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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 28, 1433/May 20, 2012 # 22

Our America
3,000 Rally Against NATO in Chicago: Banner Torn Down
May 18: The NATO summit in Chicago is attracting anti-war protestors. More than 3,000 rallied against the war. The biggest group were nurses. They were making the point that if we don't have money to provide health care for all Americans, how can the occupation of Afghanistan be justified when it is absorbing our wealth.

Several smaller groups were also there. One of the protestors, a war veteran from Iraq who is now homeless, climbed up and tore the NATO banner. Before he could be arrested, a a crowd shielded him and took him away.
The protestors were non-Muslim, White and peaceful. [More are expected as the NATO drama continues.]

Scroll to end to see the torn NATO banner..

Hadith and Women: by Kaukab Siddique

Notes on Mut'a [Temporary Marriage] in response to a question on Hadith blog.

Mut'a or temporary marriage was widespread in pagan Arabia along with many other oppressive practices which degraded women.

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, outlawed muta' but because it was widespread, it took two phases of banning for it to be stamped out. One was at the battle against the Jews of Khyber and the other against the pagans at the conquest of Makka also known as the campaign of Awtas.

"Ali, r.a., narrates that temporary marriage [mut'a] was prohibited by the Prophet, pbuh, at Khyber ...." Hadith in the collections of Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta of Malik, Sunan of Nasai, Tirmizi and ibn Maja]

Before the battle began, mut'a was permitted. Similarly, according to Arab custom, it was permitted at Awtas but then:

"Subra Juhni, r.a., narrates that the messenger of Allah, pbuh, said Mut'a was permitted to you but now Allah Almighty has declared it forbidden [haram] for all time to come till the Day of Judgement." [Hadith collected by Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasai, ibn Maja and Ahmad ibn Hanbal.

Mut'a is considered valid by the Shi'a sect because of a twisted interprtetation of a verse in the Qur'an. Hadith is always decisive in interepretation of the Qur'an. Mut'a is a form of prostitution carried out under the cover of religion. Women are sexually used in Mut'a for an hour or two or a week or two in exchange for money or a gift.

Khutba in Greensboro, North Carolina
Jamaat al-Muslimeen, National Shoora leader speaks

Imam Badi Ali Focuses on Mercy as a Central Islamic Value

On May 18, Imam Badi Ali gave the Juma khutba at the Islamic Center of the Triad. Here are the main points of his khutba which was heard by several hundred people from Arab countries

Text: Allah said: "....My Mercy extends to all things but in particular I shall ordain Mercy for those who do right and practice regular charity and those who believe in Our Signs...." [The Qur'an 7: 156.]

  1. Mercy is an attribute of Allah. He is the Lord of Mercy and looks at His creatures with Mercy.

  2. When we start any task, whether it is business, or even a meal: We say: in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Thus in seeking permission from Allah, we seek His Mercy.

  3. Thus whatever we do, if we take Allah's name and seek His Mercy, it's an act of worship, even something as minor as drinking water.

  4. Allah sent Muhammad, pbuh, as a mercy to ALL the worlds. See the Qur'an 21:107.

  5. At the Conquest of Makkah, all the oppressors, those who had done horrible wrongs, torture, murder and rape, were defeated and helpless before Muhammad, pbuh. He forgave his enemies, not in theory but in historical reality.[Hadith]
  6. As Ali, r.a., has pointed out, even the threat of hell fire from Allah is a mercy because it pushes people away from hell towards paradise.

  7. In the regular greetings exchanged between Muslims, there is mercy, because we say, peace be on you and the mercy and blessings of Allah.

  8. By obeying Allah and His Prophet, we obtain Mercy. Thus the Sunnah is a mercy, Qur'an 3: 132.

  9. By following the Qur'an, we receive blessings and Mercy from Allah: The Qur'an 6:155

  10. Even by listening to the Qur'an attentively without being distracted, we get Allah's Mercy: The Qur'an 7: 204.
  11. If we bring about reconciliation between opposing groups, we receive Allah's Mercy: The Qur'an 49:10

  12. When we speak up for what is right, and against wrong, we obtain His Mercy: 9:71.

  13. Worship and Allah's Mercy are connected. According to Hadith, if we pray 4 rakats before Asr prayers, Allah has mercy on us.

