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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 23,1434/August 31, 2013 # 36

Breaking News:
Egypt: Impressive turnout by Muslim Brotherhood

August 30: Tens of thousands of Egyptians marched in Cairo and other cities after Juma prayers. They carried the 4 finger placards,;rabia is 4 in Arabic, in memory of General Sisi's massacre of hundreds of Islamic protestors at Masjid Rabia al-Adawiya on August 14. The marchers showed impressive discipline. They remained peaceful in spite of pro-regime gangsters. At one signal, the crowd of thousands would fall silent.

[See below report from "Saudi" Arabia where imams are opposing the King's support for General Sisi. Egyptian supporters of the General were beaten up.]

Aljazeerah America has made a great beginning. In its August 30 program, it not only provided detailed reporting on the conflict in Syria but also an astonishing report on Pakistan. It showed Jamat ud Dawa helping flood victims in Pakistan. US calls Jamat ud Dawa "terrorist." Aljazeerah allowed the heavily bearded Muslim helping in the flood to answer that charge.

Syed Munawar Hasan has challenged the new Pakistani government's [Nawaz Sharif] efforts to release Dr. Afridi who helped US efforts to trace Shaykh Osama bin Laden. The Jamaate Islami leader said that Afridi had been tried under ancillary criminal charges. He should, Hasan said, be tried for TREASON in helping a foreign power breach Pakistan's sovereignty.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 70 Arab Americans after Juma prayers

August 30: An 8 page document was given to 70 Muslims at Masjid Nur near White Marsh, 13 miles north east of Baltimore. It included:

  1. Doctors without Borders confirm Assad's chemical attack on Muslims near Damascus. What is the Warsaw syndrome?

  2. US media's censorship of peaceful protests by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

  3. Comparing Minister Farrakhan's Million Man March with Dr. King's 150,000 march.

  4. Why American men don't like women any more. [Siddique]

  5. Stop complaining. Ramadan lesson. [Imam Badi]

  6. Why are Latinos turning to Islam. {Br. Solano]

  7. Saudi Ulama's historic statement opposing their king's support for Egyptian coup.

  8. Huge rally by Women in Pakistan in support of President Morsi of Egypt.

What Many Latinos Do not know about Muslim Spain
by Br. Robert Solano [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora leader, Texas.]

Assalamus Alaikum. I have been auditing a History of the USA and a US Government class this semester at the University of Texas in Brownsville. Classes began last week. About 90% of the students are Mexican-Americans or Latinos. So are the Instructors. It is a very impressive event for me who attended back in 1963 the University of Baltimore where I was the only Latino (looked Italian and with some thought my surname was an Italian one), and back then African-Americans were not allowed to enroll.

Yes, we have come a long way since the August 28, 1963 March in Washington; all of us have lots to thank Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Lets not forget the efforts of Malcolm X (Shabazz), for both men told America that it had a choice to end racism either via the non-violent or some other way. Of course most young ones in these classes know these historical events intellectually speaking but not really in an emotional way. Some think they got into college as a result of their efforts alone. This new generation cannot view history in the same manner that we who have lived it can.

The Professor was talking about Spain and how the Christians "kicked the Muslims out of Spain." She sincerely believes that when the Muslim rulers were expelled from Spain that the Muslim population was also expelled. I brought to her attention, after class in private, that the population in Spain was actually Muslim and was forced to convert to Trinitarianism. And that the Jews were also forced into Christianity and only those rich ones that could pay their weight in gold were actually "kicked out."

In the meantime the Government Professor in the other class was talking about "democratic countries" in the world. He excluded all of the Middle East with the exception of Israel. He even stated that Mexico is not "Democratic." I'm waiting until next week to find out what is "his agenda

I'm beginning to think that Zionism and Islamphobia is deeply rooted in ALL our schools and universities. History is twisted and interpreted in ways that a new generation is coming up completely misinformed about not only the Middle East and Muslims but also about Islam in general. I fear that we have a new generation of Latinos graduating from the universitties with a view about Muslims and Muslim history that is not favorable.

