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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 4, 1433/June 24, 2012 # 27

A stern message about obligatory prayers from JAM's Advocacy Director Br. Yusuf. Scroll way down.

Pakistan: Jamaate Islami, JamatudDawa, Jamiate Ulema and others have successfully blocked NATO's supply routes while fighting rages in Afghanistan. USA has withdrawn its negotiating team and USA's man Gilani has been disqualified as Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Jamaate Islami is also moving big time to help the needy people of Pakistan. Please scroll down to a report on a 600 bed hospital and a blood bank for the poor. Pakistanis are in dire need of such.

Hail Egypt but ..... This just in...
Congratulations once again to Dr. Muhammad Morsi with 13.2 million votes under adverse circumstances.

Photo shows Tahrir Square in Cairo on June 23. It's a great victory for Islam, Muslims and Dr. Muhammad Morsi.
However, don't forget that the generals, USA and Israel have worked hard to make the victory ineffective. Our scholar Imam Badi Ali undertakes the painful task of highlighting the blunders of Egyptian Muslim leadership.

You may not like this: Imam Badi Ali highlights the failures of Muslim leadership in Egypt which has allowed the military to defy the public will of millions of people who overthrew Hosni Mubarak. It's a must read. Please scroll to end.

Breaking news:

Bangladesh's pro-India rulers are trying to deny basic human rights to the top Islamic Bengali leaders. First they imprisoned a gentle soul like Prof. Golam Azam. Now they have Maulana Saydee in a cell and are denying him medical treatment though he is very unwell. There was a civil war 42 years ago in East Pakistan [now Bangladesh], and suddenly these corrupt rulers decided to scapegoat Islamic leaders to divert attention from the serious problems Bangladesh faces.
Please protest to the Embassy of Bangladesh in your country.
Read the health report on Maulana Saydee. Please scroll way down.

Breaking News 2:

Syria: A Syrian pilot defected to Jordan. [June 21]. The Syrians, trigger happy now, shot down a Turkish F-4 just outside its territorial waters. [June 22]
[Will Turkey now retaliate and help the Muslims of Syria? It seems to be chickening out, though the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has increased to 31,000.

June 23: Syria hit the city of Deir al-Zoor with artillery killing 28 civilians including women and children.

June 24: In Darat Izza [Aleppo province], the Muslim "rebels" killed 16 Syrian troops.

Breaking news 3:

June 24: Boko Haram fighters attacked a prison in Yobe city and released 40 Muslim prisoners after a two hour gun battle. {Reuters].
Also In Nigeria, June 18-21, crowds of tribal Christians have been rampaging through Kaduna, supported by the military, setting fire to mosques and Muslim homes. The army announced that it has killed 34 "insurgents." Muslim response has been to push back to send the Christians back to the south but they lack weapons to face the military.
Christians have become bold enough with military support [backed by the US] to attack Muslims in a Muslim city like Kaduna.

On June 21, for the first time, the US placed three top Boko Haram Islamic leaders on its list of terrorists. These are Abu Bakar Shekau, Abu Bakr Kambar and Khalid al-Bernawi [also said to be connected to al-Qaida in Africa.]

Good Advice for new parents from a famous Muslim woman in Atlanta, Georgia.
Hadayai Majeed [on facebook]
Parents, this word of truth is from a maturing woman whose son is now approaching age 35. I know what I am talking about. It does not matter if you are homeless or wealthy: you are responsible for your children at least until age 18 in most states (some 17). You must feed them, clothe, house and provide an education for them. This is the bare minimum. You must do this, beloveds. You must! NO EXCUSES!

[For the first time, a genuine attempt to change the judicial system.-Editor]
The Baltimore Black Think Tank, Inc. is incorporated for the purpose of engaging in all lawful and commercial, financial, political and general business ventures, including but not limited to assist in the development of independent Afro-descendant communities at home and abroad.
We welcome the people of the global community to our site to share with you the work that we as a determined group of individuals are doing to ensure that our People will be served by those who have sworn an oath to provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare of Baltimore's majority population of African descendants.
The objective of this site is to accurately report and to provide viable economic, political and social grassroots solutions to the pressing policy issues that are forced on our People by outside forces that do not reside in our neighborhoods, nor that have the best interest of our People at heart, as well as, to offer viable solutions to policies that are detrimental, by holding public officials accountable and if necessary to remove them using the constitutional powers of the Sheriff of Baltimore to enforce of the civil and criminal law, and the investigative and policy recommendation powers of Maryland's Grand Jury System to force change through the judicial process.
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Personal reflections from Kaukab Siddique

Meeting Rohingya Muslim refugees with Maulana Maudoodi.