  14. Syed Qutb, one of the greatest scholars of our time, has written about the beauty and excellence of the quality of mercy.

In conclusion, mercy is an essential and required part of Muslim behavior. It is the basis of family life. It is the quality of the MOTHER who is so important in Islam!

NATO Supply Route Remains Blocked:
Zardari-Gilani-Kayani Obeying US Orders to Reopen for $1.1 Billion

May 20: The supply route for NATO's occupation armies in Afghanistan remain blocked. Six months back after US attack helicopters killed 24 Pakistani troops, there was public uproar and the government bowed down and closed the supply route. Thus NATO was trapped in Afghanistan.

However, over six months, the US has been pressuring and bribing the secular regime in Islamabad to re-open the supply routes. Jamaate Islami and the Islamic coalition known as the Islamic Defense Council applied counter pressure, through peaceful rallies throughout Pakistan. Hence the supply routes remain blocked. The US has had to send in supplies by air at great cost.

Then the US used the threat of military action by its puppet general Kayani to clear the supply routes. Also it offered the bribe of $1.1 billion to the civilian rulers. So, four weeks back, the corrupt Pakistani rulers, inspite of countrywide opposition decided to open the supply routes. For four weeks Jamaate Islami has kept the routes bocked but on May 18, the regime sent in 4 truckloads of embassy papers to western embassies in Kabul. The regime claimed that these were non-NATO "papers."

The roads through Pakistan are cluttered with hundreds of huge NATO supply containers. Sooner or later they will start moving through if the government uses military force. How many will reach their destination is anyone's guess. It will be an off and on operation. The regime will tell the West we did it, but the Islamics will win through the losses caused by delays.

The Pakistani Taliban are not under the control of the peaceful organizations like JI.

What is the secret of Jamaate Islami's surging success in Pakistan?
Scroll down to photo and comment.

Palestine's Children and the Nakba.
This is the anniversary of the Nakba, the horrendous act of terrorism committed by the victors of the Second World War against Muslims. This illegitimate entity is known as "Israel." We have two items about the struggle of the Palestinian children, one by Nadrat Siddique [Maryland] and the other by Najat Amatullah in Spanish [from Barcelona, Spain]. Some of the photos of the children are heart rending. Be advised before you let your children see them. Scroll way down.

Attempt to Capture Oil Fields and Deny resources to Muslims Foiled
April 10 to May 10: Forces from West-and-Israel- backed Southern Sudan captured the major oil fields in Heglig, just across the Sudan-Southern Sudan border. They also advanced at several other points across the border.
President Omar Al-Bashir mobilized the Muslim forces and forced the non-Muslim forces to leave after heavy fighting. The oil fields were re-captured but the southern forces destroyed and/or heavily damaged the oil related equipement before withdrawal.
The Southern Sudan President, who dresses like Texan cow boy, visited China and urged the Chinese to stop oil drilling in Sudan. His attempt seems to have failed.

Taliban raids continue to wrack NATO nerves.

Through the first 16 days of May, Taliban raiders killed 21 elite NATO troops, mostly US. [Icasualties report.] Only one incident was in the media when AFP reported that on May15, in Kunar area, 2 US troops were killed and 4 wounded in a Taliban rocket attack.

In fighting against Karzai, 4 Taliban entered the heavily guarded Governor's compound in western Farah province. Before they were killed, they killed 7 of Karzai's troops and wounded 13. [Most of Karzai's troops are Shi'as from hazarajat, communists from Dostum's left overs in the extreme north and supporters of the "northern alliance" now defunct. ]

Syria: Special New Trend report.
Assad's Atrocities Continue: 23.000 Refugees now in Turkey.

Several hundred people have been killed by Assad's Alawite regime since Kofi Anan's so-called cease fire began. Syria's baby faced tyrant Bashar Assad lives in a bubble of illusions. The people are with me, he says, but he refuses to let journalisats in or to let people express themselves peacefully. His tank columns have occupied the cities but are facing resistance from military defectors.

The situation is becoming bad for Assad too. On May 10, his intelligence headquarters enclave in Damascus was torm apart by two martyrdom operators. The crowd of intelligence agency workers was caught by the huge explosions which killed 55 and wounded 347. Al-Qaidah is suspected. No one else has "suicide bombers."

