko Haram.

New Trend's analysis is that following the Algerian example, Nigerian Special Forces are killing civilians and then accusing Boko Haram of doing it.

Breaking News: Yemen

April 15: A large gathering of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula was held openly in southern Yemen. It was led by Nasir al-Wuhaiyshi, and addressed by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri through media. Washington Post says it is regretful that such an open gathering was not caught in time for US drone attacks.

Al-Zawahiri urged the people of Arabia to rise up and overthrow the Saudi dynasty. [CNN]

In a separate message, al-Zawahiri condemned the Palestinian West Bank leader Mahmoud Abbas as a traitor and puppet of Israel. The Palestinian Authority in turn condemned al-Zawahiri and accused al-Qaida of neglecting Palestine.

[New Trend's Fact Check shows that Osama bin Laden's very first concern was for the liberation of :Palestine.]

On April 18 and April 20 US drone attacks killed 15 people in al-Bayda province of Yemen and 30 in the province of Abyan. Theu were suspected of being al-Qaida.

Breaking News: Algeria

April 20: After bogus elections in Algeria, the regime's troops fought a group of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Msghrib in the Tizi Ouzou area but lost heavily and has admitted 14 of its troops killed. [Reuters]

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