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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 2,1434/May 12, 2013 # 20

May 8. Journalist MacArthur has been released from a Baltimore prison. He had to admit to one charge to be able to get out of the hell hole he was put into after he got into trouble photographing police atrocities. 20 activists were in court to support him.
- via Nadrat Siddique

Against death penalty: Full report on Lucasville, Ohio conference from Ben Turk. Dr. Siddique was there. Scroll down. [Photos]

On May 10, Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was given to 100 Muslims at the Islamic Center of Newark, Delaware, mostly Pakistanis, Bangladeshis amd African Americans. These were SIX PAGES, including the following:

  1. Mass killing of Bengali Muslims by Dhaka regime's security forces.

  2. Joint statement of Hefajate Islam leaders about the massacre in Bangladesh.

  3. Munawar Hasan shows support for Jamaate Islami in Karachi, Pakistan.

  4. Rebuttal of General Kayani's claim that it is Pakistan's war.

  5. Alawite death squads active in Syria. Why the Israeli air strikes?

  6. Continuing influence of Osama bin Laden. Any evidence?

Pakistan latest
Elections Fit Western Plan: Military, Feudal, Big Money Worked for West.
Nawaz Sharif in Punjab, MQM in Karachi, Imran Khan in Frontier.

May 11 was a day of infamy. The supporters of western powers won. Nawaz Sharif has so much money and landed and industrial support that it's difficult to count the money backing him. Pakistan is moving backwards with him.
The most reactionary of them is MQM in Karachi, a network of gangsters and mafiosi supported by the military.
The most problematic for overseas Pakistanis to understand is Imran Khan. He fed off the ground work done by Jamaate Islami, such as drone attacks, the resentment against America, and the past rule by Nawaz Sharif. This gave Imran an image of national independence but it was totally incorrect. Major reactionaries from the political establishment joined him. Huge sums of money poured into his campaign. The chance that he will oppose America is low and most probably will be by way of posturing. All that remained new in Imran's campaign was himself. He was easily defeated by Nawaz who is well practiced in deceptive politicking.
Ask yourself dear reader: Have you seen any footage of Jamaate Islami's election campaign on the western media? The correct answer is : ZERO. The western powers had seemingly decided that Jamaate Islami must not be identified as a factor in Pakistan even when Munawar Hasan was addressing some of the biggest public gatherings in the history of Pakistan.

[That's not very different from the TOTAL censorship by the western media of the massive massacre of Islamic people in Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 5-6. See more below on this.]

Late report: It appears that Jamaate Islami has won 7 provincial assembly seats and three in the National Assembly. That's what happens in an election controlled by foreign powers. The few victories are in areas where fake results were not possible. In most of the country, the poor masses are helpless. [This is a lesson again that revolution must precede honest elections.] [Now the election commission has admitted that the elections in Karachi were fraudulent. What about most of the feudal areas? Control by big money is not a fraud?]

Pakistan's Weird Elections:
On election eve in Karachi, gangsters with guns, supporting MQM, took over polling stations, driving out representatives of other parties. When "elections" began on May 11, the votes had already been marked in favor of MQM. So now MQM has a "landslide" victory.
Here in photo below a Pakistani woman offers bangles to shame one of the soldiers who refused to intervene when the armed gangsters took over. It didn't work because when large numbers of supporters of Jamaate Islami, including women, protested in front of the central election office, the security forces opened fire and beat up the protestors, forcing them to disperse.
 Pakistani woman offers bangles  to shame one of the soldiers

3 amazing Letters: Re: Red Alert: Genocidal Massacre in Dhaka, Bangladesh [Photos] [New Trend special issue, May 7.]
Astighfirullah! Inna lil lahi wa inna elayhe rajaown.
The soldiers look Burmese and some look Indian
With Best Regards,

I have seen thousands of scenes of human disaster in my 85 years of life but nothing so much heinous, disgusting, alarming and inhuman catastrophe of murders, wilful human slaughter and revengeful cowardice killing of men, women and children OF THE SAME FAITH in thousands and that too mostly under sleeping condition. May Allah bless you for its publicity and display to the "heartless" human beings for this disastrous and unparalleled Human TRAGEDY.