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are giving humanitatian assistance to the fleeing population, but very few weapons. Why don't the armies of Muslim countries enter Syria and put an end to the tyrant? Israel would not allow that to happen because it is quite clear that the movement in Syria is solidly Islamic.

Iran and Hizbullah in Lebanon have lost a golden opportunity to show support for the Islamic uprising. Instead they are supporting Assad. The Americans and the Israelis are waiting for Assad to decimate the Muslims before they step in to "save the Syrian people." It looks like a repeat of Bosnia.
Breaking news: May 19: A "suicide bomber" hit Assad's military compound in Deir el-Zour, eastern Syria, 100 km from the Iraqi border. First reports: 7 troops killed 30 wounded.

Yemen : [Reports based on Yemen Times & other Yemeni papers]
US, Saudi, Yemeni planes bomb Ansar a-Shari'a Positions but Fail to Dislodge Islamics

May 7 to May 17: Yemeni forces suffered heavy losses in attacks on Ansar al-Shari'a [al-Qaida in Yemen] positions in Lawdar. US drones as well as Saudi and Yemeni jets repeatedly bombed Islamic fighters and successfully stopped al-Qaidah's advance beyond Lawdar. The air attacks destroyed the tanks and other vehicles the Ansar had captured from the Yemeni military; however the Islamics remain firmly in control of Lawdar and the entire Yemeni coastline facing Somalia. At least 20 fighters were killed. A yemeni offensive against the key city of Zinjibar [ginger] held for months by the Islamics petered out.

Yemen Times interviewed the commander of Ansar al-Sharia, Jelal Baleedi al-Murqashi, in the town of Shuqra which has been turned into an Islamic city. The commander denied any chances of al-Qaidah defeat and ridiculed government claims of crushing al-Qaida. He said the people are giving the Ansar solid support and the Ansar fighters are from the people, not outsiders.

Yemen Observer reported that two US planes landed well trained marine snipers in Lahj province al-Anad air base. After al-Qaida leader Fahad al-Qusi was killed by a US drone, funeral gatherings for him have been stopped for fear of more drone attacks.

Distinguished Muslim social scientist, Dr. Javed Jamil presents :
Stunning in-dept study of homosexuality in America.

A must read following the "canonization" of President Obama as the first homosexual president by Newsweek.

It's an extensive report but a must read to underestand the new culture of America vs Islam. Scroll way down.

Ahmed Abdel Sattar's Son's narrative on the suffering of innocents.

Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ] was a humble but learned Muslim who stood for the rights of the Blind Shaykh Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman. The government accepted him as paralegal and translator for the Shaykh. He was arrested and given a long sentence after 9.11. He is one of the victims of Zionism who was sentenced without witnesses. It was based on his phone records. So a man of peace, who has never been violent, and was a law abiding citizen, was arrested and convicted on the basis of phone records!
In ten years of his phone calls, there were a few sentences the government tore out of their context. He was very disturbed by the photo distributed worldwide which showed the Israeli shooting of a Palestinian father sheltering his son, and he spoke out!

Now Ahmed Abdel Sattar's son, Ali, has presented a play about the suffering of innocents. It has been so well received that one has to say that CAIR's idea of "islamophobia" is bogus. CAIR and ICNA misunderstood the activities of bigots like Spencer to mean that hatred of Islam is rampant. Not so. Please scroll to end for a report by Sis. Lisa

Letter: Is Peaceful Revolution Possible?
assalam u alaikum respected Sir,
May I ask you the question, that in your recent Issue you wrote along the picture of Jamaate Islami's Program in Swat that "Munawar Hasan sahib calls for Peacful Islamic Revolution"...
is there any revolution which is peaceful ... can you enlighten me how ? because i read that revolutions bring some hardship, and require some sacrifice. What's the meaning of " Peaceful Islamic Revolution"....I am waiting for your answer.
Remember me in your prayers. wassalam u alaikum
Umair Hashmi [Pakistan].

Editor's reply:
walaikum asalam
Thank you for your important and valuable question.
In a peaceful revolution you have to organize, mobilize and stand up for the truth. You have to sacrifice your wealth, your time, your abilities and sometimes your life.
Look at the Seerah of Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, in Makka.
His Hadith says: The greatest jihad is to say the word of truth before a tyrant.
However, that is only my understanding. I am not a spokesman of Jamaate Islami. Please ask them.

