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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Mohurram 9, 1434/November 23, 2012 # 52

See Imam Badi Ali's top rated analysis of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Scroll down.

Imam Badi's little daughter Maitha was almost hit by a pro-Israel car driver. See photo below.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen needs your support to renew protests against the imprisonment of innocent Islamic people in USA, including Imam Jamil, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ], Lynne Stewart, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Dr. Ali Timimi, Imam Hasan, Imam Abu Toubah, Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Ehsan el-Sadequee, Ziyad Yaghi and others. Let us know if you can write letters and talk to your community.

We have a web site for Sis. Laila's son Ziyad. [ ] Go to New Trend's web site and click on " links ."

India's Shame: [From NT Media Monitor]
India is paying homage to an avowed Islam hater who died last week. The city of Bombay [Mumbai] has been closed down by Hindu mobs and extemist cults seeking Muslim blood. Meanwhile, Ajmal Qasab has been executed by India. He was one of 10 Pakistani mujahideen who attacked high value targets in Mumbai. They held off 5,000 Indian troops for 60 hours before they were all killed except Qasab. He was treated as a terrorist and finally, secretly, executed. POWs are not to be executed under international law. The background to the attack was the continuing occupation of Kashmir by 700,000 Indian troops, the biggest occupation force in history. India has killed more than 10,000 Kashmiris, wounded 40,000, made 2 million homeless and has desecrated numerous mosques and Muslim shrines.

Breaking News: November 23. Israel violated the ceasefire by shooting at unarmed protestors approaching Israel's control line in Gaza, killing one Palestinian and wounding 19. [BBC]
Breaking news 2: November 18. Islamic forces in Aleppo, Syria rejected the "opposition coalition" concocted in UAE by supporters of western powers. November 21: Assad's jet fighters struck at a hospital in Aleppo killing 15 people. Assad's air force also bombed a suburb of Damascus. Heavy casualties. November 22: Muhahideen captured Assad artillery base in Deir el Zour province bordering Iraq. This opens up the way to reinforcements coming in from Iraqi al-Qaida. [A Christian has been appointed head of the "opposition coalition" set up by western-backed Sheikhdoms.]

Breaking News 3: In Kano, Nigeria, there were violent protests by Muslims after a Christian insulted the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. [BBC]. [There seems to be a planned campaign by Christian extremists to insult the Prophet, pbuh. It is backfiring.]

Breaking news 4:November 20. Pakistan's top military commander General Kayani went to Kabul and met the NATO general in charge and Karzai's chief military man to coordinate operations against Islamic forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
November 21: Quetta, Pakistan. Pak Taliban hit a Paki military truck killing 4 troops and wounding 3. The troops were protecting a convoy of military families of whom 21 persons were injured. Pak Taliban also attacked Shi'ites in Rawalpindi. There were scores of casualties. A war seems to be going on between Shi'ites and Pak Taliban following ten years of Shi'ite support for Paki military operations against Pak Taliban. Paki military operations were propagandized by a Shi'ite General for 5 years or more.
November 21: A massive anti-Israel, anti-US and pro-Gaza rally was held in Karachi, Pakistan, addressed by Asadullah Bhutto, Muhammad Hussain Mehnati and Hafiz Naeem.

Breaking news 5: November 23: Large scale demonstrations are going on in Cairo, Egypt against President Morsi's decision to grab dictatorial powers. Offices of Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] have been set on fire in Ismailiya and Port Said. Clashes in Alexandria between the Ikhwan and Muslim opposition. [President is refusing to break the treaty with Israel forged by Hosni Mubarak.]

Breaking news #6: From November 1 to 20, iCasualties reported, 14 of NATO's elite troops were killed by Taliban mujahideen in Afghanistan. Another 24 NATO troops were killed in October. [NATO is facing defeat and news of these losses are neither reported nor discussed in the US major media. By contrast even one Israeli killed is top news- ed.]
November 20: French occupation forces have suddenly withdrawn from Afghanistan after steady losses at the hands of the Talibs. Australian troops who occupied Uruzgan province have retreated from there to defensive positions near Kabul.

A message from Kaukab Siddique
A day of Great Symbolism: Imam Hussain gave his life on 10th Mohurram to oppose tyranny & brute force.