May Allah give Jannatul Firdaus to these innocent humans who have been killed for no reason except they were demanding from their fellow citizens to live, act and behave like Muslims, curse those who did it and destroy the secular forces around the world. They are burden on Your earth. Earlier they are removed, the better it would be for the human species.

Shukrun wa Jazakallah

Shamim Siddiqi

You don't need to protest; you need Osama Ben Laden's military mentality!

Curtis Mullins
African American Council

Masses of Bangladesh deserve Our Support: Videos Show Killings

[New Trend has published 91 photos of the massacre on its web site. Now NT has received videos of the massacre. You can hear the security forces going about the deadly business of killing defenseless people. The videos have been processed by Bangla intellectuals not part of any group. Here is their comment, including Dr. Mahbub and Dr. Alam - Ed.]

The govt. made preemptive statements (Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Prime Minister, Ministers, Awami League party leaders and leaders of the ruling alliance in press conferences) that there were no casualties. Then why the night was darkened deep right after sunset by cutting all electricity lines off in entire greater Matijheel area at the center of which is the Shapla Square where the gathering took place? What these videos tell your good conscience about what happened that night and what the fascist ultra-secular fundamentalist government is telling to hide the heinous crime? This extremely poor country and its hard-working poor people deserve your attention, help and action.

Sis. Hedaya Jayyousi writes from Detroit on May 3 rally of prisoners' Families: Her husband, Dr. Kifah, is in prison. See New Trend of May 5
First I want to thank all of you for all of the love and kindness that you have given me. You can't imagine how happy I am with all of you. Thank you Dr. Kaukab Siddique for the wonderful speech you gave at the demonstration regarding Kifah. It will be known in history that you are one of the few Muslims who stood up with the innocent Muslim political prisoners from the beginning. Thanks to Mel Underbakke, Lynne Jackson, Sharmin Sadequee, Aysha, Sonali, Fred, Steve, Hany and everyone else I might have missed. A big thank you to my sisters Nahla Al-Arian, Majeda and Faten and Inas Shnewer and Lamese Shnewer. You are all in my prayers and please remember us in your prayers. I look forward to see you in the future family conferences.

With thanks to Br. Ali & Sis. Ayesha in Virginia.
Virginia Imam Opposes Burial of Bomber: Christian Woman Forgave him.

Text below from CBS 6, May 10. Christian woman is Martha Mullen
[What kind od dogs are our "imams" that deny even what non-Muslims permit: A decent burial for the enemy. Even Hitler, Stalin and Sharon did not behave like these dogs. --Editor NT]
RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The leader of one of the largest Islamic congregations in Central Virginia said he was upset when he learned Boston terror suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was buried in a local Muslim cemetery.
"Nobody cared to consult with us or ask us our opinion or anything," Imam Ammar Amonette, with the Islamic Center of Virginia, said. "It was a total surprise and shock to us."

Imam Amonette called Al-Barzakh Cemetery in Doswell a small, private location. He said not many Muslims in the community know about the cemetery.

Still he was not pleased about the decision to bury Tsarnaev there.
"We don't like it when decisions are made that affect us without consultation," he said. "We're upset that we were not given any information or choice in the matter.
Imam Amonette said he would not have approved had someone asked his opinion of bringing the terror suspect's body here.
"I don't think it was proper that a body should be taken from another state far away and brought here," he said. The person has no association with this area whatsoever."

Christian Woman better than Richmond Imam.
Martha Mullen, a private citizen of Richmond, is credited with having co-ordinated efforts behind the scenes to resolve the problem of where to bury Tsarnaev.
"It was an interfaith effort," she told the Associated Press. "Basically because Jesus says love your enemies."

A Refutation of Westernized Pakistanis who Attack Hadith

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

In 1861 a Christian missionary writer named William Muir wrote a book titled THE LIFE of MAHOMET in which he attacked Hadith. A famous Muslim scholar of the time, Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan answered Muir in detail. Unfortunately Sir Sayyid was himself a great admirer of British power and was deeply overawed by the majesty of the British Empire. He gradually succumbed to Muir's attack and started casting doubts on some segments of Hadith. Gradually he narrowed down the efficacy of Hadith to a very few aspects of life.