Br. Yusuf Irelandi from Tennessee is a long time worker for Islam at the grassroots. He has the leadership ability to withstand great odds and to speak the truth against oppressors.
Of Irish descent, Br. Yusuf is a teacher and active in the field of da'wah. Check out the pages of Tennessee Dawah and Jamaat al-Muslimeen International on facebook for his activities, thoughts and messages.

During the National Shoora, photo shows Imam Badi Ali [right] reading out the tribute to Br. Yusuf [center] before Br. Kaukab [left] hands him the plaque celebrating his distinguished services to the cause of Islam.

Here is the secret of Jamaate Islami's success: Hijabi/Niqabi women.
Karachi, Pakistan. May 14: Mass Gathering of women was addressed by top Jamaate Islami leader Syed Munawar Hasan as well as by women leaders.

Photo shows Islamic Women's Leadership cadre of Jamaate Islami which wears complete hijab. The most outstanding wear niqab as well. These women are well educated, very outspoken, well read in Qur'an and Hadith and striving to defeat American hegemony. [The fans show that the weather was very hot and there was no air conditioning.]

JI leader Munawar Hasan asked the women of Karachi to join these aspects of the struggle.

  1. Block the NATO supply routes and defeat cultural corruption coming in from the US, Europe & India..

  2. Poverty is massive in Pakistan, and now it includes people made homeless by floods.

  3. Military operations in frontier and Baluchistan are undermining the unity of Pakistan and could result like the situation in East Pakistan which created Bangladesh.

  4. Corruption is a major issue and it is coming down from President Zardari and PM Gilani [convicted by the Supreme court.]

Our America
Ahmed Abdel Sattar's Son Presented a Play on impact of 9.11 on innocent US Muslims
Ali's play was more successful than we could have ever imagined.

First, the diverse audience was amazing. Students, faculty, family, friends a Civil Ct. Judge and local Islamic community leaders alike were moved to tears by Ali's (Ahmed's) story and performance. The Provost was at the opening night's performance and commended Ali for his courage and scholarly work on a subject matter most individuals are in the dark about, what happened to families of those arrested after 9-11 (even though this had nothing to do with 9-11). Second, Ali and the Chair of the Dramatic Arts Department conducted a Q & A after both shows. The audience was given the opportunity to leave if they had no questions or had to be somewhere else, no one left! The Q & A session lasted approximately 1 hour. During the session Ali received 3 standing ovations for getting his story out in such a manner.

In the aftermath there has been word the Wagner College would like Ali to bring his show to their stage ( Lynne's Alma Mater) as well as a book deal. However, what I found most amazing is that the Chair of the Arts Department has reached out to 2 theaters Off Broadway to accept Ali's show (no word yet) and to try and have him entered into a festival for upcoming playwrights.

Ahmed called yesterday. I spoke to him about the show and he was brought to tears.

Ali's Senior Project was a long time coming and proved to be therapeutic for him and educational for others. His Deptartment Chair has decided to stay on this project with Ali to develop it into a full length play as well as a book.

Insha Allah you will have the opportunity to either see the show or read the book.

Sis. Lisa

[ ]

From: Nadrat Siddique
Israel's Illegitimacy as seen in the Suffering it Imposes on Palestinian Children

On this, the anniversary of the Nakba (Israeli "Independence" Day, Day of Dispossesion for Palestinians who lost their homeland), I'm thinking of Palestine's beautiful children. Do they have a right to dream, to hope, to live--like other children? Or are only the transplanted Brooklyn-ites (and others), living in what used to be Palestinian homes, entitled to this privilege?

Children of Palestine - in pictures
IMAGINE... IF THIS WOULD BE YOUR CHILD... You might rob me of my last inches of land... And throw my youth to years of imprisonment... You might put out a flame in my darkest night... And d...

Spanish Da'wah

What Palestinian children say to Israel.

From Najat Amatullah [From Barcelona, Spain]
La hawla wa la quwata ila billah ! La IlaHa Ila Allah ! Un joven palestino dijo: Los israelíes pueden enviarnos bombas, ponernos muros que nos impidan ver el cielo, pero jamás abandonaremos nuestra fe en Allah Azza wa jal
[Translatio: None has real power except Allah. There is no god but the One God, Allah. A young Palestinian man said: the Israelis can send us bombs, get walls to prevent us to see the sky, but we will never abandon our faith in Allah, the mighty, the exalted.].