Many years back in Karachi I was sitting near Maulana Maudoodi with a group of his students. I had been invited to act as translator from his Urdu into English for the media. Late in the afternoon, 'Asr time, a young man from the nearby shanty town came to invite Maulana Maudoodi to the little shany mosque to lead the prayers. The man in chappals and dirty clothes was a Rohingya refugee from Burma [now Myanmar]. It was a near miracle that this group of refugees had fled from Burma to Bangladesh [then East Pakistan] and kept going across 1,000 miles of Indian territory to [West] Pakistan.

Without the slighest hesitation, Maulana sahib crossed the street, with all of us following, into the gutter lined shanty town to a make shift mosque where he led the prayers. Owing to my middle class background, I had two weird concerns. One that Maulana sahib's extremely clean white clothes would get dirty from the muddy shanty path way, and second that I would get malaria as the mosquitoes fed on me all through prayers.

Second meeting with Rohingyas on the Burma-Bangladesh border:

After the tragic break up of Pakistan and the emergence of Bangladesh, I visited the new country several times to do my share of healing the fraternal wounds. During the last of these trips, I flew to Chittagong and from there south to the gorgeous beaches of Cox's Bazar, and then on a narrow road which looked dangerously small down to the Burmese border overlooking a stormy branch of the sea. I looked down from the craggy top of the road and thought our jeep would fall several hundred feet into the swirling water.

How did the Rohingyas in their little boats cross that big expannse of water into Bangladesh hoping for an Islamic response ? As they kept coming, they were no longer welcome.

Now the mockery of Nobel Prize Winner Suu Kyi:

The lady who was hailed as the leader of Burmese liberalism in the West and given the Nobel prize is ignoring the new outburst of attacks by Buddhist mobs on helpless Rohingya Muslims. Scores of Muslims, with their families, have been killed on the basis of a rumor. Then I think, I should not be surprised: After all Obama was given the Nobel Prize for Peace and he didn't say a word about the Israeli genocide in Gaza. [Still hasn't, years later.]

Muslims must take care of their own.

Our America

Meeting Top World War II Scholar David Irving: Target of Zionist-Jewish Revenge. Why?

On June 21, 2012 I had the honor of meeting David Irving. He was addressing a group in Baltimore about his latest research work on Heinrich Himmler, leader of the elite SS forces which served Germany under Hitler.
I came away with the impression that Mr. Irving is no "holocaust denier." I wish some Jews had been there to hear him. They would have stopped their campaign against him.
Mr. Irving's "problem" is that he only publishes information which is the result of his original research and for which there is documentary evidence. No hearsay or secondary sources are acceptable to a man who has the tools to find out for himself now that classified information about the war is available,

Where David Irving finds documentation for German atrocities against Jews, Poles and Russians or anyone else, he has the moral courage to accept them. Similarly where he finds atrocities documented against Germans, he mentions them. Thus he is disliked by all those who want to cling to war time propaganda and hate.

To me, it's obvious from Irving's writings and those of many others, that there were no angels in World War II. For Muslims, it is important to know that Jews did suffer tremendously during World War II but they were not the only victims. Germans suffered as much or even more, as the recent books on the war show. There is no point in painting Hitler as the source of all evil when the scholarly works clearly show the genocidal activities of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt as well, along with the crimes of minor actors.

What the Jewish organizations have done to Irving is horrific for all those who believe in freedom of expression. He cannot get his books published. He cannot get his books distributed . What makes him irksome for the Jewish-Zionist establishment is that he won't admit defeat. He publishes his own books [beautifully produced] and sellss them himself. Even then the Jews pursue him to stop him from selling his books and he has to hold these scholarly meetings in secrecy with no open publicity. He is growing old with various ailments but the fire of truth burns in him as before.

