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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 19, 1434/March 2, 2013 # 9

Amazing Texas: February 26, 2013: Lumberton Independent School District had its students dress up in burqas and hijab and told them that "Burqas are the sign of freedom fighters." O'Reilly complained on FOX TV about this and the State of Texas is investigating.

Canadian readers of New Trend should urge the Canadian government to release Momin Khawaja. Please read his case below. Don't let Canada get away with this atrocity. Please scroll way down.

Anniversary of Stalin's horrible move against the Chechen people in 1944. The Chechens are still resisting. Note that Russia is helping Assad. Russia is no friend of Muslims. Please scroll way down.

Breaking news:
Bangladesh: February 28 to March 2: Police killed 37 unarmed protestors and injured more thsan 200 in ten Bangladesh cities after waves of Bengali youth came out to protest the death sentence verdict given to a top Islamic scholar of Jamaate Islami Bangladesh known as Sayeedi. Protestors continued for three days but were smashed brutally by a force of 10,000 policemen brought in by the India-US-Israel backed government in Dhaka. In some cities protestotrs resisted the police and threw stones and bricks at the police killing two police sand injuring scores of others. A ruling party office was set on fire.

The government has arrested several thousand Islamic protestors, most of them young people but also including some very old people and some women.

Bangladesh's pro-India government is strategically located to stop the revival of Islamic movement east of India. There are millions of devout Muslims in Bangladesh but they have been depoliticized under Tablighi Jamaat influence and it will take them time to help Jamaate Islami.

For important messages about the Bangladesh oppression of Islamics, please scroll way down to appeals from Br. Hussain Khan in Tokyo, Br. Shamim Siddiqui in New York and Bangla Alert in Chicago as well as appeal to the Muslim world from Jamaate Islami Pakistan.
For Kaukab Siddique's critique of the Bangladesh Tribunal which is trying the Islamics, see New Trend:

Correction: The abusive comments about the Prophet, pbuh, were not made by the speakers at the government supported secularist rally in Dhaka but online by some participants in the rally. Later Prime Minister Hasina explained that she is not against the Prophet, pbuh, and will not endorse any such attacks. [Thanks to Br. Abu Mahmoud.]

Breaking news #2:
Syria: Intense fighting: The mujahideen on March 2 captured the highway linking Hama with Aleppo International airport. Two suburbs of Damascus changed hands twice in one dsay. In the morning they were re-captured by elite Alawite troops loyal to Assad. In the evening they were re-re-captured by the Islamics. Photos show heavy smoke rising from the embattled areas.

What are the western tactics about Syria?: Please see an important question and our detailed answer about Syria below.

Breaking news #3:
New clashes in Mali: France decides to withdraw its troops.

February 25-27: French troops and their Malian mercenaries were pinned down in the town of Gao by only TWELVE mujahideen. Most of the casualties were Malian secularized mercenaries. Only TWO French troops were killed and a dozen injured. The French then announced that they are withdrawing their troops from Mali. [Looks like the French realized that the mujahideen have successfully evaded them and guerrilla warfare will continue for a long time which the French economy cannot afford.]

Our America
National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Meet on April 6, inshallah.

Host: Imam Badi Ali
Secretary Genreral: Sis. Ashira Naim
Philosopher: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ]
DC-Maryland Activism: Nadrat Siddique
Advocacy Director: Br. Yusuf Irelandi
Hispanic Da'wah: Br. Robert Solano
New York Activism: Br. Abu Talib
Ameer: Kaukab Siddique

Jamaat al-Muslimeen stands for the rights of women, opposes police brutality, supports political prisoners, calls for the freedom of Palestine, stands against tyranny and dictatorship, condemns the occupation of Muslims lands, denounces imperialist re-colonization of Africa.

Interested in working for Islam in America? See Br. Shamim Siddiqui's questions below.

Our America #2
How the Drone Master Fooled the American People about Afghanistan.

During his re-election campaign, President Obama impressed the American people that he is a man of peace and is withdrawing American forces after having attained victory over the Taliban and al-Qaida.
Even a statistic was given out: Taliban attacks have gone down by 7%.

February 27, 2013: Now that the elections are safely over, the US has announced that there has been NO decline at all in Taliban attacks. The excuse the Obama people have given for 7% decline claim is that it was "a clerical error." [!] The US says now that the Taliban attacks are going on at the rate of an average 100 a month, just as they did before the elections. [Source NPR, a pro-Obama network.]