There is plenty of literature available in English to pass around and its our duty to do so in any effective way that comes to our mind. Within the next twenty years Latinos will surpass any other minority in the country and in places like California and Texas if you combine them with other minorities you will find that they will be the "majority." White Anglo-Americans will be the minority in many parts of the Southwest; not an oppressed one, but still a minority.
I think that I will share the New Trend Magazine with some of the students at the Univ of Texas in Brownsville. Perhaps
some of you can do the same in your community.

Zionists Stopped Obama's Syrian plan: They want Islamics, not Assad, to be hit. Delay does that. Assad regime saved by Zionist induced Delay.
by Kaukab Siddique.

August 31. Obama's speech today was the most ridiculous he has ever made. He really didn't know what to say and started 35 minutes late. He was talking to 4 top Zionist congressmen,

My analysis of Obama to put off action on the pretext of consulting Congress is as follows.

  1. Both Democrats and Republicans have advised Obama that a strike against Assad's military assets, even if it is very limited, would help the Islamic fighters led by Al-Nusra and Islamic State in Iraq & the Levant SIL].

  2. Fox TV which is an extreme right wing supporter of all wars does not want Obama to strike Assad. Why? The Islamics would gain.

  3. Both CNN and MSNBC are openly opposing a strike against Assad's assets because the main opposition, Islamic, will benefit. They are saying that al-Nusra will be worse than Assad.

  4. The British turned down support for the strike on Syria. Again why? Because the Islamics are the main opposition and they will gain.

  5. Civilians will be hurt, we don't know for sure, wait for congessional approval, Americans are tired of war, and every other possible excuse is being offered by the Zionist media to oppose an attack on Assad.

  6. Obama is a very intelligent man. He knows the Zionists supporting him do not want a strike on Assad's assets. Obama thought he could get away with a quick, "surgical", strike to prove that America supports the Syrian people. His intelligence sources have told him that the two sides are in a delicate balance. Even the slightest damage to Assad would tilt the balance in favor of the Islamics. So he calls for a delay which could become a PERMANENT "delay."

  7. A delay will help Assad to take his heavy weapons into DEEP COVER. The mujahideen do not have any deep cover. So when [or IF] Obama attacks, the Islamics will be the main sufferers.

  8. Notice how happy the Assad people are. The mass murderer has killed 1600 civilians with chemical weapon, including more than FOUR HUNDRED children. So Assad got away with mass murder again.

So the situation now is:

Who is helping the Islamics:

Behind Russia's Support for Assad: Genocide of Muslims by Russian Racists.
Now Again Islam is emerging across the ex-Soviet Union.

by Abdullah Abdullah [via The Criterion forum]

There are 7 semi-autonomous Muslim Republics in Caucasus from Black Sea to Caspian sea from Kabardino-Balkar to Dagestan. The Soviets had bifurcated the Muslim regions in Caucasus to Central Asia just like the European colonialists divided and created the banana republics after they dismantled the Ottoman Khilafa.
I saw a group of hajis from those regions during Haj in 90's. They had WALKED all the way from Russia to Makkah. There was an 80 year old man among that group of 11 Hajis. They were asked why they took the trek in this age of fast moving jets. They replied:
  1. We are very poor and cannott afford a plane journey. Our average salary is 15 dollars per month . Although we lived in so called super power Muslim regions, we were very very poor with no electricity and water and other infrastructure

  2. We were denied Haj for 70 years by communists and we want Muslims in other parts to know what we went through .

  3. Prophet Alaihis Salaam did his Haj walking and hence we too want to emulate his example.
    The Muslims in Russia suffered a lot during last 200 years and they have to be very careful in future. Also remember Quran, Haj, Islamic teaching, Masjids, Fasting were banned in those regions under communism for 70 years.

Although Soviet Union and Communism collapsed but Russia is still clinging to its former colonies in Caucasus. However the Central Asian Muslim republics that were Autonomous Republics were given "independence " on a platter as there was no genuine freedom struggle as such. It should be noted that after the red army retreat from Afghanistan, Soviets decided to "grant" them independence and installed former communist apparatchiks as puppets. One such stooge is Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan who has let loose a reign of terror on Muslims. He has also awarded US war criminals a base to operate from his republics. I remember this clown was welcomed by corrupt Saudis when he came to that country and later when he went back to Tashkent erected a huge statue of himself in the capital very much like tyrants like Ata Turk, Saddam and Assad. Same case with the installed puppets in other republics of Kazakshtan, Turkmenistan, Kyrghistan and Tadzikistan.