Understanding Islam: Q & A

What is Hadith? Is History and Fiqh of the past Part of Islam? What about Slavery & Concubinage?
[The following is a letter from Br. Luqman Clark in Baltrimore in which he criticizes Kaukab Siddique's comments on various issues. We publish his letter uncut followed by Kaukab Siddique's response.]
"Infested with Jews?" Been reading Mein Kampf lately? And while I don't agree with Ahmedis theologically, one would have to either be ignorant, wilfully blind, or simply callous to deny that there is persecution of Ahmedi's in Pakistan.
RE: Ayesha's age. The famous hadeeth about her age comes from Ayesha herself. It is a bit disingenuous to dismiss it because it didn't come from Muhammad himself. Who would know better her age than Ayesha herself? And how can that hadeeth be dismissed without also dismissing the reports that come via the same or very similar chain of narrators? One cannot simply cherry pick which reports to accept and reject based on whether we approve of their content; if a report is not reliable than all reports coming from that chain or a similar one ought to be discounted.
And as far as the age of marriage goes, every fiqh book that I have read, from whatever time period, in the original Arabic or in translation, mentions the age of maturity (or being baaligh) as being the onset of puberty. If this is not correct, how do you explain all the masters of the shariah getting it wrong for over a thousand years?
I realize that the subject of child marriage makes muslims uncomfortable, but it is not simply not tenable to claim that such practices are not "true islam" when the historical and legal evidence strongly indicates otherwise. At any rate, historically, it is delaying marriage into the late 20s and 30s that is the historical abnormality, brought on by a seismic shift in industrial technique and mass education and by increased autonomy of women who are no longer forced by social custom and legal precedent to acquiesce to parental marital arrangements. The current system of social and economic arrangements is vastly different from 7th century Arabia or medieval Spain or eighteenth century Turkey. Marriage at a young age is simply not appropriate under these conditions and would frequently be very harmful to the future prospects of those involved, especially the women. I think a simple acknowledgement of these facts is sufficient; we don't need to go the extra step of claiming 'twas always thus' and attempting to whitewash history by editing out all those bits that offend white Americans and those educated to think like them.
The same can be said in regards to slavery. Unless one is going to take the shia view that the deen got profoundly distorted right after the death of Muhammad, how can one seriously claim that slavery is not allowed in Islam? Were the sahaba who had relations with captive women sinning? Were the authors of fiqh text after fiqh text getting it wrong for over a thousand years, only to be corrected by western educated 20th century intellectuals? If one of the purposes of the deen was in fact to end slavery would not its persistance into the colonial era (and beyond) simply be evidence that the deen failed? Do not get me wrong; I am not advocating either of these practices (quite the opposite, in fact). But it simply will not do on an intellectual level to read the results of our independent moral meditations back into the primary sources of Islam. The muslim community has to be honest with itself regarding its past, engage in independent ethical thought, and chart a future based on universal values of solidarity, empathy, reason, and justice instead of the inward turning and parochial (and frequently patriarchal) identity politics that undermines both the well being of the community and of the minorities who live within it. It can not do that if it refuses to acknowledge the more difficult aspects of its history, attributing them to a 'conspiracy of kings.'
Nice article on Obama, though. Very much on point. This country needs a 'black president.'

Response by Kaukab Siddique:
  1. Hadith which is not from Muhammad, pbuh, is not part of Islam. Hadith is that which the Prophet, pbuh, is reported to have said, done, allowed to be done or which is about the qualities of his life and is transmitted by a complete chain of narrators who are known for their piety and justice. [1]

  2. The narrative about the age of Aisha, r.a., is NOT a hadith. It is not from the Prophet, pbuh. In fact there is no hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, which says that the age of Aisha, r.a., was such and such when he married her. Nor does any narrative say that the Prophet, pbuh, said that men can or should marry girls of 6 or 9. Nor does Aisha, r.a., say in the narrative attributed to her that the Prophet, pbuh, said that her age was 6 or 9 at such and such event. It is not a hadith. Hence it is absurd for the enemies of Islam to attack it or for the Muslims to defend it.

  3. Not only is narrative NOT from the Prophet, pbuh, not considered a hadith, even a narrative FROM him is not a hadith acceptable as part of Islam if it is MURSAL. The term mursal means in most cases that the narrator is a Tabai or a Taba Tabai [the two generations after the sahaba, r.a.] and does not give the name of the sahabi from whom he claims to be narrating what the Prophet, pbuh, said.[2]

  4. There is absolutely no place in Islam for slavery and/or concubinage. The Qur'an permits marriage with captives but no concubinage or slavery. In case of doubt about the meaning of the Qur'an, look at the hadith which shows that the Prophet, pbuh, himself married a woman who was a prisoner of war, Saffiya, r.a. The Prophet's example overrules all other interpretations. [3]

  5. The Prophet, pbuh, had neither slave nor concubine when he passed away, which settles the matter for Muslims. [4]

  6. The history of kings cannot be made into textual evidence for Islam. The message is the Qur'an and the role model is the Prophet, pbuh.