Our America #3
The Drone Master admits Benghazi Cover Up but WHY was the Attack not Admitted for so Long?

The question arises: Why did Obama's team hide the facts for so long and gave in only when Republican attacks made it almost impossible to keep covering up?
The date itself was a give away: September 11, 2012. Al-Qaeda seemed to be celebrating its horrendous attacks on USA's high value targets: the twin towers the Pentagon and the attempt to reach the White House.

The embassy attack was less than two months before the presidential elections.

Obama had taken tremendous credit for the hit on Shaykh Osama bin Laden. The president had announced repeatedly that by "taking out" Osama, he had broken the back of al-Qaeda and it was no longer a threat. This great victory was helping Obama with his gains in the tight election campaign.

Then came the Benghazi attack. Already the Republicans were pointing out that al-Qaeda was not only active in Afghanistan and the border areas of Pakistan but also in Yemen, Somalia, northern Nigeria,and Mali. Al-Qaeda flags [the black banners mentioned in Hadith] had even been raised in Egypt. The Benghazi attack showed that the hit on Shaykh Osama, other than sending his soul to al-Firdous according to Islamic beliefs, had not affected al-Qaeda operations at all. An ambassador of the US had never been killed before and pictures of the embassy in flames had emerged.

Obama could not afford to admit that the hit on Osama had failed to curb al-Qaeda. The hit had become part of Obama's election credits.

That's why Obama decided to sacrifice Susan Rice and she came on TV repeatedly to claim that the attack was part of the protests against the video which abused the Prophet, pbuh. This cover up had to be maintained till the elections were over.

After the elections Obama's team admitted that it was an al-Qaeda attack which went on for ONE HOUR. Now the US has faced reality and has warned Americans not to travel to Libya. The strategic blunder has also started coming out. Qaddafi screamed out that he was being attacked by al-Qaeda. The US helped the "rebels" to defeat and kill Qaddafi. The hope was that Libya would be ruled by Libya's westernized fringe. Most of Libya is now controlled by a variety of Islamic groups. What a blunder which Obama still has to admit!

An American Muslim's Question about Syria.

Salam Aleykum,

What do you say to those who maintain that the situation in Syria is being misreported to exaggerate the deaths/misery/destruction caused by the Asad regime in order to justify Western intervention?

Abu Mahmoud [Maryland]

Response by Kaukab Siddique: It's an intricate question:
  1. Will the western powers intervene militarily in Syria. My answer: No they won't unless they see Assad near collapse. Remember, nearly 24 months have passed since the people of Syria rose up against Assad. If the western powers had any humanitarian concerns or really cared for the Syrian people, they would have intervened after the slaughter of civilians went on week after week. They could see that Assad has late model jet fighters, helicopter gunships, heavy artillery, tanks and the complete support of his Alawite and Syrian Christian constituency. The people of Syria apparently had no chance of success. The western powers are aware of the role of Hafez Assad, Bashar Assad's father, who massacred 25,000 or more Islamic people in the city of Hama in 1982 and built casinos and cinemas on the ruins of mosques and medressas which his artillery had smashed. Bashar Assad was expected to follow in his father's foot steps and he did.

  2. Are the reports of Assad's atrocities and the reports of the people's suffering exaggerated? Definitely not! In fact the details of the horrific crimes committed by Assad's death squads are only available on alternative and social media and have not reached mainstream media even when BBC and CNN/New York Times profess sympathy for Assad's victims.

  3. In the first three months, the reporting om Syria was spotty owing to Assad's prohibition of outside reporting. However, private videos did emerge through Facebook and it was evident that Assad was attacking peaceful demonstrators as they came out of mosques on Friday or sometimes inside the mosques. Gradually, some of Assad's soldiers who are not Alawites started defecting and tried to protect civilians.

  4. The jihad movement known as al-Nusra with the help of defectors and the small but steady flow of small arms smuggled in from Turkey started changing the situation. Once al-Nusra developed, it received hundreds of Islamic fighters from Iraq and other Arab countries came in to defend the Syrian people. The call of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who has replaced Shaykh Osama, alerted the global jihad movement.

  5. At this point, swathes of territory from Aleppo to Turkey are under mujahideen control; hence journalists, Muslim and non-Muslim, are able to visit and details of Assad's attempts to destroy the will of the people are available. Parts of major cities, including Aleppo, Hama, Homs, and some of the suburbs of Damascus are under Islamic control. So information is easily available. What Assad's forces left behind as they retreated is brutal beyond ordinary imagination.