Please note these are huge republics with mineral resources and oil and hence called El Dorado after Mid-East oil. That's why NATO war criminals invaded Afghanistan on Taliban pre-text. Please read a archive in Herald Tribune from Paris which ran a 20 page special supplement on Central Asia and first page head line read like this: In 1930's it was Texas, in 1970's it was Saudi Arabia and in 2000's it will be Central Asia where each of those republics have huge resources but very little population. Kazakstan is as big as India with 16 million population.

Stalin killed 29 millions during communism and more than half of them were Muslims and hence the population. Also the collectivization and other pogroms of communists devastated those Muslim republics behind the iron curtain and hardly Muslims in other parts know about the plight of their brethren.

Even smaller Baltic republics like Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia were given independence and when Chechnya asked for independence, Russia invaded with its full might and tried unsuccessfully to pacify the region. They were able to install a Sufi Qadiri order puppet-Ramzan Kadirov as their iron fist man who is responsible for mass murder and imprisonment of tens of thousands of innocents.

However the insurgency in Chechnya has morphed into a regional wide insurgency with the goal of establishment of a Caucasian emirate and low level insurgency continues. This was the scenario that also existed in 19th century Caucasian wars when Imam Shamil tried to unite the Caucasians under the banner of Islam. Russia with its overwhelming military might was able to defeat Imam Shamil and he left the region and died in Madinah Munawwarah in 1872. One reason the Muslims attribute to his defeat was his adherence to some of the sufi order pagan beliefs which are very common in Russian Muslims.

The artificial boundaries that were demarcated by Russia need to be dismantled as those smaller republics like Kabardino Balkar cannot survive with a big bear neighbor like Russia.

During the Second World war the entire population of Balkars, Ingush, Chechen and Karachevs and also Crimean Tatars were forcibly deported to the Siberian wilderness where hundred of thousands died . They were accused of treason for collaborating with Nazis although most were used as cannon fodder and were front line troops of the red army in the battle of Stalingrad. They were packed like sardines in cattle trains and thousands died in bitter cold and thousands were pushed into sub zero cold from trains by red army guards. Later they were interned in Gulags. They were finally allowed to return to Caucasus by Krushchev and when they returned found their home usurped by Russians and other Christians and tension has been brewing ever since that time.

Letter: from Ather Mohiuddin
Alawites are Qadianis of Syria.
Iran has shown its true face by siding with the Baathist Alawite tyrant

Iran facilitated the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and subsequent power grab by Shia puppets in Iraq. Israel made a hero out of Hezbulllah clowns when they withdrew in 2006 deliberately from insignificant parched South Lebanon. This was to fool the Arabs that they are fighting Zionists. Historically Iran NEVER shed a single drop of blood in liberation of Jerusalem. As a matter of fact Saladin the liberator of Bait Al Maqdis first crushed the back stabbing Fatimid Shias before he crushed the crusaders.

Baathist Alawite thugs were elevated to power in Syria by French colonialists after dismantling of Ottoman Khilafa just like Qadianis were elevated by British. But Alawites who were historiclly considered Kafirs by Ulemas of both Shia and Sunni hide under Baath party as they were the most hated group in Syria and couldnt function openly as Alawites. Deception is part of their belief system and they drink alcohol, consider Ali RA as Divine, Do not pray , do not perform Haj. Recently the Zionist groomed Ayatollah Sadr brought them back into the fold of twelvers providing them legitimacy from their side but they remain outside the fold of Islam. Ibn Taymiyah RA told several centuries ago about this sect that they are worst than Jews and Christians and Jihad against them is obligatory.

The current situation is due to the coward and lethargic attitude of Sunnis themselves. Some of the ignorant Sunnis like chief Mufti of Syria still support the tyrant. They are mostly Sufi crackpot grave worshippers. When the so called shrine of Zainab RA ( it is now converted into Data Durbar type of Darga/Shrine ) was desecrated in Syria, Shias and Brelvis joined together in demonstration in Pakistan/India but never protested against the genocide of innocent children and poison attacks. Also what is happening in Syria is reverse backward Afghaniatan 30 years when every faction-monarchists, liberalists, secularists, Sufis joined Jihad against Soviet Union and after 30 years the world knows who are Mujahideen and who are Munafiqeen. The so called Mujahideen of Northern Alliance joined the American war criminals.