— with Musulmanes Barcelona-Azaara Amatullah and 14 others.

Our America [including Canada]

An In Depth Look at Homosexuality in America. This is What Obama holds Sacred.
70% of homosexual contacts are "one night stands"

by Dr. Javed Jamil [A distinguished scholar, researcher and critic of capitalism from India's Muslims.]

Recently, some of the proponents of gay relationships have been claiming that Muslim societies too have significant numbers of homosexuals. There is therefore no point, they argue, in Muslims opposing such relationships. The forces of globalization have learnt the art of normalizing the abnormal through sustained campaigns. This has been the case since they started normalizing nudity, then prostitution, then promiscuity, then pornography, then living in relationships, then abortions, then unwed mothers, then incest, and now homosexuality. The normal method of this "Normalization" involves:
  1. Proving that it is popular;
  2. It has been there since antiquity;
  3. It has been popular even in societies that ideologically do not accept this behavior;
  4. This has right to exist because it is normal;
  5. There will be some reports suggesting that this is natural, even genetic;
  6. There will then be a campaign to safeguard the rights of those involved in it;
  7. The glorification will begin, with those openly admitting it given all the attention in the media and money so that more people open up;
  8. More people will start thinking of experiencing it as their imaginations about the new kind of joy will be seized through stories;
  9. The number of people will grow;
  10. The government and the court will be engaged in removing all the obstacles in the process of normalization;
  11. And the large scale commercialization will commence;
  12. Any adverse impact will be kept hidden; when it surfaces, temporary, cosmetic, secondary preventive ,methods through use of certain items and methods will be suggested;
  13. NGOs will be funded to promote measures and solutions that do not include banning of the practice or a campaign against it;
  14. If any public outcry emerges, it will be managed through acceptance of some cosmetic responses like media responsibility, awareness campaigns but an outright ban on the practice and its commercialization will never be accepted.

The Muslim answer is simple
  1. Homosexuality is totally banned in their religion:
  2. It is the filthiest sexual perversion with greatest threat to the very survival of mankind;
  3. If Muslims are involved; that does not make it acceptable and a big campaign is required to eradicate it;
  4. Homosexuality is there in Muslim society but its prevalence and type are much different from that existing in West.