  6. Why did Kerry [Obama's new Sec. General] suddenly become interested in the fate of the Syrian people and offered 8 million dollars in aid with another 52 million potentially available ? The western powers are alarmed at the rapid advance of al-Nusra and massive support for it among the people. Eight smaller fighting groups are also siding with al-Nusra. Following Lebanese Hizballah's incursions into Syria in support of Assad, three jihad groups in Lebanon are siding with al-Nusra. This is an alarming situation for the West, Israel and Russia. So Kerry is trying to do what McCain wanted a year back: Support for the secular opposition to Assad to help to increase its influence and to divide them away from the Islamics. Even this aid is strictly for non-lethal items. No weapons for anyone.

  7. Al-Nusra and the defectors have captured three important air bases from Assad's troops and have seized large caches of weapons including missiles. Even then, the mujahideen do not have the weapons to destroy Assad's tank columns and his active jet fighters. Thus the West and Russia are hoping that though weakened, Assad may still survive and the West will emerge as "savior of the Syrian people" by aiding the unarmed opposition.

  8. About a million Syrians have left Assad's regime and have taken refuge in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq. Lebanon and in smaller numbers in other countries. These refugees have brought with them details of Assad's crimes against humanity. There can be no doubt that Assad and his Shabiha [Alawite death squads] have wrought havoc. Rape and torture have been used systematically to destroy the will to resist. If it were not for the mujahideen, Assad would have decimated the population and made them slaves for ever. Now he finds martyrdom operators from al-Nusra trying to reach him in Damascus. Almost ten thousand of his troops have been killed by the mujahideen.

In Search of Justice for Mohammad Momin Khawaja in Canada, Against Supreme Court of Canada final verdict of December 14, 2012

At issue:
In March 2004, when arrested on bogus accusations of "terrorism', M. Momin Khawaja was 23 years old, recent graduate in computer science and active community worker. Momin was kept imprisoned for 5 years without a trial. The Government wanted to hold a secret trial without presenting evidence to the Defense Team. But strong public opposition to this draconian strategy, the Government agreed to hold a public court trial. In March 2009, the trial judge sentenced Momin Khawaja to 10.5 (ten and half years) with 5 years to serve for parole eligibility accused of "terrorism" in Canada and abroad. The prosecution failed to prove any accusations of terrorism ever happened in Canada. There was no tangible evidence except his e-mails to prosecute him in a court of law. When in 2008, his trial started in Canada; he had already spent almost five years in detention but was not credited for this time as most inmates are under the laws. The trial Judge acquitted him of terrorism charge related to the London Bomb accusation due to lack of evidence - this was the focal point of the prosecution. A US informant turned witness Junaid Babur testified in the trial that Momin Khawaja had no involvement in any bomb making nor had knowledge of the London Khyam group terrorist plan. Momin is kept in Guantanmobay type facility in Canada. In 2012, even in a high security prison, one inmate attacked Momin with boiling water and burnt good part of his body. The prison official did not investigate the attack nor laid charges against anybody. Momin has not committed any act of terror nor harmed anybody on this planet.

The original sentence was based that he donated $859. to a Pakistan-based afghan charity fund of displaced women and children that the prosecution claim had link to al-qaeda. There was no evidence to prove this assertion except a theory. He attended one day camp in northwest Pakistan, traveled to UK to meet some youngsters who were later charged with certain crimes. This was appealed at the provincial court and three judges extended the original 10.5 years into life time and 24 years sentence without hearing any evidence or facts of the case. The same formula is being used by the Supreme Court to authenticate the previous appeal's verdict and gave him consecutively one life sentence and 24 years to start consecutively with 10 yrs to be served for parole eligibility. There is no surety, he will be allowed for parole. The Supreme Court used the official myth of Islamic terrorism, making claim to be sending a strong message to all concerned. There is no "terrorism" flourishing in Canada except propagated by the few warmongers and the war industries. Momin Khawaja has not committed any crimes of terrorism nature, nor harmed anyone anywhere on this planet. His e-mails were used to prosecute him essentially based on thought crime. One of the Supreme Court judges hearing the appeal, made it known that there was no crime committed by him (Momin) nor charged to be given the life sentence. Few others judges had similar questioning of the previous unfair verdict. Yet, all have signed the final verdict.