History is repeating, the Alawites will be crushed first just like Saladin crushed these parasites. Also Iran is just hot air. The clown Ahmedinijad has a loud mouth and never did anything against great Satan ( This word was coined by Ayatollah) . When the great Satan attacked Iraq, Iran was busy in power grab by Shia puppets. The only leader who hurled missiles against Tel Aviv was Saddam who really fought against Americans although he was also a Bathist. Did Iran fought against America in a way Saddam fought a war against the whole world armies? Why would Iran fight as treachery is ingrained in their blood. They supported war criminal Putin genocide in Caucasus.

Change Emerging in "Saudi" Arabia
'O' Allah destroy Bashar-al-Asad and Egyptian army leader al-Sisi.' Saudi Imam.
Coup supporters beaten up

Saudi rulers are supporting the army coup in Egypt while the Saudi public is against the massacre and dismissal of a democratically elected Islamist president. They have been openly expressing its opposition to the stand taken by their rulers. In a latest incident the imam of Masjid Al-Firdous in the eastern part of Saudi capital Riyadh, ignored Government's stand and openly deplored the rulers of Syria and Egypt and stressed that the rulers in these countries were committing mass murders of innocent citizens.

It should be remembered that the Imams in Saudi Arabia are required only to read out the written sermons provided by the Government. But anguished by the killings the Imam cursed the rulers of the two countries in his Friday sermon and said, 'O' Allah destroy the rulers of Egypt and Syria. Atrocities (against Islamists) and those who worship Thee have crossed all the limits. They are being picked up and killed amass.' The Imam invoked, 'O' Allah destroy Bashar-al-Asad and Egyptian army leader al-Sissi.'

After the prayers some Egyptians who were the supporters of Egyptian Government objected to Imam's sermon. They said that Egyptian people knew well what was good and bad for them and no non Egyptian scholar had the right to opine on the situation. They also said that religious scholars should not talk about politics. One of them went as far as saying, 'If any scholar dared utter a word about it in future his jaw will be broken.' Hearing the utterings of the Egyptians, Saudi citizens beat up Egyptians inside the mosque. The situation however was soon got under control but the footage of the incident got circulated far and wide on twitter and youtube. More than thirty thousand people have so far commented on this incident. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Religious Affairs has setup a committee to investigate into the incident. However, according to Al Hayat newspaper the Imam has been sacked. The Ministry's stand is that mosque's pulpit cannot be used to express political opinion. Residents of eastern Riyadh have expressed displeasure at Imam's dismissal. Commentators have been expressing views on this event and saying that there is anger in the public against the Royal family and that the smoldering volcano of anger may erupt any time. This should also be remembered that the Imam of Haramain Sheilkh Alshareem and Sheikh Al Sudais have also been reported to have expressed unhappiness at the massacre of Brotherhood supporters and the dismissal of a democratically elected Islamist government by the Egyptian army. One of the commentators has also said, 'Muslims are being butchered with the arms supplied by the Russians in Syria, while in Egypt arms supplied by the cursed America are being used for killing the Muslims there. And the sad thing is that many Arab countries have become tools of the conspiracies of these disdained countries and have been aiding and abetting the barbaric regime, supplying weapons to it and have taken the responsibility of meeting all of its needs.

Crisis in Egypt and the Army's Roadmap for War
Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal [Prominent Bangladeshi intellectual]

Egypt on warpath
On July 3, 2013, after overthrowing the country's first elected president, the Army Chief General Abdul Fattah Sisi made an announcement of a roadmap for democratic Egypt. He described the army takeover as the continuation of the revolution of January 2011 -which ended 30 years' rule of Hosni Mubarak. Now the real intention of the army is exposed. The so-called roadmap was declared only to cover up their crimes against Egyptian people's democratic choice for Dr Morsi as the president. But when the peaceful protest rally started against the coup, he needed another announcement. He declared a war against terrorism. The army chief discovered terrorism all on a sudden. Terrorism didn't exist in Egypt before the coup; hence the country didn't need any war. General Sisi manufactured the war only to justify the sustenance of rule of the coup-leader. Now the country is on a bloody warpath. After the massacre of thousands, the arrests of thousands and the release of the deposed Mubarak from his life-term imprisonment, it is now clear that the army's roadmap was not for democracy, nor for continuation of the revolution, but for taking the country back to tyranny much worse than the Mubarak era.