I am quoting below excerpts from the series of articles, which attracted huge attention on several internet forums last year and are soon going to be published as book:
Normal hygienic and healthy behaviours are important components of civilisation. Perversions are surely the antidote of civilisation. The perversions that threaten the lives of individuals and peaceful survival of the most notable natural institution of family cannot be described anything but barbarism at its worst. What can then be said of the "Civilised World" that safeguards, promotes and commercialises the Sexual perversion of the most abominable kind and the most life threatening -- the Homosexuality?
The attempt to legalise Homosexuality is nothing but the continuation of the same series of worldwide developments in which every human susceptibility is first given a legal and social sanction, then it is glorified in the media as a victory of "Freedom of Choice" and "Human Rights" and then with all the obstacles removed it is commercialized at huge level.
It is needless to say that the rise in the demand of legalizing homosexuality in the world has intensified with the rising fortunes of gay market. It is already a big market in western countries. The truth is that Sex market as a whole is the largest growing market, and gay market is the largest growing sex market. A report entitled, "Gay-Friendly Vancouver as a Billion Dollar Industry", which appeared before 2010 Olympics, says:
"At present, Vancouver is hyping the 2010 Olympics above all. The pride of a city has turned into its most lucrative business. Now the tourism industry has founded a new market, which has always existed but its potential as a distinct market was not realized: the "gay market," According to, gay tourism in Vancouver has been a lucrative and loyal sector within recent years. Gay tourism in the U.S. alone is estimated to be $55 billion annually (Constanineau, 2007). A survey conducted by San Francisco-based Community Marketing Inc, ranked Vancouver as the fourth most popular gay destination outside of the U.S., ranking Montreal and Toronto fifth and sixth respectively, which shows how well Canada's gay tourism industry is doing overall (Constanineau, 2007). Constanineau also says that tourism Vancouver uses media to draw in a lot of its gay market from U.S. locations such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. One of the possible reasons suggested for Vancouver's gay tourism industry is due to the fact that BC legalized same-sex marriage in July of 2003. ...Boyd (2008) mentions that there was a Canadian boom in gay tourism right after same-sex marriage was legalized. She suggests this is because it produces homo-normativity: "a set of ideologies and behaviours that asserts citizenship rights for gays and lesbians via neoliberal politics and conspicuous consumption" (Boyd, 2008, p. 224). Boyd (2008) also mentions how weddings are huge businesses; a $70 billion industry in 2005 in theU.S. alone, with an average of $30,000 per wedding. Even Forbes in 2004, estimated that same-sex marriages in the U.S. could have drawn in $16 billion (Boyd, 2008). In order to "corporate gayness" sites have to promote their destination as "gay friendly" since "social disapproval of homosexuality many gay men are forced to find gay space" (Puar, 2002, p. 103). In fact, organized gay tours began in the 1950s by the "grandfather of gay travel," [[Haans Ebensten]] (Puar, 2002), long before the mainstream travel industry caught wind. .....They claim since same-sex marriage has been legalized in British Columbia in 2003, Whistler has been the ideal place to get married. They even advertise their own wedding planners, called "Two Dears and a Queer". And nothing is complete without a full advertisement to honeymooners as well, so after having the wedding, the couple as well as guests can stay to celebrate. Whistler then becomes a one-place stop for every wedding need, and they have event planners and organizers to prepare everything for you, enabling visitors to just be there to escape and have a fun relaxing time. It's an extremely clever marketing scheme: since the queer community comes here for two main reasons, to visit Whistler or to get married, why not get everything done at one spot?"
Another article, "The Income Tax Consequences of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriages," describes why legalising gay marriages is lucrative for the governments:
"James Alm, M.V. Lee Badgett, and Leslie Whittington estimate that legalizing gay marriage would lead to an annual increase in federal government income taxes of between $0.3 billion and $1.3 billion. Remember those Medicare and Medicaid woes the DOMA proponents were concerned with? These added revenues could be used to help offset the costs of other economic advantages to marriage.
Besides, weddings are great for the economy. The 2000 U.S. Census Bureau reported 601,209 unmarried same-sex partner households in the United States living in 99.3% of all counties in the nation. The Urban Institute claims that the census data is low and suggests that gays and lesbians make up about 5% (10,456,405) of the total U.S. population over the age of 18. ...We can estimate that some portion of the same-sex partners already living together (the 2000 U.S. Census Data figures) along with some portion of the total gay and lesbian population would wish to marry if same-sex marriage became legal. For the sake of convenience we'll say 500,000. According to Bride's Magazine, the average wedding costs $19,000. Two hundred-fifty thousand more marriages at the average wedding rate would result in wedding costs of $4.75 billion! Mind you, this doesn't include the amount spent on wedding gifts. As a bonus, the first states to allow gay marriage will likely experience an influx of tourism and tourist-related economic activity. For the short time that San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom, issued wedding licenses to same-sex couples, more than 3,000 gay and lesbian couples from more than twenty states and Europe flocked to the city to be married.
Of course, weddings are just the tip of the iceberg. For some marriages there is even the coup de legal: divorce. As the majority of divorcés will tell you-the most expensive part of getting into a marriage is getting out. While divorces can range anywhere from several hundred dollars to millions, divorce is a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry. Assuming that gay couples divorce at the same rate as heterosexual ones, I am surprised the legal battle is not fully endorsed by Divorce Lawyer Associations everywhere!