In the year 61 of the Islamic calendar, Prophet Muhammad's, pbuh, grandson Hussain, r.a., was surrounded by a tribal army from Kufa which wanted to force him to owe allegiance to ibn Ziyad, the Governor of Kufa and to the tyrant Yazeed.
Hussain, r.a., and the 72 blessed people who were with him went down fighting to the end.
The message of this tragic event is that Muslims must not accept rulers who are tyrants. Allegiance is immoral if it is based on brute force.
Today Israel is trying to force Palestinians to accept allegiance to the Jewish terrorist entity, which like Yazeed's regime is an illegitimate entity. Imam Hussain never taught Muslims to beat their chests and to weep and mourn and carry out abuse of other Muslims. He did not even mourn his father, Ali's, r.a,, murder or that of Usman, r.a, in this weird manner. Such activities are forbidden in Islam.
Today's Yazeed is Israel. Today's Yazeed are the occupiers of Afghanistan and Kashmir and Chechnya. Today's Yazeed are the murderers who let loose drone strikes on Islamic people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
Where is today's Hussain, r.a.? Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, who went down fighting in the Red Mosque of Islamabad against General Musharraf's brigades was an example. Is there no one like Hussain today? Why?

Gaza Wins as the Israeli Assault Peters out amid Worldwide Condemnation & Rallies even in America [Imam Badi Ali's notes.]
November 21: Alhamdulillah, Israel accepted a cease fire. The Israelis came running to the US and Egypt to seek a cease fire. Scholars of warfare say that when a poorly armed militia stands up to a vastly powerul and superbly armed military and is not defeated, it means the weaker force has won, usually owing to support by the people.
In America, the stronghold of Zionist terrorists, anti-Israel rallies were held in every major city and some in smaller cities. These were by non-Muslims, often White people. A few were by Palestinian secular groups. The only Islamic rallies against Israel came from Jamaat al-Muslimeen for which Jamaat al-Muslimeen and its activists deserve congratulations.
[A large Zionist rally was held by Jews in Los Angeles but it was challenged by about 250 Palestinians/White supporters. A clash ensued and police had to intervene.]

Imam Badi Ali comments on 8 Days of Brutal Israeli Assault.
Leading Islamic Expert on Palestine briefed New Trend on a daily basis.

Imam Badi Ali, who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the voice of Islam in America on Palestinian issues. Owing to several decades of research and activism related to Palestine, Imam Badi, himself from Palestine, has a better Islamic understanding of Palestinian issues than anyone else in America. As leader of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's shoora council, he has become a powerful voice for truth and understanding, as can be seen in weekly issues of New Trend, as well as on facebook and on New Trend's web site which receives more than a million hits. Here are some of the questions we asked Imam Badi Ali and his answers.

Q. Why did Israel accept a cease fire when it is militarily so much more powerful than Hamas?

Ans: The faces of Gaza's children slaughtered by the Israeli air force and navy did it. The international community reacted with deep revulsion, all the way from Australia to America.
Israel became a pariah.

Q. Will there be any consequences for Israel?

Ans. Israel has the full support of the US President but the world sees Netanyahoo and other Israeli leaders has war criminals. They should be tried for war crimes.

Q. How did Americans react to the horrific bombardment of Gaza?

Ans. It was amazing. People called each other to come out and demonstrate against Israel. So many rallies without any central direction! The Zionists were taken by surprise. I think many Americans are beginning to see through the fog of immoral pro-war attitudes created by the major media.

Q. What did the corporate media try to do?

Ans: They tried these tricks: 1. Creating equivalence between Israel and Gaza, as if Gaza's flinty home made rockets were the equivalent of Israel's late model jets and naval artillery. These rockets could not reach any targets. They had only three strikes, while Israel bombed more than 2,000 "targets", killing 166 people, including 45 children and 62 women, and injuring more than 3,000.
2. Israel was committing genocide, causing huge explosions in heavily populated areas. The media refused to show the face of genocide. The pictures which came out independently were censored by the major media.
3.Israelis worried about the sound of sirens even when nothing hit their houses and this was shown as great human suffering by CNN etc while very brief coverage was given to Gaza where people were actually being killed. You could see the CNN anchor and the explosions showing Israel's power but no Gaza people.

Q. What about Obama's and Netanyahoo's claim that Israel has the right to defend itself?

Ans: Remember that Israel is the name of the occupation of our land. What right do occupiers have to claim that they are defending themselves when they kill those who challenge the occupation? From the river to the sea, from the north to the south, it is Palestine. Netanyahoo is a global terrorist.