Egypt is now deeply divided and polarised. Peaceful reconciliation between the two factions now looks a distant possibility. Such a polarised division is the recipe of a prolonged civil war where only the rule of gun prevails. The power of gun now decides who should survive and who should die, not morality, humanity, justice or any higher values. Morality or higher values are the first casualty in warfare. Death of humanity in the security forces is clearly revealed by a recent murder of 36 Muslim Brotherhood prisoners by the police while they were being transferred to a prison in a police van. They were denied the very basic survival rights. Their only crime was the participation in peaceful protest against the Army's unlawful takeover. This gives an awful indication that how the trigger happy army and police men are ready to kill innocent civilians while they are in their custody. The rulers have no slightest remorse for such crime. Can democracy and its institutions survive with such killers in power? Egypt is indeed under the occupation of these blood thirsty gangs.

The Egyptians did not reach this bloody warpath overnight. They were drawn to this point over the last one year with meticulous planning and immense investment. It needed huge investment of money, resources and manpower. Ouster of Hosni Mubarak and election of Islamist Dr Morsi attracted many foreign and domestic players to the political scene. The USA, the EU, Israel and the monarchs of the Middle East found their long investment in Egypt at risk. The secularists, the liberalists, the autocrats, the Coptic Christians and the secular army, the media -all these internal players considered it a new wave of the Islamic resurgence, and they were not ready to tolerate that. Hence all these anti-Islamic forces were united to form a grand alliance against President Morsi and his Islamic supporters. Hence the Army's roadmap for a counter revolution didn't start on 3rd of July, rather much earlier - indeed on the very early day of Mubarak's ouster. Neither was it a mere army initiative, rather the joint venture of the military, the judiciary, the police, the civil administration, the business establishments, the Coptic Christians, the secular and liberal parties and all the political collaborators of Mubarak regime.

The counter-revolution
Every revolution faces a threat of counter-revolution. Indeed the agents of counter-revolution grow up in the midst of the revolutionary process with the revengeful enmity and venom. The deposed regime may be removed from the throne, but not fully cleared from the ground. No revolution can survive on an intact hostile infrastructure of the overthrown regime. Hence a revolution must not stop at merely overthrowing a regime; must go a long way to dismantle all the powerful bases of the old regime and build up its own revolutionary power base. But that didn't happen in Egypt; in fact, the revolution stood grossly unfinished. On January 25, 2011, only Hosni Mubarak, his son Jamal Mubarak and the cabinet were removed from the central stage of power, but not the huge armed and non-armed cronies of the old regime. Indeed, those cronies survived intact in the post-revolutionary government. Here is the difference between the revolution of Iran, Russia, China and Cuba and the revolution of Egypt. All the surviving revolution could quickly build up an army of powerful revolutionary guards to protect the revolution from the counter revolutionaries. But that did not happen in Egypt: so the revolution couldn't survive either. Now the enemies of the revolution have started to inflict their venomous bites on the revolutionaries. Egyptian revolution didn't have any Khomeini, Lenin or Mao; neither did they possess the revolutionary acumen.This is the number one cause of failure of the Egyptian revolution, so the country is back to the square one. So the tyrant Mubarak is now free, his armed cronies are now in power; and as a consequence, the people's elected president Dr Morsi and his team had to go to the same prison where deposed Mubarak was supposed to live. Hence Mubarak and his cronies have a lot to celebrate.

Beside the civil and military establishment, Mubarak had a strong support base in the country's mighty corporate industries who received a lot of economic and administrative benefits from Mubarak regime. All these people were mobilised to undo the whole revolutionary process. In fact, these counter revolutionaries took Dr Morsi as an easy hostage. Their prime task was to make Mr Morsi's government a total failure. To meet that end quickly, they started active non-cooperation in every government and non-government sectors. They did the crimes by non-action in the service sectors, and Dr Morsi was blamed for every failure. Most of the Egyptian media were in the anti-Morsi camp to add more fuel. This way, they could build up public protest in the street and generate an artificial pretext for a coup.