A Media financial report says, ""In the six short months since Chicago was selected as host of Gay Games VII, we've made dramatic progress toward our financial goals and achieved fundraising benchmarks months, or in some cases, years ahead of schedule," said Tracy Baim, CGI Board Co-Vice Chair and Chair of the Fundraising Committee. "Once broadcast rights are assigned, we will have raised more than US$3 million in cash and in-kind resources." CGI announced a million-dollar sponsorship deal with PlanetOut Inc. on 20 September 2004. .... In a recent edition of the "Advocate," a national publication for the gay and lesbian community, there were three pages of ads promoting Palm Springs' hotels and attractions that cater to homosexuals. Murrell Foster, executive director of tourism for Palm Springs, said it is the first time the city has been promoting itself to the gay market. Los Angeles County travel agents said they have become more active in pursuing the market largely because of the recession. E becomes more active in pursuing the market largely because of the recession. "
In short, according to a commentator, "The US has made a billion dollar industry off of homosexual media - HBO shows, movies, books, magazines. Like most things in the US anything that has the potential to generate profit will be considered."
The above clearly tells us about the economics of homosexuality. But the economics cannot cover for the menace, which homosexuality is. The attempts to legalise homosexuality are shocking. This is like legalising murders, terrorism and rapes. Homosexuality is in fact much more dangerous than any of these, as it has led, leads to and can lead to huge loss of life.
Out of all forms of unhealthy sexual practices, homosexuality is the unhealthiest and has been the cause of the beginning of the epidemics of both Syphilis and HIV/AIDS. Here are excerpts from a report on the impact of homosexuality on health:
"Early reports in the 1980's suggested that male homosexuals had an average life expectancy of less than 50 years - more than 20 years less than the overall male population. With the push for "safe" sex and improved treatments for AIDS, one would expect that the life expectancy might have increased since then. However, a Canadian study in 1997 found that male homosexuals have a life expectancy of 20 years less than the general male population (based upon a prevalence of 3% of the male population). Using several different measures, including life expectancy determined from obituaries, two large random sexuality surveys (in the USA and Great Britain), and a survey of those never married in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, indicated an average age of death of less than 50 years old. A third study, published in 2002, found that the median age of death of 88 homosexually partnered men was 45 years, while for 118 unpartnered homosexual men it was 46 years. This latter study put the average life expectancy of male homosexuals nearly 30 years less than the general male population. Another study showed that, on average, ever-married men outlived the ever-homosexually-partnered by 23 years in Denmark (74 yr. v. 51 yr.), and 25 years in Norway (77 yr. v. 52 yr.) Ever-married women outlived the ever-homosexually-partnered in Denmark by 22 years (78 yr. v. 56 yr.), and inNorway by almost 25 years (81 yr. v. 56 yr.)....How does the average homosexual lifespan compare to the average life expectancy of smokers? On average, a lifetime smoker can expect the smoking lifestyle to reduce his life expectancy by only 10 year. However, smoking is vigorously condemned by the medical community and press, although it reduces life expectancy by less than half of that caused by a gay lifestyle."
Obviously, homosexuality is a threat to the whole mankind, and it is the biggest threat to the life of homosexuals themselves. In India, HIV prevalence, according to NACO surveys, is almost 8 times more in gays than in normal population. If legalising it helps anyone it is the market. Hardly any gays are punished by the court in India. What is then the need to legalise it. Legalising is surely meant for commerce. Legalising helps the big market bosses to float companies. Gay literature, gay clubs and gay porn will mushroom with the result that more and more people will fall victim to homosexuality. To argue that it will help in the control of AIDS is absolutely nonsense. A little change in the law that ensures care of gay of HIV patients would have sufficed for that. AIDS cannot be controlled unless there is an effective campaign against prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and promiscuity. It is to be noted that sexual misdemeanours have a much larger depressing effect on life expectancy than other evils like smoking, drinking and gambling. This is because sex related problems affect foetuses and men and women of younger age groups. "Sexual Revolution" is killing either foetuses and infants or the young people of 20-45 years in such big numbers that it is bound to reduce life expectancy by 20-40 years.
To say that homosexuality is natural is like saying criminal tendencies are natural. These are not natural but human aberrations of most dangerous kind. Such aberrations are present in notorious criminals also. Can the crimes be legalized to help them? Can they be given protection by the law on the ground of not discriminating against persons? Even otherwise, homosexuality is a relationship that does not produce any progeny. So genes if any related to hardcore unadulterated homosexuality cannot be transmitted.
Homosexuality has been there in almost all societies. But the homosexuality in West is very much different from that in Asian countries, and this is because Western countries chose to legalise, institutionalize and glorify it. In Asian countries, homosexuality is more often than not an opportunist encounter. Denied marriage after puberty, and girls hard to find, some men would lure young boys into having sex. Once they get married, most if not all would sooner or later give this up. Family pressures, fear of law and society and the desire to have a good family life keep people away from a long term homosexual life. Moreover, in Asian countries, this is normally a one way relationship. There is one who penetrates the other. In the Western world, with the institutionalization and commercialization of homosexuality, and the availability of porn literature and films, homosexuals act both ways; they penetrate and get penetrated. They are made to believe that the kind of sex they are enjoying is not possible in a heterosexual relationship. Soon they become addicts. The relationship between sex and homosexuality is the same as between nutrition and alcohol/drugs. Alcohol/drugs are not part of natural nutrition, but if someone is exposed to them, he or she may soon become addict of it. Homosexuality is an addiction that should be treated both through punishment (corporal punishment along with boycott and detention) and medical treatment for those who seek to change their behaviour. Homosexuality has already become the harbinger of the death of at least 40 million people that have died of AIDS so far. Its legalization will surely lead to more people succumbing to it with greater spread of AIDS and other sex related diseases. There is a need to sexually isolate the HIV infected rather than legalizing homosexuality in the name of AIDS so that they do not spread HIV to others.
Facts and Statistics about Homosexuals