  7. The books of Hadith contain considerable material which is NOT from the Prophet, pbuh, and these books do not claim that everything they have collected is from the Prophet, pbuh. Take Bukhari's sahih, for instance. It has chapter headings throughout the book which are the Imam's commentary and not from the Prophet, pbuh. Also he has MAWQUF narratives, like the one about the age of Aisha, r.a., which are not hadithe Muhammad, pbuh.

  8. Similiarly, the Muwatta of Imam Malik is studded with narratives supporting SLAVERY and CONCUBINAGE which are definitely not from the Prophet, pbuh, and Imam Malik does not claim that they are. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal too, his son added quantities of narratives which the Imam did not consider authentic. Absurdities like that also occur in the Musnad of Imam Abu Hanifa. [Check the one about not stopping women from going to the mosque.]

  9. Any student of Hadith, even at the medressa level, knows the difference between hadithe Muhammad, pbuh, and narratives from his companions.

  10. We love and revere the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, [5] but that does not give us the right to include the views of the Sahaba in the texts of Islam. The Qur'an has taught us that obedience is only to Allah and His messenger. The rest is by shoora and based on standards of behavior. The Companions often differed with each other, even Umar and Abu Bakr [Allah be pleased with them]. Notice their different views on Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a., or on Jaishe Usama, r.a. Ali, r.a., and Aisha, r.a., differed with Usman, r.a. and with each other. There were no TARAWEEHS during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr, r.a., but there were in the era of Umar, r.a. So these are all INTERPRETATIONS and cannot be considered as texts of Islam.

  11. Read Abul Ala' Maudoodi's greatest book Khilafat o mulukiat [Caliphate and Monarchy] to understand the difference between Islamic rule and rule by Muslims who do not follow Islam in its entirety. I am sure you know that the schools of Islamic Thought [Hanafi, Maliki, Shafa'i, Hanbali, Jafari, etc] are INTERPRETATIONS of Islam and must not be taken to be texts of Islam .

  12. We don't need any guidance from the West. Look at what they did in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Palestine, Chechnya, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan..... Islam is superior to the West in every way and of course Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism do not come anywhere near Islam.

  1. For my definition of hadith, see Fath al-Bari sharh Sahih al-Bukhari by Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani, 852 hijri [Urdu translation]. Also, the classic Tadrib al-Rawi by Jalaluddin Suyuti, 911 hijri. [Urdu translation]. For a modern dissertation on the definition of hadith, see Tadweene Hadith [Urdu] by Syed Munazir Ahsan Gilani, 1365 hijri. Even the most traditional scholars of our time do not include any narrative in hadith other than what the Prophet, pbuh, said, did or apprroved of, See Hifazat-o-hujjiat-e-hadith by Maulana Muhammad Faheem Usmani [in Urdu], 1399 hijri.

  2. For non-acceptance of maraseel, with a discussion of what is mursal hadith, see al-Kifaya fi ilm ar-rawaya by Khateeb Baghdadi, 463 hijri [Urdu translation]. Mursal from some Tabain like Sayeed al-Musayyeb are accepted because they were constantly in the company of sahaba.

  3. The Qur'an, in one of its earliest revelations, Sura al-Balad [chapter 90] proclaims its mission to free all slaves. When the Islamic state was achieved, the Qur'an ordained the spending of zakat funds to free slaves. [2:177] . For a discussion of the battle of Khaibar and the Prophet's, pbuh, history changing decision to marry a captive woman [which is decisive in understanding Qur'anic verses about captive women,] see my book Women in Hadith Narratives.

    Captives have to be freed either out of generosity or by ransom. Permanent captivity which turns captives into slaves was carried out by kings in violation of Islam. The words of the Qur'an are quite clear: "When you meet the kuffar in battle, smite their necks until you have crushed them, then bind your captives firmly; thereafter, set them free either by an act of grace or against ransom, until the war ends....[The Qur'an 47:4]

  4. Sahih al-Bukhari.

  5. For my articles on Abu Hurayra, r.a., the greatest narrator of Hadith, see:

{Br. Luqman Clark seems unaware of the "ahmadis' " [Qadianis'] efforts to undermine Pakistan by bringing in a false prophet to mislead the Pakistani people. They have been used by military dictators like Musharraf to support military attacks on Pakistan's people. No one is persecuting them. They create fitna by claiming that their leader is the messiah and/or the prophet after the Prophet [pbuh]. Secular regimes have persecuted and killed numerous Muslims to prop up the Qadianis. Their khalifa (don't laugh!) justifies the occupation of Muslim countries by the imperialists.]