Q. What is the role of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Ans: They showed great concern for Gaza but instead of being brothers of the people of Gaza, they became brokers, talking to Israel. This is a form of recognition of Israel. We know that President Morsi is under pressure from the US and the World Bank and unsure of the army. In those circumstances he did well. However the Islamic requirement was to open the borders and to arm the Gazans and let those who want to fight Israel, go in. There is a lot we don't know here. Some things are going on behind the scenes. Some US commentators are hinting that Hamas should be recognized which of course also means that Hamas will be asked to recognize Israel. What is Morsi saying on this, we don't know. Wait and see.
Q. Why was there a strange silence from the Ulema in the Middle East. People like Qaradawi who were silent during the decades of rule by Hosni Mubarak, Qaddafi and Assad gave strong fatwas against them during the Arab Spring. What is their role related to the attack on Gaza?

Ans: The Qur'an and the Hadith required the scholars to give fatwas against the Israeli attack but they were silent. Instead of telling the people to go and fight Israel, they were absolutely silent. This is definitely clear violation of the teachings of Islam. It raises questions about the loyalty and relevance of these scholars.

Our America
Genocidal Hatred of Gaza emanated from Corporate Zionist media in America
by Kaukab Siddique

During the 8 day assault on Gaza, the corporate media run by Zionists committed serious atrocities against Palestine in general and Gaza in particular. All the way from CNN to MSNBC, Fox and the radio network NPR, it was a show of fanatical support for Israel, a total lack of objectivity and sometimes downright lies.
CNN sent its hardcore Jew Wolf Blitzer to report from Israel and its self-proclaimed homosexual Zionist Anderson Cooper to Gaza along with the Jew Ben Wiedeman. No Islamic observer or even a non-Zionist Christian was included.
Wolf Blitzer uncritically accepted Israeli claims of thousands of rockets coming in. No attempt to verify was made
to verify. Of course almost NONE of the rockets hit anything and only five Israelis were killed..
Anderson with the help of Ben Wiedeman concocted a story [Nov. 20] of Iranian rockets going to Sudan and then through Egypt to the Sinai and then across the Sinai to Gaza. Any evidence? Of course not. This was CNN's effort to build a support story for Israeli claims about Iran.

Imam Badi's Daughter almost run over by pro-Israeli Car Driver.

November 16. During a peaeful vigil in Greensboro, North Carolina, for peace in Gaza, children also participated. Photo shows Imam Badi Ali's little daughter Maitha wearing a headcover with the Palestinan flag on it. As she was standing there, a pro-Israel car driver swerved and tried to run her down. Fortunately he missed, alhamdulillah.
Zionists are violent haters. Even far away from Gaza, in USA itself, one can see that.
 Maitha Ali , While she was holding a sign someone in a van tried to run her over

The Weight of Tradition: Ancient Roots of Modern Conflict
Mark Weber - Podcast

Israel's inhumane treatment of non-Jews, as well as the often arrogant outlook of the organized Jewish community, reflect a centuries-old mindset that has roots in the Hebrew scriptures (the "Old Testament"). As Weber explains in this hard-hitting broadcast, Judaism is not just "another religion." Its character and core values are markedly unlike those of Christianity and the other great world religions. Jews are encouraged to regard themselves as separate from the rest of humanity, and as members of a community with interests distinct from those of everyone else.

Courtesy Sis. Amirah Ibrahim in Philadelphia.
 Graph : Recipients of U.S. Foreign Military Financing Fiscal Year 2010

With thanks to Salim Mansur Khalid.
Mammoth Gathering by "Save Bangladesh" at British Parliament Square
Either Ensure Fair Trial under International Supervision or Release Opposition Leaders