Through Sir Sayyid influence on westernized Indian Muslims, the attack on Hadith gradually entered the mentally defeated segment of what we today call the Pakistani elites or the Pakistani ruling class.

In 1896 a Jewish scholar named Goldziher launched a massive attack on Hadith in his publication Muhammedanische Studien. It was not translated into English until 1967 but in 1950, its major thesis was taken up and built on by another Jewish scholar Joseph Schacht in his book ORIGINS OF MUHAMMADAN JURISPRUDENCE.

Under the influence of Sir Sayyid, a number of writers under severe inferiority complex to the west emerged. The most important of these was Ghulam Ahmed Pervez who carried out systematic and scurrilous attacks on Hadith. His magazine Tolu-e-Islam, started in 1938, became a rallying point for anti-Hadith writings with a clear pro-government bias.

In the 1960s came Dr. Fazlur Rahman who carried out a more sophisticated attack on Hadith.

All these anti-Hadith efforts were tackled by scholars of various schools of Islamic thought in Pakistan. Abul Ala Maudoodi was the most famous of these but there were others whose rebuttal of the anti-Hadith people was more far reaching than his. [Maudoodi was too polite towards the attackers.]

The anti-Hadith people became irrelevant in Pakistan but they have found some support among Pakistanis in America. One of them has set up shop in Florida and attracted admirers by denouncing Imam Bukhari's Sahih. A bunch of these characters are busy on the Internet abusing the Hadith under the slogan of "QUR'AN ONLY." Every now and then I receive their emails.

I am willing to listen to any critique of the Hadith, and even of the Qur'an, if it is written in scholarly language and based on honest investigation. It should not take the shape of abuse, out of context listing of quotations and downright fabrication. The arrogance and deliberate efforts of these people to remove Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) leadership from Islam forced me to give them some of my valuable time.


I pointed out that the QUR'AN DOES NOT MENTION RAPE. I asked the anti-Hadith people to give me chapter and verse from the Qur'an. What is rape, what is its punishment and how is this punishment to be implemented? Give chapter and verse. I sent my question to all the Pervaiz followers and other anti-Hadith people. They are unable to give chapter and verse.

So the Qur'an does not mention the punishment for rape. It's given in Hadith. [My book LIBERATION of WOMEN THRU ISLAM is the only book in English which gives the Hadith on rape.] Qur'an and Hadith have always been together.
So let's look at the verses of the Qur'an which are misused by the Pervaizi cult and other anti-Hadith people.


This is one of the verses which the "Qur'an Only" cult [Pervaizis] keep repeating. They quote it as follows:
"We have sent down to thee the Book explaining all things." [16:89]

Actually the whole verse is as follows:
"On the Day we shall raise from all Peoples a witness against them, from amongst themselves: And we shall bring thee [O Muhammad] as a witness against these: And WE have sent down to thee the Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy, and Glad Tidings to Muslims."

[Note the extra-Qur'anic role of the Prophet, pbuh, as witness against his people. If Muslims are Muhammad's, pbuh, people, then he, as leader through his teachings, is a witness against them till the Day of Judgement.]

NOW FOCUS ON THE WORDS "explaining all things" ["tibyaanal-li-kulli shay'in" in Arabic.] Does this mean that the Qur'an covers every possible issue and leaves nothing out, with emphasis on ALL? Other verses of the Qur'an indicate that this is an idiom which indicates that fundamental or generic issues of a great variety are covered. Seminal issues are covered. For instance, harshness towards women is forbidden, as in Sura Nisa. But it does not mean that EVERYTHING is in the Qur'an. Let's understand this terminology from the Qur'an itself. For instance, about the Tablets or Commandments given to Moses, the Qur'an uses just about the same words:

"And we ordained for him in the Tablets in ALL MATTERS, admonition and EXPLANATION of ALL THINGS, (and said): "Take and hold these with firmness, and enjoin thy people to hold fast by the best in the precepts: Soon shall I show you the homes of the wicked.' " [7:145]
[The Arabic for the words I have put in capitals is "min kulli shay'in' and "tafsillal-li-kulli shay."]