[As for Hitler's Mein Kampf, most probably Br. Clark has not read it. Much of what is rumored about it is not true. Read Mark Weber's discussion of the greatest German leader's thoughts. When the Jews can support Salman Rushdie, Hirsi Ali, Manji, and much such trash, what's wrong with the use of the word "infest" for their infiltration of American institutions? Hitler was not our enemy. He was the only European leader to support the Palestinian people and their leader Mufti Amin al-Husseini. We should get rid of the idea that the enemies of Israel and international Jewry are our enemies. ]

Obama Claims to be a a friend of Egypt but till the day before the Uprising, he was the great friend of Hosni Mubarak.
[Thanks for the photo to Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Robert Solano]

With thanks to Br. Mansur Khalid.
Bangladesh: Tormenting Islamic leader at the instigation of India.
Press Statement of the Defense team
Regarding the deteriorating health condition of Maulana Saydee.

The health condition of Maulana Delwar Hossain Saydee ,detained by the order of the International Crimes Tribunal has been deteriorated. Mr. Sayedee is now under treatment in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) of the Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital, Dhaka. Maulana Saydee felt severe pain on his chest on way back to Dhaka Central Jail after taking part in the Zanaja prayer of his son Rafiq Bin Sayedee died on 13th June'12. Maulana Sayedee was released on parole on 14th June'12 at 6pm for about an hour for attending the last prayer of his son Rafiq Bin Sayedee who died following a heart attack while he was observing the proceedings of the case of his father in the International Crimes Tribunal, Dhaka. That the anguished father attended the Zanaja prayer of his late son Rafiq Bin Sayedee where he addressed the gathering saying that he is carrying heaviest weight of this earth as he is to carry the dead body of his son.
That it may be mentioned here that Maulana Sayedee lost his mother some few months back and though he was allowed to take part the last prayer of his mother but he was not allowed to see his family members that time. That after completion of the Zanaja prayer of his son Maulana Sayedee was taken back to Dhaka Central Jail where he suffered a Mild Stroke in his heart and then the doctors of the jail sent him to Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and he was admitted there.
That on 16.06.12 at 9.30 A.M Moulana Sayedee was examined by a Medical Board comprising Dr. Firoz Amin (Endocardiologist) Professor Lt. Colonel (Rtd.) Rezaul Karim, professor Dr. Mirza Mahbubul Hasan(Urologist), Professor Maksumul Haque (head of the Department, Cardiology) and Professor M.A Rashid and after examination the Board opined that Moulana Sayedee needs urgent NGO gram. That Moulana Sayedee was treated earlier in the Royal Bromton Hospital, London and his family thinks that under this deteriorating condition his NGO gram in Bangladesh would be highly risky.
It may be recalled that moulana Sayedee is of 72 years old. He is a diabetic patient for the last 35 years. He is also a heart patient. He has two rings in two arteries of his heart and blockage to the extent of 75% and 85% in other two arteries of his heart. He has chronic arthritis and other old age ailments. The sudden death of his eldest son has put him in a sever shock and he is now very sick and in a life threatening position.
That in such circumstances the family members of Maulana Saydee requested the government to send him to abroad for better treatment in order to save his life.
Muhammad Tajul Islam
Advocate, On behalf of the Defence Team