London, Tuesday the 20 November 2012.
This afternoon a large protest took place at the Parliament Square in front of the historic Palace of Westminster, the home of the British Parliament by London based Human Rightsorganization, Save Bangladesh.
Thousands of Bangladeshis from different parts of the United Kingdom joined the demonstration to record their discontent with the current Awami League led government on issues ranging from extra-judicial killings, forced disappearance, endemic and high profile corruption, soaring inflation and price hike to unfair and highly politically motivated war crimes trial.
Reverberating the square with chants and slogans the meeting started at in the early afternoon presided over by Nazrul Islam, Barrister-at-law and President of Save Bangladesh. Men and women converged carrying colorful banners and festoons with pictures of the fallen/tortured humanbeings under the corrupt government which happens to have pardoned 21 convicted murderers from their own party while holding kangaroo trial against most innocent people whose only crime was that they belong to the opposition parties.
Mohammad Abu Baker Molla, Barrister-at-law, HR activist and Coordinator of Save Bangladesh, UK warned the AL government about the dangerous path it is choosing for themselves and the nation, which is an exact copy of current PM's father, Sheikh MujiburRahman, who tried to suppress opposition by killing hundreds of thousands of people including thousands of freedom fighter, banning mass media and all opposition political parties but that could not save him at last.
Referring to Arab Spring, Abdullah Faliq - Head of Researcher, Cordoba Foundation, asked the government to take lessons from Egypt, Tunisia and other despotic regimes who tried all their best to remain in power but failed. Not only them, their corrupt children and family members also fallen to the knee from the top.
In the name of international war crime tribunal, the AL government had created a caricature of medieval street justice of tyrant rulers but alas their monarchs could not last long, saidAnas at Tikriti - Founding Member of British Muslim Initiative and Cordova Foundation; he asked the Muslim PM to act fairly or be prepared to suffer the consequences.
Muhidur Rahman, Chairperson of Bangladesh Centre for Social Development, said that Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami (BJI) is a registered political party with licence to work freely anywhere in the country. They got representation in the current parliament while BJI had participated in all the democratic elections held under the current government, he added. Hence, the constitution of the country allowed them to organise protest and seminars which should not be attacked by ruling party cadres and riot police.
If a democratic party is pushed to the wall and banned outright, warned M AMalik - former secretary of the UK BNP, it will serve as a boomerang for the government and country in the long run. He reminded PM that she had promised under oath not to take actions out of anger or annoyance which is a sign of fascist intolerance.
Thousands of on lookers both British and tourists eagerly joined in to learn more about the critical situation in Bangladesh. A number of members of British parliament, from both houses, came out in support of the protest and promised to raise their concern with the relevant body.
Professor Abdul Kader Saleh, President of UK KhelafotMojlish, raised concern on recent abduction of the defencewitness from the Tribunal gate and condemned the threats made against the defence counsels by government intelligence.
Retired Brigadier Usman Khalid of Pakistan Rifah Party criticised the sporadic violations of human rights which, on most occasions, instigated by the ruling party thugs and criminals. Sheikh Mohammad Al Massari from Saudi Arabia reminded the PM and AL leaders that the oppressors had their end and Allah would certainly help the oppressed one very soon.
Mufti Shah Sadruddin, President of Jamiat-e-Ulama Islam Europe, told the crowd that the present government had failed in every aspects of public life; comparing them with the Pharaohs of Egypt, the AL government would be drowned soon, he added.
Many other prominent speakers also spoke on the trial of Islamic Scholars like Mowlana Saeede who was twice voted to Parliament by the huge Hindu minority constituents; never in last four decades, there was a single crime recorded with the local police against him, said Mowlana Maudud Hasan,of Dawatul Islam UK & Ire.
Hasan MueenUddin, Vice President of Dawatul Islam UK & Ire, Ayub Khan from IFE, M Ghaneem from Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Maolana Shuaib Ahmed of JUIE, Umar Ali from Federation of Students' Islamic Societies UK and Mohammed Khozber of Finsbury Mosque also spoke on the injustices committed by the AL led government and its terrorist sister organisations around the country.
The crowd demanded for fair trial under the auspices of UN and ICC, otherwise to release the opposition leaders at once. If the government fails to allow the peaceful protest by BJI activists, they would be held liable for any subsequent consequences by people and international community.
Later on a group of delegates led by Nazrul Islam, Barrister-at-law and President of Save Bangladesh and Mohammad Abu Baker Molla, Barrister-at-law, HR activist and Coordinator of Save Bangladesh UK placed a petition to British Prime Minster at 10 Downing Street and Submitted a Memorandum to House of Lords.
 Mammoth Gathering by Save Bangladesh at British Parliament Square
 Mammoth Gathering by Save Bangladesh at British Parliament Square
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-islami
International Relations Team

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