It demonstrates built-in prejudice and unfair treatment towards Muslims and the people of Arab origins mostly covered by the term "terrorism."
We request all concerned citizens of the global humanity to write to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and to the Prime Minister of Canada asking to revisit the case or other legal options to deliver justice. The important points should be:
  1. What rational or justifiable criteria is implied to deliver an exceptionally harsh and unfair sentence to Momin Khawaja? The original sentence of 10.5 yrs was increased to a life plus 24 years consecutively to be served with 10 years for parole. The final judgment lacked any evidence-based reasoning to substantiate the conclusion except political and religious animosity.

  2. Momin Khawaja was acquitted by the trial judge of involvement in the London bomb plot. He has no criminal record and never posed any threat or violence to anybody on this planet.

  3. Momin was not considered for double credits of the time served (9 years) as it is applicable to all inmates under the Canadian laws and justice system.

  4. There were wide range of opinions and discussions amongst the judges at the final Supreme Court hearing in June 2012, questioning the previous unfair verdict of the Ontario Appeal Court. But at the end, they all signed the document perpetuated most unfair and unjust conclusion lacking evidence and rational justification.

  5. There is no balancing act between the original sentence of 10.5 (ten and a half years sentence with 5 years for parole) and unusually increased harsh sentence to Life with 24 years to be served consecutively - 10 years for parole. This is clearly a travesty of justice.

  6. The writer should ask the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister (politely and logically) to review the case/ a retrial or other legal options to deliver justice based on the merits of the case. Surely, public concerns will have direct impact. Both addresses are as follows:

Right Honorable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada
301 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0J1 Canada
1- 613-941-5817
Right Honorable Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 Canada
Fax: 1- 613-941-6900


When Terrorism was Okay in Russia

February 23, 2013 was the anniversary of the notorious deportations of the Chechen people. The actual event took place in 1944 close to the end of WWII. At that time Joseph Stalin was Russia's leader who became suspicious of Chechen people, just like he was suspicious of everyone else. It is reported that nearly 400,000 Chechen and Ingush people are forced to relocate to Siberia. Who knows exactly what the actual total is. After all they are Chechens whom the world (especially Muslims) were taught to forget by big brother Russia. The total number of Chechen people that were killed before getting to the camps is up to the imagination of anyone.

Many tell of stories involving systematic rape, pillage, looting of Chechen people who were actively involved with the Red army. The very people who helped liberate Russia from Nazi Germany were the very people sent off in trucks to Siberia. (So-called moderate Muslims take notes!) People were literally dragged out of homes and forced to relocate within the frozen wastelands of Eastern Russia.
Did we hear about the Chechen holocaust anywhere in America ? No we did not. Did we commemorate the Chechen day of sadness? no we did not. As Muslims we need to remind everyone to not forget what happened to Chechnya and what is STILL happening.

Are you working for the peaceful Islamic movement in America?


by Shamim Siddiqui [Long Island, New York]
In the context of the existing world when Islam is nowhere found established in its totality though there are 57 Muslim countries and the secular world is united "Globally" and determined not to tolerate its emergence anywhere as a "political entity", what Muslims should do to encounter this evil design of the Batil forces of our contemporary world?
  1. Allah's Deen is found established in its totality nowhere in this world though there are 57 Muslim countries? Why not? What are the causes? Can we remove them?

  2. Who is responsible for that mishap?

  3. Do you find Justice and Peace prevailing anywhere in the human society? If not, who is responsible for that? Is it not the prime responsibility of Muslims?

  4. Can Muslim do it without bringing their own house in order as Priority # 1 of their life, the only way to emerge as "Ummatun Wasatan" through this process?

  5. What is the Priority # 2 following the Priority # 1 as entrusted by Allah through Verse # 25 of Surah Al-Hadeed? Can we undertake # 2 without accomplishing the demands of # 1? Will it not be an illogical sequence and ineffective?

  6. Will struggling hard through this process not lead the Muslim Ummah towards introducing and spreading the Deen of Allah in every nook and corner of this world, thereby establishing the authority of our Lord - the Creator and Sustainer, on self, family and the society in which we live?

  7. Will you not, then, commit yourself to struggle for this life-long pursuit on your own accord to earn the pleasure of your Lord in both the worlds?

  8. Please send your understanding and Commitment to "6 Plant Lane, Westbury, NY-11590, NY, USA" to get the Ummah organized Globally or through E-mail noted above.
February 21, 2013

Defenseless Muslims of Bangladesh under Attack
Jamaate Islami urges Muslim world, rulers to stop bloodshed in Bangladesh

LAHORE, Mar.1: Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has impressed upon the Muslim world and the Pakistan government to prevail upon the pro-India Bangladesh government to stop the massacre of the innocent Muslims in its country.