Evidently ALL things could not possibly be written on explained on the Tablets. It is simply idiomatic expression for essentials and fundamentals.

Now focus on the word ALL [kull in Arabic]. Does it mean LITERALLY ALL and EVERYTHING in Arabic? Let's see what the Qur'an says:

"And thy Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees, and in habitations: Then to eat of ALL ["kull'] of the fruits (of the earth) and follow the ways of thy Lord made smooth... [to the end of the verse]" [16:68-69]

Obviously the ALL here is idiomatic and not to be taken literally. No Bee can possibly eat of ALL the fruits, literally.

"And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men: they will come to thee on foot and on EVERY {"kull} camel lean, through deep and distant highways." [22:27]

Again the EVERY camel has to be idiomatic. It cannot be taken literally to mean that every possible camel will be ridden by the pilgrims!

In the story of the Queen of Sheba (known as Bilqis), the Hoopoe says:

"I found a woman ruling over them and provided with EVERY THING {"kull sha'yi"}, and she has a magnificent throne." [27:23]

Evidently Bilqis did not LITERALLY have every thing. It is an idiom to indicate that she has all the fundamental riches of the world.

To conclude this section, the Qur'an includes ALL the fundamental and seminal issues which humanity needs but there are many important things not in it which were taught by the Prophet (pbuh.) [Also, once Qur'an and Hadith are understood they can be used as basis for Islamic understanding, BUT BOTH do not cover many things for which ijtihad, qiyas, and many other forms of reasoning are needed.]

The Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) explain how Muhammad (pbuh) understood and implemented the verses of the Qur'an. Everything he taught is as much a part of Islam as is anything in the Qur'an.
Rape was defined and punished by the Prophet (pbuh) and he also indicated that the woman's word be accepted and the man be punished after proper investigation. It's in the Hadith, NOT in the Qur'an.

From Re: Siddique Abdullah Hasan and others on Death Row

On April 19-21, supporters of the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners held a three day conference to raise awareness and tell a more complete story about what happened twenty years ago at SOCF, and the legal repercussions that have deeply damaged many lives.

The Hunger Strike
On Thursday, April 11th, the 20th anniversary of the first day of the uprising, Greg Curry, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Keith Lamar (aka Bomani Shakur), and Jason Robb began refusing food, and demanding that the ODRC grant access to media outlets who've requested on-camera interviews with them. On the following Monday, three other OSP prisoners joined the hunger strike in solidarity.
There was significant outside media coverage of the 20th anniversary, and the hunger strike. The Associated Press ran 3 articles, including an interview conducted by phone with Siddique Abdullah Hasan. These articles went out on the wire and were syndicated nationally.
On May 6th, after hearing that the lawsuit would be going forward, and a final meeting with Warden Bobby (who was unable to offer anything) Greg and Hasan ended their hunger strike.

The Conference
The conference started with the world premiere screening of D Jones' film, The Great Incarcerator Part 2: The Shadow of Lucasville. Full of great archive footage and interviews, the film does an excellent job of telling the story and also offers context and analysis for the events. D was able to interview special prosecutor Daniel Hogan for this movie, who admitted that he does not know, and "doesn't think we'll ever know, who killed the hostage, officer Vallandingham."

D Jones also videotaped the entire conference and intends to incorporate some of that footage into the final version of the Lucasville documentary, for which we hope to raise the funds to distribute and screen as extensively as possible.

After the screening, we presented the voices of prisoners. Alice Lynd introduced archive footage of George Skatzes's attempts to initiate negotiations with guards. Then Siddique Abdullah Hasan called in and spoke about Lucasville, and his case. Then we played pre-recorded statements from Greg Curry and Jason Robb, while projecting their photographs on the screen. Keith was supposed to call in last, but he didn't get the phone until too late, so we played and projected a statement he had pre-recorded as a back up. [links to Hasan and Keith's audio coming soon]

Denis O'Hearn also spoke about the current hunger strike, bringing some of his expertise in supporting hunger strikers in Turkey and the famous Bobby Sands hunger strike in Ireland.
Saturday morning, things began with a few interactive workshops hosted by Alice Lynd where people came up and acted out portions of the actual trial and investigation transcripts, so we could more directly see how the state recruited snitches and how juries were stacked with supporters of the death penalty.