Homosexuals Prey on Children

Legalisation popularises homosexuality
The legalisation leads to commercialisation and the commercialisation is sure to influence the choices of the people. There are nearly 1.2 million gay people living with a same sex partner in America. This is a huge increase from the 1990 census, which identified only 145,000 same sex unmarried households. (
The Popularity of Homosexuality
According to a report,
"The hetero and homo "promiscuity index" (well, actually they called it "sociosexuality" and it didn't just measure promiscuity but we're going with promiscuity just the same) as it was dubbed, lists the 15 countries that do the most whoring around as follows:
  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. Netherlands
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Australia
  6. USA
  7. France
  8. Turkey
  9. Mexico
  10. Canada
  11. Italy
  12. Poland
  13. Spain
  14. Greece
  15. Portugal"
Wikipedia report says:
"These charts show a list of the top 10 US metropolitan areas with the highest LGB population in terms of numbers of total gay, lesbian and bisexual residents, based on estimates published in 2006 by the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law.

Top Ranked by Percent:
Rank City Percentage of city population GLB Population population rank
1 San Francisco 15.4% 94,234 4
2 Seattle 12.9% 57,993 9
3 Atlanta 12.8% 39,805 12
4 Minneapolis 12.5% 34,295 16
5 Boston 12.3% 50,540 10
6 Sacramento 9.8% 32,108 20
7 Portland 8.8% 35,413 14
8 Denver 8.2% 33,698 17
9 Washington 8.1% 32,599 18
10 Orlando 7.7% 12,508 36

Top Ranked by Total Population:
Rank City Percentage of city population GLB Population population rank
1 New York City 6% 272,493 1
2 Los Angeles 5.6% 154,270 2
3 Chicago 5.7% 114,449 3
4 San Francisco 15.4% 94,234 4
5 Phoenix 6.4% 63,222 5
6 Houston 4.4% 61,976 6
7 San Diego 6.8% 61,945 7
8 Dallas 7.0% 58,473 8
9 Seattle 12.9% 57,993 9
10 Boston 12.3% 50,540 10
11 Philadelphia 4.2% 43,320 11
12 Atlanta 12.8% 39,085 12
13 San Jose 5.8% 37,260 13
The statistics are truly alarming. The legalization of gay marriages, the gay pornography and gay associations are playing havoc with the sexual preferences of the people with the result that increasingly greater numbers of people are succumbing to provocations.
In Muslim Countries
Islam expressly prohibits all form of homosexual relationships, which are not only sins to be punished in the Hereafter but also crimes to be punished in this world. There is strong feeling of repulsion in the community for these kinds of relationships. But to a certain extent, such relationships exist in Muslim societies also. But there are major differences:
  1. Pure permanent homosexuality is extremely rare in Muslims. In most of the cases, there are few temporary encounters owing to the sexual urges and non-availability of girls in absence of marriage. Most people revert to normal sexual behaviour sooner or later;
  2. There is no possibility of Same Sex Marriages;
  3. Owing to severe legal punishments, gay movements cannot prosper in Muslim societies;
  4. Commercialization of gay relationships is uncommon.
  5. It is more prevalent in those Muslim countries that have long history of the Western influences like Turkey and Bosnia.

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