The BD government headed by Hasina Wajid is a puppet in the hands of Indian rulers dreaming of Akhand Bharat and is holding so-called trials of the people who tried to prevent the break up of Pakistan in 1971. If there is no serious effort from outside to stop that, the BD ruler could put to death millions of innocent Muslims and it could be a major tragedy in human history, he has warned. He was addressing the JI central workshop at Mansoora on Friday.

Liaqat Baloch said that the brutalities of the BD police and other government agencies indicated that the BD Muslims were facing a 1971 situation once again. Elderly Muslim movement leaders including Prof. Ghulam Azam, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Abdul Qadir Mullan and Maulana Dilawar Husain Saeedi had been convicted and sentenced to death and life term, while all those professing love for Islam and Pakistan were being identified and put to death. He said that during the last forty years, the BD Muslims believing in the Pakistan ideology had sacrificed their three generations but unfortunately, the Muslim rulers had not dared to raise a voice against that only due to the fear of the US and other anti Muslim powers.

The JI Secretary General condemned the US reaction to the Pak-Iran gas pipe line. He pointed out that the US having faced a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Afghans, was still dreaming of ruling the world.

The workshop is being attended by the JI workers from all over the country. Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, In charge, of the JI central training section, was also present.

Great Islamic Scholar Maulana Saeedi Sentenced to Death in Bangladesh by the Secular Awami League Government

by Hussain Khan [Tokyo, Japan]

I know him pesonally. I visited his home in Dacca. He used to hold Seerat conference in Chittagong every year for over a week attended by hundreds and thousands of people. He was a great popular speaker in Bangladesh and a pride for the country for his ability to to keep hundreds of thousands of people for over a week to listen his forceful speeches on the Seerat of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

It simply shows how rotten is the so-called justice system in Bangladesh bringing a bad name to a Muslim country, where hundreds of thousands gather for Tableegh Jamaat as well every year in Kakrail area of Dacca city; 2nd largest gathering after Hajj, more than the annual gatherings in Nizamuddin in India or Raiwind in Pakistan, both big Tableeghi Jamaat Centers.

Subject: Re: Save Muslims in Bangladesh! Quran Scholar Sentenced to Death!

Respected Brothers, ASA

It is a kangaroo court and the most shameful act of Hasina Government. Please send this information to the Heads of Muslim countries with the request to move the UNO to suspend the membership of BD for this gross violation of Human Rights abuses and ASK the Secretary General Bun ke Moon for taking Immediate action against this open Human Rights violation.

It is his prime most obligation to act immediately and hold the session of Security Council forthwith to stop this Indian game of REVENGE against the Two Nation Theory of Partition that India hates for long and wanted to annul it by hook or by crook. This Indian game plan must be stopped forthwith.

India is at the back of Hasina and secularism is being imposed upon the Muslims of BD against their will. It is the Zulm of highest order but world organizations and the so-called democratic countries are just keeping mum.

If it is not removed at once, Allah's wrath is inevitable to fall against these criminals of India and BD.

Shamim Siddiqi

In a message dated 2/28/2013 5:16:36 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

February 28, 2013

Save Muslims in Bangladesh

Quranic Scholar Sentenced to Death in Bangladesh

Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, Bangladesh's most renowned Quranic scholar, has been sentenced to death by an illegitimate and corrupt Bangladesh Tribunal. The judges who delivered the verdict had not heard all the evidence and witness testimonies. It is apparent that the verdict was pre-ordained.
The Economist examined the Bangladesh Tribunal, and wrote: "These concerns are so serious that there is a risk not only of a miscarriage of justice affecting the individual defendants, but also that the wrongs which Bangladesh has already suffered will be aggravated by the flawed process of the tribunal. That would not heal the country's wounds, but deepen them."
The Economist noted the following:

Bangladesh is at serious risk of a civil war, and we must act NOW to stop the loss of human lives. Hundreds of people have already been killed or injured while demanding due process. Police and plainclothed-officers are indiscriminately firing at the protestors.

30,000 Activists Detained

Extremists are using abusive language about the Prophet and the Quran to humiliate Muslims. More than 250,000 cases have been booked against Islamic scholars and activists while 30,000 of them are already in detentions. The editor of the newspaper the Daily Amar Desh is detained as well, since he exposed the government's corruption.

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