Next, Vicki Werneke presented on appeals processes. Vikki is George's Lawyer, and is also an expert on Federal Habeus Corpus (which is the point in appeals that all the death sentenced prisoners are at). She presented on changes in the law and legal precedents which have made it increasingly difficult to win exonerations for death-sentenced clients.

Third, a panel of people who were incarcerated at Lucasville at the time of the riot convened, told stories and took a few questions. Kunta Kenyatta, Sam Oliver, and Ishaq Al Khair made up the panel. They discussed the extent of the racism and lawlessness of staff at SOCF, but also helped people recognize that correctional officers are in prison as well, and that the policies that provoked and endangered the prisoners also endangered the staff.
Lunch, thanks FNB!
We allowed that panel to run overtime, but there were clearly still a number of people with questions. We took a quick break and then reconvened, for Staughton Lynd's presentation of a summary analysis of the primary legal issues at stake in the court cases as they presently stand. Then we had lunch, which was provided by Food Not Bombs, an anarchist project based on acquiring food that would otherwise go to waste and feeding hungry people (often on the street, but sometimes for activist gatherings like this one).

After lunch, the panel of legal experts convened. Mark Donatelli, who came from New Mexico, described the Santa Fe prison uprising for whichhe worked on the legal defense team. He compared what happened in that case to Lucasville. In brief, there were fewer days, more deaths, more prisoners involved, better media coverage, and fewer convictions and no death sentences. Niki Schwartz, who represented prisoners in Lucasville negotiations, and Rick Kerger, who represented Hasan in state court until taken off the case by the trial court judge, shared their experiences and perspective. Finally Phyllis Crocker, who chaired the American Bar Association task force on death penalty, in Ohio talked about recent developments in how Ohio conducts death penalty cases.
Mark Donatelli, Staughton Lynd, Niki Schwartz, Rick Kerger, and Phyllis Crocker

Bonnie Kerness and Ojore Lutalo were next on the schedule, they intended to present art work and a video on isolation as a tool of political repression in New Jersey prisons, but their flight was canceled due to weather and they could not make it. So instead, we extended the question and answer period, which turned out well, because Keith Lamar got access to the phone and called in during the Q&A and was able to make a brief statement and participate in the questions and discussion.

Then people broke for dinner, off site, and returned for the screening of part one of D Jones's documentary series, Dark Little Secrets which discusses the prison system in a more general sense. We wrapped up with some spoken word poetry and re-convened on Sunday morning.

First thing on Sunday was Noelle Hanrahan sharing her knowledge from running Prison Radio and working on the Mumia Abu Jamal support campaign. Her key lesson was to always maintain positive relations and coordinate solidarity between different people who are participating in the support effort from different perspectives, for different reasons, and using different tactics and messaging. She also emphasized that supporters should always speak the truth to prisoners whose cause they are promoting.
On both Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon the conference attendees unanimously adopted a resolution calling for amnesty for all of the Lucasville Uprising prisoners.
Then two friends of Ben's who have a lot of experience running workshops and facilitating discussions came in to help us brainstorm and begin thinking about the future. That conversation was fairly general, but we also provided a couple of immediate actions people can take, and set a time and place for more direct and specific planning and implementation of ongoing support.

Follow up Meeting
On Sunday May 5th, the group convened in Youngstown to discuss future activities. Actions in development include:

Distribution and screenings of D Jones' film.
A lawsuit demanding media access to the Lucasville Uprising prisoners.
Packing the court room at Keith Lamar's oral arguments.
Considering starting a state referendum to abolish the death penalty.
The group's next meeting will be Sunday June 23rd, in Columbus, OH. Contact if you'd like more information.

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