In order to incite people against Dr Morsi, the political investment was huge -both from inside and outside. Anti-Morsi media and political parties were inundated with foreign money. Billions of dollars came from the USA, the European countries, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE: huge money were spent to mobilise the secularists, the liberalists, the Naserites, the salafists, the socialists and the ex-army men to continue their street protest against Dr Morsi. They were not ready for any dialogue or reconciliation, their only demand was Dr Morsi's immediate ouster. Cairo - the most secularised city in Egypt proved to be the most fertile ground for them. In the presidential election, Dr Morsi could win in the whole of Egypt, but not in this secularised Cairo. At the end, the army with the collaboration of these secular protestors, judiciary, administration and media could easily oust him and arrest him.

The roadmap for annihilating Islamists
The Army's road map did not end with the coup against Dr Morsi. After the ouster of Dr Morsi from presidency, they now follow a new road map to dismantle the whole Islamist leadership and their power base. So the campaign to kill thousands and arresting thousands has already been started as a part of the grand strategy. Their vengeance against Muslim Brotherhood is clear and has been clearly articulated by Mr Ashraf Elkholy -the current Egyptian ambassador in London. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph he told, "Muslim Brotherhood is Nazi group". His implied message is clear. Since Nazi party was outlawed and dismantled in Europe, the same way Muslim Brotherhood should be annihilated in Egypt. But the ambassador conveniently forgot to tell that Nazi party did not do politics with Islam, and nor did they have peace-loving unarmed street protestors. Rather they were the nationalist fascist and racist. They had gas chambers. They had a huge army to kill millions of Jews and political opponents. Muslim Brotherhood has none of that. His description of Muslim Brotherhood was such a lie that even a senior Tory MP of the UK demanded his immediate expulsion from the UK.

The US crime
The US foreign policy is solely guided by its national security interest. This is the only sacred issue that the Americans bother about in their national and international politics. In the name of so-called security interest, they seek global hegemony at any cost. They think such hegemony indispensable for their global presence. In such imperialistic design, democracy, human rights, rule of law and other higher human values have little importance. With such an imperialistic outlook, the US administration considers killing democracy, installing or reinstalling monarchy, engineering coups, supporting brutal autocrats, bombing cities, indiscriminate killings of unarmed civilians by drone attacks and even dropping atomic bombs fully justified. In fact, the USA runs its world politics with all such options on the table. President Barack Obama, like President George W Bush and President Clinton reminds Iran all of these options again and again.

Such strategic issues for its so-called national security interest make the US government a firm defender of the world's most cruel monarchs, dictators and coup leaders in the Middle East. After 60 years of the military coup against Mr. Shrif Musaddeq -the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1953, the USA government is now releasing documents how the CIA engineered the coup to overthrow him and install Mohammad Reza Shah as a king of that country. Thus in Iran, the US deeply buried democracy for another 45 years. The installation of Mohammad Reza Shah as king of Iran helped the British, the USA and other western partners to keep a strong grip on Iran's huge oil and gas resources. Iran could come out of the grip only through a revolution in 1979.

The US investment for interference
In the name of assisting democracy, the USA spends billions of dollars and runs thousands of projects in the third world countries. Such projects are in fact the cover-ups for doing many ugly jobs. In disguise of such projects, the US money enters into these countries to interfere in their internal affairs. Since Egypt has special attraction for the US policy makers for her strategic position as Israel's neighbour, the US investment is huge. What is happening in Egypt is indeed a clear testimony to that. Some of the evidence came from Mr. Emad Mekay -a journalist with the investigative reporting program at University of California at Berkeley. Recently he has written an article on US bankrolled anti-Morsi activists. The article, recently published in, has revealed that hundreds of millions of dollars is channelled into anti-Morsi camp through organisations like Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour (DRL), Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), USAID, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and others. These groups re-route money to other organisations like International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute (NDI), Freedom House and others. Documents have revealed that these groups have sent huge funds to NGOs in Egypt run by the senior members of anti-Morsi political parties. USAID alone manages about $1.4bn annually in the Middle East. A main conduit for channelling the State Department's democracy funds to Egypt has been the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Federal documents show NED, which in 2011 was authorised an annual budget of $118m by Congress, funnelled at least $120,000 over several years to an exiled Egyptian police officer who has for years incited violence in his native country. Massive amount of money also came from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE with the same purpose.