Karachi, Pakistan
From Sarfraz Husain, Jmaate Islami Media
600-Bed Hospital, Blood Bank, Services for Women: Islamics Move forward in Health Field
June 23: The establishment of a Blood Bank and Women Hospital in the city of Karachi was a promising step that the Al-Khidmat Welfare Society had taken and whatever they have so far done and whatever they would do in future was only to please the Almighty Allah as the serving to humanity was a great task ordained by the Almighty Allah. In fact, it was the private sector that had played its dynamic role in provisioning facilities to the poor and deserving people irrespective to their cast, creed or colour and for that giant contribution, the philanthropic hands from the private sector deserved due regards and applause.
According to a press release issued here at Mansoora on Saturday, Ameer Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Pakistan Syed Munawwar Hassan expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Blood Bank and foundation stone laying ceremony of Women Hospital under the auspices of Al-Khidmat Welfare Society (AKWS) at Al-Khidmat Hospital, Nazimabad.
JI Karachi Chapter General secretary Naseem Siddiqui had performed as the compeer of the ceremony while JI Karachi Chapter Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, JI Sindh Chapter Deputy Ameer Dr Meraj Ul Huda Siddiqui, Al-Khidmat Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Kalim Khan, Roche Pakistan Country Manager Shabbir Halai, Umair Sana Foundation Chief Dr Kashif Ansari, Dr Saquib Ansari, Al-Khidmat welfare Society Secretary Engineer Abdul Aziz and other leaders were present and addressed.
Munawar Hasan said, we were not obliging any individual or group of people with the provisioning of facilities for the benefit of the people but we were thankful to the Almighty Allah that had enabled us to carve out such means so as to serve the deserving humanity and in this regard, again that donors from private sectors had played a splendid role, he said adding that it was the private sector that carried out all types of philanthropic jobs especially the health and education sectors were a candid manifest of heavily contributions from the private sector.
He said that a step ahead, the private sector was now playing a great job as regards to security amid ongoing devastating law and order situation. The contribution of the private sector was not limited to health, education or law and order but it was the private sector that was doing Jihad. They were the people from private sectors that were on Jihad in Kashmir, in Afghanistan, in Palestine and everywhere in the world while armed forces of the Islamic countries were simply a sheer symbol of decorative institutions. He said that as doctors had updated him, there were no adverse effects on health of the donor but improved health instead so everyone should come forward to donate blood for the sake of humanity.
On the occasion, women offered cheques to the Ameer in donation worth millions of rupees, which they collected through strenuous efforts as they had visited the people of the city door to door for collecting donations.
Speaking on the occasion, Blood Bank Project Director and JI Sindh Chapter Deputy Chief Dr Meraj Ul Huda Siddiqui said that the mankind was Allah's family and serving the humanity would ensure Allah's blessing in return.
The establishment of Blood bank and Women Hospital under the aegis of AKWS was a sign of our determination that we would not see any poor die because of compulsion of not affording medical expenses. He said that the Blood Bank and Women Hospital were a gift for the people of the city. He said that every care would be taken to keep the world standard and the Blood Bank and Women Hospital would certainly follow the 'AA' and 'BB' protocol. He said that 70% of country's total population was the youth so there should be no crisis of blood if the youth of the country was motivated and mobilized.
AKWS Secretary Engineer Abdul Aziz in his address said that there would be no male in the Women Hospital but from the office of Medical Superintended to lower staffer, all would be females.
AKWS President and JI Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti in his address said that AKWS had always been a spearhead during incidents of natural calamities such as the quack in 2005 and floods in 2010. AKWS had been continuously imparting its philanthropic services to the deserving and affected people across the country.
He said that JI was not fame hungry party but believed in practical service to the humanity. The unprecedented high rate of killing and accidents in the city and the country called for giant level steps for provisioning of the blood and blood by-products, which were much below the requirements.
AKWS had taken a step ahead ensuring no human dies of paucity of blood or due to lack of money. All services at the Blood bank would be offered to the needy people with 80% discount, he asserted.
Umair Sana Foundation Chief Dr Kashif Ansari on the occasion announced to launch awareness campaign in association with AKWS for raising blood from voluntary donors.
Al-Khidmat Hospital MS Dr Kalim Khan said that Al-Khidmat Hospital was started with 12 beds, which was now upgraded to 600-bed hospital. He said that the facilities available at the Al-Khidmat hospital were of world standard while all services were being offered at a discounted price only with a theme of catering to the deserving humanity.
Roche Pakistan Country Manager Shabbir Halai said that although Roche was commercial institution but it would go hand in hand with AKWS for its welfare projects.
He offered that the first 300 test of HIV would be performed by the Roche.

From Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora leader.
Spotlights on Egypt: Why the regime forces are able to frustrate the people?
Spotlight #1:
Revolutions in the Arab world are inter-connected. Whatever happens in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria affects all of them.
Spotlight #2:
Why do Muslims expect evil to surrender its power?
Spotlight #3:
In spite of the mass revolution coming out of Tahrir Square, an agent of the Mubarak regime, Ahmad Shafik, was put up for elections. The failure to prevent this shameful act was a failoure of Muslim leadership.
Spotlight #4:
The failure of leadership became very serious when the military dissolved the parliament and the political parties still remained in the election process. Slowly but steadily the military has been reversing the gains of the revolution. The military can see that the leaders will not make a stand.
Spotlight #5:
Political groups hijacked the revolution without making any sacrifices. Hence they were very weak when the military played its game.
Spotlight #6:
More and more divisions are emerging among the people, with voices warring against each other. We are losing momentum because focus on overthrowing the evil power structure was lost.
Spotlight #7:
Let's not forget that USA is still a superpower. Note what Sen. Leahy's message to the military. Remember we send you billions of dollars and we can stop them.
Spotlight #8:
Obama is busy with his election campaign. He will give everything to the Israeli lobby which it needs.
Spotlight #9:
Egyptian youth brought about the revolution. Even now they can change the situation if they select their responsibilities and not all of them try to do the same thing.
Spotlight #10:
Muslim Brotherhood movement has made a series of mistakes, negotiating unnecessarily with the forces of evil, competing even within its internal groups, letting Shafik come into the equation.
Spotlight #11:
Isn't the military part of the regime? Muslim Brotherhood has been doing what the military wants. Now the situation is such that even if the military accepts the Brotherhood's candidate as president, he will have no power.
Spotlight #12:
Recently Obama and Putin met. Guess what they discussed. Egypt is the centerpiece of their strategy. They can't let Egypt get out of their control. The tributes to "democracy" are fake.
Spotlight #13:
A major change in Egypt would change the entire middle east. The West can't allow that.
Spotlight #14:
The security of Israel is most important for the West. The wishes of the Egyptian people do not matter when it comes to that

From Advocacy Director of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Tennessee, Br. Yusuf El-Irlandi

The Giants of Islamic Leadership never forgot their prayers.
The Contact with Allah 5 times a day is required.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. To proceed:
A reminder from Yusuf El-Irlandi to himself and the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) -
As stated in a previous article that faith is statement with the mouth, confirmation in the heart, and action with the limbs. The lack of any one of these results in deviancy and/or kufr. They all must exist within the Muslim simultaneously.
So with this said, let us look at a few ahadith and ayaat of the Qur'an dealing with a most serious issue - the prescribed prayer. Our performance of the prescribed prayer - or lack of performance - is the yardstick of what kind of faith we have.
Are you a hypocrite?
Abu Hurairah (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "There is no prayer more troublesome to the hypocrites than Salaatul-Fajr and Salaatul-'Ishaa'. Had they know what is in them, they would have come to them even by crawling." [Agreed (Bukhari and Muslim)]
Are you an infidel?
Buraidah (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "The covenant that is between them and us is prayer. Whoso gives it up becomes indeed an infidel." [Ahmad, Tirmizi, Nasaa'ee, and Ibn Maajah]
Jaabir (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "Between worship (Al-'abd) and unbelief (Al-Kufr) is the abandonment of the prayer." [Muslim]
'Abdillah bin Shaqeeq (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) did not consider abandonment of any action as unbelief except the prayer. [Tirmizi]
One may say that this is a little harsh and maybe a minor form of kufr. There is a consensus amongst the companions of the Messenger (saw) that abandonment of prayer is major kufr. And, going against the consensus of the companions is kufr as well, so there is no way to get around this injunction. Allah says:
"But if they repent and perform the salaat, and give zakaat, then they are your brothers in religion; and We detail the verses for a people who know." [Tawbah (9):11]
Allah says prayer and zakaat is a condition to make a person your brother/sister in Islam, so if they do not pray (or give zakaat), then obviously they are not our brothers/sisters in the religion.
Remember Oh Muslims, the first thing we will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is our prayer! If this is in order, the rest of our deeds will be in order. There is no getting around it, we are not Muslims without prayer, and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A NON-PRACTICING MUSLIM.
If our prayer is the first thing asked about, and if it is in order the rest of our affairs will be in order in the next life, just think about what it could do in this life? Maybe this is why so many people who call themselves "Muslims" now-a-days are wimps!
The giants of mankind never abandoned their prayers and they ruled multiple continents for a millennium almost. There is only one path and the rest of the paths have devils calling from them. Come to prayer! Come to salvation! Do we not heed the words of the Mu'ezzin?
And Allah knows best.

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