Erdogan's revelation
The army's coup in Egypt has exposed the USA's real posture on democracy. Turkey's Prime Minister Mr Rajab Taiyeb Erdogan recently condemned the coup as an Israeli conspiracy. He has raised his argument with a reference to Jewish mind-set and their conspiracy against democracy. Mr Erdogan told that he has video proof that a very prominent and influential Jewish philosopher Mr Bernard Henry Levy told the Israeli Justice Minister TZipi Livni, "If the MB arrives in Egypt, I will not say democracy wants it. Democracy is not only elections." Mr Levy argued, "I will urge the prevention of them (MB) coming to power, by all sorts of means." In fact, these are exactly the thoughts that thrive in inner circle of the Jewish elite and their western ally. To them, democracy means not only election but also compatibility with the western values, their worldviews and their political road maps. In such western narratives, occupation of Palestine enjoys full legality, but the return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland is against peace and justice. To them, peace means surrender to Israeli occupation; and justice entails acceptance of Israeli settlements in the occupied land. Any non-compliance with such occupation is labelled as terrorism. They are ready to launch war against those so-called terrorists. This is not only the view of Mr Levy or Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or any Israeli general, but also the belief of US President Barak Obama and his western ally. This is why Hamas with its landslide election victory couldn't be accepted to the west. Rather the election victory of Hamas brought genocidal war on Gaza. The USA and her western ally didn't hesitate to support that war. The same thing happened in Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood's election victory made them terrorist. Dr Morsi's victory invited a coup against him and his party. Now the Egyptian generals, like the Israelis, have started a full scale war against the Islamists. Almost all of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership are now in prison. Thousands of Islamists are already killed and many more thousands are wounded in this war. They too, labelled it "war against terrorism". Like Egyptian generals, Israeli generals too have equal interest in a coup in Egypt and also an intense interest in war against these Islamists. Mr Erdogan revealed that connection. But the USA, like Israel, didn't like Erdogan's revelation. In fact, the White House spokesman appeared as the defence lawyer for Israel to counter Erdogan. Hence, Israel need not say anything against him.

The Egyptian government blamed Mr Erdogan for interfering in Egypt's internal politics. But they failed to understand that political interference does not come in a foreign land only by a statement. It needs vast monetary investment and huge number of soldiers on the ground. The USA and Saudi Arabia are doing the job through their mammoth monetary endowment and huge number of pet NGO foot-soldiers. Hundreds of Salafi NGO's are run by the Saudi money to make them subservient to the Saudi policy, hence when asked to support the secularist generals' coup they did it whole heartedly without any second thought. The USA and the EU countries finance thousands of secular NGO's to promote rapid de-Islamisation of the educated mass. Indeed, these de-Islamised young men and women became the hard-core foot-soldiers of the anti-Morsi agitation. This way they made it difficult for the Islamist Morsi to run the country. So, they are the people who are actually interfering in Egypt's internal affairs.

How the foreign money is entering into Egyptian politics is no more hidden. Mr Emad Mekay has given some illustrious examples. Mr. Saaddin Ibrahim is an Egyptian-American politician opposed to Dr. Morsi. He said, "We were told by the Americans that if we see big street protests that sustain themselves for a week, they will reconsider all current US policies towards the Muslim Brotherhood regime." And the change in US policy came in the right time. The USA didn't call the coup as coup. Barak Obama has recently told that the coup has majority people's support. The guns, the bullets, the shells and the helicopter gunships that cause the massacre in Cairo's streets were indeed bought by the USA money. Michael Meunier is a frequent guest on TV channels that opposed Morsi., Meunier - a dual US-Egyptian citizen and Head of the Al-Haya Party, has quietly collected US funding through his NGO, Hand In Hand for Egypt Association. Meunier's organisation was founded by some of the most vehement opposition figures, including Egypt's richest man and well-known Coptic billionaire Naguib Sawiris, Tarek Heggy -an oil industry executive, Salah Diab -Halliburton's partner in Egypt and Usama Ghazali Harb -a politician with roots in the Mubarak regime and a frequent US embassy contact. Meunier has denied receiving any US assistance, but government documents show that USAID in 2011 granted his Cairo-based organisation $873,355. Since 2009, it has taken in $1.3 million from the US agency. Mr Meunier mobilised the country's five million Coptic Christians to take part in the street protests against the president Dr Morsi on June 30. (Emad Mekay,

Egypt's Reform and Development Party member Mohammed Essmat al-Sadat received US financial support through his Sadat Association for Social Development, a grantee of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). The federal grants records and database show that in 2011 Sadat collected $84,445 from MEPI to work with youth in the post-revolutionary Egypt. Sadat was a member of the coordination committee, the main organising body for the June 30 anti-Morsi protest. Since 2008, he has collected $265,176 in US funding. Sadat announced he will be running for office again in upcoming parliamentary elections. After soldiers and police killed more than 50 Morsi supporters on Monday, Sadat went with the Army's line of argument, and defended the use of force and blamed the Muslim Brotherhood, saying it used women and children as shields. Some US-backed politicians have said Washington tacitly encouraged them to incite protests. (Emad Mekay,

The US support for the coup and the lie
The practice of funding politicians and anti-government activists through NGOs was defended by the USA's State Department and by a group of Washington-based Middle East experts. David Linfield, spokesman for the US Embassy in Cairo, argued, "The line between politics and activism is very blurred in this country." Hence Mr Linfield could not find any wrong in such heavy investment of the USA in Egyptian politics. A State Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the issue's sensitivity said, "American support for foreign political activists was in line with American principles. The USA government provides support to civil society, democracy and human rights activists around the world, in line with our long-held values, such as respecting the fundamental human rights of free speech, peaceful assembly, and human dignity." (Emad Mekay, After all these revelations, President Barack Obama still insists that the United States is not taking any side in Egypt's crisis. What can be far from the truth than this?

If the USA policy makers have any interest in promoting democracy in any part of the world, they should have shown some concern about the human rights issue in Saudi Arabia -the worst dictatorial country in the world. But the USA president is so happy with Saudi policy that they do not have any democracy advancement programme there, neither exist any NGO to improve its human rights issue. Similarly in the past, the USA was also very happy with the policy of Shah of Iran, Pinochet of Peru, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, the generals of Turkey and Pakistan, the coup leaders of Algeria and many notorious dictators of the world. The US money goes only to a country to twist its policies to serve the American security interest. If the policy is already in place to serve the US interest, as is in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and other autocratic countries, the US has little interest to bring any democratic change -whatever brutality be the norm there.

The Israeli choice
After the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, the Egypt stands on the cross-roads. With Mubarak's ouster, both the USA and Israel lost a trusted friend. Now the Americans are trying to pull the country from its Islamic root, and bring back to their own lap. Only this way they can serve their own national security interest, as well as that of Israel. Muslim Brotherhood's election in the presidency threatened such American goal and that of Israel. Hence the USA could not accommodate Muslim Brotherhood and Dr Morsi in their road map. Independent Egypt with Hamas like Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to Israel. Dr Morsi allowed the Iranian naval ship to pass through Suez and he visited Iran. Such a friendly state of Iran on the door step was unbearable for Israel. For the same reason, Israel had to do his own war against Hamas in Gaza. Now they need to do the same in Egypt. Luckily, they have trusted partners in Egypt and they are the Egyptian army. The Egyptian army is now fulfilling that Israeli need. Israel is also helping the coup by bombing the Islamist opponents in Sinai area.
Hence the road map for war against the Islamists is not only a choice of the Egyptian Army, but also the choice of the USA and Israel. Neither did the road map of war against Islamists started in Cairo, rather started long before the creation of Israel. Now the road map takes them to different Muslim lands to eliminate the same Islamists to strengthen their foothold in occupied Muslims countries. There is no doubt about Egypt's internal crisis, but war against own people is not an option in solving a crisis. No sensible man can think of it. Only the enemies of Islam and Muslims can rejoice such an internal war. But the Egyptian army has already declared such a war. The army's killing machines are already active in cities. With such a war against the Islamists, the Egyptian generals are indeed responding only to their donors in the USA and the friends in Israel. (London 26/08/13: Dr Kamal is a researcher and freelance columnist)

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